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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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egrees set all the way back in 1947, and today we tied it. we have live team three coverage with cat i orr on the cbs-3 skies deck. by this time tomorrow we could be dealing with our first heat wave of the year. >> absolutely, that is what we are planning on tying that record today, yesterday the high 92 degrees. there is no where to go but back in the 90's tomorrow. we have a heat advisory in effect and that will continue until 8:00 o'clock tonight. it does include most of the region, and we are going to be steamy sticky as temperatures will still linger in the 80's and 90's this evening and then they will finally fall, during the night time hours. now take a look at the highs today where we see, the record high. philadelphia is 95. georgetown delaware 93. reading 93. in trenton we made it to 92. not a record. wilmington 91. atlantic city at the airport 90 degrees. right now temperatures quite
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hot 98 in dover. allentown we had rain. 93 degrees right new in philadelphia it feels much hotter when you combine the humidity and dover 99, 95 in wilmington, and in philadelphia on storm scan three, we have to talk about the storms that are firing up in the heat and humidity zooming in. we have one cell in northampton county moving north and east. we have another cell in montgomery county producing some heavy rain and it could be impacting places like mt. airy chestnut hill with light rain with heavy rain, you can see moving toward the north east moving out of the montgomery county eventually and into bucks county. for this evening we do anticipate a few isolated showers and storms north and west but still quite hot. through nighttime hours at 9:00 and 11:00 still in the 80's, warm and muggy. coming up we will look at that seven day forecast and i'll show you some relief in sight. after a bad winter there aren't that many complaints. now back to you in the studio.
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>> is that the truth or what, thanks much. we have good information on cbs to help you cope with the hot weather there we will find cooling centers if you need it. we have some break news now a prison workers suspect of helping two quick killers escape from an upstate new york facility will be charged. police believe 51 year-old joyce mitchell supplied richard matt and david sweat were prohibited items. mitchell also allegedly agreed to be their getaway driver but back out at the last minute. matt and sweat broke out of the prison nearly a week ago they are still on the run tonight. it is not yet clear exactly what charges mitchell will face. as this manhunt continues the "cbs evening news" scott pelley will have an update on the breaking developments and that is coming your way at 6:30. a south jersey man is admitting he set up an elaborate scam and stole more than half million-dollar from schools all around the country. it is a story the iteam first
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exposed back in february a and today man responsible was in court and so was investigative reporter charlotte huffman. >> i wanted to talk to you burr company, can i ask you about it. >> reporter: that is robert armstrong a former elementary school assistant principal who back in february, told us this. >> i would never do anything to intentionally defraud any school. >> reporter: but armstrong had a different story in federal court, franklinville man pled guilty to mail fraud and admitted spending more than 70,000 identical invoices to schools across the country seeking $647.50 for textbooks from his company scholastic school supply but the schools never placed the order. the textbooks never existed. neither did armstrong's company. but hundreds of school administrators across at least 37 states wrote checks, and mailed them to many a strong's drop boxes, one of them located at this business in sewell, new jersey. we alerted this principal and
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idaho that his school had been duped. >> i'm deeply disappointed, that someone would do this to us. we are such a low funded school, we struggle for every penny we can get and this plan was so well devised and the timing was so perfect , that they were able to sneak it through on us. >> reporter: over the course of nine months, armstrong cashed in. on more than $600,000. now, he will spend at least three and a half years behind bars. armstrong's attorney, rocco siprone. >> people make mistakes and have lapses in judgment and that is what happened to him. at the end of the day there are in dead bodies here, it was a white collar offense. >> reporter: federal have recovered half of the $600,000 that armstrong stole from those schools. today armstrong said he will pay back that second half, and then up to the u.s. government to make sure that all of that money is returned to the schools. outside federal courthouse
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camden i'm char lieutenant huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities are investigating a fatal house fire in philadelphia's somerton neighborhood. a woman was found dead in the home in the 600 block of avon street earlier this morning. officials say that the victim's mother was found unconscious and burn on the first floor. a quick thinking neighbor helped her father escape. >> one of the neighbors was coming by and saw the fire and kick in the basement door to help the father escape through the basement. >> it is always a shock when something like this happens right behind you. >> reporter: fire officials say the home did not have any working smoke alarms. hundreds of job seekers attended a job fair far for soon to be opened gloucester premium outlets. retailers took applications and interviewed people for 800 jobs today, "eyewitness news" at camden county college in gloucester township. outlets under construction on route 42 near the college and will be home to 90 different retailers and job seekers are excited about their chances. >> it will be very exciting
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because ivories eventually worked in fast food a lot. i go to school for fashion design right now. it would be fun to work around clothes. >> it is crazy i haven't done this in 30 years. >> this area was a slam dunk. we really targeted it because it was right off the highway in a prime time location close to philadelphia as well as atlantic city. >> reporter: gloucester premium outlets is set to open august 13th. excitement is building for tonight's taylor swift concert at lincoln financial field and we got an inside look at crews setting stage for concert. you can see an elaborate show it will be. there is a lot of working to go get that ready. our pat ciarrocchi is live with the fans, the swiftes will be shaking off the sweat tonight, a little warm out there. >> well, they sure will but a lit built of the breeze. it is not that bad. this is cross road of the taylor swift world tonight. there are so many people coming, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and they are coming from all over the place.
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my two new friends that say taylor swift on their glasses are from where. >> more than 3500 miles they traveled they won a contest to come to philadelphia. >> enjoy the concert. >> everybody is celebrating taylor swift tonight. you this kill themselves swiftes styling after their music hero and role model thinks caitlin alex and melissa. we are red lip classic from the song style. >> this is our first show but i went to six red shows and i saw her like 15 times. >> taylor. >> reporter: tailgaters at taylor swift variety found their parking space early to party a little before the show. >> well, we like to drink. we came early to drink and tailgate. >> reporter: for people here taylor swift is a local superstar writing her first music in berks county, summering in stone harbor and growing her enterprise to a conservative network of 200
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million-dollar. at the age of 25. >> especially right new she has such a strong sense of herself, who she is, and that is inspiring for teenage girls growing up. it is a really good role model for us to have. >> reporter: maya and her cousin holland flew in from kentucky will get the hug every swifte would love. >> we have backstage passes and we will meet taylor swift. >> i like taylor swift well, i like her music because it calms me down sometimes. i like that she doesn't stick to a particular style and she's nice. >> reporter: what will you say to her. >> i'm not sure. i really don't know. >> reporter: talk about inside scoops jessica i got a picture from maya's mommas the girls are waiting with their very special particular outside of a door to meet taylor swift. they are beyond themselves. i'm sure maya will come up with something to say but guarantied they will have a lot to say what taylor said to
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them. if you are going to be heading here tonight make sure that you are prepared to hydrate yourself. it is really warm. roy is one busy guy here, a lot of people will be drink ago lot of water. that is one way to stay safe. my goodness, listen to this, show them, show them. >> there they are more swiftes, jessica. >> i love it. >> right outside lincoln financial field. >> that is quite a concert. >> we will hear them all the way here at the studio i think. >> thanks very much. >> ♪ >> well, taylor surprised them with tickets to tonight's show. the production class put together this video of them lip singing to shake it off and they got on twitter shout out from take already on tuesday and they are management team reached out to the teach and invited lead performers and their teachers to tonight's show. they will be at the audience. they will know all of the
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word. a lot of people do. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" local police department turns to crowd funding to get a new k-9 unit on the force why they say this was only way to make it happen. kathy? we are watching showers and storms pop up to the north and west of the city but nothing like what is going on through western part of the keystone state and up to new york where tornado watches are in effect. we will talk about what this means for weekend and how long heat wave will last coming up. hi leslie. hi kathy history making taney dragons receiving a very special award this afternoon we are two weeks away from the nba draft and one of the top target canceled his visit to philadelphia we will talk about that coming up later in
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police dogs could be a vital part of protecting community but police departments don't have the fund for k-9 unit. a as syma chowdhry tells us one police department in burlington county hopes donations can take a bite out of those hefty costs. gunner is a k-9 in training for mount laurel police. because of financial issues the mount laurel police department has in the had a k-9 unit in 12 years.
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police dogs costs thousands so corporal christopher oplandi purchased his own money to purchase gunner. >> we hope this is start of the k-9 program. it would be nice to have one dog on the street 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> reporter: harry parsons donates his time to train him. >> whether it is locating missing children, elderly people want a suspect and it gives the officer another option other than using lethal force. >> reporter: even more money is needed for additional training equipment and k-9 vehicles. police department is asking for donations from the public. >> they give so much to the community so time for community to give back to them. >> reporter: tony mar teen owe a manager at on the border in mount laurel is trying to help. an event will be held there next wednesday but fund raising efforts like this are familiar to other police departments. >> i received $1,300 in my budget for two dogs right now for their food bill, other than that, everything is 100 percent funded through
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donations. >> reporter: police departments depended on fundraisers for ten years earlier donations poured in after one of their retired k-9's had to be put town and farewell tribute photo went viral. >> brought life to the k-9's and what they do and how valuable they are. >> reporter: for mount laurel police this campaign was just the beginning. >> with the support of our community we can make it happen. >> reporter: if you would like to make a donation to the police department get information more on cb. n mount laurel, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". children's hospital of philadelphia held annual alex lemonade stand kick off and they handed out a very special award. doctor garrett was honored with this years picture of hope award. pediatric oncologist and neuroblastoma researcher who has done so much in the fight against childhood cancer. yesterday here at cbs-3 we held our ninth annual tell-a-thon benefiting alex
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lemonade stand foundation and with your help it was a record breaking day. in 14 hours we have raised $2,997,865, and a big thank to you our sponsors, partners and, of course, to you we could not have done it without your help. this weekend you can see inspirational stories of alex and other children now carrying on her legacy. tune into see our award winning documentary alex scott, stand for hope airing toll at 7:00 p.m. on our sister station cw philly and on sunday morning at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. that hot steamy weather helped local students get a early start to the weekend. philadelphia school, dismissed students earlier today because of the heat. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live showing us how they are beating the heat in barrington, camden county. it looks like a pretty good place, steve. >> reporter: not bad, guess contact past 6:00 and still super hot and pretty cool we are hanging out staying
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hydrated and look behind me, this is the hills swim club in barrington, new jersey. you can see kid taking dip staying cool and away from the heat and get something exercise in. in fact speaking of exercise we expect to people on kelly drive today actually doing physical activity. we had to find out what they were up to. heat wave philadelphia, the kind of dog day where the sun glares the pavement sizzles and some of the mess brave people in the city are on kelly drive. >> i ran back a mile. >> reporter: we keep up with runners, tried to break from their normal routine. >> as you can is a see i'm walking. >> reporter: time to call it quits. >> yes yes. >> reporter: she was not the only one and for good reason. heat and humidity made 93 feel like 100 degrees friday. heat wave forcing school district of philadelphia and other local schools to dismiss early making pop sickles and frozen drinks and big
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priority. >> really hot. >> reporter: the spokesperson for school district says it wasn't just today in the heat that forced them to close school early but also the consecutive number of days that they have been hot and including a lot of the schools don't have september rally with air units in their classrooms but they expect school to be back on bright and early monday for those last four days of school in philadelphia. live from barrington, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that can be the hardest steve, thanks very much. yes. >> just waiting for summer. >> really hot and mind is in the in the game anymore. >> that is right. >> with steve. >> more pool action tomorrow. we are looking at another day in the 90's and official heat wave. we have severe weather to talk b lets go up to the poconos where we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. talking about heat and humidity firing off these storms. lets go to the graphics and severe thunder storm warning
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until 7:00, it is a cell moving out of northampton county in easton moving toward ban-gor and stroudberg and we are looking at some heavy rain, gusty wind and even threat of small hail with this particular cell. on storm scan three you can see these storms firing up ahead of the larger line of storms associated with the cold front that will move through the region but we are focused on these storms that have been firing up to the north ape west. we have one cell in the lower part of the montgomery county but this is one we're watching. it seems like so far away you can see it moving up toward poconos and split is right there near route 80 and it will continue to move in the north east and as that track will be moving out of our region. in the poconos and skies look dark just bring everyone inside ape wait until these storms past. we have a heat wave, copping our way yesterday. high of 92. we have tied record of 95 today, tomorrow going for 90 degrees and after that we will get back to normal a
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little bit. right now in the city, 93. seventy-nine in allentown. that temperature is rain cooled. wilmington 90. ninety in dover. twenty-eight in lancaster. eighty-four in reading. looking closer willow grove showers that cooled us down but still very humid. seventy-four. forty-eight quakertown. palmyra 91. mount holly home of the national weather service 87 degrees. future weather shows showers and storms with the heavy downpours popping up and moving toward the north east. they weaken throughout the region. i don't think we will be seeing an impressive line maybe a few spotty showers in south jersey and overnight we will clear it out during the day tomorrow we will see some spotty cloud high humidity and maybe chance of the scattered showers and storm and next front moves through region. and then sunday drying out nicely about lower humidity and those showers and storms stay to the west until late sunday into monday. overnight isolated shower or thunderstorm north and west. otherwise low seven 46789 during the day tomorrow high
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90. milk y white sky will continue. by lunchtime it will be 86. going out for evening 82 with high humidity and on the exclusive seven day forecast and shore cast beat the heat down the shore this weekend and then it gets hot again next week. that is your seven day forecast. we will be back with leslie and sports
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leslie is on the city's favorite athletes, they are young but they are still everybody's favorite. >> yes. >> magical ride of the taney dragons continues, the wannamaker award were given out this afternoon annual award given to the athlete or organization which has done the most to reflect credit upon philadelphia and team or sports in which they excel. so this years award went to taney, first little league team from philadelphia to make the little league world series leading that team
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mo'ne davis the first female, to win a little league world series game. >> a a lot of legend have gotten this award before and for us to just get this award now, it is unbelievable. >> we had done this sport together and we will never forget that but all of the things after williamsport, from the city, and for them to understand what they meant basically carry that forward. >> eagles officially announcing the release of two time pro bowl guard evan mathis this afternoon. in word where he will head to next. we are less than two weeks from the nba draft, lots of speculation eagles are interested in ohio state product deangelo russell. he was scheduled to work out this weekend but inquirer is reporting he cancelled in work out after getting real sick. there is no word when that work out will be rescheduled. last place phillies are in pittsburgh tonight to take on pirates, and veteran kevin
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carea will be starting their first game lost three straight. more phillies news people rumors circulating phillies have been talking to teams about trading jonathan papelbon. one of those teams said to be interested is blue jays. according to the new york post phillies and blue jays have not spoken to papelbon so apparently nothing is imminent right now. we will be right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" will be back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and of course we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" and scott pelley reports tonight from new york.
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>> pelley: breaking news, a computer attack linked to china has stolen the most sensitive secrets of members of the c.i.a., the military, and the f.b.i. also tonight, a prison employee has been arrested for allegedly helping two killers escape a maximum security prison. did an n.a.a.c.p. official color her past? >> i do consider myself to be black? >> pelley: her parent say she's white. >> and steve hartman can walter thomas. his big dream is behind that door. >> everybody is ready. everybody is watching. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the more we learn about the the healthcare attack against the u.s. government, the worse it


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