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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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in word yet on the number of wounded or if there were any casualties. we'll continue to update the story throughout the morning. >> now, back home, a police officer gets into a scuffle with a suspect in north philly. >> the officer fired his gun as the suspect fled that scene. jan carabeo joins us outside police headquarters with the latest information jan good morning. >> good morning and police tell us that this officer was fighting for his life when he was forced to take out his weapon and shoot twice at the suspect, the officers doing well this morning the suspect was able to get away. police are still looking for him this morning. they do not believe he was hit by gunfire either. now, take a look at the video, this is the scene the intersection of colorado and cumberland at north philadelphia. now, right around 1:00 a.m. police say an officer with 22nd district police saw a man in his late teens or early 20's walking down the street, holding an object, in his waistband. the officer ordered that man to stop but instead the suspect took off. that officer gave chase and the pursuit actually ended
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2400 block of 17th street in a dark vacant lot. that's when police say this officer was attack by the suspect and during the struggle police say the suspect reached for that on the, in his waistband. that's when the officer, we're told opened fire, shooting twice, and as far as police know the suspect was not hit. a witness has also come forward this morning telling police that they saw a man running away from that shooting scene with a gun in his hand. so very scary situation this morning, police are still looking for this suspect and internal affairs that is under investigation by that department, as is the case with all officer involved shootings. this officer has been here with philadelphia police for just little more than a year, again, doing fine this morning. we will stay up-to-date with this investigation, but for now, we are live outside philadelphia police headquarters, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". january, thank you also new this morning double shoot something under investigation in north philadelphia. two men were shot in a car in north 11th and west trial street. investigators tell us that a
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man walk up, and shot them. both men are being treated at the hospital and are said to be in stable condition. >> safe landings in rome this morning for world meeting of families delegation. the mayor mike nutter and various religious leaders departed philadelphia international airport sunday afternoon. they are going to take part in four days of planning meetings, for pope francis' upcoming visit here. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson was with the delegation yesterday, coming up we'll hear more on what mayor nutter says is his number one priority for september's papal visit. >> coming up on 5:03, our traffic and weather together. start with katie. good morning. >> good morning, ukee, everyone, as we start things off on yet another work week for many of you we are starting things off with what we think will be one of those sun glare filled morning commutes. soap expecting high pressure to briefly stay in place here throughout the day today. it is not terribly humid but boy i have to tell you it is mild outside right now. and yesterday we did over achieve. we ended up hitting the low nine's so, we said it a little earlier. we expect that this is going
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to be day two of a heatwave. and yes it would be the first one of the year. we came so close couple of times now but never quite made it at philadelphia international airport. so, you need at least three days straight or of 90 degrees or greater and we think that's going to happen here. as we look ahead to tuesday with building heat and humidity. that will come in advance every new frontal boundery. but for now i mention high pressure, what's in place here today. keeping skies clear keeping it sunny and certainly helping to heat things up. that sun angle getting higher and higher with every passing day, it will be a toast i afternoon. 91 degrees, the expected high here in philadelphia. definitely not quite as hot. certainly not as humid either. up through the shore and the pocono regions here, mid and lower 80s the expectation there. great excuse to be outsider classic summer at its finest, but toasty one as you hit the midday. justin, we send it into you. >> as you mention, not as humid as yesterday. cold front come through last
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night, kind of pushed out the humidity. more enjoyable if you head outside. looking pretty good on the roads, we take you to the vine street expressway. we're looking between broad and the schuylkill. good news, both directions now, open from the overnight construction due to those bridges, so we're in business here on the vine street expressway, both directions, are looking good. let's take you into new jersey right now no skies starting to lighten up nicely, sunrise coming up at 5:33, northbound traffic here are the headlights looking pretty good. not much going on southbound. there are your area speeds in and around the city. looks good on the vine. running at the speed limit as well as 95, coming into philadelphia. boulevard no problems, new jersey turnpike, 295 also in good shape. different story down in franklinville, route 55 northbound, and southbound, between 40 and 553 dealing with construction this morning, moving druse expected to remain there until 6:00 a.m. and we do have an accident now in hatfield at cow path road fairgrounds road. just keep that in mine. that's a look at your ride this morning. we send it back to you.
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>> philadelphia police are hoping $20,000 reward will help them find two men who opened fire at a block party. ten people were shot including a 18 month old and two other children. the victims were at a cook out along the 4100 block of ogden street saturday night and neighbor who helped one of the shooting victims says she's fed up with all of the violence. >> i'm nervous upset because you know children can't even play, you know, i'm scared to go to the store. so actually i'm trying to pack up and get out of here. i can't live like this. >> police believe the shooting may be part of a ongoing feud between two groups in that area. if you have any information about the shooting you are urged to contact the police. the manhunt for escaped prisoners has shifted now to the new york-pennsylvania border. police say there are credible sitings of richard matt and david sweat in allegany county new york. that is more than 300 miles southwest of the maximum security prison they broke out of more than two weeks ago. the us marshall service has added the pair to its 15 most
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wanted list. a $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to either man's capture. we'll have the latest for you in the search and live report coming up at 5:30. meanwhile, learning more about the man who authorities say confessed to opening fire inside south carolina church last wednesday. parishioners died in the attack. investigators are now looking into a website that features a racist manifesto and displays images of killer dylann roof. >> reporter: the pictures are startling. confessed charleston church shooter dillan roof holds the burning american flag. he takes aim with a 45 amber glock pistol with a lazer site. he holds a confederate flag, the website roof owns titled the last restriction on it a manifesto, that captures the 21 year old's truck words. we have no skinheads no real kkk, no one doing anything, but talking on the internet.
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the document reads: well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world and i guess that has to be me. roof hints that why he chose charleston to carry out the massacre that left nine members of the emanuel ame church dead calling charleston the most historic city in my state. roof, who appeared in court friday, to face formal charges, said he became transformed by the controversial trayvon martin case. i was in disbelief, roof writes, how could the news be blowing up the trayvon martin case while hundreds of these black on white murders got ignored? it was not clear what he was referring to. this latest piece of complicated puzzle may offer some insight for investigators, but it is no consolation for a community still reeling from the violence. >> heart breaking, and my prayers definitely go out to the family, it is heart
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breaking. >> charleston, south carolina. >> and impressive show of unity. thousands gather in charleston to form an unity chain. marching across the bridge in memory of those who lost their lives in wednesday night's shooting at emanuel methodist ' piss column pal churr many. it shows the positive message of people from all walks of life and different faiths, coming together. >> throughout the whole world how communities can come together, people can come tact in the face of crisis. >> got love, hope, and forgiveness, not ignorance and hate. >> when mars on both sides of the bridges some were clapping and singing hymns we shall overcome. right now 5:08. >> ride service can be uber is changing its policy banning guns for drivers and riders? this change follows two recent incidents where uber drivers fired guns. company says if anyone breaks
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the rules they could lose access to uber. in the past the company promised to strengthen backgrounds checks on drivers after reports of rape, assault, and kidnapping. >> well, most children are out of school for the summer. so parent are scrambling to sign them up for camps and other events to keep them busy. but how much is too much? coming up this morning what parent and guardians need to know about over scheduling their children. >> also, it is a new law that just passed. finds out which state just made it illegal to smoke cigarette if you're under the age of 21. >> ♪ ♪ >> monday morning. >> and ukee's back. >> two weeks wasn't it? >> how was it waking up this morning? >> little tough. ask me again in about an hour, because i am feeling t oh, but i'm also here with the family. both home and here in the studio. we're right back.
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good morning. new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility.
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fund the pensions now.
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>> to prevent add less friends smoking and buying traditional and electronic cigarettes, those breaking the law finds 500 to $2,000. law take effect january 21, 2016, in hey we hawaii. >> time when par rent doing the best for the young minds bodies, keeping them busy through the summer. >> experts say too much scheduling can be bad thing. american academy of pediatrics says, that many kids are over scheduled during the school
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year. and that down time is critical over the summer. some doctors say, they are seeing kids during the summer getting up way too early and going to bed way too late. one pediatrician said try to find a balance. >> say okay, like, let's do one week of this camp and then maybe you can have one week every downtown, and maybe, you know, three days a week we will do a little bit of some sort of school academic stuff. and the other time, you can have for, you know, facebooking, or instagram with your friends. >> now experts zaire also a good idea to lay down the groundrules early in the summer so children know what to expect and they can stick to it bert. but man my sum remembers wide open. i used to just have fun. >> and good ideas for good people too. >> don't go to bed too late and wake up too earl. >> i hello. time is 5:13. >> i'm with you on, that i definitely second that idea for adults. i love to just take a week off after work ago week.
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wouldn't that be awesome? when you're ukee washington you can get away with it. >> no, stop, stop. >> all right but i tell you what we do have some beautiful weather out there for the kids that are enjoying day one of summer vacation out there. and day one of the first full day of the summer season. let's take you out there. we will show you what's happening first and for most. not heck of a lot right now guys, do have the warmth in place, even despite the passage of cold front. you know what, it is summer, when cold fronts come through don't necessarily knock your temperatures back that much. kind of what's going on out there today. 90s yesterday expect the same today. nice wide zoom, shows the combination whatever will be the next frontal boundery rolling through the area tomorrow. for now, pent up over the dakotas, minute society, a so got some time to kill before we gotti should say some time to kill before this actually gets here, not expecting any wet weather that until tomorrow late in the day at the earliest. but for now beautiful gorgeous sunrise, if you are up with us right now go ahead east facing windows check it
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out. beautiful sunrise coming up. 68 degrees the current temperature outside kutztown area middle school. worth mentioning the health report because air quality is climbing pollen levels are doing the same, uv index that's very high, that's really the big one here today. but because we don't have too much humidity, the heat index values aren't terrible. you want to be careful obviously when talking the one -- 91 degrees, but it end would be the most oppressive day. look forwards in the forecast to tuesday steamy day on hand here guys, hottest one of the next seven too eventually again with the front moving in see some showers some thunderstorms, by wednesday, a modest drop on the they are mom term, but still talking upper 80s behind cold front. definitely not going to be as oppressive. still going to be hot. still going to be above average by couple every degrees, too. >> could be worse, though. >> it could be worse. and it is summer, it is what you expect, great pool weather. >> first full day of summer. so talking about pool party over at ukee's house? >> hello.
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>> last week you were talking about pool party somewhere else? >> i'll bring the food. i got it covered. >> i got little kitty pool. >> how generous. >> let's talk about the traffic right now overall pretty good. and we are waking up to some sunshine sunrise coming up at 5:33, have the sunglasses around battling sun glare. blue route see the truck over on the shoulder just after mcdade boulevard. again, off to the shoulder so doing okay. no lane blockages, but check out this shot, pretty cool looking sky right now breathe inning up, oaks eastbound and westbound, looking pretty good this morning, so far. talcony palmyra bridge expected to open coming up shortly at around 5:20, keep that in mind if you are hit that area. down in new castle county delaware looking pretty good route one 495 95, around christianna, speeds at the speed limit hopping the delaware memorial over to 295 or the turnpike no problems in south jersey. exception is on 55, northbound southbound, do have construction until 6:00 a.m. between route 40 and
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553. ukee, we send it back to you. >> apple changing its tune after taylor thrift threatened to pull her albumn from itunes. >> members of the delegation planning pope's advice knit philadelphia have arrived in rome. find out what the mayor says is his number one priority for this visit. that's coming up next. with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home. ♪
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>> a philadelphia delegation led by mayor michael nutter has landed saferly in rome this morning thereto take part in planning meetings for pope francis' trip here in september. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson was at the airport as they boarded their flight. >> most intense 48 hours, that this city has experienced in a while. >> mir michael nutter says when you are planning one of the largest event, in the history of philadelphia, you may want to take a few meetings face-to-face. >> we will get it right. we want it to be virtually perfect. and that's our focus. >> the mayor city officials religious leaders, planners
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all joining the delegation, traveling to rome sunday. the four-day trip all business. a final series of planning sessions before pope francis travels to philadelphia for the world meeting of families in late september. >> so, we will be meeting with council for the families, our partner in the vatican then also the group that plans the holy father's foreign trips. >> the mayor says logistics organization presentation, all crucial when hosting a world leader, but number one above all security. just listen to how many agencies are involved. >> this is essentially a secret service event. that's of course the federal government. philadelphia police department, state police septa police, vatican police, italian government police and the swiss guard personal pro tech ores of pope francis. >> all with one goal, when the world's a ten is on philly everything goes smoothly. >> it is a big event. we want to prepare well for it. >> one last bit of information, i'm told the delegation not scheduled to meet with pope francis on this
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trip in person, of course, as you have heard, this is not a trip for exchanging pleasantries, for doing any sightseeing, every moment packed with planning or strategic meeting of course we will be there to document every minute of t reporting from philadelphia, international airport, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean with traveling with the delegation, check in with her reports starting today on "eyewitness news". >> he is not even 22, but jordan spieth two for two in this us major. >> also in the health watch how to know if your child has what it takes to be a good liar. >> what? >> detail on that coming up.
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>> 5:23, traffic and weather together. good morning. >> good morning, erika hand i monday. starting things off with pleasant weather. storm scan3 all quiet all clear, and we have nothing more than couple of clouds, so gorgeous sunrise promising to set up for us here, already seeing some of the signs of light of day over the horizon meanwhile, the rain chances do go up little bit hereby tomorrow. courtesy of approaching frontal boundary. so as we look ahead especially tomorrow late in the day wednesday, not so much, and then looking ahead to late thursday and specially friday, rain chances are going to be with us from just series every systems rolling on through. they are going to eventually set our temperatures on little bit every nosedive looking forward to the weekend but men time, the first heatwave is expected, we hit the low 90s yesterday, expect to do it for two more days, then by tuesday again late in the day fresh round of showers and thunderstorms, is set to move on through. justin over to you. >> good morning, looking okay
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on the roads this morning. not much going on, still early in the day skies bright edge up and we see a lot of sunshine around this morning sunrise coming up 5:33, looking at the schuylkill expressway, both directions in good shape. talcony bridge expected to open any time. expected delays. mass transit alert, 69 street transportation center, west terminal renovations going on, it will be closed through sunday september 6. so new bus boarding locations route 101, 102 trolleys are shuttle bussing, there are your area speeds looking great running at the speed limit in and around the city as well as new jersey, that's a look at your ride this morning ukee, we send it back to you. >> phillies take on the bronx yesterday, the phillies beat the cardinals on the arm of rookie starter adam morgan, he allowed one run, six hit, five and two thirds innings in his major league debut. phils gave him some run
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support, as women, they beat the cardinals, final score nine to two in favor of the fighting's. >> moment from yesterday's game made diving stop on foul ball on top of the phils dugout. nicely donement even though he kept one adult fan from getting the souvenir ball, the phanatic gave the face ball to a young girl. oh, there is a memory for that young fan no doubt about it. nicely done. the quest for the women's world cup features team usa against columbia tonight in edmonton. bad blood colombian forward earned suspension in 2012 for punching an american player. that same colombian player accused the us of belittle g columbia's team this time around. stay tuned. >> well, just heart breaking end to the u.s. open yesterday when dustin johnson missed an eagle put that would have given him the championship. he also mixed the next one short bird that would have gotten him into a playoff. the winner jordan spieth. won the mass nerves april. they attended college in our area, his uncle lives out on the main line,
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congratulations, mr. spieth. heart breaker for justin, my goodness, great tournament. great course. >> can you imagine? playing there? >> oh, no. still ahead this morning the manhunt continues for two convicted kill hostess cape from new york prison over two weeks ago. and now the search is shifting focus again new tips lead police near pennsylvania. >> also, taylor swift takes on apple, and wins a battle that will benefit any artist on itunes. >> and justin and katie return. they've got your traffic and weather together this monday morning. we're back in judge two minutes.
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shift in the manhunt, for david sweat rich aarp matt, convicted killers broke out of prison two weeks ago. now, dna evidence has linked them to a cabinets new york close to the pennsylvania boarder. >> cbs news correspondent tracking development, joins us no from new york, good morning to you. >> the search continues to be in and around the area of northern new york near the state prison, that's the same general area authorities have now found that key dna. manhunt have taken authorities to multiple sites hundreds of miles apart in new york, and close to the pennsylvania border. law enforcement sources tell cbs news, investigators have a dna matched, confirming the convicted killers were in the czarknack lake area within the last 24 hours, that dna apparently found on item in a cabin that had been broken into in the area about 40 miles south of the clinton correctional


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