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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 17, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: what's leftof bill soaks the southern plains. there's fear of flooding but these dark clouds also have a silver lining. also tonight homegrown terror. an alleged isis sympathizer is charged with attempting to murder an f.b.i. agent. seeing red-- a strange invasion of tuna crabs in southern california. and they're playing his song. ♪ keep on rockin' in the free world ♪ >> pelley: but what happens when songwriter and candidate are out of harmony. ♪ keep on rockin' in the free world captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the last major storm of spring dumps several more inches of rain on texas today, a state still recovering from deadly floods.
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what was tropical storm bill is now a tropical depression, but that distinction is little comfort to folks where rivers are in danger of overflowing and roads are submerged. tonight, flood watches and warnings stretch more than 1200 miles to illinois and ohio. omar villafranca is in dallas. >> reporter: bill pounded the texas gulf coast before racing up north towards oklahoma. the heavy rain caused flash flooding outside of houston and shut down roads more than 200 miles away in dallas. so far the state has avoided a disaster, but problems could still spill over for 40 million people under flood watches. before the may rainy season, texas was in a historic five-year drought. in october of 2011, 97% of the the state was in an extreme drought. conditions slowly improved but last month's record-setting rainfall, an estimated 35 trillion gallons, is helping to
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finish off the drought. more than 90% of the state is entirely drought free. at its height the drought cost texas farms and ranches more than $7 billion in lot of production. but national weather service meteorologist victor murphy says the dams and reservoirs left empty by the drought kept the recent heavy rains from doing more damage. >> you know, we still have a lot of life, loss of property due to flash flooding and river flooding but it would have been much, much worse if the dam operators did not have that cushion to work with. >> reporter: cattle rancher missy bonds, who had to sell off hundreds of heads of cattle to save money, is now happy to see the rain. >> this rain here is a lifesaver for many ranchers. it could mean we start to see an expansion of our cattle herds again. >> reporter: texas is in an el nino year, which means more than normal rainfall. scott, the state could face the threat of flooding like this all year long.
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>> pelley: omar, thanks very much. in new york city today, federal agents say they were attacked by a terror suspect who they say is an isis sympathizer. here's homeland security correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: when f.b.i. agents showed up at the staten island home of 21-year-old fareed mumuni, they wanted to question him about a terrorist plot but court papers say he attacked them with this knife. according to investigators, he repeatedly attempted to plunge the kitchen knife into the tors oi of an f.b.i. special agent. the agent was not hurt. the f.b.i. wanted to question him about his connection to munther saleh, who was arrested saturday. according to prosecutors, saleh a 20-year-old college student, had researched pressure cooker bombs and had been stopped by police twice at the george washington bridge. when he was apprehended, police say he also charged at them with a knife. saleh came to the f.b.i.'s attention because of his outspoken support of isis.
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his twitter account is littered with praise for the group and the beheadings it has carried out. in the last six weeks, law enforcement has moved more quickly against isis sympathizers who may only be borderline operational. scott, the more aggressive approach comes as we get closer to the july 4 holiday. isis has called for attacks on police military, and parades. >> pelley: jeff pegues in our washington newsroom. jeff thanks. today, isis said it detonated four car bombs in yemen's capital saana. at least four people were killed, 60 wounded. isis is from the sunni branch of islam. two of the targets were shiite mosques. clarissa ward is in saana tonight. clarisa what can you tell us about it. >> reporter: our team heard three loud blasts at about 7:00 p.m. local time. we now know they targeted two shiite mosques as well as the home of a houthi leader and also the houthi's political offices
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here. now, the houthis who are supported by iran, swept into power in yemen last fall, and since then they've really been quite successful at pushing islamist militants out of the capital, but now tonight isis, which has a much smaller footprint here than al qaeda, is claiming responsible for this attack, really noweration the specter of more bloody violence on the eve of the muslim holy month of ramadan. >> pelley: clarissa ward reporting for us from yemen tonight. isis sferred suffered a blow in syria this week when kurdish forces backed by u.s. airstrikes liberate aid key town on the turkish border. refugees stampeded away from the fighting and we were struck by these pictures from a journalist. despite the efforts of the turks, families stormed fences, barbed wire, and trenches to reach safety in turkey purpose there were more refugees in the
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world today than at any time since world war ii largely because of the disintegration of syria and iraq. holly williams is on the turkish border. >> reporter: for four years we've watched syrians flee their country by the million. but today these families went home crossing the turkish border to the town of tal abyad liberated from isis yesterday after days of intense fighting. more than 20,000 fled tal abyad as u.s.-led air strikes targeted isis positions. a desperate escape for people who've lived under the extremists for over a year. "if a woman went out veiling her face or a man smoke aid cigarette, they'd beat them with a stick" said this woman who covered her face to hide her identity because even now she's still frightened of isis.
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she and her friends told us they grew used to seeing severed heads displayed in the street left there as a warning after isis carried out executions. just 50 miles from the isis stronghold of raqqa, the loss of border town is a strategic blow to the extremists. isis used this stretch of syria's border with turkey to spirit foreign fighters into the war zone and to smuggle the oil it uses to fund its operations. now tal abyad is controlled by kurdish fighters in contrast to isis, many of their front line soldiers are women. but any suggestion of an isis collapse is premature. for syrians who have lived through four years of civil war peace is a very distant hope. only a few hundred people crossed back to tal abyad today but, scott after suffering
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under the syrian regime and then isis, many residents told us they'll wait to see if the town's new rulers can be trusted before they return home. >> pelley: holly williams on the tirkish border with syria. holly, thanks. well today we learned that rotten wood is likely the cause of that tragic balcony collapse in berkeley, california. six college students were killed. seven others were seriously hurt. today, one of the apartment building's other balconies was torn down and two others were declared off limits period of time five of the dead were from ireland. the hunt for the two killers who escape from an upstate new york prison is entering a 12th night and today the police asked the public for help again and put out some new visual aids. here's anna werner. >> we are going to pursue every lead, and we are going to locate these individuals, and they will be apprehended. >> reporter: police released
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new time-lapse photos of escapees richard matt and david sweat today showing what the two might look like now with facial hair. police swore to catch the two men after spending 11 fruitless days searching 10,000 heavily wooded acres from the ground and in the sky with more than 800 officers. given that you're now having to look elsewhere, do you feel like there was any miscalculation in spending so much time searching so close to the prison? >> absolutely not. there is no hard evidence that they are outside the area. that being said, i cannot rule that out. >> reporter: so no hunch right now as to where they are. >> i don't eye don't operate based on hunches. we operate based on evidence. >> reporter: clinton county district attorney andrew wylie said so far there's no evidence the husband of prison employee joyce mitchell, lyle mitchell, knew about or helped with the escape plan. but wyllie confirmed a threat against lyle.
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>> there was a plot to kill lyle mitchell between the two inmates, and that joyce mitchell was aware of it. >> reporter: was aware it, does that mean she was part of it? >> i cannot get into the details. >> reporter: as searching moves to other areas police want the community here to remain vigilant. clinton county's sheriff: >> we should let the community know since we don't have concrete lead our means to success is keep everybody motivated and look the number of police on the ground has been reduced but place say that is because they no longer have a perim terto secure. >> pelley: anna werner outside the prison tonight. thank you. a 10-year-old boy was attacked by a shark today in daytona beach, florida. the boy was bit own his calf but was not seriously injured. last night, hunter treshull, a
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16-year-old who lost his left arm to a shark in north carolina on second gave us all a lesson in gallantry. >> i can try to live my life the way i was and make an effort to do that, even though i don't have an arm or i can kind of just let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down and ruin it, in a way. and out of those two there's really only one that i would actually choose to and that's to try to fight and live a normal life with the cards i've been dealt. >> pelley: before hunter was attacked and about two miles away 12-year-old kiersten yow lost part of her arm to a shark. another menace from the sea is overwhelming beaches in orange county california. why are they there? ben tracy says these crabs are trying to tell us something. >> reporter: it's a red tied along the southern california coast. >> oh, wow!
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>> reporter: these tiny tuna crabs are so thick in places that johnny fotsch had to clear a path with his faddle. >> it look like aid red carpet a good foot to 16 inches thick. and it kind of took me back a little. >> reporter: the crawfish-like one- to three-inch crabs have been washing ashore by the thousands for three days. >> now they're just all dead. >> reporter: anita rovsek's beach on balboa island is covered. >> when we first saw them we didn't know what they were. everybody was down there trying to save them and throw them back in. >> reporter: their normal habitat is near baja, california but scientists believe the warm water is drawing them north. patches stretch from southern california to alaska and the baring sea. >> we don't normally see these animals because they live at the bottom of the continental shelf. >> reporter: mike schaadt is a marine biologist. >> it could very well be that
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these tuna have followed the red craps up because that's a food source that's available to them, and these are fast-moving predatory fish. they're going to go where their food is. >> reporter: the last time tuna crabs appeared like this was 1997, right before a massive el nino. that's a warming of pacific waters that causes changes in the atmosphere. the el nino caused months of flooding and mudslides in california. scientists say this could be a red omen that an el nino winter is ahead. , of course, a wet winter would be more than welcome here in drought-ravaged california, but for now this is a bit of an eyesore, a whole lot of mess to clean up and scott in case you were wondering, it does smell really bad. >> pelley: ben tracy on the red tide for us tonight. ben, thanks very much. technology that pinpoints the location of gunshots may be coming to schools. and what became of the boogie-woogie bugle boy? well, we'll show you when the cbs evening news continues.
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the last step in verifying newly installed gunshot-detecting mike phones designed to quick lie identify and locate an tmp shooter on campus. seconds later officers have the exact location, accurate to within 10 feet. are there microphones in this room monitoring for a gunshot? >> yes. yeah. there are. in fact, there's one right outside my office, you know, and there's one right there. >> reporter: newark memorial high school principal phil morales is a former police officer. why do you feel like you need it? >> you know, why do we need a fire alarm right? i mean, it's there if there's a fire that happens and the alarm goes off. we know how to react. >> reporter: the f.b.i. says there have been 27 school shoots in the u.s. between 2000 and 2013 resulting in 57 deaths and 60 injuries. >> most of the people do forget that they're there. >> reporter: guadalupe leyva will be a senior at newark memorial. >> personally, i have thought of it. like, school shootings have happened. >> reporter: do you have a sense they could happen
6:48 pm
anywhere? >> yeah, you never know. >> reporter: the sensors are inside hallways and offices and outside monitoring the sprawling campus for gunfire. newark police commander mike carroll. what this technology won't do is stop a school shooting. >> right twon't stop a school shooting bit it will get us to the shooter quicker and medical aid much, much faster. >> reporter: shotspotter says the microphones are not designed to monitor conversations. >> we want our children to be safe. we also want them to be brought up as americans who don't feel they're being monitored every moment of their time. >> reporter: some cash-strapped schools say the $15,000 installation fees and annual monitoring costs are just too high. scott, shotspotter says their goal is to keep the cost to that of a fraction of fire monitoring. >> pelley: kris van cleave in the bay area for us tonight
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downstream but the residents had been evacuated hours earlier. more rain is in the forecast. well, what happens when you leave your tiger at the airport? for a six-year-old boy who lost his stuffed tiger hobbes at tamp international, folks there took hobbes on adventures fit for a comic strip. when the boy, whose name is not calvin returned, he got his tiger and an album of hobbes' travels. when a world war ii anthem broke out at regan national airport outside washington a couple vets took it as a call to arms and sprung to their feet. ♪ ♪ ♪ the boogie-woogie bugle boy of company b"p." >> pelley: that's marin perryman and paul kopey 70 years after the war still ready for action. in a moment, the musical battle betweenatorrists and political candidates who use their songs.
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>> pelley: in 1996, the singer sam and dave did not appreciate bob dole tinkering with their song "soul man." in 1960, john kennedy used a rewrite of sinatra's "high hopes" but sinatra approved it and sang it. and as for the donald trump song that was premiered yesterday with the trump campaign, jan crawford tells us it may have cost him the young vote. >> reporter: for donald trump is may have seemed like the perfect song for a presidential announcement. ♪ keep on rockin' in the free
6:57 pm
world ♪ >> reporter: a classic anthem about freedom, but neil young was not happy trump used the song "rockin' in the free world" and this afternoon put out a lengthy statement on facebook saying: i make my music for people not candidates. in every presidential campaign you can count on a dust-up between the musician and the politician. ♪ born in the u.s. ♪ >> reporter: going back to when ronald reagan embraisd brucebruce springsteen's famous song "born in the u.s.a." and springsteen mocked him for it. rare is the republican candidate who isn't told to stop the music. even if, like trump they paid licensing fees. jim mclaughlin is a g.o.p. strategist. why is it it's always republicans who are getting slammed by the musicians for using their songs? >> i think quite honestly, because a lot of the musicians
6:58 pm
are left of center. >> reporter: they'd be okay if the democrats used it. >> it's good for business. there are a lot of liberals in hollywood, and those liberals tend to support democrats. >> reporter: after wisconsin governor scott walker used music from the band dropkick murphys, they tweeted at him "we literally hate you." ♪ it's the eye of the tiger it's the thrill of the fight ♪ >> reporter: four years ago after the band survivor complained, newt gingrich and mitt romney were forced to stop playing its song. and in 2008 john mccain ran into trouble when jackson browne sued him for using the song "running on empty." mccain apologized but this presidential campaign already is showing one thing-- conflict between singers and candidates is far from running dry. ♪ running on empty ♪ >> reporter: jan crawford, cbs news washington. >> p
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donald trump today addressing his critics. has he become a laughing stock? >> as late night has a field day with his white house run. american workers -- >> he's going to have to come clean about his hair. >> he's pt barnum. >> slammed on tv and the front page. >> clown runs for president. >> is the criticism trump's worst enemy? >> that sad, ugly face of hers. then the first video of john stamos after his dui arrest, >> and that sean penn has called off his engagement. >> plus, why miley was left in tears. the new red carpet fight. and is her new video with madonna a swipe at taylor. also, move over duggars. how the singing family o


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