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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 2, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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ft behind by the rain. >> first though, threats' check in with katie for updated forecast. >> i come bearing better weather knees today. in terms of the fact, giles it, won't be anywhere near the excessive rainfall we had yesterday. soap while we do still have a number of watches and advisories to tell you about. they start to expire, pretty soon, and we will not be dealing with anywhere again near the widespread coverage for one thing nor the rainfall intensity that we had yesterday. let's go back out to little bit more of localized zoom on storm scan3. looking at three hour loop. you can see what's happened. we went from such a heavy rain, through the baltimore area out to southeastern new jersey to now at this point things that are fizzling away, to the point that you don't even have anything actually falling from the sky in most of atlantic county, for example, gloucester, camden county, so it is get being better with time. the storm in it entirety really frontal boundary, actually still needs to sag south. so, we are unfortunately still stuck with additional showers additional, you know, pocket of rain throughout the course of the day here. but they'll come through much more scattered in nature, as far as that flood advisory i
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mentioned moment ago really just until 5:30, another half hour you're stuck with the receding rainfall that led to the flooded roadways here across southern new jersey, delaware those are the only spots that you have a flood advisory, but flashflood watches last us just another hour. generally across the board here only place exempt from that, lehigh valley, pocono region, which you are still finding showers up there even at this hour. looking at couple of the eyewitness weather watcher others, we had very excessive rain. james sent in over 3 inches on his rain gauge and there are quite few locations where we saw similar, if not higher totals than that. now, as we go throughout the day, again, you will probably still want to keep umbrella at the ready. but not going to be dealing with the torrential downpours like yesterday brought. meanwhile, more of on shore flow has kicked in. that means, it is a little cooler by comparison, i would suggest extra layer at best, mid 60s on the they are mom term today. justin, we send over to you. >> if you don't like the humidity, you will love it today, as soon as you step
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outside you'll see the difference still, five to 6 inches of parts of rain in new jersey taking out lanes in waterford, franklin township. hitting the highways right now, still light rain, maybe little wet road to deal with. much better than yesterday morning. looking at 76, spring garden, both directions, looking okay, traffic is flowing good. no accident to talk about just yet this morning. hopefully it stays like. that will 309 looking northbound headlight, this is at the pennsylvania turnpike both directions looking okay. skies trying to brighten up little bit. as we get close to sunrise. area speeds, looking good in and around the city. we're running at the speed limit on the blue route the turnpike, new jersey turnpike, 295, good shape as well. accident, vehicle struck a pole in marlton, this is route 70 westbound. between 73 and cropwell road. also tonight, reds come to town against the phillies 70:51 pitch at the ballpark. watch out for increased traffic slow down in south philly. there is one of the flooded areas, franklin township, route 40, harding highway westbound near tuckahoe road.
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left lane remains block. that's a look at your ride. back to you. >> thank so much the rain came down fast and hard overwhelming storm drains in our area. more rain filled weather in the forecast, bad news for everyone trying to dry out this morning. jan carabeo joins us now in hammonton, atlantic county, one of the hardest hit areas. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, just as fast as those flood waters came here yesterday, they have receded. this area looks completely different than it did just last night. this roadway covered with water. and that created a pretty big sinkhole here on the 200 block of pratt street, it is now guarded by a police car. it is safe to say folks here in hammonton have a lot of clean up ahead of them today. not only addressing this but cleaning up flood waters that's made its way into people's balesment. atlantic to gloucester counties spotted high water created by yesterday's soaking rain. it was a headache for drivers, and homeowners alike in ocean
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sit, though, some surf shop employees decided to have a little fun with the situation and took the paddle board out for a spin but this rain was no fun for people trying to get home last night. route 54, near jackson road, in buena vista was closed for some time after flashflooding in the area created unsafe travel conditions. and of course, folks here in hammonton, tried their best to keep the flood waters out to no avail. take a listen. >> guy came from galloway township. we're not getting the rains if galloway. but they called me on the phone, i brought the sump pump. >> i think i should have brought my pick up instead of the car but luckily i made it through. >> reporter: he was helping his daughter and her husband pump out 2 inches of water from their basement, and with this thing mainly flashflooding event, however, at least any standing water still out here is only expected to continue to subside this morning. you can see with this hammonton police cruiser blocking this sinkhole, no one will be affect in the this area of course they just have to watch their way as they
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make their way around. clean up on this hole and in people's homes this morning. the clean up remains. we're reporting live in hammonton, jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. flooding in newark, new jersey, it was so bad look at this, fish are ending up on city street that are now covered in water. city health officials are warning people not to catch or eat any fish caught on the street. they aren't sure just how those fish are affected by being out of their normal elements. but what a strange site? >> really. >> now, a great time of course to make sure you have the cbs philly weather app on your smart phone. check the radar around the clock, get the updated forecast, download it now on itunes and google play. >> well, happening today lawmakers look for answers after the deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond. house committee will hold a hearing into last month's crash that killed eight people, and injured more than 200 other. they will hear from the head of the ntsb and amtrak's president. the train was going twice the speed limit when it lost
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control at the frankford curve and flew off the tracks. the ntsb still trying to pin down exactly what caused the derailment. >> police in cape may countly step up the search today for boy who disappeared 24 years ago. now, this is what mark himebaugh looked like back in 1991 when the 11 year old boy vanished from his home. this morning police will set up a command post near where himebaugh was last seen. the national center for missing and exploited children released this computer generated picture whatever himebaugh might look like now that's 34 years old. they'll work with police to review the case and look into any new tips. >> well there is morning for the first time, since her debut on the cover of vanity fair, we are hearing from family members of caitlin jenner. >> advocates are also lending their support calling this a historic moment. cbs news correspondent don champion reports. >> hours after caitlin jenner made her stunning debut on the cover of vanity fair monday, her famous family members
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thank dollars the public for their support. >> and i think that that's all we can really ask for, is kindness, and we felt that. so thank you. >> jenner's younger daughter, kendle also took to twitter posting be free now pretty bird. the olympian, formerly known as bruce jenner, made her debut on the cover of the july issue of vanity fair, inside the 65 year old will open up more about her transition to a woman. fellow celebrities applauded her. >> i think if everyone was really their authentic self, we would be in a pretty good place. >> oh, my god. you go girl. absolutely. >> after the vanity fair debuted, jenner created a twitter account that gained more than million followers in record time. she then tweeted: i'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. lgbt advocates called it a water shed moment. >> thanks to her courage lot of young people across this country are waking up today
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and in a home, in a town, in a community, where they feel more comfortable being themselves. >> the vanity fair issue will hit news stands next tuesday. don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and "eyewitness news" spoke with a local doctor who has operated on hundreds every transgender patients to get his reaction to caitlin jenner's debut. here it is. >> i think it is great for transgender people to know that they can do that also. they've been seeking this same way since they've been little kids, that they always wish that they were a girl and that they were born in the wrong body and they want to be their true selves. >> we're also getting our first behind the scenes look at that magazine photo shoot with famous photographer, this is video provide from the vanity fair. we'll see many more pictures when the magazine comes out next week. espn also announce that jenner will receive the arthur ashe courage award at this year's espionage award. ukee? >> 5:08. following developing story
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overseas search for survivors after ship filled with hundreds of people capsize z. also tsa trouble. undercover investigation reveals some shocking lapses in airport security. and it is already lead to go some major changes. and, must see video when this car goes airborne. see what sent the car flying, into a building. and it is a lot cooler than normal out there this morning katie lets you know when the rain will finally let up when we do traffic and weather together. that's coming up on the 3's on the other side when we come back.
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river. five confirmed dead. the captain and chief engineer, are in police custody. coming up 57:13 oh, those storms just not quitting katie. when will we get rid of snell. >> looks as though eventually see things at least calm down. in fact, they already are starting to calm down. we don't -- unfortunately can't say we're out in the clear with any of this until really later on this week. this front this very same front; going to justin to sag south, slowly with time, it bridges in additional clouds, showers, and specially yesterday, i mean, just rough. we look at only the last 24 hours in the doppler estimation cents and there is a bull's eye that sets up here. that's are estimates again. within the last 24 hours stills cents of anywhere from three to four to even as many as 7 inches of rainfall, and that's obviously plenty at least nerve atlantic county to lead to flooded roadways, and i have to say considering how
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much rain we did have, we haven't had much issue with a lot of streams coming out of their banks, creeks, doing the same. we just haven't had too much rain, as of late, so it hasn't been a concern. but, certainly, when it comes to travel, it is out there today. of course, justin will be updating you all morning with the details there. as far as storm scan3 goes, right now, it is not terrible. you are still finding some rain currently falling from the sky. and it is going to continue to do so in more scattered nature, throughout the day today. but, i would call it occasional showers occasional rain. the leading edge of our front still up here. that's got to drop south. so the pieces of energy, the moisture keeps rolling along this front. and as it does so, we're waiting for this thing to just sag off to the south. yes it finally will. but it will be so close by that it leads to additional shower chances for the next couple of days. so today of the next several probably the wettest of the pack. nothing like yesterday. back into the mid 60s here today with more of on shore flow then we see temperatures rebounding at least somewhat here, back to the low 70s on
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wednesday, more clouds than anything. but with this front so close by i'm allowing for shower in the southern counties specially, thursday see them triggered again, not to mention friday. so calling this somewhat of a dreary pattern for you. temperatures at least are going to start to rebound from this point. but today, it is cool outside. you know, scattered showers around, you have also got the clouds, limiting the sun so it doesn't feel quite as warm to you as it is. 65 degrees, the expected hyatt best, and we drop to 58 tonight. and then looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, temperatures do at least start to mick modest rebound with more clouds than anything for the next couple of days. i got to tell you no one day of the next five is totally clear cut. we are getting a loft discrepancy on the modeling lately. saturday i would say probably the best shot for totally dry day. certainly will be milder day as women. 82 degrees, the expected high by that point. so on uphill climb eventually. but you got to break out of this dreary pattern at some point. >> at some point. >> eventually we will. >> it will happen. give it time. >> my man good morning. >> at least no white knuckle
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driving this morning. >> yes. >> i'm telling you. >> scary stuff. >> heavy downpours yes, look much better on the roads still ponding on the side roads, even few flooded areas specially south jersey where we had 7 inches of rain. looking okay on the ben franklin bridge. both directions, inbound, out bound, of the city no problems right now. and traffic starting to increase little bit. but, we are moving at good speeds, this hour. let's take you to the blue route. mid-county, again, both directions coming out of the toll boot. no problem looking southbound with the taillights. and looking so far so good. skies are starting to brighten up little bit get to go sunrise coming in at 5:34 this morning. delaware speeds, in problem over the delaware memorial bridge running at good conditions, as well. 495 to 95, through wilmington, at the speed limit this hour. all right so, heads up, for the tonight do have construction zone, on the boulevard. again, it is northbound, rhawn street to woodward street. inner drive closed from 7:00 tonight until 5:30 on win
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morning. accident continues in marlton route 70 westbound between the 73 and cropwell road. traffic being directed around that accident scene. that's a look at your ride this morning we send it back over to you. >> one of the biggest hassles of flying. new airline has new plan to speed up the boarding process. >> whatever can help. >> also, the washington monument close today tourists, doctor that landmark was shut down, and when it will be ready to reopen. we'll be right
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>> family of beau biden arranging funeral plans. son of vice president joe biden died saturday from brain cancer. he was 46. delaware governor jack markell says that biden's ability to reach past barriers every ideology race, and class made him successful politician on both sides of the aisle. >> people really new that when he was with them, they were the most important person in
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the room. >> many say biden would have likely become delaware's next governor. he was planning to run next year. >> the white house has set up on line condolence page in memory of beau biden. you can go to white house to leave a message that will be shared with the beaten family. >> and, stay with "eyewitness news", for continuing coverage of the death of beau biden. we're working on the story on air and on line at secretary of state, john kerry, scheduled for surgery this morning for his broken leg. now, last night he was take never this ambulance to massachusetts general hospital in boston. on sunday, kerry fractured his right feel or in france when he struck a curb with his bike and fell. kerry says his broken leg will not affect nuclear talks with iran. >> heads up if you are planning to go to washington in the next couple every days, for vacation. a broken elevator has forced us park officials to temporarily close the washington monument. power outage last week, through it out of alignment. no one was in the elevator at
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the time of that power failure. the brief closure will allow workers to repair that problem. park officials say they expect to reopen that monument by thursday. but disappointing if this is your week to be in washington. >> exactly. time is 20 after 5:00. and this is your side, with three's on your side, with a growing recall, for defective airbags. we'll tell you all about it. >> also, get up, stand up, new advise from the health watch for just how often you should get up and step away from your chair at work. >> we'll be right back. >> i think i will ' do it now. >> go for
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>> from pennsauken, two cars located, you can see that black mercedes had damage to its tires as well, this is at the garden and woodland avenue intersection, there was another car damaged on 3900 block of royal avenue. the other car fire happened
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nearby, on garden and highland avenues in camden. >> just turned 5:23. the latest on these storms with katie. good morning. >> thankfully starting to taper off at this point erika. still have a flood advisory posted for really just under the next, say, five to ten minute or so. across southern new jersey, and delaware, that will be expiring pretty soon. and still flashflood watch until 6:00 a.m. let's go on out to the map on storm scan3 sorry we take to you "skycam 3". damp boards in cape may county. at this hour though, there is actually not any rain currently falling on the radar. you might have little mist out there, certainly you can see the classic shaking of the camera indicating there is a hint every wind out there, too. we actually go next to storm scan. show you what's been happening. three hour loop to indicate things have been fizzling, see it right before your very eyes how things just dwindle away. great to see. it means you are not dealing with the kind of drenching downpours that we ended up with yesterday. although, there will still be
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occasional rain and showers out there. another great thing about a good soaking rain, how much healthier it will feel outside, air quality is great. pollen levels, nice and low. uv index also very low so you won't get the benefit of the vitamin d so much here today. and you're really not dealing with any heat index whatsoever. really what you see is what you get when it comes to the thermometer readings. but it is damp, cool, mid 60s at best for highs and certainly, it will be a damp and somewhat dreary evening for the phils game, too 63 degrees, with northeasterly component to the wind, not terribly breezy. next couple every days having chance to warm things up. still have to allow for shower specially south of the city tomorrow anywhere scattered on thursday, and friday, for that matter, and saturday, also poses a threat for shower or a storm. justin, over to you. >> good morning, everyone, it is cool night for baseball. maybe not long ball tonight. because the humid it gone, actually favors the pitchers. let's take you outside right now, see what's happening in few areas seeing the light showers as you saw on storm scan3, much better drive than
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earlier yesterday. looking at the ben franklin bridge upside the right lane blocked, coming in from new jersey but traffic is flowing good this morning. looking at the airport the tail light are southbound, also the merge on from 291 or the platt bridge, looking pretty good. skies starting to brighten up, sunrise coming in at 5:34. accident in marlton route 70 westbound, all lanes block now. this is due to downed traffic light as a car struck a pole. looks like recovery crews are on scene there. we do have fire, walnut st. between 54th and 55th, small fire, it is under control. the alternate is locust street. and again heads up tonight on the boulevard again northbound, going to be construction, rhawn street to woodward street, inner drive closed from 7:00 this evening until 5:30 on wednesday morning. that's a look at your ride, ukee, back over to you. >> thank you jdn sports, sean o'sullivan gets the start when the phils host it tonight looking to ends seven game losing streak. last night, a lot of winners at the ballpark, ya, as the
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phils hosed their annual fanfest val. there is the fanatic. fans got autographs, post pictures with favorite players and managementment festival raised more for als research. since 1984, the phils have raised more than $16 million for the cause and the phils players were very happy to help out. you know, the athlete especially in a city where the fan are so near and dear to us that, you know, i can do my part to help out, you know, something, like als. >> nicely done, gentlemen. the eagles will start their second week of organized team activities today at the nova care complex. yesterday's workouts, of course, were rained out. erika, over to you. >> thank ukee. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" we'll let you know why you will see people wearing orange today. also tsa trouble undercover investigation revealed some disturbing lapses in airport security. and, it is already leading to some major changes.
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>> and many roads are still soaked after yesterday's rain. we are tracking some of those trouble spots with the flooding for you. and, justin and katie return, they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. we will will it dry out today? katie has the answer, we'll be right back.
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>> we are tracking more unsettled weather, buckets every rain fell in parts of the area yesterday. causing flashflooding. while drivers struggle to navigate the flooded roads some workers at surf shop in ocean city, new jersey, decided to have some fun. >> oh, messing around, you know trying to figure out separate way of transportation to get home. >> "eyewitness news" found police cars blocking several
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flooded out roads. now, if you come across one please, do not drive-thru. finds another way. once again finds another way to get where you need to go. erika? >> thanks, ukee. katie, we want to check in with you hopefully seen the worse of the heavy stuff? >> i think basically wounds down at this point actually spots where you dried out at least for a time. >> good news. >> exactly. but his is pesky front. minds of its own. you know, it is decided to slow down for one thing, and because of that, and because it is going to be sagging so slowly, to the south, it is messing with the rest of our week. >> yes, looking at the seven day, looks like we have it for awhile? >> yes luckily worse is over. absolutely already saw the worse. and look at this, just yesterday alone pick up shy of 2 inches of rain, and that is well above what we saw for the entire month of may. so we're making up for lost time here in a big way, it is just when you have that kind of rain coming down so swiftly, so heavily so quickly, yes it leads to flooding obvious why we had


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