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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  June 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> fcbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". almost a week after those damaging storms hit our area, power outages still remain across the region. we're live in one of the areas still affected by downed trees and power lines. >> the manhunt is over. authorities finally catch up to the second of two escape new york prisoners and this morning, learning about the common household item they used to help them he will leud capture, for more than three weeks. >> good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer in for erica this morning. it is not official yet but governor chris christie did something this weekend to hint toward a run for the white house. >> katie in the weather center good morning to both of you. actually looking ahead, one
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and only day of the next five at least that i can guarantee dry, sunny weather for everyone. so you want to make the most of days like this, right? nice sunny day certainly comfortable, as well. we will start heating and steaming things up. series of fronts, series of systems set to roll, kick start the month of july, and of course all important holiday inn dependence day weekend. so, all the details for you proving what's to be a summer like start to the month of july all coming up. back to you. >> nearly week after severe storms roll through our area, power problems remain. >> people still in the dark, frustrated now demanding answers. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in gibbstown, with more on the power problems there. justin? >> morning. >> nicole, ukee, good morning by days ends, we are told that those without power should have it at least by late today. that's when governor christie's office, as women as ac electric. crews out working since the
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storm happened last tuesday let's take you now to video. we saw crews out working well into the weaken here, we are told there are some 717 customers still needing service, and at the latest they should have power again by late today perhaps tonight. we are told their recent rains have hampered the recovery effort. now, yesterday the greenwich township mayor held a press conference. he says that residents and businesses cannot move ahead until their power is restored. he called on governor christie to sign emergency declaration toss advance the process. he said south jersey in great and dire need this morning. take a listen. >> i am disheartened by the governor's lack of response to our needs as a fellow republican, i have been good to him from day one. as a community this township has been good to him. the governor repaid us by forgetting us in our time of need. >> as you hear, the mayor saying for the governor to put
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politics aside help out south jersey here, this home had an at the sliced through the back of the home, two people inside, no injuries here, but his is a result of 85-mile per hour winds also came over here, and affected this truck just knocked right on this roof and smashed it to bit. and this is what people here in this area are trying to recover from this morning. we are live in gibbstown justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> going on a week, justin, thank you. here is a check on the latest outage numbers for you. ac electric still reporting about 5500 outages peco, says 250 customers are still in the dark. pse&g is reporting 50 outages and delmarva says less than five customers are affected. >> 4:33, let's check on the forecast katy? >> thankfully we can report quiet weather to kick start the week ahead maybe having a nice short week because of the upcoming holiday it does appear later in the week like you're going to start to see more active weather unfold, for now very tranquil.
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"skycam 3" over the ben franklin bridge looking totally quiet keeping things nice and clear for you. that's how it looks on storm scan3, as well. nice clear sky for you on storm scan. really all across the delaware valley barely cloud in the sky at this point. so comfortable quiet start to the day for us, tan will stay that way all day. little hint of moisture starting to speckle the radar across portions every up-state new york, you don't have to worry about that at all here. temperatures have take answer hit as a result of the clear sky, down to the 50's, allentown, mount pocono, lancaster, mid 60s in philadelphia even just shy in fact by few degrees of what's typical for the standards of this particular morning of the year, but it is going to warm up nicely here to very comfortable warmth. you still keep the lower humidity but you want back up low 80s sunshine, down the shore should be pretty nice beach day overall. the thing is we have pretty active end to the month of june. it does appear as though the active pattern is set to continue for us as we look ahead to the first couple of days of july. so we will talk more about
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that as the show goes on. meantime, it is a really nice start to the week, justin. >> almost doesn't feel like summer, little cool start with the chillier temperatures specially north and west. here you go. vine street expressway, again shutdown between broad and 76 both directions eastbound westbound, looking east right now, so do you have get off at broad street. same deal if you are headed westbound from the ben franklin bridge. all right, there is also 76 going eastbound, there is the closure, to the vine street expressway, blocked off until about 5:00 usually the deal with this construction zone every morning. another construction zone right here, this is 202 northbound at 95 in wilmington right lane stays blocked until 5:00 p.m. this morning, also, 95 southbound at the del memorial bridge right lane stays block until 5:00 a.m. as well. 130 and 38, we have lane shift. that will go until wednesday at midnight. just be aware that far. also tonight phillies-brewers 7:05 at the ballpark increased traffic in
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south philadelphia. area speeds still looking good across the city and surrounding suburbs that's a look at this morning, we send it back to you nicole. >> new this morning man is in extremely critical condition after a shooting in kensington. this all happened just after 11:00 outside bar last night on frankford avenue near east orland street. police found the man in a beer take out store with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. police say they've recovered weapons. also, new this morning stolen car slams into a parked car in northeast philadelphia. it happened at castor and saint vincent street just before 2:00 this morning after impact, the suspect jumped out and ran off. he didn't get far. police caught up with him about 20 minute later. >> we now know shawl plane that crashed into massachusetts home took off from lancaster airport in pennsylvania, all three people on board were killed. the crash happened late sunday evening in the town of planeville about 30 miles southwest of boston. people inside the houseman and today get out. even as the fire engulfed the
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home, the national transportation self at this board is expected to arrive at the crash site later today. >> after three weeks and one day, on the run state troop nerves up-state new york have captured escaped prisoner sweat, shot sweat in the torso while he tried to run away from authorities near the canadian border. sweat's escaped partner richard matt was shot and killed on friday. police believe they now know how matt and sweat were able to travel more than 30 miles after breaking out of the clinton correction a.m. facility on june 6. >> we believe that possibly these two males were using pepper to throw the scent off of the dogs who were tracking them. >> they believe sweat is listed in critical condition at albany medical center, had been serving life without parole for the 2002 killing of sheriff's deputy. apartment fire in northeast philadelphia sends three people including two children to the hospital. flames broke out just after 6:00 last night on the 2700
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block of rhawn street, in rhawnhurst. officials say a two year old seven year old and a 36 year old were treated for smoke inhalation, they are all expected to be okay. >> new jersey governor, chris christie; expected to kick off his presidential campaign tomorrow. his campaign website however is already on line, and it is accepting donations. christie is expected to make the announcement at his former high school in livingston, also included a political video. >> release of the campaign video over the week send not so surprising, it would be sort of like a soft launch into restaurant, to make sure everything works, you don't want to have something get released and then not play well. >> christie will become the 14th republican in the race for the white house, two more are scheduled to announce their candidacy by the end of this summer. >> after friday ' historic same sex marriage ruling, thousands of people gathered for parades in san francisco houston, seattle and new york highlighting the
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celebrations being held all a cents could the countriment while advocates are overjoyed by the victory they say their next battle is for fair housing and job discrimination practices. all right, 4:39 right now. another shark attack on north carolina beach. why it seems like we're seeing a lot of incidents right now this that state. >> after very wet weekend finally seeing some drier weather. at least for today. katie is back. see you in a bit.
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and unmanned rocket heading to the international space station explodes, just minutes after launch. it happened yesterday. the rocket was on a re-supply mission to the international space station, it is the second consecutive failure after shipment to the iss and the third in eight months. nasa officials say there was nothing common among the incidents other than space flight is difficult. >> well, another person is the victim after shark attack on the north carolina coast. police say a 18 year old boy was bitten on saturday while swimming in the outer banks
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and then air lifted to a hospital in serious condition. officials say he suffered bites to the calf, the buttocks and both of his hands. now, this is the second attack in as many days, and the sixth in the past two weeks. experts say this is a big feeding time for sharks being and there is a higher population from north carolina to florida. >> the pounding rain this weekend has caused major flooding throughout the area. it was so bad that a vineland new jersey mobile home park is under 3 feet of water. this eyewitness cam video and pictures show just how bad it is at the cedar crest mobile home and park in vineland. recent rain caused nearby black water stream to crest beyond its banks. the red cross has not responded to the scene at this time. >> and more wild weather ukee shall national weather service confirms small tornado touched down in western pennsylvania, trampled for about a mile and a half in butler county saturday t had wind of 06 to 70 miles an hour, tornado uprooted and snapped trees thankfully, no one was hurt. but we have had our share of
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wild stuff happening in this area. >> we are get to go that point this is the time of year you start to see the severe thunderstorms cropping up a lot more often around our area. >> this latitude. so yes -- >> but nice today. >> nice today. i do have to tell you we will start to see things get unsettled, as the week progresses, month wraps up, kick off july. par for the course overall we see just couple of different systems moving through. starting off with storm scan3 wider zoom, it is clear few speckles of moisture off to the north none that far will affect us today high pressure very briefly paying us a visit bringing with it pretty pleasant weather for at least a day. then start to see new disturbance, new storm system develop here. so warm followed by cold front. that's going to bring in the potential for shower, thunderstorm in the days ahead, see moisture building up back across the ohio valley and indianna, most specifically here, but today is a beautiful day. low 80s for you full
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sunshine, and actually not terribly humid either. so this will be one to enjoy. looking forward though, i think we can even see shower, thunderstorm almost any time even as early as the morning but looking ahead to tomorrow, warmfront lifts in, bridges in temperatures to the 80s turning steamier, then the cold front crosses through behind it on wednesday. so you get warmfront tuesday cold front wednesday and that front actually starts to sing off to the south here, as we look forward. so what that basically means is that we will end up here with some unsettled weather in the days ahead mostly sunny beautiful day for now. the one and only day at least for the next five that we can absolutely guarantee totally dry for everyone, partly cloudy comfortable tonight we drop to 65. looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day we start to heat up and steam up here with building moisture. soap flirting with 90 come wednesday. and we have to watch for shower or thunderstorm tomorrow wednesday thursday, possibly friday, as well. ukee back to you. >> katie, thanks so much n sports phillies take on brewers later tonight look to go build on the positive from
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yesterday afternoon's second game of the double hitter. the phillies lost the first game three-two, the nats third run scored on this past fall, the second game turned out much better for the phils. mike franco went two for five, three runs batted in, phils broke their three game losing streak with a eight to five victory. interim manager pete mccann on was happy to get in the win column. >> we had a nice ends to go a long day. we started offer with a clinic this morning at 9:30, had the big double-header, so always nice to get a wish. none of them are easy to win that one was nice to win we got a lot of hit and it was good to get a win under our belt. >> that it was. well the sixers have been hit with a $3 million fine for not fully disclosing the injury history of drew halladay before his trade to two season ago. sixers traded him to the new orleans pelicans for noel. reportedly played his final season with the six waister
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stress fracture in his right leg. he missed more than 09 games in his two season with the pelicans because of that stress fracture. stay tuned. no idea. i guess the pelicans had no idea either. >> that's the running theme i guess. >> 4:46 right now. get ready for pretty bad day on wall street. why actions by greece are affecting markets world-wide. >> first a look at what's coming up the tonight here on cbs-3. be right back.
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>> greenwich township mayor want new jersey governor chris christie to declare a state of emergency. the mayor unhappy over what he says is a lack every response from the state government over power outages from last tuesday's storms. government nor expect 99% of customers to have power by this morning. >> small plane that left lancaster county yesterday has crashed in planeville, massachusetts, all three people aboard the plane were killed. everyone in the home the plane hit got out safely.
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>> recaptured sweat is in critical condition police caught him yesterday afternoon, they assume he was making run for the canadian border, other escaped killer was shot on friday. >> time is 4:49. checking business news, greece now on the verge of default and could be forced from the euro after talks broke down this weekend. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning what can you tell us about this? >> good morning ukee, nicole. greece now has left than 48 hours to pay back loans. yet tours want greece to cut pensions, cut taxes in exchange for more bailout money as of now greece won't do it. and the hopes of a deal fading the greek government is really taking emergency measures shutting banks for six days, and limiting withdrawals from atm's, that means the lines have stretched for blocks, so people just waiting for take out money. ukee nicole? >> jill, on the lighter note we hear classic cartoons could be making a come back.
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what do you know? >> break out the skooby smacks. time warner remaking classic cartoons i'm glad you guys got that reference because i was wondering if i was going date myself with that one. anyway classic cartoons like skooby doo and bugs bun bunny could be getting totally different make over, looking for bigger piece of the television business. wall street journal says part of big deal with warner brothers the new skooby series will be called be cool skooby doo. >> be cool skooby doo. >> oh, well. >> just in case you didn't hear it the first time. >> thanks, jill. >> you have voice for it if they are looking for someone to voice the characters. >> i'm available. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, another check of your forecast. >> stay
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>> city pools in camden will open for the summer season, mayor dina red has done in the years past, will be on hand to welcome summer swimmers at the two public pools. city officials say the public pools along with the spray pools are safe havens where families can go to escape the summer heat. >> 4:53. not seeing much summer heat today? >> i was going to say not the best day to do some swimming, humidity solo when you get out of the pool. watt letter just evaporate so quickly, make you feel little chilly. check out the vine street expressway, right now, this is 76 eastbound still closed off, to get to the vine, but should be opening this real soon. and that typically wrap this up around 5:00 a.m. let's take you to eighth street and the vine street expressway. there go. police activity, the reason
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here is because traffic lights are currently out. so just be aware that far when coming off the ben franklin bridge again that's eighth and vine. a loft construction zones going on, 42 freeway northbound southbound, between creek road, 295. lane shift until midnight, all the way august 1st. so, each night we are dealing with. that will route 70 westbound before cuthbert boulevard, one and two lanes closed, until midnight on wednesday as well. another construction zone, route 30 both directions between 130 and 38, lane shift, also until midnight on wednesday. that's a look at your ride this morning, we send it back over to katie for a check on the forecast. >> forecast is definitely going to be cooler when it comes it the humidity level. you just don't walk out the door and feel just that wall of steam coming at you when coming out from the climate control what you end up with here is beautiful summer day palmyra cove nature park, beautiful view overlooking the delaware and the for ground, the delaware river, that is, then the center city skyline in the distance, you have nice crystal clearview here. so storm scan is empty it,
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will stay that way all day high pressure on your side. and we've got nice weather for you here today. don't expect anything to pop up here on the radar and even generally speaking the satelite probably will stay pretty free and clear for the most part today. ever so slightly cooler than average by 5 degrees with today's high hey, 81 still warm with the sunshine, nice day, and we start another round of unsettled weather into and overall active pattern beginning tomorrow, with a series every front that is set to move through the area in the days ahead. so not only heat up, but start to feel the humidity climbing shower thunderstorm, you know what, no day is a wash out of the next several actuals wednesday, certainly the case, even beyond that point. but, today really is the one and only quarantined dry sunny day that we can offer up for you. otherwise, it does say again we use the word again little on the unsettled side as we wrap up june and kick start an in you month guys, back to you. >> here is a check of some of the stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you on the day before new budget set due for
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pennsylvania, the only question now seems to be whether governor wolf will veto the entire spending plan or just part of it. pennsylvania lawmakers and other advocates calling for the pennsylvania forfeiture laws to be revamped. and teachers are the students this week in philadelphia. they are learning about how to best use technology in teaching. check in two three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" almost a week after damage being storms hit our area, thousands still without power. can you imagine? have to be awful. we'll have a live report on one of the hardest hit areas. >> and in washington state, a fast-growing brush fire is forcing evacuations. we have the latest on the number of people forced to leave. >> plus, paris hilton is the latest celebrity to get prank dollars on television. the frightening situation that was all a big roost on international television show. we'll be back.
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six days after damaging storms blew through thousands of people are still waking up without power this morning. we're live in one of the areas still recovering from the severe weather, and who they're blaming for the power problems. >> also, new this morning smashing ends to the search for a man wanted by police, when the driver crashes into a park car. why police were trying to stop that driver. >> and waiting to launch, governor chris christie gives us sneak peak at the theme for his presidential campaign, that he is expected to announce tomorrow. >> it is monday, june 29, good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. erika has the day off. hopefully little time to get outside. enjoy the weather today. it may be our only nice day in a while. keeping an eye on things this
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morning. >> good morning, guys, you know, i would say that no day is a wash out nicole. you're right. today is one and only day that we can absolutely guarantee at least throughout the course of this work week, that will be bright sunny and dry for everyone. soy, it is a nice start to the day. not only do you have full sunshine, but also going to keep low humidity today. so very, very comfortable, out here on the skydeck right now dairy say even minor chill in the air, just because there is a very light breeze, and it is a cool breeze. but, hey, it is summer, you know? it feels good outside. we start thing off with a quick check on storm scan3 which remains empty at this point. there is a clear sky overhead, as we said. that's allowing the temperatures to drop off efficiently through the overnight, also of course had the pesky storm system to track through the course of the weekend. that left us with some cool air. so some recovery needed to take place there and we will certainly do that throughout the week. for now these are cool temperatures, at 59 degrees, in millville, 59 in reading pair of five's mount pocono, even 64 in philadelphia,


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