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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 25, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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aston delaware county where crews are working around the clock to restore services. i want to give the latest power outage number. peco reporting 66,000 outages. a ac electric says more than 128,000 customers are still in the dark. and pse&g 14,000 outages and del marva says their willly 3500 customers are without power. as you can tell storm damage is widespread, "eyewitness news" found several road closures in south jersey due to down trees and power lines. many drivers found themselves taking unexpect detours. lets get latest on the storm damage and check things out with justin fin inch washington township, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, many nearby gas stationness this area are actually very busy helping customers without power, fuel up, and they have now been told that their way to go longer perhaps well in the weekend and, as you can imagine, they are in the looking forward to spending anymore days in the dark. lets get you now to video of the chaos in this area resulting from the power
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outage going on here. we are on altman road just off the black horse pike here. ac electric is power provider for this area more than hundred thousand customers remain off line at this time. they should have power by late sunday officially but they are hoping to have their power back on line by midday saturday. don't forget this storm happened on thursday, rather it happened on tuesday and it is now thursday. now, residents having to be very patient with the process here ac must first clear lines out here before crews can begin cutting. now that can take a whole day's work in itself leaving customers to question just how ready they were for the storms. as you can imagine they are quite frustrated. >> i don't know if they just didn't take it seriously, if they knew what was coming, because even when you watch weather, you know, they talk about tornadoes, it is a a low threat but they did mention high wind that they weren't really prepared. if they were waiting for somebody to come up from maryland why isn't that person
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here already? >> reporter: maryland, northern new jersey, new england, ohio, crew where is coming to assist. as you can see this is a problem spot we are looking at right here. wire here goes well into those branches and back around the tree back there you cannot cut in there until ac says it is safe to go in. that is really what causing much of the wait at this time. the hope is to have everyone back on the line by late sunday but they want to have it done hopefully by midday saturday. don't forget it is thursday so two more days at the very lease. we are live, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. this morning the boro hall in brookhaven will serve breakfast to those without power after tuesday's storms. delaware county remains in the state of emergency with roughly 25,000 customers still with no electricity after tuesday night. county leaders are having a tough time keeping up with the response. they say mess of the power won't be restored until
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sometimefully. >> we have in where else to go so it is nice to have somewhere that we can all spend time together. >> the philadelphia union will also open ppl parkas a shelter at 11:00 a.m. for delaware county resident to shower, cool off and get food and water. if you know someone who still does not have power and still need help there are a number of places they can stay cool and charge their cell phones. just go to cbs and you'll find local cooling centers right on the home page. 5:03 in the morning. lets get traffic and weather. >> ukee, things are starting off quiet. most of the day does not look terrible but we will be tracking the next disturbance that moves in later today toward night fall bringing with it some showers and thunderstorms and possibly some heavy rain as well. let's start off by looking at storm scan three which remains empty at this point and it will stay that way through most of the day. we do still have high pressure on our side. you can see some of the cloud starting to bilo in here
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across the buck eye state and the beginnings, at least of the system that will move in. we will take you through future weather. it started off at 9:00 a.m. but still nothing to see here, by evening the early afternoon, the clouds, they are just starting to thicken up here. so you will get most of the day in without a hitch. most of the day looks good if you have outdoor plans. however, and yes, is there an however, you can see the next disturbance moves in. notice heavier rain a across central and southern delaware. that may be the hot spot if we will see severe weather where it would happen but we're talking about scattered showers, if this moves, this little batch of rain moves up, maybe even 30 miles it could abe totally different scenario for atlantic county or rest of the southern new jersey, but just keep in mind there will be a disturbance that will eventually move in and then by tonight brings with it some wet weather. for now though bank on press i pleasant conditions for the better part of the day. often still a mild start but a comfortable start, we will get you back in the mid 80's at the height of the afternoon. expecting a very seasonal day
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to unfold about 85 for a daytime high in philadelphia, vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. well, i can tell you right now that the road are pretty nice outside, but with that said, we're still trying to recover from that severe weather that we had a few days ago. keep in mind throughout the neighborhood we will still have debris out and about. again, i mentioned my commute i take aramingo to get to i-95. even there i was bypassing one of the churches right around there and there was a ton of down trees out front. just be mindful of the debris still lingering throughout the neighborhood okay. but, let's talk about what, what else is going on. let's talk about the media elwyn line. i'm excited because the line has been restored. first train is set to pull out of the station at 5:32 and that is elwyn to center city. you could still find delays because they are just resuming but first train is set to pull out at that time and that is good news for us. let's go down our mass transit checklist to keep you updated. patco running on time, wood crest station is however
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closed so keep that in mine. ac rail line is still suspended so you will want to keep that in mind, however they are telling us that i have some zest will resume at some point today, in the meantime, new jersey buses are still cross honoring, ac rail, and tickets and they are also busing between ac and philadelphia, so you definitely do have some options. vine street expressway a quick look here, non-existent rush hour but westbound side has been reopened because of construction eastbound still closed. now lets head back to the desk vittoria, thank you. we are learning more about the pope's visit to philadelphia this september. our jessica dean is at a press conference at the world meeting of families. earlier today the philadelphia delegation led by mayor michael nutter right there met with the mayor of the rome among topics discussed is security for the pope and here's what mayor nutter had to say about it. >> he really demands, and requires, a level of accessibility that, you know, from a security standpoint would make anyone nervous. at the same time we know that
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we can protect him and so, again, i have mentioned on many occasions the challenge of security and accessibility and often those concepts collide with each other. again, the marries sharing some things with us that, you know, there is a schedule, is there a script and then is there pope francis and he will do pretty much whatever he wants. he wins most of those battles. i think there are ways to deal with those kind of issues. he has to be safe but we want him to have a great time and be accessible to the people. we will figure that out. >> there is a schedule and then is there pope francis. you can make your plans by the pope's visit by going to cbs click on papal visit to get all of the information you need. now back home fire forced several people out of their apartments in bensalem. this is new video from the fire on rich lou road. we're told six units were affect but no one was hurt. there are more charges this morning in the escaped of
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the two convicted murderers from a new york prison earlier this month. >> those escapees are still on the loose. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from the news center with the very latest arrest in this case, nicole. >> ukee and erika nearly three weeks on the run and a second prison worker has been arrested and accused of helping them break free. we're talking about 57 year-old corrections officer gene palmer who is being held on $25,000 bail charged with promoting prison contraband tampering with physical evidence and official misconduct. authorities say he delivered hacksaw blade and other tools to convicted murderers david sweat and richard matt. his lawyer insist that he did not know what he was moving. >> he definitely did not plan to help them escape and he had no prior knowledge that they were going to attempt an escape. >> meanwhile new york state police maintain that palmer was with fellow prison employee joyce mitchell, who pleaded not guilty to smuggling those tools in the prison via frozen hamburger meat. that was just the beginning of the escapee's plan here.
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after sawing through their cell, sweat and matt busted through a brick wall, went their way through pipes and broke out of the manhole and police say these men are desperate, and could be armed. that is very latest live from the cbs-3 news center, nicole brewer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> nicole, thank you. new this morning an f-16 has crashed in the southern arizona desert. the plane went down around 11:00 o'clock our time. witnesses reported seeing a large fire in the area in the town near douglass, arizona gas lines there making it difficult for fire crew toss get close to that crash site. nearby davis air force base says the plane was part of the 162nd wingo air national guard. 5:09. are you looking for something to do this weekend? why not head to the delaware river front. >> right now many ships are approaching philadelphia we will show what you to expect if you check out the tall ships festival. a confrontation at the white house when a heckler interrupts the president hear
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what mr. obama's response was to that heckler. katie says another chance of rain later today and storms could be severe once again. she's updating your forecast as we do traffic and weather together as we look live at the beautiful sunrise down the shore. lovely colors. we will be right back.
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the delaware river is the place to be this have afternoon as tall ships festival sales right into town. let's show you one of the tall ships working their way to the delaware river front today. they will arrive starting around 1:00 for the four day long festival. you can tour and even set sail on those ships on both side of the river at penns landing and the camden waterfront. now, this, this guy is the big attraction for the
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festival. the world's largest rubber ducky, larger than life duckies 61 feet tall ape weighs 11 tons. duck will be dock on the camden river front next to the battleship new jersey if you want to check him out. we will be live down there tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news" getting an up close look at those ships and this enormous rubber duck. >> that is a rubber duck, that is a duck that means business. >> that is a big duck. >> 5:13. hey katie good morning. >> good morning guys. we are expect to go see a significant pattern change in the delaware valley in the days ahead. there will be some wet weather that likely messes with that tall ships festival here, but i want to give you a sense of exactly when the worst moves through, how the rest of today looks and then your seven day forecast. lets check on what is happening at the local level and regional level. it is all quiet for now. we have high pressure
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initially on our side but sign of things to come, already looming off to the west and bringing with it very heavy rain and significant then are storms down across south centrally was northeastern missouri and illinois. this is what is heading our way moving straight from west to east. if you track that, southern tear of our area will be basically on the cusp where we end up with nasty thunderstorms. there is a slight risk for severe weather when that disturbance gets here. marginal risk for urbanized area and down into south central new jersey but further north you go it will not be too terrible. probably, just a shower here later on today and tonight but where we have the gusty wind you can see heavy down powered, mall sized hail, tornado risk very low for our area so that is good. sun giving way to cloud. we will hit 85 degrees. it is a nice day overall but then disturbance gets here.
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if you have plans in as early as you can. you should have have a decent window of opportunity. few showers dropping down to 67 tonight. moving forward in our forecast we can expect to see these temperatures rebounding or dropping off, as we head into the upcoming weekend. another disturbance comes along for weekend. we are stuck in the mid 70's which is crazy that is cool in the mid 70's but it will feel that way and would i say saturday is soggy day of the next four especially the second half of the day it looks to bring instead i rain. that is the current thinking and we are keeping our fingers crossed and take another track, but in the looking good. >> will this affect the shore this weekend. >> oh, yeah. >> pretty much everyone. >> come on, you guys, i have big plans. >> liquid sunshine look at it that way. >> yeah. have a slice of pizza. >> i'm sure i can find something to do, with a pina clothta too. if you are traveling out
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and about on the majors, you will net is it is very quiet too quiet for a rush hour. let's focus on mass transit. patco is running on time, we have good news thereafter being suspended yesterday and media elwyn line is now resuming services. their first train is set to pull out at 5:32. this is great news for folks this morning because we are finally starting to recover from yesterday. also, new jersey transit however unfortunately they are still suspended we will let you know for ac rail, we will let you know when this do resume services but this is latest and they are new jersey buses are cross honoring those tickets. so still it can if you have an option, to get you moving this morning. really in problems on the majors at all ukee. well, talk about a fee lion see what happens when a cat comes face-to-face with the bear. >> um-hmm. it has been another long night for people still in the dark power crews are out there working right now but we will check with peco to see what everyone can expect to
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crews are still trying to restore power from tuesday night's severe storms. >> liz williams from peco energy is on the phone right now, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> can you tell me how many outages we are looking at and where the trouble hard hit spots are. >> right now we have about 58,000 customers without service, the majority of those customers are in chester and delaware counties. this means that in the first 36 hours following the storm we have been able to safely restore services to american 200,000 customers originally affect however, we know we have a lot of work to do and we still need to get people back on. >> thanks to the crews working throughout the night to get power back on. that is the big question, for those folks the 58,000, when can they expect to get power
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back. >> right now we are expecting vast majority to have services restored by friday evening. you mentioned the crews, in addition to our peco crews we have more than a thousand local contractors, and additional field personnel from other utility from as farrah away as kentucky, west virginia and ohio who are helping us. so we expect most customers to have service restored by friday evening however, we have about 800 individual jobs that we have identified, that when repaired will only restore services to one or a happened full of customers. so therefore, some customers in the most heavily damaged area may be without service into the weekend. >> liz, with that being said is peco in ice storm mode right new or is this more severe. >> we are definitely all hand on deck, every inning is will person at peco is focused honorary storing service so absolutely. >> liz, thanks very much, appreciate it. >> thank you. get ready to check your fridge, we will let you know why popular salad dressing is being recalled.
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is there right now 5:23. traffic and weather together. katie, more rain. >> i think we will get most of the day without a hitch here. if puff outdoor plans i would not cancel them especially if they fall in the next 12 hours. we are looking good for the initial part of the day but later tonight and as we get out to storm scan 3a new disturbance moves in and depending on how quickly this decides to move along we may see showers firing up as early a as late this afternoon toward evening but over all the day isn't terrible. 56 degrees is a cool start outside kutztown area middle school but comfortably so and
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beautiful colors being thrown across the sky line right there. just really nice beginning to the morning for us. eighty-five is what we are shooting for in the daytime high in the city and then eventually these cloud will rebuild and we will see fresh round of showers and thunderstorms moving our way vittoria. >> thank you katie. good morning everyone. right now if you are traveling out and about it is at least looking bright outside and majors are nice and clear so far, and we will take a look at a beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge. it doesn't look as beautiful as that kutztown middle will school shot. that was relately pretty. as we look at the beautiful sky line of philadelphia, you will notice we are not dealing with any problems on the ben once we get into philadelphia and new jersey. things look great here on the majors. pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware in, problems at this time. lets talk about mass transit. patco back to normal. media elwyn line back to normal. their first train about to pull out of the station in ten minutes but new jersey transit, atlantic city rail line is still suspended, new
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jersey buses cross honoring and busing between ac and philadelphia ukee. well sixers pick third in this years nba draft which is tonight in brooklyn. some experts say it will take guard deangelo russell from ohio state. russell work out for sixers but team has been tight-lipped about who else they are considering. they will have have five more picks in the second round. we will look at some of the possible picks in our next hour. now to celebrate nba draft night sixers are holding the largest draft party in history, it is tonight at dilworth park near city hall from 6:00 to 11:00 there will be free food, drinks plus sixers alumni, kids attractions and big tv screens to watch tonight's nba draft. more information on the cbs it is throw back thursday. i'm taking you back to 1987 when i photo bombed sir charles barkley in the hallway of the old spectrum back in the day. charles was assisting in the
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1984 draft that was right after an interview. i have to thank my man million, who thanked me on twitter. i have no idea where he got it but there it is back in the take. phillies are off tonight they lost ten-two yesterday afternoon. nationals come to town for weekend series beginning tomorrow night when nationals will start max in the first start since throwing a no hitter against pittsburgh pirates now check out this catch from yesterday's blue jays/rays game. the blue jays third base man josh donaldson preserves a perfect game. oh nicely done. it didn't turnout to be a perfect game in the end but that is one heck of a play, laying it all out on the line, nicely done. blue jays won in 12 innings one to nothing erika back to you. >> wow. >> talk about 110 percent. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a major grocery store chain is under fire and how it is accused of ripping off some customers. also the clean up continues from tuesday night's
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storms, we will take you to the hardest hit areas where people are still in the dark. and katie says we can see more storms today, we will update your traffic and weather together and let you know when you might see some rain coming up in two minutes
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it has been a long night for power crews working around the clock and even longer for folks who who still do not have power two days after that devastating storm blew through. we have the latest power outage numbers for you right here peco reporting 66,000 outages, we have gotten word that it is down to 58,000. ac electric is recording 128,000 customers, in the dark and pse&g reporting 14,000 outages and del marva
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says nearly 3500 customers are still without power. damage is widespread in south jersey. we are hearing some residents might not get their power back until sunday over there. that has residents wondering how prepared power companies were for the storm. >> i don't know if they just didn't take it seriously if they knew what was coming. because even when you watched the weather they talked about tornado, low threat, but they did mention the high winds that they weren't really prepared. if they were waiting for somebody to come up from maryland why isn't that person here already? >> utility crew from his nearby states are on their way, to assist, in the clean up efforts. good morning lets get traffic and weather right now with katie. >> good morning ukee. good morning everyone as well. we are starting off on a quiet note but there will be fresh showers and thunderstorms that head our way from a separate disturbance. it is first in two that will be moving into our region. they are bringing us a


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