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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 1, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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following breaking news, two dozen people out of their house. update on the damage left behind from there row home fire coming up. >> first, don't leave home without your umbrella this morning or your rain gear. stormy start to the work week. >> now, katie is saying there is also a threat of flashflooding, will impact you driving to work and school this morning. let's check in with her. >> that's right. it does appear to me as though we will be stuck with the wet weather almost any time today. probably get break by mid-morning. that will common the heals of this mess that's currently out there. you have got some heavy rain obviously, numerous thunder storm, frequent lightning that's coming in with it, just embedded within some of the pockets here. but not everyone is getting hit. that doesn't mean that you're not going to run into issues. we've got certainly plenty of left over what, you know, just rain that's left on the roadways from all of the rain that came through yesterday. specially off to the north. soap, you may just be encountering the spray coming
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off the vehicles. but, it is out there. and it certainly will slow you down. we know, so tough on monday morning to get out the door early, if you can we advise it, if you have deadline to meet do not be speeding through this casino of weather, guys, it is very heavy rain that's currently falling for us. it is right up that i-95 corridor. >> already finding numerous locations here, but flashflood watches have been posted, they'll last us through the day, in toward evening essentially for the central sliver of the delaware valley. go up to the lehigh valley, poconos, aren't actually any posted at this point but you too had your fair share of heavy rain yesterday. off to the southeast here, i have a feeling see these either get extended to expand into southeastern new jersey by night fall or they may ends one their own set of advisories, bottom line, everyone fair game for rain, thunderstorms at some point today. 70 degrees the current temperature meanwhile at philadelphia international airport. off to very muggy and steamy start, because there is so much moisture to work with
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here. but, right through the day. we've got scattered share eye at this of showers thunderstorms, but they are going to be locally heavy and specially toward night fall once again it looks like they might become bit more widespread too. justin, over to you. >> good morning looks like both commutes are affected first half of this morning rush, still dealing with some heavy rain moving through the i95 corridor, and again still couple of accidents disable vehicles to talk about this morning. let's take you to the girard point bridge. ninety-five southbound, the upside, you can see, a disable vehicle, on the left side there, the shoulder, so we are getting by. but just keep in mind reminder you have to slow it down with the areas of flooded road base -- roadways there is car spun around, facing the wrong way, the tow crew here so it will be leaving shortly hopefully again this is 95 northbound approaching 420. so again probably driving too fast, and running into the flooded roadways and spun out. we have flooding also on the blue route both northbound and southbound. between broomall and saint
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david's, now, 476 northbound now closed, from broomall to villanova. alternate 320. that's because of all of the flooding on the roadways, hopeful will he we can get that reopened shortly, all right, new jersey turnpike, couple of accidents, northbound before burlington mt. holly left lane block one before 322 on the shoulder so getting by there. that's a look at your ride this morning. >> more on breaking news, more than dozen people are displaced after fast moving fire in chester, delaware county. the this fire broke out around 1:30 this morning on the 400 block every bickly place. now the fire damaged five homes before firefighters were able it get things under control. 418 was vacant. there was nobody to rescue on 418. and the one next-door the family was already out of the builds being upon our arrival. >> we had heavy fire showing first and second floor, one in service with 2-inch and throw quarter hand lines to the first floor and second floor, and the late leida supply line from the hydrant. >> eight adults, 11 children, are displaced.
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the fire marshall still investigating, and at this point, no word how the fire started but again the good news in injuries have been reported. funeral a rappingments are pending for former delaware attorney general, beau biden. the son of vice president joe biden died saturday he was 46. he had been battling brain cancer for two years. biden was planning to run for governor of delaware, next year. his friends sabo biden's death is not just a lost for the family, but also, for the first state. >> for people in other states, they just, i don't think they'll understanded or be able to get the fact that this is such a tragedy for delaware, because he was so close it all of the people. >> by the end served as major in the delaware national guard. deployed to iraq for a year in 2008. biden leaves behind a wife and two children. and beau biden's death not the first time the vice president has had to deal with personal tragedy n1972 just weeks after his election to the u.s. senate, his first wife and his one year old
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daughter killed in a car crash. beau biden and his brother hunter survived that crash. >> in 2012 the vice president spoke to families of fallen soldiers about losing a child. >> you see a flower it reminds you, you hear a tune on the radio, or you just look up in the night and you know, you think maybe, maybe i'm not going to make it, man. >> biden's first wife and daughter burried at st. joseph's on the brandywine in greenville delaware. the biden's are parishioners of that church. stay with "eyewitness news" for the continuing of the coverage of the death of beau biden. updates on tv and on line at >> our time coming up on 5:36. minimum wage workers in delaware are getting pay raise today, the state minimum wage increasing by 50 cents to 8.25
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an hour. another bill introduced earlier this year, would continue to raise the minimum wage by 50-cent every year, until it reaches 10.25 an hour in 2019. >> in business news this morning, how much it could cost you to have lunch with warren buffet. >> and for you breakfast lovers, what's to blame for the increase in egg prices. >> jill wack nerve will break it down. i understand we have some technical issues with our add yo, is that corrected yet? i guess not. we'll check in with jill in just a little bit. up at the stock exchange in new york get the buzz worked out. >> right now, talking about gas prices, seemed little expensive the last time you filled up, they just reached their highest level of the year. the national average for gallon of regular hit 2.84 last week. slight increase from the previous week. expert predict the prices may be close to hitting their peak for the summer driving season. here's what to expect if right now your a close to empty fill up on your way to work or school today. new jersey drivers paying
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average of 2.49 for gallon of regular, prices in delaware are almost 20 cents higher, and pennsylvania, they've got the highest prices in the area at 2.86 a gallon. >> this is known as just holy grail of apple computers. >> now few people are whole lot wealthier, after stumbling upon one. workers at san francisco area tech recyclers say elderly woman recently dropped off several boxes of junk. after rummaging through they discovered an apple one computer. now, that's the very first computer sold by steve jobs. only 200 ever made. the workers sold the computer at auction for $200,000. and are now looking for the woman to give her her half. >> how about that? >> that's great. >> no idea it was worth that much money when she threw it out. >> unreal. >> 5:37. i believe we have jill wagner back up in new york. >> live at the new york stock exchange, good morning to you.
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>> good morning back, no technical difficulty have been straightened out. see if the markets can rebound after falling on friday, on word that the us economy actually slang in the first quarter, the dow dropped 115-point, the nazdek fell 28. this week, invest remembers waiting for government no jobs report for may comes out friday. that report, gives us a good picture of the health of the job market. consumers are starting to pay more for eggs, as that massive bird flu outbreak continues to hit the midwest. the price for dozen eggs, from midwest manufacturers; up 120% since april. some restaurants are even seeing a shortage, the chain what a bug err says it will be forced to trim it breakfast hours. and the bid something now open for the annual warren buffet lunch auctionment minimum bid to break bread with buffer he will, $25,000. last year's winner paid more than $2 million. the money raised goes to good cause, the san francisco
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homeless charity the only topic off limit at hundred such what buffet might invest in next. ukee erika? >> that's the one thing you really want to know. >> mainly that's the point of the lunch flyers. >> what are your thoughts on the latest tv shows? >> sure, how do you like your hundred p, sure, that's cool. as we continue this morning end rick a end grays yes, sir proves the show must go on. get hit by a drone during the show. >> cue up the name jokes. kim kardashian shows the news, revealing, that she is pregnant again. >> and talk about the spirit of a champion. we'll tell you about the record that 92 year old runner just set. be right back.
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929 year old rocks her way into the record books. >> harriet thompson finished rock-and-roll marathon yesterday, becoming the oldest woman to finish a marathon. her un official time, just over seven hours and 24 minutes. thompson classically trained pianist, plays old piano piece toss get her past the miles. >> i've done it b i thought well if i did it before, maybe i can do it again. >> my son said mom, will you do better next year.
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>> she did terrific this year. thompson said she is not sure if she'll run against next year but reminds us after last year's race she wasn't sure if she would run this year eitherment not making any promises but 92 years old and running marathons? >> and the family support behind her. >> and you never know. >> and singing the tunes. >> talking to her, listening to her that she is 29? >> inspiration to us all. >> well done. today would be good day to hit the treadmill if you are training for the marathon. coming up on 43:00, katy? >> absolutely one of the indoor activity kind of days we ends one very soaking rainout, there our eyewitness weather watch remembers definitely talking about it this morning. quite few locations, that we've pick up some fresh observations from the watch that's morning. so thanks for waking up nice and early and giving us the report here guys. ed connors sent in really clouds, out in chesterfield, one spot where you are not getting hit at the moment. >> little run in the rain, kasey is pumpedment didn't
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want to take a walk, who could blame the poor thing? so soggy outside. little further inland here, where fran send in 67 degrees. out in nottingham within the last two minute, he sent this observation. >> it was a dark and stormy night. absolutely wasment woke a lot of us up. didn't it? storm scan3, next, show you what's going on here, quite a bit of activity, as we just saw, based on the werth watcher others, not everyone getting hit. about you're out and about traveling in there is you will be running into some very heavy rain at times. specially if you are traveling right around this zone, around i-95 and then even off to the north traveling portions the northeast extension looking pretty rough at this point. salem, gloucester, camden county, stretching down into western atlantic county, eventually, if you're not getting hit now, you will at some point. it would appear like there is little break behind this, rid?
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not so fast. we haven'tly end up with fresh rounds of rain, thunderstorms picking one time here. likely catch mid-morning break region wide, starts to pick right back up again f we get enough sunlight, limited. we have seen it already that's going to continue with anything that fires up, just plenty of moisture to work w lightning, win at moderate risk for us today. and hail also possible. but do not have to worry about any tornado activity. through the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, we keep it at 80 degrees, steamy out there for sure, definitely very, very warm and muggy for us, with all of the wet weather moving through. drop it back to the mid 70s for couple of days, we are left real which morning showers tomorrow, then chance to dry out. and although being optimistic with partial sunshine wednesday, thursday, and friday, i do still have to throw in at least the off chance that some you see a shower anyone of those days. justin, we send it over to
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you. >> good morning at least rain but you don't want to see flashflooding. northbound, between broomall and villanova. report of closed lanes here justin finch and more updates on that coming up later on in the show. also back on 95 northbound, approaching 420, earlier we had disable vehicle that is gone. now we have another guy here, looks like maybe changing a flat tire. just rough conditions in the rain, the road spray so give this guy some space if you are traveling north on 95 in the next few minute, area speeds, still looking good, right around the speed limit. drop your speeds, just due to the wet roads. reduced visibility looking good. forty-two freeway, five a no problems, in blue bell, we do have traffic light malfunction due to the weather dekalb pike, lights totally out that's because of power outage there. and on the new jersey turnpike northbound before burlington mt. holly do have accident,
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left lane remains block this hour. and don't for fit when you are on the road you can get updated information about traffic apps backups with the new cbs philly traffic app. download it now on itunes or google play. eight department, 11 children, forced from their homes by fire on the 400 block of bickly place in chester. damaged five homes no worth dollars -- reported injuries. >> several of the united states post 9/11 anti-terrorist measures expired at midnight. among them the ability for the government to collect americans cell phone records. this eggs prayings, though likely only temporary. >> and funeral services being planned for the son of vice president joe biden. beau biden was a two time delaware attorney general and served with the us military in iraq. died saturday from brain cancer at the age of 46. right now, it is 5:46. at another name to the field of republicans running for
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president, lindsey gram expected to become the ninth republican in the race later today. gram considered an expert on foreign policy. retiring after 33 years with the military, because he's about it reach the mandatory retirement age of 60. starting this sunday, new face covering the presidential race right here on cbs-3. john dickerson takes over for bob schieffer on "face the nation" after she schieffer retired yesterday. correspondent take a look at look back at schieffer's farewell. >> anchored final "face the nation", after 24 years capping nearly six decade career in journalism. i thought back to the ninth grade, saw my by line in the school newspaper and decided right then i wanted to be a reporter. announced retirement at his
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alma matterment began to make his name as reporter at the fort worth star telegram, covering president kennedy's as nays, and the viet nam war. he joined cbs news in 1969. when a was a young reporter i wanted to work for cbs. walter cronkite was my here glow reported on bolt sides of the aisle for his fairness, no-nonsense style. >> i try to remember the news is not about the newscaster it is about the people who make it and those who are affected by it. >> seventy-eight year old saidel probably still watch his old show on sunday morning, i'll be honest, i'm going to miss being in the milled of things, the one thing i will never forget, is the trust you place in the me how nice you were to have me as a guest in your home over so many years. that men the world to me. >> that's if for us today as i say good-bye for this last time as moderate err of "face the nation". craig boswell. >> and starting this sunday,
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sunday,cbs news political reporter john dickerson will be the new host of "face the nation". watch it here on cbs-3 every sunday morning at 10:30. what a wonderful career. he'll watch every weekend you know he is, and will be involved in a little something, i'm sure. >> i love he did bring his entire staff up there. >> all about team effort. >> still ahead walking out the door, katie and justin tracking this morning's downpours. >> ricky ends up covered in blood during his concert. see what happened when he had a mishap with a drone. first what's happening on cbs-3. be right back.
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good morning, following breaking news on the blue route. northbound side of the highway is shutdown, that's the right hand part of your screen right there, between broomall and saint david's because of flooding, you can see some of the roads covered. no cars moving on the right side of the screen right now justin will have the detour whether we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. coming up in just a momentment but again the northbound blue route closed this morning because of flooding. >> word; soon be one more kardashian to keep up with. >> reality star kim adder a ash yan revealed she is expecting her second child with husband and rapper kanye west during the mid season finale of keeping up with the cards ash yan's, that's a shock, she made the announcement, there yes. couple welcomed their first child north in 2013. so just wait for all of the name puns, jokes on twitter and -- >> won't be long now. recovering this morning after
5:53 am
unusual mishap involving a drone. during a concert in mexico, the pop tarp tried to use a drone to videotape himself with the crowd but he sliced his fink her he grabbed it on stage. watch quickly ban averaging his hands he went right back on stage even paint add heart on his shirt, with the blood. that's little morbid. >> what a trooper went back on stage finished his show up. >> show must go on. lesson don't grab a drone in the air. helping people. thanks. >> to talk i talking about some storms. >> interesting word segment guys. >> it was. >> yes baby kardashian and bloody end rick a very interestingment thank you for that. >> good morning. >> good morning, happen mine day, folks. right now nothing falling in the way of precipitation outside whitfield elementary school. one place where you don't have wet weather sheen the
5:54 am
pavement here. west lawn, pa, definately soaking rain pounding down right now east of philadelphia especially through gloucester, camden, salem county i also out toward the immediate shore line, ocean county here right now, severe weather threat today only at the marginal risk, that's the lowest of the totem pole. down polls are given gusty winds, certainly the possibility of flooding with any thunderstorms that do erupt later today. we still have them out there right now. kind of all day event. seven day forecast does cool down by tomorrow with just lingering showers in the morning. should catch a break and dry out. >> that's something to look forward tonight we have problems here on the blue route. northbound again past broomall exit three west chester pike, see the back up, it does remain closed now so do you have get off at exit five, take route 320 route one to get around, that go all the way back to up vim november a again this is back up due to flooding this morning. forty-two freeway road spray still rain falling here new jersey northbound are the
5:55 am
headlight, volume picking up, speeds okay. drop your speed this morning a loft flooded roadways outside, still heavy rain moving through the region. area speeds, for the most part looking okay, but very slow coming through northeast philadelphia now on 95. stay with us, more news, when we
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>> birds eye view of building demolition, slim margin of era. this is unusual view from the roof of the former police headquarters of christ church new zealand. 139 story build being was imploded when main streets and other buildings all around. >> it took more than 120-pound every explosives to get the builds to go a manageable size to demolish just incredible. wow, we'll be right back.
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>> self sewer flooding has part of the blue route shutdown. take a look at the back upright there. right side of your screen, the northbound lables, right now they are completely block between broomall and st. davids', that's about 4-mile stretch. justin has your detours coming up in traffic and in just a bit. boy, very active scene on storm scan3 as well. this weather will be what us all day long. go goes without saying, grab the umbrella buff leave home. careful on the roads numerous flood advisory and flashflood watches, in effect all across the area. we will check in with kate. we know it is lasting all day flight. >> essentially, there will be couple of breaks along the way, true this wet weather likely it come through somewhat scat nerds nature that is it does so, but you guys said it, umbrella essentially a requirement, with days like. >> this this rain is coming down. where it is coming down,


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