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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  June 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police and suspect involved in a scuffle overnight and police officer fired a gun. what led to the incident and the search for the suspect. and we are following breaking news in afghanistan. the taliban launched set up attack against the afghan parliament. good morning i'm ukee washington. >> good to have you back. >> good to be back. >> i'm erika von tiehl. police searching for two men who opened fire at west philadelphia block party injuring ten people, the reward being offered now by police. >> let's start with our forecast before we get to all of our news stories. >> good morning welcome back, mr. washington, likewise, i often think it is great to have you back, tell you what, you are bringing back the sunshine my friend, beautiful
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weather unfold today. yesterday was awfully steamy, we have since seen frontal boundery thankfully retreat. the sun will shine it, will heat things up for you talking temperatures in a big way today and tomorrow. but it is going to be a nice day overall we'll have full details and also when the next shot for range is coming our way. >> breaking news in afghanistan, the taliban launched set up complex attacks at the afghan parliament suicide car bomber struck the entrance and taliban fighters engaged in a gun battle with security forces. at least 18 people have been injured, including two women two children. taliban insurgents have launched complex attacks in the capitol in the past. >> back home, police searching for suspect who an attacked officer in north philadelphia. >> officer shot at the suspect as he fled the scene. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us outside of police headquarters with the latest information jan good morning. >> erika ukee, good morning
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now, police tell us the officer was in a fight for his life when he was forced to take out his weapon and discharge it twice that officer is doing fine this morning, the suspect is still on the loose. police do not believe that man was hit by the gunfire either this morning. take a look at the video. this is the scene the intersection of colorado and cumberland in north philadelphia. now, sometime after 1:00 a.m. police say an officer with 22nd district police saw man in lays teens, early 20's, walking down the street holds ago on the in his waistband. the officer ordered that man to stop but instead the suspect took off. that officer gave chase and the pursuit actually ended in the 2400 block of 17th street in a dark vacant lot. that is when police say this officer was attacked by the suspect, and during the struggle police say the suspect reached for that object in his waistband. that is when the officer we're told, opened fire, shooting twice and as far as police know, again the suspect was in the hit. now a witness has come forward this morning, telling police, that they saw a man running
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away from the shooting scene with a gun in his hand. police are still looking for that suspect this morning. and internal affairs are investigating this officer involved shooting as they do with all officer involved shootings. that will officer working with philadelphia police, for just little more than a year, again, he is doing well this morning. we will continue to follow this story as the investigation unfolds, but for now, live outside philadelphia police headquarters, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. also in north philadelphia, police are investigating a double shoot that happened overnight. two men were shot in the karat north 11th and west style street when police say a man walked up and shot them. both men are being treated at the hospital and are said to be in stable condition. >> right now 433 we want to check back with katie with the forecast. >> overall looking pretty good. if you have outdoor plans start things off with live look outside the area station here in center city where we do have nice clear skies for you, also seen the humidity drop off. feels pretty good outside.
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and certainly we're expect to go see some pretty pleasant weather unfold throughout the dayment kick start the work week maybe still in school this week, maybe filing off and you can enjoy that nice sunshine here, great weather coming ahead for you here to enjoy. so storm scan3 looking completely clear at this point. did have just frontal boundery cross on through last night heat got chance to build up yesterday specially in the morning, man was it muggy outside. but now seeing all of that clear away, and with lower dew points also, allowing some more comfort. it will be hot, just specially for the first half of the day isn't going to feel all that terrible to you. right now nice, mild, at 77 currently at the airport, 73 atlantic city, in at 72 in reading. even the mid 60s currently up in the mountains so foles great for the folks maybe camping up that way. seventy-five in palmyra, mt. holly, as well, you know, with the fact that you are starting offer so warm here, it is not going to take much for us to spike easily toward low nine's, that's what we are expecting later today. upper 80s by 3:00 p.m.
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we do expect to make a run for the low nine's. it is going to be hot. but again not terribly humid. that's at least some good news for you quick check on beach forecast, looks good, eight a degrees, under sunshine, i would call it a beach day. sure looks good to me. justin, over to you. >> i agree. look at the water temperature we went from 70s to six's what happens when you switch the winds up, brought colder water from the deep ocean but let's take you to the roads right now this morning. looking at the vin vine, better news right now reopened the westbound side from broad to 76, so moving good eastbound still remains closed due to the overhead bridge construction, there you go a shot at the broad street exit headed west lanes now totally open so you can get to the schuylkill expressway from the ben franklin bridge. we take you into new jersey this morning, another franklinville. do have construction going on route 55 northbound and southbound between route 40, route 553. crews expect to move until 6:00 this morning. fifty-second street still remains closed due to the
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water main break between westminster and we losing avenue. alternate haverford to get around the closure. early speeds, still looking good here, at the speed limit on the blue route, new jersey, no problems on the turnpike, 295 in and around the city, looks good on the schuylkill expressway up to 55 miles per hour mass transit route 15, 101, 102 trolleys will be shuttle busing this morning. that's a look at your ride. back to you. >> $20,000 reward social security offered this morning, for two men who opened fire at west philadelphia block party. ten people were shot including a 18 month old and two other children. the victims were at a cook out along the 4100 block every ogden street saturday night. a neighbor called 911 when one of the victims knocked her to on her door. >> just toll them to come in the house -- >> i'm nervous, upset because children can't even play, you know, i am scared to go to the store. so actually i'm trying to pack up and get out of here. i can't live like this. >> police believe the shooting
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may be part of a ongoing feud between two groups. if you have any information about the shooting, you are urged to contact the police. >> a rather frightening scene in delaware county where a train collided with a car it happened on turner road yesterday afternoon near the wallingford station on septa's media elwin line. officials say the driver of the car a man in his 90s taken to the hospital in serious condition. the 37 people on the train including the crew were not hurt. that will accident is still being looked into. >> and overflow of emotion as worshippers at emanuel ame church walked through the doors for the first time since last week bible massacre. they prayed for those gun down and the families making funeral arrangements. viewing for the church's late senior pastor clementa pinckney, will be how the wednesday, his funeral scheduled for friday. dylann roof is charged in this deadly shooting. >> and somehow of support from philadelphia's overbrook farms
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neighborhood. parishioners at african episcopal church of saint thomas lit memorial candles to honor all nine lives lost during last week's church massacre. church's director says it is important even in these trying times to forgive. >> love, love has a way of erasing hatred, and that's why i read this morning, one of my favorite prayers and that's the prayer of saint francis which really describes what love is all about. >> the african episcopal church of saint thomas founded in 1792, the old else every it kinds in the united state. >> the search continues today for two escape killers cbs news has learned investigators have found a dna match confirming escaped prisoners david sweat and richard matt were in the czar knack lake avenue of new york within the last 24 hours. meanwhile, police are still searching along the new york-pennsylvania border. police say there are credible sitings of the two men in allegany county, new york. that's more than 300 miles
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southwest of the maximum security prison they escaped more than two weeks ago. the us marshall service has added the pair to its 15 most wanted list. a $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to either man's capture. >> meanwhile, in new orleans man suspected of killing a police officer is in custody. authority say 33 year old travis boyde was handcuffed and on his way to jail saturday morning when he shot and killed officer darryl holloway. police say boyde was still wearing his broken handicuffs when he was arrested trying to board a sit bus yesterday. he faces long list of charges including murder and i will legal possession after firearm. >> peco has restored service to at least 200 people force from the their homes in bucks county all because of gas leak. that leak was discovered late yesterday morning at the chesterfield apartment on the 1300 block of veterans highway in levittown. service was restored around midnight. no word yet if the resident have been allowed back into their homes. the red cross had been providing shelter to affected
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resident. >> a delegation led by philadelphia mayor mike nutter has lasted safely in rome. >> days of planning meetings for the pope's upcoming visit here. leaders, planners, departed it the philadelphia international airport late sunday afternoon, will take part in final series every planning something cents before pope francis travels to philadelphia for the world meeting of families in september. mayor nutter tells cbs-3 that the pope's safety while visiting philadelphia is priority number one. >> you know, pope francis pretty much requires a significant amount of access to the people, that is what he is about. it is our job to make sure that access is safe at all times and that his movements are easy, but also, with safety in mind. >> delegation is not scheduled to meet with pope francis in person. >> "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean is travel with the philadelphia delegation, she's in italy right now look for her reports from the
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vatican starting later on today, right here, on "eyewitness news". and, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, unlikely play at yesterday's phillies game, see how the phanatic ended up catching a foul ball. >> no storms in the forecast today but oh, it will be hot already 75 degrees right now. katie has a check on today's forecast, and what the rest of the wok week looks likement we'll be right back.
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>> security video see the victim stumble and collapse. police are table help had a man. four men in a car tried to steel his bike, he fought back. one of the men attacked him with a michetti. doctors are working to re-attach the man's thumb. >> well, just a dramatic rescue in camden county. >> police say a driver careened into the cooper river at about 8:00 yesterday morning, on south park drive in collingswood. rescuers were able to pull
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that man to safety. they were alerted to the accident by a man who lives nearby. and saw the whole thing unfold from inside his home. >> i was having my coffee. just looking outside of the window, and i saw that car stopping on the other side of the street right in front of my house. and the driver start having a seizure. and i you know, wanted to go there and help him when all the sudden he step out and on the accelerator, ran right into the river. >> now police say the man was taken to the hospital. there is no word right now on his condition. >> just past 4:43, already warm today kate. >> i here we go. >> so you start off this warm it, will easily heat up very, you know, very efficiently later today. not terribly humid outside though, the heat is what gets you. so yes be ready for that. great pool weather. party at ukee's place. >> who? what? say what? >> we just invite ourselves over. you know how we do.
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but, that said, some pretty nice weather overall perfect summer day for you if you have got any casino of out door plans, keen them. storm scan3 looking good. high pressure briefly in place, did have just frontal boundery come through, long since gone. not heck of a lot to speak of on the local radar. but eventually we are going to be tracking new frontal boundery by tomorrow. that's when your humidity starts to ramp up again. we see it every single summer, but what we haven't seen yet is our first heatwave. now, yesterday, we did well. we hit the low 90s yesterday. we fully expect to do the same thing today. we fully expect to do it tomorrow. so this is very likely going to end up being the first official heatwave. we came so close a couple of times, never quite made t not in philadelphia. that's what we are specking here tomorrow. here is the thing cold front rolling on in, it will eventually trigger fresh showers, storms, mainly later in the day so the timing just right. some could turn locally strong if not severe.
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meantime come wednesday it won't be as oppressive. love that. not as oppressive. still going to be warm, upper 80s, feeling a lot more comfortable for you. then head into thursday, we expect to see some sun return briefly. now the sun's out today as we said yes it will be a hot one. 91 degrees, dropping off only to 75 tonight. with that beginning to build humidity, that low 75 means probably going to want to have the air conditioner cranked if you don't already. by tomorrow 94 to make it heatwavement then the upper 80s is the story on wednesday with the sun returning. ukee, back over to you. >> kate, thanks so much. talking sport now, jordan spieth is the winner of back-to-back majors including this weekend's us open. he's got some local ties, his dad went to lehigh, his mom to more avian his uncle wins on the main line. us open will be, dustin johnson, then miss another to force playoff. that's good. pick it up. oh my. tough finish. jordan spieth is celebrating not only the us open but he
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also won the masters in april. congratulations, young man. >> the phillies take on the yankees tonight at yankee stadium. phils beat the cardinals yesterday, nine to two during yesterday's cardinals phillies games the philly phanatic made diving stop after foul ball on top of the phils dugout. he might have prevent add man in the stands from coming one it, but the phanatic gave the lucky ball to young girl hitting in the front row nice grab. great grab for that. erika, back over to you. >> thank you still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news" taylor swift wins battle against apple why the pop star threatened to pull her albumn from the new streaming service apple music. first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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4:49, a showdown between apple and taylor swift.
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looks like taylor won. >> joining us from the new york stock exchange, jill, what's the story here? what did taylor do? >> yes, good morning ukee, erika. taylor swift has apple singing a different tune. company now says it will pay royalties to artists during a free three month trial of the moving service pulled her latest music albumn over the original policy of not paying art its cents during the trial period, and in a open letter to her fans, she said, we don't ask april he will for free iphones. good point. ukee erika. >> very interesting. >> such an influence. >> and jill, it's been summer of record breakers at the box office thus far. what more can you tell us? we saw spidy the other day. that will was fun. >> yes that's picks arrest inside out had the highest weaken opening ever for original film. that is not based on something else like a comic book. jurassic world held on to the top spot at the box office this weekend, making it only the second release ever to break 100 million in it
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12th week. you helped crib to that one ukee? >> yes, did i. >> ukee's $22 to that one ticket. >> i know. how about it? thanks jill. talk to you a little bit laterment good stuff coming out this summer, too later this summer. >> mission impossible? it is back. >> shoulder shake? >> bumm, bumm, bumm. hey, coming after at a short break, traffic and weather together. we do it on the
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4:53, traffic and weather together. good morning justin. >> happy first full day of summer it will be another hot one, but not quite as humid as yesterday. let's check out the schuylkill expressway right now. this is the ex at this time get on the vine street expressway eastbound, it blocked off, still have the construction going on, so can you not get on the vine from 76 to broad. that's shutdown. but the westbound side on the
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vine looks good. but both directions here on the schuylkill is moving good this morning. let's take to you 95 at cottman avenue, northbound, southbound looking good. nice dry conditions this morning, sunrise coming up at 5:33, scent in hatfield, fairgrounds road, just be aware that far situation. now, construction continues until about 6:00 a.m. due to moving crews down near franklinville, new jersey, route # five northbound, southbound between route 40 and 553. water main break from last sunday still keeps 52nd street closed between westminster and wyolucing avenue. alternate haverford to get around that closure and there the mass transit this morning routes 15, 101, 102 trolleys, shuttle bussing due to construction on the tracks. and at the station, as well. let's check out the forecast with katie. good morning. >> really definitely looking at plenty of heat building here today. not so much the humidity. that's something that we have going for us. beautiful summer weather unfolding for you here today. sun block required, because this will be one of those days you want to make the most of,
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get outside if you k nice wide zoom starting things off on storm scan3 we did just have frontal boundary cross through, hence the humidity has dropped at least little bit. still going to spike on the thermometer. notice what's happening back across the dakotas, as well as minute society, a combination of the next front to affect us so what that does, with series every front in the next couple of days it, sends our dew point kind of all over the place, you see not terribly humid conditions today, then it spikes tomorrow. it drops on wednesday, then it starts to bill up again on thursday, as we see these additional systems rolling through day-by-day. so what that does with our temperatures, women, honestly, going to keep it pretty hot for you here, most notable hot day tomorrow with the heat and the humidity to go along with that high of 94 degrees, and eventually there potentially stronger thunderstorm rubble l recall through. come wednesday that, too, a very warm day. but not as oppressive or as humid. then looking forward in the nor cast, more clouds, will limit the warmth for us, and it looks like specially friday may end up being little bit
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after damp and dreary day but we will keep an eye ton that going throughout the forecast, meantime, full sunshine for you here today, budd. >> i thank you appreciate t checking stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. pennsylvania lawmakers return to the capitol today to work out budget before the deadline at the end of the month. philadelphia and fewer suburban countries phasing out current emergency notification system from residents and too many young athletes are suffering from serious over use injuries by not giving their bodies time to rest. check in two three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour, those who escaped new york prisoners, why police think that pinpointed the area where they're hiding. we have a live report for you from new york coming up. >> and new study shows which children are the best liars. the kids you have to watch out for when we come bac
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>> this morning philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who got into a scuffle overnight with the police and forced an officer to open fire. >> steamy start to your work week, this is day two of a possible heatwave. katie let he is know just how hot it will get when we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. >> it is monday, june 22 good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. >> we are following breaking news, the taliban has carried out an attack on the afghan parliament in the capitol of kobul. details still coming in, but attackers reportedly detonated car bomb outside building, before taking over parliament. police have evacuated the building and are fighting off the attackers, at the moment, there is in word yet on the
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number of wounded or if there were any casualties. we'll continue to update the story throughout the morning. >> now, back home, a police officer gets into a scuffle with a suspect in north philly. >> the officer fired his gun as the suspect fled that scene. jan carabeo joins us outside police headquarters with the latest information jan good morning. >> good morning and police tell us that this officer was fighting for his life when he was forced to take out his weapon and shoot twice at the suspect, the officers doing well this morning the suspect was able to get away. police are still looking for him this morning. they do not believe he was hit by gunfire either. now, take a look at the video, this is the scene the intersection of colorado and cumberland at north philadelphia. now, right around 1:00 a.m. police say an officer with 22nd district police saw a man in his late teens or early 20's walking down the street, holding an object, in his waistband. the officer ordered that man to stop but instead the suspect took off. that officer gave chase and the pursu


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