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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  June 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. from the cbs3 broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 eyewitness eyewitness. right now at 6:00 we are tracking to rain at this hour. stormscan3 shows us the recommend infants of tropical depression bill children closer toward our area, good evening, i'm natasha brown thanks for joining us the system already reeked havoc on the south and midwest portions of the country. here say look at damaging floods in missouri. local media reports that the waters have washed away parts of the state highway. flood watchers have already been issued all over this area let's
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turn to indulgence drabick he las an date dap. >> the worse of it will be through the overnight hours as you can see the remnants of bill. the not a tropical to center anymore, the center of the storm moving through west virginia you can see of her showers and storms ahead of it through evening hour, still scattered showers and thunderstorms breaking out here in the delaware valley, we actually have one severe thunderstorm in northern delaware right now and southern new castle county. we'll take you to that area, as i am in here, there's the warning right now. it will affect middletown summer in a delaware. this goes until if 6:15 this evening, moving throwly northeast, recent 15 miles an hour 6:09, decouldn'tville -- collins beach 6:29, salem county new jersey, lower al low way creek by around 6:52. the steady showers moving through overnight. that's why the flood wash will go into effect at 8:00 the entire doctor delaware valley, one to two maybe higher amounts of rain through the overnight
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hours, that will lead two poor drainage flooding, really watching the smaller streams and creeks, looks like the major rivers will not flood from this event. less time it out. now through about 11:00. spotty shower maybe a thunderstorm it's really from 11:00 tonight to about 7:00 a.m. sunday, heaviest showers and storms moving on through, we actually will see clearing skies, by sunday afternoon, you get sunshine but then there could be a can scattered storm in the for a minute t warm and humid, to mid 80's mid lehigh valley only 70 right now. and father's day forecast watch out for the morning showers and storms he better conditions by the afternoon. still can't rule out an afternoon shower. high temperature up around 88 degrees. we'll talk about even hotter temperatures coming up in the seven-day forecast in a few more mirnts, natasha back to you. >> thank you so much. shorts meantime are check the authenticity of a pictures posted online by charleston shoaling shooting suspect dylann roof, memorial continue to grow outside of the church where the
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tragedy took place. here's cbs news can correspond de correspond crack cocaine boss well. >> reporter: dale in the south carolina sun steady stream people lined the street outside emmanuel ame church in charleston. >> i know the people of charleston are coming together. >> reporter: 21 can-year-old dylann roof charged with is slaurting nine church parishioners during bible study wednesday. cynthia heard among the victims. >> for this to take place very senseless. all he wanted was the burped meant of man kind. >> it's being verdict as a hate crime. authorities now trying to confirm if a man if he is toe found on a website was written by roof. investigators say at 25 to hundred word racist relevant is similar to what roof told friends. the taylor says he chose charleston because at one time it had the highest ratio of blacks to whites in the country. among the 60 pictures on the site, photos of roof holding a gun, sitting with slave man cans and burning it's american flag. >> as people paid their respects
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here saturday. calls to remove the confederate flag from the state capital are growing louder. >> we still have actual violence being committed through the way of the domestic enemies and terrorists on to this flag. >> reporter: cleaning crews working to get the emmanuel ame church ready for work the again. the elderly oldest black church in the south will reopen for sunday morning services,ing in charleston, south carolina crag boss well, cbs3 "eyewitness news". former republican presidential intimate roamny spoke out on twitter about the confederate flag. roamny tweeted take down the confederate flag at the south carolina capital to many. it is a symbol pf racial hatred move it now to honor charleston victims. some supporters of the flag say it's a symbol of southern heritage and history and not rainfall. pottstown religious community held a prayer vigil. members of all different faiths
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came together to synagogues this afternoon, the murders in south carolina hit very close to home. dr. anthony steven son lost his cousin estimate senator clementa pickney in the violence. >> he was a man of character, a man of morals. and: he really believed in three things that was number one, he believed in his faith. secondly he believed in his family and in about improving his community. >> or soers hope services help to heal in our local communities as well. residents in southwest gathered to today for protest for peace and reform in the wake of the church shooting. can alexandria hoff tells us about message that activist and low local lawmakers hope to send. >> reporter: what looks like a block party is actually a peaceful protest p hundreds filled 55th street off of chester avenue for third annual
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not brown kickback event. simple. day without violence. >> i'm trying to play my part as much as eke. >> reporter: brown a physical born rapper sponsors the event along with anthony williams who took the stage way message about the trapped tragedy in charleston. >> families in south carolina murdered by a man of hatred. today is our about hatred. >> he finds a connection between the murders in south carolina and the violence they are trying to combat here today. that is the issue of stereo types. one's witnesses inside of that charleston church were used as a motive for the killingings by accused gunman dylann roof. >> african-american rape pill itch rob our answer to that is we come out in peace. >> calls the event the most thank you in the city because the young adults dealing with the violence are the same ones out here working, to break the cycle. >> this is an unfortunate situation. i got to worry about what's going on. in my community though. southwest philadelphia.
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>> as americans, need to understand that race is still an issue. it is an issue. we need to stop pretending like you know an event or a moment can stop the complexity of it. >> reporter: southwest philadelphia alexander hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> stay with "eyewitness news" we're continuing coverage of the south carolina church and massacre weevil bring you updates on television and online and at new york state police say they are investigating a possible sighting of a pair of escaped killers broke out of an upstate prison two weeks. two men if it to go their descriptions were actually spotted one week ago in new york. that's more than 300 miles away from their prison. the men were headed toward the pennsylvania border. reportedly. the us marshal service placed richard matt david sweat on its 15 most wanted list and offered a 50 thousand dollars reward. a correction officer was put on
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leave yesterday, as part of the investigation, and a prison worker joyce mitchell has been accused of helping the two men escape. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting today, early this morning on the 5700 block of leonard street in mayfair, a 50-year-old man was shot once in the hip. he was pronounced dead as temple hospital. the shooter is still on the loose. anyone with information should contact philadelphia police officer right away. an accident involving a fire truck send two people to the hospital. the first degree said the is truck had responded to a call and was blocking the corner of roosevelt boulevard and ridge avenue in east falls. that's when it was hit by another car. one victim was rushed to temple hospital. the other to einstein. no word yet on their condition. we do have an update on anyone intentional hit-and-run that happened back in april that led to a philadelphia woman losing her leg. the victim, bee tress spens is now home from the hospital.
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police charge precious coleman with attempted murder in this case. after she allegedly ran over easy spens with her car on north 17th street because of a love triangle dispute. also that day house caught on fire when her mother ran out of the house to check on her daughter leaving food on the stove. . in new jersey, a special welcome home for a pair of veterans, "eyewitness news" in haddon township where army joseph white were drated by their friends, family and watch writers, both were most recently deployed. they served in iraq and also had deployments in europe and africa. >> not everybody gets a big welcome home. this is truly amazing. so i think everybody should experience it. >> paul is an lump northwest of consolidation wood high school he graduated and joined the marines and jove white went to rancocus valley reach high
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school. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a dramatic mid air rescue see how a par shootest saved his partner. after parachute failed to open. >> we're tracking heavy rain and thunderstorms for find the as the flood watch remains in effect. we'll talk about that coming up in the "eyewitness news". >> straight head the phillies struggle continues.
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. caught on camera in the conduct, a pair of parachute of it the phone as red he definitelys was performing a stunt, as one man unemploymented toward the ground his team mate caught him slowed his fall and they both landed in a harbor. put neither were injured. amazing. today in philadelphia gop party members gathered to rap up the northeast republican leadership conference perspective 2016 presidential candidates delivered the key note address today, chris christy, rick santorum and roads were all among the big names in teapots, governor walker spoke about the significance philadelphia has. >> when you think of the pay trots that were here and what it's minutes for our country. such an honor to be here. >> conservative activities discussed issues from social media strategy health reform to developing at the next
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generation of goop. pennsylvania is considered one of the battle ground states for scorn presidential election and will hottest the democratic convention next year. also the streets are back open in center city philadelphia after a day of delays and diverted traffic everywhere. that i can at this. helicopters moved a large anywhere conditioning unit in the area near city hall. that project closed down 11th through 16th near market. also spruce street between 34 and and 38th. as well as portions of clubs re columbus boulevard. we're happy to report all roads have since reopened and traffic is finally flowing back to normal. good news. we're in for a pretty stormy night. >> we are, father's day weekend, umbrella might be a good gift. early tomorrow morning, not a total wash-out for the rest of the weekend. sunday for father's day. we do have a flood potential strong showers and storms. ok right now shore live look at atlantic city brigs it off the water very warm and humid, but
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even down at the shore eventually we'll get some rain in here, after after midnight if you have boardwalk put plans looking good next few shower you are a hour, wouldn't cancel. have the umbrella in case, let's go to stormscan3, the focal point is what's left of bill. still has juice to it. you can see decent circulation near coming in western west virginia this hour ahead of it we have heavy showers, and some storms as this post tropical system runs into a tropical air mass you can feel it. we do have a couple of scattered showers even thunderstorms breaking breaking out one down in new castle delaware knee odessa delaware right now it's a slow moving storm, it was severe expiring right now but dropping heavy rain, rainfall amounts already one to two inches in that region. again right along route 13, route 1, route 9 going to be seeing heavy rain as this storm slowly moves to the northeast at about 15 miles per hour. again, already dropped one to
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two inches of rain from that storm. to flood advisory now remains in effect for the areas impacted by that storm. watch out for the smaller streams and creeks. that's going to be the setup overnight through monday morning, we'll see the potential for poor drainage flooding do you to the showers and storms that come in later tonight, smaller creeks and streams. not expecting major river flooding from the system. it's not going to be widespread wash-out thousand at the delaware valley. 70 up in allentown, but just 60 miles to the south 84 here in philadelphia warm front cut can go across the region, still muggy no matter where you are across the delaware valley, there's that easterly wind in lehigh valley berks county knocking the temperatures down south of a warm front more of a south easterly wind. that's what's boosting the temp due points, moisture with humiditys in the air, we're in the 70's in many locations, that's tropical air mass, which will help fuel the stronger showers and storms. there's what's left of bill. comes through overnight into early tomorrow morning, by late
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morning, we do see sunshine is, sunday morning best shot see the rain early. maybe an scattered showers or storm. monday dry but hot. high temperatures back into the low 90's mostly sunny conditions potential to hit the mid 90's then another chance for a late-day shower or thunderstorm. 10:00, 11:00. isolated shower or thunderstorm, it's the widespread rain that comes in here midnight or so, from west to east. wind chill out pockets heavy rain, be careful when traveling, could encounter pond on the roads. this 2:00 a.m. heavy showers and is storm moving through overnight by about 7:00 a.m. a lot of the oh showers starts to move offshore. we'll see improving conditions by the afternoon. by noon, most areas dry. may be a late day scattered showers storms pops up monday looks ok. how much are we talking about? anywhere one to two inches high amounts indicated by reds and
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purpose else depends where you are. it's no the a widespread two inch rainfall. depend if you get stuck on the heavier -- that will be the trend overnight low of is 73 tomorrow morning rain, maybe an afternoon shower storm. 88 for the high temperature at the shore, not a wash-out mid 80's for the high. the get morning rain and afternoon clearing. ocean water nice at 72. extended forecast, dry out for monday, hot first day of summer tomorrow. mid 90's tuesday, we cool back down to the low 80's by the end of next week, showers chances friday and next saturday. just be careful overnight heavy rain. >> thank you so much. >> if you're headed to the phillies game you don't have to worry about these showers. >> just in case. not the heavy stuff. >> phillies now gone 24 can we have starts without earning a win, aaron harang going to try to change that dependsat the cardinals. of the phillies got beat up against the cardinals, lost 12 to four, bad start. pitch forgot dole hamles four innings gave up six run, walked
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seven batteries, the phillies designated him for as i am today. after game phillies manager ryan sandberg didn't have any answer. >> tough game, you know, it's not much going right. out there tonight. fell behind early, and with not swinging the bats, you know it's a tough combination. but, right from the get-go defense counsel it was a tough, tough game. >> probably don't need to tell you been bad so far but fans still entertained down at the ballpark not by the team but a squirrel that stole the show. >> the cardinals are in town and there's a squirrel on the net behind home plate: he has made his way up the netting now on the guide wire atop the to
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netting. i don't know where he's going to go now. my goodness. he just jumped off the wire. now on the roof of the dug-out. and the players are scattering in the phillies dug-out. there's a squirrel loose in the phillies dug-out, and everybody has run for cover, and that poor animal has no idea where to go. >> haven't seen this much energy at the ballpark. it's been awhile. >> chase utley didn't like that one. we did check in with the phillies, they have pest control at every game the squirrel was taken out of the stadium. yesterday new york alex rodriguez hits this this home run for hit 3,000 huge career milestone, one problem caught this historic ball says he's not giving it back yankees tried to negotiate with him with him, trading various memo bill anyway. he's quoted as saying, well i
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don't like you and i have something you want and you can't have it. it's the highlight of the sports week for so many flyers fans, long time flyers kimmo tin men finally stanley cup. raise it with the flyers but the man that traded him to the blackhawks ron hextall is thrilled for him. >> you know what? i was sitting there after the game thinking, you know what? they should make a movie. seriously. i couldn't be happier. i think probably all you guys in the whole delaware valley and everywhere else is happy for this guy, because he's a pro and i guess in the end he got what he deserved. he deserved to within the stanley cup. >> that's at the thing. how many athletes leave our team and win a champion with another team and we're so thrilled for
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. welcome back everyone residents celebrated the sixth annual june in the germantown -- the festival commemorates the passage of the 13th amendment which ended slavery in the us. the johnson house with harriet
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tub man philly home as well as a stop on the under ground rush hour r in addition to the panel discussion about the history of american race and slavery, festival goes for a
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ask. that's "eyewitness news" for now, i'm natasha for lesley justin all of us thanks for joining us we're back on the
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>> axelrod: breaking news on the two escaped killers in new york from a new search area 350 miles from the prison. dylann roof's manifesto. a web site uncovered today contains racist rantings and chilling photos of the charleston massacre suspect holding a confederate flag and a gun. a new orleans police officer shot and killed while transporting a suspect. a graduation speech controversy. why this valedictorian is being silenced. and long before he snagged a-rod's home run ball last night, steve hartman learned this guy likes to play hard ball. >> i catch you doing that again you're out of here. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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