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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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to you they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™. >> tonight at 11:00 severe storms bring heavy rain for
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hours causing flash flooding and dangerous conditions across the area. and the severe weather continues in some parts. storm scan3 showing storms still making their way through rate now. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. we have team three coverage tonight of the storms that hit certain areas very hard. we'll begin with "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco. she's in hammonton atlantic county where the waters rows quickly. >> reporter: the rain still coming down at a pretty good pace out here as it has all night and while the flood waters have receded what they've left behind is this giant sink hole in the middle of the street. the sound of rushing water could be heard from atlantic to gloucester county where roads were flooded and flooded taking it slow. heavy rains came down fast and hard throughout the afternoon and evening. bringing thunder and lightning and giving storm drains in ocean city more than they can handle. some surf shop employees decided to have little fun with it. >> trying to figure out separate way of transportation to get
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home. >> buena vista 12th and jackson closed door to flood water. pratt street was covered in a foot and intersections submerged submerged. this police car is now guarding a sink hole caused by rushing water. >> block away arturo martinez and family stranded at home. >> i'm waiting out here because my kid is over here and we can cross. >> you can't get out. >> no. >> water was rushing into basements. zapped bags and plastic not holding it back. >> i came from galloway township township. we're not getting the rains in galloway. they called me on the phone. i need a sump pump. >> kevin mcdonnell is helping his daughter and husband with 2-inches of thought their new home. he had to drive through what looked like a lake to get there. >> i should have brought my pickup truck rather than a car but luck killly i made it through. >> flood waters seem to recede as quickly as they came. in hammonton diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the strong storms triggered a
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tornado warning in salem county tonight. "eyewitness news" was on broadway and pennsville where the rain came down hard and fast. drivers there had to take it slow and look out for ponding in the low spots. and check out this eyewitness cam video from showing sparks flying from downed wires in newark delaware. the storm knocked down power lines across kirkwood highway near the newark farmers market. those storms moved in fast and furious. meteorologist kathy orr is still tracking more unsettled weather in the area. kathy? >> it is amazing this storm has evolved started off as severe storms with potential tornadoes dangerous hail, damaging winds. now, it's all about the flooding and some pictures we've received have been incredible. this is wind swept torrential rain courtesy our "eyewitness weather" watcher margo steinmann isn't buena voice to and you can see it is coming down in buckets inches of rain have fallen across parts of new jersey and that's how we are counting it tonight on storm scan3 i want to
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you look at all the yellow and oranges that is rain rates of about an inch an hour earlier today we had about two 3-inches an hour. all those moving toward the northeast. little bit of a break through central delaware another line of rain moving through the chesapeake into the eastern shore of maryland that will be moving through south jersey as well. so heavy rain along the philadelphia i-95 corridor through delaware county even philadelphia county where you see that dark orange. that is very heavy rain and as we take a zoom in, you can see some of the place that is were hard hit earlier getting hit hard again. gloucester county, camden county even burlington county. but the focal point is to the south where we are seeing heavy rain in delaware, move in through interior south jersey where we have already seen some significant flooding. when we look at the rain rates and we look at the doppler radar estimates, these numbers are incredible. where you see the red those are the two bulls eyes. newark delaware, and also interior south jersey from vineland all the way across the expressway through folsom and
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hammonton where diana rocco was reporting from. so three to 4-inches of rain as you head toward the north and the east. but in hammonton this is five to six. six to 7-inchesinches in folsom in piney hollow five to 6-inches of rain w we take a zoom in ham mon tan the neighborhoods through girard street north chew road, also northern egg harbor road, five to 6-inches of rain so real serious situation there. six is to 7-inches rain along 54, 73 and extending down 322. that's 11th street and 13th street and an additional rain is coming your way tonight. we do have some flood warnings in effect. not flash floods but additional flooding because the water is not going to rise quickly but it will continue to flood into the overnight. flood warning for interior south jersey until 12:45. and also in cumberland county flood warning until 12:30 with additional rain coming up we'll talk about what comes tomorrow
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morning in the wake of some of these storms and that rain will linger chris. >> all right pretty impressive numbers already kathy, thank you very much. if you think that airport checkpoints are completely secure think again. tonight we have the shocking results of an undercover investigation. and they may lead the public to rethink how safe we are in the sky. the scope of the security failure is stunning. 67 out of 70 times screeners missed dangerous items. undercover investigators with homeland security known as red teams had a 95% success rate sneaking mock explosives, weapons and bomb components through tsa checkpoints. >> i think the security needs to be re-evaluateed because it's not hard to get anything through if you're trying to. >> report said to be issued later this summer is expected to call for better technology to detect threats but also for increased training for tsa personnel. >> in one case an agent performed a pat down of an undercover investigator. but failed to notice a mock
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explosive that was taped to the person's back. >> they'll get us through fast and they're kind of rushing but other times it seems hike they're chatting to each other and oblivious to what's happening. >> counter terrorism experts say it's unzestable. >> we're dealing with thinking predators. they base their actions in part on our actions consistently seeking vulnerabilityies and we've got to do what we can to stay ahead. >> members of congress are voice voicing their concerns with the break downs much homeland security director jay johnson ordered immediate changes those the tsa won't say what they are. tonight there's fallout from this report. the acting head of the tsa has now been reassigned. the nomination of a permanent administrator is awaiting confirmation in the senate. lawmakers in washington are racing to restore the patriot act. the senate is considering a bill to reform its most controversial provision that. bill would overhaul the program that collects american phone date t it would prevent the inform sa from actively
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gathering phone records and storing them but it would lot agency to later search records already held by phone companies. for now the entire program is on hold because parts of the patriot act expired this morning morning. today the white house blasted the senate for letting it happen happen. failure of the united states senate to act to renew the authorities that were includeed in the patriot act has had an impact on the ability or on the authorities that our national security professionals can use to keep us safe. >> expiration of the patriot act was spearheaded by kentucky senator and republican presidential candidate rand paul. paul is trying to end the nsa's data collection program for good good. many who knew and worked with beau biden are offering words of praise in the wake of his death. the 46-year-old former delaware attorney general and son of the vice-president died saturday from brain cancer. delaware governor jack markell says biden's ability to reach
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past barriers of ideology, race and class made him successful as a politician on both sides of the aisle. >> people really knew that when had a with them they were the most important person in the room. >> many say biden would have likely been the future governor of delaware. the us supreme court overturns a conviction of a northampton county man who was convicted making threats on facebook. anthony al loonies posted violent messages about his estranged wife, police and a school. he said they were therapeutic rants and not threats. prosecutors argued those comments would strike fear in a reasonable perp. but today the court said that did not meet the stanford for criminal conduct. >> these are the images of bruce jenner as we knew him for many years and today jenner introduced the world to caitlyn on the cover of van nat fair magazine. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones spoke with a local surgeon about jenner's
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transformation. >> from the cover of a wheaties box as a man to now the cover of vanity fair as a woman meet caitlyn jenner the new identity former olympian bruce jenner has chosen as he transition noose a female. 65-year-old caitlyn debuts on the cover of july vanity fair. malcolm, the executive director of philadelphia's equal forum. >> 65 i thought like, wow. >> inside the magazine there's an interview and more photos taken by professor annie liebowitz. >> it's really at the very basis of individual liberty. you know, it's really what we profess we're all about. >> jenner told van nat fair he has no regrets. saying if i was lying on my death bed and i had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, i would be lying there saying, you just blue your entire life. >> dr. sherman lease of bala kin wide has operated on hundreds of transgender patient. >> i think it's great for
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transgender people to know that they can do that also. they've been thinking the same way since they've been little kids. these aren't crazy people these are normal people from all levels of life. i've done laborers, i've done athletes. i've done policemen. >> jenner cree create add twitter account on monday writing welcome to the world caitlyn. can't wait for you to get to know her me. he's appeared on keeping up with the kardashians following his marriage to chris kardashian the pair divorced last year. and espn announced that jennifer will receive the arthur ash courage award at this year's espy awards and he should also point out the van nat fair article was written by u penn grad and former philadelphia inquirer reporter buzz bissinger bissinger. roaring live from the sat center, to todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, todd thank you. on that new twitter account jenner picked up 1 million followers in just four hours and
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three minutes. that's the fastest ever to 1 million. >> she's almost to 2 million tonight 1.7. a lot of reaction pouring in about the caitlyn cover. tell us what you think connect with us on facebook or twitter and at make sure you use that hash ago cbs3chat. >> she just tweeted again thankingthanking everybody for making her the fastest growing twitter handle. >> lot of support out there obviously. >> still ahead tonight four vehicles are the latest in the recalls due to faulty air bag. we'll have that information for you next. >> also a trip to seat animals in a wildlife park turns deadly for an american woman. coming up what she was doing when this happened and what will happen to the lion that was involved in that attack. >> kathy? >> more rain ahead overnight and even into the day tomorrow. i'm tracking a line of storms along the eastern shore of maryland moving east at 40 miles an hour. they are just about a minute away from seaford delaware, georgetown delaware at 11:30 and lewes delaware by 11:49.
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torrential rain associated with these cells. we'll continue to tract storms coming. >> the devices around your home that may be a part of your lifestyle. they're also taking a bite out of your i till will the bill even when they're not being used. we'll have simple ways to save so you can avoid a pricey power bill. >> and love lost. the end of an era on a historic bridge in paris.
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an american woman has died in south africa after being mauled by lion. >> this happened at a popular wildlife park in so hasn'tness burg. park officials say the woman was riding in the passenger seat of a car and was trying to take a picture of lion when the big cat jumped in the window and bit her her. >> i'll stop immediately and rushed over to chase the lion i was want the gentleman that was driving he sustained injuries to his arms trying to get the lion out as well. >> park officials say the woman had the window all the way down that violates park policy. they do not plan to put the lion down but they may move it to another property where the animals do not interact with the
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public. the secretary of state john kerry is back in boston tonight for surgery on a broken leg. secretary broke his right leg sunday in bicycle accident in geneva when he hit a curb and fell. kerry was there for nuclear negotiations with iran. senator lindsay graham joins a crowded field seeking the gop nomination for president. thing south carolina lawmaker launched his campaign at a rally in his hometown of central today today. graham has been a prominent voice on issues of foreign policy and national security and today he stressed that he's ready to defend the united states. >> i'm running for president because i have the experience the judgment and the will to deny the most radical regimes the most dangerous weapons. >> lined see graham is the ninth republican to enter the 2016 race for president. >> ford is now recalling 1 million mustang and gt sports
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cars because their drivers side air bags could potentially explode. those air bags are made by the japanese smear takata. ford recalled nearly 500,000 mustangs and gt's for the problem back in december. they expanded that recall today to include additional model years facing government pressure they agreed to scan the number of air bag inflaters that need to be recalled to 33.8 million here in the united states. with power bills on the rise in the summer months three on your side finds you can cut costs by taking aim at home energy vampires. 10 to 20% of your total electric bill is going to power things like your tv game console and computer even when they're turned off. some cable boxes are energy hogs as well. questing an energy star ..0 set top box can help. tweaking your tv pots picture to a setting that something less bright. >> consumer electronics in your
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house might be two refrigerators worth of electricity each year. >> for computers whenever possible think portable. desk top use four times more power than laptops. and when you're finished using it, don't put it to sleep. shut it down. >> tempting to do that. a lot of ways to save. >> it can take while to boot back up, but you'll be saving money. >> that's right. in the long run. >> all right. kathy it's been a very busy day and night in the weather department. >> yes, we're shift to go heavy rain the focal point. more flooding an line of heavy thunderstorms that could produce additional flooding concerns into the overnight. we'll get to that on storm scan3 scan3. take look outside where we have moderate rain falling in philadelphia. little bit of fog out there. cool temperatures in the 50s and 60s. and more rain i think the raincoat required tomorrow morning. so please be aware of that. on storm scan thee we have many concerns because we have additional flooding that will go right into the overnight and
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possibly into the wee hours of the morning. you see that patch of yellow philadelphia and south jersey we see a break right through central parts of delaware and along the eastern shore. but i'm very concerned about this. it is crossing the chesapeake into the eastern shore of maryland it is a line of very strong storms with torrential rain. right here we have a lot of moderate rain at least half an inch to an inch an hour so that will increase the flooding through interior south jersey and you can see some patches along 95 through delaware county where we see the red those are rain rates in excess of an inch an hour. still seeing moderate to somewhat heavy rain in the philadelphia area. but threw parts of delaware this is my concern as we see some of that heavier rain moving in. this is it that line of showers and thunderstorms become a cluster now with frequent lightning in easton also cambridge also along the eastern shore moving into seaford and it will continue to move toward milford over the next couple of hours. i would say within the next half hour get through the central
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part of the state and then moving closer to milford within an hour. a lot of heavy rain that will continue to fall into the overnight period. temperatures are basically rain cooled around the region. in the 50s and some 60s and i think we'll stay there overnight tonight. and we will continue to see actually a few flashes of lightning ponding on area roads and additional flooding with this rain. take a look at some of the live neighborhood network accumulations. hammonton folsom school district 5-inches of rain. drexel hill nearly 3-inches. 2.5 in magnolia hokessin delaware over 2-inches of rain. we've need the the rain. too much too quickly obviously is a big concern. right now in philadelphia 60. 63 in millville. 70 in wildwood. 50s in the poconos. future weather shows heavy rain moving in overnight and even through the one two 3:00 o'clock hour more heavy rain in south jersey many tomorrow spotty showers they will redevelop in the afternoon during the warmth of the day. and then we finally dry it out a little bit later in the week.
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overnight, the low temperature 60 during the day tomorrow the high only 67. and on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day for forecast take look. we keep it cool right through thursday. by friday up to 80 degrees or close to it. saturday more showers and storms storms. the first week of june doesn't look so terrific. does it? by sunday 78. and then by monday, looking at a chance of a few showers the high testimony cher 80 degrees. be sure to wake up "eyewitness news" in the morning katie will track tomorrow's weather the team starts at 4:30 here on cbs3 and continues on the cw beginning at 7:00 and i do anticipate even scattered showers tomorrow morning. there could be lingering flooding effects as well. >> a lot of rain out there. all right, kathy thanks. >> you braved the rain and hung out at citizens bank park. >> we were underneath. food and people, great job the phillies what awesome job for 30 years now fighting als with their festival. the phillies festival. there's larry bowa.
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i'll tell you all about it coming up in sports. ♪
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>> beasley you were out for a great night at citizens bank park. >> it was lot of fun just watching the kids and the kids make the players like little kids again. >> they do. >> big stars were laughing at everything. phillies winners tonight again. they didn't play a game. they held their annual fan festival at citizens bank park. weather wasn't great but fans showed up to meet their favorite players and get autograph and pose for pictures. they raised over $786,000 since the festival started in 1984 the phillies and their fans have raised over 16 million.
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>> this event is the one constant we all have. all of us who have learned to care so much about the cause understand the ways we can help the patients, the families of the patients. >> we are in it together. we're all trig to find a cure. trying to help everybody else, you know, live longer life that's affected by this even though, you know, it hasn't been -- you're not finding a cure but you're being able to prolong the lives of people can spend pour more time with their families. >> ruff lost his grandfather to als. the phillies relieved grady sizemore. grady was designated designated for assignment friday to make room for cody asche on the 25 man roster. he signed a one year, $2 million contract last objection. weather postpone the start of the second week of eagles ota's today. they'll be back at it tomorrow and for the second straight
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season eagles offense will feature the nfl's leading rusher. demarco mur will he takes over that title from shady mccoy. he rushed for over 1800 yards last year with the cowboys. >> i came here. i've been working out here with these guys. they've do it a lot different than i've been accustomed to. i feel stronger and faster than i've ever felt. hope fit it will be a good year for us. >> american pharoah had its final work out before heading to the belmont stakes. looking for the triple crown. 90,000 people expected to be on hand hoping to watch history. two horses dropped out. carpcarp pay diem and the truth or else. we'll be right back.
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>> even if it's less than a dollar. >> we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl and of course meteorologist katie fehlinger. for beasley kathy and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at the mental list is next. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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