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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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dad: it doesn't really work that way. daughter: you sure? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. jim: tonight on cbs it's tony's night. "60 minutes" first then the live presentation of the tony awards. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] again, next week we're back with more golf from memphis, tennessee. the fedex st. jude classic. we had a playoff here last year.
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kevin na hideki matsuyama. na had put in such a blistering performance to get in but look at what matsuyama did. up and over the bunker. a 10-foot putt for the win his first. found its way home! hideki matsuyama. jack: well played. jim: all-time memorial playoffs, the very first year, maltbie and irwin squared off with roger winning. nicklaus and bean as jack won for the second time his own tournament. irwin was on the short end of a tournament in 1991, to kenny perry. david edwards over rick fehr and
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matsuyama over kevin na. so justin rose on his way now. we'll have the playoff in a moment. with every hole-in-one at a pga tour event you could be mortgage free for an entire year. how great would that be? just ask the growing list of winners who have already had their mortgages paid for one whole year by quicken loans. win a year's worth of mortgage payments from quicken loans. the official mortgage sponsor of the pga tour.
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enter the quicken loans hole-in-one sweepstakes today at jim: never forget what you set out to do. rose on his way back to the 18th
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tee made another stop to pay a visit to the gentleman he struck with his second shot. gave him the glove the signed glove. so here's the leaderboard through regulation. you got a tie third for spieth and molinari. tied fifth for jim furyk and matsuyama and leishman. and keegan bradley and kisner. finau. at 11 under par all top-10 finishes. then again a couple of the other stories. patrick rodgers, the young man just out of stanford a year ago. this was his last chance to try to qualify and get that special temporary memphis to play the rest of the season on the tour. he had to finish in the top 62 and there's his name. tied for 40th. that includes birdies on the last two holes.
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nick: i think the relief of that gentleman he hit on the fact -- held the fact he was ok was extremely important for justin rose. if that poor gentleman had been lying there in blood and had or -- be carted off, that would have been a completely different atmosphere, wouldn't it? >> number one? 18 18, 10, 12. jim: jack nicklaus ii, all there participating in the structuring of this and the bat baing order. peter: lingmerth will be the first to play and he's not backing off his club selection from regulation. he's got his driver. jim: he'd love to have one just
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like the one he struck a half-hour ago. peter: you think? it's hard to do much better than that. jim: he was trying to pick up the tee and find it and didn't even need to follow the flight of the wall ball. -- ball. jim: this might be right. go in he wants it in the bunker and he's going to get his wish. it hits up high and comes back down. nick: it's against the lip on that first side. i know that's 190 yards from there because rose was 180 from where he played from. jim: that's right, you saw the raking job where rose had been just ahead of him. nick: needs a perfect little draw off that right-hand corner
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of the fairway. that's the real shot. jim: and 3-wood here for rose. david: beautiful swing. jim: oh, that is in really good shape. so rose has a distinct advantage here after the opening shots. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. when there is a game when there is a training when there is a goal, our duty is to bring that information as fast as possible to the people. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling
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jim: we're back in dublin, ohio, in a playoff for the title here at the memorial presented by nationwide. justin rose, sixth ranked in the world, could move up to number three, get a second win of the year. zurich classic of new orleans and runner-up at augusta. certainly would give him a running start into chambers bay in two weeks. then you have david lingmerth who has twice been a runner upper, including once that a playoff. he lost in the humana challenge
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to brian guy more than a year ago. peter: lingmerth has 188 yards. that's the good news. he's got about 171 to the front of the green which is really the shot he had on 17 in regulation. same lip, same everything. so he can get an 8-iron, i believe, to the front of the green, for sure. jim: meanwhile you can see way past him rose in the center of the fairway. >> what about a big draw? >> what was the front on it? >> the front is 177. if we can just chase something up there and get a putt at it. the wind is off the right. it's down a little.
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nick: very advisable. trying to get him to go a little right where that bank comes down is a little bit lower. peter: they're looking to go for a draw to make the lip a little bit less con stick yowls. the problem with that when you make that swing shape you come at the ball shallower. that's a little bit of a difficult ask. he wanted to hit 7. i think it's a 6. nick: wow. better open the face and somehow hit a draw. peter: i think he clipped the limb just a little bit. nick: yeah. still watching it though. wow, he did well. jim: it disappears, though, down
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into the thick -- nick: got it far enough but unfortunately, yeah, the right side of the green in some thick rough but again it gathers. jim: that is justin's mother, annie rose. and that's quite obvious to tell that. nick: yes. david: justin has 7-iron. 176 yards left. boy, that is an aggressive line right there. that's left of the flag. jim: oh, no. nick: wow. that is like chipping onto the edge of a saucer. that will just race down. best he can do is hit the flag. we've seen everything and i wouldn't put that past him. jim: that was an aggressive play wasn't it?
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really center of the green with lingmerth, tough up and down from that far right side. nick: he just tugged it a touch. just trying to stay calm and focused. and cool. jim: he didn't have his best stuff really for most of the day. shot 72 but he has found a way when he needed to make the shots. he's done it. 17 and 18. this is as the shot was approaching 18 green. jack says ooh. that's not good. justin his late father ken and his mom annie they lived in south africa when justin was born in johannesburg and then
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the family imgrated to i think land. -- england. if rose wins, he'll be in fifth in the fedexcup standings. if lingmerth wins, lingmerth would be 28th and rose would be out of the top 10. which one would you rather have? peter: no question whatsoever, jim. lingmerth. jim: that's what i thought you'd say. peter: he's got a little bit of a thick lie but he's going uphill. not too much break to it. he just has to figure out the contact with the grass and ball. justin on the other hand ooh. nick: he's got one shot play it perfectly and hit the pin.
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david: he has a hideous lie. it's against the grain. people have been walking there up and towards the putting greens after their rounds and it is just awful. nick: he's looking well left. again that little two-yard wedge shot. jim: what they've done here with this clubhouse everything -- all the special touches. beautiful. peter: this looks to be a pitching wedge. try and get a bump and run and chase it up the hill. jim: it should send it left about right here. nick: a little feisty. jim: whoa! took a peek. nick: well, one hit the flag.
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i wouldn't be surprised if two hit the flag. jim: but in some ways that's going to be a tough putt to hole. that's got to ease the mind a little bit for rose. peter: he turned to his caddie right after and said boy that came out really hot. david: i'm not sure they're going to be able to say that for justin's. i think the only way is to hit the flagstick or hit it dead left and try and bounce it once in is not completely thick stuff but the sort of fringe. nick: i don't think he can risk that david. if that doesn't come off you have the same shot again. yeah. jim: it's got to settle. nick: we're going to have one real exciting putting contest
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right now. nick: remember that great putt he hold on the 72nd hole at new orleans? that was -- so he can, with his system. he's got his own little putting system. that's leo and that's mom kate. they're all here. charlotte is here as well his daughter. leo has decided i'm not watching. jim: leo the oldest of the two children. 6-year-old boy. charlotte is age 3.
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we've got our guys down there on the green. how holeable is this putt? david: i think this may be more holeable than david lingmerth's. peter: yeah, they've reversed position again. now advantage rose. jim: oh! a par for rose! nick: unbelievable putt. jim: and leo is loving it. mom is too.
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lingmerth now must answer back. or the tournament belongs to justin for the second time. a left turn at the very end. the perfect read and speed. nick: that's a better reaction. [laughter] jim: now jack. nick: oh, my gosh, jack says. jim: let's get a quick read on this putt, guys. peter: now what lingmerth can't do is increase his speed very much here. he still needs to give himself the whole hole to try to make the putt. it's just going to require a good stroke and conquer the pressure of the moment.
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jim: stay up. what a putt! oh, my goodness! march on! two routine pars. and fine recognition there by the young lad there. a nod for the fine gutsy par putt lingmerth. sure, i knew they both were going to make four all along didn't you? nick: absolutely guaranteed. justin appliance of science and lingmerth, it's all about guts. jim: they're going to play the 18th hole again, and we'll be right back to the memorial tournament presented by nationwide after this word from your local station.
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jim: tonight on cbs "60 minutes" and the 69th annual tony awards live. broadway's biggest night. i don't know who they're saying "great putt" to. i hope it's intended for both of them. this tournament so incredibly well run by dan sullivan. and all the folks here at muirfield village like nicklaus and larry dornish. paul latshaw. they delivered perfection and a tournament script to match. peter: one thing about
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lingmerth, his expression has not changed one iota all day long. jim: that said a lot about him didn't it, peter making that putt? peter: well, he really looks composed to me. with a driver off 18. jim: i'd be surprised if he missed it twice in a row, he's such an accurate driver. nick: it's left of center but it's landing soft for him. pipe that's just fine. nick: yeah that's great shape. jim: now rose will go back to the 3-wood that worked so well just a few minutes ago. david: yeah, that's what he's got.
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jim: he's got another one going right like it was in regulation. nick: it might -- peter: we've got a reversal of what we had the first over-time hole. jim: is that in the bunker? david: it's hard to say. we're now being told it is in the sand, in the bunker. and again, rose. and he was thinking right there he'd won it. he had every right to think that because the ground was shaking. but then lingmerth unshakable. able to respond with a par putt of his own. and there is rose flatter lie though this time than the one he had on the 72nd hole.
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jim: they keep switching roles throughout this playoff. this time it's rose in the bunker lingmerth in the fairway. the second hole of the sudden victory playoff. nick: i agree because justin rose will play first and so lingmerth is going to get a great indication of what he has to do. david: 1 0 justin has got and a clean lie in the bunker. actually, a pretty good angle. peter: i have lingmerth at 184 so if they check yardages it should be lingmerth playing first. jim: lingmerth is 5'7", about 180. nick: he's stocky. jim: he is stocky.
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he grew up playing hockey, dreaming of a big career in hockey. then about the age of 14, 15, he took a shining passion for this game and it brought him some 10 years later to the u.s., professional tour and before that to the college ranks over here. peter: slugger white just informed david lingmerth he is away. so he'll be first to play. jim: it's starting to rain here. tim butler trying to crunch the numbers. >> absolutely right on. 99 behind. all right? tell you what absolutely. that black microphone is your line. nick: good eyesight to see the microphone. jim: you can faintly see it here
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right of the hole and just left after that back bunker. peter: this is the club he hit out of the bunker, the 6-iron again. this should be a perfect club for him. though is headed left. jim: oh, boy. nick: sand? well we've seen a few up and down. jim: yes, it is. nick: is he on the upslope? that's the most important thing. he is, so -- jim: paul azinger. nick: not quite but you're right, it is on an upslope which makes a huge difference. david: rose has 7-iron pulled. 180 yards. >> good club. david: mark full cher likes it.
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peter: pretty clean contact. jim: it's going right maybe a little bit? no? yeah. nick: on the front section of the green. an up and over around the corner putt. he knows the break. he knows the last 20 feet of the break. jim: mentioned azinger if you pointed out it was higher up in the bunker but this is how he closed things in 1993. you see payne stewart in the background. boom. for the win.
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nick: jack has done over the bunkers. they're now twice as deep. jim: how hard of an up and down will it be for lingmerth? upslope? nick: i don't think it's too bad. the slope is a huge help. it might leave him a downhill six-footer. jim: just a sea of supporters ringing the 1th green and lined up all the way down the fairway some 10 deep.


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