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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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in the news philadelphia police are looking for a gunman in a triple shooting. >> stray bullets struck a house with the mother and her two boys sleeping inside. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us at police headquarters with the very latest information jan good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that young family, very fortunate this morning and you mentioned a mother and two sons inside that house hit by stray bullets these kid ten and 12 years old they were upstairs sleeping because those bullets went right through their downstairs living room window. however, three men were shot and injured and taken to the hospital, one of those men is in critical condition this morning. this shooting happened before 11:30 last night on kingsdale street in west oak lane. the show where is will beg out and police were call. police found three men shot, 22, 32 and 38.
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two were taken to the hospital, by police. the 38 year-old who was shot in the back is in critical condition this morning. at least 12 shots were fired touring the shooting, a dozen spent shell casings were found on the scene. police say some of those stray bullets hit a nearby house. police found a home on the 1500 block of kingsdale struck four times bullets going through first floor living room windows. a three two-year old mother and ten and 12 years old sons were asleep inside. >> no one was injured inside of this property, three two-year old mother, including ten and 12 years old brothers. north detectives is on location processing the scene. self witnesses were transported to north detectives and being interviewed by detectives at this time. the only information we have regarding the shooter is that he escaped in a white colored vehicle last seen north on
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66th. >> reporter: a very vague description of that vehicle no suspects or motive for the the shooting. again, three people injured overall. police have found surveillance cameras in the area they hope that anyone with any information is asked to call police. we are reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news a sexting scandal is unfolding at two schools in cape may county. investigation centers around cape may regional high school or titleman middle school. police charge 19 students and one adult. they allegedly shared naked or partially naked photos of female student by text messages or social media investigators have seized 27 cell phones. >> would i like them to seek counseling. i think our school should, make parents aware of how to protect the kid at home. >> charges are invasion of the privacy, third degree crime f convicted adult owe fenders face three to five years in prison and up to two years in
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the training school for juvenile offenders. right now 6:03. more heat and humidity today and fueling our chances for a stormy forecast. we will check with katie tracking thunderstorms too. >> we have been seeing heat and humidity building up and it becomes more pol possible here today and this entire month, has been well above average but it does appear to be a decent shot we will see strong or even severe thunderstorm rumbling through our area lets go back in time. we will look at month of may in terms of the temperature readings and those red blocks indicate where it was above average, it is only a degree or two above average but many are at least 10 degrees plus, the normal. so we have had a very warm month, and not a heck of a lot of precipitation. storm scan three is quiet for now but thankfully we are expecting to see well needed showers and well deserved
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showers as well as thunderstorms rumble through later today. it does appear it is afternoon and evening. so that is part of the reason we have possibility for stronger thunderstorms. biggest many pack heavy downpours and some likely very gusty wind but we expect that day time height to creep close to the 80's with no problems. in the meantime we will see sun initially with that humidity level just spiking with time here. that is big story here today hot, steamy and it will be stormy as day progresses. vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. majors right now are starting to heat up with rush hour delays but travel on i-95 we will get to those in a second. first lets update you on the pennsylvania turnpike. we have an overturned tanker truck, that was temporarily blocking all lanes but now only right lane is block. westbound before bensalem. they are making progress, however, traveling in and around this area have bucks county you will notice delays on the pennsylvania turnpike this happened a few hours ago.
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they had been working on it but not quite yet cleared n regard to rush hour i-95, it is heating up around cottman. out of the north east down through vine street expressway. we are moving in patches. it will only continue to grow thicker than that. schuylkill expressway is pleasant. not too far from montgomery. westbound around city avenue i would anticipate that pocket is starting to form. we have construction traveling in delaware, 295 at a i-95 off ramp to route 41 is closed, from 9:00p in m to 5:00 p.m. traveling in and around this area be mindful of that later on erika. >> vittoria, thank you. we are following developing news overseas where officials from fifi soccer's governing body have been arrested. >> they were detained in switzerland and facing extradition to the you had on federal corruption charges. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us to tell us bit. >> they are having a press conference as we speak and
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department justice released the names of the fifa officials involved in the corruption investigation which includes guilty pleas for four defendants. jeffery web fifa's vice-president and hid of the the governing body for north america and caribbean ace monk the 9fifa officials indicted. these are pictures of web with mayor nutter. he was in town in march to announce a soccer tournament being played here in philadelphia. five corporate executives have also been accused of accepting bribes and kickbacks well over 150 million-dollar. crimes are believed to have been carried out right here in the united states. in return, investigators say officials provided media marketing and sponsorship rights, for soccer match necessary latin america dating back to the early 1990's. there is no word if the 1994 world cup hosted here in america was compromised but we do know the probe involves tournament here in the u.s. fifa is holding a press conference as we speak as the
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friday presidential election has gone on as plan. it has ruled out the revote of the world cup in 202 two. all that being said, a swiss federal prosecutor, and, criminal procedures, and for the upcoming world cup. so a lot of developments happening here this morning as we will follow this. >> it will be a federal investigation. >> wonder how this will all fall out. >> twenty-four years. >> federal aid is coming to flood ravaged texas hundreds of people have been rescued from homes and vehicles a as national guard moves in the area some others are still missing this morning. cbs news correspondent chris martinez a has more for you. >> reporter: for texas it is deja vu all over again heavy rain came down in buckets in the dallas suburb of irving late in the night quickly filling up on roadways, bringing to mind, scenes from houston. the state's fourth largest
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city was hammered by more than 11 inches of rain on tuesday submerging highways and damaging thousands of homes and businesses, at least five people died, including this man's 66 year-old father, he was helping himself get out of it and helping another lady get out of trouble. it is the kind of person he was. >> reporter: here in this devastated town, people are starting to clean up after flood waters damaged or destroyed thousands of homes. carlos cortez, his wife, young son and family dog were all air lifted from their roof to safety. fighting back tears. they thanked rescue work hours saved their lives. >> the one that rescued me, he was my hero. >> reporter: heyes county officials say 11 people remain missing in the area including three three-year old laura mccomb and her two young children. >> she called me. she said i'm going to help. i'm floating down the river.
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>> reporter: with more severe storms on the way officials are warning residents to be aware of rising water and listen to emergency alerts. chris martinez for cbs news, texas. now check out video here of the tornado passing through a dayton, ohio suburb yesterday afternoon. it lifted a pickup truck and blew it in the building. two people were injured. some businesses and nearby homes were damage, more than two dozen homes in all. police say that two dozen vehicles in the parking lot of the shopping center were also affect. our time 6:09. another candidate is expect to announce his plans to run for president today more on that. a look inside the mind of the colorado movie theater gunman james holmes, chilling word and self diagnosis he wrote in a notebook before that deadly rampage. please take a moment ape close look at this man, he is wanted for taking pictures up women's skirts while they are grocery shopping, more on this
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when we come right back. >> ♪ get out today it would be worth it. >> before the afternoon. >> before the the rain starts. >> exactly. >> have award not worth it really. >> never heard this. >> funky beat. >> yes.
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former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is expected to announce his candidacy for president. he plans to make that announcement in his boyhood town of butler county. a few days ago he would support a raise in the minimum wage. he would unveil a plan giving most workers, a tax break. hillary clinton has joined a field of presidential candidates with on line stores. >> merchandise includes a throw pillow, right there it shows, reads women's place is in the white house. one of the bernie sanders bumper stickers read honk for a political revolution. and among the republican ted cruz in front of the giant red white and blue stick in the shape of the american flag. i saw on twitter there is a t-shirt, and . >> get ready. >> here's your traffic and
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weather together. >> good morning everyone. >> we will start off by taking you back in time to yesterday to see who made it in the 90-degree club, warrington, green lane, pennington, bethlehem, blue bell all of these locations hit at least 90 degrees yesterday. all new ballgame here once you hit that. storm scan three is showing no wet weather issues but we have activity firing up. actually fizzling even more so then anything in the last few hours. this is generally a sign of things to come. we will get enough heating of the day more sunshine, more moisture to work with and then we will end up eag more showers and thunderstorms in here as we go throughout the afternoon and evening especially. thursday marks the the actual arrival of the front but it looks like it will be fizzling somewhat. and, we're in the necessarily seeing it here, and scattered nature but by friday, it does appear it will be a quiet day. it doesn't look like weather will stay off to the south and west and that will keep things
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quiet as well, and at this point, in the lower 80's expectation today tomorrow, friday saturday, even as we round out weekend and month of may officially we will keep the above average warmth. by sunday, even a as early as saturday night a new front is on the way. that is our next best shot for heavier rain with thunderstorms. we can use it, we will take what we can get at this point but if you hear thunder head inside. >> yes. >> a lot of people will be tempt todd hit the pool today. >> yes. >> at least initially it will be great but later on yeah keep the ears perk. >> good head up. >> yes. >> good morning young lady. >> i would say good rule of thumb toys give yourself some more time if you travel in the next five or 20 minutes by the time you get to the majors rush hour traffic will double. let's update you however if you are traveling in new jersey. traveling the 42 freeway i know it doesn't look awful here on that north bound side where headlights are coming
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toward us in the area of creek road but again volleys only now just starting to build. this is when rush hour starts at 6:15. as i mentioned before by the time we get here watching us live now that volume will double. same thing for traveling on the roosevelt boulevard. boulevard ace affect by schuylkill. westbound we are starting to build that pocket at city avenue. even this point here, folks on the roosevelt boulevard approaching schuylkill i know it doesn't look awful but it will start to get very busy. i-95 is busy out of the northeast already. we will see how rush hours continues to develop ukee. police are searching for gunman who shot three people and put other lives in jeopardy. one person is in critical condition, two others stable, after the shooting on kingsdale street. bullets went through window of the nearby home but no one else was injured. police have charged 19 students and one adult in connection with sexting at two cape may county schools. suspects allegedly shared inappropriate photos of female
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students. a still developing story 6fifa officials are under arrest in the bribery scandal that is governing body of the international soccer. despite charges fifa will not revote on host cities for upcoming world cup. we will be right back.
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we've got some afternoon baseball today from new york, phillies and mets go at it starting at 1:10 p.m.
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miguel franco cap off a four run rally with an rbi single in the eighth inning. that put the phillies up four to three. but fill is pitching could in the hold the the mets h they tied it a half inning later and then won it five -four in extra innings in walk off fashion. before last night's game phillies general manager reuben amaro junior apologized for comments printed in an on line article. gm says phillies fans do not understand the game of baseball and complained because the phillies don't seem to have a plan. a amaro made the remarks talking about the topic aaron nol a a needs to take to the majors soon. ruben says, i'm a fan myself. i understand passion and knowledge our fans have for our game and other major sports, all of the other sports in philly. the comments weren't in meant to disparage our fans by any stretch of the imagination. i probably used my word incorrectly or poorly. i want to apologize for that, end quote. phillies fanatic is in the
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spotlight, at this elementary school in marlton burlington county. i love that fanatic. the appearance was part of the fanatic about reading program. that program asks kids to read 15 minutes a day and complete reading logs. the top performing classes got to spend part of the day with that big fury green guy the fanatic, a great time for the kid, fanatic teachers i'm sure and what a great program to get kid to read. >> greatest mascot in sport doing his thing. they will never forget that moment. >> that is just terrific. >> a push to enroll local children for a free education but time is running out. >> also do you want younger looking skin, who doesn't come on, how this mask and red light can turn backhand of time. best part, it is not too expensive. finally. details coming up in the
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it looks like it will turn stormy and we will need the the rain. will this affect mother nature for the drenching heading our way? we are right now inside beach patrol headquarters with the sun and hazy view at the shore. quick look at the shore points here low 80's expectation at delaware beaches and we should hit lower 80's in south and also central new jersey today. overall pretty decent beach day just keep ears perked for that thunder vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. we are looking at live chopper three of that overturn tanker truck uprighted on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike right at bensalem, not too far from the area of street road. as chopper three is zooming out of the shot notice right lane is compromised and only one lane of traffic gets by. if you plan to make your way towards, west, toward the the mid county toll plaza out of
6:25 am
bucks county you will note thinks clean up and big old delay next to it. traveling on i-95 expect usual rush hour delays, erika. >> thanks, vittoria. new this morning a former lapd officer wanted for murder had has been caught. henry solace was found in mexico near texas border. he had been on the run for two months. authorities say that the former police officer shot and killed a man during a fight at a bar in los angeles county. fbi offered $25,000 for information, leading to his arrest. jurors now know more about what was going object through the mind of the accused gunman in the colorado movie theater massacre. the jury was shown the notebook james holmes mailed to the psychiatrist shortly before 202 attack. twelve people were killed and 70 were injured. some of the notebook excerpts were just chilling. holmes wrote quote the obsession to kill since i was a kid with age became more and more realistic. he also said he had quote
6:26 am
decided to dedicate his life to killing others so that i could live. holmes had had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. penn state fraternity is kick off campus for three years after posting inappropriate photos on facebook. school punished, kappa dell a row after some members put pictures of nude, semi newt photos on a private facebook page. an investigation also uncovered cases of sexual harassment and hazing at the the fraternity. camden school officials are making one last push to enroll children for preschool this fall. >> district superintendent and staff went door to door to talk to families about the importance have of registering their three and four year-old children for this free program. >> early start is critical. earlier we can get our students in a nurturing learning environment more likely they are to be successful later in life. great fun days. >> district's goal, to get 100 percent
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of prek seats filled. yesterday they were at 60 percent. that is grating door to door. >> plant the seed and so shall the it grow. >> yes. coming up next on "eyewitness news" this morning, irs says thieves stole tax information from thousands of people. justin? ukee, we have a look at a man police want to you see accused of taking inappropriate photos of the woman in the grocery store line, we have his picture and more coming up. justin thanks. more changes are coming to amtrak trains to improve safety along northeast corridor this following the deadly train derailment in port richmond. katie looking at a chance of storms, vittoria has eye on the roads, we will do traffic and weather together and we will do it on the three's we're back at is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry! ends sunday!
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new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance flonase controls six. seize the day and the night. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1. this changes everything. good morning. the the search is on for a man who tried to use a cell phone to take an inappropriate photo. it happened may ninth at the wegmans supermarket on bethlehem pike in montgomery township. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins to us bring us up to dayton this investigation justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. this happened a few weeks ago of course but police, it is still a fresh case for them and they are releasing a a photo and more to help track
6:31 am
him down. take a look at this man someone montgomery township police want to talk to about a crime believed to have taken place at this bethlehem pike wegmans earlier this month. possible case of up skirting or using a camera to take unsuspecting photos up a woman's skirt. surprise to shoppers here. >> little creepy, scary i would be nervous. i hadn't heard anything bit. >> reporter: back on may ninth police say this man was in the wegmans check outline alongside a woman and as she played groceries on a conveyor belt she said this man bent down and held his cell phone under her skirt. she confronted him. he ran off leaving his cart behind. >> i think it is an awfully public place for someone to do that. that is a lot of audacity to do that. >> doesn't surprise me what extremes people go to when they have such downtime in their life. it is justin sane. >> just the times nowadays.
6:32 am
people with this technology, it allows people to do sickening things. i have two young daughters and that is stuffy worry about all the time. >> reporter: police also put out surveillance photos of this van. they believe this is the vehicle the man used to make his escape. if you recognize that van or that man you are urged to give a call to montgomery township police. we are live in montgomery county i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting where stray bullets nearly hit a family. it happened around 11:30 last night on the the 1500 block of kingsdale street in west oak lane. police say three men were shot and one of the victims in critical condition. bullets also struck a house nearby with three people inside. >> four stray bullets went through the first floor living room windows of the property. inside at the time were a three two-year old feel mail with their two children age ten and 12, both boys, fortunately very lucky for all three of them they were
6:33 am
upstairs on the second floor asleep. >> eyewitnesses say shooter drove away in the light colored vehicle. if you have any information about the case please cat police. 6:33. traffic and weather together on the three ease, here's katie. >> things are pretty quiet on storm scan three and every where else, we will look outside we have some cloud cover out there but more than anything we have getting these cloud and comes with the increase in humidity levels. and, we have moisture here building up. it is really just settling itself here in our atmosphere. as a result you'll end up with humidity and a few more cloud then what we have experienced the last couple of days. also we have a few signs of life firing up in western pennsylvania. you can see they have fizzled but eventually with the heating of the day eventually with the sun we do expect and certainly eventually with the slow migration east of this very sluggish system we are going to eventually see some showers and thunderstorms firing up. these showers are very, very
6:34 am
well needed and probably welcomed at this point. but some of the storms that fire up could definitely produce heavy downpours to slow you down travel wise but strong win gusts and frequent lightening. so win and rain is our biggest, development and storms that do erupt. we will end up with stronger storms is bottom line. keep your ears perk for thunder. always head inside. 72 degrees the temperature. south component of the wind flow, and starting to be muggy out there as we go throughout the day, we will hit mid to upper 80's in philadelphia. that is definitely the the case. down along the shore we will flirt with 80 degrees once again, vittoria, over to you. well, right now traveling on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike we have been talking about it all morning. but only, the right lane is blocked, and left lane, and we are getting a look at, the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike seen here. you will note that is tractor trailer has been uprighted
6:35 am
which is now been uprighted but earlier was quite a situation. they are still continuing, and, westbound pennsylvania turnpike and, traveling in and around bucks county bensalem area not too far from street road, that scene is what we will be dealing with for right now. they have said an hour in regards to clean up as they continue to work on that. we will let you know when they open up for short. fourteen on i-95. rush hour from the northeast down to the vine. moving in pockets. for the most part it will feel like a drag. thirty-two is your average on the schuylkill. high volume pock it, and southbound side of the boulevard, and traveling on the 42 minor delays, northbound, and into rush hour commute. no delays for mass transit. authorities say that a man snatched a phone from the woman in the 1900 block of allegheny avenue. he was caught on camera, fled on his bike, and he chased after her but after a short
6:36 am
struggle he got away. police described the suspect as a 20 year-old hispanic man with a light complexion. police are also looking for a pair of teens in the string of robberies near temple university. six times the suspects approached victim with a handgun and demanded cell phones and other valuables. twenty-nine suspects are described as black teenagers with medium builds. right now at 6:36, amtrak is taking more steps to improve safety along the northeast corridor, and deadly train derailment in port richmond. >> "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us with the are latest changes. good morning nicole. >> reporter: change that he is didn't come soon enough, ukee and erika. here along northeast corridor they are installing cameras that will capture everything that happens in the cab including engineer's compartment. of course, plans for technology that were announced tuesday follow deadly train derailment in port richmond. amtrak says cameras will enhance safety and help with future investigations but attorneys for victims of the train 188, said it comes two
6:37 am
weeks, too late. >> this is one more example of what could have been and shut have been done but now it is being done. we welcome the fact that changes are being made but it ties late, for those people who lost their lives, and also who were so horribly injured in this derailment. >> cameras will be rolling along the northeast route by, years end and will be expand todd include other amtrak trains. this is as the investigation into that amtrak trash continues, and engineer of train 188 brandon bostian suffered a head injury and he cannot remember anything about the crash that claimed eight lives and injured more than 200 others but nice to see there are improvements being made just a shame they didn't come sooner. >> thanks, nicole, appreciate it. 6:37. the irs says criminals have accessed personal tax information of more than 100,000 people. these thieves got into a system called get transcript where taxpayers can access tax
6:38 am
returns and other filings from previous years. the suspects used that information to file fraudulent tax returns. irs is notifying taxpayers whose information was accessed. your time is 6:38. this is fun william webster is adding 1700 new word to the dictionary. >> a lot of word. >> of the many new entries a lot of them reflect local language trend increasingly digital and others reflect trend, in cuisine fashion and then we have plane old slang like wtf. >> yeah. >> it stand for what the... you know the rest. >> smh. >> there is emoji for pictures in text messages and e-mails. >> smiling faces and stuff. >> cannot forget photobomb when you jump the in the background of somebody else's picture. certain people around this studio enjoy doing that. i believe we have that. >> yes, they did didn't they. >> are they back there. >> it is on twitter, you can find it.
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still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning we are looking closer at back seat safety in the wake of the crash that killed noble prize winner john nash and his wife. couple was in the wearing their seat belts. up next we will talk to a philadelphia taxi driver about how often riders buckle up. in your healthwatch report this morning a low cost easy way to get younger looking skin. we will talk 150 bucks here. see results coming up next. ♪ gdfr not in the dictionary this year. >> not yet. >> this is going down for real. >> for real, for real. >> rain will be coming down for real later on today. >> yes it will. >> katie has details for you.
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you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist. coming up at 6:43. let's get traffic and weather together. how are weather watchers doing. >> they are all awake it
6:43 am
seems, lot of observation that is have come in within the last hour. thanks, guys for send nothing a nice big slew of them. we have a pretty much conformity, across the board here in the lower 07's. we will start off at 70 degrees where we saw this coming from kyle. he has more cloud. he has southwest wind flow which we have been talking about for a couple days. jeff moore is up in hatfield where there are still some clouds as well and i believe we have a picture we can she you real quickly. peter, sends this one into us from the sunset, last night and nice colors out there out in williamstown, where he is located in new jersey. this will look very similar but very early morning sky coming in from greg mccoy in delaware, starting to get overcast he says. so we've got some clouds rolling through depending where you are. we have more clouds then anything. storm scan three showing us that eventually we will see some of this activity, reach our area, for now the brunt of this largest storm system, is sluggish, and taking it
6:44 am
time and atmosphere, and it is more muggy with every passing day. our brand new health report, sort of the comprehensive view of how weather could affect your health today. air quality is at in moderate level, not terrible and pollen levels are low but uv index and heat index values are going to be on the higher side. we want you to be very careful out there at the height of the day to day especially with that sun shining down brightly by this afternoon. meanwhile upper 80's are the spectation without today and tomorrow. this have afternoon and this evening, some of those storms could turn feisty with strong, gusty wind, heavy downpours frequent lightening, and then, anything we will see tomorrow it will be spotty. friday saturday, pretty good right now a and then saturday, night into sunday, our next frontal boundary is making its arrival vittoria, over to you. thanks very much katie. good morning everyone. first of all we are looking at earlier video shot of the situation we're still dealing with on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike. as you will notice here this is a tanker truck on the westbound side right around
6:45 am
the area of bensalem, not too far from street road that has been uprighted after earlier being overturn. we have one lane of traffic getting by. they are saying this should be cleaned up at 7:00. so in 15 minutes or so. but just keep it here and we will let you know when it does in fact clear itself completely out of the way. it is causing delays in and around that area as we continue we will take to you 95. traveling i-95 southbound exit ramp to 320. look at this vehicle on the side on top of the guardrail. police are on the scene as you will notice it is not a he can ifing rush hour traffic just solely the the ramp. but if you are traveling in this area it is something to be mindful of if that is the exit you plan on taking. in regard to the rush shore we are dealing with delays on i-95 schuylkill, usual places and also dining under the stars tonight in media so state street will be closed so note that tonight as well, ukee. police say a gunman got away after a triple shooting in west oak lane. two victims are stable but another is critical after the
6:46 am
the gun fire along kingsdale street. bullets also flew in the the window of the area home but no one inside was injured. security cameras caught the man investigators say tried to take cell phone pictures up the skirt of the woman in the grocery store. cameras caught an i am image of the man's vehicle. six official was fifa, governing body of the international soccer association are under arrest in the the bribery scandal. despite the investigation fifa is not changing its recent votes on world cub host cities erika. funeral services for noble prize winner john nash and his wife alycia will be closed to the public. the couple was killed on saturday after the taxi they were riding in crashed along the new jersey turnpike. police say that the nash's were not wearing seat belts. the taxi driver suffer non-life threatening injuries. that crash remains under investigation. now, seat belt safety is on the mind of many following that tragic crash that killed a nash's but how many of us
6:47 am
actually buckle up after getting in a cab. alexandria hoff takes a closer look. >> reporter: as we watched the typical cab rider at 30th street station grab for handles, set where they were headed and then. >> buckle up in front but in the in the back. >> do you wear a seat belt in your cab. >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: dozen or so, departures that we watched only two reached for their seat belts. >> especially, college students they don't want to put on seat belts. >> reporter: ismalice a veteran cabdriver. >> almost 20 years now. >> reporter: he says he asked his, back seat ride tours buckle up but isn't required too. >> even if they know a seat belt is good but they don't put it on. >> reporter: new jersey and delaware law requires everyone inside of a vehicle to wear their seat belt at all times. in pennsylvania that law only applies to children and these riding in the front seat. john nash and his wife were not wearing seat belts when they were thrown from the cab and killed saturday on the new
6:48 am
jersey turnpike. if they had within stopped earlier by police the couple and driver could have been ticketed. >> we are not seeing everybody put on seat belts out here. >> i tell people to buckle up, stay safe. >> reporter: do you think you will pit your seat belt on the cab. he said absolutely but we didn't see him buckle up. they may in the be breaking any laws but they could be risking their own lives. reporting from center city, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on healthwatch this morning a new way to help lower blood pressure. >> researchers are testing a vaccine they hope could replace daily blood pressure medicine. study public in the american heart association journal says that the vaccine would lower blood pressure for up to six months. and this mask could help turn back the signs of aging. the it is called the world's first wearable light therapy mask. red light therapy has been used for a while to rejuvenate skin but now instead of going to the doctor's office, you can treat yourself at home.
6:49 am
>> i used to have lines around your eyes, and it was much better. >> and there is a little bit of validity and it is worth trying. >> skeptics say that the at home treatments are no where near the effective that you can get at doctor's office. and, they say the mask is f.d.a. approved and it cost about $30. >> interesting. >> price point you cannot beat it for the kind of treatment in your face. doctors say so. >> exactly. >> 6:49. lets see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us in insuring with your preview. hi gayle good morning. >> well, ukeelee and erika everybody is looking for better skin, we necessity that. >> i'm with you. >> whatever works. >> ahead word spread out of texas following the search for people swept away in the devastating flood there we have a remarkable story of the family that managed to escape those rising waters. plus a huge had shake up in the world of soccer, latest in
6:50 am
the overnight arrest of top fifa executives for decade of corruption totaling millions of dollars. and sex therapist terry cooper on a new study that find some woman have a cheating gene. the news is back in the morning, we will see you all in about ten minutes. ukeelee and erika any thoughts or comment. >> what now? >> we're out of time. we have to roll role. >> yes. thanks, got to run. >> have a a good show talk to you later. check out this addition to the gifford zoo in syracuse, new york. baby elephant was born on mothers day. nice gift for mom. >> adorable. >> zoo is holding a contest to pick a name for that little fellow. he is about 300-pound and only one month-old but he looks little compared to mom. >> there are three generations of elephant new living at the gifford zoo in syracuse, new york. >> just so sweet. >> yes.
6:51 am
>> we will be right back.
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6:53 am
more than two and a half years after super storm sandy victims are hoping congress can help them out homeowners who took out disaster relief loans from the small business administration right after the storm, now find themselves
6:54 am
ineligible for assistance. new jersey congressman tom mccart or is sponsoring a bill to help those homeowners so they will have access to bureau those grants. >> so you have borrowed money you have to repay and now you don't get aid that you don't to have repay. people forget two and a half years after the storm that real peoples lives are still being affected and ruined by this and i will fight my hard test get this passed through the house. >> mcarthur wants legislation retroactive to january 2012, the new jersey republican says it could help as many as 32,000 people, he plans to introduce the bill, on monday. well, just a terrific opportunity, information world war two era this weekend. >> chance to get up close and vintage american aircraft. the show starts at 9:00 this morning as part of the national tour, and, being held at northeast airport. you can tour planes, buy a flight on one or just watch the the classic planes take
6:55 am
flight. four of those rare planes including, the b29 and the c45 will be there and of course, still impressed they keep these up and maintain them and still fly these planes. >> beautiful pieces of machinery. they look great. >> no doubt bit. >> one more quick check of our traffic and good times to fly this morning perhaps not this afternoon. >> it is not terribly strong. all of the planes taking off without a hitch at the airport but eventually we will see stormy weather in here. not a terrible beach day. generally we will see sunshine. it is steamy out there. uv index is higher. not the worst excuse to take a dip out there. and, speaking of the shore it is sea isle city, great place for orr at the shore my most favorite location. cb is. three meteorologist kathy orr will be live at the even of the yfk boulevard at 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow. love that town so much. >> me too. in regard to the airport
6:56 am
we are in the dealing with any major delays right know. so that could change with the weather but right now we are dealing with rush hour on i-95 around the northeast out through center city. but also elsewhere on i-95 in delaware count that i is southbound off ramp to 320 a vehicle that you will notice on the side on the guardrail that is off ramp again southbound i-95 where we are dealing with that, in the causing any major problems, it is on the ramp so not causing a gaper delay but it is out there and very good reminder for folks to take it easy for sure. >> wow sitting on the rail. search continues for gunman who shot three team overnight we will have a live update as "eyewitness news" continues on cw philly. hollywood's latest summer action flim san andreas it centers around a massive earthquake, big one striking the west coast but how likely is that to occur? we will check with a expert. that is one you hear about the big within will happen. >> that is right.
6:57 am
>> that looks pretty good. >> i like that kind of stuff. >> popcorn kind of day. >> yes good next up on cbs this morning's list bet moss on the end of mad men and her tone a ward nomination. >> to fin follow your local news weather traffic and sports we are keeping it live and local on the cw philly stations. we hope you can join us. if not have have a great day family take care.
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@@ good morning. it is wednesday, may 27th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." overnight arrests rocked the world's most popular sport. top soccer executives with fifa are accused in what may be one of the biggest sports bribery scandals ever. a deadly flooding disaster intensifies in the south. entire families are missing this morning. only on "cbs this morning," a reporter tells us how she posed as o potential isis recruit. now she fears for her life. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>


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