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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 22, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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> shift in the manhunt, for david sweat rich aarp matt, convicted killers broke out of prison two weeks ago. now, dna evidence has linked them to a cabinets new york close to the pennsylvania boarder. >> cbs news correspondent tracking development, joins us no from new york, good morning to you. >> the search continues to be in and around the area of northern new york near the state prison, that's the same general area authorities have now found that key dna. manhunt have taken authorities to multiple sites hundreds of miles apart in new york, and close to the pennsylvania border. law enforcement sources tell cbs news, investigators have a dna matched, confirming the convicted killers were in the czarknack lake area within the last 24 hours, that dna apparently found on item in a cabin that had been broken into in the area about 40 miles south of the clinton correctional facility.
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late sunday night tactical teams from vermont called in for the first time to aid in search effort near mountain view about 30 miles west of the prison. authority turn their attention thereafter investigating a credible siting, some 300 miles away, in friendship new york near the pennsylvania border. aviation, special k9 teams called in to assist with the church. >> brandy said she spotted two men who resemble the convict in her backyard. >> my heart dropped. i called the dog. i grabbed my cell phone and went toward the house, and dialed 91. >> as the manhunt continues to unfold, authority announce, jean palmer, a second corrections employee in the prison, has been suspended officials have not said why he was put on leave. >> news conference has been scheduled for later today at noon with new york state police. we are expecting an update from authorities at that point. back to you. >> thank you for. that will we'll get back to
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you. thanks so much. meanwhile, in new orleans man suspect of killing a police officer is in custody. thirty-three year old travis boyde was handcuffed and on his way to jail saturday morning, when he shot and killed officer darryl holloway. it is not known how boyde got ahold of a gun. >> you couldn't be with him a help minute without becoming his friend, we'll miss him and new orleans will miss darryl holloway. still wearing his broken handcuffs while trying to board a sit bus yesterday. he faces long list of charges including murder and i will legal possession after firearm. coming up on 5:33, let's got our traffic and weather together. >> good morning, happy monday everyone, kick starting weather, may be summer vacation for you or maybe new work week. with us, some pretty pleasant weather overall definately summer day. that's for sure. storm scan3 showing nothing more than little hint of ground clutter here at some of the area radar site. no precipitation in this forecast here today. we are expecting bright, sunny skies, and the warmth that we
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currently have in place to really help things to heat up. but the thing is, it is not going to be too terribly humid. which makes it of course feel that much better. just keep in mind, the heat will get you here today. that uv index for the next three days is awfully high. it is straight up at a nine. so triple nine's will go with here for today tomorrow, wednesday. but varying humidity levels along the way with that. there will actually be frontal boundary that crosses throughout the course of our tuesday. so for now already starting offer mid and upper 70s in a couple of spots, wildwood at 77 degrees. sixty-nine in allentown and now that the's officially rising over the horizon even as we speak only going to warm up from here. generally speaking. so by the time we hit 3:00 p.m., we should be easily in the upper 80s but we probably still have couple of additional degrees to get into here. so probably going to hit the low 90s the expectation right now, that would make it day two of 90 plus degrees weather, and we expect three
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days straight of that kind of heat. so officially expecting justin the first heatwave of the year. we came so close couple of times, i think we'll get there this time. >> i agree. first full day of summer supposed to be hot. it could be worse. record high for the state 100 degrees, not quite there yet. but just try to stay cool today. looking okay so far on the roads. there you go. talcony palmyra bridge, now opening, ukee's yacht is coming into the picture right there. and a great day for a ride on the river. >> row boat. >> good work out. there you go. delays around the talcony palmyra bridge. we take to you 95 looking south at girard avenue. nice shot of the sunrise coming up right now over the horizon. so get ready to battle the sun glare out there this morning when traveling eastbound. franklin ville new jersey, that's expected to go until 6:00 this morning, then the water main break from june 14th, still closing down 52nd street, between
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westminster, and wyolucing avenue. haverford avenue will get you around that closure and still looks great this morning. 1295, the turnpike, also at the speed limit, blue route in good shape this hour. that's a look at your ride this morning back to you. >> justin, thank you. new this morning police are regular g -- investigating homicide in frankford overnight. just before 2:00 a.m. police found 21 year old man shot on the highway in the 1700 block of scattergood street. he was pronounced dead on the scene. no details on shooter or a possible motive. septa officials looking into how a train was able to slam into a car in delaware county. happened sunday afternoon turner road near the wallingford station media elwin line. officials goes for the driver that far car, a man in miss 90s, taken to the hospital in serious condition. thirty-seven people on the train including the crew were
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not hurt. >> and camden county a rescue on the banks of the cooper river. police say driver careened into the river early sunday morning, along south park drive in collingswood. rescuers pulled that man to safety. they were alert willed to the accident by man who lives nearby saw the whole thing unfold from inside his home. >> i was having my coffee, the driver start having a seizure and i you know, wanted to go there and help him when all after sinned he step out on the accelerator, ran right into the river. >> police say the man was taken to the hospital. at the moment, no word on his condition. >> happening today at the job fair. looking for work, this is the place to be today the job fair held at the cran plaza city avenue. hundreds of jobs will be available including carreers in sales, financial services, and insurance.
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event start at 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and thereto provide free rest me critiques dress to impress. >> indeed. well time now 5:37. in business news this morning new treatment for breakfast. >> woe like the sound of. that will also, possible change in wal-mart policiment money watch's joe wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, those stories and much more for us. good morning. >> meet in brussels for emergency session over degrees' debt deadline on friday. thethe dow fell 99 points, nasdaq down 16. we're now learning of another death linked to the faulty takata airbags. twenty-six year old woman died in a crash in los angeles in 2014. eighth known death due to those exploding airbags the woman driving a rental car 2001 sieve inning, recalled in july 2009. but not repaired. wal-mart shoppers may soon see
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greeters at the front entrance, test ago pilot program that would return staff to the front doors to welcome shoppers, and reportedly try to stop shoplifting. the program reversesment company's previous decision to move greeters back into the stores to help customers at check out stations n time for summer, how about ice cream for breakfast? post foods puts up new ice cream pebbles rainbow cher bet flavor only available for limited time fosh those sugar rushes. >> ice cream man. we all scream for ice cream. >> taylor swift has apple changing its tunes. >> hours after swift posted open letter on her tumbler page tech giant has agreed to pay royalties for music played during free trial of new streaming service the letter titled to apple love taylor it says in part quote these are not the complaint after spoiled child. they are the echos sentiment of every artist, writer and produce nerve my social circle who are afraid to speak up
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publicly because we admire and respect apple so much. we simply do not respect this particular call. and they listen, she says something, apple -- >> indeed. all right, we'll talk about a lot more this morning kim kardashian's big gender reveal. finds out how she announced to the world if she is having a boy or girl. also this. >> hey, what am i going wear? broad street? >> a world war ii hero finally get his metals. find out why took so long for this man to receive his commondations for serving our country. that will story and more when we come right back.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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good morning, police searching for suspect mo got away after chase and a scuffle with a officer along the 2400 block of north 17th street, in north philly. police say the officer shot at the suspect, but missed. the pursuit began because officers thought the suspect was armed. updating breaking news, taliban has asked the afghan parliament with a suicide car bomber hitting entrance battling police. spokesperson says 18 civilians were injured including two women and two children. >> and the authorities are saying there are quote credible sitings of the two men who broke out after new york prison more than two weeks ago. they say david sweat and richard matt were spotted near the pennsylvania border. there is a $50,000 reward for
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their capture. >> flooded roads submerged fields, sinkholes. >> what was encounter over the weekend of the the scene after heavy rain pounded the town, about 10 miles northeast of kansas city, flashfloods, and rising waters, made for some scary moments. now, this is the second time that region is dealing with heavy rain. right now we want the latest on our forecast, fan we're seeing any stormy wet r ourselves. >> thankfully not yet. we can expect to seabright sunshine un fowl for you out there today. that will will help just warm things up. we did judge have frontal boundary that crossed through yesterday. allowed the humidity level to drop off which is nice. little tour here around the region with the eyewitness weather water starting things off in the northern most suburbs, poconos even, where the sun is shining brightly already for up in sailors berg specifically. 68 degrees, so levelly cooler up where he is located but
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that's got to be the prettiest view sunrise over the mountains, nice day coming up for him really everyone else. we go to spot in central jersey here, at 68 degrees, as well, for mark, he, too under full sunshine in chads worth new jersey, sent it to us in the last 20 minutes, thank for that. we go to really warm temperature reading near jason. he is finding 75 degrees, and middletown delaware right now, few more clouds that many what we've seen, spec more sun than anything, this will be a very hot day. not terribly muggy won't be one of those unsufferable days as it pertains to the humidity being some of the clouds, see how they thinned away, right over delaware, i think that's where jason was find that coming from. high pressure in place frontal boundary to check bringing very heavy thunderstorms across the dakotas, red river valley and eventually that's going to be headed our way. in the form could be
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potentially severe thunderstorms, already for tomorrow, not for today tuesday, late in the day slight risk expected across the area, and the slight risk we should flip these two but the slight risk up here in the yellow bringing heavy downpours, gusty wind perhaps some frequent lightning the bottom line, any thunderstorms that fire up specially northwest half of the area could be locally strong if nod severe. late in the day tomorrow, good solid 36 hours to enjoy until that hams. but it does get hot. low mid 90s today tomorrow, and even despite cold front still stuck in the upper eight's, although with less humidity as we head into wednesday. nine at hottest temperature for the month of june. so we will challenge that as we head into tuesday, you saw in the seven day. talcony palmyra bridge, boat coming through right now expect delays this morning nice shot of the river as well, with the sun up now. glycinin. check out schuylkill at 202 eastbound and westbound, actually, both directions no
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problems so far. you will going to be battling the sun glare headed eastbound to make sure to have the sunglasses out this morning we will take you to 422. nice shot of the sky there right into that sunlight. down in delaware, new castle county looks good. route one over the ross bridge, chesapeake delaware bay canal. route 40, delaware memorial bridge to 295 and the turnpike, no problems in new jersey, back to the city we go running 13th speed limit vine street expressway, boulevard still great shape as well as 95, through northeast philadelphia blue route also good. northbound southbound and coming out of the pennsylvania turnpike, no problems there. water make break closing down 52nd, the main from last sunday june 14th between westminster and wyolucing avenue, haverford avenue to get around the closure construction continues route 55 north and southbound, franklin ville, new jersey tweet route 40 and route 553.
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moving crews expected until 6:00 a.m. this morning. that's a look at your back to you, ukee. >> sequel soars to the top of the box office. >> or that. >> jurassic worlds pulls in $102 million, that bridges world-wide total to 981 million. how about that? in second place, disney pick asker animated movie inside out with the stellar showing, this is great $91 million. in third place spy and rounding out top five, san andre as and dope. >> producer, we new then. >> just terrific. >> fun movie. word is, kim kardashian is having a boy. >> the reality star revealed the baby news in the fathers day post, twitter post, to her husband kanye west.
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there is a video here of the newly married couple at the met gala in new york kim tweeted yesterday you're such a good daddy to north and will be the best dad toy our new son too. the little bundle of joy is expected to join big sister northwest by the end of the year. and the name games have started with what they will call their son. we'll see. >> singer justin timberlake celebrates first faiths day posting picture of himself holding two month old son on instagram. timberlake witched dad happy fathers day and flexing on fathers day. >> good for him. >> that's great. >> well, father's day gift decades in the making in montgomery county. >> world war ii veteran surprised by two daughters presented him with accolade long overdue. natasha brown has that store. >> i dad, we have special gift for you. >> oh, i don't want a tie. i toll you no gift. >> after little hesitation, a special fathers day surprise
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for 89 year old world war ii veteran, james. >> these are your metals from world war ii that we requested. and happy fathers day. >> i love you guys. >> i love you. and thank you. >> metals earned in war decades ago. now, in the hands of the ss navy veteran, his daughters presented him with the victory metal along with the american campaign and pacific campaign metals at his home in hat feel. the mission to request the metals after so many years ghana year ago during emotional trip to the world war ii museum in d.c., with their father. >> i'm just so happy that he got these before he leaves this world because i just -- it was something that i felt he needed to see. this is what you earned. this is what you did for our country. >> i just never bothered, i didn't think they were that important. like i say where am i going
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to wear them, down the middle of broad street? >> he served his country humbly admirably no need for flashy metals, no time to worry about accolade when memories of the war flashback in his minds as if it happened yesterday. >> i'm so blessed. i really am. i wasn't in there getting shot at. i don't think i could have handled that. some guys come out and you never see them again. >> he honors those lost in the war, on this fathers day his family honors him and we honor this humble vet with pride. >> oh, wonderful natasha brown reporting. >> what a wonderful guy. such a sevens humor, too. where do i wear them, down broad street? love the daughters made that happen. now, he spent two years this is the navy, he joined at the young age of 18. >> his daughters say other world war ii veterans will be receiving medals from their time in the war special is her moan think summer. >> right now 5:49. hey, surf's up in california. wait until you see how many
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people were hanging ten on a giant surf board. >> oh, oh? >> that's coming up next. >> parent, you want to hear about this, we'll tell but a new study that shows which children are the best liars. fibbers, pant on fire. >> stories. >> pant on fire. >> we'll have that for you first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. >> tall tails.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ (we have a new worlds record holier. >> all on septa board. total of 66 people, they crammed on to the 42-foot surf board at huntington beach. we'll try to show it to you. most people to ever simultaneously ride a wave on a single board. there it is. now, they beat the previous
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record of 47 people, that was setback in 2005. the 66 surfers, rolled that wave for 122nd. >> wow. >> well done. >> amazing. >> everybody well bald, you can tell they're pros at it, just kicking back. >> on the board there. >> oh, yes? >> that's what he's -- >> jd. >> beautiful sunrise, first full day of summer. out to the river here off in the distance every center city philadelphia, this shot take friend palmyra cove nature park. our pool forecast. ukee, look closely you must be in the deepened here. >> hang on.
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>> i love the goggles the sun block on your mose. >> the details here at cbs-3 lots of sun for you here today. not terribly humid man pool day if i ever saw it, five out of five beach balls for you here, mid 90s tomorrow, starting off with some sunshine, most of the day in fact will feature sun but then new frontal boundary comes along, we are going to see what could be some nasty thunderstorms that fire up along with that bring back down reopened for traffic better news there nice shot of the river there see a lot of sunshine around this morning, battling some sun glare, checking out the vine street expressway, westbound approaching 76, jammed up just little bit but still moving at good speeds move into the heart of rush hour. ninety-five looking southbound past cottman still okay shape this morning. you can see the sun reflecting off some of the road signs. so again a lot of sun glare this morning again west terminal renovations return
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through september. more news when we ret
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>> on the health watch, new data on children and severe allergic reaction. >> canadian researchers found swift treatment after the initial reaction could help minimize the worse symptoms. also working on predictors, to pinpoint which children are with dangerous delayed symptoms, which once can go home after an episode. >> new study suggesting youngsters with the best thinking and memory skills are better liars than other children. researchers in britain say those children can keep track of lots of information allowing them to cover up lies. >> yes, maybe if a child is bright just accuse them of lying outright? >> no fibbing up in here,. >> come on you're better than that.
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>> honesty the best policy. we'll be new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning everyone, here's what's happening. police search for suspect who attacked an office nerve north fill. >> i that officer opened fire shooting at the suspect twice but he got away. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now outside of police headquarters with the latest information on. >> this jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika ukee, good morning, police tell us, that this officer was fighting for his life when he was forced to take out his weapon and open fire shooting at this suspect two times the officer okay this morning police believe that the suspect wasn't hit by gunfire either. how much, he was able to get away. police still on the look for him this morning. take a look at the video. this is the scene right around 1:00 this morning the intersection of colorado


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