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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 9, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> rose: cops descend on a small new york town on a tip those escaped killers may have been spotted. we'll have the latest. also tonight, a former house speaker enters a plea in connection with pai kconnection with paing connection with paing making payments of hush money. and in the battle against hackers, it takes one to stop one. >> reporter: that's my pass word. >> yup. >> 45 seconds not even. >> about 37. >> reporter: well, that's scary. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. the search for the two murderers who escaped from a new york state prison over the weekend is
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now focused on a small town. residents of willsboro population 2,000 reported see two suspicious men there last night. don dahler has the latest. don. >> reporter: charlie federal and state officers are not only scouring the rugged countryside. they're also conducting house-to-house searches of residences, and vacation homes. more than 400 grim-faced law enforcement officers swarmed farm land and thick woods determined to put an end to the fiewjatives' four days of freedom. >> a motorist observed two men walking down a very rural road in the middle of farm land, and when the car approached themed them they took off into the field. >> reporter: authorities have cast their dragnet near and far. they're also continuing to scour the neighborhood of dannemora where they escaped. cbs news learned lawsmed
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questioned a woman. she has not been named a suspect. nicholas harris is richard matt's son. >> we're waiting like everyone else, i guess. >> reporter: >> they had to go down probably 16 feet. >> rich pumador worked in the prison as a civilian maintenance engineer for 35 years. you know the inner workings well. >> been in every inch of the steam tunnels attics, cell blocks catwalks, everyone inch. >> reporter: the retired pipe fitter said the prison has strict rules about tools. >> in the maintenance department all your tools are tagged. you have inventories. everything is counted at the end of the day and if there's one tool missing or misplaced the shop is locked and nobody leaves. >> he said judging from the pictures, the escapees probably used a grinder with a cutting
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wheel. >> it was well planned and they worked hard. >> reporter: it was a difficult job. >> difficult difficult never would have dreamed it in a million years. >> reporter: if you think they were using a grinder with a cutting wheel, is that noisy? >> very noisy. >> reporter: pumador says there is a labyrinth of lit catwalks and tunnels that the men would have had to wander through to find the pipe that led them to the manhole. the massive search continues at this hour. >> rose: former house speaker dennis hastert is free tonight on a $4500 bond. he pleaded not guilty today to violating federal banking laws and lying to the f.b.i. about hush money he allegedly paid to someone he wronged. we have more now from dean reynolds in chicago. >> mr. hastert, did you have a sexual relationship with a student of yours? >> reporter: that question hung in the air without an answer as dennis hastert shambled past hundreds of reporters and fought his way into the federal courthouse today where more indignities
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awaited the man who was once second in line to the presidency. in court, he was asked to surrender his passport, to provide on request samples of his d.n.amir bagheri., and to promise he would not talk to any victims or witnesses who may be called in the case. it involved charges he illegally structured bank withdrawals to hide a deal he made starting in 2010 with someone known in the indictment as individual "amir bagheri." individual. he is asked about why he drew the money insisting he was keeping it for himself when the government said he was compensating individual amir bagheri to conceal prior misconduct. source say it was a sexual misconduct a male student and occurred during hastert's team as a teacher and wrestling coach from 1965 to
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1981. >> former federal prosecutor patrick collins says hastert hurt himself by handling this the way he did. >> if he entered into an agreement with the individual to pay him $3.5 million and wrote him a check and told the government he wrote him a check and it was because he had wronged him in his past, there's no federal crime. it's the old adage about the cover-up is worse than the crime. here the cover-up created the crime. >> reporter: in this case, though, the crime is not sexual misconduct. it's violating banking laws and lying to the f.b.i. if convicted on those charges charlie, the 73-year-old former speaker could get 10 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. >> rose: thanks, dean. late today, a mckinney texas police officer under investigation for using excessive force resigned. last fridays, he was caught on tape wrestling a teenaged girl to the ground. then pulling his gun on a group
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of teens. the police had been called to a pool party that turned rowdy. the c.d.c. is trying to stack down anyone who may have couple comeinto contact with a woman who has a form of tuberculosis that is extremely resistant to drugs. that includes passengers who were with her on a flight. the woman is now being treated at the n.i.h. outside washington and our dr. jon lapook is following the case. >> reporter: the female patient with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis traveled from india to the u.s. through chicago o'hare airport arriving on april 4. cbs news has learned she was diagnosed with disease in india. dr. anthony fauci is director of the national institutes of health. is it known for how long she had t.b. before coming to the united states? >> it's not just a matter of months. it's likely been a few years that she's had t.b. she was treated in multiple places and it became clear when they examined the bacteria, that
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despite fact that she had been and was being treated that in fact the microbe was resistant. >> reporter: one problem-- she didn't seek treatment until seven weeks after arriving in the u.s. once she landed in chicago she traveled to missouri and tennessee before returning to illinois for evaluation. since t.b. is spread through the air, federal health officials are contacting fellow passengers from her flight. how likely do you think it is that anybody in the united states or on the airplane who was exposed to this patient will come down with t.b.? >> the risk is low. certainly not zero, but low. and the risk is increased by the the duration of the flight and by the proximity to the person in the plane. >> reporter: there are about 200 times more cases of active t.b. in india than in the united states. in 2013, there were 2.6 million t.b. cases there compared to 13,000 in the u.s., where xdr treatment success was 60% in 2011 compared to 22% worldwide.
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the n.i.h. has started to treat the patient but it's too early to know which combination of drugs will be effective. the c.d.c. says people with active t.b. are not supposed to fly and health officials are investigating whether she specifically came to the u.s. to be treated. >> rose: thanks, jon. secret service agents evacuated the white house press briefing room today after a bomb threat was phoned in. president obama and the first family were in the white house but they were not evacuated. a similar threat broke up a senate hearing. no bombs were found. under federal law bomb threats carry a sentence of up to 10 years. isis is gobbling up territory in syria and iraq and now libya. today the islamic terror group took control of sirte. holly williams is up the coast in misrata where she met one of the militias vowing to hold the line against isis. >> reporter: in a libyan workshop and like a scene from
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"mad max "they recycle weapons for the fight against isis. a cartridge and missile battery is split apart and repurposed. >> this one. >> reporter: this one down here? it's damaged. the workshop manager sadun langa, told us these heavy machine guns, stripped from helicopters and tanks, will be mounted on pickup trucks for use by local militias battling isis. since the downfall of libya's longtime dictator muammar gaddafi four years ago the country's descended into a chaotic civil war. and in the lawlessness isis has gained a foothold in towns and cities, including sirte qaddafi's former hometown. 100 miles of desert separates it from these men who are determined to stop the extremists taking more territory. >> no way. no way.
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>> reporter: but you will fight them? >> yes i will fight them. i will fight them. >> reporter: isis announced it's ts-- >> rifle in libya with trademark brutality. two videos showing the beheadings of christians. and from libya's med train coast, isis vowed it would one day conquer europe. isis won't be crossing the mediterranean sea any time soon. a senior u.s. official told us so far the group has fewer than 5,000 fighter here's in libya but isis has shown that it thrives on war and instability which makes libya fertile ground. abdullah al fortia commands a unit in western libya's security forces and told us 80% of isis fighters have come from outside the country.
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he says isis is a cancer and libya the weakened body it has invaded. >> reporter: local militias here tell us isis advanced 20 miles today seizing a power plant from them outside sirte with a force of fewer than 300 men. isis has been operating in libya for under a year, charlie but it's making rapid gains. >> rose: holly williams in misrata, thank you. just assed with kennedy suwas drawn to banks hackers target the internet because that is where the money is. a report is out today saying cyber thieves are raking up profites of 1400% on their attacks. anthony mason found business and individuals are making it easy. >> you can click "nex" and that should all be good.
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>> reporter: at the chicago headquarters of the cyber-security firm trust wave, charles henderson leads a team of ethical hackers. that means what tact exactly? >> we trust systems just as these criminals do attempting to find flaws. >> reporter: in their new report detailing hundreds of breaches last year trust wave found% of all mobile apps were vulnerable to attacks. more than half involved theft of i.d. information and card holder data. weak pass words led to 28% of all cyber breaches and the most common pass word, believe it or not, is pass word 1. are we still vulnerable? >> absolutely. it's not ninjas dropping through ceilings. it's really simple stuff things like passwords that lead to a compromise. >> reporter: to show how easy it is, trust wave analyst garret picchioni had me enter a seven-character password.
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>> we can make almost 91 million guesses a second. >> reporter: it didn't take long to crack. >> here's your password. >> that's my password. now even 40 seconds. >> 37. >> reporter: 37 seconds. well that's scary. he said seven or eight characters are no longer enough. >> computer hardware has reached the point where they're able to attack them so quickly that a password that small isn't practical anymore especially for incredibly sensitive things like financials and online banking. >> reporter: trust wave recommends password phrases or sentence something like "this is my password, i really mean it." the longer a password it is, they say the harder it is to hack. >> rose: good advice. thank you, anthony. new drugs may be on the way to lower cholesterol and fight heart disease. and the view from the top it's not for the faint hearted when the cbs evening news continues.
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for the millions of americans suffering from ringing in their ears, there's no such thing as quiet time. but you can quiet the ringing with lipo-flavonoid, the number-one doctor-recommended brand. relieve the ringing with lipo-flavonoid. >> >> rose: we may soon have new weapons to fight heart disease. today an f.d.amir bagheri. committee voted to recommend approval of the first new drug in a generation to control cholesterol. elaine quijano has more. >> reporter: after a lifetime battling high cholesterol, peggy o'connor had a heart attack three years ago at age 56. but she couldn't tolerate statins to lower her bad cholesterol. >> when i started on the statin, i started having muscle spasms
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and pain. >> reporter: in typical patients a high-dose statin can lower bad cholesterol up to 50% but there are millions of people with very high cholesterol like o'connor, who can't tolerate statins or for whom statins just don't work. a year and a half ago he enrolled in a clinical trial of a drug called alirocumab. the medication is injected twice a month and works by block the action of a protein improving the liver's ability to remove bad cholesterol or l.d.l., from the bloodstream. in a clinical trial it lowered l.d.l. levels by more than 60%. over the last year and a half o'connor's bad cholesterol has dropped by more than 100 points. >> my highest number was 170. my number a few weeks ago was 50. >> dr. steve nissen of the cleeftd clinic is testing other drugs in in this class.
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although the drug has not yet been shown to prevent heart attacks and strokes he believes it will save lives. >> if we inhibit that protein for long periods of time, getting l.d.l. cholesterol down as low as 30 or 40, then it may well turn cardiovascular disease no longer into the number one killer of men and women. >> reporter: the advisory committee will consider a similar drug tomorrow and the f.d.amirand theycould be approved. they are bilogics and will be much more expensive than statins costing about $10,000. >> rose: it is a piece of history from a film not seen for decades just ahead. that's where at&t can help. with the tools and the network you need to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere.
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make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. >> >> rose: two headline makers have died. vincent bugliosi prosecuted mass murderer charles manson and wrote a book about it called "helter-skelter." bugliosi was 80, and vincent musetto wrote the "new york post" headline about a grisly murder in a strip club. it said, "headless body in topless bar." he was 74. a lost piece of history was discovered recently on a shelf in california where it had set for decades. it could be the last footage of amelia earhart. the film was shot at burbank airport in 1937 before the scott pioli neither aviator set off on
6:52 pm
a flight. they would later vanish in the pacific. these days, daredevils shoot their own video. today he walked the 400-foot arch atop london's wembley stadium without a safety harness. he called the view stunning. kingston, who is 24, said he used to be afraid of heights but the more you do something the easier it gets. and owners of these classic mustangs have more than a passing interest in an iranian on nuclear deal and we'll tell you why. that's next.
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need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga. and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. >> >> rose: at the u.n. today the
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security council extended the mandate of the panel that monitors sanctions against iran. but if negotiations reach a deal to keep iran from building a nuclear weapon, some sanctions could be lifted. elizabeth palmer tells us one group of iranians has a lot riding on that. >> reporter: amir bagheri's 1965 mustang has an onboard turntable... ♪ ♪ ♪ ...and plenty of juice. it's not your average ride on the roads of the islamic republic. do you have a wife? >> yes. sometimes she -- >> reporter: she's jealous of your love for your car. >> reporter: he first fell in love with his dad's mustang when he was just a kid. now, a successful businessman he owns several including a rare shelby cobra. but u.s. sanctions have made parts for it and other american classics very hard to get.
6:57 pm
do you go on e-bay? >> yes in critical parts maybe you can find it on e-bay. >> reporter: really? >> yes. maybe you have to wait almost six months to receive small parts. >> reporter: for american classic car buffs here, a political deal can't come soon enough. before the revolution in 1979, u.s. cars were popular here. almost 40 years on, survivors are tucked away all over tehran, prized and polished and kept on the road by members of iran's automobile federation. , of course, they evoke powerful nostalgia for another era. mojtaba mirlatifi loves his vintage barracuda, but his heart belongs to a 1972 chevy chevelle. >> this car fits me very well. >> reporter: 40 years ago he had one just like it. and, of course, it comes with all the memories. >> yes. >> reporter: happy memories. >> yes happy memories. >> reporter: of being a
6:58 pm
student. >> yes. yes, a student in california, fresno california. >> reporter: in 1959, president eisenhower rode with the then-shah through tehran in a cadillac eldbroado and here it is, rescued by a collector. oh, my. this is a piece of history. >> it sure is. >> reporter: ramin salehkhou is the head of the iran classic car committee. is it going to be on the road again? >> yes, of course. what would restoration be if the car didn't run anymore. >> reporter: american classics stranded instranded in iran by history and politics are still kings of the road. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, tehran. >> rose: thank you liz. who doesn't love a red mustang convertible? that is the cbs evening news. scott will be back tomorrow. i'm charlie rose. thank you for allowing me to share this time with
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is katy perry about to release a revenge song about taylor swift? >> why the rumored feud may have been just taken to the next level. is katy perry planning a "bad blood" payback? >> we hear there's going to be a new song. >> taylor's new performance explained what has everybody fired up. then new photos of caitlyn jenner as kim gets the wife of the year award for her surprise birthday with kanye. plus, iggy azalea gone red-faced. why outrage just forced her to cancel a concert. i want you to check out lady gaga. is that what she wore to meet royalty? >> it's lady gaga. >> hello, prince harry. also, katelyn's new worry


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