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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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everal flooded out roads. now, if you come across one please, do not drive-thru. finds another way. once again finds another way to get where you need to go. erika? >> thanks, ukee. katie, we want to check in with you hopefully seen the worse of the heavy stuff? >> i think basically wounds down at this point actually spots where you dried out at least for a time. >> good news. >> exactly. but his is pesky front. minds of its own. you know, it is decided to slow down for one thing, and because of that, and because it is going to be sagging so slowly, to the south, it is messing with the rest of our week. >> yes, looking at the seven day, looks like we have it for awhile? >> yes luckily worse is over. absolutely already saw the worse. and look at this, just yesterday alone pick up shy of 2 inches of rain, and that is well above what we saw for the entire month of may. so we're making up for lost time here in a big way, it is just when you have that kind of rain coming down so swiftly, so heavily so quickly, yes it leads to flooding obvious why we had numerous flood watches
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warnings, advisories, that were posted all around the board here yesterday. and we do actually still have a flashflood watch polls dollars across most of the board here. but you can see how things within the last three hour loop here have completely start today fizzle away. they're not totally gone, you know, still finding some lingering showers but very light. in terms of rainfall intensity by comparison. off to the north finding the bulk of the moisture, where it has sort of been swept away. you still need the whole thing to sag off to the south. because it is so sluggish, we are stuck with additional showers. that will last us almost any time here today. 54 degrees the current temperature meanwhile at philadelphia international airport. it is definitely cool start to the day. lots of clouds are still out there. if you're not finding rain at the moment falling from the sky, just stuck in the clouds, and sunshine is going it be yet again at premium here today. as we look forward in this forecast temperatures are not going to have chance to climb very much. more than anything just because of the wind flow. shifting more on shore. mid and upper 60s at best, both in philadelphia, and down at the shore points, so, while i would certainly also suggest
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keeping an umbrella on stand by, an extra layer probably not bad idea with the temperatures currently starting off at best into the 50's, and then only warming up to the 60s so not too much movement on the they are mom term again, not going to be a soggy day like yesterday was. but, it is still certainly enough that it warrant a mention. we going to have that occasional rain firing up here there scattered fashion, pretty much any time today. justin, back to you. >> big difference in the humidity, it is pretty much gone. so not going to see those heavy showers, and thunderstorms we had yesterday. all right, outside right now visibility dropping just a little bit. little bit of fog, mist trying to move into the city right now. looking at 95 at girard, southbound taillights, traffic increasing but notice the visible, you have to see buildings here with the cloud deck starting to lower, with the approach of some light rain showers also, camera looking little foggy here, the boulevard, as we approach the schuylkill expressway. again, traffic is going okay. but the volume increasing just little bit. speeds, still on target here,
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running at the speed limit on the blue route 95, south philadelphia, even northeast philly still looking good, new jersey no problems on the turnpike 295, a.c. expressway, 42 freeway good shape. marlton, good news here, the accident has been moved so all lanes now opened at 70 westbound, between 73 and cropwell road. again heads up tonight phillies-reds 70:51 pitch. watch out for increased traffic in south philadelphia. that's a look at your ride, erika, back to you. >> thanks so. right now talking to you about this, shake up at the top of the tsa. it follows a disturbing report on security lapses, at airport. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at philadelphia international airport, to tell us more about this. justin, some disturbing findings. >> disturbing indeed, erika in fact, those findings are why tsa administrator being reassigned, stepping aside meantime the department of homeland security is offering more covert at the g to make sure the nation's airports are safe.
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>> acting tsa head melvin caro way is out. race to replace him is underway. caro way has been reassigned after an investigation exposed critical flaws in airport safety under his leadership. >> posing as passengers undercover investigators smuggled dangerous items in 67 of 70 times they went through airport security. some travelers are not surprised. >> i think the security needs to be re-evaluated, because it is not hard to get anything through if you're trying to. >> they'll get us through fast, and it seems like they're kind of rushing. then other times seems just chat to go each other on belief just to what's happening. >> so-called red teams exposed to the security flaws undercover team had a 95% success rate, smuggling mock ex he plosives, weapons potential bomb component through tsa checkpoints. source familiar with the classified finding says efficiency highlight need for better technology, more training for the country's 50,000tsa agents. experts say the need to
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correct the flaws is great. >> their passions, on our actions, seeking vulnerability, and we've got to do what we can to stay ahead. >> homelands security, jay johnson, calls the findings very disturbing, takes them very seriously, he says, as well. tsa says it sees record number of lying al items last year, and also, screened records number of passengers, still much more going on. >> more on this throughout the morning, justin, thank you. time 5:35 in business news this morning, wal-mart giving some workers a raise. >> new way to speed up the board g process on planes. jill wagner joins us from the new york torque stock exchange on that, good morning. >> despite words was unexpectedly flat in april, do you finished 30 points higher, nasdaq up 13, wal-mart
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boosting pay for more than 100,000 of its managers and workers in specialized departments. this is the next phase of its wage hike, in february, wal-mart raised pay for entry level workers wal-mart's the nation he is biggest private employer. been under lot of pressure from labor groups, to pay more money, and improve working conditions. apple's reportedly rolling out new music streaming service that could compete with spot few. for $10 a month use kearse listen to unlimited music also a free streaming service that will run ads with channels programmed and hosted by human dj's. delta wants to streamline boarding process airline testing out programmed called early ballet. airline employees with pre-load carry on bags, putting them above passenger seat before they board. >> people do lolly gag putting their bags up, i'll say. >> and stressful. first i do like the word, very nice and it is stressful, when
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waiting and watching the plane get packed. and you still know that you have got to find room. >> and that one person, ugh not quite in yet. >> you see? both of you just need to chillax, you'll get to where you are going just relax, it will be okay. >> got to get places, ukee. >> jill, thank you. >> thank up, thanks, jill. 5:37 right now with growing pressure to restore parts of the faith re at act will hold critical scroll. >> any deal in the senate threatens to undermine a compromise in the howls. michael bert reports now from washington. >> now is the time for action. >> senate law make letters again try to move forward on the house approved usa freedom act. while considering changes. one amendment would extend the amount of time national security agency has to ends bulk collection of phone records, from six months, to a year. but the nsa would still be able to search the records
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held by phone companies with a court order. >> these pictures are common sense. needs to be base ache sure ands that it will function as its proponents say it will. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell has been at odds with fellow kentucky senator rand paul, who blocks extension of the act sunday. on monday, paul said, he would support changes to the house bill. >> the white house supports the usa freedom act as is. is warning the senate not to make major changes. >> a lot of politics being played on this, coming at the expense of the national security, and civil liberties. >> any changes in the senate, however, mean the house would have to vote again. republican leaders there have already signalled they likely won't except an amendment bill. michael bert for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news" happening today, first ever gun violence awareness day. people are encourage today wear orange today to honor those who have died as a result of gun violence, orange worn by hunters, sign of safety and human life. more than 30,000 people a year in the u.s. are killed from gun violence, and improper safety with firearms. that is twice that many are seriously injured. >> as we continue this morning, a woman says she went blind, all because of her cat. hear how the animal cost her the vision in one of her eyes. >> this is bizarre never heard of this before. >> also, landmark ruling whether it comes to facebook, and free speech. what the supreme court decided about controversial post from a man in our area. >> and talk about some bumm bling burglary suspects. how they're breaking led police straight to them. we'll be back.
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>> many i you want to listen to if you have a cat. ohio woman says her cat cost her to lose vision in one of her eyes. says that one day she woke up she couldn't see out of her left eye. doctors diagnosed it as cat scratch disease. it is caused by a particular bacteria passed along by the saliva or fur of cats. about 40% of all domestic cats carry this bacteria.
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anything that is exposed to the cat's mouth including you know, if you happen to have little scratch, that the cat just licks, that's how you can get it. >> doctors say those with weak immune systems are at higher risk. two prevent the disease they say, you should wash your hands after playing with your cat and never let them lick any open wounds. well, the british experts are recommending offers workers stand for at least two hours a day. research shows that long periods of sitting are linked to serious illness and premature death. the new recommendations suggest eventually spending four hours a day standing, or walking, at work. just a heads up. >> katie, i know you never have to worry about getting the two to four hours every standing in. >> i never have trouble get that in. but i was thinking the last thing i want to do is stand right now. i just want to sit down all the time. >> mama, mama. >> you have good reason.
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>> that's fair right? >> very fair. >> you need a chair nil ' bring one. >> that's okay. that will set up the guys in the control room. i appreciate. that will i'll make it through another minute and then sit down again. good morning everyone. we take you out to the eyewitness weather watcher network. a lot of cool air in place here this morning more of on shore flow. but we've got certainly cool air report here, low 50's, generally, what we are finding around most of the region, lynn sent this in from cherry hill just clouds for her right now right now it, looks as though the rain has at least take answer break. she loved this weather. fantastic, she said, sleeping with the windows open last night, cool rain, the storm she loves t i think for me, i'm like i like 75 sunshine personally. yes, you know, if this was your thing, you had a great day yesterday. conshy, where matthew is located, 52 degrees, temperature, he does have little wet weather few showers, and so we need the rain, very true, nice temperature to go with it, again, cool air is his thing.
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so there go. storm scan3 meanwhile, we show you the latest frontal boundary slow mover, man this thing has mine of it own. it has been generally just slowing itself down with every model run. now, it looks like it is going to gradually continue it sag off to the south here, will end up pest erring us by hanging out nearby. so we have to deal with additional showers in this forecast. flashflood watches still posted. really just for the next 15 minute or so. they are expected to expire as of 6:00 a.m. but did i want to show them to you one last time. watch out for standing watt their kind of thing in some locations, as we head into the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, it is cool day because of the on shore flow. see the temperatures rebound nicely again will still be shower here and there. saturday looks like we warm up the nicest here, but there may still be a shower or a storm. and look at the shivery of mr. ukee washington. >> serious. >> you're mazing. >> serious. >> now roll me away. >> let's go. ready, set. >> that's good stuff.
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>> justin, over to you. >> now, that's service! >> how about it? >> that's what i am talking b i want that service too. hook me up. >> here eight traffic and weather g. how about that? >> doesn't work that way. sorry, bro. >> totally understand, i'm not the one pregnant. little june gloom going on here with the cloudy skies low fog mist, 422 both directions at route 23, looking pretty good this morning, before you get into the heart of rush hour there. is white camera lens, way up on the tower here, looking at 95, delaware county, at 452 northbound are the tail light here, both directions, looking okay, but i'm sure this will get jam up in another hour or so. do have accident, warminster, upper southampton. accident off the road, watch out for debris on the road, davis ville road at street road. so just be careful about that. flooding from yesterday's storm, anywhere from five to 6 inches every rain in parts of south jersey, franklin township route 40, near tuckahoe road, left lane, remains block due to the flooded waters, also in waterford township, white horse pike, westbound hendrix
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street also dealing with right lane block due to the flooding. don't forget whether on the road you can get updated information about traffic backups with the new cbs traffic app. download it on itunes or google play. >> well, police in camden country investigating at least three burned cars, found within blocks of each other. the cars were found in camden city and peck zaun end. so far police have no suspect in that vandalism. also, the transportation safety administration's boss has been reassigned, agency reworking its airport procedures. a report claimed undercover workers were able to smuggle prohibited items past screeners, 95% of the time. >> well, house committee holds hearing today into last month's port richmond train derailment. the ntsb still investigating the cause of that accident that killed eight people, and injured more than 200 others. well takata expected to apologize today for the company's defective airbags executive for the auto supplier will speak in washington, the airbags have been linked to at least six
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deaths, and more than 100 injuries. according to a prepared statement, the executive will save at the chances of the devices exploding are extremely small but that the millions affected will be replaced. >> those defective airbags have forced ford to expand recall on mustang and gt sports cars. 1 million of those cars are now being recalled, because the driver side airbags could explode. the recall covers ins talks from 2005 to 2014, and gt models from 2005 and 2006. ford will start notifying owners next month. >> well, this is a casino of crash you just don't see every day. a driver losing control, going airborne into a building. this crash was caught on camera at auto repair shop in north york ontario. that speeding car hit a fence then flew about 30 feet through the air slamming into the shop's garage door. shop's owner said he was at home having breakfast when he
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got a strange call. >> neighbor, pool master, called me said a car just went through your building, you need to rush over to the shop immediately. dukes of hazards car went airborne missed the cars parked, and actually went through the building, clean and was stopped by a structural beam. >> wow, just nut. the driver suffered serious injuries and could face charges in connection to that crash. all right, here's one for up. some bragging burglary suspect in south florida talk their way into trouble. police say, four teens used stolen camcorder to record this nearly three minute long video. they show themselves counting stolen cash, wearing stolen jewelry, and sitting in a stolen car. but they didn't think to take the camera with them when they crashed the car. when detectives saw the video they recognize the the suspect, and arrested them all. >> i was wait to go hear you say they posted it to facebook or twitter? >> when i first saw the story yes, i thought that would
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happen too. >> right now 5:48. hey, big night for former sixer. epp just got engaged to a major pop star. we have the word on how he popped the question coming up. >> also, big news for fans of "50 shades of grey". >> just you wait. >> we'll be back.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> we've seen our fair share of raindrops. katie says we have more rain, more rain yesterday than we did for the entire month of may. >> get along this morning.
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>> that's right. >> she has more on the flashflood watch coming up in just one minute. >> words is a sale ya engage today a foam sixers. he was planning big surprise for his girlfriend, he posted this picture on instagram overnight. check it out. the lakers posted the quote she said yes, it is over, man i'm getting married. now, swaggyp i'm told, that's it swaggp proposed to the rapper last night. engagement ring more than ten karats that's valued at more than $500,000. congratulations to the two of them. >> swaggyp. all right. >> hey, new 50 shade of gray book will be hitting the store shelves soon. author el james announced today that she is releasing a new book, called gray, it is
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going to be written from the point of view of christian grey. it goes on sale on june 18th. the original triligy filled more than 100 million copies. world-wide. so you just imagine how well this next one will do. >> should be another movie coming out soon, too. >> direct or, and lassie heard, not that i follow these things. >> stand by. stand by. >> indeed i am thankfully, i can report we are not dealing with anywhere near the casino of torrential downpours we saw yesterday, but still it is pretty dreary day you still have not only cool air in place, but additional showers to dodge here what you have seen how everything has really gun to fizzle away. >> the damp boardwalk, vinyl every what's already gone on here down at the shore here in rehoboth, at the air beaches you have got cool air lots of low-lying cloud cover and if you are trying to hit the
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beach today i wouldn't call it the best beach day of the world, more of on shore wind flow it, keeps our uv index very low with additional showers, here and there to sort of dot the radar at any time today. temperatures at best are in the pretty cool upper 60s down at the beaches. >> still light rain, or wet lens here, 76 eastbound past 202, looking east at the tail light, both directions going pretty good here. just watch out for wet roads. ninety-five now northbound here, the tail light approaching the betsy ross bridge. you can hardly see the background there so some low clouds, mist, little drizzle to deal with this morning area speeds still pretty much in good shape in and around the city. we will be back wit
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>> made violent facebook posts about his wife, school, claim they were rap lyrics and therapeutic rants, not threats. the court agreed the legal standard used to convict him was too low. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, street flooding could be problem again today with more unsettled weather in the forecast. jan live, with a look at conditions before you head out the door, and katie lets us know what we can expect, and when. >> also, hey no one likes getting sick on vacation. that's the worse. doctor jen's joining us, to talk about how you can stay health when you travel, especially, if your trip takes you overseas. but hey if you are getting on a plane in the next few months good tips for you. >> sure is. >> com
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>> good morning, wacking to up more weather after yesterday's soaker. >> rain came down so hard it flooded streets across south jersey and we could see more of that rain today. storm scan3, shows another round of showers moving through the area, bang, there go. right now. >> katie tracking the rain and cooler temperatures. >> only in the 60s today? >> at best, more of on shore flow setting up for us today. that will will limit the amount of warm that can take place, on top of that, not going to see heck of a lot of sunshine out there today. >> yesterday was a mess for the morning afternoon evening drive almost like it was right on cue to mess with the height of when traffic is at its worse. >> show steady rain, pretty far north for some of the steadiest stuf


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