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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 3, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning here's is what happening chester city authorities are on the scene of another house fire on bickley place, it is the the third fire on the same block in less than a week. several homes were damage and fires on monday and friday, fortunately in one was injured in the fires but neighbors are very worried that might change if these fires continue. we have to get to the bottom of it. they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. people could lose their lives man. we have been luck that i everybody got out of their house. >> there is no word yet on if the fires are connected. police have joined fire officials to investigate what is going on. new video just in from pleasantville atlantic county where one person was hurt after an overnight house fire. you can see charred remains on the home on charles avenue.
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this was a two alarm fire. we are working to find out how the injured person is doing right now nicole. right now preliminary report is out on the amtrak derailment in port richmond. national transportation safety board released it just as a house panel had questions about how that crash happened. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at 30th street station justin, good morning. >> reporter: nicole, good morning. that hearing ran for some three hours and all major stake holders before there including members of the congress, federal railroad administration amtrak, as well as the ntsb. congress is after a cause of this crash which a at this point, remains under investigation this morning. much of tuesday's hearing focused on the cause of the amtrak crash and brandon bostian the three two-year old conductor. ntsb has his phone and working to see if its use contributed to the derailment. with no major issue found in braking systems tracks or signal human error is emerging
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as a factor in the crash. >> speed was a significant factor and speed simply put is referred to as a human factor. >> reporter: bostian suffered a head injury and says he does not recall the crash. he ace monk more than 200 injured. eight were kill. on may 12th amtrak 188 took a curve upward of hundred miles an hour after leaving 30th street station bound for new york city. a track breaking system called positive train controls or ptc, could have slowed the train which was traveling at more than twice the speed limit and perhaps caused the derailment but the system was in the in place. after the crash ptc a's were installed in the area of the derailment, some want cameras in the cab too. >> they can provide critical information as we work to determine ways to prevent future accidents. >> reporter: by years ago congress is calling for pt. credit's to be in all passenger rail tracks. amtrak hopes to meet that deadline in the northeast corridor. >> i promise you that by the end of this year this system which will dramatically
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enhance safety, will be complete. >> reporter: now the cause of this crash is said to have cost more than nine million-dollar. future hearings, and reports will lincoln the cell phone findings of brandon bostian. they are told they have evidence a phone was being used that day but ntsb want to get timing down to the critical moment of the crash and compare that to what they see on the cell phone. as of last check they had patientness their care one in critical condition. we are live outside 30th street station i'm he justin finch, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin, thank you. 5:33. here's traffic and weather together. >> good morning everybody. certainly another dreary start for the day. further north you go more likely that today you will end up with some sunshine but we are calling for more cloud then anything especially as we kick start the morning because we are tracking plenty of moisture on storm scan three. but now we are sinking off to the south.
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lets look at the live neighborhood network. very obvious split here in the grayness of the sky you've got several shade of gray, maybe in the 50 of them but certainly a few of them at palmyra cove nature park. we are facing south. what we are finding off to the south is one pocket of darker skies and we will go next to storm scan three and we will look at philadelphia county, little bit of moisture off to the south here. that is where grayer skies are coming from but meanwhile you also have to see steady rain through portions of southern most cape may county, kent county, and basically what happens here, guys is this wet weather and moisture will be dropping south with time and sort of sinking out of the area. that does mean you will likely find a couple showers south of philadelphia today but rain chances over next few days, we are not talking wash out status here. tomorrow is our next best shot for anything to be widespread in coverage. friday, still a shower around, and then saturday we have
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lowered that potential even more so because it does look like things do progressively get better and better for us with time. we have to give it a couple days. for now expect more cloud then anything and it will be milder then yesterday but still cooler than average. do you really need an umbrella in the city. you don't need to it day. it will be damp and cool. vittoria, would i say you might to have break out a sweat shirt for sure. >> i don't hate it. i really don't. i love summer but i don't hate it. i enjoy this weather. >> on people are saying you crazy. >> guilty. >> perhaps you are. >> that is true. good morning everyone. right now road aren't too crazy, still calm for the most part as we look outside you will notice traveling on the 42 freeway is very light so far northbound side starting to build volume with those headlights coming toward you but not much. we are still waiting on things. lets look at the schuylkill right around area of 202 quiet, right. traveling eastbound or
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westbound making your way in and out of king of prussia a it is great. it is also in and out of the center city. be mindful of down wires in lower merion. you have to use an alternate and that would be montgomery avenue no delays for mass transit. things at the airport holding on strong, nicole. >> vittoria, thank you. bill cosby is fight to go protect material linked to the controversial court settlement of the philadelphia sex assault lawsuit. cosby a's lawyers were in federal court in philadelphia yesterday. they want to block a subpoena sent to a lawyer for the philadelphia accuser by three women, still suing cosby in massachusetts. cosby's lawyers argued that the settlement is protect by confidentiality agreement and in one should have access to the documents. our time is 5:36. in business news more free shipping from amazon. >> more trouble for takata's air bag recall. jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning. investors are concerned about greece and whether the country will be able to make debt
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payments on the bail out. some drivers who have already got their car fix from their takata air bags may have to bring them back in for a second air bag replacement. takata executives told lawmakers that these cars have an inflater which is believed to be linked to the problem. amazon is upping its shipping game in the face of more competition. retailer is offering free shipping on small items like make up and phones, anything that weighs less than 8 ounces no minimum order and you don't have have to be a member of the amazon prime but it could take eight days for delivery. instagram is going commercial photo sharing app is opening its feed to all advertisers. so they can target users by interest age againers. instagram is testing ads that would let viewers click on the link, to buy products directly. this makes me sad because i
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love instagram with no ads on my feed. >> i know you do. >> thanks, jill. one minute the skier in this video was heading down the slope. next he plunges into what could have been an icy grave. cbs news correspondent don champion shows you the rescue captured on the skier's camera. >> reporter: french skiers run down the alps started out okay and then took a terrifying turn. as benjamin was going down, the ground opened up bee need him and wedged him. when he was screaming for help he fell several feet deeper in the hole. his cries continues. eventually another group of skiers heard him and then they threw down a republican and got help. moment he was pulled to safety was also caught on camera. in all he spent 30 minutes trapped in the hole, days later he says he was convinced
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he was going to die. >> i thought my voice would be debated, and you scream as loud as you can and as long as you have your voice. don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the skier was in the hurt and managed to ski down the slope after his rescue. how about that. >> thank god he is okay. 5:39. new video that police want to you see after a rash of stolen scooters. also inside the mind of the murder suspect for the first time james holmes explains how a last second phone call could have stop the movie theater massacre. imagine walking in your kitchen this morning and seeing this... yep, that is a snake eating an egg hear what was going through homeowners mine as he took this video of the intruder.
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what would you do if you found a 4-foot snake inside your home. not the man recording this video. he kept his cool, very impressed. he said it began with the a loud bang in his kitchen. when they investigated they found a large snake devouring an egg. they didn't freak out and no, the snake was in the poisonous. >> people have asked how did you stay so calm?
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that local helped us just knowing snake doesn't care about us it is here for an egg, it wants a meal. >> bake on, hash browns. after it ate it the couple said they grabbed some brooms to lift the snake out of the home and watched it go away. >> it is a very long broom. >> i mean, i cannot even imagine. i cannot even imagine. they are getting close ups. >> hopefully that is zoom on the camera. >> get the broom. >> it has to be a licensing broom. >> i'm telling you. >> generally graduation ceremony features a slow procession of student marching to receive their difficult problem a. >> one high school decided to take it to the next level. >> yeah. >> how about that. >> a choreograph of popular songs including wrecking ball, uptown funk as well and shake it off. the performance end with the
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school's very own ceremonial, war dance the graduating seniors a apparently learn the routine in just, two days. >> how about it. >> that is something together they will never for get. >> i necessity that is really cool. >> that is a group of people that does not take themselves too seriously. >> parents, guardians, friend in the audience. >> they are loving every minute of it. >> broadway show. >> yes. >> chorography is good for just two days. >> we're out let's party. good for them. >> shake it off. >> that is right. >> all right. >> let's send it over to katie. let's see your moves. >> no. >> my moves these days are just slow. i got no game on the dance floor anymore guys, not right now, give me a little bit of time. lets take things out to the eyewitness weather watcher network. we are finding these temperatures on the will cool side we're at 52 degrees,
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specifically up in the poconos, saylorsburg is where that came in. keith baros is send ago this in. we are cloudy, cool, humid. he does have fog. i was worried about some of the fog up that way but you can see start of the sunrise on the horizon. that is a plus. further north you are more likely it is that you will see some sun here today. fifty-three sent in from fran in nottingham where we have a fine drizzle. he is sort of right on the northern fringe of where we have any moisture, rolling through our area, and we needed rain, brown spots on the lawn are getting green again which is great to hear. so yeah, you have to look at the plus side. i know it is dreary weather and brings your mood down a bit but we did need that rain. may was gorgeous. let's energy we had such a bought full in of may but we have to catch up because we didn't have have very much precipitation. bulk of moisture is down across carolinas today but you
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can see we are right on the leading edge. all this moisture is dropping off to the south and as it does so it is southern counties delaware, southern new jersey that end up with the best shot for wet weather here today. we will go out to the health report pollen levels are backup, creeping up to medium levels but air quality is great, uv index is le with more clouds then anything and you will in the have any heat index because these temperatures are where they are at here for next few days. upper 60's, tomorrow more widespread but still scattered, showers as a whole friday still possibly a shower but right now weekend is looking up. it should be in the only milder but nicer vittoria, over to you. >> my bad, we will toss it over to the fact that kathy will be on her way to cape may tomorrow for orr at the shore. she will have plenty any store tomorrow for "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and six. be hure to tune in tomorrow for orr at the shore. now vittoria, i shall send it to you.
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>> thank you katie. right new still we are in the dealing with too much rush hour traffic. we are waiting on it. we have nuisances like construction also if you are traveling norristown as you will notice here the train arms are stuck down. we have someone directing traffic at this intersection of main street and markly. if you are traveling in this area of norristown be mindful of. that we are not dealing with too much traffic. it is not causing a problem. we will let you know when it does clear out. hopefully soon. traveling 476 around route one, traveling southbound or north bound we are still moving well. we are building northbound traffic around this area but speed sensors still in the 50's. it is just kind of starting with rush hour traffic but again, still green all over in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we could be worse. another one of those nuisances that i was talking about this is in lower merion east wynnewood road at lancaster avenue police are directing traffic as a result of the down wires. montgomery avenue is a good alternate here n delays at
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mass transit. things at the airport are just fine. developing story this morning another house fire in chester this is third fire in a week on the 400 block of backly place. we could know more later when investigators speak with reporters. crews are working to repair a water minute break on the 45 hundred block have of regent street. fifty homes in west philadelphia are without water right now. it is sentencing day for rafael jones. jones facing life sentence for murder of off-duty philadelphia police officer moses taylor junior in august of 2012. well, prosecutors in the colorado theater shooting played a chilling tape that shows james will holmes talking to a variety about killing a dozen people. andrew spencer has more on what the jury heard. >> reporter: despite comparison to the joker and speculation about his mental state james holmes told a psychiatrist he was calm, collect as he prepared to walk into this movie theater in a aurora colorado where wow kill a dozen people and injury
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70 others. calm and collect is how he described donning a gas mask, turning up music on his wireless headphones, stepping in the theater and throwing a tear gas can store. >> unaudible. >> his shotgun runs out of ammunition. >> i put the gun down and switched. >> reporter: recording played in court on tuesday is part of the 22 hours of session that is holmes had with a psychiatrist have after he pleaded in the guilty by reason of insanity. holmes told doctor william reid he didn't remember most of the shots he fired but he described firing at two people in particular he spotted running away. >> unaudible
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. >> reporter: holmes said owe was suffering a psychotic episode during shooting but doctor reid says he was legally sane at the time. prosecutors have said that they will seek the death penalty. andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". holmes also told the psychiatrist last year that just before that shooting he tried calling a crisis line, he thought someone might be able to talk him out of it but holmes added phone call was disconnect before anyone answered. act of heroism caught on camera. police oz inner south carolina sees a burning car and then sees a man asleep in the driver's seat. instead of waiting for backup corporal adam willis got a fire extinguisher, jumped in to action and pulled that man to safety. he didn't even think twice before running straight into danger. >> when i looked in i saw a arm on the steering wheel. when i reached in there he was not responsive to the point
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where i'm obviously, you know, using fire extinguisher and he is not moving. when i grabbed held and put my head in there he turned and looked at me. >> amazing job corporal. >> man was not injury. fire fighters told corporal willis if he hesitated the outcome could have been much different and you can see right there why. >> what a hero. >> i'm telling you. >> 5:50. before you walk out the door katie will let you know if you need your umbrella yet again today. if only this statue could talk, we will tell you about the mystery surrounding the bust found on the boardwalk when we come back.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at police in ventnor have a mystery on their hand. >> they are trying to figure out story behind a bust found on the boardwalk. this sculpture of a head was
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found near lafayette avenue last november. police went door to door and posted flyers bit but they had no luck finding its owners. two weeks ago they turned to facebook to get the word out. only inscription is hi l da72 on the back. police believe it was probably ditched after a burglary of a vacation home during the off season. >> maybe it is worth millions. >> you will never know. >> maybe we will know, take a good look, if you you know anything bit let the authorities know. >> 5:53. here's kate. >> good morning guys. we will look at a quick check of storm scan three. notice any moisture is confine south of philadelphia at this point. that is where you'll find wet weather throughout the day-to-day. if we do see showers there again, south of the city, it is still cool and primarily cloudy regional wide and that is the case right now. likely staying that way throughout the day. mid 50's at best on the board.
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here's a synopsis, scattered showers, mainly south of the city and we won't talk about anything more than a tenth of an inch here or there. we're not dealing with the wash out. just another day that is dreary vittoria. good morning everyone. well it has started it is rush hour, i-95 southbound around cottman avenue every single lane is now starting to move slower, and you know it will only grow from here. anyone heading into downtown philadelphia plan accordingly and stay with us, we will let you know how this rush hour continues to develop. it looks like traffic is back to normal at main street and markly. here's an a improvement but rush hour is on its way. stay with us, we will be
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close to 6:00 o'clock and police hope you can help them find scooter thieves caught in the act. lets a's show you surveillance of the two taking a scooter in front of the home from the
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1900 block of carpenter street in south philadelphia on may sixth. investigators say suspects could be responsible for several scooter thefts in the area. just a head up. coming up in our next hour of "eyewitness news" this morning we are live with another fire in chester third one on the same block in just five days. >> unbelievable. i'm headed out to a jersey farm for best strawberry ever, what zoo folks are saying. scientists a at rutgers university spent a decade perfecting this berry. see what makes it so special and where you you can get
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constipation go more often. don't take amitiza, if you have a bowel blockage or severe diarrhea. tell your doctor, if your nausea or diarrhea, becomes severe, or if you experience chest tightness or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. good morning family. it is a cloudy cool start to the day around the region, you might need a light jacket. >> don't forget that umbrella, just in case, katie is tracking another chance of showers on storm scan three
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but you said mostly we're clear. >> depend where you are and what you will find out there. i would say generally southern tears of the area, probably a good move to throw in your work bag ready to hit the road. everybody is probably want to have april extra layer ready to go because yesterday was cool to day will be much of the same with plenty of cloud till out there we have them region wide right now. looking at storm can the bulk of the moisture is definitely through southern tear. we are looking at three hour loop. do you see how things, went away over camden and burlington county here. even though we have a couple damp roads through the northern 23rd of our area, most of us are actually going to eke out just quiet weather with clouds today. cool too out there. still moisture to work with. that is where they are coming from. what we are looking at here are area dew points. dew point measures the moisture contend in the air. bottom line is lower it is, the less humid it will feel but when these numbers are close to the actua


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