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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ustices coming down on their typical conservative/liberal lines with anthony kennedy the swing vote for the majority. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has more from the outside the high court. >> reporter: same sex marriage is new law of the land. it was too much for pam yorksmith who sued to have her name added to her son's birth certificate. >> overwhelmed, overjoyed, and really proud to be an american today. >> reporter: five-four decision fell along conservative/liberal lines with justice kennedy giving the swing vote. he vote marriage is a fundamental right in which homosexual couples must share and also a violation of equal protection to extend that right only to heterosexual couples. >> within a few sentences, i was inspired. >> reporter: jimmies lead plaintiff in the case. he sued to have his name added to his late spouse's death certificate. >> worth knowing him and loving him, it would have never been comforted for something like this. >> reporter: president obama praised the decision of the court. >> this ruling will strengthen
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all of our communities by offering to all loving same sex couples the dignity of marriage a across this great land. >> reporter: conservative justices on the court each wrote their own dissents but all agreed states should aloud to create their own laws. >> there is nothing in the constitution that requires a state to recognize marriage in the way that the court has radically redefined it as such. >> reporter: within hours this couple got married in dayton, ohio where it was illegal before today. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". many at home are weighing in on this historic ruling. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live on independent mall with that part of the coverage, syma? >> reporter: chris, a rally that is set to -- excuse me, scheduled to begin shortly to celebrate the supreme court's ruling. it is a historic day especially here in philadelphia, that is because it is first major u.s. protest, for lgbt equality, and it took place right behind
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me at independent hall back in the 1960's. >> is there a saying after every storm comes a rainbow and after the saying the fight for equality was just that. >> i think marriage is about love between two people. >> reporter: same sex marriage became legal in our local states over past few years but this ruling means couples in our area will be recognized, across the country. >> or that if we get married or if we travel that there is not a big question, just by stepping over state lines. >> reporter: lgbt movement has historical roots in philadelphia there are many gay rights demonstrations in the late 1960's in and around independent mall. >> this is photo of me getting a rested. >> reporter: mark seeing allies publisher of the philadelphia gay news and fighting for equality for decade. >> this is a happy face today. >> reporter: he fights back tears talking about all of the rights same sex couples will now have. >> there are 1,000 of those rights all across the border, states city and federal laws.
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they are now on par with something one simple word, the word is, equality. >> reporter: not everyone is celebrating the ruling. >> well, i don't think it is a basic human right for a man to sin begins their creator. >> reporter: philadelphia archdiocese agrees, archbishop charles chaput released this statement saying the mistakes of the court changed nothing about the nature of the men and women and truth of god's word. >> it doesn't affect any church anywhere in america but it effects every gay lesbian person in america. >> reporter: again, a rally is set to begin here shortly and just one side note, the national constitution center has an exhibit on the history of gay rights and officials have to make last minute additions with today's ruling. we are live at independent mall syma chowdhry cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good thank you very much. keep it right here on "eyewitness news", we will have have continuing coverage of the high court's same sex marriage ruling, read that full opinion on line at cbs
5:04 pm people all across our area continue cleaning up from tuesday's damaging storms. take a live look at sylvester street in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. it continues to be littered with down trees and power lines there. crews did come by earlier in the day to install new power poles that were knocked down in that powerful storm. there is much more work to be done in hard hit gloucester county tonight chopper three back over east greenwich where utility crews were replacing damaged power lines today certainly welcome sight for those in the dark now for several days. here are the latest outage numbers, ac electric, still reporting 64,000 outages peco is now down to 12,000 customers with the power little more than 900 pse and g customers are still off line and del marva reports about 65 outages in new castle county. dry today but it won't be for much longer we are tracking showers and a flood
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watch for part of the weekend. meteorologist kate bilo is back live with us outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with more on what to expect, kate. >> today started off glummy, it looked like it wanted to rain earlier but it turned into a beautiful friday evening, unshining few cloud overhead and couple spots looking at a few showers but things go downhill in time for our summer saturday. lets look at what is happening on storm scan three, in the a whole lot a few cloud bubbling up we have a few spotty showers up toward lehigh rally in white hall township and allentown bethlehem and further north and west that is where we are see sprinkles here and there short lived and they will be moving out rapidly. what we are dealing with tomorrow is much stronger system, take a look back across portions of indiana ohio heavy rain lining autopsy long that frontal boundary and that will move in during the day tomorrow with the heavier rain coming down tomorrow afternoon and evening, west of philadelphia. that is what we have on deck as we start weekend lets talk about a flood watch that has
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been issued and in effect for philadelphia and areas on west that does include new castle county delaware, chester montgomery, bucks county, a flood watch for saturday evening, these are areas we will see heavier rain and areas that are prone to poor drainage, a as you live near a creek or stream and you flood where it rains it will on saturday. we will have much more in a few minutes. for now back inside to you. >> we will see new a minute, thanks very much. breaking news from south philadelphia phillies with the big assignment this afternoon ryne sandberg has stepped down as the team's manager. sports director beasley easies at citizens bank park on what was a surprise ago announcement beasley. >> it was a hastily put together press conference, apparently coming out of no where, ryne sandberg thinking about making this move, stepping down as manager of the phillies for a couple of weeks. slept on it overnight an inside todd do it today. i consider this a player failure. the guys behind me warming
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upright now all smiles, business as usual, they have killed a second manager with poor play. super stars not living up to the money. it is an absolute tragedy that a hall of famer who was struggling as a manager over last three years still not a very good job but still the players, once again are the failures. it is up to the players to win games, hit the ball, make plays. here's sanberg playing good bye. >> i think just the a couple eulogies of in my mind the losses. i to not like to lose. i hate to lose. i think that is the biggest thing that weighed on me. with some changes at the top looming, i go back to my statement, i did not want to be in the way of anything happening and the progress
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going forward. >> a lot of tears on the podium from ruben amaro junior ryne sandberg holding back his emotions. this is a guy who cannot stand coming to the ballpark and watching guys under perform. coming up later on in sports, we will hear more from ryne sandberg and we will hear from sam hinkie on the sixers latest move. i'm beasley reese at the ballpark now back to you you. >> management just need to be shell shock there today thanks very much. a lot of people talking about this. we want to know what you think of the departure of ryne sandberg. connect with us on facebook and twitter and use the hash tag on cbs-3 chat. a horrific terror attack in france ended with one person dead and at least two others injured. according to investigators a delivery man attack a u.s. owned gas factory nearly on using his car to ram oxygen tanks and ignite a explosion. man is also suspect of decap taiting his boss, scrolling an arabic message on his head
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and placing it on a fence post. suspect was arrested, three others are in custody the plan by the way belongs to air products based in lehigh county. well, another terror attack this one in tunisia a young man reportedly hid an assault rifle under an umbrella on the beach there and opened fire, at least 37 people, many of them tourist are dead. this happened in a beach again in a resort town, shooting spree came to an end when police shot the shooter dead. well, an a arrest has been made on a septa train caught on camera and it has transit officials rethinking their policies and investigating one of their own. video, posted to social media shows septa police converging on a man that they say did not pay his fair. man is not holding a little girl and things got to be contentious when an officer went to hand cuff a man. police chief and septa says pressure is on to stop fare
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jumpers but doesn't mean children should be placed in danger. >> the sergeant told me that the officer felt that if you walk away you would face disciplinary action. that is a failure on my part. i never wanted child safety to be jeopardized. >> that man was charged with fare evasion disorderly conduct and disorderly arrest. child was unharmed and then return to her mother. much more ahead on here/"eyewitness news" at 5:00, including the sit/charleston remembering reverend pinckney, killed in the historic black church. thousands came out to hear president obama deliver the eulogy. and also, a shark is captured on camera, in a popular shore town, we will hear from the stunned eyewitness who shot this video. diana? >> reporter: and chris, it is a beautiful day here on the delaware river waterfront where the tall ships festival is in full swing but one
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exhibit is noticeably missing. i'll have a live report when we c i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves
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in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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president he bam a delivered a yule for state senator and reverend clementa pinckney and he asked americans to confront the ugliness of america's racial history. marley hall in charleston. >> ♪ >> reporter: thousands of mourners came together to celebrate, the life of the politician, and pastor,
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clementa pinckney. >> i know everybody stand up and give reverend senator clementa pinckney a good round of a place. >> reporter: music, script tour reading and emotional tribute resonated around pinckney's ongoing service a at this charleston arena. >> because of you we will see a confederate flag coming down in the state of carolina. >> reporter: president obama delivered the eulogy for south carolina state senator and pastor of emmanuel ame church. >> preacher by 13, pastor by 18 and public servant by 23. what a life clementa pinckney lived. >> reporter: he paid tribute to the faith religious leadership and public service but he used a moment to send a broader message. >> that is a reminder of
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systemic oppression. and racial problems. >> reporter: pinckney and eight others were murdered during bible study at historical church in charleston last wednesday police say that the church massacre was motivated by hate, but this day was devoted to love, and life. >> ♪ >> in columbia, south caroline, marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and after the services today the president was expected to be privately with the families of the eight other victims. well, still to come here on "eyewitness news" refund are on tap for beer drinkers we will tell you why we could be entitled to as much as $50. and hold the elevator it is national bring your dog to work day we will take to you one local business, who allowed man's best friend, every day, we will be right
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you may have noticed something was missing we talk a lot about the world's biggest rubber duck and we showed it yesterday it is not there today. diana rocco is live on the camden waterfront with more on what is happened to momma duck diana? >> well, chris, a lot of people said diana is noticeably miss to go day but it is still a beautiful day down here and people are down
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here taking advantage of the weather, as tall ships festival is in full swing. here is what we have found out there was a problem with the rubber duck during parade of ships yesterday the pun pontoon took on some water and it turns out they found some holes in her. she was sitting lopsided. this is how she's supposed to sit, 61 feet tall inflatable duck should be fully upright. all is not lost, he is still at wiggins park where kid can take picture with him. here's what event organizers have to say. >> rubber ducks at the shore and when we were taking out the boat we discovered the duck had some duck bruises and rips and tears. we are in the process, of repairing the duck. she's now out of the water being repaired and we hope to have her up real soon. >> reporter: stay tuned to the tall ships facebook page, we will have updates on when momma duck will be back. they say for sure by the end of the weekend but it is quite
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a lengthy restoration process. they know people are disappointed that she's in the here. they are asking them to bear with them. also a note about the tall ships festival fire works scheduled from 9:30 down here tomorrow night have been postponed, until 9:30 sunday night, due to tomorrow's storm. we are live in camden, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we wish momma duck continued good health, it may be safe at the duck hospital. we will get her back on the scene. >> she has a wounded wing she will be right back. >> it happens. >> diane, thanks very much. >> great ships to see in the meantime. >> the weather has turnout just ducky this evening. >> sorry. >> exactly. >> but she talk about weather tomorrow they are moving fire works tomorrow. >> because. >> because of the heavy rain coming in tomorrow and gusty wind as well which people still recovering from tuesday's storms don't need to hear that. we have another round of gusty wind thunderstorms don't look quite as bad but heavy rain and strong gusty wind will keep it cool and feel like a
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springtime storm for your saturday. lets look outside. we can look to the bottom of the screen scrolling our weather watcher reports and find your closest weather watcher to your neighborhood and see what their conditions are reporting. we will see ocean city, boy i wish i was there looks beautiful this evening. everybody in the surf and still out on the beach love staying until five or 6:00 on one of these long summer afternoons. it looks like a great day. day to enjoy it. these people are thinking tomorrow our beach day got ruin so we need to enjoy today while we have it. reason your beach day will get ruined and anyplace you head outside may get ruined as system moving from the west. it ills not here yet. we see scattered showers are popping up even though most of the area is experiencing pretty nice friday evening. we have a few sprinkles up through portions of the lehigh valley in the allentown area, lynn traveling on the northeast extension here, we could see slow downs with a few spotty showers but much worse off to the west, in fact we heard a tornado warning in ohio with this cell right here heavy rain across
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portions of indiana down through illinois, chicago kentucky right now. this ace i large system all heading our way as we head into saturday especially saturday evening. if you have outdoor plans for your saturday, birthday party you have scheduled and in rain date in the morning you may be okay. in the have a noon or evening you may need to find a in door location to move to right now comfortable 81 at the airport. seventy-nine in wilmington. pair of seven's in allentown. rain cooling there with the showers moving through. we have a flood watch from the city on west, it looks like heavier rain will line up west have here. allentown, reading pottstown south jersey not included in the flood watch but as things evolve they could issue one depeping where that heavier rain sets up object saturday. it does than the mean a nice day in south jersey rain may just take longer to get in. 7:00 a.m. we are just looking at cloud cover, we will start off dry for the entire region. by tenor 11:00 showers work their way in, spotty showers down the shore heavier rain
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to the west at 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. with the heavy rain to the west. eight or 9:00 heavy rain expand across the area and continues through the overnight hours saturday night into sunday morning before finally lifting out and may get a little sunshine crossing our fingers here for sunday afternoon. things hey get better. how much rain? heavier rain off to the west where we could see one and three quarter inches. over an inch in philadelphia, millville and atlantic city as this comes through. what to expect? period of heavy rain, one and a half to 2 inches. poor drainage flooding. we are watching creeks and streams but we don't expect river flooding. sixty-five tonight. heavy rain late in the day tomorrow. otherwise cool, windy at 74. you're witness weather three day forecast we are looking at 74 saturday with that heavy rain sunday morning shower, and cooler at 77 and monday we are up to 83. we will be right
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the sixers, talked about their big draft last night and a change in the dug out for the phillies, our sports director beasley easies at the ballpark beasley. >> chris, it was a surprise announcement ryne sandberg stepping down as manager of the phillies, we know they are struggling but they were predict to be last in baseball. brett brownies not winning games, he didn't quit. so something is going on. ryne sandberg had to know this would be a difficult year. i'm sure it is difficult for a hall of famer to come to the ballpark every day and watch guys with will talent, fail. star pitchers get rocked. guys making millions of dollars who can't make a play. franco is making plays he doesn't care who is the manager. so, tough thing. a lot of tears in the press conference. here's ryne sandberg.
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>> when there were issues and what i felt on a daily basis and being dissatisfied with what ways going on, as far as on the field and the record, that weighed a lot on me. >> all right. in better news, jahlil okafor coming to philadelphia, truly talented center out of a fine university, duke university, so, we have not heard a lot from sam hinkie but here's sam hinkie on the pick. >> in jahlil we feel incredibly fortunate incredibly fortunate to be able to have jahlil, to be able to add him to our team. i spent so much time in durham north carolina this year if you told me partway through that we would get him we would have slept a lot more. >> so chris this is a player failure here at citizens bank park. every player you see behind me is a manager killer. they have killed two managers
5:28 pm
and listen, it is up to players. we move on from here. it is pete mechanics as interim manager. from the ballpark i'm beasley reese, now back to you sir. >> they do make the big bucks beasley, thanks very much. still to come here in the next half an hour same sex activist across the landmark ruling across u.s. supreme court, we will have more reaction. plus... >> what was your first thought when you saw that pop out of the water. >> sweet. >> hammer head shark is spotted off the coast of the popular beach destination hear from the eyewitness who managed to capture it on video. new at 6:00 a new jersey police sergeant suspected of drunk driving and not charged with a crime or even punished, the i team digs deeper in an alleged cover up tonight
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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i'm chris may. we are following breaking news at 5:30, richard matt, one of the two convicted killers escaped an upstate new york prison has been shot and killed by authorities near the canadian border, his fellow escapee david sweat is still on the run. and same sex marriage, is now legal across the 50 states. the u.s. supreme court issued a historic ruling today some thrilled with the outcome, others, deeply disappointed.
5:32 pm
and tens of thousands are still in the dark after tuesday's powerful storm utility companies say they are working around the clock and they hope to get customers restored by the end of the weekend. kate? >> chris, i wish i had better news for that weekend but it will be a wet one. let's break it down quickly for your saturday heavy rain in the afternoon and evening and, a cell east of philadelphia, two plus inches west in the flood watch zone with gusts to 30 miles an hour. sunday morning showers and then some clearing in the afternoon. so sunday afternoon is when you want to make outdoor plans. i will have have more details with the seven day chris. >> thanks very much. our coverage of the today's supreme court ruling, continues now 59:30. court today did rule same sex marriage is a constitutional right, and therefore legal in all 50 states. cbs news correspondent chris martinez tells thaws gay rights activist across the country are celebrating. >> reporter: same sex couples in more than a dozen states that had banned gay marriage, rushed to the court clerk's office to tie the knot, after
5:33 pm
learning that the supreme court had made marriage equality the law of the land. >> it is a sense of freedom. >> we're just wanting to be treated like everyone else. >> reporter: brown could hardly contain their emotion. the state has long been on the front lines, in the fight for gay rights. >> make no mistake much of what we won today started here. >> san francisco values become america's values. still, not everyone is celebrating, opponent of marriage equality are expressing disappointment in the landmark decision. critics say same sex marriage should be resolved by voters and state legislators not judges. >> this is a clear act of judicial activism, this decision is not final decision in the mind of the conscious of the americans. >> reporter: but brad and sean coffee, one of the first couples to marry in california, say ruling reflects 23rd of americans who support same sex marriage.
5:34 pm
>> how great is that. >> reporter: advocates say the court's decision settles one of the key civil rights fights of the modern another a chris martinez for cbs news, los angeles. this story is generate ago lot of attention on social media tonight we'd love for to you join the conversation with us on facebook and twitter, and use the hash tag cbs-3 chat. and scott pelley will have much more on this ruling, coming up on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30 tonight. new jersey governor and potential presidential candidate chris christie says he disagrees with the court's ruling. he said that voters and in the lawyers, should decide the same sex marriage issue. the governor made those comments during a news conference, on the budget in trenton today. he signed a spending plan but made line-item vetoes to democratic approved tax increases. the governor signed off on 200 million-dollar more than expect for the pension fund, as a result of the state's surplus. when he was asked about his plans to run for president
5:35 pm
today the governor may have tipped his hand to news about an announcement next tuesday might be true. >> we're not answering any questions about my political future today. i'm here as the governor to talk about state business. there will be plenty of time to talk about my political future next week. >> associated press reported governor will make a presidential announcement at his former high school in livingston, essex county on tuesday. more on the frightening terror attack overseas in france that ended with one person dead and two others injured, according to investigators a delivery man attack a gas factory nearly one, using his car to ram oxygen tanks and ignited an explosion. the man is also suspect of decap taiting his boss, writing a message on his head and placing his head on the fence post. that man was arrested, three others in custody. the company is air products and chemicals it is headquarters in allentown, and officials there have tightened security tonight. now to another terror
5:36 pm
attack in tunisia this one has claim at least 37 lives tonight. cbs reporter jonathan tells us that the shooter opened fire on a crowded beach. >> reporter: rescuers carried body bags from the beach and medics used beach chairs as stretches for the injured. tunisia officials say dozens of people mostly tourist were gunned down while sun bathing and swimming, on a stretch of coastline in the popular resort town of sueses. this man was hot in the arm. >> my wife ran and i just saw the gun man firing shots ran in and they were lying on the beach. >> reporter: officials say the attacker had a ak-47 rifle inside a beach umbrella he opened fire on the beach at a hotel pool and then inside of a hotel lobby before guard gunned down. police say he is tunisia students. jonathan cbs news. that resort is a popular holiday destination, some were
5:37 pm
british, german and belgium. recovery teams had a search for nine people in the sight seeing plane crash in alaska. authorities say that crashed in the cliff last night and eight were passengers on the holland american cruise ship thaw see right here. ninth victim was plane's pilot. it is not clear what a crash. senator bob casey was pushing for more fun forgo amtrak. senator casey wants congress to pass the senate's version of the bill which would lift amtrak funding to 1.4 million-dollar. house committee reduced that funding to 1.1 billion. casey says that the deadly derailment in port richmond last month under scores the need to improve amtrak safety and infrastructure right now. >> we have to make the case, especially in the aftermath of our horrific tragedy, to make
5:38 pm
sure folks in washington know that amtrak is essential, not only for the north east but for the whole country. >> now one note about that house bill it does include nine million-dollar in new funding for video cameras placed inside of amtrak's locomotive cabs. still to come here on "eyewitness news" when is a german beer in the a german beer, maybe when it is made in missouri. three on your side with more on the lawsuit brought up by angry customers. plus... >> reporter: a lot of people say they get to work with their best friend every day but at one local business they bring a new meaning to that. i'm erika von tiehl. i'll tell you where it is bring your dog to work day every day. in case you want to bring your pet to the work place. and it is turning out to be a beautiful friday evening but don't get too used to the sunshine we have rain on the way, for the weekend and even a flood watch to tell but. i'll have the full seven day forecast when we come back.
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there is a new government web site that aims to help identify victims of identity theft, the address is identity theft, dot gov that provides a
5:42 pm
step by step planning showing victims how to contact creditors, issue a fraud report and file a police report. each year millions of americans have their identities stolen. takata is setting up a compensation fund for victims of the faulty air bags, takata ceo apologized for those air bags that killed at least eight people and said they still have not figure out what caused them to explode. another recall for lulu lemon the yoga and running gear maker is recalling women's tops because of a cord in the hood that will cause injuries. when they get pulled, or caught they can then, whip back, and injure peoples faces. seven such injuries have been reported. they have sold now for six years in the u.s. and in canada previously, lulu lemon has recalled yoga pants that you can see through. we will be right back.
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in ocean city maryland a shark comes close and it is caught on camera. video was shot by dallas harrington of a hammer head shark swimming right toward his boat. now different phone, same edge
5:46 pm
ace, just a jaw dropping video by staff at par died water sports. it is estimated the shark is 300-pound, 8 feet long and in surprise it kept beach goers out of the water for about a day. tyler hone from philadelphia, had his speakers out. >> i already planned this because jaws out there and wow. >> there you go. shark apparently tried to beach itself and it never quite did and apparently had retreated back in the water. the ocean city, maryland beach patrol again this is maryland says there is in reason to panic hammer head won't attack unless provoke. that makes me feel better. >> yes. >> you were down the shore over the week. >> yes. >> you were thinking about sharks in the water. >> there have been so many reports of shark attacks. >> that is right. >> anytime i was further are one out i was sure would i get may leg bitten off. >> we know how unlikely it is but there is a one in a million shot. >> yes mary lee could be
5:47 pm
lurking off the coast and i make sure there was somebody further then me thinking that would be their first victim instead of me. it work well, i'm intact, and here i am. >> some weather to report, bad news for weekend. we have some rain to talk about. in problems tonight. beautiful friday evening it turns out to be, it is a iffy day with temperatures in the 70's lower 80's with more sunshine, blue skies and a few puffy cloud over center city philadelphia, not a bad evening out and about in the city, down the shore in matter where you are, no sharks, we have got tall ships, and nice evening for that tall ships festival. we will check with our eyewitness weather watchers. and, just a little bit north of the city a and that will not pop up so let's go south here. 80 degrees with lynn springer, in cherry hill, new jersey, and sunshine through the clouds there. eighty's out near tabernacle
5:48 pm
in tabernacle, john sandman at 80 with some sun and dark cloud to the west, because there are a couple of showers brewing, especially through lehigh valley. lets see if we have lehigh valley weather watchers. you got to get on that. eighty-three further south and, gilbertsville and eileen says nice end to go a not so nice start of the day. lets look at what storm scan three is showing our next weather maker unfortunately a problem for your saturday, i would hate to give a stormy rainy forecast, but here it is we made out okay, most have the rain overnight this time it looks like heavier rain will be saturday afternoon and saturday night, we may clear it out for sunday. storm scan three shows heavier rain, from portions of illinois over ohio right now and it is heavy heading our way, we could see thunderstorms with this as well. lets talk first about heavy rain which we will see with this system off to the west as it moves in a warm front activating to the north during
5:49 pm
the the day tomorrow, heavier rain in the afternoon and evening. a line tries to form here in the warm sector of the storm tomorrow afternoon and evening, that means we could have a chance for a few thunderstorm embedded in this system late are on tomorrow evening. heavier rain right around 9:00 p.m. and starts to lift, maybe a few wrap around shower to the west on sunday and then system pushes away. heavier rain, west of the city, red to go could see an inch. 2 inches in wilmington. these areas in the flood watch further south and east not quite as much but still a stormy saturday. as far as severe weather marginal risk for philadelphia and points north generally surrounding the city but in portions of southern delaware is there a slight risk for thunderstorm to be locally severe as we head through our saturday evening. overnight tonight just a spotty shower. sixty-four. tomorrow start off with cloud heavier rain is in the afternoon and in the overnight hours, few thunderstorms as well and wind will pick up, east ten to 20 with gusts to
5:50 pm
30 miles an hour, high just 74 degrees. lets get to the eyewitness weather seven day shore cast, tomorrow not a great day. me and kid have a movie national in a date for saturday. sunday 77. morning showers. we will clear it out. monday great in time to head back to work. tuesday we're at 87. mid 80's with sunshine both wednesday and thursday. chris, back to you. >> thanks very much. >> anheuser-busch has reach a preliminary settlement in the chas action lawsuit over labeling of their beck's beer. they may be entitled to a refund as a result. consumer reporter jim donovan is here with the details. >> that is right, three beck as drinkers file the suit in 2013 have after they found out the famous german beer is brought in missouri. into believing that beck's
5:51 pm
beard here in the united states was sold in and made in germany. this week a federal judge gave approval for a settlement that includes a refund to customers who bought beer beginning in may brake down like this. they have receipts can get a refund of $50. refund are capped at 12 doll arts for those without receipts. they will be created so people can file electroniccally. beer, is there a romance about beer whole lot of beer who drank beck's and they thought their beer came from germany. >> devon leonard has been following the story for bloomberg business week. >> it is that we're in the world's biggest beer company and it is just a recipes you brew it in germany and you brew tonight st. louis it is same thing but for the people who sue it is not the same water and in mystique. they thought they would be
5:52 pm
ripped off. >> bush denies any wrongdoing and in the statement they believe, they are labeling packaging and marketing of beck as has been truthful, transparent and complying with all legal requirements. >> would i like to find a person who has a receipt of 2011. but the attorneys including three million-dollar, so they did well. >> be proud of it, it is great, just, great. stand by your products. >> have a good weekend. >> thanks. >> cheers. >> still ahead at 5:00 taking man's best friend to the office, and we will tell but a couple local businesses wherever day is take your dog to work day. next.
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harry potter is coming to the london stage that is the author who announced on twitter, that the play harry potter and cursed child will open up on london's west even, next year. rawlins says the play will be a new story but declined to elaborate. she said when audiences see the play they will understand why it won't be in book form.
5:56 pm
tickets go on sale this fall, according to the web site she will provide more information on the play next month. a taylor swift and her boyfriend dj calvin harris now topped forbes list of the highest paid couples. together the two are worth an estimated 146 million-dollar. that is just enough to knock off jay-z and beyonce from the top spot, that married superstar duo earn just over 110 million-dollar. forbes will release the full list, next week. we are celebrating our four legged friend this friday and the national bring your dog to work day was today, cbs-3 anchor erika von tiehl boned up on local business that is celebrate year round and she has has this. >> reporter: report if someone says you you are working like a dog today they are not yanking your chain it is national bring your dog to work day. >> right here, it is tough to have a bad day. >> reporter: every day is bring your dog cat or even, snake, to work day at pet plan
5:57 pm
in newtown square. >> great to get up and say hey do you want to come to work, watch the dog wag her tail and hang out with them all day. >> reporter: from bailey, the great, and ebony the senior, shivering chihuahua all breed are welcomed. some can't wait to play, others are content snuggling but there are some rules. sign up sheets are used to make sure pets and people will all get along. juan's one year-old tabby bennet dresses up for his big day in the office. >> i feel like he is dapper, just enough like tony bennet so it is ad in to that. >> reporter: you might expect a pet insurance company to be animal friendly but many local businesses are opening up their dog doors to our fury family members. >> nice having a buddy in the office for the day. >> reporter: kristin, editor and chief of philadelphia style magazine brings her 12 year-old pup buster in with her every day. >> i spent most of my waking hours at work so why not have it feel more like home. >> reporter: i could in the resist. >> go to work.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: high time highlight will girl sophie got a tour of cbs-3. a quick touch up and she's off collecting smiles all along the way. as for actually working with her here, at times it was hard to retriever but i'll tell you this we positively loved every minute. erika von tiehl,. >> before bringing your dog to work today and any day and a a dog should be up to dayton their vaccinations, they will make sure to get along with other dogs, keep your pet on the leash and also make sure they are wearing an id and make sure you want to check your office policy were you bring a pet to work. sophie always welcomed here that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now managing the worst team in baseball took its toll. ryne sandberg has resign. sport director beasley easies
5:59 pm
live at citizens bank park. i will tell you how much will fall and if we can establish outdoor time, coming up at 6:00. a police sergeant suspect of drunk driving and not charge with the crime i team dig deeper into a cover up. our celebration as cross the country as supreme court issues a historic ruling on same sex marriage, tonight one local couple shares what today's ruling means for them, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now we have breaking news tonight. richard matt one of two escaped killer has been shot and killed by authorities tonight. it happened in malone, new york near the canadian border, and about 40 miles from the
6:00 pm
prison. those two escaped the clinton correctional facility back on june 6th. they are still searching for the other escapee david sweat. i'm chris may. guess case off tonight. a major developing story right now, he is out of here, ryne sandberg has resigned as phillies manager. beasley easies live at the ballpark, where phillies are set to take on the nationals in about an hour from now beasley. >> you know, ryne sandberg has this part in his decision, stepping down as phillies manager but as a organizational failure and more than anything on my part it is the players failure. they failed to make plays cole hamels, you have ryne howard, you have coal cole hamels supposed to strike people out getting ripped. these guys have killed two managers and now ryne sandberg it is tough on hall of famers. they say go turn a double play and when i


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