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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 17, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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kee has the day off. street corner in olney neighborhood is a crime scene after three people stabbed shoot and robbed a man. >> police have leads that could help them solve the case, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live to bring us up to date, justin. >> nicole and erika this victim suffered pretty severe injuries multiple stab wound to his back, gunshot to his thigh and puncture wound to his face but despite that he may have been his own best witness able to give detectives a solid lead as they search for his attackers. >> in olney overnight philadelphia police canvassed a crime scene on sixth and west somerville avenue their eyes and flashlights focused on finding more clues about their victim and however left him for dead. >> but we're not sure who he is, he is a john doe,'s peers to be a male in his 20's, possibly early 30's. >> reporter: 11:30 tuesday night came several 911 calls about an assault once on the
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scene police found a man lying on the sidewalk and breathing heavily from stab wound to his back and gunshots to his left thigh. >> did he tell us he was a victim of the assault and shooting, however by the time he got to the hospital he was unconscious. >> reporter: victim's face set to be puncture wound. he was taken to einstein medical center. >> he is fighting for his life unknown when will survive his injuries. >> reporter: police say victim recalls two men and woman jumping him before stealing his wallet, watch and cell phone. others may have seen him too. >> we do have several witnesses in this mainly residential neighborhood, and who witnessed not only the assault and the robbery but also the shooting. they are being interviewed by northwest detectives. >> reporter: so some additional accounts for police to sort through this morning. before packing up, police say that victim said three attackes, two men would woman fled by food on somerville
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avenue. they have surveillance video in that neighborhood and they will go out and check those cameras to see if they caught any of this crime taking place. that victim extremely critical condition this morning over at einstein medical center and we are live at police headquarters i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile philadelphia police are searching for a suspect they say stole ten taxi cabs in a week. they believe stolen cabs are used to commit other crimes including a recent shooting and a robbery in west philadelphia. so far, five of those taxis have been recovered. their 2007 through 2009 crown victorias once used as police cars. >> we have the authority over last ten years they have had five stolen. so this is first time this has happened. >> people don't pay attention to cabs. they are there to transport people not realizing there is actors in that car that can hurt or harm you. >> suspect had been disabling the gps tracking system as
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soon as he seals them. and search is on for a man who robbed a pharmacy and carjack a priest in camden county. police say suspect got away with prescription drugs from the rite aide in haddonfield yesterday afternoon. the man pulled his gun inside the store carjacked that priest in the parking lot and then took off abandoning the car later and running off. if you have any information you are asked to call the police. right now though 50:00 36789 enjoy your wednesday. it is one nice day this week. >> it will be a very pleasant day more than anything, erika because humidity is so much less noticeable. it is just so much more comfortable for you you when you walk outside the door that pea soup effect has gonna way and you can expect a nice day. we have beautiful sunrise as a result as well. lets start off with a quick check outside on storm scan three which remains empty. we will have some great sunrise shots this morning. i want to bring in as many of them as i can outside middletown ship high school light of day bombing up,
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technically sunnies not up for 20 or 25 minutes or so but we have it brightening up nicely. this is time of the year where nights are getting longer or days are getting longer and that the sunnies set later and later. it is really longest days that we have all year. today is one of those bright spots enjoy it wheel we have it because it is so pleasant outside and it will stay that way for better part of the day. seventy-three at the airport. it feels just really comfortable. sixty-four in allentown. quick check of the eyewitness day planner full sunshine, eventually included to start to rebuild and we will see fresh round of rain moving in overnight. today is your opportunity to really get in on that nice weather, that will last you better part of the day. vittoria, over to you. >> good morning everyone. right new we have beautiful traffic conditions for the most part throughout center city philadelphia we will start first with the look at schuylkill expressway because traveling 76 not too far from
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center city net is traveling in either direction is there a sprinkle of cars, great news on the schuylkill. not only around center city and western suburbs and throughout south philadelphia maybe heading toward walt whitman bridge it is all good. let talk about the 42 freeway traveling in new jersey up and over our bridges we are moving well, once we get to the 42 freeway southbound notice an active construction zone right near creek road but no major hold up, overall, we have a pretty serious accident on the eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike between willow grove and bensalem. this accident is involving a van carrying a few dogs. we have word there could be potential injuries. we will keep you updated on that but all lanes are block so stay with us, nicole. >> are you planning to see pope francis here in philadelphia? organizers say get ready to walk a lot. city unveiled its transportation plan the week of september 22nd. there will be plenty of road closures with an estimated one
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to 2 million people in center city all for the world meeting of families. for the two days september 26th and 27th only 31 of septa's 282 train subway and trolley stations will be opened. >> trains will operate express-type pick up services only from the select outlying station toss center city for the papal visit. >> be prepared to walk at least a few you miles or more. private vehicles will not be a viable option. >> the world meeting of families is also creating two guides, one know before you go and other for locals is call papal visit play book. make your plans for pope's visit by going to cbs click on papal visit to see the plan. mayor nutter will be part of the delegation head together vatican to finalize plans for the visit. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean will be traveling with them and look for her reports from the vatican starting machine on
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"eyewitness news". texas residents are bracing for heavy rain and flooding as remnants move inland. flash flood warnings are in effect for some areas in south central texas and meteorologists warn strong win will last throughout the day. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has the latest. >> reporter: tropical storm bill weakened overnight whipping up waves along the texas coast as it continues to move slowly inland. many residents in the area who voluntarily evacuated yesterday are not happy about the threat of more rain. >> my biggest concern is just for everybody that has property here. >> reporter: still bill blew a shore yesterday morning packing 60-mile an hour wind. the system is losing strength as it moves over land but still likely to bring four to 8 inches of rain to eastern texas and a foot farther north. some have have already received flood evacuation order. >> we are really sick of it. >> reporter: severe weather
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comes weeks after heavy rains left more than 30 people dead and damage thousands of homes in texas and oak a officialness dallas are not taking any chances. crew are running pumps and opening up emergency operations center as the storm rolls in. >> to have all of the decision makers in one room so anything that needs to happen can happen very quickly. >> reporter: bill is expect to bring more severe weather to the south and midwest as it moves east. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, fire works filled skies over oakland after golden state warriors win their first nba championship in 40 years. fans hit the streets to celebrate after the warriors knock off the cleveland cavilers in six games. it was a special night for andre iguodala who was name finals mvp. will we will have highlights from that game coming up next in sports. >> the search expands for two escaped killers in upstate insuring as investigators revealed new details about how
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those inmates wanted to use a prison worker. get ready to dodge orange barrels a summer long paving project just kick off we will let you know where you run into those repair crews. >> i was aware and would i like to think i was aware at least. >> one of the teens who survive a shark attack talks for first time since he lost his arm hear his surprising positive outlook after the terrifying attack. and after a couple sizzling days, katie says it will be much more comfortable beautiful sunrise down at the shore right now katie is updating your forecast when we do traffic and weather together after the break good morning.
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richard matt ape david sweat have been on the run for two weeks now. joyce mitchell is accused of helping them men escape. investigators say mitchell plan to be the getaway driver but back down at the last minute. clinton county sheriff, doubts inmates, relied solely on mitchell for that he is escape. >> there is a lot of people that said she didn't show up, they got cold feet, they probably went to the plan b. i think she was plan b. >> reporter: joyce mitchell warned her husband about inmate's plan to break out of prison. she warned him that his life could be in danger. husband's lawyer denies his client knew anything about that escape plan, nicole. a 16 year-old boy is recovering from losing part of his arm after being bit bine a shark in north carolina this all happened sunday in oak island when he was swimming in waist deep water with his cousin. in video provided by the hospital the brave teen is able to speak about his frightening encounter about
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the shark and how his positive attitude is helping him recover. >> i have two options i can try to live my life the way i was and make an effort to do that even though i don't have an arm or just kind of let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down and out of those two there is only one that i would choose to do and that is to try to fight and live a normal life with the cards that i have been dealt. >> good for him. >> less than 90 minutes earlier a 12 year-old old girl also lost her arm in another shark attack nearby. hard to see there. >> 5:13. lets check on the weather with katie. >> to start things off here with very, very pleasant weather initially and then pattern is turning more active, moving forward in the forecast, new warm front cold front and tropical moisture. let's work it in here and get you out to the weekend. we will start off on storm
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scan three with tranquil conditions. we have generally a nice clear sky out there and high pressure ruling the loose for one day. off to the south we are fining trailing clouds from the front. here is bill, now a tropical depression now downgraded but you got to keep in mind it doesn't matter sometimes the status of these storms. flooding rain that comes with this will be major and this is obviously a spot that does not need rain, that ground so saturate add cross eastern texas. this will be swept up in the main flow of energy but eventually will likely see some of the remnant moisture from bill ourselves. by this upcoming weekend. it happens sometimes. today, i love this head line a winner of the wednesday. you cannot get too used to it. mid 80's, less humidity very comfortable. by tomorrow and overnight tonight we will see a warm front moving in. we will be 80 degrees and steady rain in the morning. now friday the cold front
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crosses through lackluster in nature more than anything a partly sunny day. not ready to rule out a shower. we will keep that in there but friday and mess of saturday look okay but then that remnant moisture from bill starts to move in and our fathers day first day of summer in less may be a very soggy one. in the meantime today sunny less humid beautiful. uv index is up there as a result. with a nice big can of sun block spf30 or greater please. looking forward in the forecast. >> yes. >> looking forward in the forecast, we will get awfully steamy. this will feel like we are in the bayou come sunday 91 with soggy conditions moving in, and so that is expectation right now, we will see what happens with bill but regardless it is active. >> yes. >> day to enjoy. >> so nice. >> make the most of it, spf30. >> yes, good job sister.
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>> it could be. >> come on you guys any way. traffic wise, road are giving you a nice big hug this morning because we are in the dealing with anything, really major throughout center city. we have other things in a second but taking a look at vine street expressway traveling in either direction to and from the schuylkill and i-95 we have relieved these construction zones on the eastbound side, that was compromising the roadway between 76 and broad. new traffic gets by without a hitch. moving to 476 right around mid county tolls in delays in either direction. in the only around mid county but schuylkill and i-95 is looking great. unfortunately not too far away eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike between willow grove and bensalem all eastbound lanes are block because of an accident westbound the left
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lane is block. if you are traveling in and around this area 611 to street road is your best alternate. erika. still ahead the phillies take a stand begins domestic violence, we will show you message for fans starting at tonight's game. great race debate local civil rights leaders weigh in on a white woman resigned from her job for pretending to be block. we will be right back.
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casino workers are planning a demonstration at trump taj mahal in atlantic city. kyle icon has been launching over thee limb nation of the health insurance and pension plans that parent company trump entertainment resorts made last october. icon will invest as much as 100 million-dollar in the taj mahal to help the casino to get through bankruptcy. 5:19. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. here's cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger.
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>> this month marks the six anniversary of the event of the recession. according to the national bureau of economic research u.s. economy bottomed out in june 2009 and 18 month recession that began in december 2007 was longest of any since world war two. it was most severe contraction since the great depression, wiping out 8.9 million jobs. so where do we stan, six years later? total employment is up by 11.7 million from the recession low private employment up 12.3 million and new three and a half million above previous peak. in the months after the recession, unemployment rate peaked at 10 percent nationally. in pennsylvania, it stands at 5.3 percent through april. although the recession was tough on all workers those with the college degree faired better with a rate at about half of the national average. and college grads earned more than that during their work lives when compared to less
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educated employees. further proof that investing in education can pay big different over the long term. i'm jill schlesinger for
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let's get traffic and weather together and just a lovely wednesday. >> it will be a nice, very, very nice day erika starting off on a comfortable note staying that way all day. we are expect to go warm up but not anywhere near as muggy or uncomfortable as it was yesterday and recent days. lets show you what is happening on storm scan three which is a heck of a lot little hint of ground cover nothing more with high
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pressure taking control here. i have a feeling weather will be one of the few things that brings people out to south philadelphia here tonight upset phillies fans, let's be honest. cloud will be building for us at first pitch but still very comfortable. your those cloud building ? we have a new warm front on the way. enjoy the day. it will be a beautiful one and as early as overnight we will see fresh showers and locally steady rain moving in. primarily through tomorrow morning that will be lingering, but overall we are talking about somewhat of a dreary day tomorrow. friday does look better, maybe lingering shower friday morning but it looks like a nice way to wrap up the workweek vittoria. if you are traveling our majors it is nice outside with the exception of the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike. we have a situation that we're dealing with at eastbound turnpike between willow grove and bensalem where all lanes are block. i would say less than five minutes ago they have reopened westbound lane compromised as they tend to the eastbound
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incident. we have word that this accident involves a van carrying a few dogs. we don't have too many details on this we are waiting for more to come in but we are getting word right now. traveling in and around 611 north bound street road is your best alternate. in rush hour just yet but beautiful shot of center city, notice ben franklin bridge and pink skies looking through but i-95 looks great and in delays for mass transit but we will update you on that pennsylvania turnpike incident for sure. >> vittoria, thank you. golden state warriors are champions of the nba with an assist from the former sixers. warriors had to battle lebron james but golden state was up to the task. without league mvp step curry and andre iguodala scored 25 points in last night deciding 105-97 victory in game six in cleveland. iguodala defended james and won finals mvp award. warriors first title by the
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way since 1975. not a lot to say about the phillies except maybe home cooking will help tonight against orioles. last night in baltimore it started bad an it got pretty much worse. manny of the orioles led off with the home run. o's hit a team record eight home runs off phillies pitching staff that includes one off emergency pitcher jeff francoeur. phillies lose 19-three. phillies lost all eight games on this road trip. women's world cup team u.s.a. here in the quarter kick abby scores here, team u.s.a. beats them one to nothing and advances to the so-called knock out round of 16. their next game is monday in edmonton. erika. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we have latest on the search for robbers behind a brutal attack that left a man fighting for his life.
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also i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created, i tell you that. >> certainly doesn't lack confidence that one. donald trump enters presidential race as bold as ever and late night comedian you just know they are having a field day trouncing on a possible trump presidency and vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three as we are back in two minutes.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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get ready to see those orange particles and town, road crews just kick off a major paving project around philadelphia, finally fixing those road. good news for all of us. two dozen paving projects are planned right now.
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>> construction is much needed after a long winter took toll on the road. jan carabao is live with the details, good morning. and in olde city the overnight work is done but you can definitely see progress. street here has been milled in preparation for the repaving. this is first step in a weeks long process and close to two dozen locations around center city will be getting this very same treatment the snow may be gone but toll winter took on philadelphia road is clear and in center city potholes are becoming too costly a problem for drivers. >> i just replaced, honestly my two front tires, three times. >> i had to replace a front axle once and it has been already two years. pretty bad. >> reporter: fix is in the works. philadelphia streets department h


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