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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i'm erika von tiehl. this is what people are waking up to this morning trees littering the ground after last night's powerful storms. damage is staggering this morning. >> that it is. >> storms caused power outages right now. peco is reporting 187,000 outages and says that some customers, for them, power won't be restored until friday. atlantic city electric has nearly 160,000 outages. >> more than 50,000 pse&g customers in the dark as well, del marva has more than 27,000 outages. national weather service... >> i said tornado warnings but, then came with a 15 minutes and was here and gone. >> reporter: what did you see did the skies get dark, was it raining. >> the wind was blowing wind was really blowing hard, and then rain. >> the national weather service may rule sometime today whether or not a tornado touched down in south jersey. many of the deptford mall described what sounded and looked like a tornado that
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ripped through a mall parking lot and barreled towards them. the trees snapped and sections of the mall roof were sheared off. now the national weather service, once again may rule on that sometime today. managers at the deptford mall say they will be back opened for business at 10:00 a.m. getting around town could be a problem for people riding the rails this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch continues our team coverage at the pennsylvania co's collinswood station with more on the travel problems, justin good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning. a lot of people changing their routine. several rail lines working to recover after those storms just yesterday. take a look at the parking lot collinswood. not many cars out here. the trains still on the track the station is dark and this is all after that storm yesterday, and also, too this will not be up and running until after the morning rush hour. we will take you to video of the same situation at the pennsylvania co's ferry avenue stop, you can see that
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station is there all lock up and all dark. we are expecting perhaps that services could be backup and running as soon as after the morning rush hour at tenor 11:00 o'clock this morning. that storm blew in during our evening commute just yesterday and down tree limbs and forced road closures and that trickled down to delays at 30th street station. we spoke to one south jersey ride shore said for many hours he was stuck in philadelphia. >> i'm stranded. the speed line is downey believe, and this train is down as well and we're waiting for a bus to go down to atlantic city. there is in bus. i understand is there only one bus that makes the whole complete loop from lindenwald down to atlantic city and then back. >> reporter: that passenger said he had no choice but to wait for that bus. he expect to get home by 4:00 o'clock in the morning. back out live as you can see
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there is no hustle and bus until this lot. many people appear to have gotten the word that service is disrupted or suspended for the patco line. septa is blaming the storm for delays to ease service as well. there are suspensions for their rail lynn including pay yoel media fox chase and norristown high speed lines. we're told that buses to the chester transportation center will be suspended until those routes can be resume. that should take sometime before you head out again check out with septa as well as patco and new jersey transit. we are live from collinswood justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets get over to vittoria for more on the traffic problems vittoria. >> justin did a great job breaking everything down. we will break it down through texts, show you this graphic. make a mental picture and follow us on twitter. we will have this as well. lets go down every single one for you. amtrak running on time.
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good news there they had suspensions yesterday but back to normal. patco suspended. new jersey transit is cross honoring. new jersey transit atlantic city rail line has been suspended. media elwyn and paoli thorndale line has been suspended between only between thorndale and malvern. services are available between malvern and center city. fox chase line also suspended norristown high speed line is only services only to the radnor station and many of our septa buses as well will be terminating at certain points. or only making certain stops. with this in mind even though we are listing a few buses throughout the neighborhood you will have problems because you have down trees and down wires and all sorts of the down things on the ground from yesterday's storms. so make sure that you are giving yourself enough time this morning. also we have this road hazard which is route 70 at main street. all lanes block because of the down traffic signals. your best alternate is church road. we have down wires on the eastbound side route 70 at springdale road, two right
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lanes are blocked and good news is that right now for some of our majors that we're not dealing with rush hour just yet. you definitely have sometime to give yourself more wiggle room if you are traveling right now at 5:05. however, if you you are trying to commute on the westbound side of the vine it is closed because of construction or eastbound side of the vine rather between the schuylkill and broad street. so just lots going on today. but it seems to be that weather-wise maybe mother nature is taking it easy to day. >> thank goodness. price we had to pay for quiet weather we have out there today, vittoria. yeah, we have high pressure on our side. you can see full sunshine and thankfully lower humidity as well. we will go out to storm scan three to pick up on nothing out there which is lovely to see, even still to find very heavy thunderstorms and pushing away at this point now out to sea. that is what is left of the very nasty frontal boundary. in the meantime due points have started to drop off. i wouldn't call it oppressive. we will get rid of that banner
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for you. we are seeing levels drop off. we will see how they will drop from the 60's to the 50's from south to northeast and hour by hour we have nice weather unfold. full unshine across the board here. still warm in the mid 80's here but we expect that humidity to remain nice and low for you. eventually we will end up with a pattern change here. that is where we will break down our headlines much nicer day to day. we will track one systems ushering in a much cooler pattern for us looking forward to the upcoming weekend. we will have more details on that, as we move through the show ukee, back to you. another hard hit area from last night's storms, delaware county. that is where jane carabao is standing by right now for us, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning. we are in hard hit chester heights, delaware county where i'm standing in the pitch black this morning because the power is out in this area and peco is reporting that mourn 90,000 customers alone in delaware county are without power this morning. and, they warned that in the hardest hit areas like this
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one it could be until friday before power is restored but take a look at the video. this is what is causing these problems this morning. there are just so many down tree branches that are littering the road after last night's storm, they have taken out power lines and in this neighborhood you can see a storm took down a 250 year-old tree and it came crashing down right on someone's house. now we're told there was a man at home at the time who had to be helped out of his home and was taken to the hospital for evaluation last night and there were similar sites all across the delaware valley. the storm down trees making some roads nearly impassable. stop lights were taken out by tree branches and many of those not damaged remained in the dark this morning because of power outages. now peco is working around the clock to restore power crews are asking for patients but know it is frustrating to be in the dark, back out here live in chester heights you can see we're standing in the pitch black this morning. this is a down power line just down the road so folks here in chester heights need to be
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very, very careful and of course we will continue to follow the work and crews try to restore power in this area ape throughout the delaware valley. for now we are live in chester heights, delaware county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are getting a lot of pictures of the storm damage. check this out. we had a lot of down theresa cross the area these are a few of the pictures sent in with the hash tag cbs-3 storm thank you to everyone who sent those in. fit is safe to take a picture, in a is the big part, if it is safe, you have aftermath of the storm maybe a down tree, down power line take a picture and tweet us using the hash tag cbs-3 storm and you might see it on tv later this morning f you know someone who does not have power shoot them a text. they can still watch "eyewitness news" on their smart phone, we will have updates on the power outages storm damage, all of that available at cbs right now you are looking live at the vatican where the
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weekly papal audience in st. peters square is wrapping up. the delegation from philadelphia is taking part as well. let's show you video from the audience just a few minutes ago, is there the pope, philadelphia archbishop charles chaput tells "eyewitness news" that the delegation will meet pop francis afterward. jessica dean is with the pope in vatican city. please stay tuned for that. you can make your plans by going to cbs just click on papal visit to see more about this historic philadelphia event. new this morning a fire fighter is rush to the hospital after getting hurt battling an overnight fire in elmwood. "eyewitness news" on the scene of the 6300 block of wood land avenue, you can see that storm front is badly damaged after that fire. we're working to find out how the injured firefightser is doing. the city of philadelphia is offering a huge reward in connection to recent violence resulting in a dozen people being shot. the mayor's office is offering
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a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gunman who opened fire in kensington on monday. seven people were injured in the 700 block of east hilton street. last saturday ten people were shot at a block party on the 4100 block of ogden street. $10,000 reward is also being offered in that incident. happening today boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will be formally sentenced to death. he will be given an opportunity to address the court but it is unclear whether or not he will take it. victim impact statements will be read at the sentencing. judge will then formally impose the sentence. saying good bye in south carolina we will let you know about the tribute happening today to the nine souls lost in the church massacre. also, we are continuing to monitor the damage from the power outages as well from last night's storms, we will have an update on the effort to get everyone's lights turn back on. katie says it will be a much better day to day. she's updating the forecast.
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we will do traffic and weather together on the other side. good m
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we're back with more damage from last night's storms. what you are looking at is upper merion montgomery county yesterday. a tree crashed down on a car on gulf road, now fortunately that driver was not hurt. but those stormy conditions led to power outages all over the place. here's updated numbers for you. peco reports almost 200,000 outages, those are mostly in chester and montgomery counties. ac electric has about 160,000. pse&g 50,000 and del marva 27,000 customers still in the dark right now. some customers might in the get their power back until tomorrow or friday. now four people were hurt when a building partially collapsed as that storm moved through our area.
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this is 300 block of east allen street in fishtown. eyewitnesses say a construction crew was working on that building at the time of the collapse. just past 5:13. lets get traffic and weather together. lets start with katie. at least a clear day to day. >> count me among those thousands of people that lost the power from the storm. so thankfully those storms are now out of here and yes there is clean up to do but weather will be cooperating at least if you have it clean up from the debris from the front yard or just got to get to work. traffic will be a big issue but weather will not be. a as we look at storm scan three you can see we have a got this frontal boundary retreating out to sea. in the last few hours we have had violent thunderstorms across earn most virginia. that is pushing out to sea. thank goodness, good riddings, lets get rid of the thing. high pressure in place in the meantime. off to the west you can see bubbling up, nothing terribly organized just yet but this is side of things to come. we will have a significant
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pattern change this week. when heat has been build ago cross eastern two thirds of the united states eventually not one but two separate systems come to bring our temperatures back to some cooler levels here. we're talking about 70's down the road which is funny it is not necessarily cool but cooler by comparison. seventy-six on saturday. seventy-four on sunday w2 separate systems we will end up with wet weather here as early as tomorrow late in the day and especially offer night and then showers friday, i got to tell you guys, starting to come together more saturday may end up being a pretty soggy one still a few days away but we will keep an eye on. that so much just depend on the track of the next system but it could be a soggy saturday. >> yes. >> yes indeed. >> break in the action for sure. >> commute is affect by that storm last night. >> i was going to say the action i think is on the roads. even when i was driving here i could have swore on aramingo i saw a billboard that had fallen before the 95 entrance.
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>> really. >> it was crazy. >> tons of down trees. >> all along harbison avenue, turns into aramingo out of the northeast there were tons of down branches and just debris all over the place. you will not only experience that on the highways and byways but throughout the neighborhood as well. i wanted to start with good news, you guys. come on, give you something out there. >> let's do it. >> lets look at ben franklin bridge, you will notice it is a beautiful shot of the ben n delays in either direction at this point. i have an update on the burlington bristol bridge. at one point they were experiencing lane closures. they have reopen the bridge. that is at least back to normal. but again take in this beautiful shot of the ben because even on our majors it is still nice out there however, as i mentioned at the desk and i will mention to you once again be mindful of debris because you'll find it out there. lets go down our mass transit checklist because we have a lot to talk b amtrak running on time, patco suspended but new jersey is cross honoring.
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here are a few other suspensions. ac rail lines media elwyn line paoli thorndale line is suspended but only between thorndale and malvern. service is available between malvern and center city. also as we continue we will take you to fox chase line is suspended, norristown high speed line, services only going to radnor station and many septa buses are terminating only at certain points and you will find, probably at least a few detours throughout the neighborhood. give yourself more time. call ahead. make sure you stay with us here for very latest. new back to the desk vittoria, thank you. bad news for chocolate lovers we will let you know why you could to have pay more this summer to get your sweet tooth fixed. >> don't like this ukee. >> i see that. >> in the one bit. >> how is this for multi tasking dad he made that bear handed catch while feeding his baby. wonder how mom feels. >> wonder how that player feels about that. >> see how his spectacular catch ended up hurting his favorite team. that and more when we come
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right back.
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the grocery stories helding a job fair for 350 new jobs, at stores across the philadelphia and south jersey areas. today's job fare runs from 9:00 to 6:00 at aldi on macdade boulevard in collindale. starting pay is $11.25 an hour. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report and here's cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: job market is stabilizing, which is encouraging more people to reenter the labor force. they joined millions of currently employed workers delaying their search until conditions improved. if you have been out of the job hunt for a while here's some search mistakes to avoid. number one don't delay your search because it is summer and you want to head to the new jersey shore. ask yourself whether or not you are in a position to take
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off two months and whether you are willing to risk missing a great opportunity. don't limit your activities to on line only. face-to-face informational meetings still work. and you should spend time on sites like indeed or linkedinto educate yourself or build or expand your network. being specific about what type of role you are seeking. ask your contacts if they can refer to you someone at the company before you apply. and finally be reasonable when it comes to using your network. nobody like a nud ge so limit your acts and be mindful of your contact time constraints. i'm jill schlesinger for
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after a busy night of storms we are a seeing a clearing morning. >> thankfully he yes, we will see a beautiful sunrise and beautiful day in general. we will have a beautiful afternoon. warm granted but a lot more comfortable. we did officially my friend make it the first heat wave. not just of the season but of the year 2015 and we will hit 95 over achieved by a degree yesterday. here's where we stand right now. it is a lot cooler by comparison and less humid. sixty-nine in both ac and philly international. we're shooting for 86 today. still summertime warmth, vittoria but sun and comfort that come with this storm makes for a really good excuse to get outside. a lot of clean up to do too. >> tons of clean up. we will talk about that all morning. even as you head out and about, notice throughout the neighborhoods you will have debris all over the place. branches. down trees. let meet get right down to it. vine street expressway
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entrance from the schuylkill expressway, a has been reopened, if you are trying to get to i-95 or throughout center city. we have good news here traveling in either direction of the schuylkill and even on the vine you are good to go. but we have a run down to get to. if you need to use mass transit this morning because you will to have restructure your commute. amtrak is running on time so you have good news there patco speed line has been suspended however. new jersey transit will be cross honoring so there is an option. ac rail line has been suspended, media elwyn paoli thorndale line which is only suspended between thorndale and malvern. services are available within malvern and center city. that is a bright spot if that is where you are headed. norristown high speed line is running services to radnor station. we have many september buses that will be terminating at certain points. also city avenue at 66th all lanes are blocked because of a down tree. this will be a headache, this morning. so lancaster avenue is your best bet there ukee.
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vittoria, thanks very much. there is in word so far on funeral services for long time sixers stat genius and great guy harvey pollack. it was because of harvey the nba tracks blocks, steals, offensive rebound turnovers and minutes. he started with the warriors back in the day from the 40's and has a ring from every pro basketball championship won by orioles and sixers. he was score keep inner wilt chamberlain's 100-point game. harvey was involve in a very serious car accident in january. he is survived by his daughter linda and son ron, four grandchildren and six great grandchildren. harvey pollack was 93. baseball news now phillies taking on the yankees this afternoon but chase utley will not be in the line up. he is on the 15 day disabled list with inflammation in his right ankle. phillies called up darren ruf to take up his place. last night another offensive outburst by phillies including first major league long ball by cameron ruf rookie, miguel
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franco continues continues to hit the ball, very hard. he had a home run and five runs batted in for the second straight night. phillies beat yankees 11-six after a long weather delay for their third straight win. lets check out this play, at the doctor's cubs game. a dad holding a baby reaches out and grabs himself a foul ball. the dodgers successfully argued that the cubs interfered with adrian gonzales but batter was called out. >> yes indeed. >> pay back. >> they thanked him for a their out and they had fun with him after the game but great play, but, we will bring the glove, got it. >> the little baby's legs is flying and mommies right next door. >> exactly.
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>> but, interference was called. and they did get the out. but everything is cool. coming up next on "eyewitness news" race for the white house is growing more crowded we will let you know latest candidate jumping in the field today jan? >> reporter: an example of the power of the storm century's old tree falls during high wind and heavy rain crashing in the home and injuring the home owner i'm jan carabao live on the scene with more of the destruction straight ahead. we will see new a bit. also a police officer cheats dirt during a traffic stop and that is not the only terrifying crash for that department. vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the three's. right now you patco says services will not be up and running until after the morning rush. vittoria helps you get to work this morning. we will be right back.
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