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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 17, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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now at 11:00 o'clock, a rough winter leads to a summer long paving project and it kicks off tonight. it will take over some busy streets. what it means forgetting around town. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. pack your patience as crews work to repair these roads. the construction is needed after a long winter that seemed to hang around and take a toll on the roads. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers joins us now live from old city where the work is
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underway tonight. matt? >> reporter: chris and jessica, we're at the intersection of second and race street and right to my left here you can see what is the first step in this process ripping up old asphalt. that set to be replaced by new paving that is the process to be repeated across center city. that right there are the summertime consequences of a long cold winter. a major repaving project is now underway in center city nearly two dozen locations in all. some several blocks long set to be repaved. >> we'll bring in contractor to mill the streets out for us and take the old asphalt off prepare the man holes and then we'll come back in and pave. >> reporter: ground crews started their work monday night tearing up existing asphalt in old city, seen here along second street. they'll move from east to west trying to make roads like these that much better. >> it makes the streets safer for all modes of transportation
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bicycles vehicles, buses trucks and also pedestrians crossing the street report rt. >> reporter: for road weary driver the news is music to their ears and their wallets. >> i had to pay for a front ax system. it's only been two years. you know what i mean? it's pretty bad. >> reporter: no good deed goes unpunish and four smoother streets drivers will have to put up with a few weeks of traffic jams complete all 23 projects officials say it will take a little over a month. still to most it's worth it. >> i would rather deal with the little bit of inconvenience to traffic at least have the roads you know, paved. >> reporter: plus most of the work will take place at night much needed construction especially if the city wants a smooth ride for the pope come september. and for a complete list of the 23 projects said to be completed in center city over the next few weeks head to for now we're live in old city, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, matt thanks so much. as the work begins on those
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streets the city of philadelphia unveiled its transportation plan for the upcoming papal visit. mayor michael nutter says residents and visitors should prepareed to a lot of walking. >> this will be the largest event in the city of philadelphia in modern history. >> beginning the week of september 22nd there will be plenty of road closures as an estimated one to 2 million people will be in center city for the world meeting of families. for the two days pope francis' visit september 26th and 27th only 31 of septa's 282 train, subway and trolley stations will be open. >> trains will operate express type pick up service only from the select outlying stations to center city for the papal visit. >> the world meeting of families is also in the process of create creating two guides that will be available soon. one for visitors called know before you go. another for the locals called the papal visit playbook. and right now, we have
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posted a link to the city's mass transit plans on our website. just go to and click on papal visit. in the meantime the mayor will be among a sell gig heading to the vatican next week to finalize plans around that papal visit and i'll be traveling with them. you can look for my reports from the vatican starting next monday right here on "eyewitness news". >> quite a day outside. hot you humid but gave way to storms tonight. "eyewitness news" in the francis francisville section of the city where the rain came down hard. but with this latest round of unsettled weather comes a change in the pattern. meteorologist kathy orr is here now with more on that. kathy? >> we like a change in the pattern when it's heat and humidity right? on storm scan3 you saw all the showers and storms moving on through. not everyone saw them, but a cold front has slid through and now the change has begun. high temperature in philadelphia 91. right now 81. by 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, 69 degrees. so here's a look at the numbers we'll wake up to.
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57 in the poconos. 64 in allentown. 67 in millville and atlantic city. and 65 degrees in trenton but it's not just the temperature. it's the humidity. we're going from humid conditions right now to very pleasant dry air coming from the north tomorrow. coming up we'll talk about the remnants of tropical storm bill as they move toward the northeast into the midwest. this could mean a spoiler for our weekend coming up we'll talk about that after a brief break and look ahead to a heat wave coming in the seven day. i'll see you later in the broadcast. chris? >> all right, kathy, thank you very much. one woman's struggle with her racial identity. it has set off a debate taken social media by storm. she was born white but represented herself as black for more than a decade. she even led a chapter of naacp. today we heard her explanation. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt takes a closer look. >> if i was asked i would definitely say yes i do consider myself to be black. >> reporter: that's the line
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rachel dolezal continues to repeat when asked if she's black or white. and her answer has people buzzing from coast to coast. >> just say that you were white and let goat. >> this woman has been up and down my facebook feed and i just kind of didn't want to give her the space. >> childhood pictures so a freckled face teenager with blond hair and blue eyes. but this former spokane naacp leader insists she's black no matter what her parents have to say. >> our daughter is primarily german and chek and european decent. >> her naacp members are angry about her actions. >> you lie just to get close to me? yes i feel be trade. >> goal sal said she started racially identifying as black when she was just a little girl. philadelphia psychologist sarah course says dolezal's story is a complicated one. >> she's trying to gain admittance or acceptance or status in an arena that most people don't cross into from
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white to black. >> the model community in america for diversity. >> dolezal story fascinates todd bernstein the president of global citizen 365. a civil rights organization based in philadelphia. >> four or five days i never heard of rachel dolezal. >> bernstein is white and says he has no problem leading the group that way. he says he's proud to be a white civil rights leader. >> i certainly don't pretend to be something other than who i am. >> bernstein told "eyewitness news" rachel dolezal may have been even more effective as a leader if she came clean years ago. >> i don't question her sincerity and passion for civil rights and social justice and her determination. what i question is her honesty and integrity. >> reporter: rachel resign from the spokane washington naacp earlier this week on monday i spoke to the local chapter president here in philadelphia.
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he told me he's not upset by dolezal's actions and decisions. he said the naacp is made up of many different races and religions. reporting live in the sat center david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". david, thank you very much. a man who robbed a pharmacy and carjacked a priest in camden county is still on the loose tonight. police say that that man got away with prescription drugs from the rite aid in haddonfield haddonfield. they say that he pulled a gun inside the store carjack the priest in the parking lot later abandoned the car and ran off on foot. the man is described as a white male about 6-foot two 200 pounds. if you have any information on who that is, you're asked to call police. in monmouth county a neptune police officer charged with shooting his ex-wife to death in front of their september-year-old daughter. this happened on swall avenue in asbury park this morning. investigators say philip side dell fired several shots into tamara's car after a chase. he then put the gown his head
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and helped police at bay before he later surrendered. the daughter was not physically injured. philadelphia police are searching for a moon who they say stole 10 taxi cabs in about week. they believe those stolen cabs are being used to commit other crimes including a recent robbery and shooting in west philadelphia. so far five of the taxis have been recovered. they're 2007 to 2009 victorias once used as police cars. >> this is bizarre. talking to the parking authority the last 10 years they had five cab stolen. we have 10 cabs stolen in nine days this is the first time this has happened. >> people don't pay attention to cabs. they think they're there to transport people. >> the suspect has been disabling the tracking systems inside the cars as soon as he steals them. fighting crime with science. camden county residents can now use a new kit that could help them get stolen property returned. >> police departments are learning how to use the applied dna sciences kit.
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the plant based dna is uniquely registered to you and then can be brush on your possessions. if an item is stolen and recovered by police, the dna imprint can be detected by ultraviolet light and traced back to the own are in. >> valuables with plan based dna is simply the modern version of engraving treasured items with the owners initial or other personal dent fires. dn kit cost $70 and can be purchased from the applied dna sciences website. >> donald trump wants to go from the board room to the oval office. today trump tower in new york the real estate mogil and reality tv show host announceed he's running for president. trump joins a republican race and says hess goal is to make america great again. he also released summary of his net worth it totaled nearly $9 billion. >> i don't need anybody's money. it's nice. i don't need anybody's money i'm using my own money.
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i'm not using the lobbyists i'm not using donors. i don't care. i'm really rich. by the way i'm not even saying that that's of kind of mind set that's the kind of thinking you need for this country. >> absolutely. >> donald trump has flirted with running for the white house in the past but this is the first he's officially thrown his hat into the ring. he does as we mentioned join a crowded field of republican candidates. 12 main contenders are now in the hunt for the nomination. the first prime time debate is set for august 6th. 10 slots available in that debate. >> still to come a big change cupping to some of the food we eat. >> one of the worst kinds of fat is hiding in a lot of common and favorite foods. up next here, a new man that will have that fat banned. also coming up tonight -- from plum to go electrical problems. how more and more people are tuning in to the handy guide to
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safe money and get things fixed. i'm three on your side's jim donovan much the story coming up up. >> in weather we take a brief break from the heat and humidity. but then all eyes on tropical storm bill and how it could spoil part of the weekend. i'll show you that coming up. and a new lease on life as the special swan returns to the wild. we'll have that story when "eyewitness news" continues.
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memorial is growing tonight for six young adults who died when an apartment building collapsed in berkeley, california. the dead include five students from ireland and an american woman. they were among 13 people who fell some 50 feet to the pavement below. the remaining seven were seriously hurt. investigators are trying to determine if the balcony was overloaded and whether it was built to code. some good news tonight as the swan that was found badly burned in a new jersey state park has been released back into the wild. >> the animal was found back in
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may at parvin state park suffering from chemical burns. wildlife experts spent five weeks nursing the swan back to health and she was released from her cage. she then waded into the water and took off. likely to meet her mate and find her nest. >> philadelphia police officers and chap lance in the 35th district got together praying for a safe summer tonight. "eyewitness news" was there at broad and chap employs in olney. they walked through the neighborhood and paused to pray on widener mace. the group says that tonight is all about promoteing peace and unity. on the health watch tonight saying goodbye to trans fat. the ndfda is fading out trans fat in the next three years. you can find it in junk food items like chips, cookies even microwaveable popcorn. it's added to vegetable oil and
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that improves shelf life in flavor but also inn crews the risk of coronary disease and hear tax. >> really talking about fats that are processed. things like bocked cookies boxed crackers, pies, things like french fries. >> trans fat levels decreased in recent years. but the fda says even small amounts of the product can add up. the grocery manufacturers association made group for the food industry is working on a petition to ask the fda for certain exceptions. these days more and more americans are takeing on home improve many projects of their own. the growing number of do it yourself videos online, three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan found you may need to spend money to call in a repairman. >> reporter: when paul costello's dishwasher wasn't operating properly. he had three options. call repairman. >> we'll replace the dishwasher. >> or try to fix it himself. the unhandyman went online. and found a do it yourself video
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video. >> it was just a cleaning issue. yeah there was slush stuck in the bottom here. clean out manually by hand. >> two hours later paul had the dish washing working as good as knew. >> when it coats broken and someone says dishes are spotty and it's not draining right, i can do it. >> reporter: millions are now doing the same thing. and many are turning to these two, they're known as the handy guys. >> we'll talk about how to repair these. >> from faucet and toilet repairs to installing doggie doors and home lighting. these childhood friends started making their own do it yourself videos including the one that helped paul. in we're not appliance repair guys. we've had these problems ourselves. we've figure them out and then we make a video on how to fix it. >> reporter: their videos have gotten over a million youtube hits. >> they're just plain guys just doing a plane job and helping you out. >> people are looking to save some money and also have that sense of accomplishment. >> people are saving money by not having to hire a handyman.
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the commerce department says americans spending on a appliance repairs is down 25% in the past 10 years. >> my wife pointed it out to me which means i need to fix this. >> when the brick around his west chester house needed repair paul first called a professional. >> we got a price back from a gentleman for $7,000 to do the whole house. it didn't need the whole house done i just need add second. >> reporter: he once again went to the video and did it himself. final cost -- >> about $100 and then about eight hours of my time. >> reporter: he you've the money he saved for a family trip to disneyworld. to subscribe to the handy guys youtube channel or to watch their videos in pod cast i posted a link for you on and on my facebook and twitter feeds. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. all the help you need is out there as it never has been before. >> that's true. >> if you got the guts to do it, go for it. >> get in there. >> do you have the guts to do it.
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i guarantee you no results. >> we will always rely on the expertise of our forecasters. >> thank you. >> kathy orr where would we be without you. >> way to get out of chris. >> looking at humid night but that's going to change just like that. a cold front is moved through and it will be noticeably more comfortable overnight and tomorrow morning. but we captured this video of the storms rolling in. this is some eyewitness cam video from one of our weather watchers chief pressler in perkasie watch the storms rolling in. this was wild earlier this evening. also some pictures from our "eyewitness weather" watchers so thank you chief presser for that. steven thompson sent in this picture from morrisville, pennsylvania. if you look really close you can see the rain shaft. heavy rain coming out of that cloud into the ground. you can see a lot of the atmosphere but it's right there. the heavy rains. so these storms came in, drenching downpours downpours end moved out quickly in the wake of some of the storms, some rainbows being reported. this eyewitness cam picture from
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theresa in mt. laurel over the joanne fabric on center ton square just a picture perfect evening and many locations after the rain. right now just cooling down. 66 in the poconos. 71 in reading. 70 in allentown. 81 in philadelphia. 71 in trenton. to the west cooler air pittsburgh cleveland already in the 60s that's moving our way. and the dew points are lowering when you see a dew point in the 70s that's oppressive that's where we were today. right now we're in the 60s still a little humid. but the 50s that's the comfort zone and these will be moving our way during the overnight period. so when you see dew points in the 50's that's really dry comfortable air. and that's what we'll be feeling tomorrow. on storm scan taking taking it to the south in houston this is tropical storm bill dumping heavy rain the future rain amounts lifting up even toward the ohio valley. two three four, even up to 7-inches of rain and all this will be caught up in a flow that will be moving toward us. so flash flood watches lifting
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from texas all the way into illinois and indiana. so this is something to be concerned about as we head toward the weekend. tomorrow high pressure notices in from canada. we have deep blue skies and comfortable conditions. then we see a warm front move in with some rain thursday morning. we catch a break in the afternoon. thursday night some rain. friday looks good. and then the remnants of bill get very close saturday into unfortunately father's day sunday. we'll keep an eye on that. overnight comfortable the low 69. the high 84 tomorrow. nothing but pleasant conditions and as we look ahead on the exclusive i wet weather seven day forecast and shore cast thursday 80 degrees. friday 86. saturday 85. it will be pretty steamy and possibly stormy on sunday, monday and tuesday in the 90s as well and that would be our first heat wave if you like it hot -- >> yes please. >> june weather for you. >> the place to be. >> kathy thanks. >> lesley here now eagles got back at it today.
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>> that's right. exit for one guy. that's all anyone wants to talk about. >> he's not coming back. >> chip kelly is explaining why he let go pro bowl evan mathis. how bad was it for the phillies. jeff francoeur had to come in to pitch. history for all the wrong reasons. sports is n
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>> phillies reached rock bottom tonight they made history and for all the wrong reasons. they lost all eight games on this road trip the first time since 1883 that they've gone winless in seven game or more road trip. orioles put the game away in the first inning. ma chad dough sending the pitch into the stands at left. one to nothing. four-nothing. williams throws this wild pitch jj hardy scores. ryan flat tee tries to score from second on the play. he beat the throw william hurts himself on the play. six to nothing. did you say din mcgowan came in
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to relieve oil eau wl yum. orioles down in the second. solo homer to right makes it eight-zero. two batters later chris harm melly smacks one out of the yard. mcgowan allowed five homer the phillies -- first phillies reliever to ever do that. in comes outfielder jeff front cure. he struck out nolan cole hamels and aaron harang got a laugh out of it. he pitched a scoreless seventh. in the eighth the orioles hit homers in this game and beat the phils 19-three. the eagles start starting three day mandatory mini camp. the everyone in attendance much chill ceply spoke for the first time after the team released pro bowl guard evan mathis last week. he want add new contract. the birds wouldn't do it and the eagles didn't get any trade offers for him. chip kelly said his agent asked for evans to be released so they
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granted it. >> he didn't want to be here. i wanted evan to get whatever he can get. i hope it work out for him. he was great the two years we had him. i like evan lot. if he wants to get release to see if he can get better we released him. >> sam bradford will continue to throw seven on seven chip things sam will be ready for 11 on 11 when training camp opens august 2nd. to the women's world cup team usa versus nigeria .
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well new at 11:00 o'clock tonight the police athletic league is celebrating the arts isn't more than 50 pal kids show cased their musical artistic and poetic talents. pal night at the arts is offered by the police athletic league as a tool to help students embrace the arts and channel their energy into constructive and creative outlets. so pretty good work there.
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looking good. >> as always pal doing great thing. we thank you for watching eyewitness news here at 11:00. we're back on tomorrow morning at 4:30. erika von tiehl nicole brewer and meteorologist katie fehlinger will be waking up with you. for lesley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at hawaii five-o is next. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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