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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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cool, dip in the pool, definitely the way to go. good afternoon i'm chris may. jessica is on assignment in rome. we will see her in just a moment. but first severe thunderstorm watch which is now in effect. lets get the latest from kathy with her eye on the storms now and storm an three kathy. >> these storms have pick up in momentum moving east at 35 miles an hour and at that speed, chris they should be in philadelphia by about 6:00 p.m. you can see the line extending from reading all the way down toward maryland and if we zoom in you will see all of the lightening associated with these storms moving through reading, berks county, lancaster, long the turnpike earlier sagging south and as we count all of these lightening strikes, we are talking about close to 500 strikes and this continues once again to have move toward the east. at this speed we're talking about a severe cell right here in berks county moving east at 35 miles an hour. we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for montgomery county because of that cell, that severe cell will be in pottstown by 5:01.
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lower providence by 5:38 and norristown by 5:48. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for montgomery county, into the next hour or so. until about 5:45. and it does, including exiter pottstown royersford and even into pennford and lower fredrick. if you live in this area and hear that thunder bring everyone inside and wait until this severe storm passes. severe thunderstorm watch has been extended because those storms slowed down earlier today so it is extended until 11:00 o'clock tonight. main threat significant downpours, damaging wind. is there a threat of lightening but really not any hail and we're not expecting anything in the way of tornadic activity that is good news. chris did say a heat wave today. it is official. it does feel like around one hundred degrees every where and we will expect additional storms with heavy downpours right into the evening hours at least until 8:00 o'clock in the philadelphia area and extending down the shore
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longer. that is latest from the weather center we will track those storms right in the evening, chris. >> we will see new a minute. thanks. look at damage this same storm system caused in illness, yesterday. there were at least five tornadoes that touched down in the north central part of that state. this particular video from coal city, illinois. today crews spent the day walking through that ruble. many buildings were destroyed but good news is no one was seriously hurt. well, now to the latest on search for gunman who opened fire on a kensington street corner injuring seven people, this is exclusive video of that chaos. now one of the victims from this shooting is speaking to "eyewitness news". our steve pather on joins us live from police headquarters with that and more, steve. >> reporter: chris, victim we spoke to did so just after being released from the hospital. shrapnel that shotgun blast still lodged in the back of his head as evidenced in the video we are about to show you far from the only person in
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that community recovering and as a warning video may be a bit graphic to watch so use some discretion. >> watching that video is tragic. >> reporter: it is silent and merky but one thing this surveillance video of monday's kensington shooting makes perfectly clear terror, take a look at this exclusive video obtain by "eyewitness news" as shots ring out you can see a woman scrambling to secure several children before a man running for his life is gun down, his body left limp. >> police say at 2:30 monday afternoon an unidentified shooter came to the busy 700 block have of east hilton street and started unloading shotgun round into a large crowd. seven people were wounded three kid, and four adults. shooting victim sean jones is one of them. >> my head was shot off but i'm glad it wasn't. >> reporter: kensington shooting is second time in three days that multiple people including children have been struck by shotgun fire in philadelphia investigators are
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looking for a shooter in mantua after ten people including three children were wounded in a separate attack saturday night. >> that is a different level of violence. >> reporter: the community activists have been a civil rights leader preaching peace in philadelphia for more than 45 years. he believes violent crime is a problem of poverty and lack of job opportunity but he also says that the community can take action right now. >> we got to get rid of these guns. these guns are kept in these houses. people talk about single mothers, single mothers need to do house checks. >> reporter: when six kid are shot in three days, someone needs to speak up. >> they need to step up and tell who did it. somebody in that community knows. >> reporter: some good news now, i just spoke to philadelphia police and they tell me that all victims from saturday night's mantua shooting have been cleared and released from the hospital and they are now at home recovering and all children from yesterday's kensington shooting has also been cleared, released and are at home recovering.
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search for both shooters, continues. reporting live from philadelphia police headquarters i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". steve, thanks very much. dramatic scene on the cooper river today a frantic race to rescue a driver from his sinking car played out and now we're hearing from two women who happened to be at the right place at the right time. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in collinswood with more, cleve. >> reporter: chris that driver lost control and right here. the tire tracks show where it went into the river off the bank and fortunately there were several brave women who jumped in right after that driver today they spoke to "eyewitness news" in a tv exclusive. >> i thought i cannot let her go by herself. >> reporter: one self less act led to another for monica and maury, they and a they can woman met at cooper river park for first training session in the breast cancer awareness walk in support of the mutual friend. then they saw a commotion the
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bank of the river and minivan in the water. >> i went, well, we have to go in. >> she just went in. sat down and took my shoes off, and followed her in. >> reporter: no shoes actually helped her reach minivan first. inside adam nicely who may have suffered a seizure and was barely conscious. >> i could see him in here and water was coming up his chest. >> reporter: woman swam around the sinking minivan but moving success in opening the door. two collinswood police officers also entered the water. >> i was panicking because he was under the water and we didn't have the door opened. >> reporter: moment after nicely's head under water his door popped over. >> his door just popped opened. >> reporter: miracle maybe. >> i don't know. >> reporter: now nicely is recovering, he has yet to meet two women who saved him but i'm sure he would call them his heroes. >> i don't feel like it was brave. i didn't feel like my life was at risk i felt like his life was at wrist. >> i knew i could swim and i would want someone to save me
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in that situation. >> reporter: spokeswoman for cooper university hospital says adam nicely wanted to talk with us but he was not up to it. he should be out of the hospital tomorrow. as for his rescuers they say if he want to meet them and thank them they are more than happy to meet n collinswood cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news" i'm guessing he will, cleve, thanks very much. police continue their search for hit and run driver who critically injured a cyclist in hunting park. this happened last night at intersection of sixth street and erie avenue. the driver's truck was abandon near that scene and police tell us they do know hot owner is. very big names in the world of music will be in philadelphia for the pope 's trip in september. that news came out of rome where philadelphia delegation is on a visit to the vatican. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean is there to cover them and she joins us live from rome with the very latest jessica good evening. >> reporter: good evening, to you chris. from rome where it is just
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after 11:00 o'clock at night we have had a big day here. this is first full day for the delegation here in rome and in the vatican. they wasted no time especially when it came to the world meeting of families. they made a big announcement is too who will be performing at festival of the families and they say get ready for a show. >> ♪ >> reporter: famed italian tenor andre botchily will jones juanes and philadelphia orchestra on stage at the festival of families in philadelphia september 26th. mayor michael nutter says it is unprecedented. >> now i love jay-z and beyonce and of course, philly's own house band the roots but is there something quite magical about the idea, the thought the visual of pope francis being on stage in our city, with andre botchli, juanes and philadelphia orchestra all at the same time. >> reporter: philadelphia orchestra and president and
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ceo allison vogelmoore claimed the philadelphia acclaim orchestra will perform during the papal mass that sunday. >> to be able to welcome the world to philadelphia, to show that all of that come home to philadelphia where the culture and arts are so strong, it is an incredible responsibility and tremendous honor. >> reporter: much of the philadelphia delegation here in rome gathered for the announcement at north american college, including archbishop charles chaput. >> we want the world meeting of families to be a very human experience and not simply a religious one. it is much broader then a church. >> reporter: chaput said he and members of the delegation will have have a opportunity to visit with the pope on wednesday. >> one of the privileges of being a bishop is i get to meet with the pope every time i'm in rome, actually. a lot of attention to the bishops here. i have a chance to shake hand with him and tell him why we're here and introduce him to some of the folks that are along with us. >> reporter: that was just this morning. later this evening early in
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the evening around 6:00 o'clock rome time the delegation, members of the delegation met with the pontiff california council for the family. now, they are partner in the vatican, in planning the world meeting of families and they say they spent so much time together at this point in all of the planning that they were making people honorary members, of philadelphia they are making them honorary philadelphians. you can see this delegation very close to the vatican delegation. they know they will have to work right in touch with each other in order to pull this off with an estimated one to 2 million people heading to the city of philadelphia for both world meeting of families and the papal visit. certainly a big day here. coming up at 6:00 you heard the philadelphia orchestra will play a big role in all of this. they will be center stage what does it take to get them ready. we will talk about that coming up at 6:00. >> looking forward to that. big day tomorrow, papal audience is on tap, what should we expect for that. >> reporter: well, you heard the archbishop talking about
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hopefully a visit with the pope. we don't know exactly what that means where delegation will be seated or what exactly will transpire but we promise you this we will be there to see it and we will bring it to you, chris. >> jessica dean live for news rome with or without jayz it will be an incredible event here in philadelphia. we are looking forward to it. jessica, we will talk to you at 6:00. thanks very much. in camden today people came together to paint a mural honoring the visit of the pope. this is one of the several paint days hosted by the mural art program to complete this mural which is said to be more than 4200 square feet. you can make your own plans for pope's visit by going to cbs when you there are click on the papal visit to see is what in store for this historic philadelphia event. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00, sean didty combs ace rested following a fight with his son's football coach and wait until the hear the weapon he is accused of using.
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also hollywood is mourning a well men composer tonight oscar winner known for his music in movies from titanic to field of dreams and brave heart. he is dead following a small plane crash. we will have the latest from the scene. you know that feeling of regret the second you hit send? well, you may now be in luck, we will tell you how a new unsend button can save you some problematic situations. we will be right back.
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we have sent the cbs-3 mobile weather lab out in the storms tonight. we are looking live at amity township in berks county. severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for the area until 11:00 o'clock tonight. kathy is tracking storms for us and we will talk with her again in less than ten minutes from right now. oscar winning composer james horner is feared dead tonight have after a plane registered in his name crashes. the faa says this happened yesterday near santa barbara california in the pad drays national forest. crash killed the pilot of the plane but it was in the clear if horner was behind the controls. his lawyer says no one has heard from him since that crash. >> we believe it was his plane. we don't know exactly who was piloting the aircraft and what i can tell you is that the rescue crews have responded to the accident. they were unable to identify the victim. >> the 61 year-old horner won two oscars for his work on
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titanic. he scored blockbusters like brave heart, a beautiful mind and avatar. other sad news from hollywood tonight dick van patton has died at the age of 86. he is best known from the father from the 1907's tv show eight is enough. he appeared in several movies and on broadway. in 2009 he published a memoirs called 80 is not enough, most recently dick van patton appeared in the episode of hot in cleveland. well, p diddy is arrested for allegedly assaulting a college football coach. the insider's says that it started when the coach yelled at diddy's son hoist a player. louie joins us from l.a., louie. >> diddy's arrest is trending. tonight we will go inside the football fury as he gives new meaning to his moniker. we are left wondering if he is a helicopter dad or hell on wheels. >> he is overwhelmed. he is a helicopter parent.
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parents can be when their kid play sports. >> reporter: after hovering over his 21 year-old justin ucla bruins practice yesterday, the helicopter allegedly came crashing down, in a confrontation that ended his arrest. daily chris fargo explains how it all unfolded. >> monday morning diddy went to his son's football practice where one of the coaches was riding his son hard. diddy went to his office. he was on the phone. he said i don't have time to talk according to sources and that is when he flew off the handle. he swung a kettle bell himself or someone in the program. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured after after posting $50,000 bail diddy was released. his representative calls it wholely inaccurate and confident that the case will be dismissed. >> yeah, yeah. >> the life, love. >> he will a appear in court on those charges july 13th. chris, back to you. louie, thanks very much. we will have much more on
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this story and days entertainment news on the insider tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. well, still to come on this broadcast skinny jeans fashion statement or health threat. one woman collapsed while wearing them. we will tell you why she spent four case in the hospital. and then fly with iron man, swing with spider man, smash with the hulk, thinks all part of the marvel experience and it is coming here, we will give you a look behind the scenes, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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kathy is here now serious business out there lots of storms, all out to the west but they are coming this way in a hurry. >> we have severe thunderstorm warnings posted for our counties. we will get right to that. we have been bus think afternoon tracking those storms and now heat and humidity we are seeing storms firing up and dumping a good amount of rain. now lets go to our live mobile weather lab this is in douglass township near pottstown and you can see rain coming down heavily in berks county there is a severe cell in montgomery county, chester county and lab will be heading that way as well. you can see traffic headlights, kind of at a stand still in the other lane because of the heavy rain. so thanks to our photographer jim and also the mobile weather lab out in the storms, this evening. you can see our observation on the eyewitness weather watchers at bottom of the screen. lets go to philadelphia and
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boat house row where it is quiet where there is heat and humidity camera shaking with some strong wind ahead of the cold front that is setting off the showers and thunderstorms on storm scan three you can see this line, just picked up speed, moving east at 35 miles an hour. think about how fast it is driving in a car and all of this moving east/south east and a lot of lightening a associated with it. heavy downpours and flood advisory posted for chester montgomery counties because of the heavy rain associated with this. we have hundreds of lightening strikes, downpours, and also the threat of some very strong, and damaging wind. now as we zoom in i will show you all lightening a associated with this in chester county and take lightening off. you can see heavy rain and is there potential for damaging wind as well. moving east once again pretty fast at 45 miles an hour. it picked up 10 miles an hour in the last hour or so. it will be in tredyffrin by about 5:35 haverford on the main line by 5:50.
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philadelphia by 6:02, and trenton by 6:18 p.m. this is just in from the eyewitness weather center a tornado warning has been issued, for central chester county, lets take a look at that until 5:45, doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado and you can see we are indicating some rotation over to the west there, and this severe thunderstorm was located over downingtown, or 7 miles west of west chester moving east at 35 miles an hour. now the areas in the path of this potential tornado west chester, coatsville, downingtown, chester springs valley forge paoli lionville, radnor township, melbourne, also, thorndale devon berwyn, exton and chesterbrook. now this you can see when we take off radar you can see intensity and when we look at radar in different mode, reflectivity mode you you can see the precipitation moving toward and away from the
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radar. we will look at that as well. this is area that we're talking about tornado warning in effect for central chester county until 5:45, doppler raid are a indicated a a rotating thunderstorm that could produce a tornado. a act now. go to the basement or interior room of your home away from the windows and wait until this storm passes. thinks area we are talking about central chester county near downingtown. moving east at 35 miles an hour, and on that path the storm will be near norristown at 5:00 44, up are darby by 6:03. philadelphia by 6:12 if it continues in the presence form. tornado warning once again for central chester county. the area that we're talk about is west chester coatsville, west town, downingtown chester springs valley forge marshallton, paoli lionville radnor township just to name a few. steve, lets go back in the
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sensitivity mode and we will look at the radar. look at different colors moving toward and away from the radar toward and away from the radar ande what we call reflectivity and intensity as well. we are indicating some rotation right here and that is where we are picking up, on that doppler radar indicated cell. as it continues to move east. tornado warning in effect once again for central chester county until 5:45 this afternoon. we have a lot of lightening and a lot of rape but real problem is going to be damaging wind associated with this rotating thunderstorm. it is doppler radar indicated but we are talking about wind in excess of 70, 80 miles an hour if this is confirmed but damaging wind for sure in this particular cell. if it continues to move east we're talking about the area impacted mainly chester county moving into parts perhaps of the delaware county and norristown, lower merion at 6:08, upper darby at 6:19.
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we will look at the height of the crowd we are talking about thunder clouds with this extending well in atmosphere, thousands of feet to create the lift, in these particular storms, up draft and down draft, and then that rotation in the atmosphere that we need to create one of these rotating thunderstorms and tornadoes. so these typically do have a narrow path associated with them but very heavy rain and once again damaging winds so please if you are in the path of the storm go to an interior room of your home and wait until these storms pass. once again tornado warning has been issued for central chester county, doppler radar indicated this finding rotation in a cell, you cane doppler radar indicated rotation right here in central parts of the chester county moving east at 35 miles an hour. we do a track on this we can look at the hail that is possible with this, typically you have a thunderstorm, showed some rotation and then
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hail, frequent lightening and those are indications that the rotation will be moving in next. this is the area that we're concerned about right now west vincent, you can see along route 40, along 76, very heavy rain little bit of the dot right there of intense rain, rain rate with this inches an hour. it is very difficult to see other than via doppler radar. if the storm continues to move eastward it should die down and weaken but we will track it a as it moves toward philadelphia and our suburbs. once again tornado warning in effect, go to the basement or interior room of the home away from the windows and wait until this dangerous storm passes. doppler radar indicated tornado is when we looked at doppler radar precipitation wind moving toward and away from the radar and when you see those two moving together it is indicating some rotations. and staying away from the
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windows and we will continue with alerts, on cbs-3 and the cw philly. that washing will continue until 5:45 this afternoon and other counties involved but we're talking about central chester county. steve if we can zoom in on the area we're talking about towns, west chester coatsville downingtown chester, moving toward the main line, and you can see this area that we're looking at when we look at atmosphere the height of the clouds with the lift, associated with the up draft and down draft of the thunderstorm, and that rotation, that we begin to see, it is clear we are looking at chester county, possibly moving toward the east towards montgomery county, and this is the area of that severe, that is doppler radar indicated. we can turn this and we can slice atmosphere in half, how high these cloud rise and give an indication by the cloud height rising 20 or
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30,000 feet. wife say severe cell where rotation begins and that is what the doppler radar indicated on storm scan three. as we continue to track this storm the area of concern through caln, moving eastward a along 76 we saw norristown in the path of the storm also near paoli along the a main line route 76, malvern coatsville thorndale devon berwyn area a a lock route 202, also exton and chesterbrook. if you live in any of these regions a tornado warning is in effect for your area. doppler radar indicated the rotation of the thunderstorm, that could create a tornado.
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if we can get back to the regular radar here, if there was any hail indication here or anything else that will indicate where this storm is and we can zoom in on the particular neighborhood. here's the very late that he is we're talking about that tornado warning in effect for chester, cities, tredyffrin, west chester west goshen, people affect over 300,000 people, in our suburbs the storm scan three and we can see it in red. and superimpose, over it. this is where heaviest rain
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is. this is where doppler indicated rotation is. once again as we take a look at our hyper sensitivity reflectivity mode. steve, if we can go back to the doppler mode we can show the exact location, so where you see the wind meet, precipitation meets, that is what we're talking about that clashing of those different direction that is actually create that rotation. so once again this is moving east at about i think it was 45 now 35 miles an hour,
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downingtown is the original location but it will be in tredyffrin by 5:40. lower merion by 5:59. and in the weakened form in philadelphia by 6:13. typically the storm weakens become severe, we still have potential, on the radar when doppler radar indicated originally forms. originated near downingtown moving east at 35 miles an hour. the main line, 76, 202 impacted impacted by this particular storm with lightening, rain so heavy you have to pull over to the side of the road. tornado warning in effect once again for central chester county into eastern chester county, and that is until 5:45 this afternoon.
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we have 3,150,000 people in the path of this and lightening covers the entire county of chester county and moving into a delaware county a and philadelphia county and even extending the heavy rain, and, damaging wind potential into montgomery county and you can see rotation right here as well, to the south so we will keep an eye on that cell as well. so typically we will see heavy rain, we will see thunderstorm form, up draft and down draft create ago this severe weather. it is a towering storm develops then you typically see hail and next thing you would see war a rotation of a then are storm. that is what we have this afternoon. indicated by doppler radar at national weather service tornado warning is in effect for potential tornado in central chester county moving east at 35 miles an hour. right now heading toward tredyffrin, along the main line, of philadelphia, route 202, 76, getting in highly populated area of the schuylkill expressway, heading toward norristown, once again
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these areas affected by the potential, heavy rain and damaging wind associated with rotating thunderstorm possible tornado. that tornado warning in effect until 5:45. we have a few more minutes left of this warning. this is area of concern you can see west whitefield right here extending route 40, also, as you move further east this is hershey mill but very heavy rain. we are looking at rain rates in this region i would say of two to 3 inches an hour, and as you can do rain rate on this three to 4 inches an hour here associated with this. it is not only damaging wind but prolific lightening and potential for some flooding, flash flooding, when you have some heavy rain. typically this is very pro aggressive and fast, but some storms have slowed down quite a bit. let's zoom out and talk about the area once again. we have a tornado warning in effect chester county until 5:45 and you can see all of the highways impact, 202 30,
5:35 pm
route 76, easttown as well, extending toward the main line, and heavier rain will move towards norristown, and 476 into the northeast extension. on storm scan three we have been watching these cells develop. it is a line of showers and thunderstorms, some severe. it is associated with a cool front, warm humid unstable era head of the front. front moving in from the north and west. behind it dryer air. this is line we're talking about extending from montgomery county through chester county down through cecil county, maryland. once this passes through we will lose that impact, or threat of severe weather. right here this is the hail indicating that where the storm actually formed. we have the genesis of this potential tornado over central part of the chester county and you can see these hail indicators that large hail actually formed in these storms as well. so forecast, came from lancaster, into central
5:36 pm
chester county and this is where the storm actually developed, that rotating thunderstorm. there is a signature of the severe weather right through the central part of the county through west chester when the storm formed and continues to move on to the east so verifying this severe cell, could reach tornadic potential. as we move on toward the east you can see areas impacted by this severe cell, along 476 heading toward philadelphia, the time line was for this heavy rain and potential for those damaging wind in the city of philadelphia, by about 6:00 o'clock. still pretty much on track. you can see norristown by 5:40. up are darby 5:58. it will be a severe thunderstorm by that point. philadelphia i think very heavy rain, strong gusty wind within the next 15 or 20 minutes associated with this but we are under a tornado warning and we will keep going with it until the national weather service says that the threat does in the exist any longer. if you look really close you can see where this green meets
5:37 pm
the red through wind, away from the radar that is area have of concern that is where we have the potential for rotation of the thunderstorm. right here near tredyffrin. that is where we could potentially have this tornado at this point and it is moving east at 35 miles an hour. so road, involved obviously are 76, 202 heading toward king of prussia mall, this is area that we are concerned with. we are looking at these towering storms, going very high in the atmosphere so this is the area of concern. that is where a warning is posted for moving east at 35 miles an hour and you are talking about wind that are at least 60, 70, 80 miles an hour or greater when we have this type of storm. as we try to cut atmosphere in half and see it in 3-d mode you can see how high these clouds are these cumulonimbus that form the thunderstorms and miles long. if you took a ruler and extended you are talking about 30 miles 40 miles, 50 miles
5:38 pm
long, when you extend this storm from montgomery county all the way down through chester county and into lancaster county. here you can see how high cloud tops are for these cumulonimbus clouds, 50, 60,000 feet. jet stream at 30,000 feet. that is where planes typically fly. these storms building well into the atmosphere to have the strength to create this type of severe weather. so as we continue to track this storm once again, we have a tornado warning in effect for central chester county until 5:45 this afternoon. you can see the line a very heavy rain associated with this through montgomery county chester county also a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 11:00 o'clock tonight for potential for a additional severe thunderstorm. severe thunderstorm warnings for bucks burlington, camden and philadelphia, this just came out until 6:30 this afternoon. number of people impact about four and a half million
5:39 pm
people, once again so severe thunderstorm warning for bucks, burlington, camden, philadelphia counties, until 6:30 this afternoon. we're talking about the same cell that will be this particular storm this complex, that could have spawned a tornado. that tornado warning still in effect for chester county until 5:45 but one system continues to weaken there is anticipation it will be a severe then are storm and will impact philadelphia, delaware county chester county and even bucks county. so even though storm weakens it is strong enough to create at least 60-mile an hour wind as it continues to move east. lightening associated with this just in this little square we're talking about 500 strikes approximately, the lightening damaging wind, heavy downpours creating concerns for flooding, a lot of rain falling in a very short period of time and right down here, steve go over a little bit to the southwest you can see in downingtown some very heavy rain and
5:40 pm
potential for damaging wind in this area along 282 route 30, extending a little bit towards the east, and very heavy rain, i would say 5 inches an hour in these particular downpours and as we widen out you can see how wide this area of real estate is. you can measure from pottstown down through chester county the miles of real estate that we're talking about many people commuting driving through this area with torrential rain and potential for damaging wind. we can anticipate some damage with this, trees down potential power outages because of this particular cell this complex that is moving in. it is moving quickly as well, about 22 miles from the city. we anticipate in 20 minutes it will be in philadelphia. a lot of lightening associated with it and of course biggest threat all afternoon has been damaging wind. tornado warning continues until 5:45. we have five more minutes, and then severe thunderstorm warning will take over. it will be in norristown by
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5:53 merion by 6:09. philadelphia by 6:20. camden by 6:25. so this afternoon tracking the potential for a tornado tornado warning has been issued for central parts of the chester county moving east ward at 35 miles an hour. so please make sure everyone is inside until these dangerous storms pass. if you live in montgomery county delaware county, philadelphia county, even on the other side of the river into camden county know that a severe thunderstorm threat is imminent within the next half an hour or so-so please make sure everyone is inside and waits until these storms pass. any afternoon activities, practices, these storms are definitely going to make tonight to new jersey as well and that is why a severe thunderstorm warning has been posted for philadelphia, and into south jersey. on storm scan three we are keeping an eye on potential rotation, and you can see, through abington and also as you cross over toward lower providence we have some different returns here, trying to find a location of the
5:42 pm
rotation and right now we are seeing a little bit near coatsville, which would indicate weakening rotation of this potential tornado. thunderstorm wind damage in west brad forward township. multiple reports of trees down in the path of this storm. once again doppler radar indicated potential for a rotating thunderstorm that could create a tornado and we have confirmation of thunderstorm, winds damaged in honey brook multiple reports of trees down and in western chester county, also blue bell a funnel cloud was reported, the funnel did not touchdown. so we will continue to follow that, talk to the weather service to see if they have any confirmation of the funnel cloud at 5:00 p.m. many storm reports coming in as a result, if you see anything or have heard of anything in your region please let us know on twit error cbs, give us a call. we will track this for next couple minutes. you can see through coatsville moving eastward lightening
5:43 pm
prolific. it is moving toward philadelphia probably 15 minutes away and hear rumble of thunder. we have a tornado warning in effect until 5:45. about two minutes. do i think national weather service will a allow it to expire, we will see but then it will be a a severe thunderstorm, a line of severe thunderstorm that are plowing in moving east at 35 miles an hour and at this speed they will be moving right along the line along 76 into philadelphia within the next ten to 15 minutes and its suburbs before then. if we do a track you can see towns impact lower merion at 5:56, upper darby at 6:03. philadelphia by 5:15 at very latest and cherry hill by about 6:30. we're talking about wind in excess of 60 miles an hour in some spots which could take down trees and potential power lines in some areas not every where and bring very heavy rain to the area, also frequent lightening associated with this cell. once again a complex of severe storms associated with the
5:44 pm
cold front moving on through. national weather service indicated on doppler radar some rotation and thunderstorm and potential for frontal cloud or tornado. between now and 8:00 p.m. in the philadelphia area we have gusts up to 60 miles an hour, downpours up to a half inch, and matter of minutes and potential for flooding, flood advisory in effect for chester county and montgomery county for heavy rain that has already fallen and potential for more rain into the evening, but this is the main event, the storms that are coming through right now ahead of this cold front are the severe storms after that a few more are possible. so once again storm scan three, we will take a look you can see line of showers and thunderstorms moving through the region, heading toward philadelphia within the next ten or 15 minutes and tornado warning almost allowed to expire within the next minor so but line of severe storms will continue right along i-95 corridor and between now and 6:00 p.m. that is latest from the eyewitness weather center we will be back with more news after this.
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kathy just got through 20, 25 minutes of a tornado warning. it has expired but the threat is still very real. >> now it has been downgraded but very see just severe then are storm warning for many areas and counties, line of severe weather and our live local weather lobbies driving through more dangerous area in valley forge chester county, montgomery county, delaware county, philadelphia county all in the line of the severe weather threat. mobile weather lab encountering heavier rain and you can see very slow going traffic, because of the storms, that are moving through. now on storm scan three you can see the line, this is very impressive. especially to be able to catch this while we're on the air. we only have what one and a half hour window of news this afternoon and here it comes
5:53 pm
like a freight train a lot of lightening, hundreds of lightening strikes, downpours that could create significant flash flooding and now you can see the line moving east ward, we will zoom in and actually track this we also have rotation indicated to the south our and nothing doppler radar indicated just yet but we are keeping an eye on this and there is a possibility of that severe weather lingering. severe thunderstorms are moving east at 35 miles an hour. we have been talking about philadelphia around 6:00 o'clock and it looks like it is right on time, i should say 5:58, storms will be in philadelphia. by 6:20 in trenton moving east very quickly and if you take a look from north to south, over a thousand lightening strikes just in our region of the delaware valley. that is pretty significant in itself. this is a line of severe storms. we have already had reports of some trees down, even a funnel cloud spotted in blue bell but, of course, national weather service will to have
5:54 pm
verify. that edge of the rain moving into if ill a right now. a lot of lightening associated with this. we have a line of severe thunderstorm. see heavy rain. severe thunderstorm warnings in effect on the pennsylvania side you can see letter parts of the montgomery, even through philadelphia, through delaware county now extending into new castle county and south jersey this until 6:30 this afternoon. so chris, we are in it, and we're going to be in it right through the end of our newscast and of course we will follow it and break in if anything significant additionally happens. >> kathy, thanks very much. we will check back with you as needed. a young australian woman has become first victim of skin jeans. the 35 year-old lost the ability to walk for four days after she apparently spent too long squat nothing her skinny jeans. queens cut off blood flow to her calf muscles and caused a woman to collapse due to numbness and swelling. this is the first reported instance of skinny jeans
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causing damage to the lower leg, according to a case study written by the woman's doctors. be careful of those skinny jeans. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 you can fly with iron man, swing with spider man, and fight with the hulk, it is the marvel experience and it is coming to philadelphia next. and when you bundle your home and auto insurance through progressive, you'll save a bundle! [ laughs ] jamie.
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get ready to unleisure inner super hero starting tomorrow an interactive adventure awaits at lincoln financial field called the marvel experience. visitors will see lots of explosions, and over the top special effects all designed to drop you right inside the middle of the world of marvel alongside iconic characters from the comic book empire. this opens tomorrow and it runs through july the fifth. it looks like fun. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00 we will continue to have our eye on the storm kathy? something just into the weather center, thanks, steve. severe weather update. is there a tornado warning for camden county, gloucester county and burlington count
5:59 pm
until 6:30. we will track it on storm scan three. if you live in the area of camden, gloucester city, cherry hill, evesham, mount laurel stay inside and wait until this dangerous storm passes tornado warning in effect for your region. we will track the storm throughout the newscast. lets go to storm scan three. we will show you area that we're talking about on storm scan three that tornado warning once again just issued until 6:30 this afternoon. and this is a severe cell and if we can get campbell's field cam, ready, i know it is technical issues here. i just looked at it. i said to steve steve. and, sky looks green it is a serious indication. it takes on a greenish hugh you can see the
6:00 pm
this was issued to second ago. tornado warning in effect for northwestern camden county, north central gloucester county, and western burlington county, until 6:30 this afternoon. it is a doppler radar indicated tornado it means a rotating thunderstorm, is capable have of producing a tornado. it was 8 miles southwest of gloucester city, moving east, at 50 miles an hour. at this stage and by 6:36. a mulika by 6:52. i will read off the towns that could be in the path of this storm. camden gloucester city, cherry hill, evesham, mount laurel deptford, voorhees, west deptford, lindenw


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