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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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now the cbs evening news. >> violent weather, a waterspout in florida takes a bounce house on a fritedening ride with children inside. also tonight raging flood waters in the southern plains, this is what awaits homeowners forced to evacuate. a traffic jam at the car dealership as worried drivers try to get potentially deadly air bags replaced. and talking the battle to extremists. how the u.s. is prepping to take the fight to the pound takens on horseback. >> this is captioning funded by cbs and ford "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening, scott's off tonight, i'm jeff glor. we begin with the dangerous at times dead leweather to close this holiday weekend. texas and oklahoma dry for so long, have been ravaged by floodwaters. at least four people died 12 are missing, more than 1200 homes have been damaged or destroyed.
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along the southeast coast the danger is rip currents. lifeguards have rescued hundreds from the water. and today one notable waterspout in fort lauderdale. mark straussman has more on that. >> underwater tornado. >> beach-goers with smart phones recorded this frightening moment of a waterspout that made landfall. >> it pushed an inflatable bounce house end over end on fort lauderdale beach and tossed it 20 feet in the air. >> three children were hurt one seriously. up and down florida's atlantic coast the national weather service issued red flag warnings of rough surf and rip currents that created dangerous swimming conditions. lifeguards have rescued more than 400 people since sunday. three men have drowned. one yesterday, two more today. >> people waving and the lifeguard out there and
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then two much them went out then three of them then four. and i think they were getting stuck. >> reporter: these patrol officials said yesterday's drowning occurred in an unguarded area of the beach. they're urging swimmers to stay within areas manned by lifeguard towers. >> rip currents are fast-moving channels of water that range in size and width, flow away from the shore and pull swimmers out to sea. they usually develop in low spots like sand bars. in jacksonville, an 11-year-old boy went missing in the surf on saturday. rescue teams searched by air land and water but have yet to find him. >> the tide is very strong. what they found today the divers from the jacksonville sheriff's office found the sea bottom has changed dramatically even since yesterday. >> reporter: and late this afternoon, jeff, there was yet another possible drowning off the florida coast. >> glor: mark straussman thank you very much. texas governor said floodwaters hit with the force of a tsunami and the
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danger is not over. in wimberly texas tonight. vincente. >> jeff, the river here in wimberly rose some 40 feet with so much force it caused houses like the ones you see behind me to lift off their foundations and crash into each other. the number of homes damaged here is still being counted. >> powerful floodwaters swept down the blanco river this weekend destroying a bridge and ripping homes from their foundations. he lives on the banks of the blanco which rose 126 feet in one hour. he provided shelter for his neighbors moments before the home was swept away. >> you could hear the house move off the foundation and gordon said here comes my house. and within a matter of minutes, his house floated by. >> carly smith is the hays county emergency management coordinator. >> we have roadways that are just a road full of slabs now. we don't have any structures
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on them at all any more. >> reporter: the town of wimberly was hardest hit. more than 70 homes were destroyed. rescue crews are still searching for 12 people who have gathered in a home for the holiday weekend. jonathan mccomb was found alive 12 miles downstream. his wife and two kids are among the missing. near birney, texas bystanders watched helplessly as an suv was swept away. >> oh my god. >> the driver eventually escaped. 6 will year old danny pullan was rescued after being trapped in his truck for several hours. hanna is his daughter. >> i kept calling him over and over and all i could hear was are you okay are you okay. he was like i don't know if i'm going to make it. hes with like, i love you. >> record rainfall has also hit oklahoma, overflowing rivers and lakes. oklahoma city has already received 18 inches this month. jeff heavy rains have been falling all afternoon here in wimberly and that could
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cause the river to rise once again. an jeff, there have been reports of flash flooding all the way from dallas to san antonio. >> glor: vincente, thank you. with the weather channel we are following all of this. what is the forecast in the plains? >> well, the forecast for the southern plains today after another round of severe weather is improving conditions later tonight after midnight let's say. we've got a line of severe thunderstorms east of dallas, east of i-35. that will make its way into louisiana and then dilator on tonight. so oklahoma and texas we should be done by about midnight tonight. >> glor: meanwhile, how long do these rough conditions exist in florida? >> yes the high rip current threat is going to continue at least for another day. high pressure is strong here. low pressure out over the plains in between we have a strong onshore flow here and that means dangerous rip currents. on the west coast of florida out there in the panhandle. >> dave schwartz, thank you very much. >> the oil spill cleanup continued along the coast of
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santa barbara california. up to 101,000 gallons spilled when a pipeline ruptured. two beaches that were closed may reopen next week. >> it is the start of summer driving season. and as temperatures rise so do gas prices. since mid-april they have been rising a penny a day to a nationwide average tonight of 2.74 a gallon. that is still nearly $1 less than last memorial day. prices are highest on the west coast and carter evans is there. >> reporter: tourists traveling through los angeles this hold diweekend were greeted by gas prices topping $4 a gallon. at least $1 more than the rest of the nation. >> the lowest i paid was $2.24 in missouri. >> reporter: john pope watched prices shoot up as he drove his win bago cross-country to california. >> arizona-- arizona it went up 50 cents here went up about 1.50. >> reporter: nationwide regular gas prices are more
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than 20 cents a gallon higher than a month ago. but the increase is double that in california which has the most expensive gas in the country. higher than alaska and hawaii. >> and last time gasoline praises were over $4 in california crude oil prices were over $100 a barrel. today crude oil prices are about $60 a barrel. >> jamie core, the president of the nonprofit consumer watchdog is also skeptical about poorly timed refinery shutdowns which decrease supply. >> when the refiners themselves are controlling the maintenance schedule and they're making huge profits when the refineries go down questions have to be asked. >> a lot of it is definitely going into profit. but that doesn't mean the firms are actually doing anything wrong. >> sevenin borenstein with uc berkeley energy institute says california requires a special summer blend of gas which few refineries produce. an explosion at one and labor strikes at two others have also slowed production. >> if you happen to be selling a product at a time
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that there is a real scarcity of it and the price goes up, you make a lot of money. >> but those high profits may not last. many analysts expect gas prices are just about to peak and will decline throughout the summer especially here in california, jeff as refineries come back on-line. >> glor: carter evans, thank you very much. anonymous threats were made today against four international flights bound for the u.s. an air france jet from paris was escorted by two air force f-15s and landed safely at jfk in new york. a search turned up nothing. the fbi says the threats do not appear to be a credible threat. and may have come from the same person. >> we learn today that cleveland has reached a settlement to resolve what the justice department says was a pattern of police misbehavior. that word comes as cleveland remains on edge after a white police officer was acquitted saturday in the shooting death of an unarmed black couple. dozens of people arrested in protests after the verdict were arraigned today on misdemeanor charges.
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jarica duncan is in cleveland. jarica? >> good evening. details of that department of justice settlement have not yet been released. it comes just after protestors and police clashed over the weekend. 71 people were arrested following saturday's verdict finding officer michael brilo not guilty in the 2012 deaths of timothy russell and melissa williams who fled police. he got on the hood of the car and fired 15 shots. the judge said because several officers shot at the car, there was no way to determine that b brillo's bullets killed the pair. he remains on unpaid leave from the cleveland police department. now the brillo verdict comes as a family of tamir rice wants to hear whether charges will be filed in that case. rice was the 12-year-old boy holding a toy gun when he was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer in 2014. now the justice department issued a report in december
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saying that cleveland police often use unnecessary excessive and deadly force. so news of a settlement could mean changes to the cleveland police department. jeff details on that settlement are expected to come down tomorrow. >> glor: jarica, thank you. >> comments by u.s. defense secretary ash carter struck a nerve in baghdad. carter said yesterday that iraq's military showed no will to fight isis. when the islamic extremists took the city of ramadi. today iraq' prime minister al-abadi said carter was wrong and his forces would recapture ramadi within days. holly williams has covered isis extensively. she joins us tonight from istanbul turkey. how realistic is the prime minister's claims? >> well, jeff iraq's government has deployed the country's shiite-muslim militia to try to retake ramadi. now i have spent time with one of the shiite militias known as the bada brigade and they do seem more motivated than the iraqi
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army. in large part because they are defending their own people iraq's shiite mugs limbs from the menace of isis. but many of the shiite militiamen are not particularly well trained or particularly well equipped. and in the battle for tikrit in march and april despite outnumbering isis, it still took them more than a month to recapture the city. now all of that suggests that it may take more than just a few days to retake ramadi. >> holly isis has also taken the histor-- historic city of palmyra. what is the latest there? >> well, jeff, we're hearing reports that we cannot independently confirm that isis has executed hundreds of people in palmyra. a lot of attention has been given to palmyra's ancient monuments and fears that isis could pillage or destroy them. but the capture of palmyra also gives isis access to new oil & gas facilities as well as control of part of a highway that connects the sir yen capitol of damascus with the east of the
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country. so eight months after u.s.-led air strikes began in syria this really is a key strategic victory for the militants. >> glor: holly williams, thank you very much. at arlington national cemetery this memorial day president obama said the country must never stop trying to repay americans who died in battle. the president also placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. in kaubl u.s. portions paused to remember the soldiers that died in fighting in afghanistan. it is the biggest auto recall in u.s. history but which cars are involved. and a very emotional moment for a bride and groom, the story behind this picture. when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that would be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything. >> glor: six days after the largest auto recall in u.s. history was announced and just as we hit summer driving season confusion for dealers across the country. the recall doubled last week last week nearly 34 million because of potentially deadly air bags manufactured by takata. but there is no official list of makes or models. and many are looking for answers. >> nellie owns a honda civic and is one of the millions now trying to get their takata air bags replaced. >> i tried to make an appointment for my car because of the recall. and that's when they told me that there wasn't going to be any appoint s available
6:46 pm
until november. >> dealerships across the country are being swamped with calls from concerned drivers. ashley is at honda oakland california. >> we have ordered over probably 2 or 3,000 air bags at this point, that are still on back order. we could have a whole department devoted just to the air bag recall at this point. >> takata says right now they are prioritizing replacementings in high humidity states because they think moisture is the cause of the air bag ruptures. in some cases takata air bags deploy with excessive force shattering the metal inflator and sending schrep nell into the vehicle. at least five in the u.s. have been killed and over 100 hurt. an autonation toyota of westin florida they have been replacing up to ten air bags a day. jim bender is the president of the eastern region at autonation. he says in his area, there is enough supply to meet demand for now. >> this is not a small recall with a minor part. this is an important piece that they need to have addressed with their vehicle.
6:47 pm
we have the parts to repair the vehicle so they need to come in and get it taken care of. >> for those who can't get replacement parts or don't even know if their vehicles are part of the recall it is a difficult wait. >> if my car can essentially kill me as i go home today from my job i really would like to get that fixed right away. it's just unimaginable to have to wait a couple of months and just hope that i don't get in a serious accident. >> glor: for a list of the vehicles we know are being recalled now and what you can do if you own one go to our web site cbs >> dozens of victims of the boston marathon bombing are struggling with an injury you can't see. that story is next. protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain
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>> glor: when dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to death for the boston marathon bombings, it is to the bring the case to an end. it set the stage forriers of appeals. for many of his victims there is no appealing a life sentence of health problems. here's michelle miller. >> watching heather abbott work out you never suspect she's wearing a prosthetic. she lost her left leg in the boston marathon bombing. but another injury of hers is even easier to hide. >> i struggle to hear what people are saying and sometimes i'll ask them to repeat themselves so many times that i just preten i heard. at a certain point. >> abbott is among the more than a hundred bombing survivors who suffered an ear injury or hearing loss. >> many are taking part in a three-year study at the massachusetts eye and ear
6:51 pm
infirmary. lead researcher dr. allies alecia says past research focused solely on soldiers injured on the battlefield not civilians. >> this is of course an group of spectators who weren't wearing head gear or helmets. you start thinking about that in terms of mechanics and how pressure waves ricochet off buildings surroundings are very important in terms of how much damage is actually done. >> now halfway through this research has found how damaging this type of explosion can be on hearing. people within a thousand feet of either blast reported hearing loss ringing in the ears and imbalance. problems which persist today. 90% of patients hospitalized for other injuries also had ruptured eardrums. and about 30% of patients who didn't have symptoms at first, developed them within the last two years. >> doctors worry even more people will come forward.
6:52 pm
>> there is probably some damage in the inner ear at the level of the cells within the inner ear and that that damage may potentially be permanent even as a result of a single blast injury. >> it took a year for heather abbott's ruptured eardrum to heal enough for her to get hearing aids. >> i definitely hear voices louder and clearer and background noises that i don't hear when they're off. so it's interesting how much i wasn't hearing that i didn't realize. >> reporter: she hopes this research advances the use of technology for hearing loss. the same way other research gave way to this prosthetic. allowing her to run again. michelle miller, cbs news boston. >> glor: they say it is bad luck for a bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. but just outside ashville north carolina this weekend the groom wanted to say a prewedding prayer with his soon to be wife so what to do? this.
6:53 pm
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the medicine in advil is their #1 choice for pain relief. more than the medicines in tylenol or aleve. use the medicine that pharmacists use most for themselves. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. >> glor: we close this memorial day with a look at the specialized training some of america's military forces are getting. they are prepping to fight modern day wars on one of the oldest forms of transportation. here's chip reid. >> reporter: high in the sierra nevada, u.s. forces are being trained in the art of mountain warfare. yes, the original all-terrain vehicle is making a comeback. staph sergeant levi stewart has been saddling up since he was a child.
6:57 pm
>> you guys have three malts try to balance them the best he can. >> now he is an instructor here at the marine corps mountain warfare training center. >> the advantage of using horses and mules they can move you across the battle space very very quickly and almost unnoticed and they don't have to rely on roads or technology or a vehicle to go wherever they need to go. >> you guys think are you up to the task? >> reporter: the students are u.s. special forces undergoing a 15-day course. we agreed not to show their faces. >> they can be in some undisclosed areas within 30 days and carrying out rural operations t is a very real reality for these guys. >> reporter: anthony parkhearst a retired marine is director of the horsemanship course. >> if we can take a hundred pounds off a marine's back or soldier's back and put it on the back of a mule by the time they get to their objective, whatever it may be, they are better prepared to bring the fight to the enemy. >> reporter: parkhearst instructs his students on how to find good horses in foreign countries. >> we teach them how to age
6:58 pm
a horse with the teeth, how to listen to the heart for heart murmurs. the you teach these guys you have to give something up to get something. you want a horse with a nice disposition. >> reporter: what do you think the future is of horses and mules in the military? >> well, i think for our program, we're going to continue to grow because i think some of the enemy that we have to fight today, the terrorist enemy they're going to continue to fade back into the mountains and we're going to have to have some form of transportation. and what better form of transportation than something that has been walking around the mountains all its life. >> reporter: seven decades after the u.s. cavalry was put out to pasture the special forces are getting back in the saddle again. >> get newspaper there. >> reporter: chip reid cbs news bridgeport california. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. scott will be back tomorrow. i'm jeff glor. good night.
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inside some of the most intriguing hollywood tell-alls. >> it is our summer book club with the stars getting very candid. >> i go to my closet and just cry. >> melissa rivers' painful decision to say good-bye to joan. >> once they removed the ventilator, i got into the bed with her and held her. >> she gets very honest. she's very open. >> so is john crier with secrets about charlie sheen. >> i didn't know if even the show could continue from that point. >> drugs prostitutes and did he hook up with ashton's ex demi. >> awkward. then actress mariel hemmingway on her battle with food. you did battle a very serious eating disorder. plus


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