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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 27, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> tonight at 11:00 storm scan3 is tracking more wet weather just in time for the weekend. will it ruin our outdoor plans? well good evening jessica is off. i'm chris may. let's start our friday night with meteorologist kate bilo watching that wet weather for us. kate, what can we expect this weekend. >> chris you said it this heavy rain is headed our way and it will get just in time for our saturday afternoon and evening. if you have morning plans you
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may be able to get just fine. all of this will be lifting through the course of the day tomorrow and bring steady rain especially west of philadelphia but we've got a few problems happening right now. these showers have popped over portions of southeastern montgomery county into northwest philadelphia county. so areas like manayunk, roxborough up toward conshohocken ardmore narberth right along the mainline again you see that heavy rain and it just hasn't moved in the past hour or so. also as you head up a little further north towards college collegeville, upper providence township norristown and right down through the mainline you are seeing pretty heavy rain at the moment. glass win getting a soaking and we actual dollar now a flood advisory for really that entire area. you can see it does encompass lower merion township, much of the merion township and portions of northwestern philadelphia as we are seeing some pretty heavy rain with that. so again flood advisory for those areas right now a flood watch this is for tomorrow afternoon and evening as that heavy rain i just showed you moves in. now coming up we'll time out the heaviest rain and let you know how much if we can expect it
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salvage any outdoor plans for the weekend much chris back over to you. >> kate, thanks so much. a local utility companies are making progress restoring power that was lost earlier in the week in the storms. right now atlantic city electric reports 48,000 outages. peco still with a little more than eight thou san customers in the dark. arrest on a septa train is caught on camera and tonight it has transit officials rethinking their policyies. how should police handle a suspect whose holding a child? "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown shows us how this all happen. >> i'm just sitting there kind of like -- >> reporter: ahmad had no idea this video he shared on social media would lead to an internal affairs investigation of a 16 year veteran septa police officer. >> no, i'm not going to get off the train. they were cursing back and forth at each other. >> reporter: septa police attempting to remove ellis smith from the market frankford el thursday evening. he boarded the train way little girl in his arms at the margaret
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and oxford stations when a cashier reported seeing him evading the fair and jumping on the train. moments later, at the next stop a septa police officer confronts him and tries to persuade him to get off the train produce identification and except a citation. >> the point of contact to the point where handcuffs are placed on the person is 14 minutes long. report roar the heated verbal he can change between the two became physical. all the while the child is caught in the middle. >> where the officer pushes him up he's still holding the child. another rider you'll see the other rider heads over to try take the child. the father doesn't release the child. >> reporter: backup later arrives and ahmad video captures the tension moments on the platform describing a crying little girl still in the arms of her father. >> people was offering, even offering to pay for him. like here's 2.25. here's a token. it was just too much. there was no need for the escalation. >> we can't endanger the lives
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of small kids over a fairy vague. that's unacceptable and that's on me. >> septa police chief is calling for better training of his officers in situations like this this. >> this is the type of incident that causes us to reflect on what we tell our police officers and how we tell them. >> reporter: he has no regrets about capturing the video hoping it backs teachable moment. >> it's not really a matter of, you know, brutality of police but a matter of like how a situation should be handled. this definitely was something that shop be handled in that way way. >> reporter: well community activists are now calling for the meadery move of the officer involved. he has not been suspended but an internal affairs investigation is currently underway. we're live at septa headquarters tonight, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". okay. a difficult situation and a well told story. natasha, thank you very much. physical police have now depth tide two suspects, want
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add shooting at a mantua block party last saturday night. there were 11 people injured there. youngest being a one-year-old. the suspects have been identified as kiley harley and dominic lamar. police believe they opened fire in the 4100 block of ogden street a shooting that they think stemmed from fight a week ago suspects reportedly wanted revenge. losing took its toll and ripe sandberg resign as managers of the phillies today. a move that caught lot of people by surprise. sports director beasley reece is here and it was an emotional day for this organization. >> it really was a lot of people at the press conference, you know fighting back tears. this is something sandberg thought about for a week or two then overnight decided to do it. it was a hastily thrown together press conference e-mail went out about 3:00 p.m. announceing a thee 30:00 press conference. internet explodeed with possibilities, cole hamels trade traded. chase utley retiring.
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the replacing the pat gillick. we found out sandberg was stepping down as phillies manager. he had a record of 115-159. phillies have been terrible this year with a 26-freight record. sandberg thanked the fans. >> in the last three years here in philadelphia, i have met some of the most passionate baseball fans on a daily basis that always gave me encouragement. they love their baseball team. and that was something i'll never forget. >> full day in sports with more on sandberg stepping down. phillies nats highway. they played game. sixers draft reaction, flyers drafted tonight. and the women's world cup highlights all coming up in sports. >> hopefully better news for the other local teams than the phillies tonight. beasley thank you very much. one of two convicted killers who escaped from new york's
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oldest maximum security prison is dead. the other is still on the run tonight. police caught up with richard matt and david sweat this afternoon. near the village of malone which is by the canadian border. investigators say that a border patrol agent shot and killed matt during attempted carjacking while sweat managed to escape. police were initially tipped off after someone noticed a bullet hole in a camper there. tonight the governor of new york andrew cuomo spoke to reporters. >> we have no reason to believe that mr. sweat was not with mr. mr. matt at the time but we don't have any confirming evidence that he was either. ly. >> matt and sweat broke out of the correctional facility back on june the sixth. two prison employees have been arrested in connection with that escape. tonight the white house is glowing in rainbow colors marking the gay rights movement historic victory at the supreme court today.
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highest court in the land ruled that same sex couples had the right to marry in all 50us states. the vote was five to four with justice anthony kennedy as the swing vote. the majority decide equal protection clause of the 14th amendment prevents states from banning same sex marriage. some of those bans had already been overturned by lower courts. president obama praised that ruling today at the white house. >> this ruling will strengthen all of our communities by offering to all loving same sex couples the dignity of marriage across this great land. >> not everyone was celebrating the court's ruling today including the archdiocese of philadelphia. the archbishop chaput released a statement "the mistake of the court change nothing about the nature of men and women and the truth of god's word". >> but same sex couples are celebrateing to night following decades of passionate active i. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has that part of our story now from independence
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mall. >> reporter: from the steps of the supreme court to independence mall, in old city, the magnitude of friday's decision was clear. >> while we're really excited it's also kind of overwhelming and i think many of us just never thought that this day would come. >> but the day did come with a five to four vote that stabbed marriage equality in all 50 states. legality prompted emotion among the hundreds that gathered for a late afternoon rally to celebrate the decision. meet brett and husband kevin. >> very emotional. i sat at home watching the news and called him. he was on the subway and we couldn't really talk. i was crying. >> beyond cheering for what supporter boss call the sheer morality of today's decision there are practical implications as well. same sex marriage became legal here in pennsylvania until last year but until day marriage licenses issue at city hall wouldn't necessarily be recognized in other states. that means to for some couples relocating for a new job wasn't
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an option. >> we can travel anywhere in the u.s. and just not have to worry about being questioned. >> from the present to the future we met some who thought more of the legacy this ruling will leave behind. damien tracy works at cbs3 and has been married to his partner brian for about a year. together they're raiseing a daughter eight month old elena in what they hope will be a more inclusive society. >> to t she'll think it was crazy that we were never married. >> as of friday that question has been answered. >> matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". pennsylvania governor tom wolf says that he will veto a budget that was sent to him by the republican controlled legislation. the $30 billion spending plan calls for no tax increases. but the governor says it's riddled with gimmicks and it doesn't go far enough when it comes to education funding. governor says he'll try to ensure a potential government shut down creates little disruption as possible fit gets to that.
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lawmakers are preparing to work through the weekend with only five days left in the fiscal year. meantime the governor of new jersey chris christie signed his state's budget in trenton today. he did make line vetos to some democrat approved tax increases. he also added $200 million in additional funning to the state's pension fund. he was also asked about plans to run for president and he may have tipped his hand at an announcement might come next week. >> we're not answering any questions about my mitt cal future today. i'm here as the governor to talk about state business, and they'll be plenty of time to talk about my political future next. >> ap reported christie would make his presidential announcement tuesday at his high school in living ton essex county. tonight a claim of responsibility for a brutal terror attack on tourist filled beach. we'll have more on that up next. plus -- ♪ amaze -- >> uh-uh.
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>> amazeing grace -- >> the president with emotional eulogy in south carolina today will tell you what he is asking all americans to do. >> and more than a month after the amtrak train crash the new push for safety rules. plus, we check back in with a local survivor who tells us how things are for him now. >> kate? >> chris we now have a flash flood warning for this cell over portions of montgomery county. i'll show you that and show you how much rain has fallen with this particular storm and we'll talk about tomorrow's rain with flood watch for portions of the area. that's all coming up in weather when we come back. chris? >> and kate, we thought the duck seemed a little bit down today. some drama for momma. we'll have update on her condition when "eyewitness news"
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>> tonight there are reports the islamic state is claiming responsibility for a deadly terror attack in tunisia. young man hid assault rifle in
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an umbrella opened fire killing at least 38 people many of them tourists. this actually happened on the beach in resort town there. the shooting came to an end when police shot that suspect to death. there was also a terror tack in france today that ended with one person dead and there's a connection to our area. investigators say that a deliveryman attacked a gas factory near leone using his car to ram oxygen tanks and ignite an explosion. the suspect who was killed by police is also suspected of decapitateing his boss. scrolling in arabic message on to his head and placing it on a fence post. the factory where all this happened belongs to air products which is based in hee high county. president obama delivered a heartfelt eulogy at the funeral service for the reverend pink 93 today. south carolina state senator was among the nine victim kill in the charleston church massacre. ♪ >> thousands of mourners came
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together to celebrate pinckney's life. his family and friends remembered him as a strong force for good in the community. the president asked all americans to confront the ugly ugliness of america's racial history. >> whatever solutions we find will necessarily incomplete. but it would be a be trail of everything reverend pinckney stood for i believe if we allowed ourselves to slip into a comfortable silence again. >> reverend pinckney and eight others were shot and killed during their bible study at emmanuel ame church last wednesday night. police say that massacre was motivateed by racial hatred. pennsylvania senator bob casey was in philadelphia today pushing for more funding for amtrak. casey wants congress to pass a senate version that would lift amtrak pogging funding to $1.4 billion. house committee reduced it's funding to 1.1 billion.
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casey said the deadly derailment under scores the need to improve amtrak safety and infrastructure now. >> we have to make the case especially in the aftermath of a horrific tragedy to make sure that folks in washington know that amtrak is essential. not only for the northeast but for the whole country. >> the house bill does include $9 million in new funding that would go to place video cameras inside amtrak's locomotive cab. the investigation into the amtrak crash that left eight people dead and more than 200 wound asked on-going. and tonight more than six week later, a local survivor talks with "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt about his on-going struggles. you never know when your last day on earth is and i was close. >> reporter: lenny knobs survived and northern a month later, he says, this nightmare continues to haunt him. >> i am seeing a therapist every time i close my eyes i relive
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the whole tragedy. >> the 34-year-old philadelphia native had never used amtrak before but decided to take the train on may 12th for business meeting in new york. when the train derailed knobs who was in the third car says he flew out of his seat. and a table collapsed on him. >> big crashes. even the other night with the bad storms the thunder made me really nervous because it sounded like the crash. >> reporter: he suffered a bruised lung, four broken ribs, a leg injury, and a fractured spine. >> i had bruises all over my face for week and a half. cuts all over my face. >> "eyewitness news" was in the hospital with knobs just a few days after the crash. >> all you could hear was screaming. it was meet chaos. darkness. you don know what's going on. >> another passenger took this photograph from inside. knobs is on the ground. the crash happened just a few blocks from his childhood home in port richmond. >> i used to walk through no little area coming home from my old high cool. >> now he spends all of his time focused on recovery.
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both physical and mental. >> i don't think i'll ever ride a train again. probably not. not any time in the near future. >> he'll continue the fight to conquer his goal. wants to walk without any help. >> i'm happy that i'm alive. but i'm also sad i mean, people did die in this. it's a tragedy. >> david spunt cbs3 cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the train's engineer has not been charged with any crime. his attorney says his client does not remember the crash. ntsb officials have yet to release his toxicology reports. after several delays there's word tonight the townsend inlet bridge which connects avalon with sea isle city is back open. the bridge had been closed for repairs for some time but it reopen shortly before seven alcohol clock tonight. crews are working to get momma duck back in action for philadelphia's tall ships festival. "eyewitness news" was there today as crews fixed fixed a tear in the giant duck and then began
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the long process of reinflation. yesterday when momma duck had some problems chopper thee was overhead and you can see her leaning forward a little bit. she had to be pulled back to shore after she somehow got damaged. >> think of a big bicycle tube that needs patching. that would be the best way to put it. the duck case would allow her to fill up. once we get her wing fixed she'll be -- she'll take few showers to bet pumped up. >> momma duck weighs 11 tons. she stands 61 feet tall and you can still see her this weekend hopefully. by the way the tall ships festival move the firework show from tomorrow night to sunday night kate that is due to our severe weather possibility. >> yeah mother nature may be making her own firework tomorrow night. we've got rain and thunderstorms to talk about. we've got rain and thunderstorms to talk about right now. a cell has popped up over portions of montgomery county and it has not moved at all for the past hour and a half or so
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and that means flash flood warnings have been issue. let's take look what's going on take you outside first and for most to an area aok tonight and still going strong even at 11:21 p.m. atlantic city is all lit up. ferris wheel is going. the roller coaster is going. i don't know if they have a log flume on the atlantic city boardwalk i know they have in ocean city but i'm still scared in my 30s now. still a little too frighten this look like fun if you're a thrill seeker here in atlantic city. let's take you out to storm scan3. i want to show you what's going on a serious situation developing over portions of the montgomery county most of the region is fine tonight. this one shower popped up and it has not moved. it's upper providence college collegeville, phoenixville down towards norristown and into the mainline and this has dumped 2-inches maybe even 3-inches of rain on this area so flash flood warnings have been issue. this is central and southern montgomery county and portions of northwest philadelphia county so the manayunk roxborough area included in that and wean we'll
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query some of these for you as you head down towards lower merion norristown upper merion 200,000 people impacted by this one until 3:15 a.m. east norriton, upper providence until thee am. remember never drive through a flooded roadway. turn around don't drown and roads could be flooded you can see in the past three hours upwards of two maybe 3-inches have fallen and the rain is still coming down. then we shift to tomorrow and that's when this flood watch goes into effect for the area much this shower should fizzle out here over the next few hours here comes the rain tomorrow. most of it stays to our west during the day. it's evening into the overnight that that heavy rain comes through and we can even have some thunderstorms we're looking at one to 2-inches of rain with the heaviest off to our west. this could run the risk for flooding especial until poor drainage area and any area along a creek or stream prone to flooding watching those creeks and streams we're not expecting river flooding. a stray shower, heavy for
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saturday, 74 will be the high with that heavy rain developing by evening. sunday a morning shower and it's cool. but we get back to nice weather at 83 degrees. wednesday and thursday look
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>> phillies with a roster full of manager killers. another one bites the dust. ryne sandberg has had enough. hall of famer as player this couldn't be how he envisioned this first opportunity as a big league manager. aging veterans, huge cracks,
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under performing a roster in need of overall. sandberg just couldn't take the losing so he stepped down. >> i do not like to lose. i hate to lose. and i think that's the biggest thing that weighed on me and with some changes at the top looming i go back to my statement. i did not want to be in the way of -- of anything happening and the progress of going forward. >> all right. so game one of the pete mccann nan era for the phillies. of course they would have to face the nationals max scherzer coming off a no hitter. phillies had no chance but they didn't get no hit. that's the good news. he took a perfect game into the sixth freddie galvis ruined that and saved us the embarrass many. phillies lose five to two. in the flyers get their men. nhl draft started to night in
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florida. philadelphia picking twice in the first round with a seventh overall pick in the draft they got young dough fence man considered the best in the draft. he's from russia last season with the whl he scored veep goals and had 61 points in 60 minutes. flyers already have great defensive prospects in the system he may be better than all of them. with the second pick in the first round the flyers traded up and took right winger travis coreness knee. he's one of the best skaters of the draft. considered a great puck handler. flyers future looking brighter and brighter. the sixers with a big night last night picking another big man. they got 1984 old jahlil okafor from duke. 6-foot 10, 275 pounds one of the best offensive big men to come out of college in recent years much here's sam hinkie on our new center. >> jahlil we feel, um, up credibly fortunate. incredibly fortunate to be able
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to have jahlil and to be able to add him to our team. i spent so much time in durham north carolina this year. if you would have told me part way through that we would get him, we would have slept a lot more. >> okay. women's world cup china versus the us first minute, julie johnson with a beautiful pass. she found delran's own carli lloyd who headed it in for the only goal of the game. women advance to the semi finals against germany. go get them.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back in the morning at 5:00 with nicole brewer and meteorologist carol erickson. have a great weekend. elementary is next.
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