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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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team three coverage of the storms aftermath. clean up, the power outages and the transit troubles. we will begin in new jersey, with "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan live in washington township. cleve? >> reporter: where we are in gloucester county there is a state of emergency because of widespread damage. here in the whitman square neighborhood in washington township there are hundreds of trees, that have have fallen down, on top of, cars, on top of houses, the power is out here, and people are really still trying to assess damage. >> it was hurricane. it was tornado. >> reporter: whatever it was made a mess in washington own ship's whitman square neighborhood. >> everybody in their homes everybody came out and just stood and looked in amazement. up and down each street and see uprooted sidewalks and trees. >> reporter: on one street three trees down in a row made sidewalk look like rolling waves. unfortunately it was a wipe out for diamond thornton's car. >> it is horrible.
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who wants to wake up like this. >> reporter: and time to get a new roof for pull guarino's top of the a frame took a direct hit. >> big loud boom, and we thought it was a big branch that hit the roof but it was a tree. >> reporter: block after block, through whitman square there are treason cars, wires down, and then damaged roofs. perhaps no where worse than jennifer jackson's house rear corner of the structure has a tree split through it. >> it is terrifying. i have never been through anything like this before. >> reporter: they will be staying at hotel for foreseeable future and all because of the thunderstorm. >> never thought i could do this much damage and owe quickly as fast as it came in it left, and that was it and i never thought anything like this would happen. >> reporter: quite remarkable that so many trees are down, yet we understand from the washington township fire company, that there were no injuries anywhere in this town however, they do say this will be a long term clean up so people really need to take those measures to make
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sure they are comfortable for next few days, get medication, go to cooling spots set up by the red cross and through county emergency management system. we have that information on cbs reporting live, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> quite a scene there thanks very much. storms caused widespread damage in delaware county where officials declared a disaster emergency tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry continues our live team three coverage in chester heights which is within of the hardest hit communities, syma? >> reporter: that is right chris. it comes as no surprise that this is being declared as a disaster areas. you will look around and see branches like this all over spread out on peoples yard, all the way to something like this, you could see trees power lines toppled over, and street closures, lots of issues and it will take days to clean up. while crews work to clear fallen trees and branches both delaware county try to pick up
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pieces and deal with the aftermath of tuesday night's storm. is there a wide range of effects from power outages to homes damage. >> lightening, thunder and then all of a sudden power out. >> reporter: trees and branches came down on james's house and car in, chester heights. >> and dogs started to active, so she must have knew it was coming. >> reporter: the 86 year-old has been suffering from a recent stroke and was stuck at home until a family member came to get him. only a breeze from this patio door could cool him and his dog maddie after being without power for more than 20 hours. >> back with food, i don't know what will happen with that. it is terrible. >> reporter: next door this family lost power after a tree felon their house. >> dare we say it sound like a train, it sounded like a train, locomotive and it was there like that and you just, things were flying. >> reporter: they spent the morning trying to clean up their yard ande what they could salvage from the patio
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but most important item find a generator. >> lowes is out home depot is out, our son had to go to glass co home depot and he got the last one. >> reporter: and thousands are still, without power and officials in delaware county hope to get everyone back on the grid by friday. coming up at 6:00 we will hear from one family who lives very close by, who narrowly dodged a tree that felon their house you will hear that story coming up. for now we are live from chester heights, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much. burlington county now this is a live view from chopper three of of route 73 approaching evesham road, certainly not a pretty sight there. they are still cleaning up wires and trees that fell in the roadway there. the deptford mall, sustained major damage yesterday some solar panels were ripped right off of the building's roof there. the mall has remained opened but a state of emergency is in effect for the deptford area and officials are urging
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resident to stay off the road today if they can. new jersey shore, one man captured on video what looked a whole lot like a tornado lets take a look. >> this is a tornado... wow. >> just an unbelievable scene there lbi yesterday this eyewitness cam video shot in ship bottom by jack bushco but again, national weather service says late today no tornadoes touched down yesterday, all this damage was done by straight line wind. transit news now patco services is up and running again. it was down for many hours. the storms knocked out power on the patco high speed line which halted services last night until around noon time today. trains will run every 20 minutes, until midnight tonight, and then regular schedule will resume. as for septa it is fox
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chase line that is also back on track after being down for the morning rush. verizon wireless customers are back than line following a large outage that was in fact caused by the storms. verizon restored services in southern new jersey around 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. services were back on line in delaware and in chester county as of 10:00 o'clock this morning. company tells us a outage was caused by a break in the fiber optic line. tonight peco still reports about 122,000 customers without services, ac electric is at 166,000 right now 37,000 pse&g customers are still in the dark and del marva power is reporting 13,000 outages. crews are all over the place right now they are scrambling to get everyone back on line but we're told it could take a few days until all power is restored. fill to come here at 5:30 tonight we will give you an extensive aerial tour of the storms damage plus we will have a live report from
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gibbstown, where the of roof was ripped off a convent, and then if you have storm damage, three on your side, jim donovan will have important information for you about filing a claim. well today turnout to be a calm day to clean up after all that wild weather. what an incredible difference from this same time yesterday. lets get outside to meteorologist kathy orr live on the cbs-3 sky deck with what has turned out to be a beautiful day. >> much different then yesterday, a good day to clean up across the region. i was surveying damage in south injuries think afternoon and it was difficult to get anywhere between tree removal power lines down, police officers directing traffic and it was a mess. it will continue to be, right through the end of the week as, clean up continues. i want to take you back in time believely to show you what it looked like yesterday at this time. this is storm scan three with the storms moving through. they pulled through like a freight train at 50 miles an hour accelerating over i-95
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corridor and you can see right about there how that precipitation bowed, that is a bow echo, a signature of significant wind damage. here's the recap, 5200 lightening strikes during the the storm, 70 to 85 miles an hour gusts most of those hurricane strikes, 75 reports of trees down and power lines down, and those are just the official reports and four funnel cloud reported. right now temperatures mainly in the 80's across the region this evening. temperatures cooling down in the 70's with a mainly clear sky, a quiet night across the delaware valley. in the wake of the storms much different weather moving our way for end of the week and weekend we will talk about that coming up when i join you inside. >> kathy, thanks very much. pope frances surprised delegation of philadelphia leaders with a personal welcome to the vatican today. he made clear he is very excited to visit the city in september. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean was there for
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that big moment, what a moment it was guess live in rome, what is the very latest. >> reporter: it was quite an experience today chris that is for sure. we are live outside vatican tonight. st. peters square is just behind me. it is about 11:00 o'clock at night right now. so go back to early this morning when there were thousands of people waiting to see pope fran cyst and our philadelphia delegation was there at the front of the crowd. they are there at the front and by the end of it all they have met pope francis himself. pope francis saw the philadelphia delegation on wednesday morning he held up three fingers signaling three months until he is in our city. mayor michael nutter called it a great feeling. >> he was generally excited to see us, and he is so warm, so engaging but quite frankly he is the pope and it is a little intimidating but it is. >> following his address to the thousands gathered on st.
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peters square the pope greeted archbishop charles chaput who led his holiness to the delegation. independent blue cross ceo dan hill forty. >> being raise add i catholic being from the philadelphia area and to have an opportunity to come with the delegation from the philadelphia area, just a very emotional exciting time. >> reporter: for this delegation, being here at the vatican, sitting front row for the weekly papal audience was uncomparable. >> this is a high point. rome is not a bad day to spend a few days but high point is attending the papal audience, being in the presence of pope francis and to be part of the great delegation. >> reporter: i'm joined with father kevin gallagher who is from philadelphia you were here on vacation, leading a whole group of people but you were here today and you got to experience you actual met pope francis as well for people at home, what is that like. >> it is a beautiful experience. of course, i had my own father
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with me and i was able to greet the holy father and present my own father and it was beautiful, and in a very short time we were together the pope, i shared i was from philadelphia and i was from havertown. i asked him to pray for the people of our parish, and the pope just simply say pray for me. it was beautiful. i said welcome to philadelphia, when you come to september, which was very exciting, just the beauty, and we were the the only people in this world at that moment. i heard that before but today i personally experienced it. >> reporter: that is quite something. i thought it was interest to go in his addressee talk about family and here we are coming up on the world meeting of families. this is a trend we have been hearing from him in the last several months. >> it truly is, people say it is done and it is not at all true. first part of the conversation
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began, and as to how we pastorly are going to approach people that are struggling in family marriage, whole different sort of situation and today his challenge was especially for us, being one there is a loss of interest, there is, we look elsewhere but the pope was very, very emphatic when he spoke and very, very clear that we must continue to promote family and that is a cultural issue not just a church your issue it is a cultural issue. so his words were brief but beautiful. >> and precursor to what we will sianni here in september. >> yes. >> for sure. >> father gallagher thanks for being with us. what a day for you as well. >> very long day good yes you stayed up late, we appreciate that very much. now after the delegation left, st. peters square, they helped add cross town where they got together for a promotional lunch, that was promoting the
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city of philadelphia what they to was invite international journalist based here to talk about what a great city it is. we will have more on that coming up tonight at 6:00 and just why they are doing this, they feel like this is a real opportunity to show philadelphia to the world and they will try to take advantage of it, chris. >> they are taking advantage of it to the fullest that the point just a great moment, jessica, thanks for being there for us. we will see you you at 6:00. you can make your own plans to the pope's visit to philadelphia by going to cbs when you get there click on the papal visit tab and you can see what is in store for this historic philadelphia event. still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a lot of trees remain down across the area tonight, three on your side jim donovan will help us clear up confusion when it comes to filing an insurance claim. also a local family is i can is end by fumes they were found unresponsive after a gas leak inside their home. plus... >> a celebration end in kay
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uses when bond fire explodes injuring 12 people we will have have more on this when "eyewitness news" continues. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪
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a dramatic scene in the oxford circle of philadelphia today after a family of five is sickened by carbon monoxide, it all unfolded just before 10:00 o'clock this morning in the 6400 block of castor avenue. two children were among those sickened there both were rushed to st. christopher's hospital. a witness told "eyewitness news" what happened just moments after crew is a arrived. >> the whole family came out but they put babies in the
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ambulance, they put a daughter in the ambulance they had what is his name too to make her breathe. the mother came out laid on the ground and they put oxygen tank over her. >> certainly a frightening situation there we are told that everyone in that family is now in stable condition. well tanker truck overturn on a on ramp to the new jersey turnpike this morning. chopper three was over the scene at exit seven in bordentown as emergency crews worked to clear that wreckage. authorities tell us one person was hurt, none of the tankers contents spilled out and the roadway has since reopen. still to come here on "eyewitness news" a guardian angel in the middle of the storm. >> reporter: in gibbstown, new jersey you could see evidence of the wild weather along this roof line, of saint michael's convent. sometimes it is really good to have friends in high places, i'm pat ciarrocchi, i'll have the story of the nun who lives here coming up.
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100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v kathy joins us now. we have been talking about clean up, recovery but scope of this storm we were just talking about how large an
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area has been affected by all this. it is amazing. >> we're talking about 40 miles. at one point and we looked at the radar and it was from abington into new castle county delaware and it was a arc like a comma, it is amazing the wall of damage. >> and tremendous amount of force from point a to point b. >> we're talking about storms moving at one point to the east at 50 miles an hour. so that is like a freight train so combine that with hurricane force wind, the speed, momentum, and the wind creating tremendous damage every where and we hope that you are cleaning up, and everything is going to be okay within the next couple of days where you live because there is extensive damage out there let's take a look outside where some folks are escaping wow is a at home down the shore, ocean city, cape may county looking quiet busy. ocean water temperatures warming up in the 70's and good news is, all is calm. shore temperatures, pretty mild as well with temperatures warming through the 80's today. lets take you to lumberton
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new jersey this is picture from the damage from yesterday afternoon and you can see how all of these power lines just kind of bent over and everything is swaying in the same direction it is indicating straight line thunderstorm wind coming from the west. lets look at these peak wind gust that is were reported and east greenwich township this is where they thought they could have seen a tornado with straight line wind damage near deptford mall and 85-mile an hour gusts estimated that is incredible. that is hurricane force. philadelphia international a 72-mile an hour gusts glassboro, 70, merchantville 66, at new castle airport in delaware a 66-mile an hour gust. this is all coming in at the same time which made it so much more intense and impact full. temperatures right now mainly in the 80's. eighty-five in philadelphia, 74 poconos. eighty-two in dover with the land breeze. eighty-one stone harbor. cape may 84. rehoboth beach delaware sitting at 82. high pressure gives us a beautiful day today pleasant
5:23 pm
day tomorrow but as it moves off shore cloud move in tomorrow afternoon with the warm front and then we will see showers as this area of low pressure dives to the south, keeping it cooler friday and keeping those cloud around. we are under the the risk of severe weather slight risk of severe weather to the south and west of philadelphia through south jersey and delaware for some heavy downpours and gusty wind, even some hail, that would be tomorrow afternoon. overnight low temperature 65. tomorrow the high of 85. as we look ahead planning your day tomorrow we will see morning sun no problem by afternoon, some heat and temperatures that will be falling into the 70's later in the day. on the exclusive eyewitness weather one day forecast turning cooler by week end. saturday high temperature of 74 and unfortunately rain. we want to remind thaw orr at the shore will be live on the prom men made from sea isle city tomorrow, stop by and say hi afternoon should be pleasant down the shore we will be live at 5:00 and 6:00. we will be back with more news after this.
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recovering after being injured in a bond fire in spain. lets take a look at this... >> that explosion captured on videotape during traditional saint john bond fires. 200 people, including children, were there when this happened. the apparent cause of that was excessive fuel use. a polluted river in brazil is bubbling up with foam, the foam that you see here in the cheetah river is caused by untreated water and household detergents that have been dumped n foam may seem harmless but it is very toxic in fact, residents near the
5:27 pm
river are complaining of the smell. well, still to come here in the next half an hour our coverage continues of the storm damage across the area, and we will take a aerial tour of the extensive damage that has been left behind. is there always a lot of confusion when it comes to filing an insurance claim three on your side's jim donovan is live with important information if you have a down tree either on your home or your car. and, health officials made new recommendation about meningitis vaccines, we will tell what you parents need to know, coming up.
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continuing coverage from chopper three above the storm's damage, straight line wind in excess of the 07 miles an hour roared across delaware county flattening theresa cross brookhaven backyard. homes barely visible here, a gaping hole left after a tree was uprooted. splinterd trees landed on this shed, swimming pools surrounded by branches. in philadelphia, yellow tape kept traffic from entering bridge street after a tree fell there. traffic lights were out all a across the city, trees were punched down around the home in the frankford area along with fallen power lines and poles. crews just arrived on the scene. new jersey the next stop
5:31 pm
for the storm a tree down in this washington township driveway barely missed a parked suv. another one covers the back of the home. debris floats in the backyard pool and clean up work is just beginning. splinterd tree tops mark path of the storm in west deptford near, almond son road, a carefully trimmed road damaged and backyard gazebo destroyed. macy's roofies a mess at the deptford mall. finally in blackwood tree tops snapped off fallen trees reach across the street from one house to another and scattered branches and leaves make for a tough putt on this golf course n gibbstown gloucester county yesterday's high wind tore the roof right off of a convent. our pat ciarrocchi is live, at convent new to tell us more about that. pat that had to be a frightening ordeal for nuns inside. >> reporter: well, indeed it was, chris. it is one thing to hear a storm come through another then to look at the damage
5:32 pm
after the fact. take a look at this have roof line and take a close look, that is actually flush with the wall. these sisters inside at the time say they feel blessed inn deed. some days you just thank your lucky stars you have a guardian angel. sister jerry lynn knows a thing or two about that. >> you pray when you see cloud coming and you say lord, don't let it happen. you pray when it is here and say lord, let's get it over fast. >> reporter: sister jerry lynn and sister angela had returned to saint michael's convent from a retreat in north jersey. they were making dinner when the heavens opened up and the wind began to swirl. >> and then we heard this loud bang, and my first impression was it was a doors blew closed at the same time. sister said i don't think so. that might be the roof. i said oh no. >> reporter: this is the
5:33 pm
facilities manager. he was in the convent parking lot when the skies became ominous. >> i looked up and heard a big crash. this roof came ten to 15 feet off its foundation. and then it slammed down and when it slammed down it slammed down crooked and the front of it sheared off. >> reporter: jonathan hussled them out of the convent. they found shelter next door at guardian angel elementary where sister jerry lynn is principal. >> it just looked like something came straight through and knocked everything down. >> reporter: except a grateful spirit that no one was hurt. >> even amid evidence of the wild weather. >> bricks, trees, limbs, are scattered every where. ultimately, there will be an asses. to see how much this will cost to rebuild. >> sometimes they call it an act of god and that means we don't get insurance. >> reporter: well, no act of god as these guys are really working overtime, jonathan, raul and fellows are trying to pull apart some of these branches to clear this debris that is right on the edge of
5:34 pm
the convent. the sisters because of the nature of the damage here, the sisters are concerned about being inside. they are in the sure about the structural inn telling grit of the build ing so they will be staying in another convent in willingboro. they just said to me tonight that they felt like this was a guardian angel watching over them n gibbstown, pat ciarrocchi cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i guess we should not be surprise by that pat thanks very much. also in gloucester county the storm blew the roof off the firehouse in mantua township. the roof actually landed on a garage of the neighboring home. there were two fire fighters inside the building when that happened but they were not injured. a lot of us right now are dealing with the aftermath of down trees from yesterday if you have experienced some damage tour home or your car three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan will have important information for you you on insurance claims for repairs, he is live for us outside in cherry hill, jim? >> reporter: that is right chris. if you drive around cherry hill you will see things like this all over the place. trees down in front yard in,
5:35 pm
backyard and when it comes to filing an insurance claim for tree-related damage is there often a lot of confusion. here's what you need to know. trees down in yards trees down on houses, treason top of cars. it is inevitable, after a powerful wind storm. but what is covered by your insurance, and what is not depend on a number of factors. if your tree falls on your house, your insurance company will pay for removal of the tree from your home, and its going to repair your home as well. if your tree falls on your neighbor's house your neighbors home owner policy will be responsible. it is considered an act of god and your neighbor should file a claim with their insurance company, and vice versa. if a tree falls in your yard, but doesn't hit anything, in most cases it is up to you to pay for its removal. finally if your car gets hit by a tree or damaged by flying limbs, you need to file a claim against your vehicle's
5:36 pm
comprehensive coverage. now if you have a situation where a tree in your yard, perhaps is older dead, decayed, had problems with the limbs or is cracked you need to take advantage of this time right now to get that tree taken care of. if you don't you could be liable when the next storm comes it does damage to your property or your neighbors. reporting live from cherry hill, i'm jim donovan back to you in the studio. >> great advice jim thanks very much. many of you have sent eyewitness pictures to us following the storm this one on twitter from at radnor township. you can see a car just absolutely crush by large tree branch in that driveway. what a shame. we want to see your pictures as well. when you post them on social media, on twitter facebook or instagram. use the hash tag cbs-3 storm. you may just see that picture here on "eyewitness news". it has been an emotional day in charleston, south carolina as mourners paid their respects to state senator and pastor clementa
5:37 pm
pinckney. hundreds lined the streets as a horse drawn wagon carried his body to the state's capitol. pinckney and eight others were killed during bible stud any charleston last week. today, he was remembered by mourners as a peaceful leader. >> i compared him to martin luther king. he just meant that much to me. he was a wonderful honest person . as soon as you met him he was very humble, once you talk to him you think you would know him all his life. he was a great difference maker. >> reporter: president obama will be in charleston, on friday to deliver the eulogy, for reverend pinckney. well, convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev was formally sentenced to death today. jurors had already decided the fate of the 21 year-old but today a judge formally imposed that sentence. victims made impact statements to the courtroom today calling tsarnaev cowardly and disgusting. meantime tsarnaev himself
5:38 pm
broke more than two years of silence today and apologized for what he did. he said in part quote i am sorry for lives that i have taken for the suffering that i have caused you for the damage that i have done. campaign 2016, louisiana governor bobby jindal takes to social media announcing his campaign for the white house. here's a look at the tweet jindal sent out declaring his candidacy. the 44 year-old will host a kick off rally in kenner, louisiana tonight and then off to new hampshire and iowa later in the week. bobby jindal, the 13th republican date, to run we're still waiting to hear if chris christie will they his hat into this expanding ring, as well still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 could your spouse be hiding money from you one thing you should know now about your significant other.
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a smile from the stranger can change a mood or brighten a day. we will introduce to you a pastor who is spreading happiness on a weekly basis just because kathy? in weather we have a deep blue sky in the wake of the storms but it will not stay quiet, it will turn wet and cool across the delaware valley not much like summer, we will have details with the seven day forecast right after
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if you have an i phone or ipad well, we will get to that later. do you think you know everything about your spouse with you do you know how much, he or she makes? there is a new survey out that finds four in ten married people don't know their spouse's income. study found the study from fidelity found that about 10 percent of those who got salary range wrong were off by more than $25,000. both men and women were wrong 43 percent of the time. well as "eyewitness news" celebrates 50 years, we will take a look back at times when the world's eyes were focused on our area june of 1967, president lyndon johnson came to glassboro, new jersey. lbj was in town to meet with the soviet premiere, at
5:43 pm
glassboro state college. it was a three day summit that looked to strengthen tense relations between the super powers but ultimately differences remain. it marked first time a soviet premiere had met with the u.s. president in this country since 1959. we will be right back.
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power of a simple smile and a hello can go a long way. a delaware county pastor has made it a point of spreading love every inning is will wednesday. >> hello there have a great day. >> reporter: that is pastor warren mayes of the second baptist church in media delaware county, he spend every wednesday from 7:30 until 8:00 in the morning outside of his church greeting drivers, walkers and cyclist. people love it. they look forward to it so much he only had a brief moment to talk to "eyewitness news". >> we have a great day. we have been doing this for going on four years. it is a family. so we are just grateful to be moving up the spirit of the god that is bringing us together. it is calling us in a collaborative effort to show people, to show peace and love. >> that is fantastic. pastor mays has been doing this for nearly 14 years. kathy, i think after yesterday
5:47 pm
we could all use a smile and a hello from pastor mays or from anyone. it was a rough time especially for these of us without power. >> i know, you have been without power. >> for about 24 hours now. >> so it goes. >> any hope. >> is there always hope, but we will see how quickly it comes back but we are all in the same boat. hundreds of thousands right now. >> power lines down and how are we cooking loss of electricity, creates many, many problems. fortunately we have quiet weather but it is going to be a little wet. lets show you what is going on in center city philadelphia thinks our go pro cam outside our studios and you can see that deep blue skies fair weather high pressure building in from canada you have low humidity plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures today. unfortunately that weather is not going to linger right into the weekend. we have a few fast moving systems moving our way. our eyewitness weather watchers are cherishing this day after the storms yesterday. that rolled through the entire
5:48 pm
area. in the philadelphia area, of course, we had intense wind and rain, and bill is saying today a beautiful day in cardington pa, 87 degrees. a nice calm evening on tap. that is for sure. in south jersey temperatures in the 80's. lower 90's. peter reporting 81 degrees in williamstown. he sent us in this picture of lightening from yesterday. i have another picture of peter from the intense storms that moved through. thank you for those. also we will show you a beautiful picture lets see this one from john, the son right through the trees healthy tree, kind of sideways here but pretty sunshine and deep blue skies this afternoon. now we are looking at changes conditions, over the next couple of hours and couple of days but i want to show you a few pictures that we got from our storms, yesterday. we want to thank everyone for sending these in because we have many, many eyewitness cam photos. this is from len, in gibbstown, and he aid to me
5:49 pm
kathy, do you think this is a wall included? it could be. this is starting to rotate and come out possibly the beginning of the funnel in south jersey yesterday. i had many pictures coming in with that green sky courtney, saw this right at 6:00 p.m. when that tornado warning was issued and you can see in philadelphia the sky turning a little bit of the green hugh before the severe storm, because of the moisture content in the atmosphere. that happens when you have late day and early evening storms. peter sent this from williamstown. you can see that tree slanted. most of that damage in the same direction. robert found this in manahawkin as well and that is a good indication of straight line thunderstorm wind damage. cheryl took this after the storm, look at that from schwanksville in pennsylvania, you can see pink sky. everybody was talking about the orange and pink sky. this is because of the late afternoon sunset, of course, really reflecting off the clouds in the wake of the severe weather.
5:50 pm
ma'am toss clouds and they have weakened, we want to thank everyone for sending in these great pictures. right now across the area pleasant avenue. eighty-five in philadelphia willow grove eight 36789 doylestown 79. palmyra 84. during the day tomorrow we will see some cloud rolling in. a chance of the shower or thunderstorm especially through south jersey and delaware toward the evening. we will run risk of severe weather tomorrow especially in south jersey and delaware, we will keep an eye on that for you as we work our way through tomorrow and, of course, into the weekend. overnight low temperature 65. tomorrow's high 85 with a chance of a sure or storm late in the day and then area of low pressure moves our way. on the exclusive seven day forecast friday we will go 80 with some showers much cooler and unsettled over the weekend with some wind and rain saturday showers sunday, and then the week gets better and warms up in the 80's next week. shore temperatures mainly in the 70's and that is a look at the seven day forecast.
5:51 pm
kathy, thank you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch today, cdc advisory committee is recommending new vaccines to prevent meningitis b in adolescence. that has caused several out breaks on college campus. tonight cbs correspondent kenneth craig speaks with the new york mother whose daughter died suddenly from that disease is. >> reporter: kimberly coffee was days away from graduating high school when she came down with what her mother thought was a flu. >> at point did you have any idea how serious it was. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: it turns out kimberly had meningitis, within hours the 17 year-old was in the icu. nine days later she died. >> my hearties shattered, you know, i lost my baby girl, to a vaccine preventable disease but we did not have the vaccine. >> reporter: current vaccines protect against several types of the men guys but not the b group that kimberly had. now cdc committee voted using
5:52 pm
new vaccines to prevent this strain of meningitis in adolescence and young adults. >> recently there have been increased numbers of out breaks on college campuses, children have died. >> reporter: meningitis symptoms come on suddenly and include fever, stiff neck and headache. some groups say the cdc recommendation does in the go far enough because it does not make meningitis b a routine vaccine. kimberly's mother made it her mission to make sure what happened to her family does not happen to anyone else. >> i want parents to know that there is a fifth sira group of meningitis and without this meningitis b vaccine your child is not fully protect. >> reporter: kenneth craig cbs news, new york. well, still to come here on "eyewitness news" big brother starts tonight and this season there is a twist. we will a behind the scenes sneak peak when we come right back.
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back on "eyewitness news" now chopper three got a glimpse today of one of the tall ships making its way to the delaware river waterfront. it will be part of the fun tall ships philadelphia and camden festival which gets underway tomorrow. the community can tour, ride
5:56 pm
on ships from across the globe, and a much anticipated attraction, four day event will be the world's largest rubber duck which stand 61 feet tall. get ready for another summer of big brother this is season 17 of that show, known for being a hot bed of drama. our kate bilo sat down with the host julie chen to get a scoop on this new season. >> it is a two night premiere. >> it is a two night premiere because we felt it is the best way for viewers at home to really get to know the players. so you'll meet half of the players on the first night and other half of the players on the second night. >> fourteen house guests including meg molly who hails from collinswood. >> i'm a goofy girls. there is not a lot of goofy girls on reality tv. >> dozens of high definition cameras and microphones capture every move, 24 hours a
5:57 pm
day. they cannot leave the house n past seasons viewers can watch on tv or on line. each week the how guest will vote someone out of the house. last one standing will win half million-dollar. >> what can viewers look for to new and different this year. >> this year it is all about transparency. so when you go in the house we made it bigger, for the first time ever, we have a sky bridge, and guess what, you guessed it, it is made out of plexiglas, transparency i can see who is having a conversation downstairs. also new for this season each week a surprise guest will announce a new twist in the game. julie says she cannot believe big brother is going strong after 17 seasons and 200 contestants. >> a lot of them have children and families now. >> kind of like kindergarten teacher seeing your students come back. >> i know. >> so will any of those former contestants show up for this
5:58 pm
season? now if you watched big brother on line for the first time you will see 24 hour feed in high definition. all better to see with. sign up through our web site at cbs kate bilo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. you can watch premiere of big brother starting tonight at 8:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 there was no tornado in new jersey but wind were strong enough to register as hurricane force wind. we will survey some of the damage there. matt? >> reporter: and, here in northeast philadelphia the damage certainly rivals that that we have seen all day in new jersey. i'm matt rivers in frank for. coming up we will tell but a few close calls. in weather in the wake of the storms, a brilliant day with plenty of sunshine but it will not stay that way get ready for some rain and wind, not feeling like summer. yes, sir contact? i'm jessica dean live in
5:59 pm
rome where today the philadelphia delegation met pope francis. i will have the details. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. tonight, we are learning much more about the storms, that caused damage across the area last night. the national weather service says that there was not a tornado in gloucester county but straight line wind there that did reach 85 miles per hour as powerful, as a category one hurricane. well, clean up, can be dangerous, pse&g crews were surprise by a sparks from down wires as they try to remove debris from last nights storms in evesham. in one was hurt there but hundreds of thousands around the area remained without power tonight. and a firehouse in mantua fell victim to the storms, even on the inside of this
6:00 pm
fire station there is destruction and evidence, the roof was torn off debris landing in a neighbor's property. fire fighters say and it happened in a instant. good evening i'm chris may. guess case on assignment in rome. we will see her in a moment. but first aftermath of those damaging storms. we have team three coverage for you our reporters have spread across the region tonight from south jersey to northeast philadelphia. and we will also check in with meteorologist kathy orr but first lets go to new jersey correspondent cleve bryan live from washington township tonight, cleve? >> reporter: chris, it may be sometime before people have all pass through and owners of these damaged cars can check it out. it is not just one tree down but trees number two and three. it is such widespread damage in washington township and other parts of the gloucester county that they have declared a state of emergency as people and crews try go around and assess this damage. >> lou


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