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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 24, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning this morning many people are getting ready to clean up the mess from last night's damaging storms. trees ripped out from the front an hundreds of thousands of people still do not have power. delaware county sustained some of the heaviest damage, number of trees down on the cars. >> they will have their handful cleaning up the day all of the debris today. many people will to have do without electricity as well. lets check with "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao to see how things are in your location jan? >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. it is impress turf see the power of a storm. this is a century's old tree here, just off lou he will inn road in chester heights that has fallen in to a house and sliced it in half. some branches remain on top others have just come right down through the home. we are told a man was at home
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here at the time at the height of the storm when this tree came down. he had to be taken out of his home and taken to the hospital to be evaluated and recovering. if you remain here on the scene, all of the branches from this century's old tree, we're told 250 years old. back part, shed, garage of this structure and this house is is completely gone. you can see all the way inside. just here in the front even the carries gone as well, all branches taking out this suv as well. not only will these homeowners to have deal with the destruction of their home but their car as well. this is a similar sight all across the delaware valley today, just coming here, there were many tree branches in the road on louelan road is there down power lines down the road as well. this is an entire area without power right now in hard hit delaware county, peco says that more than 90,000 customers remain in the dark, and they warned that those customers in the hardest hit areas, could remain without
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power, until friday. they do have crews working around the clock however back out here on, the scene live, you can see how much work they have to first clean up the down branches and then fixed the power lines. they warn it could be days you could remain in the dark but they have some 200 local contractors out here working around the clock doing the work and they ask that you be patient in the meantime but they know it is fridays straighting. we will continue to follow this story and show you more destruction in delaware county. live from chester heights jan carabao cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in your morning commute involves the rail, check your ride. patco ways they will in the be up an running until after the morning rush. engineers are working to rear store services after severe storms income out power. those storms also shut down or delayed amtrak services too. "eyewitness news" spoke to the passenger who said power issues left him trapped on the train for hours.
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>> at least twice as long as usual. there was no electricity. it was hot. it was really very stuffy. there was no water. the toilet where is non-functional. people got conflicting information. >> frustrating. new jersey transit will honor patco tickets septa's also having some issues, you want to check with them before you head out the door. we are checking with vittoria in a moment. she will have the latest on the, travel issues a lot of damage from those storms. we have had some storm reports coming in. >> we absolutely do. we have a huge slew of them. we could not possibly show them all to you but thankfully it is that, calm after the storm. >> nice day today. >> absolutely, yes. >> we will talk about that in a second. i want to take you back in time to show you some of the things that happened yesterday. this is a very short lived. trees down in medford. fishtown had a house collapse. philadelphia at international airport we had 72 miles an hour gusts and new castle 66-mile an hour gusts reported.
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those wind meant business, far calmer by now current wind speed we are not even at 10 miles an hour. look at the direction of that wind speed too guys, northwesterly flow, so not only has the wind wound down, but the humidity is getting swept away as our frontal boundary does the very same thing. high pressure is brief liz taking control here. storm scan is empty thank goodness, taking a look off to the south. we're still seeing heavy rain and violent thunderstorms erupting here in the last couple of hours but they are far removed at this point. now thankfully, mostly out to sea which is gra it to see. our die planner featuring plenty of comfort, full sunshine across the board. it will be a nice day. the thing is, you know, it is still salt in the wound for all of the storms that came in last night. we have a lot of clean up but at least vittoria, the weather will cooperate for so much of that clean up to day. >> that is good news for peco workers, tons of power outages, we have down poles and lights. we have lieutenant to talk about as katie is mentioning.
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but for rush hour right now rush hour isn't too awful. we will talk about that too. lets start with 95. 5:36 this morning. we don't tend to see too much of the rush until 6:00 o'clock or 6:15, but considering how the road are looking i'm in the surprise that had folks are heading out earlier, to be mindful that they may encounter a delay or two because of the debris even throughout the neighborhood. a as we take a look the at southbound side of i-95, we have a slow down around cottman as folks are rounding the corner here. keep that in mine. but all of our majors are still running and averaging speeds at 55 miles april hour. i will step out of the way because i want to shout out to backyard fence and take a look at this picture here. thinks a down traffic light here and a earlier down tree. this is on city avenue at seventh first. it has been cleared but thank you for that eyewitness account and letting us know. you will have a view in neighborhood like this. not too far away city avenue at 66th, all lanes are blocked as a result of the down tree.
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your best alternate toys take lancaster avenue. tons of these situations are happening all over the area take in the mass transit checklist as well. you will need to know this to restructure your commute. amtrak running on time. patco suspended and a few other suspensions. paoli thorndale only suspended between thorndale and malvern. services between malvern and center city is a available. i will put this on twitter able many more updates. follow me at vittoria at cbs-3. >> thank you vittoria. 5:37. in business news this morning the next future mode of transportation. >> why check latest getting more expensive. money watch's jill wagner joins us from new york at the stock exchange, hi, jill. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. erika, i feel your pain with the chocolate prices. i get it. well, start with greece, investors are waiting to see if greece can strike a deal with the creditors. time is running out. yesterday dow jones rose
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24-point nasdaq six points higher but it closed at another record. ikea workers are getting a race. furniture stories bumping minimum pay for second year in the row and it will be $11.87 an hour which is more than $4.50 then the current minimum wage. it will impact about 3,000 ikea employees. chocolate prices could be going up, again. dry weather in africa is shrinking the cocoa supply which has sent the price up 12 percent this year. there is more demand from countries like china last year when cocoa prices climbed chocolate makers, hiked prices roughly 8 percent. and back to the future is a look to reality. lexus is now working on a real whoever board, the company posted this video on line, in one has been riding the whoever board called sly but it appears to be a inch or two above the ground. lexus says, they zoom.
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>> if you are not getting flash bags to back to the future i don't know what you are thinking about it. >> very cool. love it. >> thanks, jill. 5:39. today a viewing in the south carolina state capitol will take place for state senator clementa pinckney. he was one of nine people killed by a gunman inside a south carolina church last week. he joined the south carolina legislature in 997 and was for of emmanuel african methodist episcopal church charleston where that deadly shooting took place. get ready to add another name to the crowded field of the republican presidential candidates. louisiana governor bobby jindal is expect to join the race for the white house this afternoon. the 44 year-old jindal is in his second term as governor. he was once considered a rising star in the republican party but pole numbers show he has a up combat will. jindal will be the 13th republican date running for president and we are still waiting to hear if governor chris christie will jump in as well. only ten candidates will be invited to the first debate in
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august definitely a crowded field. before you walk out the door we are updating today's top stories including very latest on the aftermath of last night's storm. our nicole brewer is having a fun day down the shore this morning nicole. >> reporter: erika, it is shaping up to be a marvelous dau here in the wildwoods coming up, we are live from the national marbles championship when we come back.
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peco energy is dealing without aimings and thousands more among pse&g a ac electric and del marva customers. patco high speed line is suspended and septa's regional rails are affect. vittoria will have an update shortly. dzhokhar tsarnaev will be formally sentenced to day. federal jury sentenced him to death for 2013 bombing that killed three people and injured more than 250. pope francis is holding his weekly audience at the rat can. philadelphia delegation is there as well as planning continues for septa's papal visit to the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> 5:43. let check with katie and weather watchers. how is morning looking. >> definitely starting off on a much more quiet note. we are seeing low humidity and it is dry, in the just dry in the literal sense also in the
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fact that it just feels so much more comfortable outside. looking at these values, we were five or more degrees warmer then this by this time in the morning yesterday from the eyewitness weather watchers. we will show you what we're coming up with here. sixty-eight from david in clementine, 64 currently reported from ed in chesterfield, fran in nottingham, john in perkasie with 65 and we're in the 60's across the board here. even up in the poconos cooler air but at 62 degrees for keith up in say lettersberg. lets look at is what happening on storm scan three in the last three hours this front has been just producing massive, violent thunderstorms all night. and they are still out there. look at the lightening, maybe tough to tell on the loop here but you can see there is a lot of heavy rain still pulling away. now thankfully out to sea. we're seeing the back edge of it too with these clouds continuing their retreat. high pressure regaining control which is lovely to see even though it is a brief
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spell. do you see these little pockets, popcorn showers and then are storms firing up out here montana has some, right across the canadian border. it is not anything terribly organize yet but sign of things to come. we will see a pattern change. we will see that in the seven day. first let me show you the air quality behind all those storms helping to wash away pollen. certainly, in the low zone. it is good. pollen levels have a chance to climb to i day because of the dry air and uv index because of the bright sunshine will be higher. so keep that in mine. it is a beautiful summer day though. by tomorrow, specifically at night, some showers across of thunderstorm rumble n friday featuring a shower or two. it does look like not only cooler but rainy conditions are set to move our way. vittoria. we will get a quick check here on what is going on at the shore tonight, sea isle city, one of our favorite shore towns. this is what is on tap for kathy, on what kay is it wednesday? on thursday. she will be down giving us a taste of the shore town.
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food festival on the prom men nate at the end of the jfk tomorrow on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. now vittoria, over to you. >> i was holding it in. i was like gulp. sorry about. that now we're back. thanks katie. good morning everyone. right now we have sun glare out there affecting your commute. one of of my favorite shots 95 overlooking 452 in delaware county. if you are traveling in the northbound direction those three vehicles there it is looking great. to and from commodore barry traveling in and around philadelphia international airport but call ahead. many flights yesterday were delayed, and canceled. keep that in mine. it may push things back this morning. we do however still have all lanes being blocked on route 70 at main street in new jersey due to a down traffic signal. best alternate is to take church. we have many situationness and around the neighborhood in pennsylvania, new jersey and even in -- well, yes just pennsylvania and new jersey and even delaware. they are sprinkled all over the place no need to
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generalized things. every where you will find something. route one southbound all lanes are block. schoolhouse lane to thornton road. down trees and down wires with power outages we had. we had a lot lot of problems. be mindful of rush hour. it has not sprouted just yet but you will have things to watch out for in neighborhoods and delays for mass transit. we have a full list of twitter and we will update you on that for sure, ukee. one new jersey shore town could make its dog beach even better. officialness wildwood will hold a public hearing today on a ordinance to allow dogs to be unleashed on the beach. officials say that a designated fenced in area will offer dogs a chance to run free and enjoy the sun. leashes will continue to be mandatory for dogs, who want to enter the water though. >> that would be nice. >> dogs running free in the san. >> yes, free as the win. >> running in slow motion. >> ears flapping. >> yes. >> that is great. and, in wildwood this morning. >> this is big. they are taking part in the national marbles championship
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and "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer gives us a little preview hi, nick, good morning. >> do you know they called it the mash will champion amenster, i didn't realize. that if morning to you. we are here for a live preview, i might add of the national marbles championship here in wildwood, new jersey. i'm standing by with betty one of the coaches from the middle school, local middle school here represented in the championship today. >> yes, yes we are. we are here in our third year of the program and we are very excited to be here, at this national tournament. >> is what the name of the school. >> wildwood middle school. >> and you've got what four representatives. >> i have two girls and two boys playing in the tornment this year. >> how big is this thing. >> the tournament this year, i believe there is 26 girls and 23 boys competing and the children that come and play come as far away as washington state, and this year michigan is a new entry. they also come from tennessee colorado pennsylvania, and as well as virginia and maryland.
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>> and kind of unexpected because my first thought was kids are still playing marbles. i love it. it is so endearing. >> it is a game that people play different types of marbles game. this game is called rare. and object of rare is to hit first one to hit seven marbles out of the 13 started in the middle of the ring. >> we have a hot match happening right now betty thank you. i will talk to jose over here. jose, it is your first time in the championship, right? coming here to play. what does it feel like. >> it feels proud to be in the national tournament, playing against other people from other countries and states. >> she said sometimes you beat her here to the beach to start practicing. you have been excited about the game. >> yes, practice makes us better. >> yes, of course. >> what got you interested in the game. >> when they gave me the
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invitation to play marbles the first year i didn't know how to play but she taught me how to play, and then i started practicing and i got the way she told me too. >> you were hook. >> can you show me is there a technique involved, can you show me what it takes. come down with me and show me how to do this thing. can you walk me through it. >> you put your thumb like that and put marble right there. >> press hard and let it go. >> yes, turn your hand. >> that is a little fancy for me we will start slow. that was horrible. clearly not a master just yet. >> you cannot do that. >> i would have lost my turn. >> yes. >> well, we will work on that. we will be out here all morning long, a quick shout out though, we have oscar and elizabeth replying in the tournament. we will talk with them and be with them this morning in wildwood, new jersey as part of the national marbles
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championship, an exciting day guys, back to you. >> i have a hunch you will be a pro by 9:00. i'm feeling it. >> you have three hearst. >> well, thanks to this guy. >> yes. >> cool. very cool. >> we will see you later thanks nicole. >> marbles were fun back in the day. >> did you play. >> yeah, sure. >> come on. >> here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3. we will be right back.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! coming up on 5:53 after the storms today a clear day to day right katie. >> we are seeing clouds pushing away but those are courtesy of the same frontal boundary now retreating. that is why we have gray skies here a few breaks in the sunshine here outside middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. we are facing east here and
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that means we are facing outdoor to the shore essentially. that is where we are seeing the retreating cloud eventually they skies will brighten up for everyone if they are in the already. we have blue skies and beautiful beach day coming up, really high uv index, in the terribly hot and not humid but it will be a nice summer day. eighty-six in the city. by tomorrow late in the day we will see our next shot for showers or storms, vittoria. good morning everyone. we have a lot to talk b first i want to tell you traveling vine street expressway throughout center city, it is not awful but we are developing a waiting line as we approach the area of the schuylkill. i-95 we are feeling that heat of the rush hour, around cottman avenue and girard. that is throughout the construction zones and that is where the congestion starts. but lets get down our mass transit checklist. patco speed line, still suspended. so new jersey transit is thankfully cross honoring, amtrak is running on time and here are your suspensions. ac rail line, media elwyn line paoli thorndale suspend ed between thorndale and
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malvern but services available between malvern and center city. we have more, that is you why want to stay with us, good morning, we will be right back.
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rough couple of days for police in grand prairie texas, their officers have survived two terrifying crashes. we have them for you here. video is pretty frightening. >> do you see that right there? cash cam video from inside an officer's car shows, a driver plowing into his car during a traffic stop. camera in the back seat ended up all the way in the front look at that, the the carries completely destroyed however the officer only suffered minor injuries. now the very next day more wild video shows a 18 wheeler plowing in another officer's suv. the suv is blocked by the tree but you can see that tire goes flying in the interest section there. police chief calls it a pure
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miracle that the officers walk away from both of those crashes. what are the odd for one small police department. >> minor injuries and they both walked away. >> yes, that is all you can ask for. coming up next on "eyewitness news" this morning a morning after a night of damaging storms, heavy rains high wind ripped a path of destruction. and part of the south jersey is under a state of emergency right now and mass transit is shut down. it might be how you get to work. we will check with vittoria for detours and to get around all that mess coming up after the break.
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ago you wake unthis morning, down trees power lines on the ground, that the hour hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. people will be cleaning up
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this mess, for days to come. now the storms are also having a big impact on mass transit, there is no patco services,. >> good morning everyone, gloucester county under a state of emergency. police are urging residents to stay off the road until they need to travel. >> good day to stay home. power crews are working to restore services right now peco is reporting nearly 200,000 outages some say it is for customers power won't be restored until friday. atlantic city electric has 160,000 outages 50,000 pse&g customers in the dark and del marva has 27,000 outages. we have live team coverage of the aftermath of the storms justin finch looks at the troubles with mass transit. >> lets start off with our jane carabao in delaware count which more on the damage and just looking behind you wow jan? >> reporter: i want to warn our viewers just getting up and getting


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