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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 22, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> take it down, take it down! >> pelley: message received: late today south carolina's leaders said they want the confederate flag removed from the statehouse grounds. also tonight searchers find a vital clue in the hunt for two escaped murdererrings. -- murderers. swift reversal. an preponderance caves in after a pop star protest. and seeing is believing in the mysterious world of henry kupjack. >> anything that's made by man is easy to copy. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the state that fired the first shot in the civil war may be the last to retire the colors. the confederate battle flag at the state capitol has long been
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the third rail of south carolina politics, even after the massacre at an african american church last week the flag remained at full staff while all others were lowered. state law forbids anyone touching the banner. that left many people seeing red, and late today after 150 years of history, politicians could see which way the wind is blowing now. aixa diaz begins our coverage. >> it's time to remove the flag from the capitol grounds. [cheering and applause] >> rose: the [cheering and applause] governor nikki haley did today what many have wanted for years. >> this is a moment that we can say that that flag, while an integral part of our past, does not represent the future of our great state. >> reporter: republican tim scott, one one of only two african american senators, stood next to her as did u.s. presidential candidate lindsey
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graham. as recently as friday graham defended the state's right to fly the flag. >> this is part of who we are. >> reporter: but today he agreed the flag has to go. >> now after the shooting, there's just no way to keep the flag. i think it's a roadblock to our future. put it in a museum, move forward. >> reporter: the confederate flag began flying on the capitol dome in 1961, in the middle of the civil rights movement. in 2000, it was proved to the confederate war memorial on capitol grounds and is the only flagged that cannot be lowered without a legislative vote, so after the shooting, when the other flags at the statehouse were lowered the confederate flag flew high. since the church murders the outcry against the flag has grown. reverend nelson rivers. >> if you call that your heritage, you have heritage of hate because the flag represents hate, hate of others, especially me as an other. >> reporter: today is just the beginning. removing the flag is not up to the governor. a two-thirds vote of the legislature is required. >> it's time.
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it's time to do my job. >> reporter: state representative doug brannon, a republican, says he hasn't had the courage to submit a bill against the flag until now. >> the switch that flipped was the death of my friend senator pinckney. i've been in the house five years. i should have filed that bill five year ago, but the time is now. >> reporter: suppose who support the flag, like paul graham, the sons of confederate veterans, say the flag is being unfairly targeted. >> if i thought this would change anything at all, i would personally be the first one to want the take it down, but it will not change anything. what it will do is it will embarrass and shame people who had nothing to do with this event, nothing. >> reporter: south carolina's extended legislative session ends this week. scott, the governor said that if lawmakers don't act in time, she'll use her authority to bring them back into session to ensure a vote. >> pelley: aixa diaz as the capitol for us tonight. thank you.
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turns out the confederate battle flag is an option on the license plates of nine states -- alabama, louisiana georgia maryland mississippi, north carolina, south carolina, tennessee and virginia offer sons of confederate veterans plates. that's an historical society that says it condemns race bice. the only state flag left with the confederate battle emblem is mississippi. in 2001 64% of the voters there turned down a redesign. on friday, president obama will deliver the eulogy for the reverend clementa pinckney, pastor of the emanuel church one of the nine killed during bible study last wednesday. in a radio interview released today, mr. obama said racism is "still part of our d.n.a." then he doubled down with six letters that perhaps only the president can get away with
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saying in public. mr. obama speaks for himself in major garrett's report. >> racism, we are not cured of. >> clearly. >> and it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public. that's not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it's not just a matter of overt discrimination. we have... societies don't overnight completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior. >> reporter: the white house said the president did not plan on using the "n" word, but that he had no regrets. it was the first time he has used that word in public as president. but he has not shied away from being provocative in the past. mr. obama used the "n" word more than ten times in his memoir "dreams from my father." he read a passage in 1995 at the cambridge, massachusetts, public library. >> they would have it named for that, too, a name that could
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cage you just as good like paranoid or militant or violent or nigger. >> reporter: historians note presidents truman, johnson and nixon used the "n" word in private conversation at a time when it was deemed more acceptable. the only other known public presidential utterance came from bill clinton in 1995 when he discussed seeds of hate in america. >> like when five children in an upper-class suburb in this country write the hated word "nigger" in codeword in their school album. >> reporter: everything president obama said except for one word he has said before about america's racial progress, the legacy of its tortured past and the work left to do. scott, it appears in this case the president chose language to shock so that he might be better heard. >> pelley: major garrett at the white house. mange, -- major, thank you.
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a 21-year-old suspect is in custody in these killings, and jeff pegues has learned what police have found in his computer. >> reporter: investigators have searched through at least one of dylann roof's computers and have no indication that other individuals were involved in last weekend's shooting. authorities also continue to analyze a 2,400-word manifesto trying to figure out how the 21-year-old allegedly turned into a murderer. officials tell cbs news there is no reason to doubt that roof is the author of the document, which starts by saying, "i was not raised in a racist home or environment." the manifesto was posted to a web site that was registered in february, but roof writes that his world view changed after trayvon martin was shot and killed by george zimmerman in 2012. he found that the web site of the council of conservative citizens had pages upon pages of brutal black-on-white murders. i was in disbelief. roof writes that african americans are stupid and violent and that black-on-white crimes
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are being ignored. someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, he posted before the shooting. "i guess that has to be me." >> the council unequivocally condemns violence or illegality of any time. >> jared taylor is a member of the council of conservative citizens. >> what we present is the truth about race relations in the united states. what people decide to make of that is their business. >> reporter: the southern poverty law center, which tracks hate group, calls the council a white nationalist race group successful in recruiting roof to the radical right. they're also investigating whether roof also posted to a white supremacist and neo-nazi web site. >> pelley: jeff pegues on the investigation for us from the beginning. jeff, thank you. there is a new hard lead tonight in the hunt for two escaped killers in upstate new york. they broke out of a maximum-security prison more than two weeks ago and we have more now from anna werner.
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>> reporter: police started searching the area overnight. by dawn they had fanned out into the woods dotted with cabins used for hunting. the search follows the discovery of evidence at one hunting cabin deep in the 5d ron dak woods. the items were found in the last two days. authorities ran tests and got a d.n.a. match to at least one of the escapees. new york state police major charles guess. >> it's a confirmed lead for us. it's generated massive law enforcement response, as you can see. and we're going to run this to ground. >> reporter: the area is about 22 miles from the prison. restaurant owner terry bellinger told us the man who owns the cabin had reported see manning run away. police interviewed the witness for two hours in bellinger's restaurant. >> he was visibly shaken. you could tell he was out of his element. he walked into camp and there was a water jug on the table
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that they typically don't use at that camp. and apparently there was a jar of peanut butter. >> reporter: he says cabins here are frequently left unlocked because people trust each other but also as a refuge for campers stranded in the woods, but not for escaped murderers. >> you say you're not worried? >> we're all handgun carrier, we have our pistol permits so most of us are pretty well protected. >> reporter: this new search came after police spent the weekend searching an area hundreds of miles from here along the pennsylvania border. scott, there were two reported sightings there in two counties, but police say those were unconfirmed. >> pelley: anna, thank you. today pilots who fly from adulant air have questioned its safety. they say the company has been cutting corners along with costs. kris van cleave has more on this. >> reporter: in a letter to the board of allegiant airlines,
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a board representing the union complains about the bare minimum approach to maintenance and safety. the letter cites 38 potentially dangerous incidents including engine failures, smoke in the cockpit and radar issues. june has seen several mechanical issues hamper flight, including this emergency landing at the tampa-area clearwater airport where passengers had to evacuate the plane using emergency exit slides after smoke was noticed in the cabin. this picture shows passengers standing on the wing of an allegiant jet in boise. they evacuated after possibly seeing smoke outside the plane. the airline is an ultra low-fare high-fee carrier that operates older planes that can be bought cheaply. contract negotiations with the pilots have stalled and the airline calls the claims by the union an effort to manipulate the public. allegiant maintains its safety record is among the best in the aviation industry. in a statement the f.a.a. says when a carrier experiences internal issues like labor unrest, the agency increases its
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oversight of that airline. scott, the f.a.a. did not say whether it found any safety concerns. >> pelley: kris van cleave in the washington newsroom. kris, thank you. there was a brazen attack on afghanistan's parliament today. the taliban claimed responsibility. no lawmakers were killed, but two civilians were and up to 40 others were hurt. here's charlie d'agata. [explosion] >> reporter: live tv showed the moment the explosion from a massive car bomb rocked the parliament building. it filled the room with smoke and panic. [gunfire] outside a siege was under way. afghan security forces battled taliban militants armed with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. the taliban timed the assault just as lawmakers were meeting to confirm the new defense
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minister, masoom stanikzai. police said six taliban gunmen were killed, seven, including a suicide bomber. it comes as afghan forces have been fighting a resurgent taliban that's been taking over new territory in the first summer offensive since the end of u.s. combat operations last year. taliban fighters captured parts of kunduz province and are threatening to overrun the country's fifth largest city and a vital supply route to the north. attacks in kabul have been on the increase, too and while afghan security forces responded quickly today the taliban proved it can still strike at the heart of the capital. in an effort to lure potential recruits, the taliban have launched a 24-hour hot line for afghan forces looking to defect. our colleagues in kabul called those numbers today, scott and the taliban claimed they're
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getting about 20 calls a day. >> pelley: charlie d'agata reporting for us from the london newsroom tonight. charlie, thank you. apple just got a swift kick from the pop superstar. and a pilot is shocked to find this stowaway when the "cbs evening news" continues. nk can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help get the nutrition you need everyday with boost® high protein. join the club at ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection k ills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too.
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apple nothing. apple is about the start a new streaming service. for the first three months it wasn't going to pay artists anything. that changed when one of the biggest names this pop music put her foot down. ♪ shake it off shake it off ♪ >> reporter: taylor swift refused to shake it off. she pulled her latest album from apple's service explaining, "this is about the new artist or band that will not be paid for its success. we don't ask you for free iphones. please don't ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation." apple quickly folded and agreed to pay her and all musicians tweeting "we hear you taylor swift. apple music will always make sure that artists are paid." >> country songwriter roxie dean is among the struggling artists swift was defending. you had 14 recorded songs in 2000 a grammy-nominated song. >> yeah, it was a great time, it
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was a great year. >> reporter: what has it been like since? >> it's a whole different ballgame. >> reporter: over the last decade dean's royalty checks have plummeted. >> i would say i make 3% of the royalties that i used to make. >> reporter: dean and other artists earn so little because so many listeners now get their music through free streaming sites like pandora or illegal downloads. pandora and subscription sites like spotify pay songwriters fractions of a penny to play a song. for instance, pharrell wrote "happy," a pop hit in 2013. in one three-month period, pandora played his song 43 million times. his royalty check was $2,700. songwriters have appealed to congress to change how streaming sites pay royalties. ♪ when i think about ♪
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roxie dncs new hope for better paydays in taylor swift the songwriter who got apple to change its tune. mark strassmann, cbs news, nashville. >> pelley: severe storms are tearing through the midwest tonight and that's coming up next. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess
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introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. >> pelley: severe storms hit the midwest today. winds from iowa to michigan toppled tree, damaged buildings and even crushed some small planes.
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for much of the country it was just plain hot. in phoenix the mercury soared to 108. charlotte, north carolina, hit 99. and in kansas, triple-digit heat had many wishing they could just get out of dodge. surfing history was made in california over the weekend. 66 people crammed on to a giant surf board off huntington beach. that's a world record for the most people simultaneously riding a wave on a single board. the board was 42 feet, which, of course, is as big as a boat. the surfers hung loose for a full 12 seconds. glider pilots do not usually check for stowaways, but maybe they should. look up in the upper right-hand corner. that's a cat which gave the pilot and his passenger quite a surprise flying several hundred feet in the air over french guiana. the furry feline hung on, though, as the aircraft quickly turned around and landed. some ride.
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>> pelley: you might do a double take when you see our final story. it begins with a trip back in time and dean reynolds is our guide. >> it looks like an inviting california family room from the 1930s, or this one the regal hall of a french palace dating to the 16th century. but they are actually amazing reproductions right down to every minute detail, an exacting task if not an exact replica. these are instead miniature masterpieces created by henry kupjack. >> about half an inch. >> reporter: so on this side...
6:57 pm
>> these are the american rooms. >> reporter: year after year his tiny tableaux and those of his father eugene before him have been among the most popular stops at chicago's art institute. >> this is not exactly a living room. >> reporter: the latest, kupjack's elaborately decorated 19th century pullman train car. >> this is probably the fanciest railroad car ever built. >> reporter: at his southside warehouse, the painstaking nature of his creations for museums and private collectors, comes into focus sort of. >> how small can you go? >> we use magnifications to paint china. >> reporter: china dishes? >> yes. anything that's made by man is easy to copy. anything made by nature is a lot harder. >> reporter: in kupjack's world, what equals a foot is an
6:58 pm
inch. >> we start about $1400,000 and go up from there. >> it takes about six weeks to recreate a room, or in this case a 1980s office with a computer and this phone. how long would it take you to make that? >> that took all day. >> reporter: all day? >> all day. >> reporter: fundamentally kupjack says he's an illusionist. >> when you're standing ined from of them, we want the fool you so you think you're standing in a full-sized room. you could have fooled me. dean reynolds, cbs news chicago. >> pelley: small world. that's the "cbs evening news." we're going to leave you with one more look at the stowaway cat. and for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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hugh hefner's ex says the playboy mansion has some deep, dark secrets. >> holly madison's new tell-all allegations. was she nearly driven to suicide? >> living there, i felt worthless. i felt, you know, everyone i knew judged me. >> her fears of leaving. and did hef offer her drugs on the first date? >> i took his act, hook line and sinker. and the post-father's day. >> calling a terrorist, a pig let, and the worst mom alive. >> and other words we can't say on tv. >> definitely not. but we can say what we know about those moving trucks outside of ben and jen's house where we just spotted. and what you don't know about m


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