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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 5, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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ook $20 cash from the detective's hand. he ordered the detective to lay on the floor while point ago gun to his head. >> a gun battle soon followed. the detective shot and killed one suspect. the other escaped. the officer the pizza shop owner, and an employee, were not injured. the delaware county spca's dealing with a case of animal cruelty. this dog who they're calling trooper, is between eight and ten months old. trooper was found in darby with a shackle embedded in his neck. it required surgery to remove it. officials also say the trooper is emaciated almost half of what he should way. >> we have seen our fair share of emaciated dogs, but never in a condition like there is where he also had you know, that chain inside his neck, embedded in his neck. >> the spca is requesting donations for the care of trooper. for more information, you can go to our website
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>> well, mourners will gather to pay final respects to beau biden, the former delaware attorney general and the son every vice president joe biden died saturday of brain cancer, "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer reports now. >> reporter: nothing but the sound of heals on brick, as beau biden's body arrived in dover thursday, entering the delaware state house, one last time. >> beau biden now with the ages, he and you have our eternal gratitude. >> draped in the flag of the country he served remembered for his accomplishment, as major, and former state attorney general for the state of delawarement even more tusk, father of two son, vice president, joe biden. >> he was that kind of outgoing person, who made it clear to everyone, that they were the most important person in the room, not him. >> the man who dreamed of being delaware's governor was forced to withdraw from political life and focus on
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fighting for his own, a battle he ultimately lost to brain cancer on saturday. >> it is really heart breaking for him and his family. you know the public, everybody is really touched by this. >> on this day those sentiment were on display after gray skies flags flew at half staff hundreds turned out, some waiting for hours to pay their final respects, big show of support in a small state that will continue to mourn the loss of a great leader. >> now the biden family has requested that instead of flowers, folks make a contribution to the beau biden foundation for the protection of children. you can get more information on the foundation by visiting beau biden foundation. org. that's the latest live in wilmington delaware, nicole brewer cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> nicole, thank you. the viewing for beau biden will be from one p.m. to 4:00 p.m. this after then again six p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at
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saint padua church in wilmington. president obama will deliver the eulogy. >> dozens every newspaper police office remembers about to hit the streets. in philadelphia, today is graduation day for the latest police academy class. forty-seven police recruits in and two philadelphia housing authority recruits will get their badges after eight months of training. congratulations to all of today's graduate. our time now 5:33. here's your traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, ukee, good morning, everybody. we definitely still have more dreary conditions to report for you out there today. we can expect once again, a similar scenario to unfold, that we have seen yesterday we saw the day before, we saw the day before that. when does it all ends? almost like this forecast is on repeat here. and, in fact, it casino of is. because very same system, continues to bring in very similar conditions, day after day, because it is stuck. it has got fog to boot it taught sea. clearly isn't strong enough to actually move out on it own. so we are still dealing with this little, you know, smattered variety of showers
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dotting the regional radar here. we put things into motion, zoom it out one time, see how skies are starting to clear ever so slightly through the appalachians there that's eventually our story, but we still need to get the brunt of this out to sea. so, that is what is going to need little bit more time. in the meantime, you can see few fresh speckles of raindrops coming up here on the camera lens outside lower merion high school. 53 degrees the temperature there, some damp pavement obviously, still finding wet drive out there. but not day that i think you absolutely have to have umbrella meanwhile moving forward, we do actually see the uv index going on nice uphill climb. should be back up at a nine for both saturday and specially sunday, but we are going to be tracking yet another frontal boundary. we will get check on the mount pocono conditions for you in a second here. but out at philadelphia international airport, you are in the 50's, at 56 degrees, atlantic city, and still with that northeast wind flow, it keeps us in the clouds for yet another day. but i do expect that we will start brightening up finally
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lift today, as the system gets shoved out to say satisfy still expect more clouds than anything, but will be peaks of sun, also still have a shower or two around the region as a whole. >> good morning, everyone, well, traveling right now roads are great. ninety-five, the schuylkill expressway, 476, it is all good right now. let's give you live look. we look at 76 right around the area of montgomery drive. if you are traveling in either direct, you will notice, that smooth sailing, however, we're still waiting in the wings of a rush hour. i would say give it another 30 maybe 35, 40 minutes. and we will be talking about totally different shot here. but, as every right now the schuylkill is great in and out of center city also in and out of the western suburbs speaking every center city taking you to the vine. earlier construction to and from 76 and broad close in the either direction. that's been cleared. so things are now wide open for you. as we continue, though, let's talk about speed censors which are great. they are high up into the 50's no matter how you cut tpa, new jersey, delaware, 55, is your average right now. no delays for mass transit. things at the airport are holding on strong if you have
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any weekend plans erika? >> thank, vet tore y new jersey assembly committee passes bill that would make up skirting a crime. up skirt something when someone takes the revealing photo under a person's clothing, like up the skirt there. although such case cans currently be prosecuted under invasion of privacy statutes, lawmakers say it is time up skirting get a specific ban like in pennsylvania, and delaware. the new jersey legislation heads now for a vote in the full assembly. >> your time now 5:36. in business news this morning new lock for an old favorite bash. >> i see the apple watch in stores, in apple stores, we'll tell you when you can see that. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york torque stock exchange, she has that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee erika. investors will be watching as the government releases all important may jobs report this morning, hiring rebounds in april after weak march. most economists expect unemployment rate will holds steady. yesterday, concern about greece, whether the country
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can repay it bailout debt. that sent the markets lower again, the dow fell about 170-point. the nasdaq fell about 40. the apple watch will finally be making its way to the apple store. apple says it will start selling some models at retail stores this month. comes about two months after that watch went on sale on line. apple also says most orders placed through may will ship within the next couple of weeks. >> barbie's getting comfortable. mattel just launched its barbie fashion line, and for the first time ever, barbie is wearing black. of course, we know her feet in the past have been engineered to look lick they're in permanent four-inch heals. so, in the fashion line, barbie ankles are adjustable. i'll just say women everywhere are thanking mattel. definitely more comfortable are flats. >> poor barbie. for how many decades has she been stuck in those five-instill it owes. >> fifty-six years erika. needs a break.
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>> thanks, jill. >> but who's counting. >> right. other news this morning 1 million canceled, that's how a business in wilt being barre sign new line of pope candles ahead of the pontiff's advice knit philadelphia in september. they have two in the line, both photo of philadelphia skyline on the front. one candle bears an image of the pope's face. another shows the vatican all hand painted the candles by the way are not meant to be burned, they are commemorative keepsakes. >> perhaps little pot pour i can be add in the you. >> went with. that will oh, i hear katie. >> i heard that from the radio room. >> appreciate it katie. >> all right right now, it is 5:38. it is being called the best flight delay ever. see what happens when not one but two broadway casts have a sing-off in the middle of the airport. also? >> vince will not come badge from. >> this neither will i. neither will you.
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>> the nice from entourage are back there is time on the big screen i'll talk to the man who inspired it all, what to expect in the highly anticipated moviement talking to mark wahlberg when we come back. >> how is this for sweet way to start your day? national donut day. we'll let you know where you can get three donut on -- free donut on your way to work, really, it is friday it, will get warmer, now you get a free donut, too. >> and you have come with the puns already? >> i'll try. it will either make it a better day or worse day. i'll be
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>> mark wahlberg producer on this project. he told me: everybody's back. >> you can't have entourage without having all of the guys there. just doesn't make sense. >> like i told you 15 years ago, the next level is coming. >> ♪ ♪ >> could you see this coming back in 04? was the big screen the goal? i always felt like there was going to be a movie down the line. you know, people always complains that show until the series ended too soon, the
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episodes too short. and they always wanted more. >> i am hear you got something for me? >> first movie in the studio. i want you to star in it. >> whatever do you next, i also want to direct. >> direct? >> aurie (. >> your message to the first timers, like me, and those with you from the get go. >> the guys with us, and women who have been with us from the get go, get everything you want and more, bigger crazier, people who don't know the series, you know, going to watch something that's extremely enjoyable. you get peak into, you know, movie stars life, his friends and really about the friendship and the bonn that those guys have together. but also, in a very kind of exciting sexy setting. >> with the star cameo appearances, the tv series had, being taken to whole new level. >> bless today make cameo in two of your prog edge here in our area, happening in sheeter, i'm ready and waiting by the phone my man. don't forget. anything cooking in arriere. >> as soon as i can get back there, love to do something with you.
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i'm honorary philadelphia and love the city, love the people so, can't wait to get back there. >> entourage in theatres right now rated r. some of the big cameos include tom brady, fer sell in it, i don't want to spoil the rest, you have to see the move toy catch the other stars who make appearance. it is a lot of fun. once again rated r. >> it was a disney on broadway smack-down at leguardia airport sunday night. storms delayed the cast of al lad end and the lion king, both delayed in the airport because of the weather and the cast of the lion king kicked off a sing offer, by sinking famous open to the show. >> ♪ ♪
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>> plays the queen jeannie responds the with freestyle rap. it is fun. >> it is clear the winners were the travelers checking everything out. we'll show you more coming up in just a little bit. of course to catch some incredible broadway numbers right in your living room, watch the tony awards, sunday night, the show kicks off 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. >> let's get our traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i that's amazing. >> how about that? >> sitting in a airport is the worse when you're delayed like that. >> then a show breaks out. >> so, so cool. i'm very jealous of all of the folks that were delayed for a flight. isn't that crazy? all right folks. we start things off with a view of storm scan3 nice wide zoom actually to show you couple of different features on the radar here. so, we still have, yes same old guy, it is like groundhog day with this forecast lately. we once again are on repeat with this forecast, still some showers in the forecast, still more clouds than anything,
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couple of peaks of sunshine, but his is finally getting booted taught sea as faster flow picks up. so back here, you see frontal boundary being starting to take shape. you have more clouds building across the up of michigan, wisconsin, also some showers out ahead of it across the canadian border. meanwhile, we'll eventually end one that front. helping to get this guy out to sea. and that's going to allow not only temperatures to warm up, but also, things finally just get back to reality and normal here. now, that said, we also have the belmont six going on here on saturday, forecast overall looking pretty good because of it. even though we do have to watch the front cross through our area, up at belmont ends up with very pleasant conditions, we think here. so we will see how the horse's do weather not factor we don't think this time around. looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, we keep the temperatures little bit more moderate for you today. 76 degrees, but still shower, and that outlook. tomorrow we are back to the 80s, there will be spotty shower or storm. but i got to tell you sunday, and actually also wednesday
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my personal favorites of this forecast, just beautiful for the second half of the weekends. new front comes along early week, then behind it, on wednesday, we've also got some real nice weather. we will switch gears here guys. do trivia now. so, i know, flipping scripts on you here, glad you're all paying attention yesterday we just dollars annual nine the zero agree days, if you were paying attention you may have remembered what dallas had. now talking philadelphia. this is straight up guess basically. how many times does philadelphia hit 90 degrees? on average, in a year? is it, a 17, b 21, c 26 or d, 30? >> erika's not in the room right now so we go with the of two you. >> i go with 26, c. >> that's what i was going to pick. >> all right, well let's see. both wrong. >> erika would have said a. >> erika would have said a. we have to give that to her. then that said, as i step out
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of the way our factoid friday standings go to ukee, ukee has been way in the lead this whole time. he has 25 of all of the different weeks that we've had. >> yes indeed. thank you. >> you killed it. >> thank you. >> we actually have very special gift for you. is it cbs-3 weather championship trophy to our very own mr. washington. >> thank you thank you. >> hall of fame, now this. >> i would like to thank the academy and the weather department, thank you very much. thank all of you. >> isn't that adorable? first place. >> i know, thank you. is the music playing do i have to get off the air now? wrapping? wrapping? o beautiful. >> goes on the trophy case, flight. >> very nice. total surprise. >> you didn't see that coming? >> i didn't see that coming. cool, very cool. we're family here, give it up. >> well done, nice work, ukee. >> thank you 5:47. torrey your turn? >> i guess so. that was the first time i just
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had you go first so then coy take your answer, because you usually get it right. mistreat deng did i not work this time. ninety-five southbound, jam pack, make your way cottman down through to girard avenue. at girard we have an accident, compromising the right hand lane, traffic swerving around it. definitely not in a convenient spot considering in and around the area woof construction, narrows the road anyway. we continue to keep you updated on. that will rest of the majors however still pretty light. we take a look at 422 eastbound traffic headed out of the area of oaks down beyond trooper at this shot here, i mean, still looks pretty good. generally speaking, we are in the green for the most part, except for 95. we do have event happening this weekend, we have the manayunk cycling classic the bike race on sunday, and also the dragon boat festival. there will be closures, ukee? >> torrey, thank you. here is erika downstairs. congratulations for your prize, we all new stud coming, congrats. we want to tell but this
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today. so special. the first ever special olympics unified relay and it is running through philadelphia, today, and what's going to be running through, check it out that's the flame of hope. it is making it way to all 50 state, leading up to the special olympic world games they're going to be held in los angeles this summer. joining us is janet she is the ceo for the special olympics and athlete she is pennsylvania athlete, competed internationally, nationally, ladies, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> i understand this flame is making its way through all 50 state, three different routes. what's it been like for to you see this johnny? >> incredible. we lit the flame in athens greece, two weeks ago the flame meant to welcome athletes from all over the world here to the u.s. it is called unified, because it is people with and without disability caring the flame together. brought our country together in a very exciting and joyful way about our athlete that are coming to compete in the world games. >> just wonderful. now today, what can folks in
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philadelphia do, what can they check snout. >> perfect. see us at city hall, see us at the art museum, see us leave here, go to harrisburg, and come here, the torch bearers or support us by texting flame to 85944. >> very good. speaking of the flame bearers, we want to talk to johanna over here, athlete and i understand co-captain for the northern route. what's that mean? >> correct. so i head up and just a.m. a cheerleader, and i just rally people around to be able to support and bring neighbors together and unify. >> you are more than a cheerleader, you are an athlete. you competed nationally and internationally, and my favorite, he is questions tree and. what was it like? >> it was amazing. competing in a international venue taught me trust. it taught me so many different things. and i realize what i can do so much.
5:51 am
it was amazing to have that opportunity that i thought i would never be able to have, to go overseas. >> fantastic very good. well we are so happy for you. i understand this is heavy too. can i try holding this in? oh yes, it is heavier than you would spiggot. check this out today. once again what's that number we can text today and how can we support? >> thanks. it is 85944ment you can support us by coming out or just welcoming someone with intellectual dis tonight your play group or to your workplace or to anything. >> fantastic. >> even a smile walking down the street. >> something we all can do. ukee, i send it back up to you. >> let me win but if i cannot win, i tell you that's the special olympic oath, let me do my best. today is national donut day. dunkin donut, krispy kreme giving away donuts all day to make the glorious occasion, not donut picked out by the company. it is your choice of all of the delicious options they offer. tough to decide. the give away applies to participating stores. we'll take short break.
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good morning we'll be right ba
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>> police says michael butler taken from one hospital to another when he escaped from his restraints. ambulance dash cam video shows him slamming into a seem owe, then flying into a ditch. when a passerby stopped to help him out he stole the man's vehicle then just took off. he was eventually arrested. take a look at this florida man showing offer his dance moves to a less than appreciative audience. yes, he is dancing on a lee county deputy's patrol car for more than six minute, christian worked out until he slid down the windshield, and
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snapped off the windshield wipers. here is the surprise. he was ya, probably arrested. he claims he was being threatened by vanpires. we'll be back.
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robbery victim fights back. he didn't realize he was pinning gun at offer duty philadelphia police detective. we'll tell you about the gun battle that led to one suspect being killed. anarchs little bit later getting g your beach body at the beach. i'm checking out paddle board yoga class down at the shore in wildwood. "eyewitness news" continues coming up at 6:00. you don't want to miss this.
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>> from the crowd was center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3. "eyewitness news". >> good morning, thank you for joining us, developing right now, offer duty police officer waiting for take out turns the tables on two robbery suspect. the officer changed gunfire with the would be robbers, killing one of them. "eyewitness news" reporter, jan carabeo joins us know at the scene in lawndale where the search continues for the one man that got away. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee good morning, the crime scene unit, and fellow philadelphia police detectives, are still on the scene, this morning. processing evidence, the front window of rising sun pizza is now shattered, as a result of the gun fight last night. meantime police all around the city are still looking for one every two robbery suspect who got away. it was a late night food run that turned into a gun fight. off duty philadelphia police detective placed an order inside this lawndale pizza shop around 11:30 thursday night.


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