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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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at is where shell has landed, home is in back of hose inspectors and that is where philadelphia police say this shooting started. terror in broad daylight, philadelphia police confirming, seven people wounded, after a shooter takes aim in the kensington section of philadelphia. police say that a large group of people were outside monday afternoon, at the intersection of the hilton and s street police called to the block at 2:30 arriving to find several adult and at least one child suffering from being shot. police say that they are looking for one male gunman who fled the scene most likely on foot, nearby, detective identify and recover a shotgun close to the scene. philadelphia police inspector michael mccarrick spoke about the spat of violence now facing the city. >> one victim is one too many. when you get an incident like this where we experienced multiple people, there is shot particularly with juveniles every shooting is egregious
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so unfortunately you have to treat it as, you know, every other incident but it does strike home more to you. >> reporter: again, scene is very active so we are getting different reports on the number of people injured. i just spoke to the philadelphia police commissioner who now says that seven people have been injured in the shooting. we cannot talk about this story without talking about the fact that this is the second time in three days, that multiple people, have been injured by a shotgun in this city of philadelphia. we will talk more about that, coming up at 6:00 o'clock. for now search is on for a shooter. we are live from kensington steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as steve said all this comes, and and a among victims that night 18 month-old and two other children. philadelphia police hoping a $20,000 reward will help them
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find two men who opened fire there. well, summer has arrived along with sizzling temperatures, it is hot and humid outside tough day to be outside working and we could be on our way to the first heat wave of the year. meteorologist kathy orr is outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with the details of the heat advisory and chance, kathy for some severe storms. >> it is all coming tomorrow, chris, heat is building, day two in the 90's, tomorrow day three and this heat will be ending with a threat of severe weather. comfortable right now humidity is low and there is a breeze but it will not stay that way. take a look we do have some heat that will continue, right through the next couple of days yesterday 91, today so far 90 tomorrow going for a high of 94 degrees. when you add humidity it will feel hotter. ninety in the city. eighty-seven in allentown. eighty-eight in dover. temperatures falling through this 80's, skies stay mainly
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clear by 11:00 p.m. and 79 degrees. heat advisory for tomorrow for most of the region that starts at 11:00 a.m. it will feel like between 95 and 100 in some spots maybe warmer than. that on storm scan three you can see that swirl over great lakes that brought intense severe weather yesterday and it is moving our way that will break the heat but bring the threat of damaging wind tomorrow. we will talk more about that with the seven day forecast when i join you inside, for now chris it is comfortable but in the for long. >> enjoy it while it lasts kathy, thanks very much. tonight we are hearing from the driver rescued just before a train smashed into his car in newark delaware. that man walked away without injury all thanks to two quick thinking police officers. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has more. >> reporter: it was past 11 p.m. when liz noticed something outside newark tavern where she work. >> as soon as i walk over i
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saw train coming by and completely take the the care completely down the track. >> reporter: this red ford escape had turned off of new london road, investigators say, stuck in the gravel besides train track when hit by the freight line. >> my first reaction was, was there someone inside that car. >> reporter: according to police there was just moment before, two newark officers were on a extra duty assignment, providing security for dear park tavern when they spotted the man in the car. >> pretty much as soon as they got there warning arm started to come down. we got him away to safety. >> reporter: elderly driver told "eyewitness news" from his northern new jersey home that he is dealing with some memory issues regarding the night but does want to give a big thank you to the city of newark. >> i want to say one thing to the people in delaware, who were super, you know, they knew i was a visitor and they treated me as a visitor, they are very nice. >> reporter: this intersection
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is notoriously troublesome to out of towners. we have two row that is turn into three, one way and train tracks that can even look like a road itself, at night. reporting from newark alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news a philadelphia fire fighter is hurt battling a fire in port richmond this a afternoon. authorities say that fire damaged two home in the 2900 block of memphis street. injured fire fighter was taken to temple hospital with unknown injuries. we're told red cross is on the job assisting two families displaced but there is no word on how that fire started. police are searching for a man they believe is behind a robbery spree targeting pharmacies in south jersey. latest happened friday night at a cvs in woolwich township. police say that suspect took a customer hostage arm with the crowbar and a allegedly threatened to kill that with man unless the pharmacist gave him prescription drugs. worker complied with the man's demand and then he took off.
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police believe that same man is responsible for recent rite aide robberies one in haddonfield, another in logan township. in one he carjack a priest in the parking lot before driving a block and then running off on foot. well today "eyewitness news" spans the globe, philadelphia leaders including mayor michael nutter are on a visit to, vatican hoping to hammer out details of the pope 's visit in philadelphia in september. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean covering delegation in rome and she joins us now live, jessica good evening. >> reporter: good evening, chris, from rome, we are live outside the vatican and st. peters square just a beautiful night here, and the philadelphia delegation has been on the the ground here since about 9:30 local time. if you take it back and do the math that would be about 3:30 philadelphia time. they have been at it for a while now. as they settled into the new time change i spoke with mayor
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michael nutter and executive director of the world meeting of families about how important this week will be. as summer tourist packed st. peters square the philadelphia delegation arrived in home for what mayor michael nutter describes as five days of serious planning. >> every movement, has to be planned, understood, contingencies develop as well and they are also talking about the people, how many folks we think will be copping and where they will be. >> reporter: there are less than a hundred day before a one to 2 million people flocked to philadelphia to attend a world meeting of families and witness the papal visit. world meeting of families executive director donna ferrell says volunteers are working around the clock to prepare. >> it is important to come here to the vatican meet with the high level of delegations and demonstrate to them, first and foremost we are ready and we will be ready to welcome the world in september. >> reporter: delegation which includes representatives from the region's business community, archdiocese of philadelphia, the city of
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philadelphia and the philadelphia a police department, will be taking part in a number of meetings covering everything from security, to logistics. >> the the big goal for this week is making sure a we meet every person we need to meet and they know who we are count are parts are. >> reporter: this is also a week when philadelphia will shine in the international spotlight, as members of the delegation addressed media from all over the the world. >> really raises profile of our great city, nationally and internationally, if you can imagine the amount of press that will cover this event and we will be seeing a very different philadelphia, then folks have seen, maybe five, ten, 15, 20 years ago. >> reporter: it is a a very interesting time to be with the delegation. now they are not all business, all the time. they are going to get to have some fun. we are looking at pictures of what they were doing earlier this evening. they were with the residents of the u.s. ambassador. you can see whole delegation
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got to go to that and mayor michael nutter presenting the ambassador with the gift from the delegation. they are getting out getting to see a lot of things. when you are in rome you never know who you will bum in to and we are see pleased to have father kevin gallagher with us a philadelphia priest who has a group of parishioners, friend and family to you. you have been to rome ten times. >> yes yes. >> you and i were talking about since pope francis has become pope, it it has really change what has change. you have been here a number of times. >> is there a complicity about the holy sea now and just looking in the background, the apostolic palace that the pope francis decided he would not live there. he wanted to live in a simple apartment where he lives over there. it is a different feeling. that feeling has become transatlantic. it has come to philadelphia. there is excitement, we felt that on the plane last night coming over. the marries filled with
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excitement and other delegates. we're traveling through rome, italy, they are there to do business, and with the excitement that was very, very apparent. we're all excited to becoming to philadelphia. >> we were all on the same flight, we got up looking very sleepy today. >> yes. >> it is an exciting time. do you think that just because pope frances is so different that is what is making people so exited to see him in philadelphia. >> there is a great excitement about pope frances universally and people are paying attention to the pope. not that it is not anything against our previous holy fathers but there is something different, something new refreshing even this past week as latest writing about our love and care for the environment. on my way to pizzey where frances of assisi came from and, you know, he truly is embodying that care and love for the earth and teaching and challenging us and he will be doing that for the people of
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philadelphia and people of the you had when he comes in september. >> it will be exciting to see. >> before we go just feeling of being here in rome being right here by the vatican we tried to make sure people know what that feels like but i love to hear for everybody. what is it like for. >> chris, back in the studio this is not st. patrick's day parade but something very big. anytime we stan here we are mine full that the church is built upon those apostles peter and paul that our church is a beautiful gift to us, wednesday we will all have the opportunity to see our holy father, to visit with him and it will be a beautiful experience, renewal of faith. we know thousands of people will gather in this very square and people come here, two years ago he stood in that balcony and i'm francis i'm your pope and that is what we're still talking about. >> thank you so much for joining us. always fun to see a familiar face in a far away land. >> thank you. >> you guys will all have a good time. the parishioners and family and friend are back there behind the camera. they are saying hello to their
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friend and family, back home in philadelphia as well. coming up tonight at 6:00 we will talk more about who is in this delegation and what exactly they are here to do. we will get more into that when i see you at 6:00. >> great stuff tell father kevin we love sit ago long side him at st. patrick's day parade. even better to see him there at the holy sea a spectacular setting there. we will talk to jessica once again at 6:00. you can make your plans for pope's visit by going to cbs, just click on papal visit to see is what in store for what is shaping up to be a historical philadelphia event. is there much more news ahead tonight here on "eyewitness news" a big recall involving bottled water we will tell but that. then there is a i new lead in the search for two escaped killers who have been on the run in new york for more than two weeks. we will tell you where police have discovered their dna. president obama says country is not cured of racism and he uses some strong language to drive home that
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point, including a word that most find offensive. plus, we will have evening debate over the flying of the confederate flag, in south carolina a. then some startling new numbers, serve as a wake up call otto beesty epidemic in this country. we will tell you difference between men and women who struggle with weight. more news, right after this.
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there is a new lead any for the hunt for two men in new york.
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brian web tells thaws dna evidence has linked the men to a burglarized cabin. >> reporter: police set up roadblocks near alice head new york about 25 miles from the clinton correctional facility searching cars for escaped killer david sweat and richard matt. law enforcement sources told cbs news that dna was found in the vacant cabin that had been broken in to near wolf pond in the region near new york, within the past 24 hours. at a news conference police would only say they have recovered, specific items from the cabin and they warn seasonal cabin owners in the area to be on the look out. >> if you return to your camp, if anything is out of place call 911 immediately. >> reporter: police also ended the massive search over the weekend in western new york near pennsylvania border declaring area clear after a couple of reported sightings. as the manhunt moves forward police confirmed a second prison employee has been suspended, in connection with the escape. >> he is on leave, he is part
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of the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: police are not releasing details have of his alleged involvement. brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are looking through hotel guest registriness that area for anyone with ties to the escapees who may have stayed there in the recent past. fear of e-coli lead to the recall of bottled water tonight. this is a voluntary recall, covering 14 brand names including, acne, wegmans and shop rite. the affect water was bottled between june 10th, and the 18th, and e-coli bacteria was reportedly found in the pennsylvania spring, although there are no reports of any illnesses right now. we have much more about that recall posted on our web site the address is cbs still to come here tonight, a war of music industry titans. the pop star taylor swift takes aim at apple over its new music streaming service. and she wins.
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we will tell what you this means for artists. also grandparents take over a local university they are living on campus, eating in dining homes and going to class. we will explain why when "eyewitness
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kathy's here now and boy we are starting workweek off with a bang, right it is hot out there. >> it was hot yesterday hot today and tomorrow. first heat wave but it will feel noticeably less comfortable tomorrow. we are talking about heat,
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humidity and heat advisory that will go in effect tomorrow for most of the region. it will feel like over 100 degrees. outside there is a place to get cool, how about poconos big boulder lake looking good this afternoon with a bit of the breeze in the air. water looking very inviting. down the shore comfortable as well we have a westerly wind, land breeze, not good for the bugs. those green head flies like westerly wind but we are looking at a warm day down the shore and board are busy. temperatures are quite warm as well. philadelphia is 90 degrees. allentown 87. poconos 8o down the shore we have warm temperatures as well. ocean water temperature 70 degrees. eighty-eight in ocean city. eighty-eight in cape may. row rebeach delaware 84 degrees. humidity is on the rise. we will start off overnight tonight and slowly rising through tomorrow at noon. going from humid to down right- press i have and that humidity will combine to make
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it feel intense out there and dangerously hot if you are out for a long time. future weather shows clock tomorrow morning we have plenty of sunshine, nice way to start the day. humidity increases. by noon we will see cloud forming and well off to the north and west some showers and storms. by 3:00 o'clock isolated cells pop off and more intense at 4:00 o'clock, 5c he clock 6:00 o'clock and a front clears. we are looking at dryer conditions, and the storm activity will end but there is a risk of severe weather for the region. a slight risk. main threat, damaging wind with this and usually get downpours and the possibility of small hail. overnight tonight mainly clear, warm, low temperature 75. during the day tomorrow high of 94. making it our first official heat wave of the year, afternoon storms will bust the heat and then feel more comfortable. here are numbers to beat for tomorrow allentown record 95. ninety-eight in atlantic city.
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trenton in philadelphia 97. wilmington record 100 degrees setback in 1894. don't think we will beat that one. here's three day forecast, 94 tuesday. eighty-eight on wednesday. eighty-four down the shore. to add this week off you have pick a good one. thursday's high 86. down the shore 82. we will be back with the seven day and looking towards next weekend coming up but first we will tak
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when students at west chester university move out for summer, dozens of grandparents move in for at least a few days. as cherry greg of our sister station kyw news radio tells us, it is part of the three day multi generational bonding experience, on campus.
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>> reporter: with suitcases and grand kids in toe grand pop's and grand mom's are checking in. moving into dorm rooms... and heading to class. as part of the three day experience called, grandparents university. >> we have been in the same room. we take classes together. they learn, they have fun. >> reporter: this is first time grandmother alycia a has had a one on one sleep overtime with seven year-old ela. >> just very excited to be here and we are looking forward to our time together. >> reporter: they will learn rope climbing, wind power and documentary film making as well as radio and television broadcasting. >> it will be fun for this. >> reporter: they will also make new friend while making memories and keep grand dad like raymond coming back year after year. >> we're already seeing ten people i have known from years past. great experience. >> reporter: after three days of classes and dorm room sleep
5:27 pm
overs grandparents and grand kid will walk a across the stage together and part of the graduation from grandparents university. another memory, ela and alycia will create together making their bond stronger for many years to come n west chester cherrie greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> best job in the world being a grandparents. still to come here, unusually strong language from the president as he makes a point about racism in america. plus new developments in the emotional fight over flying the confederate flag in south carolina. well many americans believe they are overweight when in fact they are obese some startling new numbers just released. and new at 6:00, a pennsylvania brewery, plans to honor the late joe paterno, we will tell you who is brewing up the joe pa inspired beer and when it hits store shelves.
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i'm chris may here is some of the day's top stories a freight train slams in the suv that was stuck on the trackness newark delaware. police say this would have been much worse had it not been for two quick thinking officers they have helped the driver to safety just moments before that impact. new lead in the search for escaped killer's david sweat
5:31 pm
and richard matt tonight. tna has linked them to a burglarized cabin in northern new york. escaped prisoners have been on the run for more than two weeks. philadelphia delegation is in rome, they have arrived to meet with vatican officials about pope francis's visit to philadelphia in september. my collogue jessica dean is with them in rome and she will join us again from italy live at 6:00 o'clock. kathy? we are in for more heat and humidity that will peak tomorrow chris. the heat will turn intense and we will have our first heat wave of the entire year. storms fire up tomorrow some could be severe that will bust the heat. it will be much more comfortable by the weekend. that seven day coming up later in the broadcast. thanks very much. president other bam a will travel to charleston south carolina on friday to remember victims of the last weeks church massacre. just days after that shooting the president said the country is not cured of racism and used unusually strong language
5:32 pm
to make that point. cbs news correspondent hanna daniels is at the white house. >> reporter: president obama says leg a ace i of slavery discrimination still casts a long shadow. during a pod cast interview in california, the president said the country is not cured of racism and he used a heavily loaded word to make his point. >> it is not just a matter of it not being polite to say bleep in public . that is not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it is not just a matter of overt discrimination. >> reporter: president spoke just days after a white man opened fire at a bible study at emmanuel ame church in south carolina dylann roofies accused of murdering nine people. president obama says there is no doubt attitudes about race has improved in the last 50 years. he said societies cannot erase hundreds of years of history overnight. in charleston mayor joseph riley has promised to fight forces of racism and keep
5:33 pm
community united but agreed with the president's view even if his use of the n word was jarring. >> i don't fault him for that and he was in a working to make a point. >> reporter: white house says the president was making a point there is more work to be done to wipe out symbols of racism. south carolina is picking up that debate as it relates to the confederate flag. many say such a potent reminder on have slavery should no longer flying over the state capitol. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". indeed late today south carolina's republican governor nicki haley called for that confederate flag to be removed from the ground of the state capitol. this comes a week after the nine people were gunned down at a historically black church in charleston. the suspect in that shooting dylann roofies even in pictures proudly displaying the confederate flag. community leaders in south carolina says it belongs in the museum. >> we are here in a moment of unity in our state without ill will to say it is time to move
5:34 pm
the flag from the capitol grounds. supporters of that flag says it represents those who died in the civil war and southern heritage. advocates for the poor are hoping that the upcoming visit of pope francis to philadelphia will boost their efforts. they have started what is called the francis fund to raise money. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live on the park which to tell us more to tell us more bit matt. >> reporter: less than 100 days pope francis will take to the art museum steps to give the mass scheduled to be delivered here in philadelphia and it is popularity surrounding that event that the organizers of that fund you just mentioned are counting on. when a rock star endorses a product sales usually go up, so if you think pope francis qualifies as a rock star, his endorsement of helping home less and hungry means something. >> the pope's visit is a springboard for mercy and justice.
5:35 pm
it is not a one time act. >> reporter: sister marry skullion a long time philadelphia advocate for homeless is heading up the frances fund a short time fund raising efforts that coincides with september's big visit. >> frances fund will have a lasting impact after pope francis leaves on the lives of those hungry or homeless in our community. >> reporter: over 50 organizations in the philadelphia area will get money for action items think new construction or a specific new initiative, saint john's hospice is one of those groups. >> we sianni feed roughly 300 people a damon through friday. >> reporter: david stories shelter's director. he said feeding the hungry with providing other services gets expensive so group is set to get $15,000 from the francis fund to help with their food operation. >> idea is wonderful and spirit is good but we need money, support to make these programs take place. >> reporter: francis fund aims to raise 1.5 million-dollar
5:36 pm
through and before the pope arrives and they are almost halfway to that goal. in addition to that fund raising organizers are saying they are starting the letter writing campaign. they are urging those members to craft bipartisan legislation aimed at curbing homelessness and hunger. we are live at philadelphia art museum, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much. taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack on the afghan parliament in cab he will. the car bomb, was detonated near entrance of the parliament and several gunman tried to storm that building but they were killed by afghan security forces. in a two hour gun battle. no members of the parliament were hurt but the attack did kill two civilians and injured at least 31 others. search teams have recovered body of a former white house executive chef walter shibe. he was found at the base of
5:37 pm
the hike trail in new mexico. he went missing more than a week ago and his vehicle was located last tuesday. there is no word tonight on how he died, we know shibe worked at the white house for 11 years and served under presidents clinton and george w. bush. a driver is accused of, causing eight crashes after driving wrong way down a highway in texas. juan riveria was arrested on intoxication of assault charges. in saturday's chain reaction crash near san antonio. a fire truck unable to avoid riveria's suv was among eight vehicles damaged in that wild ride. here's what an eyewitness saw. >> just cars, boom, boom, boom, i followed him along. when i saw him come to the stop i jumped, made sure he didn't go anywhere. several people were hurt, in that incident but police say all of them are expect to be okay. good evening everyone, well, traveling right new
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throughout majors it is not as awful as we usually see it, on a machine back to work. a lot of follow accounts are taking advantage of making another good beach day to day. if you are traveling right now, 95, you are commuting in the southbound direction light as awe approach girard avenue. would i say traveling around south philadelphia it is no that the bad. traveling on the northbound end we will have high volume traffic construction zones at girard and cottman. they are two of the worst i would say problem areas on i-95. traveling to and from the area of the commodore barry bridge sun glare is affecting your commute. looking at the schuylkill expressway at 76 not too far from girard avenue. even though it doesn't look awful in either direction. heading to and around the area of center city specifically around vine is where we will find heavier delays and western suburbs. eastbound on the schuylkill out of the area of king of prussia, all the way down through belmont we will be traveling, speed sensors in the teens and we will hit that westbound pocket at city avenue which will affect the roosevelt boulevard. northbound on the boulevard we
5:39 pm
are delayed from the schuylkill out toward broad street. four his your average on the blue route and pennsylvania turnpike. we have eastbound traffic out of the valley forge making your way down through willow grove but be mindful traveling in delaware very serious incident southbound on i-95 at christiana blocking three right lanes and emergency teams are on the scene chris. still to come here on "eyewitness news" it looks like bad blood between apple and taylor swift is over, we will tell you how pop star got the tech giant to change its tune over royalties. a cat hitches a ride on the hang glider, you do not want to miss this video. kathy? you don't see that every day. >> you don't see a heat wave, first of the season is upon us severe weather may bust that heat wave we will look at
5:40 pm
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general mills is making a healthy change to its cereals. the company is removing artificial flavors and colors, and they say that the cereals will contain more recognizable and famine greed consequence to create colors and flavors. 60 percent of that company's
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cereals have already had this natural upgrade but remaining cereals including trix and reese's puffs will be next. general mills says the consumer won't notice a change to the taste. a chance to own a 6200 square foot house for wearily any monday. i one indiana couple is giving their home away. if you want to own this custom built log cabin you'll to have win over the owners with a 250 ward essay on the topic of a life well lived. there is also a 150-dollar entry fee. the home is 45 miles south of the indianapolis and has a pool and nearly 5 acres of property and it can be yours we will be right back.
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well, trending now a big catch for a little girl, ten year-old lily hornish was on a fishing trip with her family in alaska when she ruled in 330-pound hall butt. it is five times her size and it took her about an hour to bring it into the boat. that is impressive. lily caught the fish with the first bait that she dropped and, she cannot take all of the credit. >> i started reeling it in and then my dad helped me real it in and then a big fish came up. >> lily's parents say she has always loved to fish, she has been a angler since four years
5:47 pm
old. hanging on for dear life yes, that is a a cat clinging to a glider. it seems couple flying in the glider didn't check before they took off and only realized in the air they had an additional passenger on board, imagine their surprise. they landed as fast as they could with the cat still attached to that wing. cat is okay but will that count as one of nine lives kathy, i mean, you know, holding on. >> that is amazing. >> they didn't look stun. >> they were very calm. >> the cat on the other hand may have been a little more worried about the situation. >> yeah. >> all is well with that cat. >> we see a nice breeze. >> yes. >> no nice breeze right now it is hot, stifling heat. >> it will get even hotter. we are talking about humidity to add to the heat tomorrow and that will add insult to the injury. peak of the heat is tomorrow. let look outside where it is lovely through our go pro cam here in our center city
5:48 pm
studios looking out beautiful center city philadelphia. we have deep blue skies westerly dry wind, that will be shifting once it goes southwest tomorrow, it is all over. it is heat, humidity, heat advisory and it will feel oppressive. enjoy this evening. it will be pleasant as temperatures will fall through 80's and 70's by late tonight. eyewitness weather watchers are reporting in some heat not as much humidity and break down the shore but we do not have a sea breeze. temperatures will get to the hot ones in mantua temperature 91 degrees. kathy is saying not much wind out of the west southwest at 3 miles an hour. relative humidity 44 percent. she send in a picture in wynonna, we have had some ride amusements up this afternoon. that looks good catch a breeze there. we will take you to delaware new castle county where temperature is 91 degrees. delores says in newark it is hot, relative humidity 50 percent. hot, hot and it will be getting even hotter.
5:49 pm
i want to show you a few photos from our eyewitness weather watchers. we love this one the beach balls, iconic beach balls love those wildwood days at the convention center and look at walter showed up 22 minutes ago some dolphins in delaware and you have to love that. when dolphins in the water jaws not around. take a look at the temperatures around the region, right now our live neighborhood network takes us to bishop eustace prep in pennsauken. temperature 86 degrees. field is busy this afternoon track is as well. some camps going on. wind north at 3 miles an hour. we have a little bit of wind from earlier with westerly wind gusting to 20 to 25 miles an hour. right now in philadelphia 90. allentown 87. as we go to the south here's core of the heat. this is what is moving up the coastal plain. atlanta 94. raleigh-durham 95. we will approach mid 90's tomorrow.
5:50 pm
reason why we have this cold front that will be squeezing the warmth up the east coast. we have an area of low pressure over the great lakes and that is setting off severe wick weather yesterday through minneapolis, chicago right new through detroit this front moves eastward and by noon spotty showers to the west but between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. we will see it moving through a ahead of the front, behind the front refreshing, dryer but still some hot temperatures for your wednesday, and then by the time this high pressure system settles in thursday we will be seeing some dryer weather but here's what to expect tomorrow afternoon in the evening strong to severe thunderstorms. not every where will be seeing intense weather but we will see a line coming through lightening and downpours main threat gusty wind and possibility of some small hail. looking a head to the humidity look at what we will feel like at 1:00 in the afternoon ahead of the front will feel like 103 in philadelphia, by 4:00 with the heat and humidity it will feel like 106 and as we work
5:51 pm
our way through evening those numbers go down. overnight low temperature is 75. tomorrow a quiet morning afternoon when storms fire up, and as we look ahead that heat advisory will make it feel like it is 100 drink lots of water and try to avoid any exercise for an extended period. you you can see our temperatures get cooler, and dryer. especially as we head toward weekend with highs only in the 07's. that is a look at the seven day forecast, chris. kathy, thank you. on the healthwatch tonight new figures suggest that a third of all adults in the u.s. are at a healthy weight. cbs news correspondent daniel nottingham has more on our growing problem of obesity. >> reporter: danielle may say she struggled with the ups and downs of her weight her entire life. >> it seems to be 25 or 50-pound more than the last one was and i don't want to hit 300 or 350 or just not what i want my life to be. >> reporter: new research published in jama internal
5:52 pm
medicine find more than two thirds of americans are overweight or obese. >> we talk about diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity will surpass cigarette smoking as the leading cause of cancer deaths in the united states. >> reporter: researchers found more men are considered overweight, but more women are considered obese. experts say that preventing and treating obesity is critical so maintaining a healthy diet and exercising should be top priorities. obesity surgeon doctor mitchell roselyn says his patients are younger and younger. >> this generation will not out live its predecessor and that is pretty amazing. >> reporter: thirty year-old danielle has decide that had surgery is the best treatment for her. >> i'm young healthy and i don't need to get older and unhealthy, i can be healthy for the rest of my life. >> reporter: she wants to be active and healthy whatever size that may be. danielle nottingham for cbs-3
5:53 pm
"eyewitness news". well researchers a say intervention toss get people more active are key and they add in more work need to be done to get access to healthy affordable food. we know when taylor swift talks people listen and now that people includes apple. coming up we will get inside story on how the pop star got the tech giant to change its policy for reimbursing artists, we will have that story next.
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taylor swift has taken on apple on social media and now tech giant is changing its tune. insider louie ageara joins us from los angeles with more. >> reporter: taylor wrote a open letter to chastised cot for not paying artist force three month free trial. she was heard loud and clear and this is how the company made a swift change in policy. >> you think it is personal, and it honestly isn't a money thing. >> money at core of her social media polite to make bad apple practice become a sweeter deal for artists. >> apple music will be 9.9 9a month and we want everyone to try it. we are making the first three
5:57 pm
months free report. >> ♪ >> taylor's problem with apple was same problem she had with spotify she opposes free streaming. >> reporter: opposing apple's decision not to pay artist during that free streaming trial jim says that it was a strongly worded open letter tight told apple love taylor that ultimately convinced the tech giant to reverse course. in the post taylor said she was championing for all artists, quote these are not complaints of the spoiled child, these are the echoed sentiments of every artist, writer produce inner my social circles who are afraid to speak up because we admire and respect apple so much. we simply do not respect this particular call. >> ♪ >> less than 17 hours later the bad blood was over, with apple senior vice-president of internet services and software eddie cue tweeting quote hash tag music will pay artist for streaming enduring customer's free trial period.
5:58 pm
>> never underestimate the power of taylor, back to you chris. safe bet thank you. catch insider weeknights at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now developing at 6:00, it has happened again for second time in three days, a shooting in the city has left multiple people, including a child injured. we are live from kensington with the very latest tonight. jessica? i'm jessica dean live from rome i will have very latest on the philadelphia delegation's visit to finalize plans for world meeting of families and papal visit. so jessica we are looking at a beautiful day here in philadelphia with deep blue skies and that will change, just like that, heat and humidity moves in, it will be a i been tense and set off threat of severe weather. and a rescue on the rails man escaped, moments before a train, crushes his suv in delaware, we will hear from
5:59 pm
him, and about the officers who came to his aid. developing news at 6:00 o'clock tonight it has happened again. gunshot ring out on a philadelphia street, leaving multiple victims including a child. most recent shooting this afternoon, in kensington. and tonight the search for a gunman is underway. i'm chris may. we will join jessica in just a moment in rome but first all this unfolding this afternoon on east hilton street. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live where this investigation is ongoing steve. >> reporter: chris, obviously it is very early in this investigation breaking details still coming in but if the numbers hold here we are talking about 17 people, including six children injured by shotgun fire, in the past three days, in the city of philadelphia. i want to show you this scene
6:00 pm
take a look you can see where shell casings have been placed, every time a shell has fallen related to this shooting and back beyond that investigators combing through the scene. on the scene here commissioner charles ramsey and we spoke to him about the spat of violence now facing the city. >> it just makes absolutely no sense. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey shaking his head monday for the second time in three days multiple people have been wounded by gunfire including children, in the city of philadelphia. >> obviously it is a problem. it is ignorant. people going around shooting like that, down the street, in the middle of the day beautiful day children get struck. >> reporter: this time it happened in broad daylight. police called to the 700 block of east hilton street in kensington at 2:30 monday afternoon. police found seven wounded four adults and three children with at least one person remaining in critical condition. >> i'm looking for a solo male at


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