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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 25, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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deadly storms slam the southern plains. at least three people are dead and hundreds of homes lost following a barrage of tornados and flooding. >> no way out, no way to go anywhere no way for anybody to get in here and help. >> the iraqi forces showed no will to fight. >> defense attorney ashton carter blaming the loss to ramadi on the failure to fight the terror group. lost for week a california woman is found alive in woods after she and her husband vanish on their way to a mother's day dinner. look how lock it takes before somebody finally grabs the young comrade. >> and the security lapse at the
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french open. he has enough time to take a selfie with roger federer. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, may 25th, 2015. captioning funded by cbs good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie. wet and dangerous weather is forecast for this memorial day across much of the southern plains. the potential for heavy rain flooding and tornados is set for kansas, texas and oklahoma. no injuries and little damage is reported. in texas it's a different story. record-breaking raines caused massive damage. hundreds of homes have been destroyed by floodwaters. at least three deaths are blamed on the weekend's storms through the plains and the midwest. omar villafranca has details. >> reporter: with more rain on the way, memorial day have been
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cancelled in the city of san marcos, texas. today. the city suffered expense x tensive damage when heavy rains caused the blanco river overflowed its banks. it destroyed many roads, homes and sparked dramatic rescues. nearby wembley was also hit. thousands of others who were forced to evacuate are being aurjed to stay away from their homes. severe weather also affected other parts of texas includes houston where a tornado ripped the roof off an apartment complex. a man had to be rescued when he fought for his life. the rains soaks oklahoma, washing out roads and overflowing in homes. a firefighter was among those killed when he tried to rescue people from highwater. >> he got caught in the storm
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drape itself drain itself. >> that was omar villafranca reporting. meteorologist jeff ray of our dallas-ft. worth station kdtv has more on today's west forecast. >> it was a day of devastating flooding across large areas of texas yesterday and severe weather is the threat today for memorial day. you can see most of texas is under the gun. we expect, well damaging winds, large hail isolating tornados and, of course flash flooding. that's been the problem of late. too much rain. flash flood watches up from kansas city. a swath of heavy rain expected to make its way across texas, louisiana, get into mississippi parts of tennessee, arkansas. now, as far as the national forecast for the west coast, nothing like that. in the 70s in los angeles. mild weather. we're going have a few pop-up storms across the rockies and the worst of the weather across the southern plains in texas.
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i'm meteorologist jeff ray for c cbs dallas. a pressure cooker found in a suspicious vehicle was detonated by the bomb squad as thousands gathered for the memorial day concert in front of the capitol building. officers saw the pressure cooker and smelled gasoline. the area was closed off and the detonation produced a loud bang. >> we heard that yeah. we actually heard -- we thought it was fireworks. we thought, oh, is there going to be fireworks tort? we had no idea. no hazardous things were found. the concert went on as scheduled. this morning there are new questions about the obama's strategy to defeat isis. it was a surprise victory by isis.
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mark albert is in washington with the details. good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. the fall of ramadi has provoked harsh criticism from inside the administration including some of the most candid comments yet from the secretary of defense about the u.s.'s iraqi allies. >> the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. >> it was iraqis' quick retreat from ramadi without putting u defenses that brought on his remarks. they withdrew even though they vastly outnumbered the isis fighters. >> that says to me and to most of us that we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight isil and defend themselves. >> reporter: an issue that undermines the obama administration's strategy to defeat isis. it's built on retraining and
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striking from the air. >> there is no strategy. and anybody that says that there is, i'd like to hear what it is because it certainly isn't apparent. >> senator john mccain says president obama withdrew forces too soon and the fall of ramadi makes it more imperative that the u.s. send troops back to iraq but carter said in the end one thing the u.s. can't give the iraqi forces is the will to win. >> we can participate in the defeat of isil, but we can't make iraq run as a decent place for people to live. we can't sustain the victory. only the iraqis can do that. >> reporter: now complicating the equation the shiite-dominated baghdad government is working with iranian backed shiite militias which have proved more willing and capable to take on isis than the iraqi army.
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however, they have been accused of terroristic violence. anne-marie? >> thank you mark. washington police say they released four people who were detained in the connection of the murder. daron daron wint has been the only one. police believe he had help holding the family captive for at least 18 hours. he had previously worked for savopoulos's company. at least 17 were alefted over the weekend following the acquittal of a police officer in the shooting death of unarmed african-american suspects. officer michael brelo was one of several officers who chased the suspect through cleveland in 2012. more than 130 rounds were fired into their car.
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brelo fired 15 bullets through the windshield after the two suspects stopped moving. john forbes nash has died. most know him because of the oscar winning movie that told his life story and struggles with mental mind. "a beautiful mind." he and his wife were killed in a crash in new jersey. he shared his knowledge in game theory. john forbes nash was 84 years old. and actress and comedian anne meara has died. >> i was asleep. you ran off with my paycheck. >> meara was married to stiller for 61 years. they worked together appearing as stiller and meara.
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she appeared in dozens of shows and shared the screen with her son ben stiller "a night at the museum." meara was 85 years old. unraveling the details of a mystery. and a monster fire engulfed the interstate in downtown detroit. this is the "cbs morning news."
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oh my god. look at this. detroit is on fire. >> in detroit drivers watched as a massive tanker truck fire sent thick black smoke into the downtown air. 9,000 gallons of unleaded fuel caught fire sunday stopping traffic for several hours. there were no injuries and some roads are still closed. and it looks -- rather take a look at this. some frightening moments at a tennessee memorial weekend event. a skydiving veteran was injured
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when wind carried his parachute into power lines. he sustained injuries saturday when he fell to the ground. and a mystery of a california cupping missing for two weeks. a woman has been found alive but her husband has been found dead near their car. we have more. >> she was conscious and she was able to give a brief statement to the detectives. >> reporter: a desperate two-week search for a couple. the san diego sheriff's department says the deceased male believed to be her husband, 79-year-old cecil paul can knudsen was located as well. >> while it was wonderful that die a na was found alive, it's tragic her husband was found deceased.
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they were found in a remote area. the couple had remained with their white 2014 hyundai sonata. investigators do not suspect foul play but suspect they got lost. >> they left the casino and looked for a short cut and they became lost and the vehicle became lost on the far even part of the county. >> the vehicle trapped on would be ores couldn't go forward or backward. they attempted to walk out two or three teams but couldn't make it out safely. were reported missing may 10th last spotted at the valley view casino. both are diabetic. for two weeks bedwell survived on the food in the car and rainwater she gathered. it's unclear when he died. >> we don't know if she knows. >> in a facebook page dedicated to their parents the kids post as photo that simply says it is
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them. rest in peace, dad. another said i got to talk to mom on the phone. we exchanged "i love yous." >> kelly nestedal cbs news. ahead, courtside scare. roerj nadal raises security concerns after a fan comes out. robert de niro suffers some tough love for nyu grads.
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forecast in some cities around the country. the director of the french open says there are no plans to change security procedures after a fan got too close to roger federer. the fan rushed onto the court following federer's opening round victory and had enough time to take a selfie with the tennis star. he's seen motioning for help and gently shuffling the man away. he said he's not happy about the security lapse. >> it happened yesterday in the practice too. just a kid, but then three more kids came and today on center court where you would think this is place where nobody can come on just wanders on and nothing happens. >> in 2009 at the french open
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another man rushed the court and tried to put a hat on federer's hat. the man who took the selfie has been identified and will be banned from future matches. >> lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers are one win away from the nba finals. lebron james finds his form. he saves his buckiggest bucket in overtime. the cavs top the hawks 114-111 to take a 3-0 series lead. in hockey the tampa bay lightning have the new york rangers on the ropes. the lightning strikes twice in the second period of game five. though are the only goals of the game in a 2-0 win for tampa bay. the lightning lead the coneastern conference finals three games to two. when we return a dancing man gets his groove on. dance party is thrown for an
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. tough talk from robert de niro to the tisch graduates. >> tisc graduates, you made it and you're [ bleep ]. >> he pulled no punches but he told them to follow their dreams and reach for their destiny. and a man from london was a guest of honor at a big party in hollywood. sean o'brien called the dans man was mocked online for his dance moves but this weekend he was a
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big hit in california. lori perez from our los angeles station kcbs reports. >> reporter: all eyes are own sean o'brien as he's dancing and this time he's feeling the love. a far cry from this night in london back in march when strangers laughed, took these pictures of him dancing and posted these pictures online with body shaming messages. >> i just ask why. what did they hope to achieve? why did they feel better trying to post an anom miss image. >> he felt better after supporters who saw it. two echo part women went so far as to find him and organize this party in l.a. to keep him dancing. we got the vendors and music, the plane tick and hotel, all donated. celebrities of all sorts stepped
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forward to help and start a conversation with bullying and o'brien with the so-called dance free move snnlt. >> be department of yourself. just think positive. >> the l.a. efforts raised $70,000 that will go to anti-bullying and positive body image programs in the u.s. and uk. organizers will be posting new pictures of o'brien dancing, maybe even sending a message to those who once mocked him. >> if i knew who they were, i would just invite them to come and dance because i think that the kind of people who are doing these things they're probably in a lot of pain themselves. >> that was kcbs's lori perez reporting. now, the dancing man went to the dodgers game sunday. he was applauded as he threw out the first pitch. this is the "cbs morning news." >> announcer: this portion of
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the rumble of motorcycles filled the air in the nation's capitol for the annual rolling thunder ride for memorial day. hundreds of thousands of bookers and spectators gathered sunday for the ride for freedom to honor military veterans, those missing in action. also in washington the vietnam veterans memorial 4 million people visit it every year, but there's also an exact half-size replica that has been traveling the country for the past 30 years. this weekend it was inside southern california. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: it's called simply the moving wall. not just because the 58,000
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names travel from city to city but the moving experience. >> there's a story to every name. >> her father franklin picking was killed in 1969. >> as a child i felt like i'd lost my world and that my best friend was gone. >> but his name lives on here and since 1984 on more than 1,300 stops across the u.s. an idea began when vietnam veteran john dev its saw the permanent wall and replicated it far and wide. >> gentlemen anytime's father is buried at arlington national cemetery but most of her family lives in southern california. >> there are a lot of people that can't make it to washington, d.c. this brings it to the people. >> it's close to becoming the forgotten war in u.s. history. >> ray sl in los angeles. he saw combat in vietnam in
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1969. >> it is uplifting to see people who have this almost a sense of healing, you know when they come here and let their emotions out. >> right there. >> pandora clausen says the traveling wall allows her to bring the war home to her family, especially 5-year-old shelby shelby. >> great grandpa. >> it was 46 years ago shelby's great grandfather died a name liste on the wall but so much more than that. >> i just tell them he was great man who gave his life for his country. >> reporter: danielle nottingham cbs news los angeles. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest on the deadly severe weather in the south. we'll be live from the scene and get your forecast. plus, more on roger federer's security concerns following an encounter with a selfie-seeking fan. and the convenience of smart car technology that consolidates
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your credit and debit cards. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. we will leave you this memorial day with highlights of the national memorial day concert on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. thanks for watching. i'm i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today the nation remembers the members of the military who died serving our country. more on today's event in our area, and how people are taking in the holiday down the shore. >> good morning everyone, memorial day 2015. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also today the world is remembering a beautiful mind. a crash on the new jersey turnpike claims the life of nobel prize winning mitome tis, john nash. katy? >> you are looking ahead to another very, very nice day the big difference today compared to the last two days, how could you beat this past weaken just getting little hotter outside. we'll keep the sun around for you, eventually we are forecasting the first 90 gross day so far this year. so we will be talking about when that


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