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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and new this morning three people stabbed shoot and rob a man in olney this morning philadelphia police are looking for suspects and have have some clues as who could help them. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from police headquarters with the very latest information, just continue. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. that is right many key clues came from the victim himself who was pretty badly injured. several stab wonderful to his back gunshots to his side and punctures to his face but before passing out he gave key clues about his attackers. in olney philadelphia police canvassed the crime scene on sixth and west somerville avenue. their eyes and flashlights focused on finding more clues about their victim and however left him for dead. >> at this time we're not sure who he is.
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he is a john doe he appears to be a male in his 20's, possibly early 30's. >> reporter: around an 11:30 tuesday night came several 911 calls about an assault. once on the scene police found the man lying on the sidewalk bleeding heavily from the stab wound to his back and gunshot to his left thigh. >> he did tell us he was a victim of an a robbery assault and a shooting but by the time he got to the hospital he was unconscious. >> reporter: victim's face set to be hit by puncture wound. he was taken to einstein medical center. >> he is fighting for his life unknown whether he will survive his injuries. >> reporter: police say victim recalls two men and a woman jumping him before stealing his wallet, watch and cell phones others may have seen too. >> we do have several witnesses in this mainly residential neighborhood who witnessed not only the assault and robbery but also the shooting. they are being interviewed by northwest detectives. >> reporter: the victim also told police that this case his
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main attackers those two men and one woman fled east on somerville avenue n word where they may have gone. police searching for surveillance cameras in the area for video of this crime in progress. as for the victim at this time at last check he was taken to the operating room at einstein medical center and his condition is said to be extremely critical. we are live at police headquarters, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. the search is on for a man who robbed a pharmacy and carjack a priest in camden county. police say that man got away with prescription drugs from the rite aide in haddonfield yesterday shortly after yesterday afternoon. he pulled a gun inside of that store carjack a priest in the parking lot and then abandoned the car and then ran off. he is described as a white man, 6-foot two 200-pound . if you have any information you're asked to call the police. search is also on for a man police say stole ten taxi cabs in about a week in philadelphia. they believe the stolen cabs
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are used to commit other crimes. one includes a recent shooting and ol a robbery in west philadelphia so far five of the taxis have been recovered and they are 2007 through 2009 crown victorias that were once used as police cars. >> we have to talk to the parking authority over last ten years, we have had five cabs stolen. we have ten stolen in the last nine days. >> we don't pay attention to cabs. we think they are there to transport people but not realizing there are actors in that car that could hurt or harm you. >> reporter: they disable the tracking systems inside the cars as they are stolen. 6:03. lets check with katie. it sound like a pretty good day. >> we have pleasant weather unfolding for better part of the day nicole. eventually a warm front lifts in later on tonight but we will keep the sunshine, we will keep the warmth, as well, but we will lose the humidity. that is always the key isn't it? so beautiful weather to start things off storm scan is totally empty. you nest who i'm jealous of,
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these folks there are just a couple people out there. boardwalk is damp from rain that has moved in but sky is nice and blue. it is mild. you sees that wind direction. it is not a persistent breeze but because it is out of the north/northwest and that is where wind flow will be most of the day to day it just feels so much more comfortable. that is in the just at row roast beach area but every where. we will get you in the mid 80's, very seasonal with the temperatures for a change. we will hit 91, officially yesterday but we're talking maybe 84 degrees at most here today, eventually the clouds do start to build however with this next approaching warm front and that sort of kick starts what is supposed to be a active path attorney round out this workweek. warm front cold front and then tropical moisture starts to move in for the weekend as well and that is remnant moisture that was tropical storm and now depression bill and we will track in in minutes ahead.
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for now it is so pleasant outside, vittoria. >> that is what we like to sianni feel but it will not feel so pleasant on the road, that is for sure. or toy turn that around. any waste thinks i-95 traveling around cottman avenue, traveling i-95 in the southbound direction it is rush hour full swing out of the northeast down through the vine street expressway. turf say even though it looks this awful around cottman this has to do with the construction that narrows the road. thinks how it starts. then we will not get on the i-95 for next 20 to 25 minutes. definitely give yourself more time. moving over the schuylkill it looks like a totally different story in and out of the center city, it is in the bad at all. we are feeling a westbound pocket build making your way through city avenue. that is another place where it just starts. moving now to the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound pennsylvania turnpike between willow grove and bensalem, we had around earlier accident there. they have reopened all the lanes because they had closed it for quite sometime. definitely great news because
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6:05 is start of the rush hour. so i would say just really in any case justin to give yourself more time in this area in delays for mass transit and things at the airport are just fine, quarter. >> good to hear, thanks, vittoria. people in texas are bracing for heavy rain and flooding as tropical storm bill moves inland. flash flood warnings are in effect in south central texas. meteorologists warn strong wind will last throughout the day. wendy gilette has the very latest. >> reporter: tropical storm bill weakened to a depression overnight, whipping up waves along the texas coast as it continues to move slowly inland. the system is losing strength as it moves over land, it is still hikely to bring four to 8 inches of rain to eastern texas. officialness dallas are not taking any chances. crews are running pumps and opening up emergency operation centers as storm moves in. >> to have all of the decision makers in one room so that anything that needs to happen
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can happen quickly. >> reporter: bill is expect to bring more severe weather to part of the south and midwest wendy gilette cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia is unveiling its transportation plan for pope francis visit. residents and visitors should prior to do a lot of walking. >> this will be the largest event in the city of philadelphia, in modern history. >> starting week of september 22nd there will be plenty of road closure with an estimated one to 2 million people in center city for the world meeting of families. for two days of the pope 's visit test 26th and 27th, only 31 of septa's 282 train subway and trolley stations will be opened. >> trains will operate and an express type pick up services only from the select outlying stations to center city for papal visit. >> world meeting of families is also in the process of
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creating two guides, and it is call the papal visit play book. we have posted a lincoln our web site to the cities mass transit plan while the pope is here in town just go to cbs and click on papal visit. mayor nutter will be part of the delegation heading to the vatican next week. all to finalize plans surrounding his visit. our jessica dean will be traveling a along with him you can look for their reports from the vatican starting machine on "eyewitness news". happening today casino workers are planning a demonstration at the trump taj mahal in atlantic city. investor karl icon has been locked in the battle with the casino worker union overe limb nation of health insurance and pension plans, that the parent company, trump entertainment resorts, they made them last october. icon will invest as much as a hundred million-dollar in the taj mahal. it is a new way for residents to fight crime in camden county by using science, this new kit could help residents get stolen property back in return.
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police department are using the dna kit. it is uniquely registered to you and brushed on to possessions. if the item is stolen and recovered by police the dna imprint can be detect by ultraviolet light and then traced back to you. >> marking of valuables with plant based dna is simply modern version of the engraving treasured items with the owners initials or other personal identifiers. >> it cost $70. very csi. >> yes. >> ultraviolet light, looking if you go clues, good way, to get something back. >> pretty cool. it is a 12 in the search for two killers that escaped in new york prison. we are learning new details about the prison worker who helped them getaway and what she told her husband about a plot to have him killed. that is next. also ahead a summer long paving project is underway we will give you a heads up where you will run into that
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construction. plus they are fun to use when texting friend but now emojis can make banking more secure. we will explain coming up. >> all right. i am anchoring with my good girlfriend here. >> spent sometime here with the ladies on cbs-3. we will take a short break but enjoy that sunrise looking fabulous out there.
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joyce mitchell talked to her husband about i been mate's plan to break out of prison. she apparently warn him his life could be in danger. inn investigators say she plan to be the get a waste driver but then back out. sheriff doubts richard matt and david sweat relied solely on mitchell for their escape. >> there has been a lot of people that said she didn't show up, she got cold feet and she probably went to a plan b. i think she was plan b. >> authorities say mitchell had relationships with both men and sexual relation was at least one of them. right now 6:13. let check with katie for your forecast. beautiful less humid start. >> that is it, that humidity makes or breaks, the comfort level of any day at this time of the year. we have just got a beautiful summer day unfolding. even though summer does not start until this coming sunday, we are in the middle of meteorological summer i think that is fair.
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storm scan three shows signs of life across midsection of the u.s. and southern indiana. this is a piece of energy moving raining the front dropping a warm front that lifts in for us tomorrow. we have to draw our attention to bill. now a depression, but look at that very obvious spin, still going with this, just between austin and dallas at this point but all of the moisture that continues to get swept in from the opened gulf water so this is going to be a major flooding issue by the time it is all said and done. of course, state of texas and state of oklahoma which does not need rain. they have busted their drought. this is a very, dangerous situation, down that way and look at what happens with this storm. it is expected to restart and get caught up in the main flow and we will get in on the moisture from it because it gets swept from west to east. so come sunday, specifically, even as early as saturday night soggy weather will return. in the meantime today it is gorgeous overnight showers
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and steady pockets of rain move in tomorrow morning. friday not bad. neither is saturday but but saturday night that moisture arrives, vittoria. >> sorry, wasn't expecting that. >> or the moisture. >> good morning, everyone, as you are traveling right now sorry, camera came to me quicker then i anticipated. anyhow traveling on the ben franklin bridge, rush hour upon us quicker than usual. started around 5:45. usually we don't see it until 6:00 or 6:15. it is out there watch out for sun glare. but if you are traveling from new jersey down toward eighth and vine using the bend been we are tart to go form that pock it making your way in to philadelphia be mindful of that. forty-two freeway light volume starting to develop if you are traveling north bound right around creek road, as you head toward 295. it is not awful but out there. but be mindful of the accident at route 130 at cove road, we have two left lanes blocked and down traffic. no major delays from mass
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transit, nicole. the search is on for three suspects who robbed a man and left them in extremely critical condition. police say that victim was stab beaten a and shot near sixth and somerville in olney earlier today. they say two men and a woman got away with cash, watch and cell phone. manhunt is underway foreman who robbed a pharmacy and carjacked a priest in haddonfield camden county. that suspect got away with prescription drugs from that rite aide. police are looking foreman stole ten cabs in nine case in the city of philadelphia, they say it appears that the cabs were used to commit other crimes. we will take a short break and be right back.
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in sports, for the first time in 40 years golden state warriors are celebrating a nba title, warriors beat cavilers in game six 105-97 in cleveland. step curry and former sixer andre iguodala had 25 points in the deciding game. in player on the warriors has ever been in the nba finals before and coach steve kerr was in his first season as a pro coach so congratulations to them. the city of oakland celebrated the victory with fire works the bay area has seen its share of world series and nfl titles but no warriors title since 1975, by the way andre i go california a in the only scored 25 points in the rare start last tonight but also name mess valuable player of the finals series. now phillies take honor uses tonight in south
6:20 am
philadelphia and let's hepp they to a lot better then last night in baltimore. manny's first inning home run was first off the record eight home runs for orioles phillies lost this within by more than, two touchdowns. nineteen-three. the phillies lost all eight games on this road trip, something they have not done since, way back in 1883. the phillies have the worst record by wait in baseball. now to the women's world cup team u.s.a. got the goal from abby in the forty-fifth minute and that was all of the scoring that there was. u.s.a. wins one to nothing and advanced to the round of 16. first game in the next round is monday, in edmonton. >> way to go team u.s.a. good old ukee may not be at the anchor desk but we all know where he is, on the golf course, of course. ukee is involve in the dick vermeil invitational golf tournament. they is showing off his stuff. ukee bernie parent and all-star group of sports personality played at phoenixville golf club.
6:21 am
tournament raised more than two million-dollar. >> that is great. >> this is all in support of the scout nothing chester county. ukee is basically not here, there is two places, the golf course is one of them. >> he looks great out there. >> he is getting in sometime, relaxing. >> he works so hard. >> nice swing too. >> he has been practicing a lot. >> yeah. >> 6:21. are your pass word secure? coming up howie mow gi can replace words when you bank on line. also new rules of the road, state troopers are pulling drivers over, but in the for speeding. >> oh good we will tell you why they are targeting slow pokes, i like that. >> the left lane hang ever. >> that drives mimeo nuts. >> we are talking to you coming up.
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katie, what a difference when you walk outside the door. >> it is so amazing how much different it feels. the temperatures are close to where they were this same time yesterday in philadelphia, anyway but it feels so much more comfortable. the whole day will be like that. cloud start to build in time for first pitch as phils back at home tonight. do you know what i realize? ukee has been off since this losing streak started? there is something there. >> yes. >> right. >> good luck charm. >> yes. no more vacation, ukee sorry you have to work every single day of your life from here on out, that is all there is to it at least during baseball season. anyway 84 degrees and sunshine. less humid. just beautiful. watch for wet weather to make an return here as early as late tonight vittoria. >> good morning everyone. our delays on i-95 continues to stem back throughout the northeast, if you are
6:25 am
traveling maybe throughout far northeast philadelphia and woodhaven heading in to center city using southbound side, this is your delay prepare yourself for big time traffic stay on route one and commute throughout the northeast that way and cut over to i-95, aramingo harbison, 422 eastbound we are seeing volume out of oaks down to 202 and delays westbound from city avenue. it is starting and will only grow. are you a slow poke in the fast lane? vittoria no. >> what? >> dozens of states have laws penalizing drivers for holding up traffic in that left lane. new jersey is one of those states. adrian a diaz reports the fines in those states could end up costing you a lot of money. >> you don't want to stop at all. >> reporter: clueless drivers across the country are getting pulled over, not for speeding. >> unaudible. >> reporter: but for going too slow in the pasting lane. lt. col. until patrick
6:26 am
callahan is with the new jersey state police. >> i would agree going 90 is more dangerous then going 50 but doing 50 does come with some concern and consequences. >> reporter: at least 38 states have laws in place for fines lingering in the left lane n5 states fines can be up to a thousand dollars. >> i think it business time. people need to move over. >> reporter: in new jersey the fine for the offense went up to a maximum of $300.02 years ago. state assemblyman pushed for new jersey law to reduce accidents and anger on the road. what is so bad about driving in the left lane, it is fast lane, that is what it is for. >> you should be passing using the left lane, this is not a minor offense passed people on the right. that is when you get the most severe accidents. >> reporter: enforcing the law in new jersey is up to state troopers. callahan says not all left leaning drivers are targeted. >> it is those cars that are really obstructing the flow of
6:27 am
traffic out there. >> reporter: adrian a diaz for cbs news, trenton new jersey. >> attracting, people in the let lane. >> left lane is for passing you cannot put put in the left lane. e maine gis are replacing four digit pin code. >> british software company intelligent environment launched this feature. emoji pass word are easier to remember and more secure. were 44 emoji toss choose from there are three and a half million possible combinations there. >> interesting. >> wonder what it says what combination you put in there. >> i put for so long without emoji but now i feel the need to use everyone. >> they are in. we like it. >> or obnoxious, one or the other. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a new candidate in the race for president. let's take a look. >> i'm officially running for president of the united states. >> there you have it, donald
6:28 am
trump had a lot to say as announced his plans to run for president and late night comedians are loving it. jan. well, it is safe to say that roads throughout philadelphia are here especially after that long winter. i'm jan carabao live in olde city where a major new resurfacing project is underway. details are next. also vittoria and katie return with traffic ape weather together, we will do it on the three's. finally a nice low humidity type day. katie has details when we com
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we will, good morning to you. a major paving project is now underway in philadelphia, nearly two dozen projects are plan meaning traffic tie ups. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with the details, jan good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes. we're not talking about filling potholes here but a huge new resurfacing and repaving project. you can see live here on the scene this morning that the overnight work is done but progress is clear the street here has been milled in preparation for that repaving. this is first step in the weeks long process and close to two dozen location as cross center city will be getting this very same treatment. the snow may be gone but toll
6:32 am
winter took on philadelphia roads is clear and in center city potholes are too costly a problem for drivers. >> i just replaced, oppositely my two front tires, three times. >> hade to pay for a front end already, and it has only been two years, you know what i mean, it is pretty bad. >> reporter: but a fix is in the works. philadelphia streets department has started a repaving project on close to two dozen center city streets. crews will work systematically east to west. potholes on second street near race are already shaved away, first step in the longer process. >> we're bringing contractors out to mill street out to take old asphalt off prepare the manholes, and then we will come back and pave the street and then other things. >> reporter: the project is expect to take a little more than a month necessary pain to get these roads back in shape. >> it makes street safer for all mode of transportation, bicycles vehicles, trucks and
6:33 am
pedestrians crossing the street. >> reporter: even though it may mean more traffic drivers say it is better than the alternative. >> would i rather tiehl with the inconvenience to traffic at least have the roads, paved and we could avoid this flat tires, nails. >> reporter: most of this work is actually happening in the evening and overnight hours in order to minimize those traffic headaches. to take a look at the full list of projects, make sure to log on to cbs reporting live from olde city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 6:33. lets get traffic and weather together. good morning katie. >> what a nice day setting up for us out there and more than anything it is by comparison by yesterday. it wasn't a horrible day. we have had a couple showers drenching a few of you. sunnies back in fully affect and you have lost that humidity courtesy of the front getting out of here off to the south. out to carbon county in the
6:34 am
poconos looking so beautiful with those sunbeams shining right through tree line at jack frost big boulder. great camping weather today but we are seeing some longest days of the entire year right about now. sunset happens right after 8:30 for the next couple night. even up to the first couple nights of july we are talking about 8:33 at night. sunrise happens around 5:30 or so give or take a few minutes. these are the longest days we see all year. summer solstice comes up on sunday making that the official beginning of the summer season but we are technically in meteorological summer. here it is, storm scan nice and empty you cannot get too used to it because some clouds build in by tonight and rain moves in overnight but for now it feels great. so comfortable 71 degrees, great running weather. we are at 66 in the shore points, and we are shooting for mid 70's at the shore and poconos. otherwise expect sun and more
6:35 am
warmth in the urban kardon. eighty-four in philadelphia. with that low humidity you have to find an excuse to get outside, it is that nice. >> that is on my to do list and right new we have a lot of traffic before we can even plan ahead. if you are traveling out and about on the majors we are hitting full swing rush hour. but before we get to that lets talk about the pennsylvania pennsylvania turnpike. earlier on the eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike between the area of willow grove and bensalem. just beyond willow grove. we had an earlier incident. this was video shot from earlier, giving you an idea of the incident scene. it was a van carrying a few dogs we had gotten word. traveling in and around that area they were blocking all lanes, they have reopened all those lane but you will find pockets forming rather in and around that area again pennsylvania turnpike eastbound has been since reopened as you move beyond willow grove from that earlier incident scene.
6:36 am
traveling on the schuylkill expressway has rush hour behind me. give yourself more time because it is out there. no delays for mass transit erika. >> vittoria, thank you. bizarre case unfolding in missouri month. man who received donations to help with her daughter's medical expenses was found dead. her daughter is accused of murdering her. andrew spencer explains. >> reporter: thinks how most people knew gypsy blanchard suffering from muscular dystrophy and leukemia she and her mother apparent survivors of the hurricane katherine. she blindfolded me and i looked and i still have nightmares of what i saw. >> reporter: gypsy and her mother talk to reporters after receiving a home for habitat for humanity in 2008. they have spoken to report's lot over the years but now it seems nobody really knows the truth. >> we really don't necessity the true back gun of this family. we have received information that they are hurricane katrina victims as you all have but we have not confirmed
6:37 am
that. >> reporter: this is what gypsy blanchard looks like now charged with first degree murder in her mother's death n court without her wheelchair she seemed to be walking just fine on her own but she spoke in the same timid voice. >> unaudible. >> make a statement to use caution and donating machine toy this family at this time as we have unearthed the a appearance of a long financial fraud scheme along with this tragic event. >> reporter: violent post on the facebook page shared by gypsy and her mother a alerted to the death. gypsy's bye friend nicholas, would later admit he stabbed her mountain tore death while she slept because his girlfriend asked him too. investigators say gypsy admitted that she was there when it happened, that she knew what her boyfriend was about to do and she did nothing to stop it. andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rachel dolezal insists her
6:38 am
racial identity is more complex then it seems. she resigned as head of the naacp spokane chapter president after her parents said she's a white woman passing herself off as black. her story fascinate philadelphia civil rights leader todd bernstein the president of the global citizen who is white. bernstein tells "eyewitness news" he has no problems leading a a civil rights group as a white man. >> there are a lot of people who work as allies, of the civil rights movement like myself being white but i don't pretend to be something other than who i am bernstein dolezal may have been more effective as a lead are this she came years ago. just a day after he a announced his presidential bid donald trump is heading to new hampshire for a rally today.
6:39 am
real estate mogul and reality tv host jumped in the race yesterday at trump tower in new york. his first campaign stop was in iowa trump is joining republican race and says his goal, it is to make america great again. he also released a summary of his network totaling nearly $9 billion. >> i don't need anybody's money, that is nice. i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. i'm in the using lobbyist, donors, i don't care. i'm really rich. by the way i'm not even saying that in a bragging way that is the kind of mind set and thinking that you need for this country. >> all right. donald trump has flirted with running for president in the past but this is first time he has officially thrown his hat in the ring. >> all right, keeping it interesting. trump joins a crowded field of republican candidates, 12 main contenders are in the hunt for g.o.p. nomination parties first prime time debate is
6:40 am
august 6th and with only ten slots available not everyone will be able to participate but you can be sure people will be tuning in for that. >> oh, yeah good trump may have entered the race but it is clear many don't see him as a serious contender. >> democratic national committee says trump's entry brings some much needed seriousness to the g.o.p. field. comedian also of course jumped at the chance to make fun of the donald for his colorful speech. >> donald trump announced that he is running for president true or false the following were actual lines in his speech. new please keep in mind that the answer will always be, true. okay quote one i'm using my own money i'm not using donors, i don't care, i'm really rich. david. >> that is definitely true. >> of course, it is, that is the most donald trump donald trump could ever possibly say lets take a look.
6:41 am
>> i'm not using the lobbyist, donors, i don't care. i'm's really rich, i will sir that. >> wow. >> i'm loving that impression. >> james corden is terrific. catch it weeknights right here on cbs-3. he really delivers ever since he kick off every show has been funny like that. >> he is so likable. >> and the little will, um-hmm. >> you got it. >> 6:41. one of the teens who survived a shark attack talks for first time since he lost his arm that is coming up next. also a sea of red on the west coast where thousands have of red crabs are washing on shore we will tell you what is causing this unusual phenomenon. >> and it makes many food we eat unsafe until now coming up what the f.d.a. wants to ban from the u.s. food supply, that is coming up next.
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let's send it over to kate and it sound like a nice day katie. >> we are starting off in a nice comfortable note out here this morning nicole. we will have beautiful weather generally all day today with more warmth, more sunshine, but less humidity. eyewitness weather watchers are reporting much cooler air by comparison, 60's and couple 50's a as we will take to you one right now. fifty-seven from eileen. she tend to bring in the cooler readings since she's out in the remote suburbs
6:45 am
gilbertsville with full sunshine that is her reading right now and you can see from the picture she sent n here comes the sun. we played that song earlier in the morning. bright blue skies. full sunshine. absolutely beautiful. we have 66 with margot. she has full sunshine out there in south central, new jersey. similar picture with the beams of sunlight coming in. this was taken in williamstown. beautiful weather to start off for us out there. we will keep it all day to day. eventually though we are tracking our next system, you can see moisture moving in with a warm front. here's bill, right now a tropical depression. this too will get swept up in the main flow and recurve and eventually looks like it head our way by this weekend. so that does not bode very well for fathers day especially but lets keep it operate mystic. we have great weather to enjoy, high uv index because of that, play it safe, spf30 or greater please. come tomorrow we will see that get knocked back because of
6:46 am
the warm front moving in, more cloud cover then anything. it limits temperature expect wet weather to move in overnight tonight especially toward dawn and linger most of the morning. then we are talking about clouds rest of the day. partly sunny on friday, in the a bad day. neither is saturday daylight hours but then that tropical moisture comes in and steams things up in a big way for the first day of the summer season vittoria. good morning everyone. right now traveling on 422, we have a big yeah, 422 we have a big eastbound delay out of the oaks down to 202. what you cannot see in this shot is further east at this point at troop's approaching 202 we have an accident situation and it is blocking a lane or two as that has been going on intermittently. eastbound 422 will be a crawl out of oaks. if you are traveling on i-95 it will be a crawl southbound out of the northeast making your way through the vine. that role starts around woodhaven. we are seeing delays on 422 northbound and north bound 55 leading to the 42, mass
6:47 am
transit is in the clear nicole. >> victoria, thank you. a 16 user old boy is recovering from losing his arm, and after being bit by a shark. it happened on oak island when hunter was swimming in waist deep water and and frightening encounter and how his positive attitude is helping him recover. >> i have kind of two options i can try to live mize house the way i was and make an effort to do that even though i don't have an arm or i can just kind of let this be completely debilitating and bring mize life down and ruin it in a way. i don't know, out of those two there is only one i would choose and that is to try to fight and to live, normal life, with the cards that i have been dealt. >> good for him. >> less than 90 minutes earlier a 12 year-old girl also lost her arm in another shark attack, nearby.
6:48 am
on your healthwatch this morning, the food and drug administration is ordering food companies to phase out trans fat. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on what foods will be affected. >> reporter: many junk food items like chips contain trans fat, so does margarine and ready to use frosting. trans fat created when hydrogen is added and used to i am travel shelf life in flavor but can increase risk for coronary disease and heart attacks. >> we're really talking about foods that are processed things like box cookies crackers, pies, things like frenchfries. >> reporter: food and drug administration is giving food manufacturers three years to remove partially hydrogenated oils major source of trans fats from their products. in the past few years levels of trans fats has been lowered but the f.d.a. says even those small amounts can add up. >> if they were eating, more than one serving of that they could really consume a high level of trans fat from that
6:49 am
food and not even be aware of it. >> reporter: any company that wants to keep using trans fats will to have petition f.d.a. to allow it. grocery manufacturers association, that main trade group of the food industry is working on a petition to ask the f.d.a. for certain exceptions. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are getting back to real ingredients. >> yes, good whole foods good ingredients. lets see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us live from new york with that preview. >> i can tell you hello nicole good to he sue, erika, always great. we are tracking new round of flooding from tropical depression bill. plus we will look at response to the way donald trump entered the presidential race. how drones are providing a surprising view of sharks off the california coast anthony mason is here and find out how bob dillon changed the face of nashville. the news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. it begs the question where is
6:50 am
my ukeelee. >> he is hitting the golf course, he is on vacation, he earned it. >> two weeks he earned it, you are right. >> he send his love and will be back on monday. >> thank you. >> 6:50. there is a strange smell attract ago tension in southern california. >> not in a good way. residents are waiting for mother nature to clear this up. check out tuna crabs all over huntington beach and several other beaches too. >> so many there. >> they washed in from the pacific and now that they are stuck, they are smelling up the whole beach. >> it sound really bad. >> it is just awful. >> terrible. >> nothing you can do. you cannot push them in the water, they just keep swimming in. >> they get turned over and stuck. we're trying to push them back in but they just keep coming back in. >> simultaneous, ugh. experts do say high tides will eventually wash all of those
6:51 am
crabs, back out into the ocean, but oh, manhunting ton beach known for beach and then covered with those guys. >> low tides are so stick toy begin with, adding all those to the mix. >> not appetizing. fortunately, it is there and we're here. >> we will be right back with a check of traffic and weather and good reason to attar vegetables today just ahead. if you are fighting your through the week we are halfway there. hump day there wednesday morning we are making it through, together here on "eyewitness news", we will send to it break right now enjoy your morning.
6:52 am
new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility.
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fund the pensions now.
6:54 am
is there a search underway for three suspects that brutally attacked a man in olney. that victim is in critical condition, after he was shot, stabbed, robbed, near sixth and somerville earlier today. two men and a woman got away with cash, watch and a cell phone. police hope you can help them find a man stolen ten cabs over last nine days here in philadelphia cabs are apparently being used to
6:55 am
commit other crimes. and philadelphia has announced a transit plan for september when pope francis visits city of brotherly love. expect millions of visitors. they are expecting between one and 2 million people, during that time. get that whole transit plan on our web site at cbs >> exciting times for the city of philadelphia. this may be a perfect day to make healthier choices at kitchen table. >> it is national eat your vegetables day they contain important nutrients that keep us going. they are necessary for vibrant looking hair and skin and also help prevent some difficulty ceases. >> my grandmother used to get me to eat carrots it will do wonder for your eyes and hair. >> did your parents tell you it would help see you in the dark. >> no. >> that is a good one. >> i like that one. >> vegetables, hello. >> look at popeye did he well with spinach. >> he is all a jacked up. >> super looking forecast we have for today. >> yes, you could have guessed
6:56 am
we would give it five out of five for pool side. it will be a beautiful day. sun and a few clouds as time goes on. it is storm warm but less humid. beautiful day. high uv index though. everyone at the desk, spf30 or greater please. >> we will not just pick on vittoria this time. >> i'm sorry vittoria. >> right now on 422 we have a big old eastbound delay yet an earlier accident approaching 202. that is wherever one is heading notice there with the travel time indicating 30 minutes between oaks and 202. give yourself some more time. >> love liz and sun kis t. >> guys, come on difficult put sun block on and it did have spf. >> "eyewitness news" continues now on the cw philly, up next we are live with the latest on that vicious attack overnight that left a man fighting for his life. summer paving project starts in philadelphia, what will this mean for your morning commute jane carabao
6:57 am
will let you know. >> social media and weddings, believe it or not there is proper etiquette for guest as tending nuptials. >> wasn't there always. >> apparently there is. >> we're on that. reminder to join us bright and early right here on cbs three, at 4:30. neck up, the fbi investigates a major league baseball team for a hacking rival, in baseball's spy gate. we will see you on the cw
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, june 17, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning" this morning. texas under water after tropical storm bill slams the state. donald trump's provocative announcement. everybody from the mexican government to neil young is weighing in. lifeguards in the sky. a california beach is using drones to keep an eye on sharks. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. rain is coming and going. many are telling people please just stay home shelter in place. >> major flo


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