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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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it is a hot and very humid, start to the weekend and third day of 90-degree weather will make it official we are heading for our first possible heat wave of the season. also, this morning police investigate a crash that sent eight people to the hospital in bucks county, we will have the latest on their injuries coming up. and, to thousands office screaming fans taylor swift rocks out at a sold out crowd at the link. and today is saturday, june 13th, good morning i'm todd quinones in for nicole brewer. is there in more humidity in store today here's meteorologist carol erickson from the weather center.
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carol, not too bad. >> not as bad as yesterday. we tied a record at 95. it is hot. we had heat indexes all the way up to 99 degrees and probably a hundred degrees in a couple spots. today, by comparison, while it still could get to 90 degrees, we will feel cooler just because it should be 5 degrees less than that. ben franklin bridge area looks just fine this morning and it was a very mild overnight to say the least. 77 degrees, right now. seventy-six at the shore. you are not finding that much relief in rehoboth beach at this point ape little bit of the haze out there. we saw that yesterday. storm scan three not picking up anything right now, we have had very active storms out to the west last night but right now it is quiet and most of the day will be remaining quiet. excuse me. we have a temperature of 78 degrees right now at the airport in philadelphia, 70 in allentown. seventy-four millville. seventy-five wildwood.
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are mild start. as day warms up, and it will, by noon we are at 85. 3:00 p.m. 90 degrees with a mixture of sun and cloud. there is a chance we will extort at 89. but should we reach that magical 90-degree mark that is when we declare a heat wave. it was hot. it will be hot today too. future weather mess of us stay try the whole day. notice maybe a sprinkle heading toward dover at 11:00 but generally that should be the extent of it and if there are any showers it will be likely to be in maryland then anyplace else. we will continue that time line out and let you know if we have any temperature relief on the seven day forecast, coming up, todd? carol, thank you. intense heat friday night sparks fast moving powerful storms. heavy win caused significant damage in spring township berks county. trees came down on cars and homes there. lets look at this video from chopper three storm toppled
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trailers at the warehouse in bethlehem township northampton county. at the nearby crayola factory severe wind forced off the roof there month reports of any injuries. region was hit with swelter temperatures in the past couple of days. it hit 90-degree mark today it will mark our first official heat wave of the season. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live on kelly drive where people are trying to get their work out in early before the temperature rises syma? >> reporter: good morning, todd. there have been only a couple of dedicated runners but still pretty early. right now it is beautiful, to be out. it isn't as hot as it was yesterday, 95 but of course we just heard carol's forecast we are inching closer to the 90-degree mark making it a heat wave. >> sweat ago lot and it is like a heat wave. >> reporter: like a heat wave? it will be a heat wave.
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yesterday's 90-degree temperature felt like triple digits and expect to get hot again today. it had been so warm, philadelphia a schools and other local school districts announced an early dismissal friday. >> it is a good decision. a lot of the public schools don't have air conditioning so i feel bad for student inside the classroom. the kid safety comes first. >> reporter: safety first, fun second. children always head to the nearest pool in this type of weather. as the sunbeams down, the pavements sizzled some of the most dedicated runners took tonight stride on kelly drive but they could in the go full steam ahead because of the heat. >> it would be dangerous for seniors, to come out and if you want to walk, you walk slow and short distance. >> reporter: right. >> yeah, because, feel this heat. right now it is like we're in the oven. >> reporter: it feels like we're in an oven that is what folks were saying yesterday and a as carol said in her forecast temperatures are supposed to be reaching close
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to 90's. even at 89 degrees, technically not making it a heat wave it will still feel like one to me. don't forget your water stay cool this afternoon and most importantly, make sure you check on your elderly neighbors and do not keep any kid, or children, i mean, pets or children, in the car, we know the drill but you know what this summer it has kind of snuck up on us, quicker todd, i feel like we need to remine our viewers even though they are super smart. now back to you. >> everyone could always use a refresher, thanks, syma. we have important information on cbs to help you cope with the hot weather. you'll find cooling center if you are in need of relief. several people are rushed to the hospital, after a head on car crash in doylestown bucks county. this is chopper three video over the serious accident on pedestrian will hill road near spring valley road. authorities tell us that eight people were taken to area hospitals, one person was air lifted to temple university hospital. there is in word on their
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conditions. the cause of that crash is under investigation. last night passengers had a sweltering ride on amtrak, they were stuck on the train without air conditioning. for 90 minutes in north philadelphia. this is video from chris costner a passengers transferring to another train amtrak tells us, that train 127 was heading from new york to washington, when it encountered mechanical problems and lost power. costner says it all happened very quickly. >> my car was, you know, making some jokes, there were other ones that were hot no ventilation, nothing to drink unless you went and paid for it but there was nothing awkward or anything of that nature just to make everybody comfortable which is unfortunate. >> the problem was later fix and train continued on its way to washington d.c. berks county native taylor swift brings her 1989 world tour to philadelphia. the shake it off singer is performing for two straight nights at lincoln financial field. "eyewitness news" reporter
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matt rivers hangs out with an excited fan. >> reporter: girl from berks county rocked the house friday night, smack in the middle of her latest tour promoting her album called 1989. >> taylor, taylor. >> reporter: before the concert we spoke to person after person for whom this event drew nothing short of a religious experience. >> she's the goddess a among women. that is why it is such a big deal. >> reporter: rachel applebaum was celebrating here, and tried her choice of head wear. others celebrated birthday but most celebrated taylor. >> i'm really, really excited. >> shake it off shake it off. >> reporter: many of these kid look familiar, this is why these kid from cinnaminson high school created this viral video dance to go a swift song the singer love it and her management company gave
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them all tickets to the show. >> one week ago at this moment it wasn't even on line yet and it turns into this. >> reporter: it was hot friday afternoon but it didn't dampen the enthusiasm. >> taylor swift. >> reporter: dairy say the concert of the year so far. >> taylor is playing a second show saturday evening. there are a few tickets available but just for mid level seats those tickets are running at several hundred dollars. we're outside the link, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it looks like a good time there. police in limerick, montgomery county released video to show dangers of the driving the motorcycle will at more than hundred miles an hour. motorcyclist was wearing a camera and wearing 106 miles an hour on light cap road when the road keyed out. bike hit a church and rider flipped over and landed on the grass, he was wearing a helmet and managed to sustained only a few minor injuries. charges are pending. the manhunt continues
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this morning for two escaped killers in upstate new york. it has been a week since prisoners fled and now prison employee, sits behind bars charged with aiding the men in their daring escape. hanna daniels has the very latest. >> reporter: former prison employee joyce mitchell was arraigned friday night on charges that she helped two inmates escape the clinton correctional facility last weekend. >> she has been charged with promoting prison contraband and class d felony. >> reporter: investigators want to nose if her husband lyle mitchell, who also works in the prison was involve as well although he has not been charged. friday's search focused on a property 3.5 miles south east of the prison where hundreds of law enforcement officers scoured the woods. >> i have to assume that they are cold, tired and hungry but would i advise and remine community that may make these individual even more dangerous and desperate. >> reporter: search is entering the second week residents here are looking forward to an end to the heavy
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police presence. >> it is really disrupting everybody's life here in town. >> reporter: police are eager to catch the men too and they have an message for the escaped killers. >> we are coming and we will not stop until you're caught. >> reporter: police believe they still might be together. in danmore new york, hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". another hack against the u.s. government, on friday, we have learned chinese hackers got their hand on on background check information provided by federal workers for security clearances. fbi, cia and military personnel are believed to have data compromised. investigators believe the hack started last year. it was discovered in april. and then it was confirmed in may. happening today alex scott: a stand for hope is living on as the annual lemonade days, weekend continues. every year hundreds stopped by pen wood elementary school in
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wynnewood to help raise money for cancer research. this is the school where alex was a student. today's enterings from 10:00 to 3:00 so stop by, have a glass have of lemonade and help fight childhood cancer. this weekend you can see inspirational stories of alexa and other children carrying on her legacy, tune into see our award winning documentary alex scott: a stand for hope tonight at 7:00 on the cw philly a and then again tomorrow morning at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. coming up next on "eyewitness news" lyme disease may not be the only disease you need to worry about health reporter stephanie stahl has new information. not all frequent flier miles are created equal, three on your side jim donovan shows you how to get the most out of your award travel. and a rock star who suffered a bad break on stage but came back to pull off an amazing
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dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew. i just wanted to thank you
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for sharing your world with me. it felt like home. airbnb. belong anywhere. on the healthwatch warmer weather means increased risk of tic by the and lyme disease. for past five years pennsylvania has had most cases of tic born illnesses in
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the country. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on new research about another new tic threat. >> reporter: dave trout is vigilant about protecting himself and his grand kids from tics after having lyme disease himself. >> it is probably the worst illness or pain i have been through. >> reporter: lyme disease is more common tic born illness but not the only one. a report find a newly recognized ailment related to tics bmd is more common in the northeast. >> high fever severe headache, a lot of body aches and pains. >> reporter: doctor bobby prince studies tics born diseases which can cause wide range of symptoms and especially difficult to diagnosis. best way to prevent tic by the toys wear long sleeves and pants talked in the socks and use insect repellants. >> tics will be at the edge of the pathway where tall grass is, so by staying in the middle of the grass that is one way to stay from where tics would be. >> reporter: it is important to have others, check you for tics. dean's wife found his so he could get quick treatment. many tic transmitted diseases can than treated with antibiotics. researchers warned pennsylvania residents of the increased risk of lyme and other tic related diseases
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after studies found tics present in every county throughout the commonwealth for the very first time. i have more information for you including the safe way to remove a tic on my facebook and witter feeds. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good information right there. make sure to check your pets and your dogs, especially during this time of the year for tics. >> absolutely, these tics are amen ace, you have to pay a lot of attention. we are looking right now at a beach scene, it looks lovely, as the sun comes up and this beach tarts to get packed as everybody flees the city and other areas to try to cool off near the ocean. it is a beautiful start to the day and that location probably just about every location, because it is not as hot as yesterday afternoon when we closed out the day at 95. we have 78 degrees. it was not very comfortable sleeping if you had to keep your windows open and a fan on. if you didn't have air conditioning you know how hot it was overnight. seventy-five in trenton.
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seventy-five wilmington. sixty-six in the poconos. seventy's along the shore this was over the last 24 hours or last 12 hours and just an indication of the strong storms that they picked up, as through the center of pennsylvania so, this was an interesting little storm that we saw going through here. it stops and loops again but it is vigorous storms moving through late last night. now to day we're just going to be watching for hot weather again. we should be able to make it to 90 degrees. there is in reason to, except that it will make it a heat wave. we have made it 90 degrees. since we hit 95 we might as well get pay off and call it a heat wave n guarantee that we won't stop at 89 degrees, but hot, maybe a stray thunderstorm, that is remote unless you are probably south and east of philadelphia, otherwise, partly sunny tomorrow although heavy rain coming in as early as late sunday night but we will watch to have the weather changing up again as we go from the
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heat, over to, showers and thunderstorms. we have got that a lot in the forecast, coming up this week. monday still that threat of the shower as a thunder storm. we will sees a computer model says not a problem today looks dry sun and clouds, humid, close to that 90-degree mark. notice a a few showers well off to our west and south and then tomorrow, this computer model for the most part during the day wants to keep it fine but it does want to bring in some showers and maybe some thunderstorms in the afternoon, some of the other models they know it will wait until sunday night but just keep an eye on this and then we have 7:00 o'clock we're looking at a couple of downpours out there notice the reds, orange and that gives you an indication that some of these storms if we see them can be getting stronger and with a little witt more torrential rain. 5:00 o'clock in the morning on monday that is the trend over next couple of days. yesterday's trend was just to increase the heat all day long. we have tied the record, previous record, 1947 and
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today we won't be in record territory but certainly going to be plenty warm out there. as we attempt to advance the clicker, to no success just watch that while i walk over it. i walk over to the computer, hang on, we will try it another way it just disappeared, completely honest. todd this week we have got 90 today and after that we have temperatures that will be at about the upper 80's for most of the rest of the week, todd? >> okay, carol thank you very much. hundred million people belong to the frequent flier program but new report find some airlines are better than others at honoring award travel. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice so you can get the most out of your miles. >> reporter: steve, says that using frequent flyer miles for travel can be a challenge. >> to find, you know, those
5:20 am
types have seats are not available and you have to book early. >> reporter: consumer reports analyzed 07 million passenger trips over past two years and found major airlines are better at honoring frequent flyer miles but some are better than others. southwest ranks number one for offering the most reward tickets, followed bayou nighted, american, delta and jet blue. sean bren on regularly flies southwest. >> i think it is a great program because you can fly one way or you can fly one trip and you can use relatively few miles to get a quick trip in. >> if you call it and talk to the ticket agent they have more power and skilled looking at computer system and trying out different routes route. >> reporter: consumer reports says airline profits when consumers don't use their miles. >> when you don't use your air miles it is call break age and basically that becomes revenue. airline puts it in their pocket and it goes right down to profit. >> reporter: consumer reports say frequent flyers can maximize their miles by
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shopping months in advance for award ticket and by booking on the phone with the ticket agent. they also recommend never buying additional points. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. still ahead rock star who suffered a bad break on stage and still came back to finish the show. plus, dinosaurs are roaring back in the theaters this weekend see what is different about the latest movie. and the rockies strong but he lets one, two-year old little will girl think he is even stronger more on this video going
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and, as the saying goes, the show must go on, foo fighters lead singer keeps rocking out during a concert despite a broken leg. this is file video of the band's front man dave growl he fell off the stage performing during a festival in sweden. the 46 year-old announced to the crowd i think i just broke my leg but he managed to finish that song while laying down as paramedics tend todd his right leg and after being treated, growl finish the set from the chair on stage. the band leader, band rather later confirmed the injury by tweeting this x-ray of his broken calf bone, saying, thank you that was amazing. no word if the rest of the foo fighters sonic highways tour or a show set for july 4th in washington d.c. will be
5:25 am
affect. more than 20 years after the original jurassic park hits theaters the dinosaurs are back in jurassic world. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has more on the latest film from the dinosaur franchise. >> reporter: this week plans to live even up latest version of injury regard i can park backfire when bigger, badder dinosaur is on the loose in jurassic world where it is up to chris pratt to stop it or at least out run it. >> if something chases you run. >> reporter: words to live by in the latest sequel of jurassic parkas the again netcally modified dinosaurs get loose in the park. >> it is out of containment. >> she's killing sport sport. >> reporter: they may not contain the dinosaurs but can they contain chris and his dance moves. >> pictures up: oh, god i cannot stop this. >> okay. i can't stop it. oh no.
5:26 am
>> i don't create rules. >> if you can't have fun making jurassic world you will never have fun. >> reporter: pratt took on the challenge of doing sequel to a beloved classic pretty seriously. >> i was pumped when i got this role but it was have after, i had a little trepidation. you know it is sacred ground. when someone called me and said i want to talk to you about jurassic world the sequel we are doing i said all right why are you doing first of all don't you mess with jurassic park, that is my movie, that is my yam. don't go mess it up. then he told me the story. then i said oh, and it took five minutes bring was like so i can be in this movie please. i got the part. >> if we do this, we do this my way. >> reporter: i'm kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. for all of the latest news from hollywood watch entertainment tonight, it is
5:27 am
on every week night here at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. the toddler a toddler shows the rock that she's stronger then he is, actor dwayne johnson is the one pulling the plane letting the two-year old girl think that she's the one doing it. he shared this clip on instagram from the set of his upcoming movie. the video has gone viral with more than 600,000 views. we will be right back.
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>> reporter: it is heating up again but will today make for a heat wave? carol will have your forecast coming up and i'll tell you how some folks are trying to keep cool. and, also ahead keeping young teenagers from staying out too late, coming up, where in the city police are enforcing the curfew. she's a prominent naacp leader but her parents say she's lying about her ethnicity, controversy over this woman's racial identity is coming up next. today it is saturday june 13th, good morning i'm todd quinones. nicole brewer is a off today. we are looking at a possible heat wave, the first of the season here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness
5:31 am
weather. carol, it will get hot but maybe not up to 90 degrees. >> maybe not, we are hoping it stops at 89. i don't know how much different that feels like but it will change whether we can call this a heat wave or not. for now lets assume 90-degree is an easy mark to think we could be hitting. we have warm temperatures and a warm look outside looking at ben franklin bridge from ben franklin field camera. looks like a very nice morning starting and it looks great at the shore. look at this sunrise that is starting up. just absolutely perfect. now storm scan three is not finding any problems whatsoever so we will be dealing with, conditions, that are not that bad today. so let's try to enjoy that. we do have some warm temperatures out there. seventy-eight in philadelphia. average high is 82, so we are almost there, first thing this morning and 75 degrees in trenton. seventy-five in wilmington as well. our temperatures today will be getting right at that 90-degree mark which would make it a heat wave for our
5:32 am
first one, although, we will be seeing others. and definition of the heat wave around here is three consecutive days of 90-degree plus. and that would be our third day to day. we didn't get to show you this last time but i want to show you now, seven day forecast, notice we have one 90-degree day to day and another one coming up on tuesday. so in between temperatures are in the 80's. that does in the count as a consecutive heat wave obviously. tomorrow we will get mixture of sun and cloud just like today but we have a chance of picking up showers and thunderstorms as we go through sunday night and monday and then even tuesday, we will pick up chances of showers and thunderstorms, wednesday night, another chance, and then thursday and friday, also chances of a then are storm. a unsettled week but won't be as hot as over the last couple have of days, todd? carol, thank you. heading for a possible heat wave well, as temperatures rise as they nearly, nearly 90-degree for the third straight day residents are new bracing for the heat, syma
5:33 am
chowdhry is live on kelly drive with the details. good morning again syma? >> reporter: good morning todd. bracing for the heat, i like that because it is so beautiful out. a lot of folks are taking a stroll on kelly drive cyclist just passed by so some people are trying to enjoy the morning weather because it is really nice outside but it will get hot again just like yesterday. >> sweat ago lot and it is like a heat wave. >> reporter: like a heat wave, it will be a heat wave, yesterday's 90-degree temperature felt like triple digits and it is expect to get hot again today. so warm lately philadelphia schools and other local school districts announced an early difficulties missal on friday. >> it is a good decision because the public schools don't have air conditioning so i feel bad for those students inside the classroom. the kid safety comes first. >> reporter: safety first, fun second. children always head to the nearest pool in this type of weather. as the sunbeams down, the
5:34 am
pavement sizzles some of the most dedicated run are took tonight stride on kelly drive but they could in the go full steam ahead because of the heat. >> i think it would be dangerous for seniors to come out, and if you want to walk, you walk slow and short distance. >> right. >> yeah, because really feel this heat. right now it feels like it is in the oven. >> reporter: feels like we're in an oven. so yesterday's high was 95. today we're reaching 90. if it does reach the nine-zero mark as carol said, we're talking about a heat wave. if it end up being 85, we cannot technically call it a heat wave but that 1 degree, we can all agree this is kind of a heat wave even if we don't hit 90 mark and it is not even summer yet. so lets get ready it will be a long summer. new back to you. >> warm and muggy syma, thanks very much. berks county native taylor swift brings her 1989 world
5:35 am
tour to philadelphia. >> ♪ >> shake it off singer is performing for two straight nights at lincoln financial feel. the stadium was filled with thousands of fans including students from cinnaminson high school. they created a viral video dancing to the swift song. she loved it so much she gave them all tickets to the show. >> one week ago this moment it wasn't even on line and now it has turned into all of this. >> but if you are still interested in seeing taylor swift tonight, there are some tickets left but it will cost you. they range, in the hundreds have of dollars. the school year is almost over and more teenagers will be outside later then they should be, philadelphia police are asking parents to help enforce the city's curfew. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has the details. >> we're stepping it up with curfew enforcement throughout the city of philadelphia.
5:36 am
>> reporter: summer starting, schools evening, facts of city life in june and only people that know better than the teens are the people charged with their protection. >> we want to make sure our juvenile population stays safe. >> reporter: summer curfew enforcement is now in effect. police are focused on problem areas like south street promoted heavily about four years ago when flash mobs started to grow out of control. now the curfew is in force city wide, minors 16 and older, 11:00 p.m. fourteen to 15, 10:00 p.m. thirteen and under 9:00 p.m. >> we have been very successful. >> reporter: philadelphia police lieutenant mike goodson say officers issue curfew violations every year by the thousands and it is effective but he says it is not about carrying a big stick but a tool to curb bad behavior. >> to make sure not only do they in the become victims of crime, but that they don't fall subject to the pressure and peer pressure of actually becoming people who purpose
5:37 am
trait these crimes. >> reporter: teenage violators are taken to the local police district or a supervisor is in charge in making sure that teen calls his or her guardian, forced to get out of bed and after paying a fine, responsible for taking the teenager home. jessica, philadelphia police say it is embarrassment as a form oven force. and when you are 15, it is working. reporting from south street, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". four day care workers in north jersey are fired after troubling video. a member is accused of being rough with the two-year old after having trouble putting on the child's hat. the video was taken about a month ago at hoboken's apple school, and schools director and assistant director were among workers fired for miss handling that situation. a big setback for president obama as congress derails his fast track trade sale. craig boswell is on capitol hill and sorts it all out.
5:38 am
>> motion is not adopted. >> reporter: the house back by democratic my north delivered a major defeat to president obama a rejecting an aid bill tied to his fast track trade legislation. >> this ta a a fails to restore coverage to thousands whose jobs may be exported. >> reporter: taa or trade adjustment assistance provides economic health to workers who lose their jobs because of the trade deals. at the last minute the president lost the support of the house democratic leader. >> i will be vote to go day to slow down the fast track, to get a better deal for the american people. >> motion is adopted. >> reporter: trade bill itself passed in the second vote but will in the go forward without a paid bill. fast track bill will allow the president to make trade agreements with 11 other nations which congress could ratify or reject but not change. many house republicans supported the president. >> understand a lot of our members,es specially on our side of the aisle, they don't trust this administration.
5:39 am
join the club, neither do i. but that is why i support this bill. >> reporter: after the votes house speaker john boehner called for members to reconsider and vote again on the portion that failed. that could take place early next week. >> making sure that workers have access to trade adjustment assistance is a top priority of the president. >> reporter: senate has already passed its version and will need house approval of the entire bill before it can be sent to the president. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". secretary of state john kerry left a boston hospital on crutches thursday afternoon, ten days after under going surgery on a broken leg. kerry broke his right leg in a bicycling accident in france may 31st. he thanked doctors and said he plans to return to washington sometime next week. naacp says it stand by the head of the spokane washington chapter, following comments from her parents that she is a white woman posing as black. they say rachel dollsell had
5:40 am
been in misrepresenting herself to people for ten years. ben tracie has the story. >> reporter: rich he will dollsell has led spokane's chapter of the naacp for the past six and a half months. >> if i was asked i would definitely say yes, i do consider myself to be black. >> reporter: but her biological parents say that is not true. her birth certificate lists her parents as ruth ann and larry dollsell. they say rachel had been estranged from her family and misrepresenting a major portion of her life. >> our daughter is primarily german and czech republic and european dissent. >> reporter: so she's white. >> she's white. >> reporter: these are pictures of rachel dollsell growing up in montana. >> blonde, blue eye freckle face girl. >> reporter: her parents adopted four black children when she was a teenager and
5:41 am
briefly married to a black man. she attended historically black howard university on a scholarship. she also claim to have received hate mail, and that a noose was left at her house. police never made any arrests. her story has ignited a social media fire storm. one black woman tweeted she construct a identity and used fake stories of victim says for personal gain. white man wrote pretending to be black is not okay n a statement the naacp says once rachel's identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualify filing standard for naacp leadership and that the organization stand behind her. she also serves as the chair of the independence citizen police citizen in spokane that city is investigating whether or not she lied on the application by listing herself as african-american. ben tracie, cbs news, los angeles. still ahead on "eyewitness news", help wanted in camden
5:42 am
county, coming up next, where hundreds of people came out for a job fair and if you missed it, how you could still apply for work. hot, muggy see if the heat will relax all weekend and when then are storms could arrive, we will be we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole!
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back on "eyewitness news" with graduation day at drexel university, 7,000 students, received degrees during the 128th commencement ceremonies on friday.
5:45 am
"eyewitness news" at university city as their family and friend watched with pride, speakers, included tennis legend and activist billy jean king, monk the special guests who received honorary degrees. and, speaking of the new work force hundreds of people attend a job fair hoping to land a position in the new shopping center. 800 jobs are up for grab. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has details from gloucesterep, some people walk out of here with jobs. >> reporter: just the news hundreds of people were hoping to hear for the soon to open gloucester premium outlets. >> there are a lot of jobs, a lot of people looking for positions and hopefully i can get one. >> reporter: so many people it is hard to find places to lean on to fill out applications. represent from 63 spots like nike and levi did on the spot interviews. outlets on robert kelly drive in gloucester township are on scheduled to open august 13th. once complete there will be 90
5:46 am
brand and about 800 employees to help the bargain shoppers. >> this area was a slam dunk. we really targeted it because it was right off the highway and in the prime location, close to philadelphia, as well as atlantic city. >> reporter: job seekers many dress todd impressed came with a variety of experiences and ambitions. >> it would be very exciting because i have worked in fast food a lot i get to school for fashion design new so it would be fun to work around clothes. >> it is crazy i haven't done this in 30 years. >> reporter: there single mom worried about being laid off from her current catering job said she wasn't going to let the fear of trying something new stand in her way. >> i'm trying to get a feel for it because i really don't know what i want to do or i'm at that age where you don't know, if they will accept you at a certain age so i have to work another 20 some years before i retire. >> reporter: even if you did not have an opportunity to stop by this job fare, you can still get a job at gloucester premium outlets and it will take more effort.
5:47 am
you have to go on the web site for each of the stores or go in person once the stores opened. in gloucester township i'm's cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it will get warm today but maybe not as hot as humid as yesterday. >> yesterday was awful. 95 degrees. we have tied the record. it felt like 99 to a hundred degrees. today by comparison while still hot won't probably feel as hot. so we will go in a matter of degrees. it is 1 degree away from another one. lets take a a look out there right now. it is looking nice in ocean city. that will be the place to be anywhere along the shore. you can pick up a breeze, pick up the ocean and ocean water temperatures are in the 60's. so that is cooling in and of itself. we have another boardwalk down in rehoboth beach and it is hazy, we have had that haze over us over the last couple of days. we will continue with the haze today. warm temperature. 76 degrees in rehoboth beach.
5:48 am
on boardwalk place, we are looking at this point, you know, don't even start with me. this computer and i had it out over the last 20 minutes and it is still... can i go talk to it. just enjoy this view, okay. if you hear, screaming ape yelling, don't be upset i'm just screaming at the computer. i'll move it with the space bar. no i won't. okay, there we go. 78 degrees i'll stay over here. 78 degrees is our temperature right now. fifty-seven in trenton. fifty-seven in wilmington. you can see on storm scan three that not much going on. we have a few light sprinkles out to the west, otherwise we're looking at a very nice day here and it will be a hot day. we should be right around that 90-degree mark moving through this afternoon and yesterday again was 95 degrees. now a stray thunderstorm, it is possible, especially to the west, i think but most
5:49 am
everybody today should be staying dry. and tomorrow, dry during most of the day and then maybe some heavy rain coming late sunday night and monday, temperatures will be in the 80's over next couple of days, probably next time we see 90-degree reading will be on tuesday with another chance of showers and thunderstorms. we will put this into motion and you can see we are looking at 7:00 o'clock in the morning not much, and at noon time today not much. just a couple of clouds out there. 4:00 p.m. looks dry over most of the area if not all. by the time we will get to tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 we will see some showers and some thunderstorms. notice some of these were that bull a's eye look is when you can be picking up heavier showers out of this. something to watch out for. late sunday night into monday we could be finding heavier rain and find that several other times during this upcoming week as well. 11:00 o'clock tomorrow, couple showers scattered around and monday we are fining them
5:50 am
again. we have tied a record, 95 degrees last record in 1947. our temperatures today close to that 90-degree mark, 89 to give it a cool feel, 85 at the shore. poconos 82 degrees. heading to the beach know a nice day there. water temperature is about 63 degrees and rip current risk a at this point is low. so we are going to continue to watch for that, as we move on, and find a temperature today close to that 90-degree mark. we are trying to keep it cool by looking at 89 degrees but could reach the 90's. 58 degrees. warm again tonight. eyewitness weather seven day forecast we have 87 tomorrow. tuesday 90 degrees. wednesday, thursday, friday, all of those days unsettled at some point with the chance of the shower or thunderstorm. i will continue to have a discussion, with this computer the rest of the morning. >> carol, no computer problems
5:51 am
can stop you nice job. thank you. former teen idol frank avalon is pitching into help restore a south philadelphia a mural that bears his image. avalon donate $5.000 toward his project. crumbling mural sits at ninth street and passyunk avenue and it ace adorn with the faces of several other musician whose found fame in the 50's and 60's. radio dj jerry blavit also donated to that cause. phillies and pirates in the very early morning hours if you went to bed early last night we will show you how that game ended coming up next. plus teen-- team
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
late night for phillies but they fell in extra innings a against bite rates, in the 13th inning where a two out hit brought home winning run. pitberg came away with a one to nothing victory. phillies are now zero and four on their eight game road trip. now here's leslie van arsdal with the rest of "eyewitness sports". eagles officially announcing release of two time pro bowl guard evan mathis yesterday afternoon. mathis is fifth pro bowl tore leave the nest this off season. he didn't show up for teams voluntary ot as because he was not happy with his current deal. yesterday we caught up with connor barwin doing some community services, hard hat and all addressing the news. >> i was surprised of course, but you knew something was going to eventually happen, bad ending for everybody. he was a great teammate for two years. but i'm confident in the guys that have been here all summer tobin gardener, they have all had a good off
5:55 am
season. they have been here every single day. we will move forward. i'm excited about who we have. and, good luck to evan in the future. >> to sixers news we are less than two weeks from the nwa draft, lots of speculation sixers are interested in ohio state product deangelo russell. he was scheduled to work out but he canceled that work out due to illness. no word when or if the work out will be rescheduled. to the woman's world cup u.s.a. and sweden. u.s. with the opportunity in the first half, nice passing here alex craiger gets the save. and then in the seventh second minute looks like u.s. will break the tie abby one back, just missed. they play to a scoreless tied. u.s. open will be place in chambers bay in washington state. they are scouting the course. check out this putt he posted to his twitter act. he hits it up the hill, comes all the way back down and in,
5:56 am
unbelievable, that course is said to be unique. it should be a fun round. that is all for sports, have a great day. >> a very special honor for philadelphia's favorite little leaguers. "eyewitness news" at crystal tea room in center city where taney dragons received the 2015 john want pennsylvania maker at let ache ward. philadelphia's sports congress recognized the team for their accomplishments on the team. honor has been awarded to athletes teams organizations since 1961. >> it is a an award that means a lot because a lot of legends have got then award before and for to us get this award now it is unbelievable. last summer, everyone remembers the taney dragons captivated the city during their run for little league world series title. they were two wins away from the u.s. championship. coming up in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news" heating up, again carol is
5:57 am
back with how hoe beal get to day, we will be right back.
5:58 am
music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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it is a hot humid start to the weekend a third day of 90-degree weather will make it official, we are heading for our first possible heat wave of the season. also this morning police
6:00 am
investigate a crash that sent eight people to the hospital, in bucks county, and we will have the latest on their injuries coming up. and, to thousands of screaming fans, taylor swift rocks out, a sold out crowd at the link. today, it is saturday june 13th, good morning everyone i'm todd quinones in for nicole brewer. we are looking at a muggy day ahead of us, here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather. as were you saying in the as bad as yesterday but still a a little sticky. >> yes we're not in the summer season yet but yesterday was 95 degrees. we caught a record. today probably about 90-degree. we might even, hit 90. and, stopping at 90 degrees. but, if it is 89 degrees it doesn't make it a heat wave. our cbs studios we have a nice start to the day, we w


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