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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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with torrential rains, potential for hail and also flooding concerns with this and damaging winds. tornado warning in effect until 5:00 o'clock but even if that is downgraded to a severe thunderstorm still is very significant and important and please make sure everyone is inside and waits until this dangerous storm passes. right now our hail indicator continues to give us some spots over to the west. here's our rotating thunderstorm. now we're not seeing that tornado signature but we are still seeing a rotation in the thunderstorms so i think this storm is going to be allowed to be downgrade to do a severe cell cell. but still nevertheless, we are talking about heavy rain and damaging winds with this particular storm. for the rest of this evening we are expecting more of these storms to pop up. tornado warning has been allowed to expire. that is the good news. we want to you remember that if anything else happens as far as tornadoes are concerned that you have to go into interior room of your home and of course wait until the storm passes. we still have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect
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for the region until 5:15 this afternoon. tour shall downpours rate in excess of one to twenty fours an hour. flash flood warning for interior south jersey as well an additional storms are expected into the evening a flash flood watch continues into the night so there could be localized flooding. that is the very latest from the weather center. kate bilo live along kelly drive in philadelphia and kate all of a sudden everything is exploding across the area and i know you have some rain as wealth. >> reporter: it absolutely is exploding. kathy most of the day philadelphia has been pretty quiet. we had the storms off to the east and the ones off to the west. now this big lull of rain -- wall of rain is about to slam into the city. in the past 10 or 15 minutes the rain has really picked up in intensity along kelly drive. we've seen about four or five flashes of lightning. we're hearing rumbles of thunder so i put the umbrella down. we have the mast down on the truck we're not taking any chances being out in this. people running people boating along the schuylkill. kelly drive behind me so far we haven't had ton of rain here but what we're looking for for the
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rest of this evening is a flash flood threat maining on the roads. we know how dry it's been through the past month or so. the streams, the creeks can main the take it. the roads however especially roads that are prone to flooding kelly drive, martin luther king drive, the roads around manayunk you get that heavy rain you get rain one to 2-inches per hour that's moving into the city and boy, it's going to be heavy and lead to the threat for flash flooding on the roads. let's take you over to the schuylkill river because as i mentioned we're not really concerned about stream or river flooding. the schuylkill is looking really actually pretty low at the moment much this river could take a lot of rain before we'd have to be worried about river flooding. what you may need to be concerned about smaller streams and creeks in our area especial physical they get under one of these heavy cells you get three 4-inches of rain on the small creek or stream. that could lead to the risk for that breaching its banks. if you're an area prone to flooding to night with these flooding downpours moving in, play it safe. do not ever drive through a flooded roadway again we're okay now along kelly drive but if you see a flooded roadway don't trying to through it even if
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others are it doesn't take much to pose potentially life threatening situation. turn around, don't drown and again, these storms not only as we not only produceing flooding rain, large hail, damaging whipped gusts and isolated tornadoes as the thunder rumbles behind me along kelly drive. i send it back to you in the stewed eighty seven more updates in just a bit. >> all right, kate thank you so much. the storms that rolled through this morning did some damage. this is jackson street in philadelphia where a tree fell on to power lines. there were minor problems in that area but everything in terms of power is now back to normal. torrential rain during the morning commute snarled traffic all across the area. northbound lanes of the blue route were closed for about an hour because of ponding on the highway. this happened between broomall and saint david's. crews cleared the drains and then the water recedeed. you can track today's thunderstorms by downloading the cbs philly weather app and you can see live radar get the weather alerts when they're issued and much more, it's free.
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it's available right now on i tunes and google play. in delaware and across the political world the tributes continue to pour in today for beau biden the son of the vice-president the former attorney general of delaware died saturday of brain cancer at frick. steve patterson talk with some who knew the younger biden. >> trunk worthy, loyal helpful friendly, courteous, kind. >> when politics label one of their own a boycott scout it's a negative phrase. >> cheer null, they have tee. brave. >> reporter: when the phrase was used to describe beau biden, it was meant to mad much of honor. >> when delaware judge thomas, recites the scout's oath he says all the traits seemed to define the late by 10's tenure as a public servant. >> i do not know of a single person who disliked beau biden report roar 46-year-old beau biden died saturday night after a 24 year battle with brain cancer. vice-president's son started his
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career as a philadelphia prosecutor arm national guardsman in office for two terms as the delaware attorney general. >> there is a reason that beau is the most popular elected official in the state. >> people really knew that when he was with them they were the most important person in the room. >> reporter: biden was in line to be the future of delaware. as attorney general he clammed anded down on child sex crimes, went after predators and netted nearly 200 convictions in office before he became sick he was entertaining a run for governor. a move that most including markell say he would have won. >> at a time when people are so cynical about elected officials he was just a great guy. >> steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". in other news today a fire investigation in southwest philadelphia is considered suspicious now after a man's body is found inside the home.
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it all happened around noon today. along the 1500 block of south 52nd street. that's in kingsessing. the victim was found on the first floor of that structure. officials say that firefighters encountered strong fumes inside that home. >> this fire is suspicious at this time because there was a heavy odor of gasoline. we brought out accelerant detection dogs and hit on a couple of locations of liquid pour. >> there were no other injuries reported from that scene and an autopsy will determine exactly how that man died. a fire in a vacant row home damages neighbors row homes in chester. "eyewitness news" in the 400 block of bicly street. firefighters got to that scene around 1:30 this morning and there they found heavy smoke and flames. by the time that fire was contained it had damaged four adjacent occupied homes. >> woke me up and told me to hurry up and leave. so i hurried up. ran out the house and i look to
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the left, big smoke. i just hurried up and ran that way. >> no one was injured. on friday another vacant house on the same block caught fire and an investigation is underway underway. well the us supreme court overturned the conviction avenue northampton county man who was convicted of making threats on facebook. anthony a loonies referenced his estranged wife, police an school in postings. he said he didn't intend them to be threats. prosecutors argued that the comments would strike fear in a residential person. but the court says that's inn consistent with requirements for criminal conduct. including an awareness of wrongdoing. the justices also ruled in favor of a muslim woman who says she was denied a job at the clothing retailer abercrombie and fitch because of her religion. samantha, says the store won hire her because she wears a gash. the court ruled a and f failed
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to quote reasonably accommodate her beliefs. the company has changed its policy to allow head scarves. key parts of the patriot act expired at mid need the national security agency's controversial collection of millions of phone records. as correspondent craig boswell reports some senate lawmakers are working to get those laws back on the books. >> reporter: the senate is considering a house bill that would overhaul how the national security agency gathers u.s. phone records to search for terrorists. >> we're changing a program that didn't have a problem and didn't need to be changed. >> reporter: lawmakers refuse to consider the same legislation eight days ago but are now searching for an alternative plan after kentucky senator rand paul blocked vote text tend the controversial patriot act. >> i'm not going to take it any more! i don't think the american people are going to take it any more! >> reporter: gop presidential candidate is leading the campaign to permanently stop the bulk collection of us phone records. a practice that former nsa
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contractor edward snowden first revealed in his week key leak documents. >> paul faces opposition even from a number of fellow republicans who believe the program is search for national security. >> we shouldn't be disarming unilaterally as our enemies grow more sophisticated and aggressive. >> reporter: the new legislation known as the usa freedom act would prevent the nsa from gathering phone records but would allow the agency to search records held by phone companies and would preserve other less controversial surveillance program. craig boswell for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> still to come here today on the broadcast meteorologist kathy orr will be back with us. she'll have a check on the severe weather that's been moving through the area. >> also, ahead a collision in the sky as air show spectators watch in horror. the deadly accident caught on camera. >> the show must go on. despite an unusual mishap at a concert. we'll have more on enrique ink lace and his nasty encounter with a drone. >> formerly known as bruce we'll
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♪ >> we continue to follow the severe weather that is moving through the area right now. flash flood warnings remain in effect. there is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for salem county. meteorologist kathy orr will have the latest for you. it's coming up in just few minutes. a dead deadly accident at an air show in italy caught on camera. these two cedar propeller planes flying near another when one
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plain lost power and drifted into the path of the other. both aircraft men plumetted toward the water. a 47-year-old pilot died. the other man managed emergency landing sustained only minor injuries. >> an incident over citizens bank park could land a phillies fan behind bars. the faa is investigating after a fan was spotted flying a drone above the ballpark during the sixth inning of yesterday's game. faa rules ban anyone from flying devices over stadiums during games. the fan reportedly told police that he was trying to take pictures and video. so far there have been no charges filed. meantime the singer enrique inglassias undergone reconstructive hand surgery after a mishap with a drone. he know lace sliced some of his fingers when he grabbed hold of a drone at his concert in tiwanna on saturday. now he wrapped his bleeding hand off stage and then returned for about another half hour or so. his next show is slated for
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july 3rd in mexico city. coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock our reporter alexandria huff will take a closer look at drones and the dangers associated with them. >> ouch. that looks painful. >> caitlin jenner former known as bruce makes her debut on the cover of vanity fair and it is baby number two for kim kardashian and kanye west. >> busy day for the kardashian clan. insidersinsiders mychal yo on a spin off of keeping up with the kardashian. he joins us from hollywood with more. >> the news of kim's second baby was overshadowed today by the first photo of caitlin jenner formerly as bruce. >> as soon as the vanity fair cover comes out i'm free. >> let freedom ring for caitlin the cover girl. former bruce jenner channels glamour as a woman in a white sweetheart abuse tee yeah for vanity fare july inn issue. >> the last few days in doing this shoot was about my life.
5:15 pm
and who i am as a person. >> hash tag call me caitlin is spreading like wildfire and trending big time. >> this is about your life. >> caitlin shot for fame anti annie liebovitz. the issue hits news stands june 9th she's got the thumb up from at least one of the kardashian kids. >> it was the first time i saw bruce as her really really pretty. >> ka* kim zester echoed the feeling on instagram chloe wrote we were given this life because you were strong enough to live it. i couldn't be prouder caitlin. kendall posted now that's a cover. >> i just got blood test back and i am pregnant. >> kardashian confirmation for kim and kanye west. northwest is about to become a big sister. kim lighting up the internet with her big reveal on last night's mid season finale of keeping up with the kardashians. images of mrs. west out and about in new york wearing a tight gray cat suit made the rounds. it was kim pog's first siting
5:16 pm
since her news went viral. there's never a dull moment with the cash dash seans or the jenners. >> never a dull moment inside which will much more on caitlin and kim's second pregnant tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs3. and the jenner transition has been blowing up on social media you can join the conversation on our facebook and twitter pages just use hash tag cbs3 chat. >> still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 o'clock lost a lot of weight but still unhappy with the way you look? well, what more and more people are doing now after the wait is gone to improve their self image. beasley? here at citizens bank park it's the phillies fan festival. something they've been doing since 1984 raising money to strike out als. we'll talk more about it a little bit later on
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>> serious storms moving through right now. i know you guys have been tracking them very closely. >> yes. right now we do still have a tornado or excuse me i should say a severe thunderstorm watch and warning that's in effect. but a numerous reports of hail. it is just amazing. hail as high and as big as an inch in diameter and this mainly in new castle county and that is where the genesis of this storm began that became very strong over south jersey now take look outside where we did have heavy rain falling down the shore. we still have at least moderate rain in ocean city cape may county. the winds are blowing so a line
5:20 pm
of showers and storms moving through there and in philadelphia we do have some rain that's moving in but not intense in center city right now now. you can see we have some fog obscure our skyline as welch let's take to you storm scan3. this is the big story of the afternoon. there's the line of heavy rain moving through the barrier islands and down the injuries seashore but the main focal point has been the cell new castle county had a history of hail as big as an inch in diameter and this is moving toward the heat. now, as it moved across the delaware you could see there was a flash of magenta. that was a rotateing thunderstorm tornado warning associated with it a little bit earlier on this afternoon. now a severe thunderstorm as it moves toward the east. but we did just get an indication on our doppler radar regarding this particular storm that there was debris in the area of salem county and we'll take a zoom in on that and show you exactly what we're talking about also some hail indicators through the wilmington area with some large hail there. so if we can take a zoom down to
5:21 pm
the area we're talking about near piles grove and also salem this is the area that we're talking about that we saw that debris and on our storm track we'll move this storm toward the east about 20 miles an hour and it will be near clayton by 5:27. williamstown by feature 38:00. winslow at 6:03 and vineland by 6:07. severe thunderstorm with torrential downpours damaging winds and also hail that's moving toward the east at 20 miles an hour on its way toward vineland by the 6:00 o'clock hour. the severe thunderstorm warning itself has been allowed to be expired but still we do have the potential for those damaging winds. you can see the temperature contrast here on our contour map with a warm front that is well to the south. but keeping a focus mechanism for these storms. so you have the cooler air and the warm and humid air and we are seeing the storms pop up right along this line and that will continue into the evening. so we're really not out of the woods just yet. as we take a look at our future
5:22 pm
weather watch out for another round of heavy rain moving up the i-95 corridor through central delaware. this is about eight 9:00 o'clock and also moving through central jersey again and interior south jersey through the 11:00 o'clock hour. then overnight we dry it out and then during the day tomorrow expecting some showers and thunderstorms to pop up drying it out wednesday. wednesday morning into the afternoon clouds more than anything else and some cool temperatures. overnight, heavy rain will continue at least into the late night hours. low temperature 60 during the day tomorrow, 67 with some scattered showers but high temperatures only in the 60s. and as we go hour by hour, you can see how things cool down significantly and only in the 60s during the afternoon. three day forecast shows 67 tuesday. 71 wednesday. thursday still some showers in the forecast the temperature 72. that is the very latest from the weather center. kate will have more from a live location in the storm on "eyewitness
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>> the phillies are back at citizens bank park tonight but they are not playing baseball. >> they are hosting the phillies festival. the team's annual event to raise money for als our sports director beasley reece is joining us now live with more. beasley? >> reporter: the team they are big winners today because of this great fight to strike out a als. the phillies fan festival. this line behind me is to meet larry bowa ton get autographs. now all the players and the staff their all here. it's a fun filled autograph and auction party to help strike out als. devastating neuromuscular condition for which there's no known cause or cure. for some of the players the cause is personal. cameron ruff lost his grandfather to als.
5:26 pm
>> being able to do something it's very special. it's got a special place in my heart just like he does. and anything i can do to help anybody with it or be there for them you know, i know what -- i don't know necessarily know what it's like but i know the rear percussions of what happens. >> i think today this is exactly where we're all supposed to be. so this isn't -- this isn't about us as players. this is just us doing our part as people. >> reporter: now the phillies have been real champions they've been doing this since 1984. raising over $15.2 million to fight als. now, in sports the chairman dave montgomery will join me to talk about this big event. live from citizens bank park i'm beasley reece. now back to the studio. >> always a great job phillies do with this event. beasley thanks so much. still to come here in the next half hour. we continue to track severe weather as it moves through the area. >> kate. ?
5:27 pm
>> reporter: that's right, chris. we've got steady rainfalling along kelly drive here in philadelphia. lightning and thunder. it's slowing things down on the roads and it's going to be a long evening ahead as more storms roll through. we'll track them live coming up. >> new jersey state trooper dies after a collision with a deer. i'm cleve bryan and coming up some tips from the experts about how to keep your family safe. then new at 6:00 o'clock shattering the glass ceiling. a camden county police officer marks a first in that city's law enforcement history.
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"eyewitness news" back at 5:30 and we are tracking severe storms. >> storm scan three lit up in red orange, yellow and green right now. these storms have a history of dropping torrential rain and a tornado warning that has since expired. meteorologist kate bill other is tracking storms live along kelly drive kate? >> thanks, jessica and chris. we do have have pretty steady rain coming down here along kelly drive and heavy thunderstorms rolling through the entire region. we are hearing thunder, we have seen a few flashes of lightening. trail has cleared out here. traffic is moving okay behind me since martin luther king drive behind us ape also
5:31 pm
schuylkill expressway. things are very slow. they will get slower. as you in move west that is where we have got heavy rain falling right now. lets go out to storm scan three. you can see what we're looking at this evening. we've got heavy rain lining up down i-95 corridor. heavy rain in the western suburbs right new we are seeing pockets of rain aroundard more area back through main line. down in portions of delaware county and that extend near baltimore area where strong thunderstorms are moving through and potentially or previously tornado warn storm pushing through salem county still with strong wind. take a look what we're expecting on the road for rest of tonight. we will watch for that road spray these large puddles reduced visibility in the heavy rain. you will need windshield wiper, turn around, don't drawn. if you see a flooded roadway do in the drive through it. traffic moving okay. road spray is becoming an issue here as people take the turn pretty slowly. everyone is being prudent for now but again we have a lot of heavy rain to get through
5:32 pm
before the the night is over. we will track thunderstorms and have more in the seven day forecast in just a few minutes. chris and jessica back to you. new jersey state trooper who died when his patrol car hit a deer over the weekend will be laid to rest later this week. the as "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan shows us trooper anthony raspa's death highlights dangers of deer on the road. >> state police hamilton station, flags flew at half staff machine to honor fallen trooper anthony raspa. he died on duty at day morning after hitting a deer and striking a tree on 195 scary situation many drivers can understand. >> they come out it is quick faster then you think dart across the the road. >> reporter: jonathan morris says he damage three cars from deer crashes. >> tore the whole front side of it off and my whole fender, everything was gone. >> reporter: a according to the insurance institute nationwide there are 1.6 million deer related
5:33 pm
crashes each year resulting in 200 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries. one of the most dangerous time is mating season october through december, triple a says drivers always need to be ready. >> some simple things motorist should do is obviously be alert which means eliminating distracting while driving and really paying attention to the road. >> reporter: experts say every year deer crashes do three and a half billion dollars of damage to vehicle also cross the country and some accidents are una sprayedable. don't swerve because it could make matters worse and you have to be careful about slamming on the brakes. >> what slamming on the brakes does is lowers front end of that vehicle and increases likelihood that the deer will then roll over the top of the vehicle, smashing in the windshield. >> reporter: you should use high beams whenever is there no on coming traffic so you have more time to react and remember deer are heard animals. if you see one on the road others are probably nearby. in hamilton cleve bryan cbs-3
5:34 pm
"eyewitness news". trooper raspa will be laid to rest tuesday at saint matthewas church in somerset. that begins at is 11:00 a.m. developing right now an american women has died in south africa after she was mauled by a lion. this happened around 2:30, local time at a popular wild life park in johannesberg. park pennsylvania officials say that woman was riding in the passenger seat and trying to take a photo of the lion when big cat jumped in the window ape and bit her. officials say she did have a window down and that ace begins regulations. well fbi is involve in the investigation in the bizarre series of shootingness northern colorado. we will get more from cb. news jeff glure. >> two weeks after john jacoby was shot and killed investigators say his killer has struck at least once before but they are not saying how they know.
5:35 pm
>> i will not discuss and keep up with the integrity of the investigation. >> reporter: police say whoever killed jacoby shot core i romero in the neck while driving in the nearby interstate a month earlier. >> 911 what is your emergency. >> ... >> unaudible. >> reporter: twenty year-old said at first she didn't realize she had taken a bullet. >> i thought they hit my car. i thought i was in the accident. >> reporter: seven other people reported their driver side or passenger windows shattering while driving honor near the same interstate. >> i drive up and down here all the time. it is just something that you hear about. you know it. but you don't think it will happen to you. >> the the public needs to be aware if they see suspicious activity report to it your local law enforcement so we can investigate. jeff glure cbs news, new york. is there a $10,000 reward for information in that case. senator lindsey graham joins a crowded field of hopefuls seeking republican
5:36 pm
nomination for president. south carolina law maker launch his campaign in his hometown today. graham has been a prom not voice in the senate. he stressed his readiness to defend the nation against outside threats. >> i'm running for president because i have the experience, the judgment, and the will, to deny the most radical regimes the most dangerous weapons. >> graham becomes ninth republican to enter the 2016 presidential race. secretary of state john kerry is heading back to the u.s. after spending the night in the quit hospital for a broken leg. he broke his right femur when he hit a curve riding his bike early sunday morning in france. kerry's orthopedic surgeon will accompany him on the flight to boston. the once he gets there he will receive further treatment. he is expect to make a full recovery. back here at home philadelphia police need your help looking for suspect wanted in an auto theft in wissonoming. take a look at this surveillance video from may
5:37 pm
26th. they tell us that a gate was cut at an auto least pair shop on van kirk street. you can see two suspects making off with a chevy cruz in that shop for repairs. a philadelphia companies taking a prominent world in the upcoming world meeting of families. it will bring pope francis to the city. it was announced aramark will be the official retailer for world meeting of families. the company will sell american 200 brand products everything from t-shirts and key chains to coughe mugs. retail locations will be set up inside convention center and ben franklin parkway during both meeting and papal visit. a rally today along the schuylkill river supporting new regulations to improve the quality of philadelphia's drinking water. environmental protection agency's new rules are designed to protect thousands of miles of pet waters that feed local water resources. supporters of the program say they will help provide safer drinking water for people all over the the
5:38 pm
good evening everyone quite a rainy rush hour so that means you will give yourself some more time, prepare, you may be making sudden stops or dogma touring because of flooding, ponding in the roadway. lets look at i-95 very wet shot right around allegheny. southbound commuting is not fun and as you make your way from cottman down through to the vine still slow, also that north bound side will not be fun either. anytime we have weather like this it makes rush hour slower. all of the usual places that you have rush hour anticipate that volume ton double. take a look at schuylkill expressway maneuvering in and out of the center city and western suburbs or speed are averaging in the teens all over the map. as you will notice we have yellow but primarily we have red. eleven being your average on i-95, traveling on the schuylkill taking a look out of the area of king of prussia totally jammed there. king of prussia amid county use pennsylvania turnpike, delayed there, ten is your average on 476.
5:39 pm
big time volume on i-95 in and out of the delaware county and delaware with that earlier tornado warning. be mine full that the weather is impacting your commute this evening. also traveling the philadelphia international airport we have a arrival delays and departure delays and keep in mind traveling newark international. you will fine delays there as well. mass transit as a whole throughout the neighborhood you could fine buses are delayed so on and so forth. traveling on the roosevelt boulevard north bound ramp to broad treat we have a flooding situation so to try to avoid that area if you can chris and jessica. still to come, home electricity vampires, from tv, computers, to video games and streaming devices, all of those digital devices can suck up electricity when they are off and that cost you money but there are ways to save. jim ton van shows you how up next. small tokens of life long affection are not so permanent after all.
5:40 pm
it is a ebb of the era of a million love locks on a historic bridge in paris kate. chris, we have got steady rain and thunder here on kelly drive not keeping people off the trail here this evening but it should because lightening is out here and now we're talking with flooding rain and slow downs on area roads. we will time it out and have the rest of the seven day (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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tv's computers video games, streaming devices we use them each and every day but all of those little devices use a lot of electricity. >> if you're looking to cut costs, three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find there are ways to save. >> reporter: americans are spending more time in front of the screen then ever before and it is creating pricey power bills. >> consumer electronic nurse house might be using two refrigerators worth of electricity each year. >> reporter: ten to 20 percent of your bill will power things like your tv, gaming conn volume and computer. when it comes to cable boxes many times it doesn't matter if they are honor off. this device measures how much energy an appliance is using. plug in a cable box while it is on, it measuring about
5:44 pm
25 watts. turn the box office and it only goes down to 24. >> the industry is working hard to make those better. >> reporter: requesting an energy star 4.0 set top box from your provider can help, and tweaking your current tv's picture settings to something less bright can help you save a lot right now. >> if you pick something like vivid, iting with overly bright and use 30 percent more power then necessary. >> reporter: finally for computers whatever possible think portable. desk tops use four times more power than hospital tops and when finished using it, shut it down. limiting your family screen time may continue to be a struggle at least now you can limit how much energy those screens use. >> yes, that shut down verse the sleep option. >> yes. >> it is important. >> yes. >> sometimes you don't want to wait for to it boot backup. >> you know me with shutting everything off. >> yes. exactly. >> we have got more on severe weather when we come right
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flooding is still a big issue from texas this is liberty county where an entire junkyard is under water. it will be for quite sometime. take a look at this scene. we are looking at a cow being led out of the flood waters by a boat. >> oh, man. >> you can see that man using a rope to hold the cow's head
5:48 pm
above the water. is there a wild weather day across the area numerous warnings have been issued already. >> the threat is not over yet. meteorologist kate bilo is live along kelly drive with the stormy forecast, kate. >> that is right jessica. in fact huge changes heading our way it is like june started and we switched from the hot, steamy summer like may with lots of sun to a very unsettled week and much cooler weather in the wake of this system. we are here on kelly drive. i've got schuylkill river which will fair fine with this heavy rain event because rivers that we have right now are well below average. we had a very dry may. you can see rain is impacting roadways schuylkill expressway martin luther king junior drive moving slowly here. if you walk over here you can see trail schuylkill river trail is pretty much empty. notice puddles forming. we have had an hour or so of rain in philadelphia. we have much more to come. we have road spray puddles you will be dealing with that
5:49 pm
all night long. some roadways mayfair even worse, road closures are still possible tonight with the heavy rain that will be coming through. let start off with storm can three and see what is happening. the the rain is just moving very, very slowly. that is the problem here. these storms formed but they are in the getting out quickly. they are sitting over the same area and produce ago this heavy rain. we have a lot of storms in the baltimore area those will all push eventually into eastern maryland and a over border into delaware. heavy rain around the city. it looks like heavier amounts will be just south and east of philadelphia flash flood watch remains in effect through overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. we have a couple severe thunderstorm watches for easter maryland moving toward delaware once these storms push east. as we move forward in time you cane what is happening. these storms progressing slowly through the region. future weather showing they will in the get out quickly. they will move into portions of central and southern new jersey and it will in the end
5:50 pm
throughout the overnight hours still, rain moving through. that flash flood warning through the overnight hours and then the rain continuing to push up, through central and southern new jersey. future weather showing where heavier rain is a and it will be mainly pushing from south to north during the course of the overnight hours. let head to the future rain amounts and see what we are looking at. this is what we will get on top of what has already fallen. heaviest is south and east of philadelphia with portions of new jersey and northern delaware, seeing another two to 4 inches of rain before all is said and done and that certainly will lead to the threat for road flooding in spots. temperatures now rain cooled are only in the 60's in the area right now. that is where we will stay through tonight and through the day tomorrow, as well, we have got this system as we look at our surface map we are seeing a system stalling to the south. we will see another area low pressure pushing in and that will keep threat for showers any day this week and through the end of the weekend.
5:51 pm
for tonight we will go down to a low of 60 degrees. we have heavy rain and thunderstorms around. it will taper off overnight and then tomorrow still some scattered showers and notice how cool it is. high just 67 degrees. it will be well below average after a string of taste well above average. you're witness weather seven day forecast and cher cast keeps it the cool tomorrow ape notice right through next couple days lower 70's wednesday and thursday, by friday, we will warm up but another threat for showers and then are storms to start off the weekend. back here live along kelly drive we have not see this severe weather so much in the city mainly just heavy rain but we were sitting in the truck a few minutes ago and we heard a loud crack of thunder. we saw that flash of lightening. if you are out and about tonight please be safe. there could be thunderstorms right overhead and they can come up quickly and again heavy rains are our biggest threat through tonight and into tomorrow. we will have more from kelly drive at 6:00, for now back to you in the studio good thanks for standing in it for us
5:52 pm
kate, we appreciate it. we know one person's trash is another treasure. >> this takes it to a new level. company man from the san francisco area bought vintage apple computer, took it to a recycling center. so she had it, dropped it off at recycling center. apple home made 200 models of that first generation compute inner 1976. reikeeling company sold to it a private collector for 200 you this dollars. >> now, they are being nice because they are looking to give half of the money back to that woman. >> i said do you need pick up receipt or a receipt. she said no, i'm fine, i just want to clean out the trash. >> wow. >> recycling company says all of the woman need to do is come down and pick up her check which is very generous of them. >> it is right thing to do. >> sure is. >> this handbag set a new record in auction. one bought the handbag for $222,000.
5:53 pm
the crocodile baggies with 18 car on the white gold and die mop hardware and this sales smash record for another bag sold in 20111 a at heritage auctions. that bag went for $203,000. >> would you rather have that or that apple computer. >> one or the othery can guess. >> a symbol of eternal love is no more on a historic bridge in paris. >> city officials have we gun task of removing the thousands of so-called love locks. authorities in paris say the locks which couples have affixed to the bridge railings over many years have now caused serious damage. in fact last summer chunk offencing fell off because of the wait way. bridge will be fitted with padlock proof plexiglas panels so, no more of that, very interesting sight there in paris. >> so needy always that was really cool but in more. >> no more. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" a growing trend in weight loss. >> we will tell you about the
5:54 pm
surgery that more and more people are having after the weight is gone. we will be
5:55 pm
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weight loss surgery is a
5:57 pm
booming business right now and it helping to fuel an increase in certain plastic surgery procedures. >> cbs news correspondent marley hall says patients are turning to more than just die totes reshape their bodies. >> reporter: ann hanson went from this, to this in five years. dropping a total of 170-pound through diet and exercise. >> i thought through all this hard work and sweat blood and tears that i would have the fairy tail ending at the end of the weight loss and i didn't. >> reporter: the 54 year-old was left with sagging skin, he had surgery on her arms, abdomen, and breasts. >> but at the end of the day when i got undressed i was reminded of hoy used to be. >> reporter: new numbers from the american society of plastic surgeons show ann is not alone. procedures related to massive weight loss such as tummy tucks and lift of the thigh upper arm and breast are increasing. >> there has been a rise, clearly over the past several years in bariatric surgeries.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: experts say that increase in weight loss surgery is fueling the plastic surgery trend. >> last year nearly 45,000 patient his lost large amounts of weight had plastic surgery to reshape their bodies. >> what i hear from patients all the time is until they have had their plastic surgery their journey is not complete. >> reporter: ann says the plastic surgery completed her transformation. >> i had, so much more confidence, and i was just so pleased with everything. >> reporter: marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 severe storms with heavy rains wind and lightening role through the region. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking what we can expect throughout this evening kathy. >> flooding concerns continue right through the evening with the flash flood watch severe storms are still possible, they have history of damaging wind and large hail, we will continue to track storms.
5:59 pm
>> man is questioned by police, at a phillies game and this on the same day a popular singer was injured by a drone. "eyewitness news" takes a closer look at the rule for these device he. remembering bow biden political leg ace he, he leaves behind, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. a stormy afternoon is expect to give way to a stormy night, thinks a time lapse video that shows how fast, to daze's heavy rain, wind consume the boardwalk in ocean city, new jersey. here is storm scan three at this hour a sea of green red yellow and orange. tonight, concerns for flooding as torrential rains moved through the region. there are flash flood warnings in effect for parts of the area right now. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. right new there is currently a
6:00 pm
ground stop at flights at philadelphia international the airport so keep that in mind. we also have, team three weather coverage for you meteorologist kathy orr and kate bilo. we will begin with kathy where she's tracking where that heaviest storm is right now kathy. >> we are watching a severe threat. this is a line of severe storms moving in along the the eastern shore of maryland but they continue to move east at 40 miles an hour and that means new castle county, kent county and sussex county delaware please ab wear that these storms are heading your way as well. they will stay severe, that could pack a punch within the next hour or so. in the meantime as we look through main line of philadelphia through suburbs of the montgomery and bucks county we have heavy rain moving up i-95 corridor through wilmington right new through parts of the delaware county and philadelphia you can see interior south jersey where we had a severe cell still seeing heavy rain pleading to flooding, glassboro, upper pilesgr


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