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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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day. look at. that will just gorgeous. from the shore to the city, we'll show you how you can celebrate today. and you just can't ask for better weather for memorial day. hopefully outdoor plans somewhere today. >> got that right. oh, jogger going by a lot of folks will be on the board very shortly katie outside on the skydeck, tell you more about your forecast. good morning. >> good morning, to you both. yes, you said t i mean, couldn't ask for better on day lick. >> this the whole weekend has had in the just pleasant weather, but pleasant in different ways. so saturday with comfortable and mild granted but not hot yet. yesterday, was a little bit warmer obviously that we kept the sunshine and low humidity. today for all of the summer the true summer lovers, it will feel just a hair steamier for you, but we still keep the sun shining. just been wall-to-wall sun for us this entire time here for this holiday weekends, we keep it going yet again today. few more clouds out there visible on storm scan3, at this hour. but it is quiet generally speaking, high pressure still the story for us here today. and as we take you forward here, in the next couple every
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days, that is something that's going to change. the humidity levels, for you in the days ahead simply because we're starting to see more of southerly push of our winds flow. so what it will mean, thankfully, nothing terribly oppressive let alone inch suffer recall, but will be climbing, and certainly the temperature, the actual air temperature doing the same. so it feels more like the dog days of summer for the next few days, and currently, look at that, actually warm nerve mount pocono, than it is down the shore. this is a time of year you sometimes find that. moderating flow offer the ocean water, six a currently at philadelphia international airport. it should be mostly sunny breezy day granted, but nice, at 84 degrees, this is perfect, summer-like weather for you. look at the uv index that's what you really want to be thinking about. sun block required, my friends, at this point we always say never matters the time of year. but this is really when that sun angle can get awfully
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strong, so just want you to to be smart about it, let's walk you through the rest of the day here, in philadelphia, we expect daytime high to hit easily 86 degrees, that's almost ten above the seasonable average we should keep the sun around for you all day today just a hair more humid that's really it. otherwise, it is beautiful outside. and, if you're one of the lucky folks that maybe open the pool up over the weekend may be little cool in the pool. but still real good pool weather. get outside. enjoy it. >> cool in the pool. >> we send it back to you. >> little floating. >> yes. >> thank, kate. >> i from cape may to sandy hook families are packing the jersey shore. >> the memorial day weekends means the resorts are open for business. and "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in ocean sit with the latest on that. good morning. >> erika ukee, good morning i've kennan wendell out here for morning walk, little brisk morning out here in ocean city on the boardwalk will heat up
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nice beach day. how has the weekend been treating you guys so far? >> great. we've had fun with the families, the weather perfect for beach weather right now. little cool but not bad at all. >> when did you guys come down? >> we came down saturday. but some of the family came down friday. so we've been down for the whole week end. >> what have you been doing, all of the boardwalk and beach stap else? >> yes boardwalk beach pool. all of the things that you do at the shore. >> how many people did you come down with, both families? >> yes, there is 12 of us in our family. >> is this something you do every year? is this a tradition for you guys? >> it is. yes, we do it every year. >> how did you like this weather, right now, it is a little cool. but i their will get steam think afternoon? >> it is chilly right now t warms up during the day. still good day down here at the shore any day good day at the shore. >> absolutely, i agree. what's the plan for the rest of the day? >> we are walking we will drink coffee, then go to breakfast, and probably go to the beach. and go home. >> that's right. are you going to beat the traffic when do you think you'll leave?
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>> we'll leave sometime in the middle of the afternoon. but traffic is what it is. >> it is what it is. you got to soak up the beach as long as you got it? >> that's right. >> thanks, guys, appreciate you stopping. good morning. >> and that's what we've been seeing all morning guys. early morning risers, up, and walking, and jogging, we have crews here on the beach cleaning up, both the beach and the boardwalk, to get ready for the crowds. of course, there are all sorts of memorial day parades and ceremonies all across down the shore and the delaware valley. we have full list of those after all, it is memorial day at erika, ukee, back into you. >> very nice, hear the seagulls beautiful beautiful. >> get a cup of coffee and take a stroll. >> now the holiday also of course really about honoring fallen service members. here's a live look at philadelphia's korean war memorial where people will pay tribute to the troops who gave their lives later today. the ceremony start at 11:00 this morning. also, valley forge national historical park holding a
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concert, from the 58 bells at the washington memorial chapel. historians will be demonstrating camp life at the brigade hut at the park. for a look at other memorial day events happening in your neighborhood, you can always head to our website well, new morning philadelphia police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting in west philadelphia. it happened shortly after 1:30 this morning near the intersection of 41st and aspen. police responded to a call for a man shot in the shoulder. paramedics rushed him to presbyterian hospital where he later died. police believe the victim may have known his killer. right now 6:05. and remembering a beautiful mind this morning. a cab crash on the new jersey turnpike claims the life of nobel prize winning math professional nash. exit 8a monroe township was the crash. justin finch joins us.
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>> reporter: good morning, we know the nash's just back from norway where john nash had just been honored the two on their way to their princeton junction home when their taxi slammed into a guardrail, and the couple was killed. the story john nash so captain dating hollywood termed it -- turned it into a film. recounts the brands breaking achievements in math and science, achievements made as he fought paranoid schizophrenia, his wife alicia by his side for many of the battles. >> the only way out of -- >> both killed saturday, when their yellow cab crashed into a southbound new jersey turnpike guardrail the couple had just left the airport in newark, after flying back to the states from norway where nash received the prestigious bell prize. nash's made their home in princeton junction, where neighbors and colleagues mourned their sudden lost. >> most spectacular thing about him was his fantastic originality and his contributions to science. >> former princeton profession or joseph cone first met nash
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as a student at mit. remained friends for years. >> very, very sat. been affixer tour in princeton junction as long as i've been here. >> said he drove by, in the knowing the nash's were involved. >> it was brutal. you know? huge emptiness. very sad. >> nash was 86, and long time professor at princeton university. the campus said the school is saddened, also stunned, by the couple's sudden passing. authority believe the couple may not have been wearing their seatbelt at the time of the crash. the taxi driver did survive. and there is no word yesterday on any charges in this crash. live in the sat center, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. meanwhile, the stars and production team behind a beautiful minds are also mourning the loss of john nash. actor russell crow who poor paid trash tweeted. >> this. stunned, my heart goes out to john anal leash a and family, amazing partnership. beautiful minds beautiful hearts. also producer, brian kaiser
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reflected on nash's life, john nash gave the world aedine dough into humanity, how the disable may think and feel inside. that accident that killed john nash was within a mile of the crash that injured comedian tracy morgan, and left another comedian dead. morgan was traveling northbound on the new jersey turnpike, near cranberry township last june when his limo van was hit by a wal-mart truck. morgan suffered a traumatic brain injury and several broken bones. he has filed a lawsuit against wal-mart. the truck driver, kevin roper has been charged in that crash. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the death of john nash, and his wife al leash a you can find updates any time at your time now 6:08. so-called suspicious vehicle brought the bomb squad near the united state capitol. >> the squad successfully detonated what capitol police describe as a pressure cooker. left unattended on the national mall near the
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capitol's west front. police arrested the vehicle's owner, the incident did not stop the annual memorial day concert. still ahead this morning record rainfall drenches parts of the midwest and we're told more storms are on the way today. >> we will take to you some of the hardest hit areas. >> also, relief and grief for the family after missing california couple. they disappeared two weeks ago, after a trip to a casino. now, one of them has been found alive. how she survived in the elements, for so long. >> and don't get bugged during your summer celebrations. doctor rob is in the house will help you avoid getting eaten alive by mosquitos and other bugs. >> turning up the heat for the holiday. katie has your steamy memorial day forecast, and warm up, even more so, later on this week. >> all coming up. first, some of the memorial day parades happening around town and around the region. finds more holiday event also at cbsphilly.comment be right back.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> floods waters, severe storms left parts of the state, under water. and forecasters say it will only get worms. omar villafranca has the latest for you. with more rain on the way memorial day events have been cancelled into the city of san marco, texas today. the city suffered extensive damage over the weekend, with heavy rainfall, caused the blanko river to top its banks. >> oh, my god oh, my god. >> raging river destroyed roads, wiped away hundreds of homes, and sparked dramatic
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rescues. nearby whim many letter, also hard hit. officials there, are searching for several people, unaccounted for after the storm. thousands of other, forced to evacuate are being urged to say away from their homes. severe weather also affected other part of texas. including houston where a tornado ripped the roof off this apartment complex. austin, a kayaker had to be rescued, but this adventure turned into fight for his life. the rain has also soaked portions of oak home, a washing out roads and overflowing into homes. a firefighter in claire moore, was among those killed, when he tried to rescue people, from high water. >> got caught in the storm drain itself. >> this may already the wettest on record, for several cities in the southern plane state. forecasters say all of the rain could officially end the drought the region has been facing for years. omar villafranca cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> will he's get our toss cast now with kate. >> i as we look at the nationwide view here,
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basically, here, ukee, what you're finding not much in the way of wet weather over the lone star state right now, as we just heard more on the way, really, this atmosphere roadblock setting up self up again. high pressure here, basically what kept our weather so beautiful for the last few days, it will continue to keep it dry at least for today and most of tomorrow. but eventually, this is all going to catch up to us. eventually, we end up with wet weather. meantime again texas and oklahoma, are going to get hit hard once again with wet weather, that they simply don't need. wouldn't it be great if we just trans fix that wet weather over california and nevada where we desperately are in a drought and need that rain at this point? for us, you know, we could use a good soaking ourselves. we have actually since last week been upgraded now at least across the lehigh valley portions of berks, lancaster valley, poconos to moderate drought status, now at the second level of drought here across these areas yes really need some rain at this point, but the water supply is still in good shape.
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meanwhile outside we go to middle township high school overlooking the jen tis bay and cape may courthouse, all of the other shore towns down there picturesque start to the day, hazy, looking like summer, tell did i look like summer don't they? eighty-six daytime high. expect the full sunshine out there, as women two. straight days of 90 degrees, and by wednesday especially, that wet weather will catch up to us, not a wash out wednesday, thursday, or friday, but any of those days, could feature spotty shower or storm. ukee back to you. >> katie, thank you. today is memorial day as we honor the members of our armed forces who have given their lives in service tore their country. live picture right now, from the korean war memorial at penn's landing. get complete list of memorial day observances and activities at meanwhile the search is on for suspect in a deadly shooting near 41st and aspen streets, in west philadelphia. it happened around 1:00 this morning, the victim's identity has not been released. >> a bomb squad safely destroyed pressure cooker
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found in a unattended car parked on the national mall near the us capitol yesterday. the vehicle's owner was located then arrested. we'll be right back.
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>> desperate search for couple in california comes to tragic end. couple found not far from where they disappeared more than two weeks ago, wife found alive but seriously dehydrated nearby a body believed to be
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that of her husband. don champion picks up the story. >> in a heart breaking post on facebook sunday, the children of cecil newson and diana confirm the family's worse fear missing couple had been found but newson didn't survive. >> this is obviously a very unfortunate situation. >> the couple disappeared two weeks ago after leaving the valley few casino outside of san diego they were supposed to be going to their son's home in palm springs for mothers day dinner but never made t in a brief interview bedwell told investigators she and her husband got lost. >> she said that they had left the casino, they were looking for a short cut to get to their destination and they became lost, and the vehicle became trapped on this remote road. >> atv riders found the couple that remote area of the indian reservation, new son's bod had i found outside the car. >> bedwell flown to the hospital in serious condition. >> we believe they had some foot stuff oranges pie they
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had recently purchased, so they had that, as well as rain water that they had caught from the passing storm. >> investigators do not suspect foul play in the case. don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:20 right now. and it will be a beautiful day for grilling. but, are you still looking for that perfect rest me? >> easy advice to impress the guests at your memorial day barbeque. >> riding into the record books, we'll tell you why one man is riding the same pennsylvania roller coaster 95 times in a row. >> nice, 95? >> we'll explain. coming up. do it before lunch.
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roller coaster lover vick, 82 years old there he is his favorite coaster is the jack rabbit at kenny wood amusement park outside of pittsburgh. now, the jack rabbit one of the wormed ease oldest roller coaster, and it is situate g
6:23 am
its 95 he anniversary. so yesterday he decided to ride it 95 times, in a row. the stunt makes him the first person to ride that coaster more than 5,000 times in all. >> i never thought about breaking the record. i just figured that i just would ride it 5,000 times and then after that i'm going to quit counting. i'm going to ride it more, but, i'm if the going to counseled any more. 5,000 is a good number. >> 6,000, i don't know. >> ya, stop counting, there we go. he has been riding the coaster for decades, he must, to get 5,000 rides. and he said he's kept track of every ride, since 1959. >> go ahead vick. my man. >> dorney park, cher she something like, that great excuse to head up, any casino of outdoor activity.
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>> it all likes good, storm scan3 view here, basically completely empty. hands full of clouds here and there. but definitely more sun than anything. oohs easily to high ends, if that makes sense so, we're really starting to heat things up here. and, in terms of not just the temperature value not in terms of just the steamy necessary out, there but also, that sun angle with every passing day getting higher and higher, bit more dangerous without the protective gear of sun block sunglasses and all of that, so, today around the region we go talking at least 80 degrees, no matter where you are, 80 in the poconos should hit 86 no problem. in philadelphia, and the shore, also, looks nice and warm. meanwhile, we move things forward, hottest days of the forecast coming up the next few days, really hottest days
6:25 am
we've forecast this year, wednesday specially as well as thursday, looking very steamy. also when we will start seeing couple of scattered showers thunderstorms, dotting the radarment back to you. >> thanks so much. we check the sport page, phillies take on the meds today, memorial day matinee up in the big apple. yesterday against the nationals, and the phils had early lead on the road, the nationals leftfielder, had some trouble handling jeff van core single and freddie disorder the phils only run of the ballgame though. bryce harper, ya, had pair of runs batted in. and washington beat the phils four-one. the nats took two of three from the fighting's this weekend. >> hoop in the golden state warriors nba finals later tonight, with win over the houston rocket. now, history is on the warriors side. no team in nba history has ever lost a series after leading three games to none going into the finals. now the cleveland cavaliers just win away from the nba finals labron james hit contested three pointer with
6:26 am
about 352nd left in over time. and the cavs held on to beat the atlanta hawks 114-111. labron had 37 points, and 18 rebounds. and the cavaliers now hold commanding three games to none lead. the cavs could advance with a win tomorrow night in cleveland. erika, back to you. >> thanks, ukeement coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" is america losing the fight against isis? hear who the pentagon blames for the terror group's latest victories. jan? >> reporter: and erika sun sand and surf here in ocean city. people already getting up to enjoy it on this memorial day. i'm jan carabeo live in ocean city, coming up looking at the parade ceremony, in this area to honor our fallen veterans. >> jan, thank you. don't let those pesky mosquitos ruin your outdoor plans. doctor rob here with easy advice so you don't get bugged during your outdoor plans and answer that age old question, does it make it worse if you
6:27 am
scratch it? mama told us not to scratch it. >> that's right. let's ask the dr. >> great day at the shore or hanging out around home. cathy returns with your holiday forecast, back on just beautiful memorial day holiday. good morning.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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good morning we're waking to up a beautiful memorial day, at the shore check it out, the boardwalk starting to fill up. three we go, three people. oh, there is a fourth. hold on. there we go. people out for the morning walk shaping up to be just beautiful monday. >> my man has nice brisk stroll on, too. >> and another budd. >> i game on. >> people out and b you just can't ask for better weather for your morning walk, for long weekends, try to get outside and enjoy it if you can. >> here is katie talking about the temperatures. >> temperatures definately going on nice uphill climb too. so we had little bit of everything for everybody. we were in the low 70s with comfortable air low humidity, on saturday, we ended up little warmer obviously yesterday, but still comfortable. and still bright sunny obviously, too. now, it is even little warmer, and starting to get hair steamy. so really, feeling like summer for this un official beginning of the summer season, storm scan3, hey that's empty. you have handful every clouds, nothing more, beautiful beginning to the day here. and high pressure still
6:31 am
hanging on, for one final day few additional days here, you can see built of wet weather well off to the north. don't worry about that, all actually lifting north. it will not play a part in the forecast today. look at this. again, not one cloud to be found in this skyline. there are few here and there across the region, but overall, just beautiful on "skycam 3". south wind flow, pretty model but southerly win flow, and that's key here. so it is helping our humidity to start going on little bit of uphill climb here. six an our temperature currently at the airport. we're into the low 60s or even mid 60s most everywhere else. say for some of the more outlying suburbs not that you necessarily call allentown a suburbs -- suburbs 59 degrees, and down along the shore points, yep arrow's the win direction tell the story because that wind is southerly wind flow, it is keeping our temperatures bit more where they should be or at least on parry guess i should say with what we are finding region wide. 86 degrees and sunshine, that's the story here today. it will be nice warm day
6:32 am
obviously well above average. also hair breezy, i won't call it very refreshing breeze necessarily, but it is a breeze that's going to feel good to you when it does below because it will be getting awfully hot out here today. high pressure continues to anchor itself just east, though that wind flow continues to funnel in from the south. so yep. there you have it. first, 09 degrees day we're forecasting of the year, and it looks like it may not be the only one that we're forecasting, so far this week. so we're definitely talking about heat, humidity, for the next few days. erika, back to you. >> thank you. of course, it is memorial day. that's when we pause to remember america's fallen heroes. jersey shore communities are holding ceremonies, and also wrapping up the first weekend of the summer tourist sioux on. our jan carabeo down in ocean city to tell us more, and seeing more and more people show up behind you good morning, january. jan january. >> erika, good morning what a beautiful memorial day morning here on the ocean city
6:33 am
boardwalk. it is only 6:30, but already so many people out and about taking a morning walk, good jog, many people on bikes this morning, also, enjoying an absolutely beautiful sunrise. and nice breeze off the water there. and hundreds will still be down the shore today. of course, to honor the servicemen and women who gave their lives protecting this country, and our freedom, of corpse, it is memorial day parade and ceremony, that starts here in ocean sit at veterans memorial park at fifth and wesley avenue, at around 11:00 a.m. today. it is already been a full and robust weaken here at ocean sit, however, the beaches have been pack with families, the boardwalk, again bustling with the unofficial start of summer many similar sites all down the shore in wildwood, for example and there the rides were getting work out, and other strolled the boardwalk and the sand there. and finally in asbury park last night fireworks, capped off a fun filled weekend. we've been spreeing to go a lot of people already up and out this morning. couple of early morning
6:34 am
risers, got out here before the sun rose, they wanted to get up early get on the boardwalk, and watch the beautiful sun as it rose, pink and purple in the sky. caught to up another couple of people walking down the boardwalk to get coffee. just happy to be out hereby the beach. take a listen. >> it has been great. we've had fun with the families and the weather has been perfect for beach weather right now. little cool, but not bad at all. >> we will sleeve sometime in the middle of the afternoon. but traffic is what it is. >> and of course, everyone i've spoken to this morning say they're going to take moment today of course to stop and think about the men and women, who have given their lives for our count rip again, on this memorial day many ceremonies, all up and down the shore but of course across delaware valley as well. we have full list of that, at reporting live in ocean city this morning, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you so much.
6:35 am
fifty people will commemorate memorial day by becoming americans. a naturalization ceremony scheduled this morning on the battleship new jersey in camden. four of the new americans serve in the military. the battleship will also hold wreath ceremony remember americans who died while serving our country. as the president prepares to honor the country's fallen at the tomb of the un mean soldier later today, second every defense questioning the iraqi army's commitment to the war. in the rush to lead the town of ramadi, american forces left behind large number of us supply vehicles, including several tanks now presumed to be in the hands of islamic state militants. in a weekend interview with cnn, defense secretary ash carter blamed the weak state of iraq military as one major reason for the city's fall. >> iraqi forces showed no will to fight. they were not outnumbered. in fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force.
6:36 am
>> the head of iraqi defense called carter's comments unrealistic, and basically also said the iraqi army and police did have the will to fight but lacked good equipment, weapons and aerial support. ukee? >> erika, thank you so much. you know, we don't want you to get bugged out over insect this spring, and summer season, so we brought the big guns in the house well, to the parking lot anyway. doctor rob has joined us, good morning, sir. doctor, i brought my checklist here. let's start with mosquito bites. true or false? scratching mosquito bites makes them worse? >> it is true. because when you scratch, what happens it is irritated mosquito by the, the cells in your body give off more histamine. histamine makes you itch more. you scratch more. then we have bacteria un our fingernails, get infection after. that will so basically don't try to scratch t use like a steroid cream if you can. >> what can we do to help prevent that?
6:37 am
>> so if you get bitten by a mosquito, what you want to do get some ice put it maybe in a little bag and then just put it on top of the area. that will like cool the area so you won't itch cents much, mayor steroid cream. >> i never tried that. very good. >> that's one thing to do. i know you golf a lot so you'll meet some mosquitos. >> i have a cooler with me, keep the ice in the key erin deed. bee bites? >> social security you really want to try to avoid. don't stress dress like a flower, don't smell like a flower. don't wear light colored wear page, khaki, tan. also colons, scents, attracted to that. and if you're dragging soda, or juice they tend to go in, they love sugar so they'll go under the can you want to be careful because if you drink that they'll sting you. >> that happened to me with jello jackets. >> oh, gosh, yes. >> yellow jackets around the trash cans soda cans. >> trash cans, they'll eat garbage. they like that. so you have to be real careful
6:38 am
with. that will then so the biggest things with bees, bees will sting just once. yellow jacket can sting repeatedly. be careful. if you ever get a bee sting you want to use something like a credit card, flick offer the stinker. don't squeeze it. there is venum in there. the thing meat tenderizer. you get stunning by a bee or yellow jacket, within five minute make a pace of meet tenderizer, put it over the area. bigger thing inactivate the venum, also bad for you. >> what about reactions and symptoms of sometime who might ago letter jibbing? what should do you? >> real good point. some people are allergic. if you are real a letter jibbing, carry an epi pen with you. that's something that your doctor can prescribe to you or something similar. the other thing if you are allergic, ever stunning in your mouth, whether allergic or not you want to go to the doctor or the emergency department. because then the tissues in the mouth will get swollen. say drink ago cup and get stunning by bee or jello jacket, go to the emergency department because you may get trouble breathing. if you are having a bad allergic reaction, you will
6:39 am
get chest tightness nausea, vomiting, and also you may get some chest pain. but you may get swelling where you are starting to wheeze or cough and trouble breathing. so you want to get to the emergency department right away. before we go down the shore what about jellyfish stings? >> they can really be bothersome. use white vinegar. you can put that over the sting when you come out. but other thing the best thing to do get one of those bottle, fill it with salt water. brush off or get those stinging ten calls off. so the stinging cells use salt water get it off. may want to use some white vinegar, should do good job for to you remove stinging sensation. >> thank you,. >> i your welcome. >> you are the doctor. >> don't forget insect row pell end for mosquitos very important when you go outside avoid going out dawn, dusk, moth keys owe bugs sweat, when you are out exercising be careful, dawn and dusk, don't exercise a lot outside, thulia be a tracking the mosquitos. >> back upstairs, see you in a
6:40 am
bit. >> thank you. memorial day mishap still ahead, when sky diver survives a frightening fall. see how he ended up throwing into some power lines, he will be okay. also, it is going to be a great day for grilling. but are you still looking for the perfect recipe? we have some easy advice to impress your guests at your memorial day barbeque. that story coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ oh hoodooed goss that look? looking live outside the studios, justin, from liberty lounge. we're going to show you how to spice up your cheeseburger so it really will impress folks. not doing catsup and mustard here, folks. oh no. we'll be right back.
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new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees. over 20 years, teachers have paid more than 10 billion dollars into their pensions, but new jersey politicians have paid just three underfunding teacher pensions by billions. unless the state makes its pension payments the entire fund could disappear in twelve years- threatening over 200 thousand teachers with poverty in retirement. school employees have done their part. now, politicians need to do theirs. it's only fair. you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to
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liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist. >> more folks waking up little more later this morning, than we've seen in recent mornings, simply because it is a holiday. we will give you that. allowed to sleep in once in a wheel. few more observation toss show you here. 58 degrees, we start things off here, just east of the delaware river robin sent in from mt. laurel. modest breeze, not much of any. any. out of the south tell tail for us, which we'll discuss. we also do have some sunshine
6:44 am
out there. she has little mixture of sun and clouds, we take to you another 58 degrees thermometer reading sent in from bill. he actually has more sun than anything out in cart inning ton. he also had comment nice morning to be out. take a moment to remember those who serve very, very nice sentiment. one more, bit further south here into nice warm 64 degrees temperature reading sent in to us from margo half to give shout out to margo. she sent some johnson's popcorn back for the morning team this past weekend which was amazing, all been nibble on it, thank you so much for that, margo, we appreciate t she said mild and sunshine for the memorial day holiday. god bless our service people and thank you, vest my, as women warmth he jump things over to storm scan3. swing off to the side, grab my clicker real quickly here for you. we do have high pressure in place right now. and what is essentially happening, all of this wet weather runs into high pressure, then fizzled away. not really going to have to deal with much wet weather at all in the next two days. i would say as early as tomorrow poconos might end
6:45 am
one shower or storm but that's really it. otherwise, the heat pump is cranking in the next few days, so not today. but tuesday wednesday thursday. likely going to be some of the hottest feeling days we have had yet. feeling more like the low 90s here on those three days. so even if we won't actually call it a heatwave, it is going to feel like a heatwave when you look at some of the temperatures 90 degrees tuesday, wednesday pair of eight's thursday. see how we do. not forecasting 90 yet. if we hit 09 it is three days in a row makes it heatwave. then we move forward into the up coming weekends wherever day is a above average. as early as wednesday region wide scattered showers and thunderstorms, start to fire up, as we finally see the moisture catching up to us erika, we send it out to you. >> oh, katie. you smell that? smell a vision coming at you? nothing says memorial did i weekend quite like having fresh burger off the grill. joining us, chef justin from
6:46 am
lounge, thank you for joining us. we have great spread here. now, first off i want to talk about grilling. you always see somebody making classic grilling mistake, what are the things to avoid today? >> definitely do not want to press the burger. i mean, all do you have do, press on the flavor, all of the joists. >> another thing, is that big roaring flame, i know it looks cool. looks great on tv. right. >> but actually that can make a very carboncharred flavor. >> oh, okay. >> yes, which takes away from the flavor full of the math. >> lower flame? >> lower flame, yes. >> very good. we have one of your burgers already prepped for us. we'll also mix-up the sides. you always grab the catsup, mustard, but do other different toppings here? >> yes, what we have here, herb. >> what's that. >> essentially mayonnaise base sauce. what we've take send some tyme, rose merry strong herbs to taste. >> delicious. basically mayonnaise bunch of herbs? >> perfect. >> then lettuce? >> add some lettuce on the
6:47 am
bottom because a lot of people put it on top. tip i learned from friends was you put it on the bottom, the grease from the burger won't make the bottom of the bun sog. >> i great tip. then the tomato barriers, too. >> yes. >> i've been building my burgers wrong for 33 years. >> i've been building them wrong long time, too. >> so couple slices of cheese. one more topping instead of catsup? >> red onion jam, equal parts of red wine, port wine, sugar and red wine vinegar. >> okay? >> it goes great got little sweetness, little soar ness, has a lot more flavor, little more on scale. >> i like t i'll eat. >> this you tell us about this caprise salad you're making. >> sound great. >> all right. >> so, also, what we've here, make a little tomato and cheese salad. i got some cherry tomatoes. >> very good. this is delicious by the way.
6:48 am
>> thank you. >> got some greens, definitely make sure they're in season. salt pepper, little olive oil. >> okay. >> put some of these on there. >> very nice. >> and then what we have here is fresh could you cows milk -- >> ball of mozarella cheese? >> essentially mozarella with fresh cream on the inside, that they roll in, so it means butter i in italian. so look how creamy. >> oh, looks delicious. >> gooey. definitely want to make sure to season that, as well. because it definitely needs salt. >> okay. >> then we have to finish it. touch of little balance sal mick vinegarette. >> nice olive oil? >> olive oil touch of herbs. >> fantastic. looks so beautiful. so much, you know, easier than you might think. so look at that of the gorgeous and you can't keep me from eating cheese and
6:49 am
tomatoes, so yum got the nice cream. yum. can't miss it. hold on. >> good? >> good? >> well done. thank you. >> strawberry short cake later. >> fantastic. see you on the "cw philly" with a full mouth. back up to you. >> you know i love doctor rob. talking mosquitos bites and eric by the that burger. that will was a burping. cool, like that. 6:49. a lot coming up this morning and anthony mason joins us now with your preview. anthony, good morning. >> that burger sure did sound good ukee. >> oh, oh, you just don't know man. >> all right. ahead, we're in texas and oklahoma where deadly flooding forced several rescues and damaged hundreds of homes. plus we're going to remember two legend this their fields look back at the incredible carreers of actress ann mer a and meat expert john nash. >> how this selfie is sparking security concerns at the french open. the news is back in the morning. we'll see in you about ten
6:50 am
minutes. >> i couldn't believe that happened. anthony, thanks so much. have a good day and talk to you soon. >> starting today there is new way for fans of classic tv, television and movies to go back in time and re-experience shows like i love lucy, mary tyler moore show, happy days, cheers, you name tcbs and brought katz g launch new national network called decades. that will be available here in philadelphia on cbs-3's digital sub channel. the network will feature a daily show called through the decades hosted by former cbs news anchor bill curtis, and that will look back at news and cultural events, connect today a theme or day in history. beverly hills, oh, all of them decades will go back in time to commemorate the release of star wars memorial day weekend. you can watch decades now on comcast on channel 244 or on fios, on channel 483 or over the air on channel 3.2. decades, check it out. it is great. hey, before you head out, kay
6:51 am
i with another look at your memorial day forecast, here's some more holiday events happening around our region today. you can find more local parades at we'll be right back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
today is memorial day, tribute to the servicemen and
6:54 am
women who give their life to our country. live picture from the korean war memorial at penn's landing. there is memorial day event there at 11:00 this morning you can get complete list of holiday activities and observances, at well, one man shot and killed this morning near 42nd and aspen police are searching for a suspect and the victim has not been identified. >> and tornados across the south and central united states are causing widespread damage. two people were killed, in oklahoma, and one more, in texas, in this storm. also, a massive fire destroys a private airplane, hangar, in texas. the fire broke out sunday afternoon, at the david wayne hook memorial airport north every houston. smoke could be seen for miles. it is not clear how that fire started, or how much damage it caused. no injuries were reported, the cause of the fire is under investigation. meanwhile downtown detroit, fire crews battle this massive tanker fire on interstate 75. thick black smoke seen for
6:55 am
miles around the motor city. approximately, 9,000 gallons of fuel went up in flames early sunday morning. some of the fuels seeped into sewers. michigan state police say that a mechanical issue with the truck may be to blame. memorial day mishap in tennessee when sky diver gets caught in power lines. an army veteran was parachuting into a park, during a memorial day celebration, when the wind blew him off course there. he got tangled up with the power lines before falling to the ground. he was flown to area hospital, but he is expected to be okay. okay well, i couldn't keep all of that delicious food from the cafe to myself, i brought burger and salad. so katie jumped on that burger. >> i come running out of the radio boot and i see two burgers sitting in front of my spot. like nobody touch this spot. >> one for each babe. >> i oh, my gosh. >> and here is a salad for ukee. >> oh, i got nothing over here? okay! >> you get nice healthy salad.
6:56 am
>> perfect grilling day, katie, right? >> perfect grilling day. looks like fantastic day. anything you have got going on outside. keep in mind you'll start to notice it starts to feel smidge more humid with time. talking temperatures also climbing here. so, at least in our three day forecast weaver two straight up days, at 90 degrees, tuesday, wednesday. tomorrow is dry. but sticky. and then, wednesday, we start to seymour showers and thunderstorms, they'll be very scattered in nature. >> could be worse. >> exactly. >> glad they pace you tuesday for this hamburger today. >> well done. >> what? coming up in just a couple every minutes more local news weather traffic and sports do it on our sister station the "cw philly". up next how the nation is remembering our fallen heroes this memorial day. >> also, graduation day, in and one family has something extra special to celebrate. more of the emotional moment when a military mom surprised her son on stage that's coming up on the "cw philly". and we are showing you how to
6:57 am
make some delicious desserts, as well. and checking back in with doctor rob. >> good show coming up. next on cbs this morning deadly floods sweep through texas and oklahoma, another round of storms on the way. >> also, why the us defense secretary says iraqi troops lack the will to fight isis. now to continue following your local news weather traffic and sports we're keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw philly". sin's coming up. >> cue the see bull. >> seagull just went through.
6:58 am
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good morning. it's monday may 259, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." record braking storms wash away homes and cars. today tens of millions could face more severe weather. the entire anbar province threatens to fall to isis after the u.s. defense secretary shows iraqis show no will to fight. plus a security scare at the french open when a selfie-seeking fan rushes roger federer. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the whole thing is a raging river on our house. took all of our


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