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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  May 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning more thunderstorms on the the way this afternoon katie has more on what we can expect this to hit and how severe they will be. new surveillance video of the suspect from monday's sexual a all the in south philadelphia and police believe this man could be linked to another crime. hello, i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. do you remember those controversial anti muslim ads we have been telling but on some septa buses, we will tell you about a big vote that could ban those ads. and first though lets get a quick check of the forecast that sparked those big storms yesterday, katie what are we expect to go day. >> we will see another fresh round of showers and then are storms but they should not have any severity like what we saw yesterday and what we saw
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was a good soaking rain in locations that we needed at this point. i can say that my house saw it. great to see that steady rain come into wash away that pollen. now at the moment storm scan three is quiet, one pocket on the end of the loop firing up south of the state capitol of harrisburg there but generally we don't have to worry about any wet weather approaching until this afternoon. we are still awaiting a frontal bound dry passage and that/where these showers and storms will come today. they will not have the the severity like what we saw yesterday. we will have humidity. it will stay on the steamy side today dropping back more confidentable but there is another system that is already starting to creep our way as we look a head to the weekend. the it will keep humidity in place. as we kick off june it will start to feel cooler by that point but we will keep that warmth for next few days. the most of the region is looking okay with visibility but we have light wind to
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allow areas of fog to form in allentown that is one example of this visibility map that i wanted to show you where we are under a half mile. it may come through patchy and it is just that. we have some of that fog but it is out there. watch for it tea pending on location, you might run into some. 70 degrees at philly international. mid to upper 60's for the the whole and your day planner will feature more mugginess here upper 80's the spectation once again. similar to yesterday so any showers and storms that rumble through will not pack as much of a punch vittoria, good morning. >> traveling out and bit is problem free on the majors. we are looking at i-95 at the cottman to and from the area of the northeast. notice construction narrowing the roadway here around cottman and girard avenue. but again it is just find out there if you are traveling elsewhere maybe traveling on the schuylkill expressway heading into downtown or
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moving beyond the walt whitman bridge the entire eastbound side of the schuylkill looks great. westbound alternate delays coming from the university, south philadelphia, all the way in toward western suburbs toward king of prussia it is beautiful out there. we have construction on i-95 between walt whitman bridge and columbus boulevard. be mine full of that. they wrap up around 5:00 o'clock and we will let you know when they do traveling in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, speed sensors are high in the 50's and we are not dealing with any major problems for sure. in delays for mass transit. we have construction in berlin on route 30 westbound at haddon avenue knew. off ramp closed due to a sing hole so heist avenue is your best alternate. new this morning one man is hospitalized after a argument outside a bar in mayfair lead to gunfire. it happened around 11:30 in the 3200 block of cottman avenue. three men were arguing when one of the suspects shot a 20
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year-old man once in the arm. police are checking the area for surveillance cameras. also new this morning a fire breaks out in the home in the ogontz neighborhood of philadelphia it had happened in the 1400 block of west nedro avenue just after 2:00 this morning. that fire broke out in the bedroom of the two story home. one woman was taken to the hospital with minor smoke inhalation. philadelphia police released this surveillance of the suspect wanted for sexual assault and robbery in south philadelphia. >> that suspect has been terrorize would go man. for the very latest lets check with jan carabao at police headquarters with this video good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. police hope this video will generate more lead in this case. they do believe man seen in it is man responsible for south philadelphia home inn racial and sexual assault from earlier this week. they believe this man could be link to another similar case from two months ago take a good look, in the video you first see this man walking
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around and then another shot shows the the suspect driving in the victim's car after police say he a attacked. a 35 year-old woman inside her own home on south rosewood street. they eventually ditch the car he even appears to wipe the car clean before leaving. police say he broke in the home in the 1800 block of rosewood monday morning. rick tim woke up to him standing over her. he put his hanover her mouth and then sexually assaulted her. then he left with cash, her house keeps and her car and police now say he could be linked to a similar home inn racial and sexual assault in the very same area. that is alarming to this neighborhood especially as weather heat up and people open up for summer leave. >> that is kind of scary considering we leave our deck window opened sometimes because of the fan that sits in the windows. >> our windows are opened right now, so that is what you have to worry about.
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>> reporter: police want people to secure their windows in this area on the second and third floor meantime, this is sketch police initially released two months ago after a man broke in the home blocks away on south chadwick street. this man attempted to sexually a all the and rob a woman there. they are using this sketch in both cases and both cases they say the suspect wore red gloves. police described the suspect as between 20 and 30 years old, in height 6-foot to 6-foot two anyone with any information is asked to call police. we are reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a judge is sentenced to scheduled rafael jones today. he was quick in the murder of philadelphia police officer moses walker junior. two men approached the off-duty officer after he left his shift. it happened so fast he didn't have time to pull his gun. the other man pleaded guilty. septa plans to prove banning certain ads from its
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buses. you may recall a court ruling forced septa to carry anti muslim ads for past few weeks. board is set to vote on a new policy that will prohibit any ads that expresses a opinion about political economic, religious, historic or social issues or any ad that may prompt a lawsuit for defamation and invasion have of privacy. no ads may promote sale of tobacco or firearms. some good news for patco passengers today patco plans to roll roll out six refurbished train cars atwood crest station in cherry hill, new jersey. the transit agency that runs the the high speed rail line between philadelphia and lindenwald, new jersey they decided to refurbish its aging fleet. these rebuilt cars are part of the overall multi million-dollar project funded in part by the federal government. a big mix up involving anthrax. sames of live anthrax were
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mistakenly shipped from utah to more than nine state including delaware, new jersey and new york. sample was inadvertently sent to a u.s. air base in south korea those raps were supposed to receive dead anthrax spores. officials say that there are no suspect or confirmed cases of anthrax as a result of the ship. but contact with anthrax can cause sickness and even death. the irs believes the identity of the hackers who stole personal tax information from the agency web site are from russia. criminals stole the information of more than 100,000 u.s. taxpayers. officials say that the irs believes they were in russia based on computer data about who accessed the information. head up if you own a scooter or motorcycle and live in south philadelphia, thieves are ripping them off. now philadelphia police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch the culprits. take a look here these clips show three men in hooded sweat shirts loading two stolen motorcycles in the the back of the white van.
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police say nearly 20 scooters and motorcycles have been stolen over past month and that is about roughly center city and south philadelphia area. some owners are taking precautions. >> everyone knows to watch at all times because i'm so afraid have of being ran over or anything like that. >> police think that the three men are trying a white ford van and a coming from camden. that is where six of the stoler motor cycles or scooters. state lawmakers are holding a hearing at city hall at 10:00 o'clock this morning. bill would allow work tours get paid sick leave at a rate of one hour leave for every 40 hours worked. another bill in harrisburg would overturn philadelphia's sick leave law. in campaign 2016 rick santorum is officially running for president. during an event near his childhood home in cannon, pennsylvania pennsylvania, the former senator from pennsylvania told supporters he will seek the republican
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nomination. this will be santorum's second run for the white house in 2012 he lost nomination to former massachusetts governor mitt romney. right now 4:40. congress of course is on break but police want you to be aware of scammers selling tickets for concert that don't exist. the most recent case that this happened is in new jersey. many saw thunderstorms and heavy rain yesterday. we could see some storms again today. katie will look at the forecast on the other side. we wil
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death toll is rising from the severe weather in texas and oak a authorities say at least 20 people died from storms and floods. emergency officials in texas are urging 250 people to leave their homes as more rivers rise toward flood stage. this morning one man is in the hospital after that wicked round of thunderstorms yesterday. officials tell "eyewitness news" he may have been struck by lightening.
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neighbors say they heard a loud boom and then saw victim fall to the ground outside his house. it happened in delaware county on the 300 block of hastings boulevard in broomall. he was conscious and alert. there is in word on the extent of his injuries, that incident is under investigation. it is buyer beware, new jersey police are investigating a ticket came to a fake steven tyler concert. according to on line posts the lead singer is performing at windsor farm on saturday. farm owner says there is no concert scheduled. the hoax comes on the heels of the cheryl crow fake ticket scam just a few weeks ago. police made an arrest in that case and unknown if anyone purchased the fake steven tyler ticket but police will be on the windsor farm on saturday in case any fans show up. can you imagine show up at a field isn't there a concert here. >> yes. >> that is a shame. >> that is a shame you are
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right. >> what a let down. >> those storms were loud. >> they were definitely loud. they brought good soaking rain which they did need. thankfully they weren't terribly damaging, but there were wind gusts and lightening as well, as we know but that was the worst of it, which is good. today we will see another round of showers and storms. doesn't look like they will be as severe. so, we will have them out there it looks like the timing is pretty much the same, afternoon, evening time frame. we are still awaiting passage of the frontal boundary here. that front will be sort of fizzling as it crosses our area we don't get too much in the way of a cooler air relief but we will get humidity cut back by tomorrow. with that said let show you what is happening first and foremost on the live neighborhood network cameras where specifically up in the poconos at pleasant rally middle and high school campus here. it is dark. we wouldn't be able to see mountain off in the distance. you can tell it is shrouded in
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some low lying cloud cover. visibility are poor. we have a very, very light wind virtually non-existent at this point and in this particular location. some have of those cloud have had a chance to sink in and settle in and may run into fog concern is here. here's that wider zoom on storm scan three. it is not too much activity really. to look at here. right now like we have seen the last few mornings. another batch of showers and thunderstorms firing up here primarily off to our north and west. eventually we will see that fire up here as well. 70 degrees our current temperature at the airport and mid to upper 60's around the board here. 64 degrees at mount pocono. throughout the day-to-day we are talking steamy, some sunshine, much like yesterday hitting upper 80's but there will be a shower or then are storm that dots regional radar as this front creeps closer and along with that into the evening that may slow you down
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for evening drive but won't be anywhere near severity of what we saw yesterday. we don't think so right now. mid 80's by tomorrow. touch less humid which goodies but off to the south and west of the city you could see a shower or storm. steamy on saturday. by sunday we are tracking more showers and storms. pretty activity pattern to round out the month of may. >> sure looks that way thank you. nba draft is less than a month away and sixers are considering their options for third overall pick. a lot have mock drafts have sixers taking deangelo russell. the kiddies good. word is the the lakers are checking out russell and karl anthony towns and it is possible russell could be gone before sixers pick. we will know for sure on june 25th. to the nba playoffs and golden state warriors are heading to the nba finals. check out andre iguodala with the assist on the air ball. step curry recovered big time
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from his nasty spill in game four. he had 26 points, eight rebound and six a assists. golden state beat rockets 104-90 to win the series four games to one. former sixers andre iguodala and mo speights are heading to the championship for the first time in 40 years. hockey playoffs, black hawks win in front of the home crowd to force a game seven in the western conference finals. hawks never trailed in last night's game six against ducks and win five-two. game seven saturday night in anaheim. in the east lightening and rangers play their game seven tomorrow night at the garden in new york city. erika, back to you. all right. right now 4:47. still a head this morning ben and jerry's is taking up issue of marriage equality. jill wagner has latest in the money watch report. but first here's what is ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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police say a suspect is behind a sexual a all the and robbery, early monday morning in south philadelphia. authorities released surveillance video showing the suspect near victim's home. investigators say that crime has had similarities to the attempted sexual assault in march just a few blocks away. and, like this one will in longer be permitted on septa property. ads sparked outrage but septa could do nothing bit. today septa board of directors will, pre hib it ads expressing opinions honorary ledge us political or other issues. four people working in three commercial labs get preventive treatment for exposure to anthrax. the pentagon says they inadvertently shipped live anthrax, spores to labs in nine states, including, new jersey, and delaware. they were supposed to send
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dead spores but sent live ones instead. time for a business news. is there an update to the irs hacking story we talk about yesterday. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the the new york stock exchange. what have you learn jill. >> reporter: good morning. the irs thinks hackers broke in the system and stole taxpayer information, were based in russia. two unidentified officials told the ap that the irs thinks the hackers were part of the sophisticated criminal operation, ukee and erika. ben and jerry's is known for taking on social issues like marriage equality, what are they talking about right now. >> reporter: ben and jerry's is tackling issue of climate change with the new ice cream flavor, it is called, save our swirl, a mix of raspberry ice cream, marshmallow and raspberry swirls with pieces of dark and white chocolate fudge, ben and jerry's partnered with u.s. car maker tezsla to create an emissions free ice cream reek will.
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how about that. >> they found anyway to talk about these current events and issues, but that sound amazing. >> it does. >> reporter: fine, i'll have the ice cream and feel good about myself. >> feel like you are contributing. >> that is true. >> thank you. coming up, traffic and weather together we will do it the on
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here's traffic and weather together, good morning. >> good morning everyone. still our road are a breeze right now at 4:54, very ill early and usually we are in the seeing much at this time and that is the case traveling on the ben franklin bridge, to and from new jersey, to and from philadelphia, all bridges are moving at a beautiful speed same thing on major highways as well. i-95 not too far from girard traveling north and southbound notice a bit of the squeeze throughout construction zones but for the most part it is nothing that will set you back. it doesn't matter where you are traveling, bucks county, center city, delaware county,
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it is all great. we have an accident in new jersey in washington township, east black horse pike, also 42 if you not 42 freeway between watson drive and leddon lane, we have an accident there so take fries mill road or stage coach road. if you can i would avoid that all together. on the eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike between fort washington, willow grove two lanes being blocked due to construction. they wrap this up before 6:00 o'clock but we will let you know when they do that. we have construction on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike between bensalem a a and ra drive right lane being block n delays however for mass transit the but any showers clay us today. >> i would say not for morning drive, vittoria. we should be off the hook for next couple hours but later today that is a possibility. it doesn't appear any storms that fire up will have as much gust or power as we saw yesterday. we had wind gusts out of that several trees came down as a result of it.
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storm scan three we have no moisture to work with. you can see that in the formation of the one little pocket of showers in lancaster county and fact that we have some steam and cloud that are in place. so steamy is good way to describe this with due points hovering right around 65 degrees throughout the day. higher dew point gets, more moisture in the air. air mass is more the saturated. that is why it feels so steamy out there. we do expect to expect it to spike in the 80's today with the shower and thunderstorm and tomorrow we should see a break in the humidity. erika, back to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with the latest clues in the search for a suspect terrorizing a south philadelphia neighborhood. also texting trouble for some ieven if users mysterious message that can crash your phone. are you drinking your morning coffee at the wrong time? when to drink it to get the the biggest jolt from the caffeine. we are back at the top of the hour, good
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maybe a little downpour deja vu for second straight afternoon we will see some strong storms it rolls in. katie is watching your weather situation for you. new this morning a woman is rush to the hospital after getting pulled from a burning home, we will let you know he how she's doing. and, stepping up the search for this man wanted for terrorizing a south philadelphia neighborhood, see the new surveillance video that police hope will land him behind bars. it is thursday, may 28th, good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. clear outside right new but there are more storms on the horizon. >> hey katie what does it look like, good morning. >> that is right we can expect to see more thunderstorms coming through but they will not have the same kind of fire as what we
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saw yesterday in the form of the steady heavy rain and frequent lightening and winds that came with those storms but there will nonetheless be what we think will be some thunderstorms out there today. lets take you back in time and show you storm reports that came in for us here from yesterday, washington township there were trees down. that was the big report that we heard due to the wind that came in, upper merion, annville all locations reporting trees down from the storms that came through. at the moment storm scan draw the cloud cover that is more than anything. we have a few pockets of green firing up here but not a solid line necessarily but notice toronto and draw it back toward cincinnati that line of cloud cover. that is leading edge of the cold front which still needs to cross through and it will not cross through as it will fizzle as it tries to cross through. that is why we will keep steam around and showers and storms in the forecast, meanwhile outside in palmyra cove nature park things are tranquil for


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