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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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to look for more than ten people still missing in texas including members of the three families, swept away in their vacation home. all eyes are on watching the colorado and the other rivers expect to overflow their banks in the coming days, and probably leave entire communities outside of houston, under water. the chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, once again concerns here are for drought and in new jersey, and the the the state is ab normally dry right now and section of the north jersey is in the moderate drought. the lehigh valley is also experiencing moderate drought conditions right now pennsylvania's department of environmental protection has 27 counties under a drought watch. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff will have more on that tonight at 6:00 o'clock. but first lets talk more about the dry conditions with meteorologist kathy orr live outside on a very sunny cbs-3 sky deck today kathy. >> it is sunny warm and that is just how month of may has
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played out it will end up being the second warmest of all time in philadelphia, so not only a warm month but a very dry month. lets look at the rain deficits a across the delaware valley, they are significant, now in philadelphia we're about 2 inches below average in rainfall but look at allentown nearly three and a half inches in trenton over 3 inches wilmington over an inch below average since may 1st. the let's look at those drought conditions where you can see yellow, that is abnormally dry over most of the region but that orange color is where we have a drought watch in effect, lehigh valley, berks county and in the poconos. when we talk about a maryland rate drought this is what we mean potential for crop damage, low water levels, in wells, and reservoirs, possibility of water shortages, and even potential for voluntary restrictions. now, coming up, we have some storms heading our way from the west, and that moisture in texas is feeding into the
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system that will be impacting us and we will have some weekend storms but will that be enough to tackle this drought, that is the question? we will look at those potential rain amounts later with the seven day forecast, i'll see you then. >> kathy thanks. you can track the forecast by down loading the cbs philly weather app track live radar get severe weather and more it is free and available on i thetunes and google play. new at 5:00 police are issuing a warning for women jogging and walking in this warm weather. suspects have targeted four women in three locationness two states. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in radnor township delaware county where most recent incident happened, walt? >> reporter: that is right right now you police are busy preparing charges in one of two incident, in which woman were victimize add long the radnor trail. at this time of the year with a lot of us out exercising, running walking and biking they are suggesting being extra alert as predators are
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also outside. most come to the radnor trail to enjoy beautiful surroundings, but police say paul curtis came here tuesday morning seeking a victim, allegedly assaulting an 18 year-old jogger after first asking if he could be her running partner. >> then precede todd open hand slap her on the rear end. she turn away and sped up, turned away and the the guy was gone. >> reporter: on this media treat 24 hours later curtis allegedly assaulted another woman and was arrested almost immediately. charges now being prepared against him for the first trail assault in which police credit the the jogger, for taking immediate action. >> take courage to come forward with incident like this. >> reporter: trail goers reacted with the first word of attack. >> this is a gorgeous trail. >> reporter: concerns deepened when they learned police are investigating another incident of indecent exposure at the same spot on the trail by another suspect, 72 hours
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later after the first assault. >> these are the individual, is male and running shorts down around his ankle. he was standing there naked. >> reporter: police in newark delaware have charged a suspect with the may 19th attack on a jogger in a park. so the block advising those exercising outdoors to use common sense precautions. >> if you can run in the group or run in pairs be aware of the surrounding, if you are running on trail stay in the center of the trail. >> reporter: police hearsay that they want to hear from you, if you think and a assaulted and they suspect he could potentially be linked to other attacks. coming up at 6:00, police have have more common sense warnings on what we should be could go to protect ourselves in the outdoors. we will see you at 6:00. live from radnor i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. a top vatican official leading the world meeting of families in philadelphia this fall is under investigation
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over an alleged embezzlement scam. according to public reports out of italy tonight archbishop vincento paulea and nine others are accused of using fund illegally from the diocese to buy a property for one-third of the value, with the intent to sell it for millions. the allegations date back to 2012. paulea denies any wrongdoing. philadelphia's archbishop charles chaput released a statement this morning that read in party was saddened to learn of the recent news, regarding news of the archbishop vincent o paglia, i assure everyone that matters facing him do not i am pennsylvania pack our plans for september. organizers from the world meeting of families philadelphia released a statement, they say news regarding archbishop paglia is trouble it does not affect world meeting of families, philadelphia 2015. police in chester are looking for two gunman who opened fire on a group of people killing one and wounding three others.
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gunfire erupted late last night on the 2700 block of west third street. police say a 21 year-old man died at that scene. two teenage boys and a 47 year-old man were hospitalized, no word on what sparked that shooting. chopper three over pen ridge airport in perkasie for a landing without wheels. this twin engine plane touched down on the runway this afternoon and came skidding to a stop. no word on any injuries. welshing delaware state the police accident least construction team is investigating this dead liz crash in new castle county. chopper three over that inning is will car accident along cox neck road in delaware city. a male driver was killed there, when his truck left the road, and then landed on its roof. the accident happened around 5:30 this morning we're told that there were some lane restrictions but all lanes are now lee opened. u.s. has taken cuba off its list of state sponsors of the terrorism. it is all part of the process the obama add administration
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is going through to normal ice relations with cuba lawmakers could have block the move but chose not to do so. the removal of the cuba from the list caption as official from his both countries hash out details of the restoring full diplomatic relations. we are learning new details about the indictment against former house speaker dennie hast er t accused of lying to government even investigators. they say he tried to make payments to a man to conceal past sexual misconduct. cbs news correspondent craig boss well has more. >> reporter: from capitol hill, to dennis hastert hometown the allegations of the former g.o.p. house speaker, has people stun. >> we have known dennis for personally for 40 years. we're very surprised very, very surprised. >> reporter: federal indictment accuses him of breaking banking laws and lying to the fbi about why he was withdrawing large amounts of cash. prosecutors say that in 2010, hastert met and a agreed to pay a person identified only
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as individual a3.5 million-dollar to keep quiet with prior misconduct. the indictment does not detail the misconduct but says individual a is from yorkville, illinois where he taught high school and coached wrestling from 1965 to 1981. illinois senator mark curtis served in the house why while he was speaker. anyone who knows him is shock confused by the dime. the fbi launched an investigation last year after banks reported the withdraws. hastert said he was taken money out because he didn't trust the banking system. he faces up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine for each of the two counts, he was longest serving republican house speaker and second in line to the presidency from 1999 through 2007. on capitol hill, craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". embattled president of the international soccer government's body won a fifth term despite u.s. justice department dieting top fifa
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officials on corruption charges. sepp blatter, thanked them for keeping him in power. 14fifa officials are a accuse odd receiving 150 million-dollar in bribes and kickbacks, a all in exchange for awarding lucrative media and marketing rights for international soccer tournaments. still to come here on "eyewitness news" more amazing video we will show you moment that a volcano blows its top and tell you more about evacuations there underway. we know two-year old can get fuzzy, that is no surprise but one mother says that is not good enough reason to get kicked off an airplane. it is a clothing challenge for new grad going from the classroom to a cubicle, three on your side's jim donovan will share advice how to dress for success for a first time job. a fabulous view of new york city, is back, i'm wendy gilette at new world trade center observatory with that story
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the the volcano erupted on a remote island of japan this morning. you can see plumes of black smoke rising high in the air as lava flowed down side of the volcano in the ocean. authorities have issued an evacuation order to hold the island's 137 residents. wisconsin sheriff's deputy saves driver's life pulling that man from the burning car. the man was, dazed and at first refused to get out but finally the deputy yanked man out by his belt. the driver was treated a at a hospital, and then was taken to jail on a charge of driving
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while intoxicated. it is unclear exactly why his car caught fire. well, what is college graduate land their first job it is time to start thinking of the wardrobe you have to look the part of the polished professional. >> that can be tough on a entry level salary but as three on your side consumer jim donovan find work place style is more than just what you buy. >> reporter: transition from campus classroom to work place cubicle poses many questions for recent grads. >> one of the biggest questions i get from students transitioning in the professional world there are what is appropriate? you know, how should i dress? i want to succeed. >> reporter: style and image consultant robin fischer says young people will start building a work place wardrobe by investing in basics. they likely will i have suit from the interview process so buy one more. men can wife drive shirts. women pencil skirts in black
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and dray can pair with less expensive tops in different colors. fast fashion retailers offer options a at lower cost, but fischer says not to overlook high end brand many of whom have outlet stores. >> outlets really can afford you a better quality and then some of the fast fashion stores and you can still make that work within your budget. >> reporter: fish are says take wardrobe cue from his new collogues and don't under estimate power of style. >> everyone is working hard but it business standing out the from the pack, and really being able to represent your company and send the message that i'm here, i'm ready to work and i'm ready for business at all times. >> reporter: my advice leave flip-flops at home and invest in a very good iron. >> yes. >> yes. >> the steamer,. >> that is right. >> iron steamer. >> yes, do not look like you came in from a race when you come into work. >> all these young kid out
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there. >> if you air guy especially a navy suit can go a long way. >> khaki pants and a shirt and a tie. >> yes. >> it is good. >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you. >> have a good weekend good well talk about flying the unfriendly skies, pregnant mother was kick off the flight because of her fussty year-old son. >> thinks sarah blackwood. she said it happened on the united express flight to vancouver. she said her son was crying, squirming in her arms but she described what happened next. >> they turn the plane around, went back to the gate and asked me to leave plane after he was fully sleep on me. >> after being kick off she tweeted her frustrations, other passengers, then weighed calling in appalling saying that the crew was unprofessional and unreasonable and insensitive. the airline did later issue a statement saying the crew made the decision in the interest of safety. but you know, it is tough nobody likes to listen to a
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crying child. they have a mine of their own. >> you know what it is like. >> you are a dad. >> it is never fun. it is something you have to deal with sometimes. >> we know he is a legend on the links. >> still ahead and still ahead a story of inspiration meet an 81 year-old golfer who has a true passion for the game, we are there as he reaches a milestone on the course. and is there a new bird eye view of the big apple that you have to see to it believe it. this is one world trade center the observatory there is now opened, and we will take you there in our next half an h
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well, that is some incredible video of lightening striking a mount carmel church, fire fighter happened to be reporting when it all opened. and this is the same church, and, same church, and there is no fire or major damage this time around but it is quite a bolt of lightening coming down. remind you how powerful these storms are. >> and that will even track you, you need a few lightening rod. >> yes. >> big guy upstairs, and, we are looking at a and things,
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and, and and very beautiful view center city, from a local cam here. >> yeah. >> very pretty, with plenty of blue skies and low humidity, and, take you down the shore it was steamy but 20 degrees cooler, on the boardwalk then it is in center city philadelphia and still influenced by that cool ocean breeze. live neighborhood network takes to us delaware where beach goers blue sky and temperature of only 68 degrees in the south east at 7 miles an hour. lets look at storm scan three you can see those clear skies but we have a few storms bunneling up in the southwestern corner of sussex county delaware and we have a flood advisory for poor drainage flooding with heavy rain falling in the short period of time.
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eighty-six in philadelphia. eighty-seven in allentown. seventy-six or 75 the atlantic city a airport. look at the cool push of air, only 68 in ocean city, 66 in sea isle and cape may 70 degrees with that flow, ocean water temperature still cool in the 50's. dew points though, that amount of moisture in the atmosphere is much lower then yesterday 62 in philadelphia which is pleasant, 57 in allentown so it doesn't feel quite as sticky as yesterday. as we look at the month of may as far as precipitation is concern, you can see one two three, four, five, six, seven days but we pick up an inch for the the month, we have 2.4 inches below average for the month and it was very warm, so the combination of the two had created some ab normally dry conditions. future weather shows we will be some storms, i don't know fit is enough to snuff out that deficit but we will see some storms bubbling up tomorrow afternoon during the heating of the day, we will see morning not so bad but a
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few scattered showers and storms in the afternoon and heat and humidity, but better chance sunday afternoon watch as a line develops and moves through the region right through the the dinner hour so keep your eye to the sky especially sunday afternoon for showers and storms and look at future rain amounts some localized area picking up maybe one, even 2 inches of rain, in some of those heavy downpours. overnight tonight low of 68. during the the day tomorrow, high 87 degrees, and as we look ahead on the three day forecast saturday 87 at home. seventy-eight down the the shore. sunday 85 with showers and storms. we will get most of the beach day in down the shore and monday june begins but what happens. sixty-eight with showers, 67 down the shore, we will have to work on that, i'll have the seven day next half an hour. we will take a short break
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our own ukee washington loves to play golf. we know that. recently he met his match. >> in the form of an 81 year old golfer with a passion, for the game that is unmatch. ukee was there as he reached a milestone on the course. >> my man. >> ralph of exton pennsylvania is 81 years old and he loves the game. >> you the man good amen. >> i don't think i would be here today without golf. >> long time retired postal worker has put his stamp on the game and then some. he started playing in his early 40's, and get this. >> year after year i kept every score every hole everyone of my shots. i have them all down. >> good shot. now role, roll he is good on par three just a few feet away he has recorded ten holes in one. >> almost 11. >> from the tri-state area to
5:26 pm
scotland ireland and spain he has scrap books as thick as old school phone books, with the help of family and friends. >> oh, ralph. >> i lost my wife five years ago and i have cut back now but i have a streak there of 21 years in a row where i played 400 round a year. >> reporter: on this day he played his 1400 course, beautiful layout of the ladder country club in, havertown a welcomed milestone considering his recent health. >> i had problems last year, parkinson's disease which i'm still doctoring for prostate cancer, bone cancer which i'm doctoring for. but, my doctors seem to have it all under control right now. >> thank you. >> reporter: staying active is secret to life no matter how he is playing. >> there it is. >> oh, boy. help. >> i'm sorry ralph i'm sorry. >> i just laughed at the cameras i'm sorry but it is
5:27 pm
competitive nature come out. >> i'm sorry man. >> i'm sorry ralph. >> you ain't sorry. >> just get out in the morning, and the friends you meet. >> there it is. >> i'll tell you what, let friendship ring on and off the course. >> you got your golf, you got your friends you got your faith. >> i got that. >> got my daughter, she's like a nurse doctor, lawyer. she is my everything. >> you have a new golf buddy. >> i love that. >> my man. >> no matter what is going on every day is a sunny day for ralph. >> and that is his philosophy of navigating the course, of life. >> that is great. >> the the game keeps you young. >> i love seeing that. >> look for ralph on the links this summer and ukee. >> probably, yeah. >> a new drug treatment center
5:28 pm
is opened in philadelphia, at 5:30 stephanie stahl will look inside this facility and show us how it is helping patients get back on their feet. plus screech takes the stand, saved by the the bell actor stabbing trial is underway and coming up we will tell you why it got off to a rather about a is a start. also, this new view of new york city, the one world trade center observation deck is opened and we will take you to the top of the world. new at 6:00 a look at philly beer week where local brewers are showing off creations all over the the
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i'm chris may here's some of the top stories for you police are issuing a safety warning for women jogging and walking in this warm weather two suspects have been now charged in connection with assaults in radnor township, media and in newark. police are also investigating a case of indecent exposure from the main line. new details about the the indictment begins former house speaker dennis hastert tonight, a accused of highs about paying hush money to hide prior in miss deeds this he were made to conceal past sexual misconduct in his hometown of yorkville illinois. helicopter, plucks a police office tore safety after being surrounded by flood waters in texas officer got caught in high water directing traffic away from
5:32 pm
it. >> part of the moisture will be moving our way over the the course of the weekend so could go to keep an eye on. beautiful beach day for your saturday but that rain moves in for part of the weekend and cooling and damp as we begin moth of june. kind of going in reverse. we will talk about that with the seven day forecast coming up jessica. search continues for a sexual predator. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live at special victims unit with the latest on where things stand steve. >> reporter: yes, sir contact, police are focused on a man sources are calling a person of interest in this case, when we say person of interest, it does not mean that this person is the the suspect in this case yes philadelphia police say this part of the investigation part of the larger drag net which will soon capture a sexual predator. the police drag net deployed for section a sexual predator is clamping down on point breeze. friday, a u.s. marshall parole unit assisting with the case
5:33 pm
enters the home of the man police are calling a person of interest. federal sources tell cbs-3 "eyewitness news" that person of interest is three two-year old rahim fielder, he has an outstanding warrant for violating parole. family living in the home in the 1300 block of chadwick say they have not seen felder recently and police have not named the the man a suspect but his mother, is calling for him to come home and face questioning. >> i want to you come home, get this cleared up, get everything straightened out so you can be home here with me. >> reporter: sources believe fielder is the man in this video released this week, monday police say the suspect entered a home in the 1800 block of south rosewood street, stole victim's personal items and then left in the victim's car. only to return in an hour later to confront the 35 year-old woman before demanding money and sexually assaulting her. police believe the suspects may also be tied to a separate sexual assault in march. >> we have a pretty dangerous
5:34 pm
individual here. >> reporter: and we have been saying it this week but bears repeating, mayor's office has approved a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to capture, ands, if you necessity anything contact police immediately. live from the philadelphia police special victims unit i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". steve, thanks very much. trial for former saved by the bell star dustin diamond got off to an unusual start. diamond's lawyer drove to court in a car, with the word good luck dustin and amanda a scrolled on the back window. diamond, who played the character screech in the 1990's tv series is accused of stabbing a man last christmas in a wisconsin bar. he claims he was protecting his wife after the crowd recognized him at the bar. >> started taking pictures and laughing making it a game to bump in and capture it on video and camera and things were increasing, everyone's phones came out and it felt like we were being set up for something to be on video for
5:35 pm
antagonistic purposes. >> diamond is charged with carrying a concealed weapon and recklessly endangering safety. his fiance amanda a is also facing charges. today in philadelphia forgetting their driver's license, canceled. >> yes we can. >> reporter: protesting saying yes, we can in english and spanish. they say pennsylvania department of transportation, started canceling their drivers licenses, six years ago, for not having proper documentation. they are starting a new campaign in the hope of, the bill pass todd restore their rights. students at thomas hw school won't have any trouble finding books for summer reading. camden elementary school received a generous donation of 2300 books from the bags of books project, that service project was founded by local 14 year-old alexis graybold, doing over 50,000 children's books in the region and in 2014 alexis won a cbs news
5:36 pm
game changer award. today a new chapter is being written in the rebuilding of lower manhattan. one world trade center opened up in the the public marking a turning point in the recovery from 9/11. correspondent wendy gilette was there for the the official open. >> it is tallest building in the western hemisphere and from the newly opened observatory at one world trade center, new york city's great is icons are on display but for many, it is about much more than the the view. >> rebirth. >> it arrives again. >> reporter: these best friend from new york came to celebrate a new beginning. >> we have made it, we are stronger, even then where we are before. >> reporter: nearly 14 years after 9/11, the official opening is a latest milestone in the rebuilding of lower manhattan. observatory expects as many as 4 million visitors a year, on this first day we met people from around the the world. michelle morris came from england to show her support. >> we met so many nice
5:37 pm
people and we just want all to be united and know that we are behind you and this is the future. >> reporter: the observatory makes little reference to the attack on the twin towers but for jackie, the memories are still intense. >> brave men and women the country pulled together, and it was great. >> reporter: right next door are memorial pool honoring those who were lost but this building is all business, symbol of recovery when the view that is had hard to beat. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". something special to see. >> um-hmm. >> he is a legend at cbs news and this weekend bob schieffer will sign off for the last time. still to come a look back at his amazing career. plus bradley cooper returns to the big screen we will take to you hawaii for behind the scenes pick at aloha, plus. philadelphia is touching the future with five artistic pavilions, a beer garden, food
5:38 pm
trucks and a kaleidoscope of fun that opens up this weekend. i'm pat ciarrocchi with the story coming up. in weather we're talking about drought conditions, across part of the region and some rain that will be moving in but will it be enough to tackle that drought we will look at that plus weekend storms coming up as "eyewitness news" continues.
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cbs news correspondent is retiring after a legendary career that began when he was just, 20 years old. >> thank you for joining us. >> when he signs off for the final time bob schieffer will do so with 46 years at cbs news under his belt, 24 as host of face the the nation. >> i have always loved to talk to the the key player in whatever the big story was and, time and time again over the years we have had a chance to do that on face the nation. >> he announced his retirement at his alma matter texas christian university in april. sunday will be his final show as host. bob began to make his name as a reporter at fort worth star telegram covering kennedy assassination and vietnam war. he joined cbs news in 1969.
5:42 pm
>> today on face the nation we knew you real political junkies would be up to join us. >> he is respected by news makers on both side of the aisle for his fairness and no nonsense style. >> senator, if you didn't, shut down the department, who was it that did. >> when a guy in my age demographic takes his shirt off in public, i got the to say he gets a high five from me. >> he is looking forward to the summer off he says one thing will stay the same. >> sunday after next i will be watching face the nation, i'm so used to doing this, i think it will take me a while to break that habit. >> reporter: while accolade are rolling in. >> we are so proud to have called you a collogue. >> an amazing career. >> reporter: there is still an her of tv left. >> we will keep on the the last show the focus on the news like we always did. >> reporter: of course, we will miss him too. for the last five years bob has joined "eyewitness news" every friday to talk politics, and preview the weekend, as only that he can.
5:43 pm
>> well, bob schieffer's final face the nation this sunday morgue at the 10:30 right the here on cb. three cbs political director john dickerson will debut host on the program on june 7th. we will miss you bob.
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5:46 pm
beginning tomorrow, and for the next week eakins oval is being transformed with the unique pop up exhibit that is meant to be a party, for your senses. >> as pat ciarrocchi shows us be prepared for sights and sound you can only experience here. >> spectacle surrounds you. the music the the aim edges reflections encased in five other worldly pavilions called future sensations. >> the the idea was to propose an artistic experience, for people. >> reporter: pierre alexander is correct it is artistic to see a travel exhibit by the french building materials company, saint gobain. each of the five weigh between 20 and 50 metric tons, takes visitors on a sensory journey no matter which direction you look up, down, side, it is
5:47 pm
infinite experience, with video and sound. all because the mirrors are reflecting every which way. >> reporter: mirrors are mess more icing and so is the sound that pennsylvania makes you feel like you are inside an a organ. >> ♪ >> reporter: in these five pavilions mostly they are inside and in weather like this they can be hot. there are safety procedures in effect so it is not to spoil the kaleidoscope of fun. >> we can imagine a lot of things, there is not really anything for imagination and. >> beer guard up will be under the trees with a batch of different food trucks each day and at night light shows that will fascinate you. future sensations, the first summer pop up on the oval, through june the sixth. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wow. >> wow. >> so interesting yeah what a great way to spend sometime this weekend. >> we have had outdoor time to walk around in the different
5:48 pm
area. >> there will be a better a half of the weekend okay. my betties on saturday. you want to be outside to me, that is better day to be outside but, we will get to that. take a look where we are looking outside our window here from camden, of course, home of the river sharks looking across the bridge, looking really good with a few cumulus cloud and temperatures soaring in the upper 80's today, we are running 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year and we're going to get back to the realities of spring soon but a few more hot and sticky days. our eyewitness weather watchers are reporting temperatures that are well above normal across the delaware valley, plenty of unshine today but much cooler down the shore. we will start off in south jersey where temperature is 87 degrees. margot says not much of a wind with sunshine. seven minutes ago she reported a beautiful clear sunny day life is good. i saw margot down the shore last week in wildwood, and, to
5:49 pm
the north and to the west in philadelphia phil is reporting 88 degrees. not much win. he says warm and sunny, to start the weekend tgif. lets go further toward the south and east down the the the shore where we are reporting a temperature of 76 degrees, and in ocean city james is saying pressure falling wind east what a beautiful day at the shore and no southeasterly wind. we are looking at conditions down the shore that are quite beautiful with those ocean water temperatures, a little bit too chilly. people outside on the beach but not in the water. live neighborhood network takes to us margate where ocean water temperature is only 56 degrees, we have to wait for that what the tore warm up just a little bit in contrast the the air temperature has been extremely warm. in philadelphia, we are looking at, and, second warmest day on record with the month liz temperature at nearly 6 degrees above normal. that is really significant. a very warm, very dry month and just have a few you days
5:50 pm
left. eighty-six in the city. allentown 87. poconos 78. millville 81. down the the shore cooler atlantic city at the airport 75 degrees but cooler on the beach and board there. look at the cool that is coming. these are the current temperatures in bismarck, wrapped city, billings in the 50's minneapolis 66. and then that cool pool of air will be in chicago by tomorrow. i looked at afternoon high for chicago for tomorrow it is 49 degrees. that is cold. and some of that will be moving our way. the first we will see steamy heat ahead of the cold front. temperatures in the 80's tomorrow with scattered showers and storms. more numerous on sunday so be aware of that sunday during the afternoon and evening showers and storms. this cold front is strong because behind it, we have much cooler air. things get complicated with this area of low pressure that wants to linger but with the combination of the on shore flow and cool air moving from the west it is going to create a very chilly start to the in have of june on monday.
5:51 pm
overnight partly cloudy, low of 68, during the day tomorrow 87 with a few scattered afternoon then are storms and as we go hour by hour, no warning issues. 3:00 p.m. 87. at 5:00 o'clock hour look for a chance of the shower and storm 8:00 o'clock pleasant and 78. best chance of the shower and storm will be on sunday and much cooler on monday and our seven day forecast shows you the dip in the forecast by monday but of course, we will warm it up through next week the first week of june. that is the very latest, of our seven day forecast. on the cbs-3 healthwatch there has been a dramatic increase in the number of drug-related overdose deaths in the philadelphia region, and today the city opened up a much needed rehab center. >> health reporter stephanie stahl was there for this long awaited event. >> they usually say not in my neighborhood that is what you here about drug clinics but department of behavioral health worked for years with
5:52 pm
the community to overcome stigmas and proof that they can be good for business. >> this is the children's section. >> they are giving tours of the new center for drug rehabilitation opening in the up are north east. >> it gives people a second chance. it shows people that we're not monsters. >> reporter: tom, who has three children was a drug addict and nurse for 17 years. annette center saved his life and now he works here in the neighborhood where opiate addiction is exploding. >> it is every where not the just here, but it is in the suburbs, every where. >> reporter: this dedication paves way for hundreds of people to get drug treatment services city has 13 facility from 5,000 people getting daily methadone. no where near enough. >> if you think about cancer, or diabetes, or heart disease. folks who suffer from those diseases have seven out of ten chance of getting treatment that they need. when you consider addictions those folks have one in ten chance of getting what they need. >> reporter: new center is on state road not in the
5:53 pm
neighborhood but still plenty of community opposition including from next door neighbor sweet lucy, a barbecue restaurant. >> what was the concern. >> it becoming a dangerous area about, you know illegal activity. >> reporter: but brook higgins was convinced the net center would take care of security and its clients. >> i think they will be great neighbors and we will good neighbors and we will have a good relationship. >> reporter: tom has been off drugs for seven years as a constant reminder of the hell he lives, he has a tattoo of the grim reaper. >> do you feel lucky. >> yeah, i had a second chance. >> the net center works with the holmesberg civic association to create a community advisory board to make sure any neighborhood issues could be addressed. net centers provide a variety of mental health services including that comprehensive drug rehab program. lots of people interested in this. we have more fur at cbs i will post it on facebook and twitter. >> good info. >> thanks, stephanie. >> we will be right bac
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it will give you a real jolt. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight gives us
5:57 pm
a sneak peak, what is new in theater. bradley coupe are joins bill murray, alex baldwin and in hawaii are he reunite with rachel mcadams and find a potential new love in emma stone. the movie was written and directed by romantic comedy master come ron crow who brings a special touch to the story of a man trying to find himself again. >> they are great with this guy. >> so much is already on this page because he is such a wordssmith, so many of the lines are just perfectly,. >> and he is a perfection is in admit to that, and i have a tendency for that too.
5:58 pm
>> no mother like i have ever seen. >> i was moved by the action, science, i was moved by, i was moved by the reality of it. >> yes. >> it is a thrilling heart pounding ride, that is as entertaining, and that is relentless and there is, action, there is love, is there romance there is doom, is there cowards, is there heros. >> oh, my god. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier now back to you in the studio. kevin, thanks very much. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. breaking new developments in the pair of south philadelphia sexual assaults. plus police say joggers in our area are being targeted, find out where it is happening and how you can keep yourself safe. >> vatican officials in charge of planning the pope's visit to philadelphia is under
5:59 pm
investigation, we have the allegations against archbishop paglia and reaction from local catholic leaders kathy. temperatures soaring 10 degrees above normal again that will put us in the record books for the in month of may but we have drought conditions, will the rain this weekend be enough to knock that out, we will take a look the at the seven day coming up. >> reporter: i'm matt rivers in the the 23rd street armory where one big party is set to kick off. organizers will tap the first official keg in the philadelphia beer week, officially kicking off, we will be here with a preview. breaking news at 6:00 a person of interest in the pair of sexual assaults, in south philadelphia, is now in custody. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson. >> he is live at special victims unit with the very latest steve. >> reporter: chris and jessica, just moments ago
6:00 pm
sources from the philadelphia police department have confirmed that a person of interest is in for questioning, in connection, to this case. we want to make this clear person of interest in for questioning in connection to this case. first thing i want to does roll some video and show you surveillance video police had given thus week showing that suspect. now this is the again person of interest, moments ago sources confirming that three two-year old rahim fielder believed to have been in questioning, for this case, fielder, was wanted for a separate case. he had a warrant out that was outstanding for a parole violation. he served 12 years in jail, for attempted murder and then was out for about two years and then this. we are told we are talking as we speak and fielder a's mother a says he was pick up for that parole violation and will be again questioned in connection to this case. again, i want to say this breaking news, rahim fielder is in


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