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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 18, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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morning. >> we need the umbrella this morning. soggy start for the day. >> katie, how is sit looking for the rest of the day. >> we like to be specific about do you really need an umbrella. i say go for it. if you leave the house any time this morning, it is not the worst idea because this rain is coming through pretty widespread in coverage and pretty steadily at times too. so you've got that going on. it will slow you down. eventually we will be stuck with cloud but for now looking at storm scan three the brunt of the moisture, you can see across the southern most portion of the del marva in the last hour or so but here at home, we have had our fair share of soggy conditions here, and thinks all a warm front related but we're generally watching this moving from west to east and sort of start to dry out with time. there will be eventually some more moisture that fires up outside our viewing area into central pa but overall cloudy afternoon, wet start. so that is what you are looking at here. sixty-seven is the current temperature at the airport. we will not see much movement on the thermometer because
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we've got the rain but also the fact that the cloud are just stuck in place for better part of the day. we will eventually warm up here but we will only talk upper 70's, isn't it funny how that can sound cool at this point but regardless it is cooler then average and we are expecting showers to linger for everybody at least through the rest of the morning. now looking forward well, we do have have more wet weather on the horizon here, guys even though things brighten up tomorrow, not to mention saturday fathers day will end up being we think a pretty soggy holiday. it is also official season of the summer season. that is something we have to track in the days ahead as we continue to also track what is left now of tropical depression bill. that is where that will be coming from. we will track that for you coming up later in the show, in the meantime, vittoria, i know you have your hand full. now back over to you. >> absolutely.
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right now we are dealing with the dampness and slickness on the roadways which as a traffic reporter makes me nervous because this is definitely weather where accidents are prone to happen on the roads. lets see what we are dealing with at the moment. we are looking first at i-95 in either direction around cottman avenue. notice we are in the seeing volume usually at this time it is few and far between that we see volume but we are seeing indicated in this shot is dampness on the roads. traveling out and about take it easy, not only on the majors but throughout the neighborhoods up and over your bridge and stop signs. just be careful out there. rush hour there is no sign have of it just yet. here's the schuylkill expressway not too far from center city. throughout center city and western suburbs 76 is a breeze right now. however, an interesting situation on 295 maybe sticky if you will, 295 north bound at black horse pike we have mulch in two right lanes. that will cause a little bit of traffic. maneuvering around that try to do your best to be extra careful for sure. we have a down pole in deptford route 41 at country house road all lanes block as a result. your best alternate toys take black horse pike. no major delays for mass
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transit, nicole, a head of the airport erika. >> vittoria, thank you. back to our breaking news, at least nine people are dead after a man opened fire during a prayer meeting inside a historic black church in charleston, south carolina mayor calls the attack a hate crime and gunman is still on the run. cbs news, correspondent brian web, has the very latest. >> reporter: people gathered together in pray inner charleston overnight as authorities searched for a man whom police say shot and killed at least nine people at a bible study hours before. >> this is the most unspeakable heart breaking tragedy. >> reporter: shooting happened at the emmanuel ame church in downtown charleston wednesday night, one of the oldest black churches in the nation. the police chief described the attack as a hate crime and says that the fbi will be part of the investigation. >> it is unfathomable that somebody, in today's society would walk into a church when
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people are having a prayer meeting, and take their lives. >> reporter: suspect is described as a slender clean shave even white 21 year-old male with sandy blon hair wearing a gray sweat shirt and jeans. incident was followed by a bomb threat that complicated the investigation, that threat has been since called off. >> these people were in church. they were in church. they violated the church. >> reporter: the church is led by reverend pickany who was in the church at the time. so far authorities haven't released the victim's identities. brian web for cbs news. now it is a frightening attack police are looking for a man who slashed a woman just waiting for a septa train. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from septa's 13th street station with the very latest, on this church justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes. that is right first this guy punched that woman in the face
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and used that razor to slash her forearm. this happened at the margaret, orthodox station on wednesday morning around 9:30 a.m. this guy did getaway but police now want your help to find this dangerous man. >> we're looking for public's help in identifying that person from that piece of video. >> reporter: moments before a razor attack septa surveillance cams snapped this glimpse of the man now considered a suspect. the victim a 50 year-old woman who just paid her fare at margaret orthodox station around 9:30 wednesday morning. as she made her way in to the paid area septa police say at first the man began talking to her unprompted. that conversation turned into an argument and then. >> the man punched her she does not know that man had never seen him before, and she defended herself, for the back, at which point the man drew a razor and then cut her on her forearm. >> reporter: victim who lives in the area, walk
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herself to aria frankford where her 5-inch wound was treated. during the a.m. rush septa estimates some 2,000 commuters make their way through the margaret station but few with endings like this. >> we rarely have an incident of violence and this is just disturbing to us. >> reporter: suspect got away on foot but long before this attack some female riders tell us that they were already taking precautions. >> i pay attention. i sit there and i watch i watch people. if i don't get hurt. >> i watch where every go. it is scary. it is happening to women. >> reporter: as you heard there caution will be key here. when you are on the septa train as long as that guy is out there. police want your help to find him. he is described as a black male medium build probably in his early 20's. if you see him suspect him give a call to police. we are live, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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meanwhile search is also on for a man whom police say killed mother of his three children in north philadelphia >> brittany. >> family of the 28 year-old brittany green, mourned outside war knock street home where her body was found. police say darryl hall stabbed green to death before leaving with the couple's three young children they were dropped off at his mother's house unharmed. >> please call the police, and let them know his whereabouts. i'm begging y'all please help me find my daughter's killer. >> police say hall should be considered armed and dangerous. new this morning, two men are in custody after gunfire damages four cars in north philadelphia. police say someone fired dozens of shots on the 600 block of west tioga street around 1:11:30 last night. investigators say one man fits that shooter description, the other is a person of interest,
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no one was hurt. and a multi vehicle accident briefly shut down traffic on i-95 in delaware county. it is unclear what caused that crash, that happened in the northbound lanes near exit number six several people were rushed to the hospital, there is in word on the accident of their injuries, and that highway is back opened right now. and happening today pope francis says it is time to protect another mother earth. the leader of the roman catholic church. in the draft copy pope calls for urgent action to fight global warming. he blames it mostly on human activity and burning of the fossil fools. who's who of the g.o.p. will be in philadelphia over next three days for northeast republican leadership conference. several presidential candidates, including senator lindsey graham and former senator rick santorum are scheduled to speak there. new jersey governor chris christie will also speak tomorrow. he is supposed to announce soon whether or not he will join the the race for the
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white house. we are following breaking news this morning a deadly shooting rampage at a church in south carolina we have latest on the search for shooter that is happening right now. plus rescuers rushed to save three teens stranded on the top of their car see dramatic rescue from those raging flood waters. also new video this morning as a growing brush fire burns through several buildings and fire fighters are not any closer to getting this under control. roads are slick as we get ready to head out this morning, katie and vittoria has latest on the wet commute when we do traffic and weather together on the three's. stay with us.
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we are updating our breaking news, suspect who shot and killed nine people in the south carolina church last night is still on the loose. police described gunman as a
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white man in his early 20's. suspect opened fire during a prayer meeting at historic emmanuel ame church in charleston last night. there are survivors but at this point it is unclear how many at this time, erika. remnants of the tropical storm bill are on the way to the midwest that storm barreled into texas gulf coast yesterday. it dumped more than 11 inches of rain. people in texas say that the storm wasn't nearly as bad as they expect. they arrived after record rainfall in the area last month swelling rivers and threatening dams from border to border. staying in texas tense moments in san antonio flood waters here swept away an suv with three teens inside. they climbed on the roof to wait for help. water though just continued to rise forcing them to clear out a tree at some point. fire fighters did manage to get a rescue boat out to them and brought them all to safety but when it comes to rain you cannot under estimate it. 5:13. we have rain in our area too,
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katie. >> we do and it will be messing with your morning drive out there today afternoon is in the looking as bad but we are going to be stuck in the clouds all day so damp, clear i and we are sort of front loading the forecast with the worst of what the day has in store in terms of how it will impact you. lets start off by taking you outside, show you a few of the live neighborhood network. light of the day popping up over the horizon here. we would be brighter with a nice clear sky but outside beach patrol headquarters there you have it, certainly some dreary conditions out here on the shore points, and that is going to continue for the rest of the morning. even later on today more cloud then anything. storm scan three shows why, we have got this warm front that looks like a full on disturbance but it is a warm front lifting through to be followed up by a trailing cold front, tomorrow, here is what is now left, of bill, currently a tropical depression still a well define rotation but lots of tropical, starting to lose tropical characteristics with regard to the pressure and the wind, but
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again, it is all about the moisture that this is pre duesing and oklahoma and arkansas are bull's eye. we will get in on it. that is why i mentioned it. we have a warm front. cloud, showers, second half of the day more cloud then anything. we will potentially see a stray shower tomorrow but overall a brighter day and we will see sunshine. then saturday in the a bad day, perhaps a shower or storm, most of you end up dry. would i say make those outdoor plans regardless because by sunday, that is when bill makes its arrival here at least is what left of him and will bring in heavy rain and thunderstorms to the area let me give you a quick sense of the seven day. we will jump here ahead. eighty-six on friday. we said a shower and certainly some sunshine for you here, sunday the next soggy day on the forecast and it is unfortunate timing. maybe have a fathers day barbecue, something like that, first day of summer, it cannot usher in the season with the bang and nice weather but we have the heat, that much we
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have. that will continue into next week. >> thanks, katie. frank sinatra's sunday by the pool. >> he will not be fun. >> maybe nice italian feast and just keep the belly full. >> yes. >> good morning, everyone. we have to get there first. right now if you are traveling out and about on the roads you will notice it will be slick damp outside but for the most part we don't have have too much volume if any, which is good news. lets see how you are doing. we are looking at i-95 right around the area not too far away from cottman avenue, traveling in either treks again you will notice the pick up of some of that rain, if you will, and that dampness coming up off the roadway. anytime we have weather like this, even fit is in the so much a downpour, this is making your commute even worse because people don't think it that is bad. it is. you have to take it extra
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easy. would i try to avoid kelly drive. that is scar any this weather too anyhow 95 is great even throughout the construction zones and 59 throughout delaware county. it is not only around center city, south philadelphia but even bucks county. forty-two freeway in the clear no major delays just yet. traveling on the 42 northbound and southbound between the 25 and 676 moving crews will be out until 6:00 a.m. and call ahead at the airport nicole. just a heads up you can expect plenty of traffic driving near dover area for next few days. four day long fire fly music festival kicks off this afternoon and runs through sunday. big headliners,er contact this year the big one is paul mccartney who performs tomorrow night, which is very exciting and some other big names are snoop dog kings of leon and that is just to name a few. >> great festival. paul mccartney, are you kidding me? travelers have been complaining about the plan to shrink carry on luggage but now we have some good news. we will let you know why that
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plan was just strapped. >> keep your big bag. >> a couple of babies are alive thanks to these brave boys hear what was going through young hero's mind when they risk their lives and rush in the burning home. this is an unfor gettable story. we will have it coming up
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fire fighters are working to try to conn train this brush fire. fire about 85 miles south east of phoenix has burned through 300 acres. fire officials say is there zero containment. that fire destroyed at least two homes and about 300 people living in that area have been evacuated. more crews are on the way to help battle those flames, nicole. erika, an incredible act of bravery from two young boys in florida jeremiah grind and ten year-old isaiah francis are hailed as heroes after they rescued a infant and small child from the burning home. they say they were playing video games when they smelled smoke.
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they looked outside their window and saw house next door was on fire. >> it is mostly dark: we saw flames every where. i was kind of scary. >> i was scared. but i got over my fears and we made sure they were okay, nothing wrong with them. >> now, two boys brought infant and that small child to safety and then gave them water. fire fighters arrived and rescued two other children inside that burning home. unbelievable. >> so brave. >> um-hmm. another young hero is being honored this one in delaware county. sixteen year-old michael saved an umpire's life after he was playing in the baseball game. folcroft boro officials presented that teen baseball player with the hero ship award last night. last week the umpire collapsed after he hit a double and then rushed to his side. teen is a youth fire fighter who is certified in cpr with the darby boro and sharon hill fire company. >> i think a lot of people should know cpr and really
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practice it and everyone should learn it. i want to make a career out of it in philadelphia or the big city. >> umpire is recovering, he is a student at academy park high school. well done. >> absolutely. nice to see he wants to do that in the future to serve more people that way. 5:21. fast food customers will be seeing red pretty soon. we will show you unique burger being served at one local chain. car seat is only part of the problem to keep kid safe in the back seat, surprising safety information parents need to hear. we will have that for you when we come right
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right now 5:23. time for traffic and weather together. we have a lot of rain. >> we are seeing brunt of what is the story here today and that is soggy conditions, primarily just this morning
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though, late these afternoon we are left with cloud cover and, here's what is going on, we will start off by taking you out to storm scan three steady rain still falling right around urban corridor here and it will continue to do so for next few hours. notice a few breaks back near lancaster county, dover but doesn't necessarily mean you are catching a break until we hit early afternoon. just expect it will be a little soggy for next few hours, all warm front related but what it does do is certainly knocked back any poor air quality and knocked back pollen level and knock back uv index here for you here. index values are virtually nil today because we will in the break out of the 07's. first pitch for that 1:05 game here likely just looking like things are drying out at that point. so i think there may be a tarp out on the field initially but they will remove it in time for the first pitch here at the ballpark. meanwhile we are talking 77 at best for daytime high with the showers in the morning and
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then just cloud later today. tomorrow brightens up nicely for more sunshine so we should warm up to 86 but there will be a chance for a stray shower out there. pretty active pattern right now, vittoria. >> we will plan accordingly for that. good morning everyone. if you are planning to head out and about notice that the rain will definitely slow you back. give yourself a few more minutes. lets see how you are doing at the moment. traveling on the ben franklin bridge in delays in either direction but take a look, a pretty nice shot. kind of beautiful but notice that the lights are picking up some of the dampness and slickness on the road so give yourself more time out there. all of the bridges are moving well, platt bridge, delaware memorial bridge and burlington bristol bridge in problems. vine street spray expressway construction lifted earlier today because of the weather but in delays in either direction, and we do however have construction on the roosevelt boulevard in the northeast affecting north and southbound lanes between rhawn
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and strahl, the inner drive is closed, just stick to the outer drive if you you can. there are in delays for mass transit but call ahead at the airport, nicole. thank you vittoria. in sports phillies host orioles this afternoon, 1:05 start with the phillies looking to break a nine game losing streak. ugh. struggling phillies allowed another home run in the first inning last night. orioles cliff parmalee hit three home runs in the last two games. orioles scored four unearned runs in the fourth and hung on to beat phils six-four this nine game losing streak is phillies longest streak since 1999. sixers fans can look at the teams new uniforms tonight when they host a party at the will well. nerlens noel gave us a sneak peak during the draft lottery last month. tonight at 7:00 there is a free event to show off the uniforms among past and present sixers stars on hand is moses malone, bobby jones anal even iverson. can't forget ai. great line up there. thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness
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news" a money make over, big change coming to the 10-dollar bill. we are updating our breaking news this morning after a gunman opens fire in the south carolina church killing nine people. we have latest on the search for that shooter. vittoria and katie returns with traffic and weather together with the latest on your wet commute coming up in two minutes good morning.
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we have a massive manhunt for the gun man who opened fire in a south carolina church killing nine people. we will have the latest on the search for that shooter coming up in just a moment. but first though it is a nasty, start to this morning of course, rain falling all across the area and slowing down the morning commute out there. >> lets get over to katie who has been keeping her eye on storm scan three with the very
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latest on that rain, good morning. >> walk into a hot walk here, like oh, through are. good morning are one i didn't mean to walk right in and step n the weather that is moving right there on storm scan is a warm front related. it is just a soggy mess of some soaking rains in spots. some of you are seeing the worst of the wet weather wining down already. north and western most suburbs, that is definitely you. however, if you spray from the vehicle, you will have reduced visibility and it will be one of those soggy morning drives where i suggest the umbrella. you know me i always like to tell you if you can getaway without it, this isn't one of those days. unless you are not leaving the house until after the lunch hour because that is when we will see this wining down at least initially. looking at uv index here for today, tomorrow and saturday, it is a lot lower today simply because, of course, we have cloud cover overhead. lets get a spike right backup here for both friday and


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