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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now at 11:00 o'clock remembering a beautiful mind. cab crash on the new jersey turnpike claims the life of nobel prize winning mathematician john nash and his wife alicia. good evening, everyone i'm natasha brown. nash was the inspiration for the oscar film a beautiful mind. he and his wife were on their way home to princeton, new jersey after a trip overseas.
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this crash happened on the southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike near 8a in monroe township. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has reaction tonight from princeton university where nash was a famed mathematician. >> john nash was one of the most brilliant minds of his generation. >> reporter: he inspired a generation of thing kearse and his story became inspiration for hollywood. >> the only way out of a matter. >> reporter: princeton mathematician john nash is celebrated for break throughs in math science and economics a field in which he won the nobel prize. he's famous for doing it all while battling mental illness with his wife alicia and winning winning. all making this weekend that much more tough to take. >> not just that, but for a man like him to die in a car accident, it's not right. >> reporter: saturday john and alycia were just back from receiving an award in norway at about 4:30 that afternoon the yellow cab the couple was taking back to princeton from the
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airport slammed into a guardrail on the new jersey turnpike. john and alicia were killed after being ejected from the vehicle. >> it was brutal. you know, he'd get -- you get a huge emptiness. very sad. >> reporter: neighbor john kelly has known the nash family since the early '80s. he saw the accident saturday but didn't know it was nash until he got the news on sunday. >> very very sad. been a fixture in princeton junction as long as i've been here. >> reporter: princeton matusiewicz ticks professor joe zen cohen knew that beautiful mind for more than six decades. >> post spectacular thing about him was his fantastic originality and his contributions to science. >> reporter: natasha the crash remains under investigation but a preliminary police report indicates that both john and alicia nash had access to seat belts in the back of that yellow cab. neither one was wearing them at the time of the crash. reporting from the campus of princeton university, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness
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news". well the stars and production team behind beautiful mind are mourning the loss of john nash. actor russell crow who portrayed nash tweeted this -- stunned my heart goes out to john and alicia and family. amazing partnership beautiful mind beautiful heart. director ron howard also shared his grief in a tweet. rip brilliant mow nel buys winning john nash and his remarkable wife a lee shaft it was an honor telling part of their story. producer reflected as well... this accident that killed john nash was also win a mile of the crash that injured comedian tracy morgan and left another comedian dead. morgan was traveling northbound on the new jersey turnpike near cranbury township last june when his limo van was hit by a wal*mart truck. morgan suffered a traumatic brain injury and several broken bones. he has filed a lawsuit against
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wal*mart. the truck driver kevin roper has been charged in that accident. of course stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the death of john nash and his wife alicia. you can find updates any time on our website what a night down the shore. "eyewitness news" in wildwood where people packed the boardwalk. look at that. shore goers played games and grabbed treats all the hallmark of the holiday weekend. of course, memorial day marks the unofficial start of summer and plenty of people are enjoying those wildwood days and nights for the holiday. the ocean water is still a little bit cool. but it may feel good come tomorrow at least. meteorologist justin drabick is tracking summer like temperatures head our way. justin. that's right, natasha. really going feel like summer starting tomorrow and lasting over the next several days. we'll bring back the heat and humidity as well and make a run at 90 degrees but still comfortable outside tonight. you can keep those windows open. humidity levels a little higher
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but still really it's not that bad for this time of year but today's official high temperature came in at 82 degrees. still humidity levels between bad above average. average high 76. the record high temperature for today is 90 degrees. here we are right now. we are in the mid and upper 60s over most locations. exception is down towards the shore in delaware beaches with that ocean water is 62. so we have that wind right off the water so similar air temperatures to the water and again that's going to be a little bit on the cooler side tomorrow afternoon with a breeze you may need the jacket and sweatshirt again early tomorrow morning near the shore. dew point temperatures this tells us how much moisture. it was low 24 hours ago in the 20s and 30s starting to see 50's and 60s showing up indicating more moisture content in the air mass so that means humidity levels will be on the rise over the next 24 hours. you can see some clouds over us right now though the high thin clouds not going to produce any precipitation that's actually a sign of the warmer air that's going to be working its way into
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the delaware valley and sticking around for while. here's your memorial day forecast. we'll keep it dry outdoor plans are a go. mid 80s for the high in philadelphia. low 70s right along the shore with plenty of sunshine an comfortable day in the poconos. upper 70s. now coming up in the seven day forecast to talk about the memorial day warmth it gets warmer later this week and we're also talk about some shower and storm chances coming up in the full forecast in a few more minutes. natasha, back over to you. >> the true meaning of memorial day on display in valley forge dozens gathered in the freedom foundation medal of honor grove this afternoon. an wall service is held by the latin american post 840 of the american legion in remembrance of fallen heroes. the grove honors every medal of honor recipient the nation's highest award for valor. for a run down of all memorial day events head to all there for you. now police in camden
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meantime investigate a possible abduction and they need your help tonight. officers responded to third street and kaighn avenue this morning for reports of a man force flood the trunk of a car. that car is a silver acura with new jersey plates. the full plate is r86 xkzx. if you have any information contact police right away. >> also now police are looking for five men suspected of breaking into a northeast philadelphia home and robbing the people inside. it happened at around 5:15 on the 4200 block of neilson street. police say no one was injured but the thieves did make off with cash, phones, jewelry and 15 pairs of sneakers. police say the suspects were last seen heading south in a white chevy cobalt. meanwhile a man is fighting for his life at temple university hospital tonight after he was shot four times. this happened at around 3:00 this afternoon in strawberry mansion on the 2500 block of north 29th street. the gunman is still on the loose
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at this hour. and anyone with information should contact philadelphia police tonight. now to norristown. officials say that levels of carbon monoxide are still way too high to let residents back inside their homes to night. "eyewitness news" on the 100 block of erie street where eight people were sickened on saturday night. residents in one home rushed -- were using actually a gas powered generator after their power went out. a neighbor with a carbon monoxide detector called 911 likely saving lives. >> it could have been a worse situation than what it was. like we all could have been dead like that's crazy. if it wasn't for my sister smelling that and hurry up and calling the fire company like you all could have been gone. >> several animals were also sickened and needed treatment at the scene as well. now a sink hole shuts down a bridge in camden county. add ann don avenue bridge which conducts berlin township and berlin borough is closed for the next several days.
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officials say it is not a heavily traveled bridge and will not be out of service for an extended period of time. stay with us. still aid on "eyewitness news" tonight. severe storms cause major flooding and spawn tornadoes in parts of the central u.s. and in some areas curfews are now being enforced. we'll take a look at some of the hardest hit areas. plus on a mission to stop hunger. one local church prepares 10,000 meals in less than an hour. justin? it has been pleasant so far this holiday weekend but now temperatures are going to be heating up with more humidity. details and the "eyewitness weather" forecast. >> and straight ahead in sports at the french open a fan walks on to the court and tries to take a selfie with roger federer federer. lesley van arsdall has roger's reaction coming up.
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♪ actress and comedian ann myra has passed away. her husband jerry stiller said myra passed away yesterday. the couple performed as stiller and myra in the 1960s and both went on to have successful careers in television and film. they were married for 61 years. myra is also survived by her son actor ben stiller. daughter amy and several grandchildren. she was 85 years old. skydiving accident is caught on camera in tennessee. this happened yesterday during a memorial day weekend event at a park in winchester about an hour west of chatanooga. winds carried the unidentified man off course right into nearby power lines. he was airlifted to the hospital but his injuries are not life threatening. officers in louisiana are mourning the loss of one of their own today. police say a housing authority of new orleans officer was killed early this morning. he was found in his police cruiser in the central city neighborhood.
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his car still in drive. the officer has not been identified. but police say he was 45 years old and was only on the force for two years. so far police have not leads in this case. high winds and heavy rains are battering the planes in the midwest on this holiday weekend. emergency responders have already performed hundreds of rescues. cbs news correspondent hannah daniels has more. >> reporter: ef1 tornado with wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour destroyed this apartment complex in houston. ripping off the roof, tom link trees and leaving a path of destruction behind. near san marcos texas a black hawk helicopter swooped in to rescue two men trapped by the rise rising river including hannah pullen's father. >> i kept calling him over and over. are you okay? are you okay? he was like, i don't know if i'm going to make it. >> reporter: a mandatory evacuation remains in place for hundreds of people in central texas. fast-moving flood waters
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consumed homes turning roads in rivers. >> i'm looking for my mother. she's 91 years old. >> reporter: parts of okay objection city are submerged under flood waters after the wettest may on record. the fire department has responded to almost 70 rescues since saturday. in claire moore oklahoma a firefighter's body was recovered after being swept away during a high water rescue. >> got caught in the storm drain itself. >> reporter: this family including their two dogs were rescued by boat in the middle of the night. >> good boy. >> reporter: forecasters expect another round of heavy rain monday with more threats of flash flooding. in new york, hannah daniels for cbs3 "eyewitness news". more problems for earthquake ravaged nepal. thousands of people fled their homes in the northwest part of the country today after this landslide. the landslide created a dam and a lake that could burst and cause flash floods. residents are moving to higher ground. the country is still recovering
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from a pair of earthquake that is killed nearly 9,000 people and injured thousands more. well now an area church comes together to help stop hunger and they did it by preparing thousands of nutritious meals meals that will ultimately heapstead feed starving children all around the world. each gong mark the milestone 1,000 meals prepared for hungry children. garnet valley middle school in glenn mills, delaware county, was bustling sunday morning as volunteers from valley point church rolled up their sleeves put on their hair nets and got to work. the goal prepare 10,000 meals in just one hour. >> we would be the type of church that has actually helping the community and even helping those up pouf red rushed around world. >> it was organized by stop hunger now. these meals help those who are hungry all around the world. each one costs just 29 cents. >> our meals consist of four ingredients. organic white rice in there
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dried soy protein dried vegetables and vitamin is a shea which is actually a micro newt trent that's designed to help malnourished children fight off disease. ♪ >> the band will let has teamed up with stop hunger now. >> a couple years ago i was in east africa when a pham famine broke out. i was physically seeing the effects of the famine on young children. we need to respond to this now. >> will let lurched a million meal goal and after this week's tour they will have packaged 800,000 so they're well on their way. if you'd like to get involved head to to find a link to stop hunger now's website. all right. let's neck with justin drabick. picture perfect weekend. >> you and lesley have been so nice to me because of this weather. >> extra nice. >> i'll bet that changes with all this humidity coming up. it probably messes up your hair. >> i'm not going complain. it's all good. >> lay it on me when it's humid out. >> no worries. >> let's break it down for you. comfortable outside right now. take you outside look at the ben franklin bridge from campbell's
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field. pretty nice. plain pleasant outside k those windows open. still tonight. the humidity levels will slowly creep up through the day on memorial it day a few clouds around much what's talk about what's ahead this week. we'll be feeling like summer. unofficial start of summer tomorrow. yeah temperature gauge shows it. average high 76. well be well above that. approaching 90 on tuesday and wednesday much that's pretty much where we peak. slightly cooler by the end of the week upper 80s and it will be very humid it will feel like late june or even the middle of july which is the heart of summer that's typically when we see those temperatures in the up her 80s compare the numbers right now to this time yesterday from five to 15 degrees warmer so a big difference. last night we were talking about temperatures this hour in the 40s and 50s. now we're in the 60s. but still again comfortable with somewhat low humidity levels. 66 trenton. 60 in mount pocono. lower 60s along the coastline. how is it going to feel like the next few days? again tomorrow i think you start to feel the difference.
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between pleasant and humid. we can handle it if you have ought door plans. really no problems. inland areas will be warm in the mid 80s. cool right along the coast. but tuesday and wednesday thursday, that's when it will start to feel steamy and a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. that's going to move into the region that will help fuel some showers and thunderstorms by the middle of the creek. nothing happening yet. we're under the influence of high pressure over the mid atlantic that drifts a little farther offshore. see showers over the late lakes warm front that continues to push northward that will just reinforce the warmth and just clouds over us right now. that will be the trend tomorrow. but they're the high thin sirius clouds not going to pose a threat to your outdoor plans for memorial day. parly sunny mid 80s for high temperatures on monday afternoon afternoon. we start to warm it up tuesday hot and humid with a high near 90 degrees. cold front starts to move eastward but well to the west. so showers and storms stay to our west on tuesday. but come wednesday late in the day there could be a scattered shower or storm. not everybody see it.
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warm humid highs against near 90 degrees. very quiet start to memorial day enjoy it if you're out early. morning clouds give way to some sunshine into the afternoon. that will be the trend throughout the entire day. tuesday comes the same story partly sunny bite afternoon as that cold front slowly starts to move eastward but still we'll keep it dry through at least the first half of wednesday. temperatures waking up low in the mid 60s maybe some 50s in the cooler suburbs. on monday morning then noon highs inland you can see that surging well into the mid 80s even approaching 80 degrees up in the mountains. the cool spot again right along the immediate shore temperatures new jersey, delaware shore line again monday we'll be in the low 70s. tuesday same story. mid to upper 80s maybe 90-degree spots. so overnight just a few clouds around. it is milder compared to last night. still comfortable 62 for center city. again suburbs could drop into the 50s. enjoy memorialable. partly sunny skies. nice rebound. we get up to 86 degrees for the afternoon temperature.
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it's going to be warm and somewhat on the humid side. maybe you'll hit the shore. another windy day with that wind off the water. southerly breezes up around 20 miles an hour. water temperature cold, 62. but good sunburn if you don't have the sunblock on with a high uv index and air temp low 70s much here's the extended forecast. up to 90 on tuesday and wednesday. wednesday, thursday, friday chance for an afternoon shower, thunderstorm. it's hot, it's humid. saturday looks like we start the weekend off dry and then sunday another chance for a shower or storm. there you go. >> all right. no complaints here. >> i'm just glad it's warm finally. >> consistent weather. >> i like it. >> i like justin is contestantly worried about our hair. >> i am. you guys gang up on me. >> not everybody can have perfect hair like justin. >> no. >> look at that. >> a little hair gel. >> lesley has sports hoy lights. >> good news for the union. finally the union winning in hostile territory. the phillies looking to take the series from the nationals. sports is next.
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all right. lesley the phils fighting it out in n d.c. >> perfect baseball weather. the phillies wrap up their series witness the nationals down in d.c. aaron harang on the mound for the fightings. jeff francoeur singles to left. galvis will score. phillies take the lead. then the nationals took over scoring four runs. bryce harper drives in two runs fort nationals beat the phils four-one. the union taking on the red bulls at red bull arena. a place they never wouldn't until tonight. they scored two goals in five minute span and snapped the six game losing streak at red bull arena. two-zero the final there.
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today at the french open after roger federer won his opening round match a fan slipping by security there ran over and tried to take a selfie with him. roger didn't look too happy before security finally came over and took the fan off the court. after the match roger called for better security not only for himself but for all players. tonight in the sports zone we have john johnson from sports radio 94 wip joining me and some of the items on the docket tonight, flyers new head coach dave hakstol. sixers getting third pick in the nba draft and deflate-gate still continuing. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> that is a little crazy, though with roger federer. how did that guy get -- >> he handled it well. >> no he was trying to be very polite. >> security get over here. >> get him out of here. >> hurry. >> exactly. >> thank you so much, lesley. still ahead when one ride on roller coaster not enough. we'll tell you why a pennsylvania man is riding the same coaster 95 times in a row. stay with us.
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starting tomorrow there will be a new way for fans of classic tv series and movies to go back in time and lee experience shows like "i love lucy" the mary tyler moore show, happy days and cheers. cbs and broadcasting launch agnew national network called decades that will be available here in philadelphia on cbs3 digital sub channel. network features a daily show called through the decades hosted by former cbs news anchor
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bill curtis will look back at news and cultural events connected to theme or a day in history. and decades will go back in time to commemorate the release of star wars on memorial day weekend back in 1977. it was a good year. you can watch decades on comcast on five crows on channel four -- final toll night everyone roller coaster lover is spending his memorial day weekend marking quite a milestone. check this out. vick clemens, 82 years old and his favorite roller coaster is the jack rabbit at penny wood amusement park just outside of pittsburgh. the jack rabbit is one of the world's oldest roller coasters and celebrating its knifeth anniversary. so clemens decided to ride it 95 times in a row. he said after the marathon stretch he's now ridden that jack rabbit roller coaster 5,000 times. that is unbelievable. >> my stomach hurts for him. >> it does. >> my head is spinning.
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>> that's one of those wooden roller coasters. >> really bounces you around. great job for him though. >> awesome milestone. >> all right. awesome weather. >> it looks great if you like summer weather. tomorrow still somewhat comfortable. not so humid 86 with the sunshine it gets hot and humid tuesday and wednesday. up around 90 degrees. stays very warmer and humid through the end of the week. wednesday through friday chance for afternoon shower or thunderstorm. >> justin thank you so much. thank you for joining us and staying with us this weekend on your holiday weekend for lesley, justin all of us here i'm natasha brown. we're always on sports zone is next. have a great day.
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♪ ♪ this is the cbs3 sports zone presented by buick. it's pick number three fort 76ers all eyes were on the nba draft lottery as sam hinkie's master plan grows closer to fruition and the flyers coaching search comes to an e


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