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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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d protecting us from that intense june sunshine, yes a hot day to day even warmer then yesterday and we are on our way to a heat wave. take a a look at the numbers yesterday's high made it to 92. today so far 94. the record is 95. we still could tie it and tomorrow we are going for a high of 90 degrees. right now across the area looking at these numbers, 93 in the city. ninety in wilmington. ninety-two in dover. 91 degrees in allentown. it feels like 101 in dover it feels like 97 in allentown, 95 in millville and it is going to perries in the evening. we have a severe thunder storm warning in effect, areas impact areas of skippack and also into douglassville that is northern montgomery county, and also berks county, thinks a very intense cell that we have been watching and it is moving east at almost 30 miles an hour and it is also, having gusts with this as high as 50 miles an hour.
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as we zoom into that cell you can see, right there reading berks county moving east and about 30 miles an hour. that projections right into montgomery county. that means it will be in lower providence by 5:15, norristown by 5:25. lower merion by 5:43. if it stays together as a severe cell it will be in merion by 5:48. a severe then are storm warning in effect for parts of the berks, and also, montgomery counties, for the rest of us it is going to be a warm muggy evening right through the delaware valley. coming up we will talk about what we can expect in this the future as temperatures stay in the 80's throughout the evening, and sizzle again during the day tomorrow. that is very latest from the cbs-3 sky deck, jessica, it will be tough to beat the heat, find air conditioning, perhaps tonight. >> thanks, so much. well the heat also prompted local schools to dismiss early
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today. our team coverage with "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson live at a swim including in barrington, camden county. steve, that looks like a good place to be. >> reporter: jessica, you think being in a swim club near a swimming pool would make you feel cooler, but not so just making me jealous. this is the swim club in barrington, new jersey. you can see the young ladies there young people, mostly trying to beat the heat in the pool trying to get away from all this sun and humidity. earlier these young people as school district of philadelphia got out earlier today. we spoke with some of those young folks as well as school advertise trick spokesperson about why the decision to break class early. >> i'm sweat ago lot and it is a heat wave. >> reporter: tyler, we all are and you are absolutely right. this is what it is like when 93, feels like one hundred degrees. >> it is so hot. >> reporter: so hot that the school district of philadelphia and other local districts announced an early
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dismissal. mom stacy sideman pick up her kid from green field school in center city. >> i feel bad for those students in some of the classrooms. >> reporter: district spokesperson fernando gillard says it isn't just friday's spike that triggered the decision. >> it is in the just today was 95 or 96. but yesterday was in the 90's also. the building retain heat. our buildings are old. they do not have central air conditioning. very few classrooms have classroom units. >> reporter: and right before the last week of school, freedom, bike ride, frozen drinks, pop sickles and proclamations, anything to stay cool. >> it should be the last day of school. >> it should be but you have several more. >> yeah. >> reporter: if you are trying to beat the heat this is the right way to do it. but back in the city is there a great article on the web site at cbs that has tips and places you can go to cool down and stay away from all this humidity. live from barrington, new jersey steve paterson for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". steve and friend out there, thanks very much. cbs is a great resource in this heat, we have compiled a list of the cooling centers in need of relief. an early morning fire rips through a northeast philadelphia home killing a woman and critically injuring her mother. fire fighters quickly extinguish the fire on the 600 block of avon street in somerton. woman was found ted upstairs. authorities say they discovered her badly burn mother on the first floor but her father was able to escape. >> the neighbors were coming by and saw the fire and kick in the basement door to help the father escape through the basement. >> it is always a shock when something like this happens right behind you. >> reporter: fire officials say the home did not have any working smoke detectors. still no word on what caused a two alarm apartment fire in lansdowne delaware county last night. that fire displaced dozens of residents at the stratford court apartments, officials say four people did go to the hospital with minor injuries,
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including one fire fighter who went in for an evaluation. three others were treated at that scene. new information about how two convicted killers escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. clinton county district attorney says prison employee joyce mitchell supplied illegal items to david sweat and richard matt before they escaped but he says they were not the power tools used by the men to cut their way out. a as for day seven of this search investigators believe the fugitives are hiding on a 50-acre property near the prison. police found two sets of footprints and dogs pick up a scent near a gas station. >> based on the information that we have and what you have been provided with through law enforcement agents, that i'm anticipate ago this they are still local. >> investigators are checking houses and also looking in mailboxes, there they want to make sure mail isn't piling up indicating a problem inside the home. new at 5:00, help wanted,
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hundreds a attend a job fair hoping to in the 800 jobs are up for grabs. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in gloucester township with the details on this, cleve. >> reporter: most of us or many of us i hud say are ready to call quits, to the workweek and here there are plenty of people ready eager and willing to get a job. this has been the scene since 10:00 o'clock this morning and it will go on until 7:00 this evening. people filling out applications trying to network, trying to plan and secure their future. >> yep, some people are walking out of here with jobs. >> reporter: just the kind of news hundreds of people were hoping to hear at a job fair the soon to open gloucester premium outlets. >> a lot of people are looking for positions and hopefully i will get one. >> reporter: there were so many people it is hard to find places to lean on to fill out applications. representatives from 63 stores, with household names like nike and levi did on the
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spot interviews. outlets on robert kelly drive in gloucester township are on schedule to open august 13th. once complete there will be 90 brand and 800 employees to help the bargain shoppers. >> this area was in need. we really targeted it because it is right off the highway and in a prime location, close to philadelphia, as well as atlantic city. >> reporter: job seekers dress todd impress came with a variety of experiences and ambitions. >> it would be very exciting because ivories eventually worked in fast food a lot. i go to school, so it would be fun to work around clothes. >> it is kind of crazy. a lot of people. >> reporter: kerry adams a single mom worried about being laid off from her current job said she wasn't going to let the fear of trying something new to stand in her way. >> trying to get a feel for it because i really don't know what i want to do or i'm at that age where they will accept you at a certain age and another 20 some years bring retire.
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>> reporter: nike is one of the hot spots it is one of the several dozen people arc long all day long out here, and, filling out applications, and, hard to get a spot. you guys are filling out applications, do you feel good thaw will get a job. >> i feel g everybody is friendly over here. i feel real confident. >> reporter: that is what we need office and optimism. reporting live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good luck to them, cleve thanks very much. they will be shaking it off and sweating it out tonight at lincoln financial field, taylor swift of course, perform for a big crowd and that will be a hot show. take a look at insider's view of crews set up for tonight's concert as you can see lot initial to a production like this we will go to our pat ciarrocchi who is live from south philadelphia, pat probably some excited fans tonight. >> my goodness, if ever, the fans here are called swiftes we had giggling girls go past
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us. it is a hot night my goodness but a little bit of the breezing. the people at lincoln financial field are saying that they really are encouraging fans to come to the concert tonight to bring extra water or to make sure that they stay hydrated because it can get hot inside despite the fact that they are celebrating taylor. >> taylor, wow. >> reporter: even on the hottest of nights, the hottest performer has fans, tailgating, and ready to take their vip seats. these best friend came from lancaster. >> my mom loves me very much, she bought me a vi p pass for my birthday. >> reporter: taylor consciousness is breathe through every where, caitlin alex and medical list air nearly speech less. >> we are classmates from the song style. >> we bought ticket like nine months ago and it is finally happening. we are so excited. >> reporter: taylor swift who has roots in bucks county and summers in stone harbor has become 20 million-dollar
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business mogul gifted smart and selling a role model's message. >> she had such a strong sense of herself and who she is. it is really inspiring for teenage girls growing up and it is a really good role model for us to have. >> ♪ >> at the link, student from cinnaminson who created this music video to taylor's hit shake it off they got a big applause on twitter and maya riddler and her cousin who came in from kentucky. maya won a contest with a big prize. >> we got bank stage pass toes meet taylor swift. >> what will say to her. >> i'm not sure. i really don't know. >> reporter: well, maya says she doesn't know but i know she will be inspired, and they are selling water here. good night for business. >> yes. >> good night for business. that is in fact the whole idea officials at lincoln financial field are encouraging fans to come down
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to make sure that they stay hydrated because it is hot one of the good things is it is a little bit breezy and that is going to help a bit. reporting live from outside taylor swift concert, pat ciarrocchi cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it will be a fun night indeed pat thanks very much. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a prominent naacp leader pretending to be black. her family says she's lying about her race. we will have her response. then she was making last minute wedding plans she got a call that change her life, the kidney that she has been waiting for was available on the very same day she was supposed to walk down the aisle. health reporter stephanie stahl has her amazing story. plus a mysterious new attraction in philadelphia is geared toward puzzle lovers of all ages, do you think you can escape the room? we will give you behind the
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch south jersey newlywed celebrating a new lease on life, their wedding temporarily side track with a long awaited trip to the hospital. health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain. i'm exited to see this story. >> talk about a fairy tail wedding bride needed a kidney transplant waiting for one for years. she was about to exchange vows with her true love, when fate intervened. >> we're going to have it for our first anniversary. >> reporter: frozen piece of cake that kerry and dan didn't get to cut together, plan for the big day in marlton last weekend were derailed when kerry got a life saving kidney
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transplant. >> i said, i could not have asked for a better wedding present. >> reporter: she had been waiting on the list for three years kept alive with dial is that caused her arm to be disfigure. >> this is invitation for wednesday ago this never was. >> reporter: after months of planning kerry was doing last minute errand day before the wedding the day before she got the call. hours later instead of walking down the aisle he was recovering at penn medicine. dan and family visited dressed up in what they were going to wear to the wedding. >> this has got to be the fairy tail wedding because i got a kidney, i got to get married to this handsome man. >> reporter: few days later kerry and dan got married in the courthouse and now spending their honeymoon making sure she gets her medicine ape taking short walks. >> now we look forward to kerry getting better and starting our new life together. >> reporter: one more thing a card that says you got a kidney and. >> congratulations, surprise you are going to be a grand mom.
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>> reporter: isn't that a great ending. now, i have one more thing for you. she has a lot to celebrate. by the way kerry now has three kidneys. new one that was implanted below her belly button and old ones no longer functioning are left in place because doctors say removing them requires additional unnecessary surgery. >> that story has everything you want. >> yes. >> fairy tail evening. >> indeed good stephanie thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news", can u.s. scape the room. >> we will take you inside philly's latest a attraction to see what the funnies all about. >> the rockies strong, we know this but a two-year old little will girl thinks she's even stronger, more on this adorable video that has gone
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back on "eyewitness news" children's hospital of philadelphia held its annual alex lemonade stand kick off event today. they were honored with this years pitch er of hope award a pediatric oncologist and neuroblastoma researcher. yesterday here at cbs we held our ninth annual tell-a-thon benefiting alex's lemonade stand foundation and it was a record breaking day. in 14 hours we raised $2,997,865. so big giant thank you to our sponsors, our partners and, of course, to you at home we know you played a big role
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in that and we are so grateful. this weekend you can see inspirational stories of alex and other people now caring on her legacy, tune into see our award winning show a stand for hope, that airs tomorrow 5:79 p.m. on our sister station cw philly and then gannon sunday morning at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. kathy, you have your own lemonade stand down at the shore yesterday. >> yes. >> which was very profitable. >> yes. >> it was wonderful. we had a cancer hero, who was recovered from neuroblastoma and rainey and she helped me do the weather. today a much different day with more heat, humidity from the city to down the shore and we will have an official heat wave come tomorrow. and, you can see observation as cross the delaware valley right at bottom of the screen courtesy of our eyewitness weather watchers. in ocean city, not as hot as city but it is still warm down the shore and the beach is pretty pack.
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earlier today still some will folks enjoying a nice ocean breeze. storm scan three we had showers, storms firing up, you can see through chester county montgomery county, earlier with berks county but this cell is severe and moving toward east at 30 miles an hour and at that speed it will be in central parts of the bucks county, very shortly, it is moving right along the line right here along 422 through pottstown and this has a history of damaging wind, very heavy rain, localized flooding and frequent lightening, cloud to ground lightening. storm will be in norristown by 5:35. lower merion by 5:47, abington by 5:59 and bensalem by 6:18. severe thunderstorm warning for montgomery county and that is until 5:45. not a lot of lightening right now but a lot of heavy rain. another cell to the north that is severe right now in allentown it is moving from lehigh county in the northampton county, so east ton, if you live along 422 this is a severe cell, close
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to 3 inches an hour precipitation rates, very heavy rain and damaging wind associated with that cell. those are your warning. they will continue, almost through the next half an hour. so please be aware, if you hear thunder bring everybody inside and wait until they pass. we have a heat advisory helping to fire up showers and thunderstorms until 8:00 o'clock tonight and temperatures in the 90's and humidity high making it feel much warmer. temperature in philadelphia 93. eighty-nine in millville. eighty-three in wildwood. ninety-two in dover. heat index at 101. allentown temperature 90. that is cooling down. down the shore we have a sea breeze now earlier we were warmer. sea isle 73. ocean city 72. cape may 76. good place to beat the heat. future weather shows storms fizzling out during the evening hours and quiet overnight tonight and in the wake of the front tomorrow, another chance of showers and storms. offer night low temperatures 74 tomorrow high temperatures is 90. best chance of the shower or
5:23 pm
thunderstorm would be in the afternoon but you can see it will be hot by noon hour and even into the evening temperatures will be in the 80's. poconos temperatures will be warm as well in the 70's, so that will be a little bit of the break. eighty-six for your sunday by monday 86. we will break the heat by sunday morning. that is a look at your three day forecast, we will be back with the seven day next half an hour after this short
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if you were among ten people, locked inside of a room would you be a able to work together and solve clue toss get out? that is what the players of the escape the room in center city are trying to do. we will get more from reporter john mcdevitt of the our sister station kyw news radio. >> reporter: you can choose the office of cavern game, the doors locked behind you teammates explore the safe looking for objects, piecing together clues to solve the puzzle to escape. sixty minute count downtime and additional clues are displayed on the tv monitor supplied by a staffer watching and listening from the control room. her team from cherry hill found her way out with 15 minutes to spare. >> you just have to rely on other people, including you and just bouncing ideas off of each other. you cannot keep it to yourself. if you keep it yourself, you will never do it. >> reporter: mike mar teen owe is general manager. >> it is interesting to go see
5:27 pm
how dynamic of people will change. you have people that will second guess themselves, you'll see people kind of not working together as well. it is interesting to see that dynamic and it changes with every game good they did it in 45 minutes can you beat their time in john mcdevitt for kyw news radio, "eyewitness news". you can find the room philly at 1528 walnut street and ticket are $28 per person, plus a service fee g luck getting out. coming up next, half an hour prominent n double ac p lead's accused of lying of her race women's parents say they are identifying herself as black was actually born caucasian. several day care workers in new jersey fired over this, racy video find out what they are accused of doing. new tonight at 6:00 a local man who make thousands of dollars from scaming schools learned his fate that is coming up in an iteam
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jessica dean. a house fire is under investigation in philadelphia's somerton section. woman was found dead on the second floor of the home on avon street this morning.
5:31 pm
her mother was badly burn. however, officials say her father escape without injury. authorities in new york believe two convicted killers are still in the a area around that prison where they escaped a week ago. prison employee add in myths to supplying david sweat and richard matt with some kind of contraband but not the power tools they used to break out. our region is under a heat advisory, "eyewitness news" on the delaware in national park, where, there were not many people out for a stroll in this weather kathy. >> not at all guess contact we are talking about heat and humidity firing up, summer like thunderstorms and some are severe. we are looking at showers and storms popping up ahead of this main frontal boundary that is severe. right now there are a few severe thunderstorms, one moving out of chester county and berks county but continuing to move into area of central montgomery county, and then another cell that is in the allentown area, you can see it up there that one is severe as well. severe thunderstorm warning for lehigh county, right now
5:32 pm
moving toward northampton county moving east at 30. we are talk about being in easton by 5:49, and this storm, does have damaging wind. please be aware of. that we will track storms and have the forecast for weekend coming up later in the broadcast. >> kathy thanks. a civil rights leader in washington state find herself embroiled in the bizarre controversy. she's being falsely accused of portraying herself as black. here's cbs news reporter adrian a a diaz. >> for the interim and permanent. >> reporter: rachel, sat down with sean of our cbs affiliate krem to address chaos swirling around her. >> would you identify yourself as an african-american. >> i have been elected an african-american and i prefer black and to say if i was asked, i would definitely say that yes, i do consider myself to be black. >> reporter: but her biological parents say that is just not true.
5:33 pm
>> what is your daughter's ethnicity. >> our daughter is, primarily german and czech republic and european dissent. >> reporter: so she's white. >> she's white. >> reporter: ruth and larry live in the rural home in troy montana where rachel was born 40 years ago. >> he was a blonde hair blue eyed girl growing up. >> rachel has wanted to be someone that she's not. she has chosen not to be herself but represent herself as an african-american women or biracial purpose. >> reporter: her biography of eastern washington university said she received her master's degree from howard university a historically black college in washington d.c. krem obtained police reports in which she says that she was victim of several hate crimes. police responded but no suspects were ever responded and no arrests were ever made. what would you say to those who are questioning your
5:34 pm
ethnicity. >> those are questioning or those that are just reading the article, i mean, i feel like the article is what is questioning and really it is others who are questioning so, what i say to them is, you know i don't give a blank what you guys think. >> reporter: president of the naacp whom we think is a black woman who says she was victim of the hate crimes might not be black that seems like a miss representation. >> i can understand that, i mean, like i said, it is more important to clarify that with the black community and with my executive board then it is to explain it to a community that i quite frankly don't think really understands. >> reporter: that was adriana diaz reporting. in the past she has identified herself as a mix of black white, native american. she says this controversy is an ugly biproduct of family dysfunction. this story does have
5:35 pm
people talking on social media. we invite to you join the conversation on facebook and send us a tweet at cbs philly just use hash tag cbs-3 chat. four day care workers in north jersey are fired after troubling video. staff member is a accused of being rough with the two-year old after having trouble putting on the child's hat. video was taken about a month ago in hoboken's apple school. school's director and assistant director were among workers terminated for in miss handling that situation. a big setback for president obama today as congress derailed his fast track trade bill, taa or trade adjustment assistance provides economic help to work hours lose their jobs because of trade deals. at the last minute the president lost the support of nancy pelosi. that legislation was tied to an aid bill that was voted down by the house. many house republicans supported the president. >> understand a lot of our members, they don't trust this administration. join the club, neither do i.
5:36 pm
that is precisely why i support this bill. >> i would be vote to go slow down fast track to get a better deal for the american people. >> the senate has already passed its version of the trade bill, and the house approval, will be sent to the president. it is graduation day at drexel university. 7,000 students received degrees during the 128 commencement ceremony. "eyewitness news" in university city as family and friend watched with pride today. speakers included tennis legend and act wrist billy jean king, among 14 special guests receiving honorary degrees. and a very special honor for philadelphia a's favorite little leaguers, "eyewitness news" at crystal tea room in center city where taney dragons received 2015 john wanamaker at let ache ward. philadelphia sports congress recognized the team for accomplishments on the team this honor has been awarded to athletes teams organizations
5:37 pm
since 1961. >> it is an award that means a lot. a lot of legend have got then award before and for us to just get this award now it is unbelievable. >> last summer of course, taney dragons captivated the city during their incredible run for the little league world series title. they were two wins away from the u.s. championship. a montgomery county man is preparing to leave for pittsburgh for the weekend by foot he will join walkers leaving from center city on sunday for pennsylvania hero walk. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch reports. >> reporter: michael rig has been walk ago lot lately so he is well aware of his limits. >> i don't do downhills. the downhills are murder on knees. >> reporter: strong knees a must for his two week journey by foot across the keystone state for the pennsylvania pennsylvania hero walk, more than 300 miles. it kicks off this weekend on the art museum steps. >> we walk for two weeks along route 30 to get above
5:38 pm
pittsburgh. >> reporter: he has made and work each walk drawn to volunteer by his own veteran experience. >> i was in fort lewis washington in the army august of 69 ready to ship to vietnam, as a artillery. >> reporter: he kept stateside and compelled to help other vets he feel made greater sacrifices. >> when i first heard about this walk i think about the break i got and yet i didn't, you know i didn't do anything to deserve it but i thought so many guys that i knew that didn't get that lucky break and served in the war. >> reporter: rick's lansdale basement is hero walk home base. >> i track everything and anybody makes a donation i know about what goes on the donor sheet. >> reporter: spread sheet tracks teams of walkers and donation for lansdale hero walk he launched a few years ago. this year he expects 1,000 people and to raise 50 you this dollars. >> 168, that is a huge group and they have increased every single year.
5:39 pm
>> reporter: over six year rick says the walks have raised over a million-dollar for veterans, their causes and their families. as walkers make their way west they are doing more than just marching they are also still raising money using these cans here to seek donations raising more cash for each step toward their final destination. rick keeps hundreds of photos and keepsakes of past walks and looks forward to having more. justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". for more information on the walks, how to help, donate or participate go to cbs philly to the come. still to come on "eyewitness news" when it comes to fathers day, dear old dad doesn't make out as well as mom. three on your side jim donovan takes a look at the numbers and find out what dads want from his big day. would you be passenger on this plane? watch that, eye popping moves from the new 787 dream liner kathy? little too vertical for my taste. we are looking at a few storms
5:40 pm
popping up than storm can three, severe thunderstorms in the heat and humidity and we did i had we tied the record, i'll show you how long
5:41 pm
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5:43 pm
hold on to your seat, boeing off is what new model 787 dream liner could do. watch this. the jet lifts off in a nearly vertical climb into the sky. wow. pilots were made aware of the capability ahead of next weeks paris air show where buyers can see it in action. boeing has sold 500 of the aircraft at 30 different customers. as "eyewitness news" celebrates, 50 years, we are looking back at historical events here at home and around the the world. twenty-eight years ago today word that would be forever etched in history. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> in 1987 president ronald reagan publicly challenged soviet union leader miguel
5:44 pm
gorbachev to end the division between east and west. famous speech was on the dividing line of berlin, germany. although it served as a rallying crying the berlin wall did not fall for another two years. we will be right back.
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live tv is not an exact science, check this out... >> that was awful. this is reporter just doing her report but she fell in the storm of cicadas they had been dormant for 17 years, until she started her report. they don't bite, that is good news but they did dive bomb her face. that is not fun. you don't want anybody on your face. toddler shows the rock that she's stronger then he is. dwayne johnson is one pulling that plane but that two-year old thinks she's doing it. he shared this clip on instagram on the set of the upcoming movie. it has gone viral over 600,000 views. >> i love how she is like we
5:48 pm
will move this plane over here me and my friend rock. >> i can do anything with him. >> you know, i was out identify earlier, and it is just like, the heat will hit you in the faith i felt like i was melting. >> yes you are glennda. >> so sweet. >> we are looking at more heat in the nighttime hours and that is going to continue right through the day time tomorrow. when do we break the the heat? that is the big question and that answer lies in the seven day forecast. this is a picturesque view from the center city studios of the beautiful sky line. some blue in there but milky white sky because of the high humidity and most of the report well in the 90's. you may catch a break down the shore because of the sea breeze. heat advisory will continue right until about 8:00 o'clock tonight and then sun gets close, and then temperatures will cool off. our weather watchers are showing heat built throughout the area.
5:49 pm
we have 95 a according to david in clementon. pressure falling. humidity falling. wind is picking up. heat index is 100 degrees which is a amazing. a lot of 90's. james sent this beautiful picture not that long ago but you can see high cloud milky white sky an indication of how high that humidity is, and bob shows his garden, flowers in bloom and still sending this picture in of storm cloud getting close, some bubbling clouds as we have, storms to the north and west. we will see things change but not until after these storms move through. take a look and i will show you. we do have a few severe cells, that are moving toward the north east, they should stay to the north and east of philadelphia and move, toward the north over the next i would say half an hour or so. easton we have a show.
5:50 pm
that is home of the crayola crayons near bethlehem north hampton county. precipitation rate to the north of easton over 4 inches a an hour. this cell is moving quickly to the north east at 30 miles an hour. we have another cell that is weakening, that is good news, this moved out of berks county chester county, right now through norristown and 76. montgomery county. precipitation rate less than a inch an hour but extending through chester county and chesterbrook on 76, through tredyffrin, berwyn even into devon you will see this heavy rain, so please be aware of that. not severe right new but very heavy rain associated with that cell and ponding on area road definitely expected in the heavy rain and another line of storms moving east, we do not expect them to impact our weather tonight but could see a few storms during the day tomorrow. so any of the severe weather to the north and west, downpours damaging wind and some frequent lightening. once again severe thunderstorm warning for northampton county until 6:30 tonight.
5:51 pm
otherwise we're talking about heat. we have tied record of 95 degrees setback in 1947, temperatures right now still for the most part in the 90's and 80's, overnight low 74 degrees. tomorrow high of 90 making it an official heat wave and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast we will break heat sunday, monday a few showers and storms, steamy gannon tuesday and then staying unsettled even next thursday and friday, that is you're witness weather seven day forecast. well, with just a bit more than a week to go, fathers day is quickly approaching and while most americans plan to do something to celebrate dear old dad day they won't spend as much as they do on mom three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan looks at the numbers. >> good job. >> reporter: most popular gift for dad this fathers day is a special day out that is according to an annual survey by national retail federation which found consumers will spend about $2.6 billion on a
5:52 pm
gift like baseball tickets or a family meal. another popular option, letting him choose his own gifts. 39 percent of fathers day gift buyers say they will purchase a gift card, for total of $1.8 billion in spending. americans will spend another $1.7 billion on clothing for dad and 1.6 billion on electronic. overall fathers day spending should ring up an additional 12.7 billion for retailers verse 21.2 estimate they spent for mothers day. why the gap in spending between mom and dad, web site retail me not says it could be a matter of timing with june weddings graduations and summer vacations putting a strain on spending around the day. survey by retail me not found gifts most requested by dads includes gift card, clothing and gadgets. items least likely to treat themselves to are clothing, shoes, home goods and shoes. gifts aside half of the dad said what they really want for
5:53 pm
fathers day toys spend time with their families. >> well, that is news. >> my dad gets food. >> well, you have to eat food. >> yes. >> aim not sitting here trying to figure out clothing size, i'm sending food and every year i don't get any complaints. >> have a great weekend. >> to. >> still ahead die dinosaurs are roaring back in see is what different about the latest jurassic park movie, we have behind the scenes look
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
more than 20 years after the original jurassic park hit theaters dinosaurs are back in jurassic world. entertainment tonight's kevin frazier has more on the latest film in the dinosaur franchise. >> this week plans to live even up jurassic park back with a bigger badder dinosaur is on the loose in jurassic world and it is up to chris pratt to stop it or at least out run it. >> when something chases you run. >> reporter: word to live by in the latest jurassic park sequel and this time it is chris pratt and bryce dallas howard doing running as genetically modified dinosaur gets loose in the park.
5:57 pm
>> out of containment. >> they may not contain the dinosaur but can they contain chris and his dance moves. >> picture up. >> yes. >> sorry chris i cannot stop this. >> i can't stop it. oh no. >> i mean if you cannot have fun making jurassic world then you will never have fun. >> reporter: pratt took on the challenge of doing sequel to a bee love classic pretty seriously. >> i was pretty pumped when i got this role but i had a little trepidation. there is sacred ground. when colin called and said i want to talk to you about jurassic world in the jurassic park sequel i said first of all, don't you mess around with jurassic park. that is my jam. don't go mess it up. he told me the story. i said oh, and it took about five minutes before i said, so
5:58 pm
i can be in this movie please. i got to be. >> after we do this we do this my way. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier now back to you in the studio. when you want to know is what happening in hollywood watch entertainment tonight at 7:00 it happens on cbs-3. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 a scorcher in the delaware valley, it is not even summer but we have topped 90 degrees for second straight day, kathy? jessica, we have tied some record in the heat department today, going for a heat wave heat advisory continues. i will update your weekend forecast. new at 6:00 a local man add in myths to scaming schools for hundreds of thousands of dollars after the iteam first exposed him find out how long he will spend behind bars in an exclusive follow-up. police department in south jersey is looking to raise machine toy create a k-9 unit,
5:59 pm
i'm syma chowdhry with that story coming up. right now at 6:00 heat advisory is in effect all over the area as temperatures top a scorching 90 degrees for the second straight day. good evening to you i'm jessica dean. chris may is off tonight. it was so hot that by noon all philadelphia schools released students early, "eyewitness news" in marlton where people weren't letting high temperature slow their daily routine, some getting the exercise, other making sure they have plenty to drink. heat and humidity like this air quality is an issue. philadelphia metro area is under a code orange, that means the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups like asthma sufferers and elderly. sky cam three giving us a look at a hazy center city to day. record high for june 12th is 95 degrees set all the way
6:00 pm
back in 1947, and today we tied it. we have live team three coverage with cat i orr on the cbs-3 skies deck. by this time tomorrow we could be dealing with our first heat wave of the year. >> absolutely, that is what we are planning on tying that record today, yesterday the high 92 degrees. there is no where to go but back in the 90's tomorrow. we have a heat advisory in effect and that will continue until 8:00 o'clock tonight. it does include most of the region, and we are going to be steamy sticky as temperatures will still linger in the 80's and 90's this evening and then they will finally fall, during the night time hours. now take a look at the highs today where we see, the record high. philadelphia is 95. georgetown delaware 93. reading 93. in trenton we made it to 92. not a record. wilmington 91. atlantic city at the airport 90 degrees. right now temperatures quite


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