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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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tracking tropical storm bill. the second named storm of the hurricane season threatens the gulf coast of texas, including areas still recovering from last month's devastating floods. a lot of people are getting out because they don't want to be trapped down here. terror targets. al qaeda says it's second rathering figure and leader of danger terror network in yemen is dead killed by a u.s. drone strike. >> he scores! >> and raining in the windy city. the chicago blackhawks forge a hockey dynasty winning their third stanley cup in six seasons.
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this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, june 16th, 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning al qaeda said that the leader of its yemen off-shoot and second in command overall was killed in an american drone strike. u.s. official are working to confirm this. it's believed alwasisi was killed in yemen last week. he was one of two terror leaders reported killed by u.s. air strikes within the past seven days. >> reporter: al wahisi was killed by a drone strike in yemen the past several days. one official told cbs news the indications are that he was killed. once the personal secretary to osama bin laden, he had risen to become the leader of the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula.
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behind the attempt by the so-called underwear bomber to blow up a u.s. airliner over detroit. belmokhtar was the target of a separate strike that bombed a building in libya where he was believed to be meeting with leaders of al qaeda affiliate. 39 people including three americans were killed. david martin cbs news the pentagon. coming up on cbs this morning, clarissa ward which will much more. later this morning, tropical storm bill is expected to make landfall on the texas gulf coast. bill has sustained winds of 50 miles per hour with higher gusts, but the main concern is
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the heavy rain and potential flooding. red flag warnings are posted along the shore in galveston county. schools in gal va ston are closed today. some houston residents are still trying to recover. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz has more on tropical storm bill. >> we do have our second named storm of the season its name is bill' working toward northeast texas. it will making landfall as we head into tuesday. however, it will bring a lot of heavy rainfall and that is the biggest threat. tropical storm warnings up from high island to essentially south of corpus christi. here is the track taking it west of houston and west of dallas by the time we head toward wednesday morning, it will be a much weakened system at that
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point. rain is the real focus here. a spot that saw record rainfall in may and flash flood watches are out and mainly focusing on eastern texas and oklahoma. where we see the heaviest band set up. any warnings take them really seriously. we went through the flash flooding and hopefully we can see everybody safe with bill. i'm eric fisher for cbs news. that is the rare sound of a tornado siren in chicago. several funnels were spotted, but none touched down. the city was swamped by torrential rain. some mass transit had to be cancelled. this morning still no sign of the two murderers who escaped from a maximum security prison in new york. but we are learning more about the prison worker who allegedly helped them break out. cbs news has learned joyce mitchell had a sexual relationship with one of the
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escapees richard matt. a law enforcement source says there was an agreement between mitchell and the two men to kill her husband once they escaped. mitchell made her second court appearance yesterday. she waved a preliminary hearing. this is the 11th day in the search for matt and david sweat. more than 800 law enforcement officers are taking part. investigators are searched all but 50 of the 500 cabins on the lake outside the search perimeter. the psychiatrist who worked with accused colorado theater gunman james holmes testified today. the doctor saw holmes five times in 2012 and prescribed him drugs after his thoughts he told her about killing people but holmes allegedly kept her in the dark as he plotted her attack. yesterday, kcnc reports another juror was dismissed. >> reporter: the judge was not in the mood for taking chances. >> i'm not willing to risk
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allowing a juror that i'm not completely confident can be fair and impartial make any decisions in this case so she will be dismissed. >> reporter: the juror had claimed a family member had been in an accident but the next day, she explained it was her brother-in-law who was actually shot during a robbery at an atm. the defense wanted her gone. the judge confronted the juror. >> you weren't completely forthcoming with me the first day. the second day you told me that this was a shooting. the first day, you said it was an accident. >> yeah. my family said it was just a major accident and he was in the hospital. that's all they told me and i didn't find out until that night. >> all right. thank you very much for your service. >> reporter: and with that the remaining 12 jurors and eight alternates continue hearing the case. among the victims taking the stand was pierce o'farrell who was with a friend when shot multiple times. >> i remember round after round after round firing. i really thought that i was
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going to die. >> reporter: he said he was on the floor praying. the attack on the theater came nearly four months after james holmes sent disturbing words to his former girlfriend. she wrote, what is so evil that you want to do? kill people of course. holmes replied adding that's why i live in the future. rick sallinger for cbs news centennial, colorado. to politics now. donald trump is scheduled to make what he calls a major announcement today. it's reported he is likely to announce he is running for president during a rally in new york city. the "the washington post" also reports trump will release summary of his assets totaling about $9 billion. jeb bush in new hampshire this morning for his first official campaign stop. he entered the race yesterday, six months after saying he was considering it. he told an audience in miami that the country is on a bad course. bush is the third member of his
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family to run for the white house. he joins a crowded field. there are ten other republican candidates. >> not one of us deserves the job by right of resume party, seniority, family or family narrative. it's nobody's turn. it's everybody's test. and it's wide open. >> bush is reaching out to hispanic voters. the former florida governor delivered part of his speech in spanish. we are learning this morning that a 10-year-old girl who lost consciousness after riding a roller coaster at six flags theme park in california has died. jasmine martinez was on the roller coast revolution at magic mountain on friday which she collapsed and she decide saturday. the park said it is not ride-related but the ride has been closed while the accident is being reviewed. coming up on "the morning news," shark sighting and tell where these sharks were sighted
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cranberry and mango. tastes like you're in the tropics. [ cracking ] ta-da! in florida a pair of sharks spotted near shores closed beaches in st. lucie county on monday. the sharks were seen swimming slowly in the shallow water. officials estimated their length at five to seven feet and they will decide this morning whether to reopen the beaches. vacationers in north carolina are cautiously returning to beaches where two young people were attacked by sharks on monday. a 12-year-old girl left her left arm below the elbow and suffered a leg injury. then 90 minutes later a sharked badly injured a boy two miles up the beach.
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experts say these kind of attacks are rare. >> it was pretty likely that this was the same shark. it would be even more unusual, in my estimation for it to be two separate sharks biting with a similar style, that close together in time and space. >> sunday's attacks both happened near fishing piers where bait lures schools of fish and the sharks that feed on them. the naacp chapter in spokane, washington, is under new leadership this morning. its president rachel dolezal resign monday amid a furor over her racial identity. >> reporter: rachel dolezal resignation as president of the naacp chapter in spokane washington, is doing little to quiet the controversy over her race. >> are you here to make a stand? >> reporter: members of the local swiverlts community held a rally monday night following the development demanding an apology what they view as deception. >> she was one of our own
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marching with us, yet, we don't know who she is. >> reporter: for nearly a decade the 37-year-old civil rights advocate represented herself as a black woman despite her white heritage and repeatedly claiming to have been the target of racially motivated incidents. but in 2002 she sued historically black howard university where she was a student for discrimination because she was white. that case was dismissed. dolezal's parents who revealed her true ethnicity last week, said now is the time for her to seek help. >> i think that she needs to step back and regroup before she lungs back in. >> reporter: naacp president cornell william brooks says integrity is the real issue. >> people trust us. they believe in us. they had anything impugn our name is very offensive. >> reporter: the city of spokane is now investigating whether dolezal lied about her ethnicity when she landed an appointment on its police oversight board.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. pope francis is calling for urgent action to fight climate change. an italian magazine published a copy of his teaching on the environment monday three days early. the draft document blames human activity and the burning of fossil fuels for global warming. the pope backs up his arguments with science and issues a challenge to skeptics. on the cbs money watch now. honda recall expands and gap announces new store closing. jill has that and more. >> reporter: this morning the air bag recall is growing. honda is adding more than a million of its most popular cars to the list. the 2001 to 2005 siveks and accords have been added to the
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air bag recall list. the air bags manufactured by the japs firm takata can explode sending metal shrapnels into passengers. at least seven deaths are blamed on the problem. all eyes on greece. news that greek credit talks floundered over the weekend and pushed stocks lower. the dow lost 107 points and the s&p slipped nine points and the nasdaq finished 21 points lower. the drugstore chain cvs is buying target pharmacy and health care business for nearly $2 billion. cvs will be able to reach more patients and expand its clinic business. target customers will have access to cvs programs to help them manage their prescriptions. an update on yesterday's box office report and the gigantic
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opening of "jurassic world." the fourth installment of the jurassic series brought in $2.8 million in domestic sales. marvel's "the avengers" held the previous record. >> thanks a lot, jill at the new york stock exchange. when we return, claiming the cup. the blackhawks complete a hat trick of hockey championships. when i'm out in the hot sun, i know how to hydrate on the inside. but what about my skin? coppertone sport sunscreen puts a breathable layer on your skin to help keep it hydrated by holding in natural moisture while providing protection from harmful uv rays. game on. coppertone sport.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. after enduring a 49-year stretch without winning a championship, the chicago blackhawks are now a hockey dynasty. chicago hosting tampa bay in game six of the stanley cup finals.
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a scoreless tie in the second and blackhawks goalie corey crawford keeps it that way when he stops steven stamkos on a break-away. late in the period duncan keith gets chicago on the board with his third goal of the playoffs and in the third patrick kane's goal puts the series on ice for chicago. the blackhawks win 2-0 and hoist the stanley cup for the third time in six seasons. >> three in six years, what more could you really ask for? we maybe could have been there last year too but this is special to win it at home. >> even though it's the third time since 2010 blackhawk fans have celebrated a championship it's the first time since 1938 the stanley cup has won the team on home ice. fans poured our near wrigley field to soak up the victory. you can see some new faces at the westminster kennel dog show next year. the american kennel club recognized three breeds on monday. the lagoto roman yolo is a
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medium-sized curly haired breed known to sniff truffles. another breed of french dog almost went stinth during the world wars. the miniature developed in the california in the 1960s. three new breeds breed a lot of cuteness. coming up, the crackdown on slow drivers in the left lane. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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first lady michelle obama is in london this morning on a two-day visit. she stepped off the plane monday accompanying bid daughters malia and sasha and her mother. prince harry and have tea with prime minister david cameron and his wife. she will also host an event with students on boosting worldwide education for girls. this morning, health officials are trying to figure out what sickened passengers on an airliner over the pacific ocean. 12 people became ill monday with a stomach bug. pon the fuji airways flight to los angeles. ambulances and fire trucks met the plane after it touched down. doctors from customs and board and from the cdc checked out the
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patients and they were relieved and taken on their travels. the women's world cup, thousands of american flans are along for the ride including one virginia family who is following the u.s. team across canada. >> reporter: being a soccer fan is a prewekrequisite for this family. >> she was totally outside. >> reporter: if you don't believe me just watch. dad michael directed this music video to celebrate their road trip of a lifetime. while summer vacation means disney for some this family is following team usa all across canada for as long as they can. 10-year-old gave me the tour of their home away from home. >> i sleep with naomi in that bed. >> reporter: there was little elbow room and no television or computer but that is part of the plan. >> when we are at home it's
4:27 am
work. there's school. and so this has been great to -- our only mission is to be together. >> reporter: at the games, they join tens of thousands of american fans. players say it's like having a home field advantage. defender megan clingenberg. >> we love absolutely love our fans. we have been walking around the city and you can just see people in red, white and blue and we absolutely love it. >> reporter: between games, the girls kick it around with mom. >> do you think this will ever happen again? do you think you'll make a tradition? >> a tradition -- >> oh, yes! >> oh, wow. >> i'm not sure if we could do that. >> all in. ♪ >> reporter: even if the rest of the family isn't down with that they clearly know how to get down. >> say what? >> reporter: usa!
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>> coming up more on the apparent killing of a top al qaeda leader in yemen. we will speak with former cia director mike morrell. plus the crackdown on slow drivers in the left lane. the latest state to adopt tough laws. and we will take you to a colorado school that offers a major endear. that is the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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>> expect extremely hot and humid day today. risk of more warm temperatures. katie has the forecast. >> three alarm fire rips through the center of west chester late last night. the business and residents affected by those flames. good morning i'm area kay von tiehl. >> i'm diana rocco in for ukee today today. >> the philadelphia school district has already announced all public schools will dismiss early at noon. >> that's not the only thing we have to worry about. chance of storms later as well. we check in right now with katie looking at storm


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