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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: the sanctity of the house of god shattered by violence. a white gunmanzv opensú!zho historic black church. >> the heart and soul of south carolina >> pelley: mine people are killed. the suspect is in custody. >> at some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this typei] of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. >> pelley: as america mourn the words of a preacher echo from the past. >> we must note we must not become bitter, nor must we harbor the desire to retaliate withxm'z violence. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting ton charleston, south carolina. >> pelley: so here we are
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again, another mass shooting in amer6 our neighbors, this time ministers, a librarian and grandparents cut down for nothing. it happened(t( the 1891 church behind me. people studying the life of a man who taught peace and love shot down by man filledt( with violence and hate. it was last night during a bible class at this historic black church here in charleston. tonight a white man is under arrest 21-year-old dylann roof of lexington, south carolina, not even of this community. the justice department is investigating the murders as a hate crime, and our justice correspondent jeff pegues begins our coverage. jeff? >> reporter: scott reports say the suspect recently told a friend that he believed black people were "taking overt( the world" and that someone needed to do something for the white race. investigators believe it was that rage7sñ that led him to kill here last night.
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this surveillance picture shows a young man apparently on a murderous mission. he entered the church at around 8:00 p.m. and then spent a(g. full hour mingling with parishioners at a bible study. he then stood up, announced he was there to kill black people and shot six women and three men to death. three others survived. >> ajv units responding 110 calhoun street. >> active shooter. multiple people down. >> roof escaped and police launched a massive manhunt. law enforcement released a surveillance image and aç description of a black sedan with distinctive license plates. that led to an i.d. and at 10:45 a.m., police pulled him over during açw% traffic stop in shelby, north carolina, a four-hour drive from charleston. he had beenvm spotted by debbie dills, an employee of a flower shop on her way to work. >> i was ablen i was able to get behind him. i was able to get his tag number. i was directly behind him at a stoplight..@ mind is what if, what if.
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but the only thing i could still see was those people in charleston and those parishioners with their hands that prayer would be answered. >> reporter: sources say police found a .45-calibre pistol in the car which matches the cases found at the church.q5eishp &c mullen said roof was arrested without incident. >> he was stopped because a citizené@ alerted law enforcement to a suspicious activity and law enforcement went out andc5 there that it was the individual we were looking for. >> reporter: social media pictures show roof posing on black hyundai with confederate license plates. in his facebook profile picture, he's wearing a jacket with flags from apartheid-era south africa and rhodesia the country now but his facebook account also reveals numerous black friends and the southern povertyzlj law center which tracks hate crimes says he was never on their radar. roof had been arrested twice this year for drugs and for in february he sparked suspicion
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at a suburban columbia mall after he began asking out-of-the-ordinary questions aboutkvc employees at a bath and body works store. police found drugs, typically used to treat opiate addiction, in his possession. roof was banned from the mall but returned and was arrested again. former assistant f.b.i. director ron hosko says roof appears to have been a ticking time bomb. >> the killing was relatively unsophisticated here. someone sitting in the church by some reports for an hour, he's leaving trace evidence the whole time fingerprint dna is potentially linked to him in that scene. >> why did you do it? >>. >> reporter: now roof will likely be charged in one worst mass shootings in south carolina history. governor nikki haley. >> the heart&o# and soul of south carolina was broken, and so we have some grieving to do. and we've got some pain we have to go through.2j;
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>> reporter: roof was flown back the charleston after waiving extradition and a hearing in north carolina. scott, as for where he may have gotten that gun, law enforcement sources2íñ say his father got him a gun for his 2st -- 21st birthday about two months ago. >> pelley: jeff, thanks very much. the victims of the massacre were the pastor of2ym the emanuel african methodist episcopal church anding a of his congress grants ranging in age from 26 to 87. tywanza sanders. reverend sharonda coleman-singleton. reverend depayne middleton doctor. cynthia hurd. myra thompson. ethel lance. the reverend daniel simmons, sr.fl% and susie reverend clementa pickney was the pastor, and elaine quijano has more about him. >> reveled clementa pinckney was
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named pastor of the emanuel african methodist episcopal church in 2010. the 41-year-old was married and had two young daughters. marvin stewart was÷ñ a lifelong member of pinckney's congregation. >> his sermons generally would always tie into respecting each other, getting along. >> reporter: pinckney was also a state senator who became the youngest member of the south carolina statehouse when he was elected at age 23. his friends said he often drove home from the state capitale,kñ in columbia to attend wednesday bible studies. it was in the capital where he spoke passionately about the death of walter scott, an9@ while police officer last april in neighboring north charleston. last month pinckney spoke in support of police body cameras. >> it is my hopeu=p that as south carolina senators, that we will stand up for what is best and good about our,0ñ state. >> reporter: those who knew him say his spiritual leadership helped others deepen their faith. here he prayed with a visiting civil(#v rights group in 2013.
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in the same church where he was killed. >> we éñ pray that our time here spent today will be seen as an act of love as well as an act of righteous indignation in the face of injustices. >> reporter: today the shock of his loss was felt all over south carolina, with his congregation in charleston and with his colleagues in them capital where a black shroud lay draped over his seat in the state senate. there it reportedly comes from the snapchat account of one of the victims. it shows a small group of&m' people gathered together for bible study, all of them are black except for of table, who is white. it's now believed that person was the shooter. scott, victims before opening fire. >> pelley: elaine, thank you. as we mentioned, one of those victimsq she was 54. late today we spoke to her brother,].
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senator malcolm graham. >> she loved8 she loved her community. she loved her god. she was the matriarch, if i cane(÷ use that word and our mother and father are deceased. so her being the oldest girl she kind of pulledzy?ñ the family together at times when we needed that. >> pelley: why would she have been in that meeting on a wednesday night?s rñ because she's a christian. we were born and raised in emanuel a.m.e. church. my mother and father attended that church.utq&c @&c so it didn't surprise me that on a wednesd there. >> pelley: i'm sorry about this terribley/ this is the moment in the community when the first numbing shock gives way to thewnksorrow of realization.@
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pastor steven singleton was the minister at emanuel just before% reverend pinckney. >> this is evil, and one of the things we embreas in the-h faith community is that there is a god, and there is evil. t0(p&l it anything else is just not doing it justice. >> pelley: liz alston is the church >> i wish i knew what possessed this 21-year-old man to walk at 110ñ.' calvin street, kill people that he did not know, beautiful people.f i know each of them. and i suppose unless he tells us , that is one question i cannot answer.-&bc @&c us that the murder of his sister is a message which we have before but not take on the heart. in terms of your sister, the church this community what ing your mind has been lost?
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>> i think any time you can't go in the house of god and worshi0 in peace, there's a problem with the morality of our country.e) if you can't go into a movie theater and watch a movie in peace, there'se if you're a kid and youv: can't go to class without being the victim of crime, there's a problem. so i think we lost a sense of security, even being security in the presence@ >> pelley: the church is: to many as mother emanuel because it is one of the oldest black churches in the south founded during the era of slavery in whites burned it to the ground six years later and church members met secretly until it was rebuilt after thezfd civil war. bookert. washington spoke here in 1909. the reverend dr. martin luther king, jr.,÷ in 1962.
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today president obama expressed his sadness over the tragedy and his anger, as well. here's chief whitejnd house correspondent major garrett. >> i've had to make statements like this too many times. >> reporter:ñ 14 times president obama has consoled the nation after a deadly shooting. in every instance, a call for action to today he painfully admitted the limits of his authority. >> it 9xw in our power to do something about it. i say that recognizing the politics in thisó6# town will close a lot of those avenues right now. >> it's far cry for mr. obama's passionate push for gun control that severely wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords and killed[z >> we should be willing to challenge old assumptions in order to lessen the prospects of such violence in the÷x future. >> reporter: then in december 2012 a gunman killed:o
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graders and six adults at sandy hook elementary school. mr. obama called it the worst day of his presidency. >> theyjfg had their entire lives ahead of them birthdays, graduations, their own. >> reporter: just four later, congress rejected and effectively ended the president's gun control agenda.w7r >> i've heard some say that blocking this would beó[ a victory. my question is: a victory for who? >> reporter: that defeat has led to frustration and resignation, which boiled over again today. >>nb at some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of violence does not happen in other advanced countries. >> reporter: thep taken 23 separate executive actions to limit actions to some firearms under certain conditions.5 top officials say they've exhausted all executive powers on gun control. scott, the president appears exhausted by gun violence and
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the political stalemate.." >> pelley: major garrett at the white house tonight. major, thank you. this violence of course comes at a time of increasing mistrust between boston celtics and whites. here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: when walter scott, an unarmed black man wasp shot and killed by a white police officer two months ago the charleston area took center stage in the nation's painful examination of that's exactly whereé4y it finds itself again tonight. it's a country that's growing increasingly pessimistic. in ! times" poll 61% said race relations in bad. that's the highest number since the rodney king3nm riots 23 years ago. but the full picture of hate in this country may actually be more troubling. the f.b.i. reported
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crimes in 2013. richard cohen, head of the southern3nm poverty law center, says that is just a fraction. >> the true numbera the bureau of justice statistics is over 200,000. so it's wrong by a over 30 unfortunately. hate crime reporting in our and hundreds of jurisdictions don't!t >> reporter: take south carolina, where the southern poverty law center, has counted 13 white supremacist groups but where cohen sayskzç there were zero race-based hate crimes reported last year. >> jurisdictions aren't required to report hate crimes.< south carolina not only isn't required to report hate crimes federally, there's actually not even a hate crime law in south carolina. >> reporter: the internet also makes the job ofko tracking hate much more challenging. one popular white supremacist web site now has8 registered users, up 60% in five
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years. >> pelley:w3 jim, thanks very much inch a moment the pope calls on the world to reverse climateco( change. and words of comfort from another religious leader about#g the victims of racial hatred when the "cbs evening news" continues.)-r i accept that i'm not 21. i accept i'm not the sprinter i was back in college. i even accept that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept giving it less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin ...i will. eliquis. eliquis... reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin plus it had less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious
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>> pelley: today pope francis demanded immediate action to reverse climate change which he business. in a lengthy letter and on twitter, he wrote, "the÷ñ earth our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth." how is this being received in the u.s.? here's dean reynolds. >> repo wind grows a lot more than soybeans and corn. here? i mean there's five here? >> five here and there's seven right over there. >> reporter: he's been planting#gñ 400-foot wind turbines out here in greene county. >> they're going to be starting at 2,000 horse fueled by the wind.oo: turns out that windm fairly economical. wind power is one of thew cheapest forms of new energy. >> reporter: as a practicing catxo8% the pope are on the same side. >> it's just another piecenb of evidence another,2 opinion saying
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that we need to do something about climate >> reporter:w4òl miles away in the vatican, thecor pope's encyclical landed heavily on the status quo. he called for decisive action to stop environmental degradation and global warming, and he sided with scieúoústs who say the problem is real and mostly%x7ñ man-made. father bud grant, a theology professor at st. ambrose university, applauded the pope's message. >> this is what the6op science says. there is no debate here. there is no controversy. let's move on and talk aboutaàc >> reporter: the encyclical also shook up the political landscape?; and catholic republicans in general were wrestling with some of the pope's conclusions.; jay richards is a professor at catholic university who has yet to be convinced climateisu change is something to worry about. >> it's not drastic. in fact, i think the evidence suggests that what thekn+ models are predicting is actually not taking place. >> reporter: some sceptics also argue that technology will&jñ
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eventually solve the problem without having to turn the whole world's economy upside down, but, scott6op the pope said that it's time to reject such magical concepts. >>$x pelley: dean reynolds. thanks very much, dean. there was more bad weather in the plains today. we'll have that in a three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪ i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge.
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warnings. a tropical depression moved across the plains, dumpinge1 more than 10 inches of rain in ardmore, oklahoma. anj0l÷ emergency crew recovered the body of the two-year-old boy who was swept away byw fast-moving creek. two people were killed by floods and texas and?m! missouri. coming up next from charleston historic words as relevant today as they were when they first spoken a half century ago.
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>> pelley: as the president looked for words to comfort the nation today, he found the] in a eulogy delivered by a preacher, dr. martin luther king spoke after four young black girls were killed in the5a 1963 bombing of a birmingham church. >> so my
6:57 pm
die in vain. god still has a way ofsgç ringing good out of evil, and historyua has proven over and over again that unmerited sufferingrix is redemptive, that in spite of the darknesst( of this hour, we must not despair.ç we must not become bitter.l nor must we harbor the desire to retaliate witha/; violence. life it's hard with bleak and difficult moments. >> the question is why. >> why? >> why? >> we need you lord. >> as one will hold on,=. he will discover that god walks with him and that god is able to lift you from the fatigue of despair to the buoyancy of hopem.p and transform dark and desolate
6:58 pm
valleys into sun lit paths ofv inner peace. and in greater tributelp can be paid to you as parents, and in greater epithet can comee/q to them as children. and where they die and what they were doing whenjñ they die. they died between the sacred walls of the church of god and they meaning of love. >> pelley:wjy dr. king had favorite quote that he repeated often. "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it thins toward#;e justice." we learned today that the arc is longer than we hoped. the end is not in sight. but the direction is clear.f(e for all of us at cbs news in charleston south carolina and all around the world, good night.+o
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did charlize theron dump rumored fiance sean penn? >> i was just with charlize. we look into what went wrong. >> are you going to keep your upcoming wedding very private? >> already makes assumptions. >> he's just ridiculously stupidly talented. >> they were walking down the red carpet, but what happened behind the scenes? >> it really started in the can. did trump buy his way into the white house? see his new net worth disclosure. >> officially ousted. news on his first sit-down. >> it was a tough interview at times. plus, we are with channing tatum. is he as racy in real life as in magic mike? >> you have named your manhood. check out wedding dress shopping


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