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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  May 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today the nation remembers the members of the military who died serving our country. more on today's event in our area, and how people are taking in the holiday down the shore. >> good morning everyone, memorial day 2015. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also today the world is remembering a beautiful mind. a crash on the new jersey turnpike claims the life of nobel prize winning mitome tis, john nash. katy? >> you are looking ahead to another very, very nice day the big difference today compared to the last two days, how could you beat this past weaken just getting little hotter outside. we'll keep the sun around for you, eventually we are forecasting the first 90 gross day so far this year. so we will be talking about when that happens, how hot it will actually teal when the
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factor in the humidity, sent eventually some showers thunderstorms have to return to our forecast, full detail on your full forecast, coming up in the next few guys, back to you. ♪ ♪ the philadelphia region remember its place in is history as it remembers memorial day. korean war memorial in philadelphia holding a ceremony remember those though gave our lives for the country. here is a live picture of the memorial, that event begins at 11:00. meanwhile, valley forge national historical park holding concert from the 58 bells at the washington memorial chapel. the stories will be demonstrating camp life at the brigade huts at the park. and, 50 people will commemorate memorial day by becoming americans. naturalization ceremony scheduled this morning, on the battleship new jersey in camden, four of the new americans will serve in the military battleship will also
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hold wreath ceremony remember americans who died while serving our country. >> there are many events honoring our fallen heroes for complete run down. head to the jersey shore many will take time to remember fallen members of the armed forces. >> many other will be wrapping up the start of the summer tourism season. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins just ocean city. jan? >> reporter: erika ukee, good morning, a pretty nice morning out here in ocean city. little bit breezy, little bit chilly but i really can't complain. unfortunately, however, i am all by myself out hire, just me myself and i on the boardwalk in ocean city this morning. i have a feeling folks will be sleeping in today after a fun filled weekend of activities. but it, won't take too long for that though change this memorial day. hundreds will still be down the shore today and those here in ocean city can honor the servicemen and women who
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gave their lives pro ticking this country and our freedom at memorial day ceremony and parade. is it starts at veteran members oriole park at fifth and wesley avenue at 11:00 a.m. it is to has already been full weaken here in ocean city. beaches have been packed with families boards walk bustling for the unofficial start of summer, many similar sites in wildwood, as well, there the rides were getting a work out as others strolled the boardwalk and the sand. and finally, in asbury park last night fireworks capped off a fun filled weekend. but again of course, on this memorial day, there are many ceremonies you can attend to honor our veterans, of course weaver fully is of those at >> quiet for now, january, and expected to be a warm memorial day today, warms up later this week let's check in with katie, good morning. >> indeed, things are actually pretty comfortable for us outside across the delaware
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valley i as a whole. very tranquil view of "skycam 3", avenue feeling the traffic will be awfully light for you out there this morning, if you are one of the folks like us here on the morning team that had to come into work today. but this is going to end up being pretty nice day regardless now no matter what your plans includes over the ben franklin bridge, all tranquil, and certainly everywhere else. that's that well depicted and reflected on storm scan3 we head there next. at this point nothing more than couple clouds. we going to start to see this atmosphere stem up, bit more humidity with time it will come courtesy of mort more of a south letter i push, hint of wet weather far north do not have to worry about it today. generally speaking more sun than clouds, call it partly sun nay few spots overall still great excuse, whether you want to hit the pool, hossa picnic, whatever you have got going on, it is all good. meanwhile, off to the west, this has been some rough stuff, unfortunately for the folks specially down through texas with major flooding
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issues this past weekend eventually this very sluggish frontal boundary have going to cross into our area, meantime, we are just building up the heat, high pressure really is our main driving weather pattern force here. so with that said, i don't think we are talking anything terribly oppressive, inch suffer recall, but humidity will be climbing with time, especially by wednesday probably ends up being the steamiest of the pack here. meantime basically just starting off again on some pretty pleasant levels here, 65 at the airport, 59 in allentown, 59 in trenton feels good outside, down the shore the southerly component to the wind flow, on par with the rest of the region, low not even mid 60s. around the region as a whole patriotic graphic, it looks good. everybody hits at least 80 degrees and here in philadelphia shooting for sunny skies and high of 86. almost ten above the average. ukee, we send it back to you.
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>> katie thank you. as you're wear, record rainfall reaking havoc in the planes severe weather now blamed for the death of three people in the northern texas oklahoma regionment one of the dead, observe home a fire captain helping people trapped in rising flood watersment blackhawk helicopter swooped in to rescue fu mean trapped by the rising river. one could call by sell phone. >> i was like are you okay? he's like i don't know if i'm make it. >> mandatory ee having agents remains in place for those in central texas. expect another round of heavy rain to hid hecks as today bringing more threats of flashflooding. >> new this morning, philadelphia police investigating a deadly overnight shooting in west philadelphia. it happened shortly after 1:30 this morning near the intersection of 41st and aspen street. police responded to a call for a man shot in the shoulder.
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paramedics returned him to presbyterian hospital where he later died. police say they believe the victim may have known his killer. >> 4:37 right now. remembering a beautiful mind. a crash on the new jersey turnpike takes the life of mitome tis none mash and his wife alicia near exit 8a, monroe township. he was the pains frayings for the oscar winning film a beautiful mind. answer his wife on their way home to princeton from the airport saturday when their cab slammed into the guardrail. john anal leash a were killed after being ejected from the vehicle. >> it was brutal. huge are huge emptiness very sad. >> that crash remains under investigation. a preliminary report indicates john anal leash a nash were not wearing their seatbelts at the time of the crash. >> actress and comedian ann mirror has died at the able of 85. her husband jerry stiller
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said mere a passed way a saturday. the couple performed at stiller and mera in the 19 60s, both went onto have successful carreers in it. v and fill. many they were married for 61 years. meara survive by her son actor ben stellar. >> levels of carbon monoxide still too high to let residents back into their homes this morning. "eyewitness news" on the 100 block of airy street where eight people were sickened saturday night. resident in one home were using a gas powered generator after their power had gone out. a neighbor with a carbon monoxide detector called 911 likely saving lives. >> it could have been a worse situation than what it was like we all could have been dead. , that's crazy if it wasn't for my sister, smelling that, hurry up and calling the fire company, like we all could have been gone. >> several animals were sickened and needed treatment. meanwhile, man fighting for his live at temple university
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hospital this morning after he was shot four times. it happened yesterday afternoon in strawberry mansion on the 2500 block of north 29th street. police are still searching for the gunman. anyone with information is urged to contact philadelphia police. police are also looking for five men, suspected of breaking into a northeast philadelphia home, and robbing the people inside. it happened around 5:15, the 4200 block of neilson street yesterday. police say no one was hurt, but the thieves made off with cash phones, jewelry and 15 pairs of sneakers. police say the suspect were last seen heading south in a white chevy cobalt. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" scary situation in d.c. yesterday. the bomb squad was called in, after a pressure cooker was found in a car near the capitol. we'll tell you what police found, hoon is responsible for leaving it there. >> it will be a warm memorial day monday to enjoy outside. and it will stay that way. katie has a look at the forecast on the other side.
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we'll be right back.
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the bomb squad detonate add pressure cooker found in a vehicle near the united states capitol building in washington. capitol police first spotted the unattended car last night. now, pressure cooker was found inside, and police smelled gas. a bomb squad once again quickly called in, but luckily, nothing hazardous was found in the vehicle. police arrested the owner of the car. well, in the wake of the fall of ram did i, two islam being state rep rebels, ash carter says, iraqi forces do not have the will to fight. >> he is speaking out for the first time since the key town fell to isis last week. in the rush to leave iraqi forces left behind large numbers of us supplied vehicles including several tanks, now presume to be in is a.m. i can state hands. that will weekends interview with cnn secretary of carter blamed the weak state of iraq's military as one major reason for the city's fall. >> the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight.
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they were not outnumbered. in fact, they havesly outnumbered the opposing force. >> in a interview with the associated press the head of iraqi defense called carter's comments quote unrealistic and baseless. he also said that the iraqi army and police did have the will to fight but lacked good equipment, weapons and aerial support. >> more problems for earthquake ravaged nepal. thousands of people fled their homes in the northwest part of the country after this landslide. the landslide created a damiana lake, that could burst and cause flashfloods. resident are moving to much higher ground, now the country still recovering from a pair of earthquakes that killed nearly 9,000 people, and injured thousands more. >> now, to the severe weather hitting the middle of the countriment check this out here. flooding waters rush through theme park in texas yesterday. that record rain caused nearby creek to overflow, partially submerging a roller coaster. the water later receded the
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park able to open yesterday afternoon, seems like the midwest and planes getting hammered. >> texas especially, yes. absolutely. and, that very same system, is very lent going to hit us, but blocking area of high pressure in place. so much like we we had about a month ago we had this area of high pressure, nasty weather going on through the central park of the country. casino of what is happening here. we will heat up a lot more this time. so, memorial day how is it looking for today? >> looks really good. talk about unofficial beginning of summer and feeling like summer to go along with it, it will ends up ac great excuse to be outside. sort of traditionally a loft just opened up our pools great excuse for that, picnic plans, anything you got going on looks good. storm scan3 see what i was talking about here, still some very active weather across basically the mid section. s. the lone star state was the one getting hit so hard, with
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all of the flooding, more than most anyway, through the course of the weekends, even though you don't have much happening here right now we expect more wet weather as we heard in the story moment ago. to fire up, so there are numerous flashflood watches warnings, flood advisories, watches, and i mean, it spans basically just the western half here of the mississippi river valley. so just incredible, the amount of coverage that that not only rain has had but also, flooding rain. now, as far as it pertains to our area, back into sunshine here today. i would actually say many of you will see mostly sunny skies more than anything, mid 80s the expectation tomorrow specially really notice how steam at this starts to feel with more of the southerly component, should make good run for 09 degrees. up in the mountains, maybe camping, something like that, could you see shower, thunderstorm out there tomorrow. but i think the rest of the delaware valley in the clear until at least wednesday at this point. but building up the heat in the atmosphere, entire time, so it turns awfully steamy by
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that point. meantime today mostly sunny call it warm, breezy, southwest component to the wind flow, not horribly humid yet. mainly clear and mile for you tonight. we drop down to 66. looking forward in this eyewitness weather seven day forecast, two days straight up, 09 degrees it, will get hot out there. classic dog days of summer style forecasting here. wednesday, thursday, friday, also featuring that potential for shower or thunderstorm, in the afternoon or eveningment ukee being back to you. >> katie, thank you n sports phillies play afternoon baseball this memorial day. it is phils and mets at city field. game time 1:10, phils and national yesterday. things started just fine, freddie gal vast scores on the single. bobble in the outfield gave the phils a one-nothing lead. but the nationals storm back, scored a run in the next half inning they would add on from there. nationals win it four to one win two of three from the fighting's over the weekends. >> in the union in action against the red bulls up in new york. union scored two goals in five
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minute span to break a losing streak in new york. final two-nothing union will play dc united in washington saturday night. >> french open yesterday. after roger federer won his opening round match, slipped through security and tried to get a selfie. security took care that far fan eventually. after the match federer called for better security at the tournament. i should say so. >> no kidding took him a while to get security, as well. >> for real. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" food companies across the country are going natural. what's behind the new push to change recipes and get rid of artificial flavoring? that's coming up. first though what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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good morning, it is memorial day and there will be naturalization ceremony on board the battleship new
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jersey this morning. there is not only things going on this memorial day, there is much more to get full list of activities go to >> john nash and his wife were killed yesterday in a crash on the new jersey turnpike in middlesex county. he was the subject after beautiful mind. he was 86, his wife alicia was 82. at least three deaths blamed on severe weather from the gulf of mexico to the great lakes. one person was killed in texas, two in oklahoma. tornados and flooding have forced thousands from their homes in texas alone and there could be more severe weather today. >> your time 4:50, increase in consumer demand for foods that have less artificial ingredients. >> jill wagner more on the smoke companies work to go capitalize on this concept and major dorm ration that is are following suit. >> a lot of kettle. >> reporter: at this popcorn factory in harlem, brother and sister jeff and jen martin and their small team pipcorn, all
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natural, gluten free, vegan huge selling point. >> so many people are conscious whatever they are putting in their body. >> it is not just specialty foods start ups going naturalment many of the nation's biggest food companies are also changing their recipes. kraft recently announced it is removing artificial orange and yellow dye in its beloved mac and cheese. tyson is getting rid of antibiotics in chicken chipotle removed all genetically modified organisms, or gmo's from its food. panera bread cutting artificial ingredient, and mcdonald's said it is simplifying its chicken recipes, slicing any ingredients you can't pronounce. going back to simple ingredients, all natural. >> marketing professor michele greene wald says americans are more aware of their health, looking for natural foods without artificial ingredients, and they're willing to pay a bit more for it. >> it is a quality life issue
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casino of affordable indulgence. >> now we add just nice high quality sea salt. >> martin says their customers want that quality after just three years already keeping up with remand, for all natural business that's popping. in new york, jill wagner, cbs news. >> i think it is terrific. >> i do too. coming up after a short break we'll get your forecast. >> we'll be right back.
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some of the stories our sister station will be following for you, mayoral candidate jim kenney took plenty of shots at the nutter administration on city council, now admits several initiatives he plans to keep in place if-ee elect in the november. long time city councilman will
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son good did not earn the democratic knop nation, he said it is due to not playing the political game. later this week, patco ride letters actually be able to use the first six refurbished rail cars along the high-speed line. check in two three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1006 on your a.m. dial. >> quick check on the forecast katy? >> we are looking ahead it pretty pleasant day overall yet again. >> this weekends was so beautiful. i hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy. granted, maybe not as low in terms of low humidity, really starting to heat things up for you out there. but today still pretty good one. we are really looking at one of the best memorial day weekends, wrapping things up here on the holiday itself, that i can remember in recent history here. so storm scan, empty essentially, you have few clouds out there so call it partly to mostly sunny once the sun pops over the horizon there is somebody out there working on the sand, making sure it is nice and smooth here outside the boardwalk
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plaza in rehoboth for all of the beach-goers i'm sure will be dotting all of the short point here today. they'll be out there great day for the beach. 11 degrees surplus, since yesterday there is same time. it was granted i wouldn't say cool but cooler by comparison yesterday even in allentown now 20 nearly, 20 degrees milder than it was this same time. so starting to warm up, southerly winds flow, look at that, two straight days at 909 degrees, and even if we don't hit it on thursday, coming awfully close by wednesday, scattered showers and thunderstorms return to the forecast, erika, back to you. >> katie, thank you. coming up ... nation remembers our fallen heroes this memorial day. more of the events taking place around town. >> also, california couple missing for two weeks has been found in the wilderness, but it is not exactly a happy ending. more on what happened to the couple and how the woman survived. >> and sky diving accident caught on camera in tennessee
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and you're waking to up beautiful memorial day morning, from the shore to the city, we will show you how you can celebrate today. katie says, you'll love the holiday forecast if you have outdoor plans. >> also, new this morning homicide detectives are busy looking for a killer after a man is murdered overnight. we have new details for you from the crime scene. >> and remembering a beautiful mind. we we're taking look back at the remarkable life of nobel prizewinner john nash, inspired an oscar winning movie, suddenly killed with his wife on a crash on the jersey turnpike. it is memorial day may 25th. good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. hopefully outdoor plans going to parade maybe, grilling out,
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it will be just gorgeous katie outside on the skydeck with that gorgeous forecast, good morning. >> happy memorial day everybody, no matter what your plans include, going to parade, maybe just got picnic scheduled, whatever it may be outside, you are looking good here. let me start things offer with quick peak at storm scan3 remains empty at this point say forehand full of clouds, temperatures miler than they were this same time yesterday. by pretty decent margin actually, many of you are at least 10 degrees warmer this morning, and off to the north you can see few signs of life on the radar none that far wet weather expected to mess with our forecast here today. we are still expecting dry weather, although, we are eventually going to see this atmosphere moisten up, in other words, humidity returns now, if your pool or rather if your plans include maybe hitting the pool or actually hitting the ocean waves well, if you wanted bath water territory, you have to go pretty far south here at home, dealing with generally low


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