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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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calls came in, pennsylvania state troopers responding to the scene of the accident near mile marker four along 380. when they arrived they awe this tour bus had collided with a tractor trailer, you can see that bus partially embedded in the truck's trailer. on board that bus italian nationals, heading north to see niagara falls a according to officials on the scene. initial reports suggest that the tractor trailer veered in the northbound lanes from the southbound side, striking the bus head on. thirteen people were injured in the crash and some of those were air lifted to hospitals. three people, lost their lives. and in a statement the owner of the bus involved, academy bus, said in part quote we can confirm one of the deceased is the bus driver. we offer our condolences to the family of this value member of our academy team as well as the families tragically affect by this accident. we extend our thoughts to the injured. now, the state police investigation into this crash continues. no word yet however on what might have caused this crash
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or, if there were any criminal charges pending. the identities of the victims involve, have also in the yet been release. we are live in monroe county, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. three suspicious fires in five days sparking some concern in chester delaware county. those fires had ripped through homes on the same block on buckly place. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in chester with the very latest on this investigation, walt? >> reporter: well, after three fires, on this block a and in five days, neighbors police and fire fighters share a common hope that there will be answer that is will stop the fires. a common fear that another alarm might be coming in, at any moment. >> unaudible. >> reporter: answering the call chester fire fighters, faced fierce flames, heat, and smoke, inside of a burning home on bickley street. the one block stretch of row
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homes, scorched by three fires, in the past five days, forcing 28 people, from their houses. >> there are three fires and on the same row same block same side of the block and yet it is but for the grace of god there has been no injuries. >> nair was coming from the ceiling, throughout the light fixture. i said y'all got to get out y'all can't state here. >> reporter: dahntay davis got his family as flames began spread nothing to their home next door. >> everybody is scared to go to sleep. we couldn't sleep last night. >> reporter: javier martinez worried each time he ace wakened by shouts of fire that his home could be next, and he might not be able to escape. >> for me, to jump out of bed or even to get out of bed it is hard. >> reporter: so far, fire officials are calling the blazes suspicious, awaiting official findings on whether a arsonist in fact set them, and if so, what the motive
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might be. meanwhile, construction crews began ceiling up, what is left have of half dozen homes, on the block including the house where williams eighth and his family, have lived for 55 years. >> this is crazy i mean it don't make no sense. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 you'll hear from fire fighters, telling us what it was like inside of those burning homes as they stopped the flames, and you'll see a touching tribute to just how courageous they were, and to the actions that kept these fires, from being even worse. when we join you at 6:00. live from chester i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, we will seal you then, thanks very much. philadelphia a police officer opens fire injuring a person in the wind field section of the city. police responded to 54th and hazel hearst after reports of someone with a gun an officer fired his weapon at that
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scene. the person who was hit was taken to penn presbyterian medical center. there is no word tonight on that person's condition. another shooting this one in philadelphia's mill creek neighborhood. police responded to a corner market at forty-sixth and parish to find a man suffering from two gunshot wounds. that person was taken to penn presbyterian medical center and is in stable condition tonight. police are continuing to investigate that shooting. a bucket truck accident sends one person to the hospital. it was an unusual scene at william penn charter school in east falls. that truck toppled over as it was extracting a tree out of the ground. authorities say the driver of the truck was taken to einstein hospital, no word on their conditions, fortunately no students were around when this happened. and take a look at this surveillance video from an accident yesterday in upper darby. you can see a yellow car hitting a building and a gas meter, this happened around 3:00 o'clock on the 7100 block of west chester pike. in an ironic twist
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authorities say the driver of that car had just left traffic court and was facing a violation for careless driving. well, in weather, it is cool, it is cloudy, a few showers sticking around in parts of the our area lets go outside to meteorologist kathy orr on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look at a the sky deck. a a little overcast but not terrible. >> if you compare today to yesterday is there a huge difference. yesterday on the sky deck i was getting poured on and it was really chill which a cool breeze. today very comfortable and once in a while you will see the sun peak through the clouds. that is a bonus. we will see more of that sunshine as we get closer to the weekend. lets look at the high temperatures around the delaware valley and region. it was a cool day in allentown, 69, 69 in philadelphia and 62 degrees in atlantic city. we have that persistent easterly wind. you can see the satellite and the temperatures, to the south, we have more cloud that is where we have colder temperatures. millville 62.
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atlantic city have one. philadelphia a is 69. it is warmer in the poconos, then it is right now in millville and dover. that is usually the opposite but we have more sun in the poconos with a temperature of 66. if you are heading out to the ballpark tonight, of course, the phillies take on the reds at 7:05. cool cloudy, don't worry about any rain, no pun muchos tonight the temperature 65. here's what we expect this evening, cloudy skies a few the scattered showers through south jersey and delaware. less than a tenth of an inch. temperatures staying in the 60's. so figure it this way go out do some exercising this evening, you won't even break a sweat. that is very latest, i'll be back with the three day forecast later kate has the seven day and we will see you when we join you inside. >> kathy thank you. convicted police killer rafael jones was sentenced to life in prison today without possibility of parole for murder of philadelphia police officer moses walker. on august 18th 2012, jones and another man tried to rob officer walker as he walked to
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a bus after his shift. they shot him twice. after today's sentencing officer walker's mother spoke about her family's pain. >> i cannot go forward. it is not over. it will never be over. this is just another page that we are turning in this chapter, you know, but my family is satisfied, we're happy that justice was served and he is off the streets but it will never be over. >> the other man involved in officer walker's murder, chancer mcfarland is serving 20 to 40 years in prison. they went to haiti to help but they wound up needing help themselves. far from home a local church mission group was robbed at gunpoint and tied up. today they talk about their ordeal with our pat ciarrocchi. >> i opened the door and said take me i am necessity charge of this mission. >> reporter: this is one fierce missionary. >> if you go go to kill, kill me. if you go go to do, whip me. do it to me but not these people. >> reporter: crack glass from
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bullet holes is evidence of the medical mission to port au prince hate that i turned horrific last week. fourteen volunteers from all hands together, based at local churches in burlington, never imagined a home invasion at 2:30 in the morning. the group was five fights in the mission when eight terrorist climbed a fence and unfurled a nightmare. with guns drawn and force. andrew and the other men were tied up. >> one guy came in and just said i cannot be killed. >> reporter: malika understood the threats. >> i literally screamed and first thing difficult was go, think, go to the room and tell everybody that there is people trying to get in the house. i am will's crawling on the floor. >> reporter: it was ann rose who commanded the room. >> i was the only one standing there, confronting them, talking to them, and telling them, three things you will get here. you will get jesus food and medication. we have nothing else. >> reporter: ultimately the men left after looting electronics and a thousand dollars in cash.
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five years after the earthquake life in haiti is desperate but the volunteers intend to return. this time, though, with security. >> we learn a good lesson. we will not stop, mission continues, but we will protect ourselves, but we will do it. >> reporter: pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". public will begin paying its respects to beau biden former delaware attorney general and son of the vice-president. on thursday biden will lie in honor at legislative hall in dover between 1:00 and 5:00 o'clock. he died last saturday after a battle with brain cancer and president obama will give the eulogy at the funeral services in wilmington on saturday. beau biden was 46 years old. still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 eyewitnesses speak about this unbelievable scene an amtrak train, slices a speeding car in half. we will have have more on the three people inside that car who survived, including a pregnant woman.
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one minute he escaped the next he was plunge nothing an icy grave new video showing scary ordeal of a frenchmen surviving while skiing in the alps. a royal mistake, we will tell you how a tweet spark a global news alert about queen elizabeth's health. lobbying for labido, company behind a female sex pill that was reject twice by the f.d.a. but could the third time be a charm? health reporter stephanie stahl takes a look
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we are going to show you incredible video after a crash but before we do we want you to know all three people did survive. >> it is a miracle. watch as this amtrak train carrying 171 passengers collides with that car in riverside, florida. this happened yesterday. you see with clearly the train rips the car in half, and the car tried to cross the the tracks, with the railroad crossing arms down. and, as you said, three people in the car were not severely injured. even though the passenger in the back seat was ejected. >> the impact, i could not hear for a second or see. i was dazed. i was out of it. all i could think about was my girls. i jumped out of the car and found her. when i turned around the the back of the car wasn't there. >> the driver of the car was ticketed for trying to cross the trains, with the crossing arms down.
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clearly, that is an example of what you don't want to do, but thank god everybody was okay. >> that is why the arms are there, that is why signals are there, you know, a train is coming. you should never ever try that. good advise. more incredible video comes to us from the swiss alps where a french skier heading down the side of the mountain fell into a crevis. after struggling for a few moment benjamin fell even further down into that hole, and he screamed for help, and he was finally rescued by other skiers but it took about a half an hour for them to find him. remarkably the man was not hurt and he was able to ski down the mountain following his rescue. on the cbs-3 healthwatch an f.d.a. advisory panel is poised to make a historic decision tomorrow, whether or not to approve a sex drug for women. this would be the the first. >> this is going to be watched closely we think by women. our health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the drug
5:15 pm
fight that has included allegations of sexism. >> reporter: this is getting intense. people pushing for the drugs say that men have have a a lot to choose from, women don't. well f.d.a. is worried about side effects but drug makers say improved sexual desire out way potential risk. today advocates are in washington and have a flashy new campaign. >> it is just you and your lady. >> reporter: group called even the score has launched a parity marking all of the sex drugs for men as it calls for equality in the bedroom. >> you have countless medication option that is will make you just as randy as a teenager. too bad your lady doesn't have any. >> reporter: campaign is backed by sprout pharmaceuticals, the maker of the drug, that has been called a feast mail viagra. >> talk tour doctor about viagra. >> reporter: medications for men work on blood flow it is different for women. it was originally studied as a anti dehe pleasant works on brain chemistry. >> for goodness sakes, let's open up the pipeline because
5:16 pm
if women have what men had which is many, many options. >> reporter: it has been reject twice by the f.d.a. causing some to accuse the agency of being sex is when it comes to sex. >> for a condition to have been known about for almost four decades but still not yet have have a a single treatment, that probably does say something. >> reporter: f.d.a. strongly rejects claims have of gender bias in the statement saying f.d.a. recognized the challenges involved with developing treatment for female sexual dysfunction. >> i don't think that the f.d.a. is specifically trying to be sexist. to be fair labido is a very complicated state. >> reporter: earlier this week the f.d.a. released a new recruise acknowledging the drug did produce an increase in sexual desire but highlighted several safety issues including low blood pressure and fainting spells. now this decision tomorrow is from an advisory panel the f.d.a. does not to have follow it but usually does. >> we will watch and see what
5:17 pm
happens. >> absolutely. >> stephanie, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" new reason why you may want to rethink using credit card for cash advances. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with hidden fees that can add up fasten if you do pay in full have month. oh, my god that is the best berry i have ever had. >> what makes this strawberry so very good? scientists at rutgers spent ten years perfecting it and we sent nicole brewer to try them out. see what she thinks and find out where you can get them
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hey, i got to see the sun today. >> well, hello. >> it is a welcomed sight. >> if you blinked you would have missed it though. >> one of our collogues at kyw news radio said it was great that the sun was out. then i looked out and then it was gone. if you saw the sun today count yourself lucky but you will see more of that unidentified flying object out there over the next couple of days. increasing sun and some warmer temperatures. take a look outside where we are looking at a very pretty day in the poconos. some sun dancing in between the clouds, at big boulder lake, this is from carbon county, pennsylvania looking pretty this afternoon. it is on the cool side but temperatures in the poconos milder then our southern zones, because of the cloud cover down there. you can see down the shore where it is a nice day on the board, some sun in and out and a few sprinkles.
5:21 pm
on storm scan three you can see cape may county we are seeing rain, also a few sprinkles over cumberland county lifting up from the south and through the state of delaware but really some sprinkles few and far between over the course of the evening, and then the cloud cover lifting toward the the north as well. poconos seeing the most sun out of of anyone today. as we look ahead as far as rain is concern we have a 30 percent chance of some showers on thursday, friday, a little bit higher. saturday low again. then sunday, noda, nothing. we will see a very dry sunday and return of the sunshine. right now in philadelphia 69. same in allentown. sixty-six in the poconos. sixty-eight in trenton n wilmington it is 66 degrees. millville 64. look at that ocean water temperature 53 degrees and with the easterly flow, temperatures very cool down the shore. barnegat light 55 degrees, sea isle 58. cape may 61. rehoboth beach delaware only 57. definitely a cool day down the shore with a persistent
5:22 pm
northeasterly whipped. cool and cloudy thomas that consistent easterly flow continues. temperatures will be in the 60's. we have a sagging front to the south that is influencing our weather, keeping the clouds around and providing those showers. working our way true friday, front moves off to the east, friday temperatures in the 07's. slight chance of the shower. a better chance of the shower or storm on saturday and then by sunday, we will be drying it out temperatures will still be warm. during the evening and overnight mostly cloudy very cool for june with an overnight low temperature of 57 degrees. during date tomorrow high of 68, day much like today cloudy, cool with just a chance of a few the scattered showers. wind north east at 10 miles an hour. as you plan your day for morning commute in the 50's, cool again lunch outside light sweater after school still dry and in the evening activities will be cool with a temperature of six 16789 your beach forecast thursday, cool and cloudy few showers 62. friday pass built of the storm, temperature 70 degrees. on the exclusive eyewitness
5:23 pm
weather three day forecast, 75 friday. the saturday 82. down the shore temperatures will respond to more unshine as well working their way through the 70's. speaking of the shore orr at the shore will be broadcasting live tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 and 6:00 from cape may one of our favorite places, it is restaurant week plus a huge fundraiser for chop, we will highlight that as well, we will be right back after this.
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go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v is there buzz about a miss tweet send out by a journalist at bbc. >> british broadcaster has apologized after causing a scare about queen elizabeth's health. cbs news correspondent tina krause tells us exactly what
5:26 pm
happened. >> reporter: breaking news about the health of britain's queen elizabeth came in the tweet wednesday morning from the bbc. it implied that 89 year-old monarch had been rush to the hospital. the tweet said her majesty was being treated at king edward the seventh hospital in london and a statement would come shortly. minutes later a journalist deleted the tweet and apologized for what she called a silly prank. coincidently her majesty had been at the hospital, officials at buckingham palace took unusual step of confirming the queen's private checkup. a palace spokesmen said that this was a routine prescheduled appointment. the queen has new left the hospital. the bbc officials later explained that their miss tweet happened during a technical rehearsal for coverage of the queen's death. british broadcaster said the tweets were quickly deleted and apologized for causing any unrest. tina krause, cbs news, london.
5:27 pm
queen elizabeth is now just a few months from becoming the longest ranking monarch in british history. september 9th she will pennsylvania pass the record of queen victoria. >> you have to be careful on the twitter world. >> yes. >> it never goes away. >> um-hmm. still to come in the next half an hour a bio safety blunder, officials now say that the accidental ship. of live anthrax it was a lot worse then we first thought. we're learning new details about the new york woman mauled to death by a lion in south africa. we will tell what you popular tv show she work on. new at 6:00 the mystery is solve. we now know where sculpture that was found on the south jersey boardwalk came from. we will have details for
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any other medicine that contains sovaldi. side effects may include tiredness and headache. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. i'm chris may and our top story is still developing for you tonight, three people have died in this crash involving a school bus and the tractor trailer, it happened in the poconos, this morning on i380 in toby hanna monroe county. more than a dozen other people were injured there. authorities are investigating, suspicious fires in chester delaware county tonight. the last five days, fire has broken out three times on the same block along bickley place. several homes have been
5:31 pm
destroyed. and rafael jones is sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole today, he was convicted in 2012 murder of off-duty philadelphia police officer moses walker. kate? well chris we had those cloud and showers mainly miss is off to the south little bit of unshine in the afternoon, temperatures rose further then they did yesterday but for tomorrow the june chill, will linger. we will stay in the 60's or lower 07's. shower chance continues through end of the week but looking more promising this weekend. i will have the full seven day forecast in a bit jessica. >> kate, thank you. community leaders reviewed video that allegedly shows the deadly confrontation between police and terror suspect. osama rahim was shot and killed by police yesterday. authorities say he had been under surveillance for months and lunged at them with a knife when they tried to question him. authorities released that video to dispel rumors about what actually occurred. >> what the video does reveal
5:32 pm
to us very clearly is that the individual was not on the cell phone. the individual was not shot in the back and that the information that was reported by others that that was the case is inaccurate. >> reporter: hours after the shooting police arrested a second man with ties to that suspect. police searched that man's home today in rhode island. the pentagon now says that more labs then previously thought had received live anthrax samples from the military facility and as correspondent craig boswell reports, the issue goes back at least a decade. >> reporter: pentagon says much more live anthrax has been shipped out to labs around the world then was previously reported. >> everyone in the department of defense takes this issue very seriously. it is a matter of public health and also the health of all of the members of our department. >> reporter: as of right now 51 labs in 17 states, the district of columbia and three foreign countries received suspect samples, more than twice the number previously
5:33 pm
reported and that number may go higher. >> these are possibly hundreds of different blots. so that is why i do believe that the numbers may go up. >> reporter: the pentagon does not believe live spores were sent from the lab deliberately but officials do not know why the spores weren't killed. >> we have a very tight number of layered controls on these lab samples and two of those layers seemed to have failed in some cases. >> reporter: officials say for at least a decade there was a failure of the radiation process to kill anthrax spores as well was with the test to ensure that the samples are dead. >> people have been working with this material for ten years and nobody has contracted anthrax from the materials. >> reporter: military doctors say that the low concentration of live spores and packaging that it was shipped in means the threat to the public is virtually non-existent. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight additional divers and a crane are in place at the chinese work to recover bodies from an overturn river
5:34 pm
cruise ship. that ship capsized monk on the yangze river, 410 people are believed to be inside. thinks on track to be china's deadliest maritime disaster in seven decade. chinese television reports that 26 bodies have been pulled from the boat, while four survived the disaster. surveillance video shows that boat in stormy conditions just before it capsized. one day after announcing that he will resign is there word that fifa president sepp blatter may be target as part of the corruption investigation. blatter won reelection as president of the soccer's governing body on friday, only to resign four days later. inter pole has just placed six men with ties to blatter on its most wanted list. we now know identity of the woman killed by a lion in the south african lion park. twenty-nine year-old katherine chapel was killed when she was attacked by a lion through an opened window of a vehicle she was tour ago this park in. she was a talented video
5:35 pm
effects artist for shows like games of thrones. driving in the park with the window down is forbidden. >> for the internationals they do sometimes come here it is a bit of the disney world thing with these tame lions and i think that is a problem. it does need to be stressed that these are wild animals even though they were born in captivity. >> reporter: lion involved in the attack will not be out nice budd will be transferred to another park. chapel was raising money for organization as begins wild animal poaching. somerset pa man is in trouble with the law tonight after allegedly setting up a fake dui checkpoint. nineteen year-old logan shallless is facing a felony charge and 15 misdemeanors after police say he impersonated a state troop are using a portable scanner flares handcuffs and a bee-bee gun. he stopped at least one kara cord go to investigators and they say that they believed that shalles was drunk at
5:36 pm
time, drunk while setting up a dui checkpoint. not a good idea. >> no. effort an underway to preserve south asian american history in our area and really across the country. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry tells us about a new project that aims to tell generations of untold stories. >> food or mbolhi wood or yoga and those are certainly important aspects of asian american culture but not only aspect. >> reporter: this is the executive director of the south asian american digital archive we met to discuss why the group is publishing a history book. >> i think it is really important to acknowledge abe to understand cribs made by minority in the community in the country. >> reporter: those clint by south asian americans malik says are missing on book shelves. >> i go to the public library and read book about history or about american culture but never saw my own identity. >> reporter: take this man a farmer, and worked his way to congress. >> become not just first south
5:37 pm
asian american to lead and international office. >> reporter: they face racism in 19 239 supreme court position that foundation from his becoming american citizens because they were not white. >> reporter: there are many south asian communities throughout this country but organization says it is fitting to be based here in philadelphia a not only was the the nation born here but many south asian americans stories were too. >> levi joseph who was the first woman of, south asian heritage in the world to earn a medical degree. and she did that here in philadelphia. >> reporter: the the group wants to raise $30,000 on kick starter by next month and publish 150 page book next may. >> fifty or hundred years from now how do we make sure the stories of our community today are preserved for future generations. >> reporter: in olde city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 eye bitterness news. special fundraiser is held for a family of the fallen philadelphia fire fighter johnny's italian restaurant hosted that fund raise tore day to benefit the children of lieutenant joyce craig. she was the first female fire
5:38 pm
fighter in philadelphia to die in the line of duty as she was killed battling the fire in west oak lane in december. all proceeds from today's events will go to craig's two children. dozens of fourth and fifth grade students are showing off their math skills in delaware county. "eyewitness news" was at the 24 challenge math tournament today. delaware county intermediate unit hosted that event in morton and goal was to get students excited about math in a young age and encourage them to continue to pursue math and simulated courses and fields. smart kid right there. >> good luck to all of them. still to come on "eyewitness news" an actor goes undercover to a movie screening and surprises fans. would you recognize that guy? we will tell you more about a prank that has gone viral. speaking of surprises imagine walking in to your kitchen to find this. a snake, trying to eat your eggs. kate. >> we have dies event weather
5:39 pm
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a north carolina couple makes a frightening discovery when they fine a large snake in the kitchen. one of the homeowners, says it began with a loud bang, he and his wife went to investigate. they found this, do you see the snake there with its mouth around the egg. >> that is a big snake. >> how about that. >> look at how big that is. >> couple says they didn't freak out because they knew the snake wasn't poisonous. >> a lot of people on social media have asked how did you stay so calm and if it help both of us knowing snake doesn't care about us, it is here for an egg. it just wants a meal. >> that is very elevated, i congratulate them on being so level headed. >> so zen. >> after the snake was done eating the couple says they grabbed some brooms, got the snake out watched it slitter away. list then snake knew to go to that house they welcome me here, not a problem. >> smelling all those eggs, my
5:47 pm
gosh good there would be a for sale sign in front of my house before i could make it out of the kitchen that is unbelievable. >> fifty years ago today an astronomical milestone for this country back on june 3rd, 1965 major edward white, became first american astronaut to perform a space walk. he exited gemini four while in orbit and stepped out in the vacuum attached only to a 8-foot tether. he maneuvered freely for 23 minutes, before going back, inside that spacecraft but what a remarkable 23 minutes that was. >> it is so neat to look at all these years later. >> wouldn't you love to do that kate bilo. >> you probably would. >> you have been dropped out of helicopters. >> in an icy lake. >> yes. >> why not go in orbit. >> i wouldn't, you know, like a snake in my kitchen. >> that is a whole different animal. >> exactly. >> no thanks i'm still paralyzed by that story but anyway weather today wasn't as
5:48 pm
bad as yesterday. >> no, improvement. >> getting better each day. that is good news. we are getting better with the weekend. this afternoon made for nice weather to take weather lab outside. meteorologist justin drabick was out and about taking the cbs noble weather lab to lincoln high school in philadelphia he talk to a mix of sophomores, juniors seniors in the journalism and drama classes and many are interested in pursuing the broadcast industry and they asked questions about his job, what it is like to be on tv. students were also excited to be part of the live talk philly broadcast, at noon, i saw them at noon. they did a great job on tv and always so great for justin to go out to the schools and for these kids to see what it is like and hear firsthand from someone on tv every day. let's talk now to our eyewitness weather watchers. yesterday we were looking at these temperatures in the mid 50's. today we're ten to 15 degrees warmer which is good news and further north you go warmer you got. 69 degrees as we head up north in philadelphia that will top
5:49 pm
up. thinks barbara lane's house at willow grove. she's at 66. she's reporting sun peeking through the clouds. sixty-eight moving to the north and east at frank's location in richboro. he is report aring a good deal of sunshine. he said we needed rain but time for summer sun. i agree, we did need rain but got two days of and today was quieter. mild in new jersey. david dutch, even thoughes reporting cloud 69 degrees there as we head down in delaware we are looking at 67 degrees at greg mccoy's location. 67 degrees. greg as sky was overcast, brief period of sun cool temperatures, greg sent thus photo. this is what most of the day looks like for most of the area we mad more sun to the north but in wilmington delaware it was a overcast, glummy wednesday. looking outside our window here go pro camera here mounted on the rooftop of the cbs broadcast center in center city philadelphia shows a few breaks in the cloud cover. a lit about of the filtered sunshine. we have not seen a ton of sun but even a little bit is
5:50 pm
more than welcomed after two glummy days to start the week today. wasn't quite as bad if you don't mind a break from the heat and humidity. the electric bills going down, you can shut off ac for a couple days. there is good news as we head through first couple weeks of june. notice not a bad evening. lets look at storm scan three. you can see where showers are. mostly cloud cover from the city on south a few light showers across southern and central delaware and cape may county, in new jersey. bulk of the rainfall is well off to the south across portions of the coast aal carolinas. you can see circulation starting to develop as a low forms jebly off the coast of the carolinas and that will slowly lift northward through the rest of the week. showers will get closer to us as we head through tomorrow. temperatures again not bad, 69 at the airport. cooler down the shore. sixty-one in atlantic city. sixty in wildwood. let me show you this hurricane, very intense storm off the coast of mexico, and it is a category four hurricane with wind gusts to 165 miles an hour. we will head close to cabo san
5:51 pm
lucas. showers start to sneak in by tomorrow morning. your forecast for tonight mainly cloudy overnight cool for june at 67 degrees. for tomorrow, cloudy, cool, with a spotty showers. got news comes as we head in the weekend planning your day tomorrow, it will be cloudy for most of the day. temperatures only in the 50's unless we get more sun but it warms up throughout the weekend. back to the 80's saturday with sun returning. sunday looks like best day in the forecast and warmer as we head into next week. we will send it back to you at the desk. do you need to get your hand on some money and in a hurry? if so you might want to think twice about getting a cash advance using a credit card. >> as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan explains it often cost more than you might expect. >> reporter: they are cheaper then a payday loan, more convenient then a personal loan and less expensive then a draft from your checking account. taking a cash advance from the credit card may seem like a good idea, but a survey by
5:52 pm
credit, find, that it may cost you big bucks. >> longer you go without paying this off the more you accrue. >> reporter: these cash advance annual percentage rate is 24 percent, much higher then the average credit card, rate of 15 percent. and,... >> the charged is cash advance, purchases, as opposed to particular credit card purchase. >> reporter: take a tip from cash advance for example. it will cost you a $50 transaction fee and $19 interest. if it is paid in 30 days. that adds up to $69 out of your pocket. if it takes you a year to pay that thousand dollars back you are up to $185 in charges and fees. card survey by credit 98 out of hundred charge a cash advance fee. it is normally 5 percent of the advance or $10 whichever is greater. that is always whichever is greater. >> there is no free money.
5:53 pm
>> no. >> exactly. >> when you are in a pinch you have to think about these things even in a pinch. >> don't buy it, use self control. people november self control. i have self control. >> mr. wheel power over here. >> yes. >> that is up for discussion good keep on walking. >> thank you. it is called the best strawberry you'll ever taste. >> coming up rutgers has spent a decade working on this thing. we sent our nicole brewer to check it out. there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv. starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. or from now until june 13th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you sign
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5:56 pm
channing tatum gave magic mike fans an extra large surprise by taking it all off but not the way you might think, jessica. >> he went under cover and pranked the fans by dressing as a movie executive and he asked them, rather awkward questions. >> which would you say was the best actor out of all of them?
5:57 pm
>> well, look, he still has moves though doesn't matter if he has disguise on. you can see he later got rid of the disguise and the crowd went wild. look for magic mike, it is coming out soon. >> reaction in every movie theater in america when that comes out. >> he seems like a lot of fun. >> new jersey is men for its juicy red tomatoes and jersey corn, we love that. >> yes, very good. >> strawberry may be the garden state's next claim to fame. our nicole brewer went in search of that story. >> reporter: basket of strawberries, ten years in the making so what is so special about the patented rutgers scarlet strawberry. >> it has certain volatile compound in other word compounds thaw can smell compound that give it that deep rich strawberry flavor. >> reporter: ruby red color from the inside out qualities engineered by agricultural scientists at rutgers university using cross pollination. >> basically we are taking best characteristics from two
5:58 pm
different genetic lines and then crossing that. we keep doing that for many years until we fine the exact berry that we want. >> reporter: work began as a way to help local farmers diversify their crops and compete with growers who ship from places like california and florida. the result. >> it is not too sugary and sour. i cannot like go back to the supermarket strawberries. >> i was warned before i started i wouldn't be able to eat those on what white strawberries on the inside and that is definitely the case. >> reporter: if you want to do a taste test you have to pick them yourself. they are being grown at a dozen local farms including grasso girls here in west deptford. >> people have been calling off the hook trying to get more and i said we only have a few. so they are kind of selling out fast. >> reporter: manager contact shy ls says it has been great for single row on her farm. not only do they cost the same as other strawberries but they are more nutritious and they taste better. >> i was expecting them to taste just as good as ours.
5:59 pm
after i tried it, i said oh, my god that is best berry i have ever had. >> reporter: sweet home grown treat that is expect to hit stores this time next year. nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that makes me hungry. >> if they taste as good as they look we're in business. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 63:00 suspicious fires in chester and one fire fighter was there for all of them. we will get a look at that helmet cam video of the flames and see first hand the gratitude of the community he and fellow fire fighters protect. also today the latest on the tragedy in the poconos a bus, filled with tourist collides with a tractor trailer, three people there are killed. kathy? cloudy and cool across the region, it will stay that way into the evening but what about the weekend and when does that sun come back. we will check that out with the seven day coming up. lgbt rights and supreme court, we will take you inside the constitution center's new exhibit coming up.
6:00 pm
new at 6:00 o'clock, through the the eyes of the fire fighter a helmet cam captures dramatic footage of the chester fire fighter battling flames in three suspicious fires that occurred on the same block. tonight we will hear heroic actions of that fire fighters and maniors recognized by the community that they serve. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. those fires have ripped through homes on the same block on bickley place and "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has latest on the investigation and letter of gratitude left at one of the scenes. >> unaudible. >> reporter: video from this helmet mounted camera shows fire fighters gordon pip even and his crew from station 82 encounters flames, in the first of three fires over the past five


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