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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  June 14, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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we have live updates just ahead. it is sunday, june 14th. i'm todd quinones. nicole brewer is off. here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather. what will you do. >> that is a perfect way to cap you'llized it, we have spotty storms coming this week abe bottom line if you remember that, as you go through your entire week you'll be like we have a forecast. our temperatures won't be as hot as they were on friday at 95 but plenty more, mid to upper 80's at very least over next several days. let me show you outside. i have been showing you this all morning. it has change every time i have shown from it downpours and dark cloud and nobody out there, to finally starting to brighten up in the boardwalk place area of rehoboth beach. we have seen quite a bit of rain there but that is out of the picture. it looks great out of kutztown at 73. i'm taking a tour, at reading
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at 74 degrees. that looks really nice. lower merion high school we have a temperature of 77 degrees. sunnies out in that location. beach patrol headquarters in margate, well, it looks very nice at the beach there as well. our temperatures are fine at this point. storm scan three showing us those showers that rolled on through and in some cases we had a flood advisory expire for the new castle and kent county areas but already we have seep an inch to 2 inches of rain, and those showers leaving cape may area others could be following, just know that it is 77 degrees in philadelphia we have warmed up a lot. seventy-six in wilmington. it is a sticky morning out there but not undually humid. eighty-three by noon. by 3:00 p.m. 86 degrees. we have spotty showers as todd so rightly said, if you think of this whole week we have spotty showers all week long. we will time some have of
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those out when i come right back todd. >> thanks very much. we're now more on that breaking news in west philadelphia where a water main break is wreaking havoc in one neighborhood. cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 has been there all morning in west philadelphia cherry? >> good morning what a morning for resident here in west philadelphia, and as you can see many of them are returning to their homes about 14 people's vac waited here along north fifth second street near pen rose, you can see the water flowing down north 52nd street as water department officials are working underground. they have slowed their gush of water which earlier this morning has submerged several of these cars, and flooded several basements. look at what residents woke up to this morning. for three hours water gush from the ground, causing a
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small river to sort of gather here, near wyalusing at fifth second street. and, i spoke to residents who live as far away as 52nd and market and they tell me they had low water pressure. i spoke with the residents who heard a burst of the water main earlier this morning. he felt the ground rumble. i spoke to one of the rest are dents here who said her car was fully submerged and totaled and she had come here from georgia to come see her sister graduate from lincoln high school. as it stands right now many of the residents are lingering here, trying to figure out what the next step are. i understand from water department officials that claims adjusters will be coming here, and helping and damaged cars, and now water officials tell us that had there is a 3-foot main and it is pretty dangerous as we hear from the fire captain. we spoke with reporters
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earlier today. >> especially waters like these you certainly have to be careful right now, we have it under control for the most part, but earlier today from earlier reports it was coming out pretty heavily. the companies escorted people to safety or high ground and shelter in place. >> reporter: as you can see that white car here is pretty much damaged the bumper is pretty, it has been separated from the car windows broken, we have spoke with the young woman who owns the cars, and he says that she had photos that she was going to that graduation. all of that has been damaged. she doesn't necessity how she will get back to georgia. i understand that septa has sent shuttle buses to help those residents who would like to move out of these homes west philadelphia high school has been opened. there is a red cross shelter set up there. the rest of those along this block have been told they can shelter in place no word yet
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on the cause of this water main break. live from west philadelphia, cherrie greg for kyw news radio for "eyewitness news". new this morning a double shooting in camden, it happened on the 2800 block of saunders street just after midnight. at least one person was taken to cooper hospital with unknown injuries. police are investigating the incident. no word on any suspects at this time. a short time later just blocks away also in camden county police responded to reports of a man shot in the arm. it happened on the 2200 block of admiral wilson boulevard. the man transported himself to cooper hospital. it is not known if the two incidents in camden county are related, although police are investigating the incident. in early morning fight end with one man stabbed outside of the xfinity live complex in south philadelphia. this happened just after 2:00 a.m. police say a 25 year-old man was taken to methodist hospital with the stab wound
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to his wrist. he is listed in stable condition. police arrested a man and recovered a weapon used in that attack. a kensington neighborhood is much more quiet this morning, on saturday an armed man inside a house shot at police and help swat teams at bay. when it was over police discovered two men dead inside the home. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson talk to the officers in a direct line of fire. >> reporter: a here owing moment, a split decision, a matter of inches. >> it does president get much closer than that. >> reporter: two philadelphia police officers had to make tough calls when it calls for shots fired in the kensington neighborhood called for calls for backup. >> as soon as we pulled up we heard shots fired. >> reporter: police say around 2:00 neighbors reported gunfire at this home in the 3500 block of emerald street. responding 35 year-old brendon byrd and his under study, 25 year-old jonathan ballinger
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on just his fourth day on the streets. bullets came immediately nearly hitting them both. >> scary moments i heard shots and wanted to get in cover and i am glad everyone is safe and there were no officers injured. >> reporter: instead of returning fire in the densely populated line of row homes veteran and rookie called in swat. after a two hour standoff and evacuation of 20 homes two men were found inside dead. eyewitness video shows moment they went in recovered a weapon and cleared the scene. >> very happen that i despite the fact this there were shots fired at police we have no office are injured no members of the community injured and the situation is now under control. >> reporter: with the stand off and ensuing police situation now over, neighbors have been allowed to return to their homes as homicide detectives continued to investigate, how this all started. reporting from kensington i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the fire forced the
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evacuation of the high rise apartment complex in cheltenham montgomery county, it happened inside one of the building at the towers at wyncote. "eyewitness news" on limekiln pike, the fire occurred on the 11th floor of the 12 story building, fire fighters rescued a dog that was barking as paramedics gave it oxygen. none of the residents were injured, the cause of the fire remains under investigation this morning. convicted killers have been on the loose for nine days after they used power tools, to escape a maximum security prison in new york. now, a prison worker has been charged with helping them escape. don champion is in katieville, new york where a manhunt is underway. >> with the break in the weather saturday more than hundreds of state and federal officers were back on the hunt for escaped killers richard matt and david sweat. a week after their brazen prison break joyce mitchell, a prison worker, is spending her first day as an inmate
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after she was charged friday. criminal complaint alleged that the 51 year-old gave the inmates hacksaw blades, chisels a punch a and screw driver bits weeks before their escape i few miles away authorities are still focused on a heavily wooded area determined to end the manhunt. >> we have a message for david sweat and richard matt: we're coming for you and we will in the stop until you are caught. >> reporter: across the area authorities maintained a tight grip checkpoints like this are still set up and cars coming in and out of town are still being searched. >> given the circumstances, it is not a bad idea. >> reporter: even though resident mary van is convinced killers are far away she's keeping herself armed. the gun shot owner is not alone. she sold seven shotguns this week a number even that she calls unusual. >> you are better to be prepared then caught by surprise. we won't go looking for anything but i won't be a hostage either.
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>> reporter: investigators have followed 700 lead and residents are showing their appreciation. don champion for "eyewitness news" at cw philly. happening today today is flag day, a holiday that is special for philadelphia, of course, that is because philly's own betsy ross made the american flag. today there will be patriotic events throughout olde city for stars and stripes festival. event will be hosted at the betsy ross house national constitution center and also independence hall. 238 years ago today congress designated the flag as our national symbol and also the 240th birthday of the u.s. army. and also happening today thousands of bicyclists are on their way to the shore taking part in the forty-third annual american cancer society bridge to beach bike-a-thon. the 66-mile journey started at the base of the ben franklin bridge and will end in atlantic city. each rider sets their own
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personal fund raising goal, last years ride raised more than 1.2 million-dollar. enjoy the ride. >> carol is coming back with the latest on our heat and next chance for showers and thunderstorms in the seven day forecast. higher temperatures mean more people are spending time at the pool, three is on your side with information that keeps your family safe this summer. we will have this... >> new class of glad weights enters the work force in an improving economy so why are so many young people still counting on mom and dad for financial health? i'm jill wagner in new york
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spending more time at the pool. it is a good time for reminders about keeping everyone safe in the water. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has details. >> reporter: splashing around in the pool is part of the summer fun for children and parents, but it is also worth reviewing some key points about water safety. especially fit is a home owner's first summer with the pool. consumer products safety commission has reminders from parents about pool dangers. >> it is not like the movies. it is not where you see somebody splashing and screaming for help to get your attention. drowning is a silent killer. they go under and it is over. >> reporter: in case of an emergency a quick response is crucial. that is why red cross says pool owners should have the right equipment on hand before it is needed, that includes reaching or throwing equipment like a life safer life jackets and first aid kit. pool safety doesn't end when everyone is out of the water. in fact that time when pool is unsupervised can be most
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dangerous for children. cpsc urgees pool owners to have a fence 4 feet in height around perimeter of the pool. you self latch and self close and install an alarm between house and pool area, to alert everyone that someone may be approaching the water. consumer products safety commission has a great web site pool safely dot gov that includes all sorts of resources for pool owners, to be sure your family and friend are safe this um iser. i have posted a lincoln cbs and on my facebook and twitter feed. reporting important three on your side, i'm jim donovan. today is a good day to jump in the pool if you can. >> or water main break in west philadelphia, that is just horrible. >> heart breaks for people there with damage to cars, homes. >> just terrible. >> we will find some rain coming down but what they are experiencing out there this morning is just unbelievable. it doesn't look bad out there. at least to start date in
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philadelphia, we have blue skies over ben franklin bridge. weather has been different depending on where you are. if you are at the shore depending where at the shore you are your weather has been fine or absolutely not fine at all, we've been following all morning down in rehoboth beach, and seeing the showers and thunderstorms that they have had there. they have too moved out. now it looks great margate of course, further north on a different cher but still looks nice in margate right now. we are looking at storm scan three, this is over the last four hours notice thunderstorms that went from new castle county down through kent county, dumping a ton of rain in spots. from an inch to 2 inches of rain, very quickly and then that went across the delaware bay and across, cape may county as well. now that is off the coast. we are starting to dry out through rehoboth beach. we're starting to enjoy sunshine and many other locations but we also see a few other showers starting to form so, we will watch for that. there is a front that is draped along here sitting and
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going no where but it is a focus point for these showers. they can be moving around as well. we are not totally out of the woods but most areas stay dry most of the time but not all and it is kind have of changing around who will be getting what. that kind of the tricky forecast, i think when you are out there you'll loop and say this is one for us. 77 degrees in philadelphia right now. seventy-six trenton. seventy-six in wilmington. out of the 50's and in the 60's right now. sixty-three in the poconos. seventy-two in wildwood at this point. partly sunny skies today. there is that front that i mentioned just hanging around here for just creating trouble and acting as a point for anybody who wants to come along and create trouble witt. it is right there ready to go. that front is a bit of the problem this morning. it will be moving north as a warm front. that creates its own problems. lots of moisture coming up. that means late tonight tomorrow we will be dealing with downpours in other areas as well. by tuesday it get warm again.
8:18 am
even warmer. we have temperatures of 90 degrees. and then eventually a front comes through here. but computer model is now saying yeah, you will be picking up another batch of showers through new castle county, we have got some other near reading and then it wants to move over to south jersey. tea pending where you are notice most everybody is dry. we will get spots where you are not. by the time we hit 3:00 o'clock a couple of scattered showers around in a few spots. more generally out there by 8:00 o'clock tonight and heavy downpours, and at least, can't be ruled out. then as we go through time, tomorrow early in the morning we will get some showers, we will dry out a little bit by afternoon we will pick up more scattered showers around here. we will do the same thing on tuesday as well, so thinks kind of weather forecast that we have i think just about every single day on that seven day forecast as well. so, we will have to continue to machine for that situation as we just kind oven joy our temperatures today. 87 degrees in philadelphia 78 at the shore. eighty-two in the poconos. wind coming from the south at
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5 miles an hour. tonight we will drop down to 70 degrees. remember showers and thunderstorm chance. tomorrow same dale. tuesday same deal 91. wednesday during the day should be dry. friday during the day, should be dry but rest of the time at least chances of a shower here or there not out of the question. time to check the roads again, lets go out to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> good morning, todd. we are looking at i-95 at penns landing no delays or problems on i-95, philly pride parade takes place later this morning at penns landing. the following road closures will be in place locust street between 13th and seventh street along market street from seventh to i-95. parade end up at penns landing. there is closures around the penns landing area as well. they start around ten this morning. parade starts at 11:00. we will move the traffic cam here to the schuylkill expressway at south street. no delays or problems on the schuylkill, it is moving along fine this morning. keep in mind martin luther king drive is shut down
8:20 am
between ben franklin parkway at montgomery drive along with kelly driver between sedgley drive and lincoln drive for odyssey half marathon. in philadelphias we mentioned it is the flag day celebration. fifth street between market street and chestnut street watch out for delays and detours in that area. and, also west philadelphia, 52nd street is shut down at wyalusing avenue for a broken water main. moving traffic cam would be more time to the walt whitman bridge mid span, doesn't that look beautiful today. if you are heading down the shore no delays on 4255, ac expressway or garden state parkway plus area bridges look good. about but you if you are heading to cape may route nine is shut down forest scape the cape triathlon sound like fun. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans now back to you. thanks very much. as class of 2015 heads to the work force the facing one of the best job climates since the financial crisis of 2008. but still many young people aged 18 to 34, known as millennials are counting on mom and dad to make end meet.
8:21 am
jill wagner reports from new york city. >> reporter: two two-year old alexandria, graduated from college last year. she has landed a full-time job in finance but moved back home with mom and dad so she could save money. >> i save on food, cell phone bill laundry. >> reporter: her dad john says he is happy to help. >> it is something i want to do because i know at some point they will be object their own. >> reporter: it is part of the growing trend new survey finds men renyels are three times as likely to get financial help for their parents compared to what their parents got at the same age. that poll find 65 percent say their parents helped them out when they were just starting out, 40 percent still get financial help, including 20 percent of millennialness their 30's and married. andrew is with bank of america. >> parents have a little more empathy for challenges that young people face entering the work force and willing to be supportive for longer period
8:22 am
of time. >> reporter: he says that the survey shows parents don't think of it as munching, they are willing to help because it is a tough economy with sky-high housing costs and mounting student debt. >> i didn't even give it a second thought i think of it is what a father does. >> reporter: alexandria says she will just keep taking that help until she can make it work on her own. jill wagner for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stealing the spotlight coming up next on "eyewitness news" britain's youngest prince makes a balcony debut on a day dedicated to celebrate the que
8:23 am
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in london a celebration for queen elizabeth's eighty-ninth birthday on saturday the queen was born april 21st but in line with tradition she officially celebrates on a summer
8:25 am
saturday when the weather is more likely to be better for a parade. making his bucking had ham palace debut prince george. did you see that outfit before? you are right. kensington palace says prince william wore that same exact blue romper back in 1984. still playing role of queen on stage actress dame hill even miron is in high demand. cbs sunday morning lee cohen caught up with her and here's a preview of the interview you will see coming up later on cbs this sunday morning. >> because we move around a little i'm afraid of planting things that i never see a flower. >> reporter: she's away from home again here in new york city bringing her majesty to broadway. >> great thing about the stage it looks great. we go to buckingham palace. here it is. >> i only ever wanted to be
8:26 am
ordinary. >> the play, it is the audience. >> you proved your point great alley to me, to this family, which is why i'm going to help you now. why don't you resign. >> it goes behind the doors of buckingham palace and the private meetings between queen elizabeth and her prime ministers. >> you have been thinking about your previous peers just now, how many have there been. >> twelve. >> the dirty dozen. >> she has already won the oliver award for her sold out run of the production in the london's west end. >> helen miron. >> last week she took home a tony award. >> baby, this is for you and you know why. there is nothing rude incidently. >> reporter: fitting she says because american audiences are her favorite. >> american audiences they
8:27 am
face forward. what are you going to do for us. english audience sit back. what are you going to do for us. it is a very different attitude. >> a front and center with dame helen miron this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. welshing still ahead, in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" an update on breaking news a huge water main break cause ago lot of problems in a west philadelphia neighborhood. we have cars under feet of water. we have live with the latest. melting fast without surgery it is first f.d.a. approved injection that has just arrived in our area to treat double chins. health reporter stephanie stahl has exclusive coming up. and blue skies and sunshine, to start the day but it is going to be another hot one, carol tell us how high temperatures will go today when we come back.
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a very tough morning for residents of a west philadelphia neighborhood waking up to feet of water and cars totaled. a water main break is causing lots of damage this morning. reporter cherrie greg is live on the scene and we will get a live update from her in just a moment. today is sunday june 14th good morning everyone i'm todd quinones. we will look at weather. that brings to us meteorologist carol erickson hoist live from the eyewitness weather center. carol as we have been saying it is a mixed bag depending on where you live. >> and nothing is like what they are find nothing west philadelphia that is a tough way to wake up and see your car under water from a water main break. we're looking at a day where you might find a few breaks in the clouds and might be finding some storm breaks as well.
8:31 am
we have got everything going on in the forecast but it is quiet. it looks beautiful. ben franklin bridge we did not get a heat wave because yesterday was 88 degrees. we will start again for our quote unquote first heat wave of the season. atlantic city blue skies looks beautiful there as well but it has been a rainy start to the day in many sections through delaware and some sections along the new jersey shoreline. 77 degrees present temperature in reading, it looks very nice out there. i mentioned those showers look at the loop over last four hours keep your eye on new castle county and dover. notice thunderstorms and rain that went through. there was a flood advisory some areas pick up 2 inches of rain. it came back fast and left just as fast but this is kind of thing we are likely to be finding, at least chances of showers and thunderstorms popping up here and there. 77-degree temperature in philadelphia 76 trenton. seventy-six in wilmington. i wish i could pin it down more accurately where exactly and when, but it is a
8:32 am
situation when you get in the summertime you get them popping up here and there. eighty-three the temperature by noon. high temperature today 86 degrees. and this computer model says we will see showers throughout the day but not every where all the time. we will continue to monitor that and enjoy a mostly cloudy mess of the time afternoon but it should be a decent one and then we will talk about the seven kay forecast coming up, todd? >> carol, thanks very much. philadelphia detectives investigating a deadly shooting in the cities kensington section. police responded just before 4:00a m to the 1800 block of east thayer street, they discovered a man in his late 20's shot four times including a head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released a description of the suspect or a motive at this time. a fire broke out overnight in burlington county, it happened on the 1300 block of industrial highway in cinnaminson, just before 2:30 this morning. authorities say a tractor
8:33 am
trailer filled with aerosol cans started to explode in that fire. the fire was put under control a short time later but there were no injuries and the cause of that fire remains under investigation. and a swat standoff lead to the discovery of two dead men inside a kensington row home. around 2:00 p.m. saturday police say a man barricaded himself inside a house in the 3500 block of emerald street after fire and gunshots at police officers. when swat teams failed to make contact with the shooter police robot discovered two bodies, it is unclear if the shooter was one of the people found dead. an officer fired on spoke with "eyewitness news" at the scene. >> as soon as i heard shots i wanted to get out of the vehicle and get behind cover. i'm just glad everyone is safe and there were no police officers injured. >> standoff lasted about two hours during which more than a dozen homes were evacuated. police have not identified the people found dead inside that house. a man from texas is dead
8:34 am
this morning after he unleashed a barrage of gunfire and ambushed officers at dallas police headquarters. authorities say that man also had explosives in his car. cbs news correspondent jill wagner has the story. >> reporter: video captured the gun battle between a suspect and officer outside of police headquarters in dallas early saturday morning. the suspect rammed his armored van in the police cruiser and more shots were fired. >> i raced to her in the back pretty quickly just thinking of what could have happened, in the tent and how we literally dodged bullet. >> reporter: police found several pipe bombs scattered around the building. >> we barely serve identify the intent of this suspect. >> reporter: police corn third suspect in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant in the dallas suburbs where a snipper killed him. concerned for their safety and possible explosives police sent in a robot to clear the
8:35 am
scene, that is when a fire broke out inside the van. in the 911 call police say shooter identified himself as james bowlwear. back at police headquarters police are cleaning up broken glass and bullet holes just thankful no officers were injured. jill wagner for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". embattled naacp leader rachel dolezal said sheila dress her race monday night. it will happen at a regularly scheduled meeting at spokane's naacp chapter. her estrange parents say she is white and has been misrepresenting herself to people for years. dolezal said she considers herself to be black. city officials are now investigating whether dolezal falsely represented herself as black when she applied to be on a police oversight commission. and in campaign 2016, hillary clinton kicks off her campaign in new york city
8:36 am
yesterday, democratic front runner revved up a crowd of more than 5,000 people, cbs news correspondent marley hall at that rally now tells us more. >> reporter: with music a huge crowd and a flag draped stage hillary clinton led her first formal campaign rally since she announced she is running for president in april. >> america cannot succeed unless you succeed. >> reporter: this rally on roosevelt island in new york city marks democrat's official campaign launch. >> as your president i will do whatever it takes to keep americans safe. >> reporter: clinton's first major speech since she started campaigning covered a wide range of topics including foreign policy, immigration and fighting terrorism. she told the crowd that she would fight for the poor and middle class. >> i have been called many things by many people, quitter is not one of them. >> reporter: cheers from the crowd drew louder when former president bill clinton and
8:37 am
daughter chelsea joined hillary on stage. >> there is a party like atmosphere among the crowd thousands of all ages and races have come out to see the candidate who could become the first female president. >> unaudible. >> really exciting, it is time for a woman. >> reporter: next on mrs. clinton's campaign agenda a swing through all four early contest states including iowa, new hampshire nevadian south carolina marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". three republican lawmakers met with cuban leaders in havana yesterday. senators jeff blake, susan collins and pat roberts all sat down with the vice-president and foreign minister. they have discussed normal icing relations between formally estranged countries. the obama administration lifted some travel and trade restrictions already but in order to restore full diplomatic and economic relations between u.s. and cuba, congress will to have
8:38 am
lift an embargo that has been in place since 1960. is there still much more to come on "eyewitness news" this morning coming up next, we will check with face the nation's john dickerson for a look at today's
8:39 am
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the hickory salt crusted new york strip or our grilled citrus salmon all with garden fresh hand chopped salad tonight only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. and for lunch try our new tavern steak sandwich. or get any of our steakhouse lunch combos starting at $7. face the nation is coming your way later on this morning here at 10:30 on cw. 36789 joining us live, with a preview in washington is in moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson, john, good morning. >> good morning todd. today we will have bernie saunders the senator from vermont who will be on as a presidential campaign. he will give hillary clinton a run for her money in iowa and other places. we will talk to rob mock, campaign manager for clinton campaign. also senator lindsey graham of south carolina on the republican side is running for president. we will talk to him about the
8:41 am
new troop increase, in iraq. the president has sent troops there to battle isis. we will wrap it up with a political round table with peggy noonan, ruth marcus and others. >> john, thanks very much. we will be watching. well, check out these scenes from the vatican nearly 90,000 boy and girl scouts from italy crowded in st. peters square. they have been greeted by pope francis and commended for their rolls in italian society. pope's address comes as he a announced his first trip to africa tentatively plan for november. and, before that pope francis is, of course, heading to philadelphia, he will be here in september but in two weeks more planning gets underway when a philadelphia delegation meets with vatican officials and our very own jessica dean, will be there in vatican city. look for her live reports beginning on june 22nd right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will be right back. still more to come this
8:42 am
morning, sunshine but it is already hot out there. carol is back with the latest on the heat and our next chance for storms.
8:43 am
8:44 am
and back now to that breaking news out of west philadelphia where unfortunately it has been anything but a easy sunday morning. this was the scene around the intersection of 52nd and west minister. a 3-foot water main ruptured spewing more than 10 million gallons of water on to the streets there. a dozen cars were partially or fully submerged and residents were evacuated for a brief time as a precaution. many houses are still without water and they wait for word from the city and water departments. water department tells cbs-3 that the line was more than 100 years old and they are not saying what may have caused that line to rupture.
8:45 am
with a cbs-3 healthwatch exclusive melting fat a first f.d.a. approved injection has just arrived in our area health reporter stephanie stahl has been there for the first patient. >> i'm fighting this for years. >> reporter: forty-five year-old michelle wallace hates how her chin looks. >> no matter how much weight i lose, how much weight i gain it is just always there, never as way. >> i hate this extra chin underneath my chin, it is like having three chins. >> reporter: now michelle, a mother of five, is first in the philadelphia region to get a new f.d.a. injection that melts fat in the chin. >> result have been outstanding. >> reporter: bala cynwyd plastic surgeon tim has had special training from the maker of the new fat melter. >> it is made of a natural material found in the human body, the acid is part of your
8:46 am
bile, and it helps to break down and absorb fat in the gastrointestinal track. remember this is dissolving fat cells. these fat cells don't come back. >> reporter: michelle who is a surgical tech did not want surgery which has been the only way to slim down the chin until right now. >> when you heard about this injection that could melt fat what did you think. >> how amazing is that. >> reporter: it has only been tested and approved for chin, and done with local pain relief and grid to match where injections are placed. >> i don't feel anything. >> only thing i can feel is a burning sensation here and there but nothing that i could not handle. >> reporter: it will take a few weeks to see results there is some initial swelling. these photo show the before and after results for mothers. >> i think this is just another ace in the hole when it comes to minimally invasive therapy. >> reporter: product is being distributed to doctors who are specially train.
8:47 am
the company has not yet determined what it will cost. that is expect in the next few weeks. we will have more information on cbs philly and i'll post it on than my facebook and twitter feeds. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". alex scott: stand for hope is living on as lemonade days weekend continues. on saturday hundreds visited the original alex lemonade stand at pen win elementary school in wynnewood where alex was a student. it is a 15th anniversary of her first fund raise tore fight childhood cancer. alex's dad jay scott thanked everyone for supporting the cause. >> we live right behind these houses over there and it has really grown into something amazing and it wouldn't have been possible without all of you, helping volunteering and coming out every year. we really appreciate that. >> thursday here at cbs-3 we held our ninth annual tell-a-thon benefiting alex's lemonade stand foundation. it was as we are proud to say
8:48 am
a record breaking day in 14 hours we have raised nearly three million-dollar. thank you to so much for everybody who helped there you contact than see how alex lemonade stand foundation began. our documentary alex scott: a stand for hope airs this morning at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. it is worth watching. our eyewitness weather watchers are up, speaking of watching and what are we finding? we have finding temperatures in the 07's. everybody has a different opinion about the daze today. ed connor in chesterfield said very nice, warm, dry morning. you move to the south and this is where margot is at 72 degrees and margot says in buena vista cloudy with a side of dreary. so she's thinking breakfast or something. and then 76 degrees. this is where we're finding another weather watcher out here and that is phil, and phil says, it looks like a nice summer sunday. go outside and enjoy it. everybody has a different opinion on essentially the same weather.
8:49 am
it has been different from one spot to the another though this morning. let's stroll, shall we. lets walk over to the ben franklin bridge, not pay a toll walk get some exercise, fresh air sunshine, don't look down that is the delaware down there. blue skies looking up though, it is a pretty start to the day. another place that is very pretty at this point is down in margate a beach is ours. we can company anything we want. let's go, we will take over some of these boats, chairs and that sort of thing. i think people will be definitely doing. that earlier today though we saw a lot of rain on some of those shore areas. so that was i'm sure down through rehoboth beach something like what are you kidding me? that has moved out as well. 77 degrees in philadelphia 76 trenton. seventy-six in wilmington. everybody, comfortable temperatures at this point this morning. i mentioned those showers this is the loop over the last four hours and you can see we saw a lot of rain, new castle county, kent county, delaware bay, cape may but it is gone, and it has push out and we are
8:50 am
likely to find a couple of other showers popping up in its place in various spots. it is something that we cannot rule out over the next few days in fact. our dew points are high. when we see them in the 60's, and well in the 60's much less the 70's, that is extremely uncomfortable air and we are starting to approach that through the philadelphia area it is dryer air mass in the poconos if that is your destination today. the frontal boundary draped across the del marva and that is where we saw showers this morning, that goes to the north. it is a warm front. tracking some moisture up like we need more humidity, dragging some showers, thunderstorm chances with it, that is from later on today right through monday and maybe even gannon tuesday, tuesday looks to be the hottest day of the week at 90, maybe 91 degrees. that is a warm day and then we are still in the 80's after. that we're heading to summer next sunday is summer, our future weather wants to say there will be another shower breaking out exactly where the
8:51 am
ones did about four hours ago through dover. we will see whether that materializees but we want to see if it breaks out through reading. this is the trend and, we have average amount of confidence in this particular forecast because they are popping up, the timing is off and that called could be off but idea is the same and that is unsettled weather this week with some showers and thunderstorms, and this is a look at 8:00 o'clock tonight and they could contain some heavier rain. and even at the shore areas we will go through 11:00 o'clock not everybody is seeing rain. 2:00 in the morning some people hearing it on the window and some people are not. and then by tomorrow morning are we drying out? are we seeing some showers in the afternoon. it is that kind of difficult not just to go through because we have to have an umbrella strapped to you but difficult one to information cast, but try that. spotty showers this week.
8:52 am
all you need to say. but take to me longer to say. that we have got some showers also on tuesday afternoon and, tuesday night too. todd, i will have you start doing weather. 87 degrees in philadelphia today. seventy-eight at the shore. poconos 82 degrees. wind coming out of the south tonight we will drop down to the 07-degree in newark and shower and thunderstorm chance. same deal in tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday i think during the day should be dry the way it looks now. friday during the day should be dry but otherwise maybe a couple of shower chances out there too. if you love watching the weather? well, you can be featured in our newscast bee becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up at cbs, todd. >> todd, in one can take your place. time for one last time to check the roads. let go to ann evans in the cbs traffic center. >> good morning todd. we are looking at walt whitman bridge mid span a beautiful bridge as always. beautiful in the day like this if you are heading out in the shore, no delays on the area bridges, 42, 55.
8:53 am
ac expressway and garden state parkway are okay. we will find delays and detours around route nine and bay shore road and escape the cape triathlon until now until 11:00. and, road will be detoured, ferry road, seashore road west cape may bridge and beach drive. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans for "eyewitness news" well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir.
8:54 am
with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
8:55 am
before we go the latest on that huge water main break in west philadelphia. this is the intersection of 52nd and west minister. a 3-foot water main ruptured spewing 10 million gallons of water on the street there. about a dozen cars were partially or fully submerged and homes were evacuated for a brief time as a precaution. many homes are still without water as they waited for word from the city and water department. the water department tells
8:56 am
cbs-3 that line was more than a 100 years old however, they are not saying what may have caused that line to rupture but we are staying on top of this story as i'm sure you can imagine and keep it here on cbs-3 and our web site at cbs for later updates throughout the day. what a incredible story. >> yes, we see those water main breaks in the winter with the freeze and thaw but i can't remember one like this. >> yes. >> it is just terrible. what i a waste of water and property, it is just terrible. we have a decent looking start to the day jack frost big boulder no snow, and and, we have, atlantic city, you're beach bound and we are looking at, temperatures today, as we look at this beautiful shot of the atlantic city. we should get to about 87 degrees. showers and thunderstorms, in the forecast, they are in the
8:57 am
forecast for today, tonight tomorrow, and the next couple of days, but we cannot rule that out summer forecast even though it is a weak away when we have the official, start of summer, which is next sunday. >> great day to be down the shore. >> yes, it is. thanks very much. that is "eyewitness news" for now, we might be signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs sunday morning is next. have a great day. >> bye-bye. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: i'm charles osgood this is "sunday morning." today is flag day. the adoption the first american flag on this date back in 1777. in the heat of the american revolution. a different kind of revolution is underway a scientific revolution on artificial intelligence


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