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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 3, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a terror investigation grips boston. a man under round-the-clock surveillance is shot and killed when police say he attacked them with a knife. after heated debate, washington leaders reshape the national security agency's surveillance powers including an overhaul of the controversial bulk collection of american phone data. caught on camera. two police officers are hurt when a man apparently sets his car on fire during a suicide attempt. and cell phone suspension. a florida teacher is pulled off the job after he runs a jamming device to stop his students from using their mobile phones in class. >> the consequences could have been dire. captioning funded by cbs
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this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, june 3rd, 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning renewed memories of the marathon bombing for many in the boston area after authorities shoot and kill a man who was being watched for suspected terrorist activity. the fbi says there is no threat to public safety, but overnight the investigation widens. the violence began during tuesday morning's commute. boston police officers and fbi agents moved in to question a man before he boarded a bus outside a cvs in the city's neighborhood. police say he pulled a military-style knife and lunged at them and that's when the officers opened fire. >> the officers tried their best retreated. again, several more attempts to put down and at that point he came within the proximity that
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the officers used deadly force. >> law enforcement officials say the 26-year-old had been on the investigators' radar for several months and had been under 24-hour surveillance for about three weeks. an official briefed on the investigation says rahim was radicalized online by isis extremists. law enforcement source tells cbs news authorities believe rahim wanted to target police, something isis has called for. hours after the shooting the fbi arrested a man in nearby everett, massachusetts, in connection with the case. federal prosecutors say david wright will appear in court today related to the charges of rahim. serving a reminder to many in boston of the threat of terrorism. >> they're among us. they're living underneath us over us outside every day. they'll hurt us. >> i have flashbacks of living it -- it's like living it all
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over. >> reporter: but rahim's brother living in oakland, california says rahim's shooting didn't happen the way police said. in a facebook post he wrote my youngest brother rahim was waiting for a bus to go to his job. he was con fronted by three boston police officers and subsequent le shot in the back three times. abraham rahim is traveling to boston today to bury his brother. police say they have surveillance video show rag home advancing toward the officers with a knife before he was shot dead. and last night president obama signed into law legislation to restart most of the surveillance and anti-terrorism programs enacted following 9/11, but there are major changes. the bulk collection of private bone records was eliminated. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called the action a step in the wrong direction. mark albert is in washington. mark, good morning. >> good morning anne-marie.
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these are the first major curbs since the 9/11 attacks and it comes after a bitter battle in snanlt where delays and maneuvering caused some authority to expire for about 48 hours. a lapse the president called inexcusable. the national security agency is getting a green light to resume critical parts of its anti-terrorist surveillance program with new limits. president obama signed the new freedom of information act into law tuesday night thanking the senate via twitter for the measure. lawmakers agreed to a law that will allow wiretaps on terror suspects who frequently change cell phones. in six months they'll lose the power to collect and store phone records but can still gain access to those records held by private companies with a court order. >> we have to protect americans' privacy. we can do that and still keep us
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secure. >> reporter: kentucky senator mitch mcconnell says the saus freedom act is a step in the wrong direction. >> it surely undermines america's security by taking away one more view from our war fighters in my view at exactly the wrong time. >> reporter: the controversial surveillance program was first exposed by former nsa contractored ward snowden who maintains it is not effective at preventing terror attacks. >> if we don't real oh indicate resources in a targeted way and we find we're extending resources in terms of no public safety. >> reporter: officials say it could take several days to restart the anti-terror programs that expired. so this program now will essentially be transferred to phone companies by the end of the year. carriers typically keep call records for about 18 months and opposed to the five years the nsa held onto them for. anne-marie? >> mark albert in washington. thank you, mark. in central china this
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morning more than 400 people are still missing, trapped inside an overturned cruise ship on the yang zee river. the search continued through the night. 18 bodies have been recovered. 14 survivors have been rescued including an elderly woman trapped in the hull. the ship with 460 people on board capsized within minutes monday night in a powerful storm. >> and a at least one person was killed and eight others injured when a commuter bus jumped the curb in chicago. it happened in the heart of the city during last night's rush hour. the bus was turning onto michigan avenue from lake street. the articulated bus hit four vehicles before driving onto the sidewalk. one victim was pinned under the bus. others say they saw others flying into the air. >> i saw it try to avoid hiding
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a mercedes which it hit anyway. lost control. hit a lady in the crosswalk. >> the driver was the only person on the bus. one of the victims is in extremely critical condition. and jurors are hearing the accused gunman describe the 2012 attacks. james holmes said he called the mental health hotline minutes before the shooting but the call% was discontinued before anyone answered. he describes entering the movie theater, throwing a tear gas canister and opening fire. >> i saw that people were getting up in like the back corner, so i like shot in that direction. >> holmes says he stopped shooting only because the rifle jammed. that's when he went outside and gave up. he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. and five more cases of the
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potentially deadly mers virus have been confirmed in south korea. that brings total infected there to 40. south korea confirmed its first two cases two weeks ago and its first two deaths yesterday. at least 30 have been isolated for the mrsa infection. the soccer body is expecting to hold its first elections in september. sepp blatter said he will step down amid a corruption scandal. he was just elected to fafth term. last week the u.s. indicted 14 people in connection with corruption. blatter is being looked at as part of the fifa federal investigation. coming up on the "morning news," surprise blast. police officers are thrown to the ground after a suspect apparently sets off an explosion in his own car. this is the "cbs morning news." americans... ...83% try to eat healthy.
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a helmet camera shows the scary moment a hole opens up on a ski run in the swiss alps last month. the french skier screams as he falls into the crevasse. darkly there's an abyss. he slowly climbs out but only slips deeper inside. finally a fellow skier hears the psychiatries and goes to the hole. they hoist a rope into the surface and a helicopter arrives on the scene. two police officers in austin, texas, are recovering this morning after being hurt in dramatic explosion that was caught on video. lydia pintoses of our affiliate shows us this blast and there's a warning.
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some of it is a little graphic. >> reporter: it starts out calm. austin police officers responding to a 911 call a possible suicide attempt. but as officers get closer the man jumps in his car and it explodes. the impact sends the officers fliering. investigators believe the suspect may have used gas and a lighter to start the fire. >> they did not know the seriousness of the situation but the 911 call that had came in by the suspect basically stated that he planned on committing suicide by igniting his vehicle with himself inside. >> reporter: even after the explosion, you see the suspect try to get back inside the burning vehicle but the heat forces him out. the suspect cries in pain from the burns. this is video from another angle that shows how far the impact threw the officers. >> the injuries that both officers next to the vehicle received were minor in nature compared what it could have
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been. no skin skin burns and loss of hair is the minimum of what they received. as for the suspect he suffered severe injuries and is now at the brooke army medical center in san antonio. >> that's lydia pintases reporting. the man could fasz arson charges. >> straight ahead now, wrong number. a florida teacher is in hot water for using a device to stop students from using a cell phone in his class. and hero pilot captain sully is headed to the big screen. details in "moneywatch." people are both soft and strong which is why our products are too. and we believe in value so we give you 60% more sheets than charmin ultra strong.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," the pay gap for minorities in retail. and hollywood takes on the miracle on the hudson. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. a just released study shows that minorities working in retail are paid less than their counterparts and are less likely to be promoted. african-americans average $9.17 an hour. whites, $10.06.
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last year blacks made and black supervisors make $17.31. they do better in most categories but worse. improve managements that would have made it a lot tougher for hackers to steal tax information from 1400 taxpayers. the security breach was part of a scheme to claim fraudulent tax refunds some of far hackers have claimed about 13,000 refunds using stolen information totaling about $39 million. executives from japanese airbag manufacturer takata testified on capitol hill. wits their first public appearance since the largest auto recall in history. they told lawmakers they're still not sure what qaas airbags to explode with too much force.
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last month takata agreed to recall nearly 34 million airbags. >> news that factory orders fell sent wall street stocks lower. the dow fell 28 points the s&p lost 21 points. the pins have more information than a normal link. they see a new button that lets them purchase products directly from pinterest partners. you can see prices about specific products. and get ready for sully the movie. clinlts eastwood is directing the biopic of sully sullenberger. it will include his landing of the us airways jet on the hudson river. no word yet on his playing the hero pilot. anne-marie? >> whoever it is had better be able to kbroe a good moustache. thank as lot, jill.
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here's here. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a florida teacher is off the job this morning after trying to use technology to get his students to pay attention. he set up a cell phone jamming device but as kendra conlin of our tampa affiliate wtsp reports, it's not the first time this teacher has made a questionable call. >> the cell phone service was being interrupted in the area. >> reporter: linda cobb says science teacher got busted by verizon with a jamming device similar to these after it blocked communication to the cell tower on the campus.
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>> the consequences could have been jamming the signals so that 911 calls could not have been made. >> god forbid a child is under a desk if a gunman was in, there boy u want him to reach into his pocket for a cell phone. >> reporter: he didn't answer his phone a husband spring hill home. he did say he searched it and sold it online and was told apparently that the deep buts said jammers are only illegal if used illegally. >> the pro wrestler turned science teacher was reprimanded in 2013 after he used violent questions on a test referencing the velocity of a student thrown into the wall by a teacher and a baby run over a car. they say it's a lesson to
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parents too. follow policy and turn off phones during class. >> liptak was suspended for a week without pay. and american pharoah arrives in new york for saturday's belmont station. the colt arrived by jet from louisville tuesday and was taken to belmont park. he'll try and become the first triple crown winner since affirmed in 1978. just 11 other horses have won the triple crown. and things got hot in seattle between the mariners and the yankees. seattle manager lloyd mcclendon argue balls and strikes with the umpires. he gets tossed before he gets out to first base but he gets his money's woncht mcclendon probably happy to hit the showers before this happened. new york ties the game with two outs in the ninth and the yap keys take the lead for good on a three-run homer in the 11th. they win, 5-3.
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on tuesday president obama awarded the medal of honor posthumously. shimmen's daughter accepted the award for their father. the vets were recognized for their heroism during world war i. david martin looks at why it took so long for them to be ang knowledged. >> reporter: sergeant shemen was always a hero to his daughter. he won the nation's second
4:26 am
highest medal for rereatedly braving it. >> he's 19 years old. he goes out on three separate occasions to bring back the wounded. >> reporter: but when she was 12 her father's buddy turned everything upside down. >> he said your father never got the medal because he was a jew. >> reporter: it faded if public memory but not from yours. >> when you are discriminated against, it doesn't get better with time. >> reporter: you could say the same about another world war i soldier private henry johnson for his brievly in combat actually hand-to-hand combat he received france's highest honor. >> france didn't have the segregation policies that the army had at the time. >> reporter: according to him the american army didn't even offer johnson a purple heart for
4:27 am
his wounds. >> it was one of the big otry things i guess for some reason they didn't want the blacks to get any recognition. >> reporter: without a purple heart t man teddy roosevelt called one of the brave it who fought in worth war 1 received nothing for his wounds. he was buried in arlington and decades later awarded the purple heart and distinguished service cross. now medal of honor will be added to that tombstone. >> he would probably smile and say it's about time. >> our country is giving the highest honor to a jew from russia? i think he would think it was something wonderful and how grateful. >> reporter: of course nobody gave these soldiers anything. they earned it nearly 100 years ago. david martin cbs news, washington. well, coming up after your
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local news on "cbs this morning," more on the investigation into the deadly shooting of a terror suspect in boston, plus more than two years after hurricane sandy, thousands of victims in new jersey are still waiting to move back home. we'll tell you why. and melissa mccarthy stops by the studio with her new movie "spy." that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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well, a couple of showers are expect this morning but we're not done with the rain for the week just yet we will get a check of the forecast and when we will have some sun again finally. we have a responsibility to keep our neighbors safe that is our function. three fires in five days on the same block in chester. we're having more on this latest incident and what the city is doing to pennsylvania make sure residents feel safe in their home. good morning everyone i'm's ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer in for erika this morning. we hear more rain headed our way, katie, we have gotten so much. >> we have had a fair share of rain. we have busted what we saw was an entire months worth of rain in just one day on monday here. we


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