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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. >> police spent time collecting evidence from that scene. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is live in chester with the very latest, now with the benefit of the light of the day good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and quarter. we are here at west second street in chester which you can see is opened to traffic after that two car crash that killed two people overnight. we are told that this happened shortly after 1:00 o'clock this morning. both of those victims unfortunately, were dead on arrival. vehicles involved in this crash, very badly damage. the car parts scattered all across the roadway. investigators were on the scene and tow truck came around 4:00 this morning to try to clean things up, the road was opened for a short time around 4:30 or 5:00 until chester fire commissioner actually rolled over debris in his own vehicle and called his crews back out to hose down the entire stretch of the west second street. at this hour there is no official cause but this is a highly travel stretch of
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roadway where traffic passes pretty quickly as you can imagine and there is a slight curvature to the road just where that accident took place. so you can definitely see how a crash like this could have happened overnight. that is very latest live from chester, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nicole, thank you. also in chester police and delaware county investigators are looking in the fatal crash involving a police cruiser. d.a.'s office says police were pursuing an armed a robbery suspect last night near west 13th street and keystone road. officials say that the man fled on a bicycle and then that bike, police cruiser collided. his mother tells "eyewitness news" that police had the wrong man. new this morning a woman is in the hospital after an attack in camden county. police in berlin say that the woman was assaulted by a man in front of the home on patton avenue before 10:30 last night. police investigation is not over, we will keep you up to date with newer information,
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ukee. the public can pay their respects to beau by tone day as he lies in honor in dover delaware. former delaware attorney general and son of the vice-president, joe biden passed saturday at the age of 46 on saturday. >> a public viewing will be held for biden at legislative hall between 1:00 and 5:00 o'clock. several streets around the building will be closed starting at 11:30 this morning. >> another viewing will be held at saint anthony padua church in wilmington delaware between 1:00 and 4:00 an later from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on saturday president obama will deliver a eulogy during mass at saint anthony of padua. coming up at 6:03. here's traffic and weather together katie. >> good morning everyone. starting things off here on a cloudy note, at least on the cbs-3 sky deck but there will be locations where we will see glimmer of sunlight this morning and really throughout the course of the day too. we are still tracking, the very same system, off to our south. you can see a hint of moisture because of that.
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you might see a rain drop or two falling across the windshield across southern lancaster and chester county, maybe northern new castle and across portions of i-95 traveling through that county but generally speaking, this is going to be a dryer day then anything, with more clouds, then anything, as well. but what these conditions do for the weather health report definitely really creating some very comfortable conditions. air quality is good, uv index is low, so you will not burn quite as readily although sun block is still a smart move. pollen level is just at medium at worst. we have been dealing with a lot of medium to high levels as ovulate. it is not terrible. heat index is non-existent because, what you see is what you get on the thermometer and these temperatures will actually stay within about 10 degrees of where they currently stand today because we are still dealing with a cooler air mass. 58 degrees the temperature currently in ac. we're at 56 in allentown. as we check the eyewitness weather regional forecast low to mid to upper 60's is best
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we will hope for here today and there will be a shower here or there but i will definitely say if you don't want to take an umbrella do not worry about it. you can getaway without it, vittoria. good morning everyone. right now if you are traveling out and about on the majors for the most part, in pennsylvania, where we're dealing with rush hour developments but we will take a look at live chopper three over the scene of an overturn tractor trail their was earlier engulfed in flames on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike just before 206. this has been out here for quite sometime. notice tractor trailer has been extinguished and they are in the process of trying to upright this incident and then take it out of the way. take a look the a the clean up that they have to do. as of right now on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike in, bordentown and the area have of 206 notice that all a inner drive lanes are closed. they are directing traffic to move to the outer lanes and that is something that you will to have plan accordingly with this morning and we will continue to keep you updated new back to the desk.
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authorities in montgomery county need the public's help in fining a bank robber considered armed and dangerous. robbers struck a bank of the america branch on plymouth road in plymouth township yesterday afternoon. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has the latest. >> reporter: fbi is looking for this man robbed a bank of america in plymouth meeting on wednesday at gunpoint. firing a shot at the teller's window before he left, the pictures show his gun on the counter, pointed right at the the teller. >> after getting money from the tellers he turned to leave and before he left he turnaround and he fired a round back in the direction of the tello windows. >> thankfully nobody was struck by a bullet. he fired one round and then fled the area of the bank on foot. >> reporter: police believe he is the same man responsible for may 14th robbery of the wells fargo bank in bryn mawr seen here wearing a black shirt. >> it is surprising. because, you know, it is a highly populated area. >> reporter: this cabdriver was outside the bank when it all happened. >> it happened so fast, and it is like it took us like, hold
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up again. that was the shot, like again. >> reporter: surveillance photos released by investigators show the robbery in progress. the man handed a teller a note demanding money each time n wednesday's robbery showing a gun. the fbi says if not caught they are certain he will strike again. >> this is very concerning because this escalating violence introduction of the weapon, firing a weapon in the bank, very serious. we're obviously very interested in getting this guy off of the street. >> reporter: man is describe as 5 feet seven with a medium build last seen wearing a white hat and shirt. police say it is unclear how much monday think man has gotten away with, and recognize, officials to give them a call. in center city, i'm diana rocco for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. 6:06. red cross in chester city fire department will be officially placed later this morning handing out smoke detectors. residents have been living in fear after three fires have sparked on their block in less
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than a week. those fires have forced more than two dozen people, out of their homes. neighbors say the fires are the work of the arsonist. authorities are not saying that just yet but they have formed an arson task force to investigate these fires. >> jury is still out. we have to go where the evidence leads us. >> everybody is talking bit. nobody will be able to sleep the kids are afraid to go to sleep. they are scared to go to will school. what are we supposed to do about it. >> fortunately in one was injured in those fires. quick killer rafael jones is serving a life sentence for murder of the philadelphia police officer moses walker. august 182,012th, prosecutors say that jones and another man tried to rob officer walker trying to walk to his bus stop. officer was shot twice. after the sentencing officer walker's mother spoke about her pain that never goes away. >> i cannot go forward it is not over. it is never going to be over. it is just another page that we are turning in this chapter. you know, but my family is satisfied, we're happy that
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justice was served and he is off the street but it will never be over. >> other man responsible for officer walker's murder chancer mcfar land is serving 20 to 40 years in prison. authorities say that two terror suspects in boston were allegedly plot to go carry out a isis style beheading and then change that are mind to focus on killing police officer. federal investigators say that 24 year-old david wright seen here in court yesterday tried to hide a smart phone belong to go 26 year-old osama rahim. rahim was shot and killed by members of the joint terrorism task force in boston on tuesday after they say he lung at them with the knife. sources tell cbs news that rahim was originally plotting an isis style beheading of conservative blogger pamela geller. >> they need to do everyone that does ant by by their law voluntarily. this is a a showdown for american freedom. will we stand against this savagery or bow down in
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silence ourselves. >> david wright is charge with conspiring to obstruct an investigation by destroying evidence. well, had happening right now as you are just rolling out of bed many of you thousands of eag are shoppers are swiping their credit cards, after camping out for big deals, on some of the seasons hottest fashion. >> mobile three right new live outside greater philadelphia expo center in oaks, montgomery county where lily pulitzer is having a huge warehouse sale. people started lining up last night. before long the line stretched all the way around the building. wow. new doors opened just about an hour ago and if you are not familiar with lily pulitzer her clothes have a prep look, flowers, very bright colors, and frankly they are fabulous. >> i was going to say with you like to be in that line. >> very much like that. >> we found great picks on twitter showing friend camping out and turning the sale into an event it happens only once a year. >> just to give you an idea
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how tech particular this sale is all shoppers sign a waiver promised to go remain calm, keep their clothes on, in case you want to try on dresses before you take it and in tapes or video once inside. that sale runs through saturday. >> i like that. >> good stuff goes fast. you have to get there. >> remain calm. >> don't take your clothes off. >> another presidential candidate throws his hat in the ring next. >> also ahead a creative way to save water in a drought has some people turning up their noses. find out how water from your toilet could end up in the tap, just days later. little pink pill debate, why f.d.a. officials are so hesitant to a approve the so-called female viagra. when we come back in the he
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he will announce his bed for republican nomination at gathering of supporters in dallas. perry's last bid is remember for a stumbling debate performance where he forgot the name of the one of the federal agencies he wanted to close. california may have april answer to dealing with its historic drought but it has some people kind of grossed out. >> you can understand why. it is call toilet to tap a program, and a facility in orange county is serving as a model. it takes sewage that would be dumped in the pacific and purifies tonight drinking water. it goes through a rigorous purification process that include micro filtration and exposure to uv light. that clean water then passes state and federal standard, and it had has no taste. >> now we're able to provide enough water for nearly 850,000 people a year, cleanest water that we have in the city and state of california. >> officials hope facility will serve as a model for drought stricken communities
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across the state. i can see using that water for plant or crops but mentally it would be tough to get over where it came from. >> but run through rigorous testing. >> ukee, i'm sure you'd be happy to try it out. >> couple ice cubes, bring it on. >> hey katie. we will start off live neighborhood network, we are finding lots of clouds but there is a glimmer of sunlight off in the distance. that is what you'll find out there today here at kutztown area middle school. temperatures in the low to mid 50's around this your use in berks county and wind flow is on shore east wind at 6 miles an hour. not a noticeable wind but enough to keep moisture in place. with the system nearby that is enough to keep tonight place. you cane this lifting back north again and we are having to allow for another shower here across the the area. isolated in nature. future wet are shows it. we will start off at 6:00 a.m. jumping forward to 8:00 a.m. model picking up a quick shower across south central
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new jersey. another one toward noon and then another one somewhere closing in on the evening whether it actually strikes southern new jersey remains to be seen. this is just a model but it is a good indication there is just enough moisture nearby we cannot rule it out. we will look forward back to the 07's tomorrow and 80's on saturday, it is brightening up and by sunday especially it is looking nice in the delaware valley vittoria. thanks katie. good morning everyone. lets update you on that earlier tractor trailer fire that we had or had rather, it is bordentown traveling on the new jersey turnpike southbound right before the area of 206. as you will notice tow truck on the scene, we have to upright that tractor trailer located in the inner lanes and earlier they had all lanes closed but a as of right now they are allowing one lane of traffic to get by and that is right lane so southbound on the new jersey turnpike right around 206, they have a lot of clean up associated with that earlier fire as well. so that will definitely be impacting your rush hour
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commute. if you plan to travel in and around this area will want to give yourself more time. speaking of rush hour it is 6:15. that is when we definitely see rush hour in full form. like if you are traveling on i-95. this is i-95 around girard avenue and heading down toward vine street expressway. we are seeing southbound delay stem back toward betsy ross, around cottman it is upon us, plan accordingly ukee. take a look at our headlines right new police are on the scene of the car crash that killed two people in chester. it happened near west second and pusey streets around 1:00 this morning but not clear what cause that had crash. meanwhile police investigators are collecting clues after a woman was assaulted and found unconscious outside a home in berlin camden county. that woman was in the hospital right now so far there have been no arrests. public can pay their respects to beau biden today in dover delaware from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. son of the vice-president joe biden and former delaware attorney general died last weekend at the age of 46. we will be right back.
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new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance flonase controls six. seize the day and the night. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1. this changes everything. well nba finals start tonight in oakland lebron james leads his cleveland cavilers begins step curry's golden state warriors. both star players were born in akron, ohio. city of cleveland has not had a champion since the browns won it in 1964. check out fightin phillies that is make aal franco hitting a three run home run in the bottom of the ninth last night to tie reds in south philadelphia.
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franco broke up a reds pitcher mike lee's in hit bid in the seventh. phillies won it in the 11th on a reds error, right there and final five-four phillies. phillies second straight walk off win they play red again tonight in front of the home crowd. we have learned chip kelly and eagles will start training camp august 2nd and it will run until the 21st. birds will hold open practices for fans at lincoln financial field on august 4th and 9th and in the meantime otas roll on at the 'nova care complex in south philadelphia. that isn't all of the sports going on you know. >> we will look at mvp in action, one the at least talking about new jersey governor chris christie. played last night in the fundraiser game at yankees stadium to honor fallen new york city police officers. christie was named most valuable player because of a pair of great defensive moves ape other players included former new york mayor mayor guiliani. >> i had a closer look at the
6:21 am
video, first base man wasn't near the bag. >> we will to have run that again, good time was had by all. >> maybe mvp he must have done something right. >> there you go. >> up next, why f.d.a. officials are so skeptical of female sex pill. >> do you remember this little will guy cinder, do you remember him black bear cub badly burn during washington state's largest ever wild fire, that bear is now taking a big step in her recovery. we will give you an update coming up.
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we will even up with some sunshine erika but we have to allow for cloud cover most of the day and we are fining a
6:24 am
couple of showers trying to creep in here across maryland state border. if you did see a quick shower, enough to flip windshield wipers in those spots don't be surprised by that but it is a day i say forgo umbrella further north you don't have any rain at all but much like what we had yesterday showers will be isolated in nature and otherwise just stuck with clouds. next few days starting to warm things up. tomorrow still a shower in the forecast but it should be spotty once again and then by saturday we will track a new speedy cold front that will send us a shower or storm as well vittoria. >> good morning everyone. let's update you on that tractor trailer incident in bordentown, new jersey, live chopper three over the scene of bordentown on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike just before you hit 206. what we are looking at is an a overturn tractor trailer. we have a tow truck that was earlier engulf in flames. you note that is ash right here in the inner lanes of the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike, at one point they were allowing one lane to
6:25 am
get through. it seems to be that they have been blocking lanes so stick to the out are drive if you can and antis pace rush hour on i-95 and schuylkill, ukee. on the healthwatch this morning an f.d.a. pan will he will votes to whether to recommend so-called female viagra. >> this drug, is designed to boost sex drive-in woman. the drug works on brain chemistry and that is unlike viagra which works on blood flow for men. f.d.a. has reject the drug twice before leaving some to accuse the agency of being sexist when it comes to sex. >> for a condition to have been known about for four decade but still in the have a single treatment that probably does say something. >> f.d.a. rejects claims of gender bias saying in a statement f.d.a. recognized will challenges involved in developing treatments for female sexual dysfunction. decision later today is from the advisory committee which f.d.a. does not have to follow
6:26 am
but they usually do. we have an update on a story we told but a while ago. >> story of the bad tub badly burn in the washington state forest fire? you may remember sinner, so badly burn, she had to walk on her elbows. since then she has recovered at a rehab center in lake tahoe and hibernated at wild life center in idaho. experts say time to be on her own. you just saw her right there she was released with a male friend, she made during her rehab. >> cinder kind of took this younger bear under her arm and so we are doing two releases in the for cinder's benefit but for second bear's benefit. >> great job. >> rangers used gunshots and pyrotechnics to shoe them in the dense forest and they are hoping they will stay there. that way, did you see her take off. >> never know she was injured. >> it was kind of sad to let them go too. >> taking care of them lake that. >> that is best possible outcome and they are off. >> that is great. >> returned to the wild.
6:27 am
>> yes. >> just terrific. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" update on the breaking news two people killed in the violent crash overnight. parent of the josh douger break their silence what they are saying about the molestation scandal involving several of their children. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together, we are back at the bottom of the hour. good morning family. see you
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we're following breaking news this morning, two people are dead following a violent crash in chester. that two car crash happened on west second and pusey streets. you can see there debris scattered all over the roadway. police have not released the victim's identities. the causes under investigation. good morning, also in chester another deadly accident involving a police cruiser that is under investigation this morning. officials say cruiser and man in a bicycle collided during a pursuit. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins with us more on that jan good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. that man just 24 year-old was brought to crozer-chester medical center last night where he succumbed to his injuries and now we have a full investigation underway into how he got hurt in the first place. lets look at this video. chopper three was over the scene of the incident last night. delaware county district attorney's office says 8:30 police were persued a suspect forearmed robbery near
6:31 am
keystone road and west 13th street in chester. d.a.'s office say suspect tried to get away from a bicycle and while fleeing that spokesperson says man and police cruiser collided. chester police are investigating. "eyewitness news" has spoken to the 24 years old man mother. she doesn't believe her son was involve in the armed robbery. police have got the wrong man here. she said her son was visiting from north carolina up to see his daughter to attend and also to attend his sister's high school grad weighing. she said his death does not make any sense. this morning a full investigation is underway, now to figure out exactly what happened here, we will speak with this mother in just a few minutes and we will have her full side have the story coming up later in the show as well. reporting live from chester jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new jersey governor chris christie and lieutenant governor kim guadagno are attending the funeral for a new jersey state trooper. anthony raspa died saturday morning when a police cruiser
6:32 am
struck a deer on i195 in monmouth county. car ran off the side of the road and hit a tree. trooper raspa was a member of the troop c at hamilton township station in mercer county. defense attorneys will have a chance today to cross-examine a psychiatrist in the colorado theater shooting trial. yesterday, the judge reject the defense's request for a mistrial. lawyers for james holmes argued that video of doctor william reid interview with the gunman amounts to compelled testimony. that is because holmes was asked to describe the attack that killed 12 people and injured 70 others. right now coming up at 6:32. traffic and wet are to go. any clearing up to day. >> very minimal. >> i know. >> so many of us just want to see bright sunshine and that will not happen today. there is a positive to that. if you have to hit the road and travel eastbound you that is something. we do still have a very same pesky system. it need something to kick it out of here. it is finally going to have that with our pattern changing
6:33 am
finally, looking forward toward the weekend but today we are still stuck with the clouds, more than anything, and obviously especially south of our area plenty of moisture still to work w we are close enough and lead nothing to that moisture that we have to allow for a shower and we will look at the next couple of days of the rain chances and the chances are actually pretty slim that many of us will end up with wet weather out there. even by sunday it is virtually zero because there will be another front that will scour out the clouds. we will have full sunshine. but before that can take place you have to got today and tomorrow featuring a chance of the isolated shower generally speaking and a saturday separate cold front will be crossing through quickly. that is where chances come from. in the meantime temperatures still on the cool side, but comfortably cool, and again i would suggest that an extra layer out there. a jacket, sweat shirt fleece, whatever you got that will cover you here but as the day progresses we expect at bows upper 60's. is than the that hail layer just that sounds cool. we should be up to 80 degrees. it is cool for early june standard but when you don't have sunshine you will not get
6:34 am
up, to the temperatures thaw would typically fine. it just isn't going to happen, right. 68 degrees best we can hope for. cooler by comparison but hey at least as erika says, vittoria it is not snowing. over to you. >> that is so true. that is so true. somebody to be thankful for. >> bright side. >> good morning everyone. right now traveling on i-95 that is what you're looking at behind me southbound jammed from the northeast down to the vine. before we get that lets talk about what we are dealing with as we are looking at live chopper three over the scene of the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike an overturn tractor trailer. earlier engulfed in flames right around 206. it a has been extinguish. we have cranes on the scene to upright this vehicle and then get it out of the way. they have allowed a lot of clean autopsy associated with this incident as well in bordentown, new jersey. only right land gets by this is southbound on the new jersey turnpike. so give yourself some more time and definitely causing a delay in and around that area. as we move into pennsylvania,
6:35 am
talking about rush hour we will talk about i-95, the schuylkill expressway westbound we are hit ago this pocket at city avenue that is exactly what you have right now a a approaching the area of the roosevelt boulevard and out beyond gladwynn you are slow. you will a's find slow downs making your way around a your western suburbs where speeds are dropping down in the 30's and into the teens on i-95. they are your two worst roadways so far but things could change, ukee. police are looking into a bomb threat that forced evacuation of the cherry hill mall. chopper three was over the scene around 8:00 o'clock last night. employees and shoppers waited in the parking lot while law enforcement swept the mall, nothing suspicious was found. the mall reopen. police in ocean county arrest 24 year-old man in connection with the bomb threat at the ocean county mall. they called on cooper avenue in toms river last week and said there is a bomb and then hung up. police traced the call back to descart. she's charged with creating a false public alarm and
6:36 am
terroristic threats. right now 6:35. there has been a quiet revolution in the financial advice business that could help small investors. >> here to discuss new trend to how it can save you money is jill schlesinger in new york for us, jill, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you have everyone's attention. who can give us cheaper financial add. >> reporter: it is not a who or what. automated systems are replacing humans. they are called robo advisors. here's how they work. you looking on to a platform and two of the most popular are wells front and betterment and then complete an on line questionnaire. form takes into account your financial goals risk tolerance, based on your responses, the software, slots new to the most appropriate portfolio for you. so robo advisors can help you invest rebalance inn invest and harbor tax losses. all of the things we have talked about here all the time. >> i'm hoping this is cheaper what is the cost. >> it is super cheap.
6:37 am
they charge from .15 percent up to a half percent, it depend on the size of the account. now the the no load mutual fund and discount brokerage firms are offering similar platforms. they have varying degrees of service. cost more maybe half to 1 percent. either this is a bargain compared to traditional firms that often charge 2 percent or more, for any portfolio under 250 grand. >> what if you want a more traditional in person experience. >> reporter: if you do want more customize had one on one advice it will cost you more, best betties to find a pro who has earn the cfp certification, or a cpa personal financial specialist. there is a great search tools at financial planning association, cfp board national association of personal financial advisors. to learn more on who should use a robo advisor go to jill
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on >> all right. >> there you go. >> thanks, jill. did you see the lines it looked like black friday in montgomery county. >> check out the huge line wrapped around greater philadelphia expo center in oaks. thinks for lily pulitzer warehouse sale. we are looking live at all those people line up trying to get that deal. we have been watching this line all morning long. it does president look like it is getting any shorter even though doors opened an hour and a half ago. sale comes once a year and some of those people the once towards the front spend the night camping out just to get there early. sale runs until 8:00 tonight and opened again tomorrow on saturday but you know if you want the good stuff good stuff goes real fast and first so you have to get out there if you find a good pick at the sale let us know, send us a picture at twitter at cbs-3 mornings. >> you seem excited do you like it. >> it is a fun look, prep, colorful, it has big prints on it. you can spill on it, in one notices. >> really. >> it is a brand people like.
6:39 am
you can see why. all of the people in hot pink those are lily pulitzer items she's known for bright colors. >> it is expensive. so when they have warehouse sales, you get a great discount and in one has to know. >> i can do this show for a couple hours. >> can you get me there. >> you better stop, stay right here no, not a happening. >> in fun. in my dreams. a laid any colorado ace she was fired for giving a hungry child a free lunch but school says there is much more to the story. we will tell but it on the other side. wild weather video here, look at this snowstorm right. that is hail. look at that coming down. we will tell you where that is happening just ahead. during this time off i adopted a beard i found from the highway. also going around without being noticed. and this thing... >> steven column werth has named his beard the col beard
6:40 am
but now it is long gone. we will show you the humor us way he got rid of it when we come right back. >> ♪ >> word is mariah carry has a profile on we will tell what you she's looking for in a man and her age grouping is what kind of guy she wants to date. >> crank it up, we will be right back. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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look at that, a massive hail storm caught on camera, in tennessee. >> that is incredible. >> kelly champagne captured this video on tuesday. hail just pouring down on the car, i imagine doing a lot of damage. >> yes. >> incredible to see that coming down you would think it is snowing just looking at it. >> wow. >> incredible. >> the force of it. >> yes. >> here's katie. >> had had had to be hurting the hand. my goodness. we will start off with a look at storm scan three and nice wide zoom. there are nasty thunderstorm pockets cross missouri, nebraska border here. we have had a very interesting pattern as ovulate. it hasn't been very speedy. we have had very similar persistent weather on a daily
6:44 am
basis in a lot of locations. we have had soaking rain. we also had here very dreary weather in the last couple of days and whole month of may that was warm and dry. so as we started to count up 90-degree days, typically for an entire year in dallas we have just shy of a hundred days of 90 plus degree heat. so far in 2015 you only got one. so often it is a very slow start in these locations. oklahoma city, atlanta even in d.c., so far you have had a weeks worth because we have had abnormal warmth in recent weeks. where this is coming from is overall pattern. its had been stalled to an extent with roadblock in the atmosphere. at that point there was a very early 90-degree day in eagle alaska just yesterday. they hit 91 degrees. earlier they have ever done that in alaska but dallas has not had american one day in the 90's. it is fascinating because of
6:45 am
the jet stream has been keeping the cool air, in place. now, it is starting to remove itself off to the east and what that means for us, that we are ending up with cooler air for now and then eventually we will even up here with a warming trend. but for right now we are still stuck in cool air well reflect in the eyewitness weather watcher network a lieutenant of 50's reported. kyle in hatboro 56 degrees. kerry in mount laurel 57 degrees. you get the idea. we will look to the eyewitness weather seven day warming it up here, guys. majority of the days ahead are in the 80's but in the meantime we are still stuck in the clouds as we wrap up the week. vittoria, over to you. >> good morning everyone. right now traveling on i-95 let me step out of the way to give you a good idea of the backup. traveling on i-95 out of the northeast down through vine street expressway you will notice these vehicles heat just walk right here in a pile up into center city. we are seeing rush hour forming on i-95 out of the
6:46 am
north east but rush hour forming westbound on the schuylkill and usual pocket around city avenue making your way out toward gladwynn eastbound around conshohocken. so traveling out and about give yourself more time and plan accordingly. good news there are no delays for mass transit ukee. vittoria, thank you. updating breaking news two people are dead and two cars destroyed after this crash in chester delaware county. it happen at west second and pusey street around 1:00 this morning. manhunt is underway for this man considered armed and dangerous. police say that man fired a shot as he made his getaway after robbing a bank in reply mouth meeting montgomery county. suspect may have robbed a bryn mawr bank may 14th. public may pay their respects to beau by tone day in dover delaware from 1:00 to 5:00. son of the vice-president joe biden and delaware attorney general died from brain cancer last saturday. right now this is disturbing admission the parents of the josh douger break their silence. jim bob and michelle douger
6:47 am
reveal most of his victims were his sisters. andrew spencer has the story. >> reporter: patriarch and matriarch of the 19 kid and count ago period on "fox news" kelly file to address the scandal. josh doug eras a teenager fondled five young girls. >> this was not rape or anything like that, this was like, touching somebody over their a clothes there were a couple incidents where they touched under the clothes but it was a few seconds and then he came and was crying and told us what was happening. >> reporter: they say it just kept happening. >> devastated and we said we've got to send them out of the home. he has got to go. >> reporter: douger's explains mess of the victims were family members. >> four of the victims were josh douger's sisters. it is hard to even say it out loud. for some fans this will sound like a significant apology but
6:48 am
for many this was minimizing something that was very horrific. >> reporter: scandal came to light from juvenile record released from a tabloid magazine. jim bob questioned why there hasn't been more attention focused on that leak. they said information was released violating the the privacy of the victims. andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:48. our next story has people talking a denver school district is responding to why it fired a cafeteria worker. >> earlier this week, she said that she lost her job forgiving away lunch for students who couldn't afford to pay for them. students did not qualify for a free lunch or reduced lunch program because their parents made too much money. school district now says lunches have nothing to do with curry's firing. >> i had a first grader in front of me crying because he doesn't have money for lunch yes, i gave her lunch. if me getting fired for it is one way we can try to change this i'll take it in a heart
6:49 am
bead. >> there are a number of documented issues that would have led to the action that is we took. >> it has nothing to do with her giving free food to hungry kid. >> there are no hungry kid we feed every child every day. >> reporter: school district says they provide students a cheese sandwich and milk if they do not have money for lunch. right now it is 6:49. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us from new york with a preview good morning. >> good morning. ahead we will talk with the woman who may have been a target of the massachusetts terror plot and this, the man sued for turning his gated community house into a swing era's club. recycling plant making drinkable water from sewage. plus we will reveal fortune 500 list and get this the air force lets us try out the flight simulator for new fighter jet. all that and more, news is back in the morning and we will see new ten minutes. >> captain rose, in the cockpit. >> i like it.
6:50 am
>> yes. >> nice. >> thanks, charlie. talk to you later. well, word is, match. >> it is a publicity stunt but we want to tell but this grammy award winzinger is on mariah carry's new video for her single infinity featuring her on the dating web site searching for love. her profile is the real deal. 459 year-old singer is seeking minaj 20 to 120 she likes to cook, and watch movies. curry split with husband nick cannon last year and if you log on maybe you will be her match. >> twenty to 120. >> if you like cooking and watching movies. >> yes. >> there you go. >> stretching the limits there. in one likes these things good steven colbert is busy getting ready to take over for late show and david letterman this fall. >> they include saying good bye to that beard. >> as much as i enjoy being
6:51 am
incognito now that wearing gear up, i need to be more here. cbs is making me shave it off because tom celek's mush cash has a non-compete cause. >> colbert shaved his facial hair in several stages, trying to finally get rid of the what has become as the colbeard. >> i think my face and i are finally ready to do this. let's start the show. >> what is that? i have three more months. oh okay. >> he is ready. >> three more months until colbert starts hosting the late she september 8th on cbs-3. until then you can get your colbert fix with his new web site pod cast and even his own app. >> he will ab lot of fun. >> it is. >> indeed. >> he is ready. >> we will be right back with a rare recall from apple. >> but first a look what is coming upright here on cbs-3.
6:52 am
we will be right back.
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6:54 am
three on your side with a rare recall from apple. >> you don't hear about these. tech giant is recalling about 200,000, beats pill extra large speakers.
6:55 am
apple says that the speakers battery can over heat and then catch fire. the company reports that at least eight overheating incidents in the last 18 months. apple is offering a $325 credit refund. and a massive sale is causing a massive headache for southwest headlines. their web site crashed during a fare sale with someone way tickets costing $49. >> hey. >> southwest representative apologized saying customer response exceeded their expectations. current travelers were also affect, some reported on line check ins were unavailable. >> fifty bucks one way. >> i cane why they were busy. >> that is great. >> forget hitting stuffy gyms to work out. >> we have a cool new way to work out while having fun outdoors. call it downward dog down at the shore and a twist on ohio a people trading in mats for paddle board. we will let you know where you can try out paddle board ohio a these girls are talented.
6:56 am
everyone in the water. >> i'm pulling a muscle just watching that. >> that is rough your core and everything and it is all being work out. >> watch out it is coming after this. >> here it comes. we will paddle, and then bam. >> there she is. >> wow. >> there she is. >> my best effort. >> yes. >> yes. >> right here on that desk. >> let's do it. >> all right. >> paddle boarding. >> it is not going to be terribly terribly breezy out across, in limited areas but at the shore it is still windy. i wouldn't call this best beach day guys, still looking for a shower. kathy is on her way to cape may for orr at the shore already. she will be live at washington street mall if you want to stop down, say hi and see what she has in store on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and
6:57 am
6:00 vittoria. >> we are still dealing with rush hour eastbound side of the 422 still delays around the area of oaks and look at these travel times in the red. schuylkill and 422 will get busier now you that we are at 7:00. give yourself extra time. next up, charlie rosies in the cockpit of the flight simulator and new fortune 500 is reveal. >> to continue follow your local weather traffic and sports we are keeping it live on the cw philly station good morning family have a wonderful da
6:58 am
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good morning. it is thursday june 4th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." new details on who the terror suspect shot by boston police may have been targeting. we talk to the woman at the center of the threat. police target the assistant of a man who was murdered with his family and housekeeper in their washington, d.c., mansion. plus one of the wealthiest counties in america is turning its attention to the drought by turning its toilet water into tap water. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." >> the boston


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