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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 23, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> now at 11:00 o'clock the heat is on. while storm scan3 tracks a severe storm threat. they'll make for potentially dangerous combination come tomorrow. good evening. i'm chris may. we'll check in with jessica dean on assignment from rome in just a a moment. but first our weather. heat advisory is set to go in effect tomorrow as we approach the first official heat wave of this year. meteorologist kathy orr is watching it all from the weather center now. kathy?
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>> there's no doubt about it chris. it will be an official heat wave. yesterday' highs 91. today 91. going well beyond 90 tomorrow. the average high 85 for this time of year. look how quickly temperatures warm. 7ah we're close to 80 degrees. 82 by 9:00 a.m. by 11:00 o'clock we'll make it to 90 drones the humidity will grow as well that's why the national weather service issued a heat advisory that begins tomorrow at 11 a.m. it will feel like it's around 100 degrees when you add the humidity. so this is what it feel like tomorrow morning. in philadelphia around 82. but look by noon it will feel like 101 in the city. the same in wilmington and millville. by 3:00 o'clock, it will feel like it's 104. so dangerous heat tomorrow. then the storms move in. cold front will move in setting off showers and thunderstorms. severe weather through the midwest today. that will be in our future tomorrow. so there is a slight risk of severe weather for most of the area tomorrow we're talking about showers and thunderstorms the main threat with this will be damaging winds.
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they are quick movers so i don't expect flooding but winds will be the issue. coming up we'll take a look at the seven day forecast. we'll time the storms and in your neighborhood. we'll show you when it will be more comfortable and a significant cool down in that seven day. i'll show you when that moves in in. for now chris we'll send it back to you. >> okay kathy. >> for a second time in three days a gunman opens fire in a philadelphia neighborhood. 10 people including three children were shot in mantua saturday night. today, seven people were shot in kensington and three of those victims were kids. "eyewitness news" has exclusive video of that incident. diana rocco joins us live from police headquarters with more. diana? >> reporter: chris torque night police have made note of the fact that on both occasions the gunman used a shotgun. in the video you'll see panic stricken moments before and after gunfire rung out this afternoon while innocent children were playing on the street. once again tonight children
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are recovering in the hospital and police are searching for a gunman. surveillance video from the corner store shows children playing in the hydrant around 2:30 monday and moments later gunshots ignite panic and the women who grab the children and run inside. as people scatter from the street a man is hit and can be seen falling to the ground. >> like firework. >> we thought it was firework. when we come over here, we see blood. >> what sounded like fireworks were multiple rounds fired from a shotgun boy a mail in his 20s. >> the drug people around here it's not going stop. >> orlando garcia lives on the block and called 911. >> i see one of the guys i walk my dog every day. he was on the ground. he was bleeding real real bad. >> reporter: four adults and three children. two, 10-year-olds three year old hit in the spray of bullets. police recovered the shotgun. a chair and flip-flops are now left in the crime scene where the kids were playing. the second time in three days gunmen use a shotgun to fire on
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a crowd. saturday in mantua barbecue was interrupted by gunfire on the 4100 block of owing danny avenue injuring 10 including three kids under the age of three. >> it just makes absolutely no sense, but i think again it just reinforces what we say. some of these guys don't. >> reporter: detectives combing both crime scenes looking for evidence which may lead them to the men responsible responsible. >> that's crazy. in the middle of the daytime you know, look at what happens. >> reporter: and one man is recovering at temple university hospital. he is listed in critical condition tonight. those children suffered graze wounds. they were taken to chop. police are now looking for that gunman who is described as 5-foot seven and in his mid 20s. we're live outside police headquarters, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right diana. thank you very much. elsewhere tonight a crop duster makes a crash landing in new jersey. "eyewitness news" in pemberton burlington county it appears the
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pilot had to land this plane without a landing gear that. pilot suffered only minor injuries. no one on the ground was hurt. pope francis arrives in philadelphia this september for what promise to be the city's building guest event in a generation. that's why the mayor and other civic leaders are at the vatican tonight to finalize plans. they landed in rome today and so did my colleague jessica dean she files this report tonight. >> reporter: good evening from rome. the delegation arrived here early monday morning. they are here to finalize what are very intricate and detailed plans surrounding the world meeting of families and the papal visit. coming up in september. of course, very big events for the city of philadelphia. and if the delegation will make the most of their time here they'll have to move fast and be focused. the philadelphia delegation arrived in rome monday with specific goals. for mayor michael cal nutter it's about getting prepared. >> every moment has to be planned. understood. contingency developed as well and then also talking about the
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people. of course, how many folks we think are going to come. where they'll be. >> reporter: delegation in rome this week led beside nutter and archbishop charles chaput it includes representatives from the city the philadelphia art diocese philadelphia police department, top business leaders and others. world meeting of families executive director donna for roll says it was important for the coalition to visit the vatican to show it's ready for september's world meeting of families and visit from pope francis. >> the people we're here with, the delegation, these are some of the people who stepped up first and strongest to say we want to help. now those efforts are focused on making the dream of a papal visit a reality. >> we just want to make sure all of those things are in place that we feel good about it. and then, you know, for the next 90 days continue to fine tune and tweet and make changes as necessary again anticipating that there may be last minute changes because you know, the pope is the pope and gets to do
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whatever he wants to do. >> reporter: the mayor certainly right about that. up next for the delegation on tuesday we are expecting a very big announcement from the world meeting of families. we'll of course bring it to you as soon as we hear it. in rome jessica dean cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> and you can look for jessica's reports from rome throughout this week on "eyewitness news". as the poor are hoping their the pontiff's upcoming visit will boost their charitable efforts. they've started the francis fund to raise money to help the homeless and the hungry. more than 50 local organizations will receive that money including saint john's hospice a shelter. >> we need money we need support to make these programs take place. >> francis fund will have a lasting impact after pope francis leaves on the lives of those who are hungry and homeless in our community. >> saint john's hospice expected to receive $15,000 to help with
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their food operations. the francis fund aims to raise about a million and a half dollars before the pope arrives and organizers say they're about halfway to their goal. over the very latest information on the pope's trip and the world meeting of families just go to our website once you're there click on papal visit to see what's in store. president obama will travel to charleston south carolina on friday to remember the victims of the church massacre. the president will deliver the you'll rolling for the church's slain pastor state senator pinckney. in the wake of the mass shooting the president says the country is not cured of racism. and during his interview he used some unusually strong language to drive home that point. >> it's not just a matter of -- it not being blight to say bleep in public. that's not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it's not just a matter of overt discrimination. >> the white house says the
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president was making the point there's more work to go done in wiping out symbols of racism. the state of south carolina takeing up that debate as it relates to the confederate flag today. its governor called for that flag to be removed from the state capitol grounds. photos surfaced of dylann roof the accused charleston killer holding that flag as a symbol of white supremacy. today governor haley says she wants lawmakers to take down the flag as soon as possible. >> my hope is removing the symbol that divides us we can move forward as a state in harmon noon and honor the nine blessed souls who are now in heaven. >> also, today the speaker of the house in mississippi called for the confederate emblem to be removed from that state's flag. well there appears to be a new lead tonight in the search for two escaped killers on the run in new york. dna from both of these escapees was found in a burglarized cabin in the adironadack wounds 25 miles from the prison.
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david sweat and richard matt escaped more than two weeks ago. police spent part of this weekend combing an area hundreds of miles away near the pennsylvania border after reported sightings there. a destructive scene in the rhawnhurst section of the city tonight when a vehicle crashed into a home. chopper three was over the 7900 block of castor avenue around 5:30 tonight. eyewitness told us that the car first hit his car head on and then careened into the home. a woman inside was reportedly stuck between the car and the wall but she was not injured. two people in the car are hospitalized in stable condition condition. well tragedy is narrowly averted in delaware thanks to pair of quick thinking police officers. take a look at this. a 76-year-old man got his car stuck in the gravel right next to railroad tracks on main street in newark. those officers were working security at a nearby bar and saw what was happening. they managed to get the man out of that car just before this
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passing train destroyed it. >> my first reaction was was there someone in that car. >> pretty much as soon as they got there the warning arm started to come down so they were quickly got him out of the car and got him away to safety. >> that driver has told police he's unable to remember exactly what led his car to get stuck near those tracks. but a close call. "eyewitness news" on the mosquito patrol tonight. what can we expect this season? we're in one local neighborhood as they attack those insects. never too early kathy. >> no, it certainly isn't chris. more heat and humidity that contributes to that mosquito problem. coming up we'll be timing these storms. reports of tornadoes and funnel clouds through the midwest. the severe threat is moving our way. i'll have details coming up. and they used to have bad blood. but no more. taylor takes on apple and wins. we'll have the pop star's response to apple's about face comeing up. >> and even though it's summer,
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these grandparents are going back to school and they're not alone. see who they're rooming with when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> it is officially summer and time to be cautious about these guys, mosquitoes. experts say this season could be one of the worst in years. in camden county they're all right on the streets trying get rid of them ton night we rode along with them. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more from cherry hill. >> reporter: it's back to work this summer for camden county mosquito sprayers and the mission is simple. kill as many as possible. we joined a crew from camden county as they set out on the streets of cherry hill to kill these annoying and sometimes dangerous insects. >> this is something that really gets on your nerves when you think about it. >> freeholder leonard runs the mosquito abatement program in camden county. thanks to the rain and steamy temperature the past few weeks expect to see more of these guy the day. >> july, august we know it will be humid.
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usually the beginning of june it gets hot but not really humid in the way it's been so far this year. >> leonard told "eyewitness news" the 2015 season already seems tore more active than in years past. cherry hill resident brian malloy agrees. >> i've noticed them in my house, in the backyard. it's difficult to be out in the patio at night. >> mosquitoes don't discriminate discriminate. eastern pennsylvania has its share of problems. just last week, a mosquito testedtesttested tiff for west viral virus. neighbor spring could shop stop any west neural virus it doesn't hurt to carry something like this in your car. drain standing water. and pay extra attention to those swimming pools. summer just started on sunday meaning annoying mosquitoes could be around for a few more months. >> let's put it this way. i'm certainly not an expert but i hope not, you know. i hope not. >> in camden county david superintendent cbs3 cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> unwelcomed visitor showed up
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on new jersey beach. look at this harvey cedars beach patrol posted this picture to facebook of a portuguese man of war jelly fish. highly venice and potentially sea creature. when the winds come from northeast warm water from the gulf stream can bring these guys our way. they are certainly row minute to always be aware of what's around you when you're swimming in the ocean. maroon five will be the next band to perform on the beach in atlantic city. adam levine and company will rock the shore on august 16th. last year of course it was blake shelton and lady antebellum who perform on the beach. nick jonas and matt mcandrew will open for marine five and tickets will gone on sail on friday. apple is changes its tune after they were called out by the pop star taylor swift. the tech giant announced today that they will pay royalties to artists whenever they're mu psych is streamed on the new
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apple music service. even during the three might have month tree trial period. that change came just a few hours after taylor posted an open letter on tumbler criticizing apple and threaten to go with hold her most recent album 1989 from apple music. after apple announced its policy change taylor tweet i am elated and relieved. thank you for your words of support today. they listened to us. on the health watch tonight new figures suggest that only half of american adults less than half in fact are at a healthy weight. a study published in ga inform a internal medicine two-thirds are overweight or obese. more men are considered overweight but more women are obese. eye obesity surgeons say they're patients are getting younger and younger. >> we talk about diabetes, hypertension high cholesterol obesity is going to surpass sir rhett smoking as the leading
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cause of cancer deaths in the united states. this generation is not going to out live it's predecessor. >> researchers say that the key to battling obesity is to get people to be more active and more work needs to be done to get people access to healthy and affordable foods. when students at west chester university move out for the summer dozens of grandparents and their grandchildren move in. for a few days at least. it is all part of the multi general al bonding experience they call grand parents university. it's three days in all. everyone takes classes together things from rope climbing to documentary film making. it was first time experience for some folks but others come back year after year. >> i've already seen 10 people that i've known for from years past. so it's a great experience. >> just very excited to be here. we're looking forward to our time together. >> well after all the classes and dorm room sleepovers grandparents and grandchildren will walk across the stage
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together as part of a graduation and what better way to start your summer than that. wow. >> amazeing. west chester university just very innovative and fun. grown so much. that's wonderful. >> let's hope they have air conditioning in their dorm rooms. >> back in the day i didn't. >> that's true. absolutely. it's been awhile. >> we're looking at hot and humid conditions across the region. heat advisory goes into effect tomorrow we're talking about heat and humidity combining to make it feel like it's well over 100 degrees. take a look outside where it's pretty comfortable. center city if philadelphia the temperature 80 degrees right now. but the humidity is low. it is going to climb overnight and by tomorrow, unfortunately it will be a sizzler. down the shore catching a break as well some of our establishments still open for business very mess san evening with temperatures in the 70s. right now we're looking at 77 in trenton. 74 in allentown. cool in the poconos. crack the windows. down the shore some 70s. 76 in ocean city. 72 in cape may. rehoboth beach delaware arc
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southerly wind sitting at 78. so we start off the late night overnight with somewhat humid conditions but watch how the humidity rises through about noon. we go from humid to steamy so a pros seive by the afternoon with high humidity and heat as well temperatures well into the 90's making it an official heat wave the first of the year. we'll watch this cold front move in from the west. it is already set off a series of severe weather days in the midwest and now it's moving our way. so much drier air behind it and the clashing of these air masses is going to create the threat of severe weather tomorrow afternoon for us. in the wake of that, drier air for wednesday but temperatures still in the upper 80s. future weather has a good handle on this for tomorrow. noon we're looking at a mostly sunny sky. you'll see that milky white tech cher to the sky because of the higher humidity. during the noon hour, nothing going on by 2:00 p.m. we see some showers and storms bubbling up in the poconos and lehigh valley by 4:00 o'clock the i naval corridor under the gun and then by about 5:00 o'clock, a
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line of showers and thunderstorms down the shore and through central delaware it moves offshore off the delaware beaches by about 8:00 p.m. so this is the timeline. between about noon and 3:00 p.m. the storms hit the poconos and lehigh valley between two and 5:00 philadelphia and suburbs. jersey shore delaware beaches between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. remember if you hear that rumble of thunder bring everyone inside call them on the beach. get out of the water and away from the beach and wait until she's storms pass. overnight the low temperature 75. the high tomorrow going for 94 afternoon showers and storms. the main threat with the storms damaging winds. here's a look at the numbers to beat. the records for tomorrow, 90's everywhere. wilmington the record high 100 degrees. don't think we'll hit that. eyewitness"eyewitness weather" seven day forecast temperatures in the 80s until friday we see a cooler air mass move in for saturday, sunday and next monday. so that's a big switch from the 90s tomorrow to the 70s for saturday. >> i think we'll all be ready
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for a little change of pace. >> i think so. >> i think so. >> need some balance. >> right. keep things balanced. >> kathy, thanks very much. leslie is here now with baseball news on and unfortunately off the field as well. >> unfortunate for pete rose his chances of getting back into the baseball -- at tighe took major hit. we'll tell you why. the phillies offense but on quite a show in new york. franco leading the way for the
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>> phillies take on the yanks in the bronx. fightings ride ago 12 game road losing streak and looking for offense after nine run output again the cardinals. bats still hot. franco on fire. eighth jack of the season. phillies take the lead to the third the yanks have the lead ryan howard delivers a two run single to center. that scores ben revere and hernandez.
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who are then did he say with a double to right field. that makes it six-two. franco with his third hit. game of the that scores revere and hear nan dez. wait he's not done in the sixth crushing this pitch deep into left. fourth hit of the game. first two homerun game of his major league career. five rbi's. phillies with 18 hits. 12 game road skid over. 11-eight the final. >> pete rose stuck to one story he never bet on baseball when he was a player well new documents tell another story. now rose had admitted to placing bets on baseball but only as a manager according to a notebook obtained by esp inform he bet on reds games during his last season while he was an active player with the team in 1986. he's been banned from baseball since 1989 and earlier this year he applied to be reinstateed. the nba draft on thursday. the sixers have that third overall pick and many experts
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think they will take guard deangelo russell from ohio state. they did bring him in for workout. then that report surfaced they didn't want to come here. today he set that record straight. >> the workout was great. um i mean -- what guy wouldn't want to play for any nba team. i never would say anything like that. i know where i'm from and evening what i've been through it would be a blessing to play in the inform ba. >> round of 16 in the women's world cup team usa versus columbia. alex morgan's shot deflected by the goalkeeper team u.s. a takes a one-zero lead. delran carli lied with a penalty kick scores.
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>> new at 11:10 local men received grant money to help build better communities. "eyewitness news" at the african-american museum where black fathers community leaders and businessmen were recognized by the bee me community.
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that is a growing national network of men committed to service. the goal of this group is leadership by example. they look to strength they are their neighborhoods mentor young people and create successful businesses. we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock tonight. we're back on in the morning at 4:30. ukee, erika and katie will be along with you. for lesley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. thanks for being with us. we're always on at stay tuned now for elementary. have a good night. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪
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