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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  May 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we are tracking some showers today katie takes a look at how much rain we're expecting a and what the weekend forecast looks like for memorial day on monday. philadelphia police are investigating what they are calling an unusual homicide, the the victim shot several times, and then ran over by a car, in west philadelphia a. we will have a live report. good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. david letterman sign off for the final time, we will have a look back at dave's final show in the ed sullivan theater but first lets check the forecast. >> i got the to tell you first system we have been looking ahead to here generally off to the south but now casting a
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dreary shadow over the forecast. unfortunately odd weren't with us here. we expect that storm would stay far enough south that you a a across the the lehigh valley poconos would see some sub shine today. it is not looking that way now. you can see atmosphere moisten up. it doesn't look like we will see wet weather firing up out there until we hit about midday, maybe mid-morning at absolute earliest and generally speaking the bulk of wet weather will stay from philadelphia a on south but there will be steady rain that passes through the the del marva peninsula and southern new jersey. so with that said, if you are maybe getting really early jump start on, maybe your beach plans here for the weekend, don't be shock if you run into steady rain, later this afternoon and this evening down the shore points. in philadelphia we are just talking about some scattered showers that rolled through this afternoon and evening. i'd also include the north and western suburbs just outside of the city. we can draw the northern edge, cut off for wet wetter from
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chester, montgomery and bucks counties and then far enough south we will be under a inch worth of precipitation but couple tenth of an inch is not out of the question here. meanwhile temperatures, that is the the most noticeable thing for everybody, they are held way back. we are already at best in the the 50's right now around the region but looking forward in the forecast you barely climb even 10 degrees through the course of the day. this will be a cool day. even though we're hitting the 60's and we were begging for days lake this in recent months that will feel cool. simply because we are not used to it at this point. dreary cool, damp thursday but a great looking weekend coming our way. got to get through today i'll give thaw but things are looking up with great timing, as we approach the upcoming weekend and then we will heat up next week. variety the tore use, good morning. >> good morning everyone. right now roads are definitely in the heating up, it the is very calm, quiet very serene. i feel like i should drop drop the tone of my voice.
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43:00 to. the schuylkill expressway is giving you a big old hug traveling in either direction it looks great to and from center city and western suburbs. it is a bought full ride, speed sensors nice and high averaging about 55 miles an hour. traveling on i-95 this is not too far from washington avenue south philadelphia. we have two lanes closed a as the sign says in the the southbound direction. if you are traveling around south philadelphia, just be mine full of lanes being compromised due to construction. they usually tend to wrap up around five or 6:00 o'clock so should not too long but we will keep you updated. we have police investigation at girard avenue at fourth second street. try to avoid that area if you can and in delays for mass transit, ukee. in the news, philadelphia police are calling this an unusual homicide, shooting victim run over by a car and then died. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us with the the details. j a an, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee,
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good morning. this is certainly a strange string of events we have here in this homicide investigation. police say a man was fun down and left for dead in west philadelphia then they say his body was run over by a body police say a was a drunk driver. nearby there is a couple sitting this is car narrowly missed by a stray bullets. we have a couple moving pieces in this story this video all happened just before midnight in the 4700 block of west girard avenue. sixteenth district police on patrol heard the gun fire and responded. they found a 29 year-old man shot multiple times, 12 spent shell casings were found near his body. eyewitness helps saw what happened said shortly after the victim collapsed aid driver unrelated to the shooting ran over his body. that driver turnout to be 79 years old he was stopped by police two blocks away and arrested for driving under the influence. meanwhile a five two-year old man and woman were sitting in the car hit by stray bullets. police say they were not injured but with bullets hitting a window and door the
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outcome could have been much worse. >> the five two-year old driver was very, very lucky his vehicle will was struck by a stray bullet but had it been several more inches, over, the the bullet could have went through the driver's door or front windshield and struck this five two-year old driver. >> reporter: shooting victim was transported to the hospital by police and pronounced dead there. police say they found cocaine and a gun on him but at the this point they are not theing a motive and they don't have any suspects but they are asking for public's help. they are also not identifying the people involved this morning. we will keep you up to date but for now we are reporting live outside police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are also investigating a shooting late last night. "eyewitness news" at 100 block of pearl street, police say one person was taken to the hospital with gunshot wound. right new there is in word on suspects or motive in the hooting.
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this morning a former member of the st. joes university softball team says she was subjected to sexually charged hazing. she has filed a federal lawsuit against the university. woman says that she was submitted to demeaning behavior during a week along period in 2013. st. joes previously suspended the team in regard to raising allegations and decline comment on this lawsuit. search continues this morning for the man who attacked a university of delaware grad student. woman was out for a run when she was grab from behind at rittenhouse park in newark, new castle county. the the suspect lunged at the 25 year-old victim tuesday morning and grabbed her waist but she was able to break free. she was not hurt and called police after he ran home. police think that the suspects may be a homeless man. the investigation into the the amtrak derailment now centers around whether the engineer was using his cell phone. the attorney says brandon bostian was not on the phone but the national transportation safety board is
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comparing the timing of bostian's phone activity with the the timing of the derailment. officials say bostian's shift was equipment related delays shortened his rest break. florida man who landed a gyro copper faces charges that carry nine and a half years in jail. grand jury indicted douglass house on two fell will any charges and four misdemeanors. they range from violating national defense air space to operating without an air man certificate. hughes says his flight was a demonstration against the influence of big money in politics. philadelphia city council's web site is restored after a hacking attack. news about legislation on the web site was released wednesday morning with text on a black screen criticizing the site's security. site remain down for hours and it is in the clear who is responsible. the message posted during the attack attributed it to cyber commandos. no other city web it's were a
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affect. new jersey governor chris christie signs an executive order, aimed at better protecting the state from sign are security threats this order, signed wednesday at the new jersey office have of home land security and preparedness in ham ill will ton, it establishes new jersey's cyber security and communications integration cell. it is a purpose to improve information sharing and potential threats and coordinating with local, federal, law enforcement. well, game set match end of an another final episode of the late show with david letterman is over. >> dave got everyone from celebrities to presidents to say good bye. >> our long, national nightmare is over. >> our long national might marries over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over, letterman, is re
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tiring. >> he's just kidding right. >> clip from his dave's shows throughout the years some of his favorite jokes, of course, davis never shy about making fun of himself. >> i'll be honest with you it is beginning to look like i'm not going to get the the tonight show. you know what i'm going to do now that i'm retired my god i hope to be the new face of sign to go. >> dave's final top ten featured a star studded cast, the topic top ten things i have always wanted to say to dave. what they had to say and much more on dave's final show coming up in the next half an hour. >> look at that line up. >> payton manning, chris rock, they are all there. >> it goes right down the line. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" an incredible fishtail,
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five men from philadelphia make a catch of the lifetime off the coast of new jersey. we are hearing how they landed a massive shark. on showe in the future, katie looks at whether today will be a total wash out coming up next, we
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efforts continue to clean up an oil spill near santa a barbara. u.s. coastguard says that spill now stretches 9 miles. the broken pipeline spewed thousands of gallons of oil down the storm drain and in the pacific ocean before it was shut off. they have deployed floating booms to keep that slick from spreading. five men from philadelphia make a catch of the lifetime off the jersey shore. >> catch is close to the garden state's record set 20 years ago. the group aboard the boat caught 820-pound shark 67 miles off of cape may. those men thought the shark were toll for over an hour and
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swam closer to the boat. that is when a marks men with decades of experience took his cue. >> all i did was actually get a 12 gauge shotgun with a slug and i saw the shark on my son said dad dad dad i stepped in and i shoot him with a 12 gauge slug. >> the captain said had he made a catch in the few weeks it could have have earn them a quarter million-dollar in the shark tournament. 4:43. we have the weekend coming up. we are hoping for a nice long weekend. how are we looking. >> today is kind of dreary. >> that is all right. >> exactly. i'm telling you we will look a head to the weekend and that looks so much nicer but man this storm system, it decided at the the last minute. >> liquid sunshine. >> that is the the best way of looking at it. >> but it will feel awfully chilly even though we should hit 60's and remember when we were begging for 50 degrees.
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>> yes wasn't that long ago. >> but now we're used to shorts and t-shirt weather. this will feel like cool sweater-like weather today. a lot of clouds. barely any sunshine in the forecast because of the storm but i want to start it off by taking you out to sky cam three shot down the shore. the cloud have really built in yet. it will take sometime. so we should start off with an okay morning drive weather not too much of the factor here certainly not down the the shore in atlantic city or anywhere else but lets go next to our storm scan three nice wide zoom to show you what is happening here. we have, well, a pretty decent batch of hours here across portions of virginias and as i step over here you will notice very heavy rain off carolina coast, that is the storm system and with the counterclockwise flow around that it is feeding moisture in. we are going to end up with steady rain especially through southeastern counties of our area including cape may
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county probably even in atlantic county and other than delaware. yes, there will be cloud and showers, or just a little rain around philadelphia, scattered in nature mainly this afternoon and this evening and then we will go from that to pretty much just beautiful tomorrow a transition, weak little will trough that will come in here and we should see some sun out of there but we will have a chance to warm up. other odd ball thing here is it is breezy a as that trough stays in. it all looks good here. things will scour out by saturday and sunday it looks phenomenal. so lets get you past today it is cool by comparison with some rain out there. if you are a call on the umbrella, anything that does roll through is primarily this afternoon and this evening in philadelphia in the immediate vicinity. in the south jersey and delaware i suggest a umbrella because could get drone topped day. gradual clearing tonight dropping down to 50 and as we move forward much nicer weather, saturday and sunday are my favorite here.
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look at tuesday um-hmm, it will get hot ukee. >> it is getting hot in here. >> in here. >> over to you. >> it is getting hot in here. >> let's turn tosports. we have a game time 30:00 our time. last night chilly coor. feel ryan hour with the long, long ball. that makes it three to nothing phillies in the third inning. howard with eight home runs, he is tart to go get that timing back. phillies flashed some leather as well, look at this play, by center fielder herrera he makes the catch and doubles off the base runner. phillies win four-two. nfl spring meetings are underway in san francisco and we are hearing from commissioner roger goodell over deflate gate scandal. goodell was asked about patriots owner robert kraft. kraft said patriots
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it could take years for takata a to replace defective air bags in their cars. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange and what should drivers do in the meantime, what do you think. >> good morning japanese auto supplier takata a says it will ramp up production to replace defective ones in 34 million recalled cars. but as you said it could take years. so experts say in the meantime don't disable the air bags because they are still more likely to be saved by them, then hurt. eleven car manufacturers are involved. takata still has not told them which exact models. you should receive notice in the mail if your car is on the the list. you can check the safer car dot gov web site.
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either way confusing all the way around, you you key and erika. it looks like target's plan to turnaround its business, it looks like it is working, what do you know. >> reporter: retailer say profit jumped more than 50 percent, that is five-0 percent in the first quarter. target got a big boost from the children's products and it refocused its grocery area. stocking witt organic and gluten free food. target's new ceo is working to regain target's chief and cheap reputation that earned target the the nickname target ukee and erika. >> yes. coming up, traffic and weather together, we will do it the on the
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well david letterman is done from the late show but minutes after his late show signed off another late night host paid him a tribute. >> james corden had a comical musical tribute with a little
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help from dave, how bit. corden dedicated part of his machine owe log to the icon and brought back dave's famous top ten with the top ten things we will miss about david letterman. here's a look at his number one. >> and the number one on the top ten things i'll miss most about david letterman it is david letterman himself. i mean that, and good luck. he was good, funny and he knew when to sit back and when to let the chaos unfold. so david letterman we're bringing you back. we will see you tomorrow night at 11:30 on cbs. this whole retirement thing has been a huge ratings boost for both of our shows. >> unfortunately dave won't back tomorrow, reruns anyway, but watch the the late, late
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show with james corden12:37 weeknights here on cbs-3. lets get traffic and weather together and check with vittoria. your car is back. >> my carries back, daisy is doing just fine and i wanted to say thank to you everyone that hit me up on facebook twitter even on instagram. your thoughts and your jokes got me through the the take. so thank you so much. but daisy is doing fine. traveling on 422 and rest of our majors volume wise you are also doing fine but unfortunately my heart goes out to this reak will here. disable vehicle on the westbound side of 422 or eastbound, excuse me, not too far from the area of oaks. other than that you're moving well and we will keep you updated on that vehicle. in the meantime lets update your forecast. the forecast has gone downhill for today. it goes right backup though to some much nicer conditions, by the upcoming holiday weekend but you can see signs of life here off to the west.
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none of what you are seeing is even hitting the ground but the moisture that is starting to build up in the a atmosphere and will be stuck under lots of clouds. right now not much happening but give it time, northeast breeze kicking in off to a cool tart and eventually there will be rain across southern delaware. specifically in rehoboth for example is a spot that will get hit with relatively hard with a northern branch of the storm primarily to our south bottom line from philadelphia on south expect at least a little bit of rain today erika, back over to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with the latest on the deadly shooting and that is not the only crime police say happened there. a break in the case of the family murdered in their mansion. >> how they track down the suspect. and farewell dave we have video from david letterman's star studded finally we are back at the top of the
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here's is what happening a bizarre chain of event at a crime scene a man is killed after being shot, several times, and that is just the the dangerous situation, on the street overnight. >> the only thing i have left to do for the last time on a television program thank you and good night. >> with that it is the end of an era on television, david letterman says good bye after 33 years with a star studded send off. we will show you moments that you'll be talking about today. today is thursday, may 21st, good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. grab that jacket an umbrella this morning. >> storm scan three shows some rain on the way.
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katie is outside with your forecast. good morning, young lady. >> just looking at the the forecast that tea sided it wanted to go town hill. we have been tracking this possibility of storm system bringing in a couple showers south of philadelphia, but now this system will move far enough north that philly gets in on it. in the a wash out by any means. you will not need it just yet but as we start off here with a little tighter zoom on storm scan three you can see atmosphere moisten up plenty of cloud overtaking our region as well and it the will be a thick, dense cloud cover that really limits any warming that can take place here today and, of course, storm nearby we have to talk about rain. we will get to all. that starting off with a look at area temperatures. even though it is not terribly chilly we're only going to add maybe seven or 8 degrees a at most on these values here today. it is a cold day by comparison.


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