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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  June 23, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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and today's tuesday june 23rd, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. stories we're following today: we are in for our first heatwave of the season. and excessive heat advisory goes into effect later on today. and, those temperatures will also bring some severe storms this afternoon. also exclusive video of philadelphia residents running for their lives when a gunman opens fire. we're live with the latest on the manhunt. >> and the search is also on for the driver after hit-and-run who left a man to die. >> katie is up right now. let's talk about what's in store for us, what, a heatwave? >> first of all the heatwave, also the threat for severe weather as well later on today. good morning everyone, we start things off on nice quiet
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note. atmosphere is moistening up, out to "skycam 3" all calm, quiet, morning drive not affect the by the weather except for the sun glare eventually. later today toward the evening rush, the typical afternoon drive, that's when you will start to see some of the storms firing up. let's go ahead take you out first and for most to what's what has already happened temperature wise, what we expect for today. we again are expecting this first heatwave to actually happen here, for the entire year of 2015, first one we've had yet. check the list off here. we have two days under our belt average high eight a degrees, obviously exceeded that in the last two days, today actually the hottest. really don't have any doubt that this will be a heatwave. so there is that. to storm scan, you don't have to worry about anything other than full sunshine walking out the door this morning but already some nasty thunderstorms firing up here here, the frontal boundery the leading edge of it, that will be crossing through our area bringing with it, some nastier thunderstorms backing up to the heat advisory we
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just spoke about, it is only for a handful of counties, but this affect a lot of people. it is the urban core do, along i95, all the of the a scraped gent counties, heat index around the century mark as we hit that typical afternoon height of the afternoon. where you get the most heating. so please keep that in mind, if you are going to go out maybe hit the pool, doing landscaping, whatever it might be, that will be a rough period of time. so, keep that in mind. now, storm timing, generally it is an afternoon-evening event. it moves through pretty quickly, hits the poconos lehigh valley, two to 4:00 p.m., philly, right at the rush hour, isn't that typical? then toward the jersey shore points, delaware beaches toward the tail end of what would be typical evening rush. in the meantime, taking it hour by hour, we expect to see that sun shining brightly. that will warm things up very efficiently for you out there guys. the low mid 90s easily being struck, as early as the early afternoon. with the combined humidity, it will feel awfully oppressive. be careful out there today.
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ukee back to you. >> good advice. here's what's happening in the news, police looking for gunman who opened up into a crowd in a philadelphia neighborhood, the second shooting within days, where multiple people were injured. >> on saturday, ten people were hit by bullet in mantua. and the latest shooting just yesterday in kensington. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at police headquarters with the latest on this investigation. justin? >> reporter: erika ukee, as you mentioned we do have surveillance video of the kensington shooting. the shooter in this case appears to have no clear target. although we do not see that shooter at all. how much what we do see are the victims pin i can as they try to flee the bullet, warning, the video burr to see, some might find hard to watch. let's take you to it now. surveillance video taken about 23:00 yesterday afternoon see kids playing by a hydrant on the very hot day and adult watching nearby. then the attention turns off camera. we can't see what or who it is, but we see quickly
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the adult diving in to take those children into cover. we then see two men make their way back toward what we appear to think is gunfire here, and one is struck and falls to the ground the investigation would span for hours on the 700 block of east ken hilton street in kensington, by days ends, seven taken to the hospital, three children, two age ten one just three years old, commissioner ramsey expressing outrage yesterday. take a listen. >> makes absolutely no sense. i think again it reinforce what is we tell, some of these guys just don't care. they do not care. and any time, any place irrespective who may be on the streets. >> and we do know, a shotgun was recovered from that scene yesterday. again, seven victims, two men who were critically injured 25 year old man with gunshot to his chest, 24 year old man with gunshots to his neck, they are also three children again involved, two adult
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they suffered graze wounds, last said to be in stable condition. police are looking for black male between 25 and 30 years old, about five-seven, with a stocky build. also wearing a red and white tank. and may have had a black handerchief covering his face. back to the saturday shooting in mantua, ten people shot, at a block party there in the neighborhood also, three kids were shot in that shooting. and the shooter in that case had fled, a shotgun also believed to have been used in that shooting as well. police of course still investigating. we are live at police headquarters justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. new this morning police are investigating a shooting in the fairhill neighborhood of philadelphia. it happened around 12:30 this morning in the 800 block of lehigh avenue. police found a man with a gunshot wound to the upper thigh. he has been taken to the hospital. the shooter remains on the loose. >> philadelphia police are searching for the driver in a hit-and-run accident that left a man in critical condition in temple hospital.
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it happened around 9:30, monday night, at the intersection of sixth and erie in the city's hunting park section. victim was riding a bike when he was hit. police say the driver fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind. >> a pilot is recovering from minor injuries after a crop duster crash in burlington county. chopper three over the crash in pemberton yesterday t appears the pilot had to lands that plane without landing gear n1 on the grounds was hurt. >> chopper three also over this crash in philadelphia's rhawnhurst neighborhood. vehicle crashed into a house on the 7900 block of castor avenue. eyewitness tells us the car first hit his car head-on then careened no the home. woman inside was reportedly struck between the car -- stuck rather between the car and the wall but was not injured. two people in the car were taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> a preliminary hearing is scheduled this morning for two philadelphia police officers charged in the 2013 beating after man. officers, sean mcknight, kevin
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robinson, face several charges. investigators say the two officers from the scooter -- knocked him from the scooter and then began to beat him before the arrest. this is captured on surveillance cameras. 4:37. philadelphia delegation is now in it second day of meetings in vatican city. the group includes religious police brass and civic levers. they are thereto coordinate for the pope's visit to philadelphia this coming september. the contingent is led by mayor nutter, who says the goal of the face-to-face meet to go finalize items such as the crowd estimates, the pope's schedule, and of course the daunting security parameters that will surround the pond i have with every move he makes. >> we want to make sure all of the things in place, we feel good about it, for the next 09 dis. continue to fine tune and tweet and make changes as necessary anticipating may be
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last minute changes because the pope is the pope, generally gets to do whatever he want to do. >> the pope is the pope in. >> meetings are underway, jessica dean will be live for us coming up in our 6:00 hour to tell us bore that when we talk to her then. >> president obama will travel to charleston friday to remember the victims of the church massacre, will drift eulogy for the church's slain pastor state senator clementa pinckney. the president says the country is not cured of racism. during ain't view he usual dollars unusually strong language to make his point. >> it is not just a matter of it not being polite to say beep in public. that's not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it is not just a matter of overt discrimination. >> the white house says the president was making the point there is more work to be done to wipe out symbols of racism. south carolina is taking up
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that debate as it relate to the confederate flag. >> governor nicky haley called for that flag to be removed from the state capitol ground. photos surfaced of dillan roof, the accused charleston killer holding the flag as a symbol of white supremacy. want law makers to take down the flag as soon as possible. >> my hope is that boy removing a symbol that divides us we could move forward in the state as harmony we can honor the nine blessed souls that are now in heaven. >> mississippi house speaker called for the confederate emblem to be removed from that state's flag. >> we are now getting a look at the train crash that narrowly missed an driver in delaware. take a look here. seventy-six year old man got stuck in the gravel next to the railroad tracks on main street in newark, two police officers were working security at nearby bar and saw it all unfold. they got the man out of the car just before the passing train smashed right into it. >> my first reaction, was there someone in that car?
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>> pretty much as soon as they got there the warning arm start today come down got him out of the car got him away to safety. >> the driver says he is unable to remember exactly what led to his car getting stuck near those tracks, but thank goodness for those quick thick observers. >> much more ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" summer means sunshine, fun but also mosquitos. he can perth say it could be one of the worse in recent yearsment we'll tell you what one local town is doing about it. >> speaking of summer, we're in for first heatwave of the season. kately tell you how quickly it will be here, what it will feel like today and so much more. we'll be back in just a bit. see you in a
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it is now officially summer, with all of the warm temperatures the fun those pesky mosquitos. >> experts say this could be one of the worse in recent years. in camden county, crews already on the street sprague for the mosquitos mission is i am somebody, kill as many as
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possible. experts say humid temperatures rainfall is the reason we're seeing more of the pesky insect. >> noticed them in my house in the backyard and all and it is difficult to go out in the patio at night. >> mosquitos don't discriminate. eastern pennsylvania has its share of problems, just last week mosquito tested positive for west nile virus in chester county. experts say neighborhood sprague should stop any spread of west nile, but if you are still concerned car a bolt, please, of mosquito repellent. >> that put a stink on one outdoor day the worse. >> i know. >> get a fan blowing and try not to be out at dusk or sunset or sunrise that's about the worse time for that. >> time something right for the storms to get pretty nasty today. the storm prediction sent you are upgraded the risk the way things will time out. so hot day steamy day bright sunny initially at
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least, but it does go downhill. so yes, we have to talk about that of course, but at least starting offer with the here and now what's happening on the area map. and actually not a heck of a lot to track, at the local level right now high pressure yelding for this advancing frontal boundary, offer to the west probably see if to if you are warning just hd. i'll zoom it out so you can see what's happening. the bulk of the storm system in canada. see the rotation with the storm center. here is the trailing front. building the heat. building the moisture all in van of it. and since it is just right with the timing, we end up being in the worse threat zone here, for today's severe weather. so, the storm prediction center since last year has upgraded or enhanced categorization how they categorize potential. we were at slight risk yesterday, now getting more confident when things will actually erupt in our area, since upgraded to enhanced.
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that's the third level of five in terms of the categorization, what this means, though, is that you have got a better chance to see some heavy downpours, very strong wind, small size hail, i can't even rule out isolated tornado. so it bears monitoring. meantime, you can expect to see most of the day especially early on, just feature hot steamy sunshine, but later this afternoon you see those clouds start to build, you hear thunder you head inside. definitely one of the days you don't want to mess around. 94 degrees later tonight we drop to 71. as skies start to clear humidity also drops. while still warm tomorrow, nice day nice summer day with full sunshine, lower humidity, come thursday, sun clouds possibly a shower, storm, not totally sold on that. friday and saturday at this point looking little more dreary. back to you. >> katie, thank you. looking at the sport page now phillies are riding two game winning streak, riding the hot bat after young star in the making. third baseman got the phillies
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started last night at yankee stayed one with his eighth homerun of the season in the first inning. franco was far from being finished. he added another homerun later, a bomb. and drove in five runs, to help the phils end 12-game road losing streak. the phils over the yankees, 11 runs, 11 to eight. well, the in. ba draft just days away, your philadelphia 76ers hold the number three overall pick, experts say the sixers could take ohio state guard de language owe, but there were some report russell didn't want to come here. now, he is setting the record straight. >> the work out was great. i mean, what guy wouldn't want to play for any nba team? i would never say anything like that. i mean, i know what i have come f i know what i've been through. would be a blessing just to play in the nba. >> that young fellow is very good. to the rounds of 16 at the women's world cup in edmonton, win or go home in the so-called knock out round. team usa gets the first goal against columbia a later delran's carli lloyd scores on
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the penalty kick in the 66 minute. they win two-nothing play china in the quarterfinals friday. let's go usa. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning big recall involving bottled water. >> first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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time for a check on business news. >> wendy gillette joins us from the new york stock exchange jill, hearing there is an update on the birds flew epidemic. waist going on? >> the bird flu is behind the increase in egg prices, egg prices are soaring some restaurants raising prices on items like omlets, sometimes drop egg dishes altogether. it is because of the bird flu virus that wiped out chickens. the department of agriculture says national egg production
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in may fell six and a half% from last year. in iowa, the nation's egg producing leader production fell 28% from last year. >> could you tell us about the latest company to go natural all natural just in time for breakfast? >> reporter: au natural, i make it sound sexy, dropping artificial flavors and colors, tricks and reese's puffs will be the first to be changed. the company says by the end of 2018, 90% every it products will have no artificial ingredients. ukee, you are the only person in the world who could make cereal sound sex. >> i he makes oatmeal sex. >> i have some frosted nation, ya. >> little brown shoeing smash. >> all right, thanks wendy. thank you take care. >> it is still early. >> it is. >> our apologies. this morning, fears over e-coli contamination over water. >> covers some 14 brand
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nation including acme, wegmans, shoprite. affect the water bottled between june 10th and the 18th. e-coli bacteria reportedly found in a pennsylvania spring though there are no report of illness right now. we posted more about the recall at our website >> well, still to come after a short break, traffic and weather together on the
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>> blank 3:53. all eastbound lanes still closed between 76 and broad street from overnight construction. another camera we've got i95 near cottman avenue, traffic moving nicely right there in both directions at this time of the day. and, taking a look at the maps right now all westbound lanes are block on route 422 at route 100 in pottstown just a heads up if you live in that area due to downed wires that occurred from an earlier accident. all eastbound lanes previously closed but they have reopened. we'll get another traffic and weather update after our
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5:00 hour. right now drive it like it's hot because it is, it is. >> you're too funny. haw. it is how ukee spells hot. >> thank you thank you. >> thank you traffic marshall ukee. right now looking at pretty quiet weather on storm scan3 not too much happening out there at the local level. that's all set to change as we approach the later half of the day, afternoon early evening this guy rolls on through. doesn't that look menacing? you'll have most of the day featuring just steamy sunshine, and couple of clouds, i want to quickly walk you through future weather, in fact starting things off at 7:00 a.m. nothing to show you on the radar, as we approach the early afternoon see things starting to bubble up? it doesn't look like much. when the cells form, they could definitely pacca punch of severe weather. and with them rolling through at the height of the typical afternoon, early evening rush hour, the timing obviously less than ideal. see how one really starts to fire up over cape may county later today.
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it is all out of here later tonight, though, but this afternoon is not looking ideal. with heavy downpours the biggest concern lightning wind and even tornados, low risk granted but it is a risk. so pretty much throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you with this particular storm threat here today. and in the meantime, it is hot out there. folks, starting offer on very warm note, scorching 94 degrees later today feeling more like triple digit heat, now that we start to see the humidity creeping up on us. so there will be heat advisory takes effect at 11:00 a.m., essentially for i95 and the immediate vicinity, by tomorrow, still warm granted but the sun is back with much less humidity. much nicer summer day. ukee, back over to you. >> here is a look at some of the stories sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. committee of the historical commission will way in on a developer's plan for a ten story apartment building in the heart of old city. new study shows many smokers may have undiagnosed chronic
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obstructive pulmonary disease also copd. and even though it is summer, grandparents are going back it school in a three day experience called grandparents university. check in two three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> grandparents you. >> indeed. cherri gregg has that report. >> coming up this morning on "eyewitness news" it will be dangerously hot in our area today. katie has more on the heat advisory coming up. >> also, seven people were injured yesterday from a shotgun fired in kensington. we have exclusive surveillance video of that attack. >> and skinny jeans may be uncomfortable. but a new study shows they could also be bad for your health. more on that when we come back. good morning.
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good morning, family, get ready for some intense heat today. excessive heat advisory will be in place later on. those temperatures are going to bring some severe storms probably this afternoon. >> and, some exclusive video right here of the frightening moments when a gunman opens fire in kensington. seven people were injured. the violence we're seeing in the city so far this summer. and, big news out of rome this morning we now know some of the big acts at the world meeting of families when the pope comes to philadelphia in september. >> want to get back to the heat and those storms. they will be a big problem today. >> no doubt about. that will right over to katie to see what's up. >> really sort of classic forecast for what we expect, guys when we see these kind
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of patterns evolve. the building heat, the building moisture, followed up by a frontal boundary that is passing through, and when it comes through at the timing it is expected to come through today. it ends up bringing you some very nasty thunderstorms so, at the moment, not too much happening here on storm scan3 let me just zoom out one time, though. oh yes, you have scary looking thunderstorms actually firing up around the cleveland area, moving along at pretty good clip here. they bring very heavy downpours, frequent lightning whole slew of other threats for our area, eventually, with time. now, here is a heat advisory goes into effect as of 11:00 a.m. so it is not out there yesterday. -- yet. if you have outdoor activities you want to get in i say get them in now before you start to really see things spike on the thermometer. heat index values are expected to spike in fact, to near triple digit territory if not actually into the triple digits. please take care here today. drink lots of water. avoid the strenuous activity at the height of the day most specially, and take it easy, you know, this


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