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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fire station there is destruction and evidence, the roof was torn off debris landing in a neighbor's property. fire fighters say and it happened in a instant. good evening i'm chris may. guess case on assignment in rome. we will see her in a moment. but first aftermath of those damaging storms. we have team three coverage for you our reporters have spread across the region tonight from south jersey to northeast philadelphia. and we will also check in with meteorologist kathy orr but first lets go to new jersey correspondent cleve bryan live from washington township tonight, cleve? >> reporter: chris, it may be sometime before people have all pass through and owners of these damaged cars can check it out. it is not just one tree down but trees number two and three. it is such widespread damage in washington township and other parts of the gloucester county that they have declared a state of emergency as people and crews try go around and assess this damage. >> loud, banging noise
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crashing. >> reporter: sound jennifer jackson will never forget as a tree toppled down and split apart her house. >> terrifying, absolutely terrifying, i have never been through anything like this before. >> reporter: damage is every where in one of washington township's oldest neighborhood closed road, snapped utility poles down wires, and a tree limbs buried cars. >> we currently have four trees that came from across the road and they are on a car, truck and house. >> reporter: like many the entire day became about cleaning up, what they could. >> the kid are inside. we are trying to keep them safe. we are power lines across our car and all through the trees. >> is that a little unnerving. >> very much so. >> last night they were sparking, so it is not fun. >> reporter: not fun but still fascinating for neighborhood children like payton whose grandmother's front yard has roots sticking up three times her height. >> it is scary at first but looking out your window and seeing a tree in your front
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yard. >> reporter: there is power lines to deal w there are streets that are block. obviously sidewalks that need to be repaired before things get back to normal. the fire chief in washington township tells me that this is going to be a long term project so people need to stay patient, they need to be careful where they drive and be prepared not to have power in some places like here in whitman square for the rest of the week. we are live from washington township, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks very much. just a look at this incredible scene a home on democrat road in gibbstown stand untouched but all around it massive trees toppled. the homes surrounded by 70-foot theresa macingly was in the hit as all of them were ripped from the ground. we have talk to the home owner who is counting his blessings tonight. >> we will look out each window and still windy each window and trying to get an idea what was happening. i saw what was happening and how all these trees missed the house. we were very lucky. after the fact i thought this is amazing. >> it sounded like a freight
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train. the house just shook. it was like you would think the end of the world. >> good news is no one was hurt there in gibbstown. right now delaware county is under a disaster emergency order, storms left behind damage there and thousands of people, tens of thousandsness fact are without power. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry continues our live team three coverage in hard hit chester height. syma? >> reporter: well, chris many streets in delaware county are closed and look like this here behind me. if you take a look you can see fallen trees and power lines intertwined causing outages homes damage and street closures. right now we have crews trying to clean up this mess and it could take a few days to do so but many chester heights residents say that they are thankful that in one got seriously injured. this is the sound after severe weather hit chester heights tuesday night. >> last night certainly was
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not our normal summer thunderstorm. >> reporter: officials have announced delaware county in a state of emergency after fallen trees and power outages left thousands of homes and businesses damage. a man in this house was taken to the hospital after a tree toppled over, splitting his living room in half. luckily, the only -- he only suffered a ankle injury and was treated and released. down the road this rotrunko family is going through the same thing. their house is uninhabitable after a tree, came down on their house. it didn't split the house but damage can be seen on the first floor. his wife, says danger and got out in the nick of time. >> my wife having maternal instincts came down, grabbed my son, he saw the sky was green, made a move for the landing. she heard a big crash and this is what we have got. there is a tree on my house. >> reporter: storm left thousands without power in delaware county.
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officials say they are not used to this kind of damage in the summer. >> speaking to the representatives of the peco they likened it to a very severe ice storm. >> reporter: county officials have set up a shelter in brookhaven which is another hard hit area. they had 75 people there, last night and they expect more tonight. but officials hope to restore power, here in delaware county, by friday evening. we're live from chester heights, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> same, thanks very much. there was damage in northeast philadelphia as well. some had very close calls with live wires and trees that came crashing down on homes. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at frankford section with more on the damage there matt. >> reporter: chris speaking of down power lines these power lines on 4600 block of dunnfield are off but last tonight after those storms they were very much on, live in the street, trapping people inside of their homes. they are no longer trapped but they remain without power joining thousands of other people in our area, facing a
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long clean up: two blocks and one close call after another the menendez kid were downstairs, when the trees slammed into their bunk bed on duffield street. >> it was scary. that is what went through my mind. anything could have happened to anyone of my nephews. they could have ended up in the hospital. >> reporter: right next door in the same duplex daniel hawkins and his wife moved to the living room right before the tree came through their kitchen wall. >> you can see where the tree was leaning into here. i haded to break this. it impaled the side of the back of the washing machine. it impaled that. >> reporter: one block south this tree fell just shy of slamming into a woman's recovery home where 15 people rode out the storm. >> everybody kind of rush from the windows and got together in the living room because we didn't know what to expect. >> we were pretty scared. >> reporter: three close calls as down power lines sparked more fires and tree limbs
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close to vans and the street. >> i have been here some 48 years like i never seen nothing like this before in my life. >> reporter: wednesday, the mail got delivered, business reopened and kid did what kid do. a normal day with a lot of clean up to be ton. and despite all of this damage none of the people we spoke to today reported hearing about any injuries in this area. and, in reality that is nothing short of remarkable given amount of damage we have seen here today. we are live from frankford matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> remarkable indeed, thanks very much. more than 24 hours after the storms rolled through hundreds of thousands of people do remain in the dark tonight, lets look at the latest numbers peco reporting more than 117,000 outages but that is down about half from last night. ac electric has more than 166,000 outages 34,000 pse&g customers are still without power and del marva power is
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reporting 8800 outages. patco services are operating again it was down for several hours overnight. the storms knocked out power on the high speed line, halting services last night through about noon time, today. meantime septa irv zest remain suspended on the media elwyn line tonight. there is no services on the norristown high speed line between radnor and norristown transportation center. still in the wake of the storms, we are dealing with a gorgeous weather around the area today. meteorologist kathy orr joins us from outside on the cbs-3 sky deck and this is quite a turnaround in less than 24 hours. >> just amazing yesterday at this time we were talking about severe weather wind, rain and we could not see outside the sky deck and today beautiful deep blue skies a market change and a boot pull one at. that on storm scan three we are looking at 150-mile radius not picking up any clouds in the sky. that is how perfect it is, lets take a look at a
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comparison yesterday's high 95 humidity felt like over 100. today's high 85, low humidity, much better. right now in the city 84. eighty-one in trenton. eighty-three millville. eighty-two in dover. this evening temperatures will fall through the 80's. seventy-eight by 9:00 p.m. by 11:00 74. crack the windows get that fresh air in. it will be increasingly wet as we head toward the weekend. even windy, we will talk more about that coming up with your seven day forecast when i join you inside. >> we will see you then, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" another exciting day overseas. jessica? that is right chris not only did the papal delegation, meet with the pope today but they also, promoted the city of philadelphia to international journalist, why? i'll tell you. also ahead tonight using art to bring people together, we will tell you why members of the lgbt community will be
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placing these paintings around philadelphia. beasley? the phillies at the stadium for day ball cole hamels on the mound looking to help struggling phillies to an unlikely sweep of the yankees. sixers draft is just over 24 hours away, we will catch up with nerlens noel to find out if he has a favorite for the team to select, just [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!?
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are you in search after a new job in if so you might want to work on yourselfe skills. three on your side's jim donovan will explain how those self portraits just might help land you work tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. looking now at more damage from last night's storms, it wasn't just homes cars, this was damage to a field of squash in gibbstown which is, well, squashed. meteorologist kathy orr will join us with more on yesterday's weather and your full forecast, in just a few minutes. and at the vatican today a delegation of philadelphia leaders was greeted by pope francis himself. it was a surprise meeting and it was brief but as my collogue jessica dean saw it what's motion willal. she joins us live from rome now, jessica?
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>> reporter: good evening, to you chris right just because it was a short meeting doesn't mean it pack any less of an emotional impact for so many members of the delegation. they have been really looking forward to wednesday would they get to greet the pope? today they found out yes they would. hand outstretched, smiles, even a few tears from the philadelphia delegation as pope francis greeted them on wednesday. independent blue cross ceo dan hillfortie was there for a experience. >> he is so charismatic he saw our delegation. very special moment for my wife joan, for me and my family. >> reporter: delegation sat at the front of the crowd for pope's address excited for the chance to meet his holiness. mayor michael nutter says frances greeted them in a unique way. >> when the pope greeted our delegation he put up three fingers acknowledging he will be in philadelphia in three months. that is a great feeling. >> reporter: from st. peters square the delegation came here to the area where they
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have talk a lot about philadelphia and the international press. >> so excited from their morning the delegation told international journalist about the benefits of philadelphia, and seeing it as an international travel destination. >> we have something very, very special in philadelphia. we need to promote it. we need to talk about it to anybody who will listen saying philadelphia is opened important business. philadelphia is a great place to live. come on see us. >> reporter: they see this opportunity, the world meeting of families and the papal visit as a a very unique one. they want to make the most of it in terms of the introducing the city of philadelphia to the world and mayor michael nutter says over and over again if you haven't been to the city of philadelphia in the last five or ten years you really haven't been. he want everybody to come whether it is their first time or fifth time. they want to get people back in the sit friday all over the world, chris. >> so jessica anywhere the pope goes, he draws a lot of attention but it sound liken by his high standard this trip to philadelphia will be
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something special. >> it really is. we heard today that they are expecting upward of 7,000 journalist that is just 7,000 people, covering the movement of the pope, as he goes through new york, d.c. and then philadelphia which he will do in the fall. if that helps gives you eye deed of the magnitude of this that is just 7,000 report their will be following the pope. you can imagine crowd that will follow as well. live from rome, jessica dean, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will be ready to greet them all in philadelphia jessica, thanks very much. very special day in rome. make your plans for pope 's visit by going to cbs click on the papal visit tab and we will show you everything in store for this historic philadelphia event. well a new program aimed at helping at risk youth was unveiled in camden today. the youth one stop will provide education job training, and support services. they will work with young people who are facing
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obstacles in life to keep them from finishing school and entering the work force. participant will be able to work with community mentors to gain the skills they need to help them succeed. philadelphia's mural arts program has seen several lgbt groups for a billboard art projects. it is called showing face project. series of photos that focused on face west eyes that are both opened and closed. this effort is designed to celebrate the diversity of philadelphia's lgbp community. those photographs will be displayed throughout the region. kathy is back with us now. well, once again what a turnaround we have even in 24 hours. >> it is amazing. that storm so intense stretching miles across the region so the impact just really amaze ago cross the area we are going to look ahead to weather that will be improving but we have wet weather to talk b first i want to show you a a few pictures. we want to thank everyone for sending them in via facebook
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and twitter and our weather watchers because response has been overwhelming. this picture from peter in williamstown, new jersey, you can see the trees just uprooted this one from robert in manahawkin, he says that this tree missed his car by 2 inches. you can see how it is slanted. mess of the damage in these areas all in the same direction. that does indicate straight line thunderstorm wind damage. you can see it on storm scan three. we will go back in time to yesterday at this time as the storms rumbled through the region moving east at 50 miles an hour. as we take lightening off you can see what we call a bow echo. now steve take this back a few frames right over the i-95 corridor and see when it began right about here close to 6:00 o'clock when that tornado warning was issued. here is the bow extending from montgomery county near abington all the way through new castle count and down i-95 corridor to baltimore. this entire range of real estate, a hundred miles or so, coming in like a wall of
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80-mile an hour wind, and continuing down the shore where we had significant wind damage. it is no wonder that we had such extensive coverage of this particular damage, cross the delaware valley, through delaware and even down the shore. storm damage report, 5200 reports of cloud to ground lightening strikes. zero seven to 85-mile an hour wind gusts. seventy-five reports of trees and wires down. four funnel cloud reported, and when we talk about the wind of course, east greenwich township 85 miles an hour gust and philadelphia 72. glassboro 7o merchantville new jersey new castle delaware 66 miles an hour gusts reported. as we move on high pressure gave us a beautiful day to day. tomorrow cloud increase, chance of the shower or storm late in the day as warm front moves through and then we will get rainy weather in here for friday and unfortunately into the weekend. we have a severe threat through south jersey and delaware, a a slight wrist from being dover southward of some gusty thunderstorms
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tomorrow afternoon, we will keep you updated on that. overnight low is 65. high tomorrow 85. >> and then as we look ahead the weather takes a turn, much cooler and unfortunately weather. saturday's high temperature 74. same sunday with some showers win, and then getting better next week. seventy-nine monday. eighty-four tuesday. wednesday's high 86 degrees with mostly sunny skies a very big improvement there. >> we need a little change, break. >> we do. >> kathy, thanks very much. >> we will be right back,
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beasley is back and just when phillies string together a few wins, they get some bad news. >> you think this would not happen. they beat them 11-six the
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other night, last night and then placed chase utley on the 15 day disabled list. today phillies looking for the sweep with cole hamels on the mound. here we go. it was not a good afternoon at yankees stadium. second inning help say ferrari and andre blankco mace makes a error throwing home. two to nothing yankees on top. to the fourth we will go, more problems, this ball skips off his glove to make it four to nothing. phillies get blown out this afternoon, in day ball, ten-two was your final. flyers news, home opener is monday october 12th against florida. and draft thinks weekend at the bb and c center in sunrise, florida. fly guys pick seventh good luck. speaking of draft nba draft is tomorrow night. sixers with the third overall pick nerlens owe he will, sixers big acquisition held his basketball camp for kid in hatfield. you can see they add a good time. he was asked about the most
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people think the sixers will take deangelo russell. >> i think that would be dynamic. someone like him or whoever we do get especially deangelo, he has a whole skill set. >> and former saints head coach, long time nfl coach jim haslet has been hired to be a consultant for nittany lions. james franklin said that haslet will be a fantastic sounding board for our staff. of course, he was most recent job was defensive coordinator for the washington redskins. if there was not a clear front runner for catch of the year in baseball we have one right now. look at this catch. it is a fan in rigali field. he reaches out and then the dad catches the ball, and the baby does not drop the bottle. >> that is a talented family. >> it is genetics. >> look at that. >> most babies though would focus on the baby, most babe
6:26 pm
us would drop the ball. >> baby did not flinch. >> that is coolest baby i have seen in years. >> question is, what does mom think about that. >> mommies like what did you do? >> dad may have had to walk home after that, it is pretty impressive. >> we
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welshing thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly and again here at 11:00. the "cbs evening news" is next. they will look at the power outages up and down the east coast following last night's storms plus with the boston marathon bomber said to his victims to daze during his sentencing. here now from new york with the "cbs evening news" is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: the boston marathon bomber apologizes and pleads for mercy in a courtroom packed with his victims. also tonight the pastor gunned down in a south carolina church lies in the capitol as more states outlaw confederate flags and statues. do you have to wear a seat belt in the back see the? we have new research on the risks. and we'll meet an entrepreneur who turned pocket money into millions by discovering a hole in america's skies. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: for two years, he revealed nothing except for a scribbled screed against america and an obscene gesture in a


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