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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  June 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> expect extremely hot and humid day today. risk of more warm temperatures. katie has the forecast. >> three alarm fire rips through the center of west chester late last night. the business and residents affected by those flames. good morning i'm area kay von tiehl. >> i'm diana rocco in for ukee today today. >> the philadelphia school district has already announced all public schools will dismiss early at noon. >> that's not the only thing we have to worry about. chance of storms later as well. we check in right now with katie looking at storm scan3
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good morning. >> just because we're seeing the heat really build up here in advance every cold front guys, we start off with for one thing the heat and mugginess, which always makes it so much worse also the reason we'll see storms later on. i wanted to show you "skycam 3". so socked in with low-lying cloud cover, courtesy of so much moisture in this atmosphere, you can barely even see across the span of the ben franklin bridge. so visibilities will be reduced for some of you here today, eventually, though, that winds kicks in, certainly the sun's going to come up, help get rid of some of this. look what it has done to visibility, really is corridor that's set up almost like right up the a.c. expressway, right, up toward for the northeast extension up toward allentown, where you have got the poorest visibility, that's generally where it will be most noticeable for you. again, more than anything, simply because you've got right now calm enough wind, and lots of moisture to work w here is the view of storm can three, most of what is trying to reach us at this point has been fizzling a little bit. we've got a lot of moisture as
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we keep saying in the atmosphere eventually it will finally fire up over our area, maybe run into perhaps damp road traveling say 78 westbound, or 81, for example. meanwhile what the rest of the day has in store specking some sun it, will help get instability, showers downpours, thunderstorms expected. we'll sit in a marginal risk for severe weather today primarily talking about gusty storms, that could produce some very heavy downpours that's really our story here today. and hot in the meantime. we should easily make a really solid run for the 90 degrees mark toward the tail end of the day. and again showers thunderstorms once again in the forecast for us for afternoon and early evening vittoria, good morning. >> good morning everyone, traveling right now on the majors, still looking pretty nice out there. katie was talking about low visibility. we will talk about the betsy ross bridge in a sicked, it will affect your speeds. if you are traveling right now on the schuylkill, you will notice, 76 right at the vine
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street expressway, if you are commuting westbound you're fine, eastbound also looking great, traveling on the vine, we have that construction, westbound it has been completely pick up. how much if you are traveling on the eastbound side, it looks like they are just starting to wrap up some of the construction. it usually is out of here by at least 5:00 this morning, i would say it does seem to be that you can access the eastbound vine street expressway from the eastbound side of the schuylkill. soap that's definitelily an improvement. we'll continue to you let you know when we are not seeing construction vehicles. very difficult to see here, but headlight coming toward you, this would be 59 southbound. >> diane? >> thanks, vet tore y new this morning, one person dead, after this fiery crash in chester county.
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eyewitnesses say the car burst into flames, after crashing into a bridge overnight. it happened on route 322 at penn drive in west goshen township. you should see the flames billowing in the air while firefighters try to put that out there. there is no word yet on the vick tell's identity. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> three alarm fire tears through building, in the heart of west chester. >> chopper three over the scene last night. this morning investigators want to know how it started. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at the scene with the latest information. good morning. >> reporter: erika, diane, a good morning. the cause of the fire remains under investigation at this point. but, today resident and businesses of ten north church street can begin to at least expect to assess the damage. let's take you now to video from last night. you will see that rooftop was consume by orange flames, heavy smoke and firefighters putting hoses on the fire. fire called in about 9:23 last night. was called in at three alarms
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by 11:00 and under control by about 10:00 until midnight. this building stretches about the block of market street, and courthouse alley it is a mix apartments, and businesses including d and b first bank, we spoke to executive from d and b last night about the damage and here is what he has to say. take a listen. >> we put a lot of monday my the building, and for the area, dis appointed to see this happen. >> and back out live, see clean up crews have been working on this building, just moments after that fire was brought under control. still working at this hour. the red cross was called in to assist those who have been displaced. and again, we are still waiting on word of a cause of this fire. we are live in west chester justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin, thank you. happening today, two suspects in a home invasion are expected to appear in a delaware county courtroom. police say that three men and juvenile forced their way into
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a home on old cedar grove road in broomall yesterday. investigators say they pistol whipped a teenager and then raided the family safe. they believe the homeowners were targeted because they own a business in upper darby. police caught three suspect when they spotted the get away vehicle. a fourth is on the run. >> a federal judge in newark expected to hear argument on whether the corruption says against senator bob menendez should stay in new jersey or move to washington, did. c. attorneys filed to have the trial moved. federal prosecutors want to remain in new jersey, where the indictment was issued last month. >> the person who may have had the best inside into the thought of colorado movie theater shooter james holmes is expected to testify at his death penalty trial today. his former psychiatrist doctor lin fenton saw holmes five times in 2012, and prescribed him drugs for anxiety and depression after he con fells today her thought of killing people.
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holmes said he kept sending un informed as he plot his attack. >> new this morning, al quaida confirms the leader every it powerful yemen affiliate has been killed in us air strike. the washington post originally reported that nasir was targeted in a cia drone strike last week, he letted al quaida in the arabian peninsula considered the terror group's most capable group of striking american interests. >> manhunt continues learning disturbing new details about that prison worker, accused of helping them break out and possibly a murder plot, too. sources tell cbs news, joyce itch he will had an agreement with richard matt and david sweat to kill her husband once they were out of prison. police say mitchell was set to be their get away driver, but backed out at the last second and went to a hospital for a panic attack. her husband was never harmed. mitchell now behind bars facing felony charges. >> the woman at the center
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after racial controversy has resigned from her post with the naacp. rachel dolezal was president of the group spokane chapter. she came under fire when her parent revealed that she is white and not black as she had said for years. resignation letter did not address those claims or her truett nick identity. she wrote in part, the dialogue has unexpectedly shifted internationally to my personal identity and the context of defining race and ethnicity. i've waited indifference, while others expressed their feelings beliefs conclusions absent of the full story. >> 4:38 right now. we'll learn more about the pope's visit to philadelphia in september today. mayor nutter and other city officials will release some preliminary information about transportation for the estimated 2 million visitors expected in the city. meantime, the mayor will be among delegation heading to the vatican neglect week to finalize plans surrounding the papal visit. our jessica dean will be
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traveling with them. look for report from the vatican starting next monday on "eyewitness news". >> still ahead this morning two shark attacks on north carolina beach have officials up and down the east coast concerned. we talk to expert in our area about the chances after attack down the shore and how you can better protect yourself. >> and intense heat today will bring more scores. katie takes a look at our chances of severe weather
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flashflooding in bethlehem from storms that move through the area last night, and more heat and humidity will bring storms again today. katie has check of the forecast in just a minute. >> officials still don't know whether the same shark is responsible foray tax on two north carolina teenagers. it happened on the same stretch of beach within 90 minute of each other. a 13 year old girl and 16 year old boy each lost parts of their left arms in separate
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incidents. now, shark sitings are rare in our area, but they do happen, particularly at the jersey shore. "eyewitness news" head today ventnor to speak with safety experts and concerned resident. beach patrol captain bill, say they usually see couple of sharks every year and the guards are trained to react if one is spotted on their beach. >> that beach automatically just blows their whistles, tells the people to come n you don't go crazy just tell them to come in out of the water. >> now another safety tip best bet to avoid sharks, stay out of the water around and after sunset. that's when they are the most active. >> tropical storm bill is heading for the texas coastline, in galveston waves are choppy as neighbors prepare for the storm to make land full this morningment bill is expected to weaken after moving over land, also expected to bring some rain to our region.
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>> for awhile, though. >> not for couple of more days. >> more storms to talk about today. >> pretty humid out there. >> real i and when you get these dynamic storms coming through, you always tends to see some extremes come either ahead of or behind them. that's what's happening today. just really hot really muggy really steamy outside. man it is palpable humidity walking out the door. be ready for that that's the first thing then keep your umbrella at the ready. if you plan to be out this afternoon, even early afternoon, specially toward late afternoon early evening the window we think when the storms will start to fire up. we take you back to bill here. tropical storm system, and your eyes get immediately drawn to it, nice high cloud tops. definitely have a lot of moisture to work with since right over the -- over the open waters of the gulf once this strikes land, it will start to weaken. the thing that you have to remember though, is even though this storm may lose its tropical storm not even depression status, still going
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have a lot of moisture. looks like that will get swept up in this active flow that we're talking about circle dome of high pressure, we ends up with the moisture by this upcoming weekends, now looking at storm stomach three, here is the first issue at hand, that frontal boundary will bring the showers thunderstorms, very heavy rain already moving through portions of ohio, and that's eventually going to be our story. not necessarily solid line of storm, sort of popcorn type thunderstorms that fire up, but that he can pacca punch with local gusty winds as well as very heavy downpours. meantime we should make solid run toward 90 degrees in a lot of locations and later on tonight drop down to thankfully less muggy 68 degrees as we start to see the humidity levels dropping off. so tomorrow, is my personal favorite of the next seven. just a lot more comfortable for you. still warm, just not oppressive in terms of the humidity. we drop it off even little more here come thursday.
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looking ahead as far as the weekend goes, only keeping the chance for rain in on saturday. it all depend on how quickly and swiftly moisture gets swept up. at this point specking might commas early as saturday day. diane, a back to you. >> thanks, katie. phillies take on the orioles tonight in baltimore tacking with them the worse record in the major leagues. last night at camden yards fifth inning, and the phils defense woes continue. codey ash i can't table this catch at the wall. and the orioles would convert that into a run just a batter later and that's all the offense they would really need. phils was kicked out for alleger ago call late in the game. phils have not scored a run for 21 innings. and lost their seventh game in a row four-nothing. eagles start their nova care, new bird until the nest, signed free agent jared wheel tow one year contract. another new player for the
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eagles this season is running back ryan matthews. he's spent five seasons with the san diego chargers, ran for more than 4,000 yards. matthews says he's still getting used to coach chip kelly's fast paced practices. >> i knew it was fast paced offense, i really d you know, to come here, you are kind of -- you know how fast everything is moving. you know, how quick the balls moving around. so you know it is taking little bit of time to get used to but fun. >> to the stanley cup playoffs where the blackhawks iced the game with third period goal by patrick cane. blackhawks beat the lightning two-nothing, to win the final four games to two. it is the third cup in six years for the blackhawks, but the first in 17 year career, performer flyer, fan favorite, kimmo timonen. now, that's when the season is over he said he will ' be retiring and going out on top. right now 4:46. still ahead this morning
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"eyewitness news", some bad news if you love the gap. why your local store could be disappearing. >> but first, here's a look at what's on tonight. on cbs-3. good morning.
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>> chopper three over church and market streets when three alarm fire tore through bank offices on upper floors in west chester there. were no injuries. police are searching for another suspect in a marple township delaware county home invasion. three men are already in custody after police say they barged into a home on old cedar grove road, pistol whipped one resident and got a which with jewelry and cash. >> we'll get more information today on this september's papal visit to philadelphia. there is also a local delegation leaving next week, headed to the vatican to finalize plans for the visit.
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our jessica dean will make that trip and bring us live report, that's starting on monday. >> the obama administration has given conditional approval to pennsylvania, delaware, and arkansas, to run state based insurance marketplace, created under the 2010 healthcare law. the approval comes ahead of high court decision that could wipe out federal health insurance subsidies for millions. the obama administration says the approval reflect the expectation that the state's role in the marketplace will start to take effect for the 2016 policy year. >> just about ten minutes to 5:00. time for check of our business news this morning. that massive takata airbag searle still growing. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, so the hondas recalling more vehicles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane, a erika honda now handed more than a million of it most popular vehicles to the list. so that includes 2001 to 2005 civics and 2,003 to 2,007
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accords. the takata airbags can explode with too much force honda had previously only recalled those vehicles in state with high humidity. that's where the problem is more likely. err cape diana? >> jill, we hear the gap is closing about a quarter of it stores. what is the latest with that? >> reporter: yes, gap is closing 175 stores, that's about quarter of it locations in north america. the retailers also cutting 250 jobs at its california headquarters, gap was once the go-to for khaki pant, and solid scoop next. but sales have slumped in recent years. gap admit it just didn't keep up with younger tech savvy shoppers. you guys like me, i lived at the gap. >> oh, i did. >> my dream job when i was 13 was to work at the gap. i remember that. >> the gap had a very important part of my teen years. >> hopefully they turn it around, jill thank you see you later this morning. >> coming up after the break whether and traffic on
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>> 4:00 # three, checking in with trafficking. >> you know, traffic right now real a breeze, not dealing with any imagine or problems, as we take a look at the vine street expressway eastbound traffic finally reopened earlier they had closed the eastbound side between the schuylkill and broad street. all because of construction that usually wraps up around 5:00. so they are even early rather than being on time this morning. but both sides of the vine are great. westbound, you're free and clear, between 95 and the schuylkill, very quiet in center city philadelphia. ben franklin bridge, also, little difficult to see. we have some fog out there as we know it right now only the betsy ross, we do have speed restrictions of 35 miles per hour. however, as far as the ben you will have some low visibility, because of the fog, but they haven't implemented any speed restrictions we know of just yet. but we would still caution to you take it easy out there because real at this does seem that you can barely see anything, again, just to reiterate, 35-mile per hour speed restriction on the
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betsy, to talk more about the fog, that's the best segway over to katie. >> low winds speed, allows any fog to form to settle in. that's what you need with the ripe ingredient. at the moment, storm scan, pretty quiet. we are eventually going to see some fresh showers thunderstorms rum until. you can see it wellly noted by the cold front that's on the move right now it, looks like it is just passing through chicago. >> outside palmyra nature park see nice clean view of the center city atlantic city line at this time of the morning. but we're right over the delaware river so with all of that moisture to work with, all of it in the atmosphere, nice light easterly wind flow, it is totally socked in. the other very in the recall weather feature of the day is the heat. our temperature will at least be near if not actually hitting 90 degrees, and that does mean the heat index
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values starts to climb. it could creep up as high as the century mark for some of you, so keep the flu its on hand water is, you know, definitely the one you want to go with, avoid trend you use activity if you can always feel for the folks that have to work out construction on days like this, so thank you for your service we appreciate t but take care of yourself. the shore is the good place to be to try it beat the heat. more mid 80s out there sun still awfully strong, latter up the sun block erika? >> katie, thank up. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" live as investigators search for the cause of huge fire in west chester. >> plus, a badly burned swan is nursed back to health, and we're live, let's get ready to release the bird back into the wild this morning. >> if you need another reason to have a piece of chocolate how much you can eat that will allow you to get health benefit. we'll have that for you when we come back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> we are cranking up the heatment it is another sizzling start in center sit which temperatures already right now at 5:00 a.m. in the 70s. more storms on the horizon katie has your steamy and stormy forecast coming up. new video of the fiery aftermath of car crash. hear what another driver saw moment before the car burst into flames. and, roads re-opening this morning, around west chester after this massive fire. we are there their live, investigators try to figure out with a sparked that blaze. >> good morning, it is tuesday, june 16 i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm diana rocco. ukee has the day off. get ready for another scorch
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june day because of the extreme heat, philadelphia public schools will send student home at noon today. many of the buildings are extremely old and don't have air-conditioning. so schools that have graduations there will remain open. how hot will it get? let's check in with katie for the sizzling forecast, already 72 degrees, kate. >> i that tells you something right there. you you will not need very much heat to actually warm up very readily here today. but we've got it in full effect for you. not just the heat, always the humidity right? makes it feel so much more sticky and muggy and just uncomfortable when you walk out the door. so right now actually the best time if you have got any outdoor plans that you want to get n you really want to take your long walk with the dog, you really want to get in the jog. you might want to think about getting outside doing it right now before it gets too terribly uncomfortable. let me take you outside. show you what's going on here, first and for most, with one of the "skycam 3" views what you would normally be looking at would be lovely view of the


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